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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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as this incident goes on. right now crime scene investigators are here at taylor and f oh farrell. the mini cooper is the first thing the tesla hit. the crosswalk the tesla hit two people crossing the street. tesla is up on the sidewalk where it hit a parked suv. let's take a look at the video so you can see what the scene looks like. this happened just after 2:00 this afternoon. a very busy area here near the financial district in the tender loin here in san francisco. police say the tesla ras driving at a high rate of speed, possibly 15 to 20 miles bobbit posted speed limit. hit the mini cooper which had the green light, then hit a couple in their 50s from clovis in that intersection. they were thrown onto the
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sidewalk. unfortunately, the husband did not survive. his wife right now is in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. the tesla then spun out, hit a parked car and landed on the suv. the driver of the tesla is not injured. i actually spoke to the man who owns the tesla. he rents it through an app called get around. he says its tool's fault or it's the people hole decide whether we can use autopilot's fault thought this accident happened. sfpd says they're glad premium so in control of these cars. >> luckily we're in the preliminary stages of autonomous vehicles operating in the city. i'm not worried about that right now because it's manpowered by somebody overseeing is the vehicle is being applied onto the city streets but the future. >> the tesla team or authorities have not approved autonomy for the city for this car and that's why manual driving kills people.
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authorities are so there approve feature which is self-driving in the city. >> reporter: so sfp investigators tell me they have a chip from the tesla which they will then use to determine exactly how fast the tesla was going and if it was on any sort of autopilot mode. right now, i've just learned from police that they're looking into whether or not this tesla was involved in other crimes in the past few days. the owner of the tesla says he renteded to someone yesterday at 4:00 and that rental was meant to end at 4:00 this afternoon. now that car is in the middle of this crime scene and police will likely be here for hours. live in san francisco, kate larson, abc7 we appreciate it. thank you. scary moments in the macarthur tunnel in the presidio after a car caught fire this morning. the sedan was fully engulfed on
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southbound side. it extent black smoke through the entire tunnel. no one was hurt. the fire caused both directions to be shut down. that pled to pretty lengthy backups. all lanes are back open. >> hundreds of east bay neighbors turned a negative into a positive more than a year after the barbecue becky incident when a white woman called police on two blank barbecuing lakeside. of cornell bernard has more. >> everybody was welcome to attend this event celebrating the african-american community, a way to move forward after an incident captured on a cell phone went viral. some had criticism for the president's recent tweets. >> positive energy, no negativity allowed. >> reporter: hundreds came to plark rit for music and lots of barbecue. this event called threatening t
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>>oh, my god reporter. the cell phone video went viral when a nick named barbecue becky called police on two men barbecuin' in an area where it was not allowed. >> the young lady starts talking about i don't belong here and it's illegal to barbecue in the park with charcoal. >> reporter: friends organized and raised money to hold this event. >> made a good positive out of a negative. >> we want to be accepting of everybody. >> reporter: it comes days after president trump suggested that four democratic members of congress should go back to the countries where they came from. a crowd at a trump rally chanting. >> accepted her back. >> reporter: the president tweeted on sunday, i don't believe the four congress women are capable of loving our country. a campaign aide defending the president. >> i have worked with president trump for two years. he is not a racist. >> reporter: many here say the
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president's words are not helping them bridge raisel divides. >> it's shameful. >> i do not agree with the narrative. it's not something that is bringing our country together. >> reporter: organizers spent the last few months raises thousands of dollars to hold the event. when this happened, charcoal grills were not allowed in that area. since then, the installed hot ash disposal units. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our better bay area group on facebooking. > one local leader voiced objection to a facebook post by a del little owner who promised a free side dish if you say sen. the remark refers to tweets president trump made targeting four democratic women in congress who call themselves the squad.
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clayton's mayor posted she is very saddened by the remarks of the owner. >> we're getting a close-up view tonight of a rescue along the coast. you're looking at what sheriff's deputies saw while they flew a rescue helicopter to help a woman who hurt her ankle at salt state park. one of the rescue deputies repelled down the rocks where the woman was stranded yesterday and attached her to a harness and flew her to a waiting ambulance. >> nine people hurt after a pickup truck hit a mountain lion and struck an suv in lake county on highway 29 near kelseyville late on friday. four of the people hurt have serious injuries including two not wearing seat belts. the mountain lion was also killed in the crash. according to the santa rosa press democrat, three victims are teenagers. >> the emergency repairs on the richmond san rafael bridge wrapped up but delayed another project. crews had to shore up the
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expansion joints after concrete fell onto the lower deck earlier this year. a bike and pedestrian lane was supposed to be ready this summer but the repairs pushed that back to the fall and there's another wrinkle. a water main near the toll plaza needs to be re-elected and that's been pushed back to the end of this month. >> the public swimming pool reopened in the paradie today for the first time since the of wild pire destroyed most of the town. firefighters then filled it with more than 200,000 gallons of water. last fall's camp fire killed 85 people. the head of the parks and recreation district says the pool's reopening is another sign the fwoun town is making a comeback. >> homelessness is one of the biggest issues we face in building ar bay ar. why californioong yo f possible solutions and what it would require cities and counties to do. >> a faster bay seeks to raise a
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possible $100 billion to fix our traffic. we'll explain the bold plan that could be coming to the ballot. >> and here's one way to beat the heat. see how some sacramento firefighters helped cool off some kids this weekend. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it was a warmer finish book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding yourself... ...our business is you. book direct at
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abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area and we are looking at two big issues. traffic and homelessness. the l.a. times reports california is looking at new york's right to shelter policy as a possible solution to the growing homeless crisis. cities and counties would have to build shelters to house any homeless person who asks to come inside. the times reports california is think of going a step further by requiring the homeless toe accept the shelter if offered. whether they can enforce it, that remains to be seen. >> when it comes to track, the bay area has some of the worst jams around. local officials are looking to keen up by generating $100 billion with a "b" through a tax measure. the chronicle reports there's a collaboration underway to put something on the november 2020 ballot. while the dollar figure seems huge, it would be over 40 years and start with a penny sales tax. they have a name for it called faster bay area.
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there's a long list of projects including one that would take cal rain into the transbaytancity center. >> abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. oakland venue that's become a haven for artists, authors, musicians and creative minds is being threatened with closure because of a massive rent hike. abc7 news was in joke land at the octopus literary salon where supporters tried to raise $150,000 to keep the bookstore, cafe and performance venue open. the building was recently sold to a new owner. >> my rent will more than double in ach 2020. >> can you afford that. >> absolutely not. i'm barely making this rent. it's just going to be an astronomical rent. i don't know who would be able to pay that for this kind of space. >> the ohers launched a gofundme page also. >> come up, drew tuma has your accuweather forecast.
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>> look, sacramento firefighters helping some kids cool off this hot weekend. >> a little cooling off in baseball. the a's no longer hold the top wildcard spot in the american league where they now stand in the playoff chase. and everybody rookie to hero with one swing of the bat. the hit that power
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open to campers hikers and backpackers. the meadow, tam rack flat and yosemite creek camp grounds are back open. most are first come first served. all closed for the last eight months because of dangerous conditions from a prolonged winter. it provides visitors an authentic beautiful escape from life on the crowded valley floor. >> people in sacramento have endured hot weather this weekend and a group of kids got cool off thanks to local firefighters. snoobl this looks like fun. you can probably hear the kids' excitement, their joy when they ran under the giant sprinkler courtesy of the sacramento fire department. they used a special nozzle to
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help the kids cool off at a block party hosted by a city council member. >> the central valley, i can imagine that was the place to be. >> yeah. could you imagine? it would evaporate the ground when it hit the ground. >> claets let's check our forecast with drew. >> reporter: in the central valley, it will turn hotter, as well. we'll feel a little bit of that heat away from the coast over the coming days. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you is, high clouds streaming in from the south. it's a blend of sun and clouds out there. but all in all, a really comfortable end to the weekend. tonight, we'll show you the tower camera. you can see a thin layer of fog on the box your screen from this vantage point, the mariner headlands soaked in sunshine right now. baby blue skies. and the forecast features over the next couple days, we'll show you we are tracking some morning fog to afternoon sunshine. that pattern be pretty steady over next seven days. we'll find that heatable inland this week.
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however, it's not going to be a widespread warmup. the coast will remain cool and comfy. it will be a wide range in our afternoon highs by about 40 degrees from the coast to the warmest spots inland. temperatures we're mainly in the 60s, 70s and 80s. 80 in santa rosa, 64 in san francisco, 77 in had san jose and brentwood with a temperature, it's warm at 89 degrees. we look at overnight lows, patchy fog in and around the bay shoreline. it's mainly clear skies away from the coast. mid to upper 50s overnight and many of our cities. let's time out the fog for you. future weather, we'll stop the clock at 7:00 in the morning. zoom in to where we'll find the patchy fog. over san francisco fog in the east bay and a little bit of fog around napa and santa rosa. the marine layer is very shallow meaning the fog will burn off by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. total sunshine tomorrow
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afternoon. that's going to help to get us warmer tomorrow than today. 91 the high in concord for your monday. 84 inan sta a lot of sunshine in the south bay. 72 in oakland, 75 in the city tomorrow and high of 90 in livermore. fast forwarding into tuesday, we'll see a carbon copy forecast. temperatures in the 90s in the hottest spots. close to the water around the bay shoreline and keestal communities, we're in the 60s and 70s. but we'll continue to warm those temperatures up in the inland east bay by wednesday. midweek hottest spots very close to 100 degrees. all thanks to high pressure moving its way to california and as it does, look what happens on tuesday. southern california around l.a. and san diego could see a couple thundershowers pop up. we'll stay dry here. the seven-day forecast, it's warm inland tomorrow. cool coast. summer spread continues on tuesday. wednesday, there's that hot day inland. hitting 100 degrees.
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but still we're cool. closer to the water. >> slight cooling thursday and friday. by saturday and sunday, temperatures are above average with morning fog to afternoon sunshine. >> now sports from abc7 news. moves for the giants. derek holland for assignment and bringing up two rookies who made their major league debuts. we'll start with conner menaz getting the start on the bump. gave up two solo home runs. benez facing home run derby champ rookie pete alonso. gets some swing. alonso breaks his bat over his leg. that is not easy to do. dad just loves it. another rookie for the giants, zack green got hits in his first two at-bats. this double drives in buster posey to tie it at two. his family loves it.
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out come the piniella sxwronz bottom 12, mike yastrzemski ends this with one swing of the bat. first career walkoff home run. giants win 3-2 and take 3 of 4 in walkoff fashion against the mets even at today minnesota's turn for a dramatic victory. check out this little guy. new mitt, excited and ready to go. put me in, coach. bottom two, meng den gives up the homer to max kepler. twins jump out to a 4-3 lead. mengden gave up four. top five, josh phegley this one up and out of the yard. a 4-2 game. a's 21st straight game with a home run. bottom five, twins have the bases loaded, no one out. kepler the grounder. matt olson comes home.
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phegley applies the tag. the twins challenge. it's close. this time, it goes the a's way. upheld. the a's take the lead we two in the eighth. chris herman just misses a homer instead off the wall. robbie grossman. 6-5 oakland going to the ninth. tied with two out in the ninth, kepler with the walkoff rbi single. twins win it 7-6. the loss drops the a's out of the top spot in the wildcard but they remain in the second spot by one game. shining through the storm. strong winds and heavy rains didn't bother shane lowry. the pressure he brushed aside on his way to winning the open championship and his first major title. it happened just four hours away from where he grew up. >> the weather, henrick stenson, his approach is going the wrong way. breaks his club in frustration. managed to save a bogey. this was lowry's day. board on 15, the fist pump and
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fist bump with his caddie. he said afterwards he knew he couldn't lose after this approach on 17. hits the green and kind of rolls back. and he can't hold back. the big hug. and it seems like everyone from his hometown came up for the final round. the whackup 18 like a coronation. soaking it all in. easy tap-in on 18 for his first major title. a six-shot victory at 15 under par. he doesn't expect this to feel real for quite some time. >> it's not going to sink in for a couple days. incredible to be sitting here with a trophy in front of me. look at the names on it. i can't wainn at the end, i couldn't believe that it was me. i couldn't believe it was happening. > just the third time in the past 40 years that a player has won the open championship by six shots or more. i know i told the leaders teed
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tonight on action 7 news at 11:00, a father of six killed in a freak accident at the beach. how a single wave led to his death after hitting him while he was playing with kids on the shore. >> plus a behind the scenes look inside the new special planes for california firefighters. >> a king-sized debut for the lion i think r king" capped off a big weekend for disney. >> taking in $185 million. that's the ninth biggest opening for a monday all-time and a record for the month of july. another disney movie avengers an "end game" became the highest grossing movie of all time. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> that means raises for all of us. here's a look at your top five this week. "the lion king," a distant second in a distant second is spider-man far from home at $21 million. toy 1240er" is third.
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crawl was fourth at 6 million. "yesterday" came in fifth. >> disney has the top two spots. >> not too shabby. >> call me when you get that raise. >> you may not be here. >> anyway, that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 11:00. >> downhill from there. yeah.
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