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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 21, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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in san francisco, this woman was arrested for driving a rented tesla through a red light and hitting two pedestrians, one of whom was killed. >> we are tracking warmer weather for the week ahead. we will have the numbers in the forecast. >> the sonoma county fair where the pigs play with watermelons. >> now news to build a better bay area. abc 7. >> a husband is dead and his wife is in the hospital after an anniversary visit turned tragic. a tesla driver plowed into them this afternoon after running a red light.
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>> abc was at the scene after the crash and has details about the driver of the tesla. kate? >> the driver is a 22-year-old woman from either san francisco or vallejo. drugs and alcohol were not a factor, but speed likely was. >> you have anything you want to say? >> arrest and off to jail. this is the woman who drove a rented tesla through a red light in the tender loin sunday afternoon. >> we're don't know if it was in autonomous mode or she was in control. >> after running the red light, the driver broadsided this mini cooper and hit a married couple walking in the crosswalk. the husband, benjamin dean, was killed. the couple was visiting from clovis and her facebook page indicates they were in san
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francisco celebrating their anniversary. >> about how fast do you think she was going? >> based on the damage of the impact of the vehicle, i estimate 45 plus. >> what's the posted speed limit in. >> 25 to 30. >> they hit this parked suv and came to rest on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. the data technology will provide more evidence. >> definitely criminal charges will be filed. >> they sent me a message that my car was not drivable and was in an accident. >> albert rents out the model and another tesla through get around. a car sharing service. someone rented it for 24-hours on sunday afternoon. >> i'm going to say that self driving is not approved for me or her to drive autonomously in the city and prevent people from killing other people or people's
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mistakes kill other people. >> i called san francisco general and bench min's wife is in critical condition. the driver has been booked for running a red light and for involuntary vehicular manslaughter. police me they are looking into whether the car was used in any other crime this is weekend. >> we sent a push alert on our free news app. when news broke this afternoon, if you would like alerts likefue app and enable the notifications. >> a scare today inside san francisco's tunnel in the presydio. a car fire had thick choking black smoke. the fire in the southbound lanes left both directions of the back up of cars on both sides of the tunnel. traffic came to a stop and the wreckage was cleared in under an
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hour. all lanes you now open. >> firefighters stopped a 10-acre grass fire before it threatened buildings. you are looking at video and the fire broke out late this afternoon and about 50 firefighters battled the flames on a steep hillside. nobody was hurt. investigators are looking into what sparked the fire. >> you saw the blue skies and clouds. >> our microclimates were in full effect. the coast is comfortable and our warmest spot away from the coast made it into the 90s 90s. 75 still and we have 66 in san jose. much cooler in san francisco. updated live on the air to 57. 61 in oakland. tonight there is a much warmer night away from the coast than last night by 11 degrees. that will be the launching pad for a warmer day tomorrow. out the door tomorrow morning, we will find clouds just along the coastline. elsewhere we have tons of
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sunshine with temperatures in the 50s and warmer weather moves in tomorrow and we will find hotter temperatures mid-week. all the details in the forecast in a few minutes. >> in the east bay, one local leader voiced an objection to a facebook coast made by a deli owner promising a free side dish if you say send her back. that person owns the deli about the tweet president trump meat about the four congress women called the squad. she said she is very saddened by the remarks of the owner. >> we're get a close up view about a rescue along the coast. they are looking at what they saw to help a woman who hurt her ankle at the state park. the sheriffs officer had one of the deputies on the rocks.
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he was attached to the harness and the helicopter flew her to a waiting ambulance. >> the pig scramble has been a popular activity at the county fair. >> when the fair reopens, the big scramble will be gone and replaced with a watermelon obstacle course. we spoke to the ceo about what led to the change. >> it's go time. for more than 20 years, the big scramble has been one of the activities, but at this year's fair, the chasing after piglets is over. >> that are event needed a little more exciting robust activity for the spectators. >> the berkeley based animal activist groups directed them everywhere and said for decades it has been a form of animal abuse. >> things are moving in the right direction.
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we are not abusing animals and teaching our children wholesome ways to entertain themselves. >> in her back yard, she has what she likes to call a microsanctuary with chick knows and rabbits and a 105 pound pig. she is glad the pig scramble is not happening. >> they are centient beings like we are or like dogs are. >> there won't be a pig scramble, but a watermelon obstacle course. it was made to boost >> the fair hopes to see more kids having fun watermelons instead of pigs. in so nome, luz pena. >> if you were wonder being the specifics of a watermelon ob a
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obstacle course, kids will have to carry the watermelon covered in vegetable oil around a course while they beat the clock. >> an effort to save an east bay haven for artists and creative minds. in uptown oakland at the octopus literary sa ron raising $150,000 to keep the bookstore and venue open. the building was recently sold to a new owner. >> my rent will more than double in april of 2020. >> can you afford it? >> i'm barely making this rent. it's going to be an astronomical rent. i don't know who could pay that. >> they're launched a go fund me page. >> still ahead at 11:00, oakland looks to build a better bay area with a community barbecue to turn a negative video into a
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new details. consword police are searching for the driver of this ck torcyclith was trying to passe car near concord boulevard at about 12:30 this morning when they crashed. the biker was thrown off and a pickup truck hit him and did not stop. juan heard the accident and ran out and tried to help. >> the other person was in the middle of the road, not moving.
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people were trying to direct traffic around, making sure that nothing else hit him. >> the motorcyclist did stop and is cooperating with authorities. >> hundreds of east bay neighbors gathered in oakland to turn a negative into a positive. more than a year after the so-called barbecue becky incident. >> a white woman called police on two bacarb -- barbecuing. >> positive energy and no negativity allowed. >> they came for music and lots of barbecue. this evens of event called barbecuing while black. >> two black men are having a barbecue! oh, my god! >> barbecue becky called oakland police on two black men in an
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area where it was not allowed. >> this woman said i don't belong here and it's illegal to barbecue in the park with charcoal. >> they moved forward by helping them to raise money by holding the event. >> i made a positive out of a negative. >> we're want to be accepting of everybody. >> it coming after president trump suggested four democratic members of congress should go back to the country where is they came from. a crowd chanting -- >> send her back! >> he tweeted i don't believe the four congress women are capable of loving our country. a campaign aide defend the president. >> he is not a racist. >> the president's words are not helping them bridge racial divides. >> as a president, it's shameful. >> i don't agree with the narrative he is putting out there. it's not something that is bringing our country together. >> they're spent the last few
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months raising thousands to hold the event when it happened raft last year. since then the city installed hot ash disposal units. abc 7 news. >> we are getting an up-close look to fight what is expected to be a brutal wildfire season throughout california. cal fire recently took delivery of seven of the former coast guard hc 130s. they are bigger, faster and carry up to 4,000 gallons of fire retardant, more than what many cal fire planes can carry. they are a badly needed asset in the arsenal against wildfire seasons that get worse every year. >> this gives us another tool in the tool box to what to boils down to. the fire burns up to the retardant and slows it down. >> they are being retro fit and
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conferted to firefighting aircraft and they won't officially enter service until 2021. >> in the east bay, a sweet treat in honor of ice cream day. there was a long line outside this oakland institution for even longer. the wait for a taste of a local favorite was the easy part. the hard pafs was choosing a flavor or flavors. >> it was put away. how can you complain? >> even sweeter to celebrate the occasion. they are offering the famous black and tan sundaes for that's with whipped cream and a cherry on top. >> should we reserve ours with the weather? >> it's going to be a scorcher of a week in some parts. >> you always need ice cream. it's not dependent on the
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weather. you will find warmer temperatures in the east bay over the next couple of days where you will hit close to the century mark by wednesday. the heat is moving in for some of us. live doppler 7 showing you away from the coast. plenty of stars. close to san francisco right now. we are socked in with the fog. the future tower, look at that. the fog over the city. the sales force tower still able to emerge above the fog. the fog over the city may find coastal drizzle first thing as well. otherwise we are tracking a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. the highlights planned for the next couple of days. the pattern of morning fog giving way to afternoon sunshine. very july-like. heat builds and we go back into the 90s and the numbers continue to climb as we head towards wednesday. our microclimates will stay in effect. the coast remains cool and comfy staying in the 60s.
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in the afternoon, we may have a spread of about 40 degrees across the region. right now we are seeing 61 in oakland and 66 in san jose. 55 in santa rosa. away from the coast, brentwood is warm right now at 74. overnight tonight, here's the lows. we will drop into the 50s acrossed board. 56 in oakland and 53 in the city. 59 in san jose. 54 the overnight low in napa. we will break down the day. a 12-hour day planner. 6:05 in the morning. patchy fog close to the coast and coastal drizzle as well. a lot of sunshine along the coast, but the sun is going to be effective and warming up into the 80s and 90s. tomorrow it's hotter inland than today. for monday, 65 in the city. in antioch. am it will be warm in some cities. and palo alto up to a mild 78.
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fast forward to tuesday, the numbers will continue to climb. tuesday afternoon, we are in the upper 90s. you are comfortable in the 60s and 70s on the water. this is the peak of the heat. not widespread warming, but 60s and 70s for much of the cities close to the bayshore line. the high pressure supplies us with warmer weather over the next couple of days. monsoonal moisture. look at l.a. by tuesday. a couple of showers pop up. we will stay dry here. the seven-day forecast warm inland and cool coast tomorrow. the spread continues on tuesday. the hot day inland on wednesday. good news, it's one day of triple-digit heat. cooling off thursday into friday and saturday and sunday, 60 oz the coast and 70s and 80s on the bay and 90s inland.
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♪ ♪ the giants continue making moves and waive derek holland and promote two rookies.
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another rookie sent the fateful home happy. conor menez making his first big league start gave up two solo home runs in the second. the first to michael. blasting down on the fly. striking out pete alonzo and always the basketball. he breaks it and that's not easy to do. zack green got his in his first two at-bats. they drive buster posey and his family loves it. the decisions are out because we are going to extra innings. the bottom 12, at the dish. ends it with one swing. the giants win 3-2 and take 3-4 and they are even 500 with a record of 50-50. the a's dropped out of the top wild card spot after a loss in
11:30 pm
minnesota. there is one bright side holding down the second side by one game. check out this guy. ready to go. put me in, coach. bottom two. giving up the three-run homer to max kepler. gave up four runs. josh has his tenth of the year. the 21st straight game. the bases loaded and no outs. kepler goes to first and then he applies the tag and called out the challenge and it's upheld and the a's take the lead and chris herman misses a home run. off the wall. bobby grossman rates his home at 6-5. tied with two out newscast ninth and the walk off rbi single and
11:31 pm
the fourth rbi of the game and the twins go on to win it, 7-6. check this out, antonio brown is ready for training camp. the raiders do receivers showing off part of the work out. he is building bricks to lay the foundation. they developed hand-eye coordination and shrink with your forearms and training camp on friday. the sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. just catch the brick. >> it's levitating. >> they will be catching football this time next week. practice is right around the corner. >> much more to come. amid calls to resign, the governor of puerto rico makes a confession. reaction to his announcement he won't seek reelection. >> a father of six at the beach. how a s
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>> pagood evening and thanks fo being with us. in the headlines, a woman is under arrest after san francisco police claim she ran a red light and hit two pedestrians, killing one of them. it was at taylor and o' farrell streets. >> smoke from a car fire startled drivers on a busy approach to the golden gate bridge. the car burst into flame around 12:30. the highway patrol stopped traffic in both directions on
11:36 pm
highway 1 and that sparked major delays. >> hundreds of people enjoyed sunshine and food at the lake today and came together for an event called barbecuing while black. they wanted to bridge the racial divide after a white woman called police on two black men who were barbecuing last year. >> more protests demanding the resignation of puerto rico's governor. >> they have taken place in solidarity with puerto rico. here's the surprise announcement tonight. >> puerto rico's embattled governor announcing on sunday he will not seek reelection and step down as the new resign.s so stubborn. he doesn't get it. there is a lot of anr.a sze apologizing is not enough and said it may result in
11:37 pm
impeachment. hundreds of thousands have been taking to the streets, calling for him to step down, at times the protests turning violent. police deploying tear gas in response. >> when are do you think the protests will stop? >> i think it will stop when he resigns. >> the anger steaming from a group chat leaked between the governor and his inner circle containing nearly 900 pages laced with homophobic language l following hurricane maria. backing the calls for at governor's resignation. >> the governor and his administration are rucorrupt at the core. >> the governor addressed the island and saying he wi resign, but he will step down as leader and not seek reelection. on monday there is an island-wide strike and organizers expect 1 million puerto ricans to hit the streets.
11:38 pm
abc news, san juan, puerto rico. >> all eyes will be on capitol hill on wednesday when robert mueller will testify before congress. jerry nadler said there is substantial in evidence mueller's report that finds president trump guilty of an impeachable offense. >> it's important for the american people to hear directly what the facts are. this is a president who violated the law six ways from sunday. >> house democrats are divided over the impeachment issue. mueller's nearly two-year long investigation looked into russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> looking into a report that used the city's airport to deport tens of thousands of people. ice chartered nearly 1,000 flights between 2010 and 2018 at oakland, flying 43,000 people. 27,000 were being deported. they were being transfrred to
11:39 pm
ice detention centers and the oakland flight stopped in october of 2018. the mayor's office are looking into whether they violated the policy to not cooperate with ice operations. >> a raleigh man was killed in a freak next a family vacation. the 37-year-old was in the ocean playing with his kids when a wave hit him and pushed him into the ground and the impact broke his neck. it caused his neck to swell ask he suficated. they remember him as a selfless man who cared for others. >> he saw each child for who they were and suppor for thetis wi him. >> he was just promoted where he worked three weeks ago. >> vacaville need to catch a thief at a fast food
11:40 pm
restaurant. this man walked into a chick-fil-a on july 13th. the man ordered anized t they ran out so they brewed up a batch just for him. he grabbed their ipad that had been left on the counter. >> a big weekend for disney at the box office. >> simba took in $185 million, the ninth biggest opening for a movie of all time and record for the month of july. another avengers movie moved past "avatar" to bethe highest grossing of all time. >> here are the top five. lion king in second place. spiderman is at $21 million. "toy story 4" is third. crawl was 4th and yesterday came in fifth. >> still ahead on abc 7 news,
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you wouldn't think of oracle park as a good place to get a haircut. that will change tomorrow. >> a live look at the camera where you can see the fog coming back in, but we are tracking a warmer day tomorrow. we have the details ahead. >> abc's new brand localish is sharing a series called more in common. >> hula dancing might seem simple, but it takes a lifetime to master. >> it broughtome peop tobroughtl together with your music. >> i write specifically for hula. >> this is up and will go down. >> what are you advocating for politically? >> for independence. we are occupied by america.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. neutrogena is recalling a popular product. the light therapy acne mask is no longer being sold online. it's also being pulled from store shelves. there is a theoretical risk to eye injuries for people who have sensitivities. the mask uses blue light therapy to treat bacteria and red light to treat inflammation. the recall is out of an abundance of caution. >> chris george is
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tomorrow. his mother took the photos. in two of the photos, he is seen wearing an english soccer jersey. the third is from a family vacation. he is third in line behind his grandfather and his father. >> swimming star katie ledecky was stunned by a loss at the world championships. she was hoping to win a fourth straight title, but an australian swimmer rallied in the last 50 meters to beat le krpaleky by 1.21 seconds. she is still a student at stanford. she is hoping to swim at the 2020 olympics. >> giants fans going through tomorrow's final can get a free haircut. >> they will welcome fans at the top up salons. people can get a free haircut or beard trim. super cuts is the official hair
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ka sa lon of major league baseball. >> speaking of beards, it's time for a check on the weather. >> if you are going to the ball game, it will be a cool day at the park. we are tracking the fog and it's 59 in san jose. we will break down the planner tomorrow and get the temperatures in the 50s, but the sun warms up. we are into the mid 80s. the coast staying cool and only in the mid 60s. monday 65 and about 72 for the high. 66 in san jose. the seven-day forecast on the next days, warm and cool tomorrow. a hot day inland.
11:48 pm
100 on the warmest location. thursday and friday with a little bit of cooling. afternoon sunshine and into the weekend. >> still thinking about the ice cream. a little caramel action with nuts. >> i'm thinking about sports. >> that are, too. >> a lot of giants fans are thinking about madison bumgarner. will he be traded by the giants? we will hear from the man
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
welcome back. 12 days until baseball's trade. bumgarner. the president of baseball operations said they are listening to trad offers. not just necessarily for bumgarner because why wouldn't
11:52 pm
he listen? it doesn't mean you have to make a trade. it just means you are listening. when you are looking for a competitive advantage, you are looking for a team that can fit their hand. >> it's helpful to know what the other teams are thinking. whether it winds up being something you act on or not. we have to be prepared for every scenario. i'm having conversations every day. that's not an indication of what we will do or if we will do anything. that's on the landscape and what will be out there. >> giants fans will be counting down the 1 they want to see if mad bum will be reacting. >> the irishman brushed aside any pressure of trying to win so close to home. he grew up four hours away.
11:53 pm
up 17 and this approach, that's not good. he breaks his club in frustration and salvage to bogey. this was his day. the birdo 15. the fist pump and the fist bump with his caddy. he said afterwards he knew he couldn't lose after this approach on 17. kind of rolls back and holds back. the big hug and it seems like everyone from his hometown came up with the final round. look at that. like a coronation. soaking it all in. capping on 18 for his first major title. a rynd5nder par >> that' just incredible and look at the names on it.
11:54 pm
i just can't believe that was me and i couldn't believe it was happening. >> no kevin durant and a host of new faces as they try to win the west for the fourth in a row. they went to the clippers and joined lebron. the warriors did get a budding superstar from the net. because he plays practically the same position, they think of him as a one-year rental, suggesting they flip him for prospects and maybe even in mid-season. the warriors said hold on. can we at least be in play for the team first? >> so much of our sport at least said what are you doing next? we will figure out what we are doing now. that's why we have d' angelo.
11:55 pm
they were moving tomorrow. we haven't seen a lot of our guys play. we won't even know until he comes back up. we are just happy we have a young player that has a lot of upside and we are excited at the possibility of him in our uniform. >> nascar in new hampshire. denny hamlin and kevin harvick in the final two laps. bumping harvick number four, but harvick maintains the lead. a back up car for practice on friday. 113 laps and harvick led the final and seizing control in the final turn and holds on for his first one of the year. second straight at new hampshire. baseball hall of fame ceremony in cooperstown including the first guy to be elected unanimously. mariano rivera. now works for the giants in the minor league system, but the most emotional introduction was
11:56 pm
from the widow of roy holiday who died in late 2017. >> how do you think he would feel if he were here. he would be honored and humbled, but i also know in true roy form he would have given accolades or props to his coaches and teammates. i was talking with the teammate of roy's and he said to me roy doesn't play that way because he wanted to be in the hall of fame. he will be there because of the way he played. >> that was a great speech. this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. you should learn something new every day. today i learned how to make ice cream and it took about 10 minutes. you will be happy to know there was no blind folds and no taste tests. i got to see it. it was runny. >> what about the ice cream. >> we have the instructions on our website. if you want to check it out, it
11:57 pm
was perfect. >> i love it. >> was it hold? >> it was. i had to shake it for five minutes. go to our website and watch. >> you make it in a plastic bag? >> a little bit of ice and milk, sugar and salt. >> you are our resident recipe, foodie, taster. >> it tasted just like ice cream. >> that's all that matters. >> close your eyes when you eat
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