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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 22, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. tonight, the severe storm watch as we come on the air. new york city, philadelphia, down to washington, d.c. bracing for dangerous storms, high winds after the blistering heat. and the lightning strikes. eight people on one beach injured. hundreds of thousands without power tonight and ginger zee with the new track as this hits in the coming hours. also developing tonight, rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. iran tonight now claiming to have captured 17 alleged cia spies. how president trump is now responding amid new images tonight of iranian gun ships circling that captured tanker. the american woman and her boyfriend discovered dead on a road trip in canada, and just in tonight, authorities have just revealed the cause of death and they've now released a sketch of a person they want to talk to. and this evening, the second mystery just now emerging in
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canada. here at home tonight, the young college student found dead just 20 miles from campus. what authorities are now saying tonight. on the hill this even egg, preparing for robert mueller's testimony before the american people. tonight, what we've learned about what he plans to bring, what he plans to say. the family tragedy at the beach. the father of six just 37, a wave hitting him as he was playing with his children, knocking him down, breaking his neck. he did not survive. the massive protests in puerto rico tonight, demanding the governor resign. what he's now saying. will it be enough? and america strong tonight. a simple idea for america's troops overseas. it's off on the right foot. good evening, it's great to start another week with all of you at home. and we begin tonight with that severe thunderstorm watch up tonight from d.c. up through philadelphia and new york city. millions bracing tonight for dangerous winds and rain. the new front causing dangerous
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cars swamped by flash flooding. more than 300,000 people are without power this evening, from wisconsin all the way to new york city, thousands in brooklyn remain in the dark tonight. all of this also we're also tracking a new tropical threat tonight, that will effect the east coast. storms hitting now and into the evening. abc's linsey davis leads us off. >> oh, no! >> reporter: tonight, powerful storms pounding the northeast. >> debris, power lines, they fell into the roadway. that's why state police shut down 270. >> reporter: the severe weather finally snapping a deadly heat wave. new york city's grid pushed to the limit. overhead wires catching fire, manholes smoking. the power company cutting electricity for more than 30,000 customers sunday evening, saying they were trying to prevent a larger outage. >> it's very holt. couldn't sleep last night. >> reporter: how long have you
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been without power? >> from 7:00 p.m. last night. l to blame for this crane collapse in new brunswick, new jersey. >> the entire wrecking ball went through the home and landed right back on the first floor. >> reporter: luckily no one hurt. in michigan, utility crews racing to restore power there, too. at one point, more than 800,000 homes and businesses without power after severe storms moved through. and in florida, a lightning strike from a heat-fueled thunderstorm injured eight people on a beacher in tampa sunday. david, con-ed is still working to restore power to some customers here in brooklyn. and now a new concern of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding through late tonight. david? >> linsey davis leading us off tonight. linsey, thank you so much. we want to get really too danged the crew outside on these nights when we have severe storms. tell us what we're looking at.
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>> reporter: also flash floodim virginia all the way to maryland. delaware, 60 to 80 mi-mile-per-r winds already recorded, up to connecticut, where we find the flash flood warnings. these come with one to three-inch per hour rainfall rates now. so, if you see water on the roadways, do not go into it. not just tonight, but early tomorrow morning, another round of them. we stopped the clock there at 7:00 a.m. broke it down rig, right throug ralley and charleston. and finally, david, you mentioned it earlier in the broadcast, that area over the bahamas, one to three inches of rain possible for florida up to the carolinas and it will die out. >> watching a lot to start the week. ginger, thank you. of course, the other story we're follow egg, rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. iran tonight now claiming to have arrested 17 alleged spies trained by the cia. iran showing images they say are the cia officers who ran the network. and new images tonight of the iranian revolutionary guard commandos dropping down from a
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helicopter to seize that british tanker, and the pictures, the iranian gunships circling that tanker, as well. martha raddatz with late reporting just in. >> reporter: iranian state television today claiming these images, which we've blurred, show cia officers who ran a network of spies. 17 iranian nationals they say were spying on nuclear, cyber and military programs for the u.s. >> that's totally a false story. that's another lie. they put out propaganda. they put out lies. >> reporter: this comes as the first video of the crew of a british-flagged oil tanker has emerged. the 23 crewmembers captured after a dramatic seizure at sea by iranian commandos, seen circling the tanker, looking for a spot to land, with a warning to the commercial vessel to turn around. >> change your course to 360, 360 degrees immediately. if you obey, you will be safe,
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over. >> reporter: but it was a british warship that responded to the warning, trying to stop the iranian commandos from boarding the stena. >> please confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to board the mv stena. >> reporter: but within moments, the iranian commandos were rappelling down to the tanker from the helicopter. a short time later, raising the iranian flag above it. >> so, let's get right to martha raddatz, with us live tonight. i want to go back to those photographs the iranians have released tonight, that they claim are cia officers. what do we know about them? >> reporter: well, some of the names do match with current or former state department employees but they came from business cards that the iranians found. but whether these were real cia officers are not, david, the iranians have put these individuals in danger by releasing those images and names, david. >> all right, martha raddatz with us on a monday night, as well. thank you. we algts have new reporting
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at this hour in the murder of an american woman and her boyfriend found dead on a road trip in canada. a news conference just a short time ago, and police now revealing the cause of death and a sketch of a person they want to talk to. and this all comes amid a second mystery now emerging, as well. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: canadian police now revealing the murder of that young couple along a remote highway and a third mysterious death could be connected. >> it's unusual to have two major investigations undergoing of this nature in northern b.c. at the same time, and so we recognize the pabossibility tha these could be links. >> reporter: this as new details emerging about the pair of young adventurers. american chynna deese and her boyfriend lucas fowler driving through british columbia. road worker travis pierre found the bodies. >> i dont know how anyone could live with themselves after doing what i saw. >> reporter: tonight, police releasing this sketch of a
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bearded man they saw was seen talking to the couple. that sketch similar to a second sketch, another unidentified bearded man, this man found dead friday in northern british columbia. that man found about a mile from the burning camper of two teens believed to be missing. it's the height of tourism season in british columbia, david, and canadian police seemed concerned, urging came persons to say vigilant and establish check-in times with their families. david? >> yeah, all of it is unsettling. matt, thank you. here at home tonight, the mystery death of a college student in mississippi. authorities do suspect foul play tonight, and here's abc's day dr adrienne bankert now. >> reporter: tonight, police are looking for whoever may have killed 21-year-old college student alexandria "ally" kostial. investigators say she was discovered dead over the weekend near the university of mississippi, known as ole miss. ally's father, keith kostial, posted on facebook ally had been attending summer school and
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teaching fitness classes at ole miss. writing online that police "communicated to us that our beautiful dear ally was the victim of a homicide." the sheriff's department saying one of their deputies found her body about 20 miles from campus and that "foul play was involved." a school official shared in a statement, "we are truly saddened by the death of alexandria kostial. ally was a valued member of our campus community." and tonight, ally's sorority sisters are paying tribute to her on social media. one writes, "she was the brightest light and always had a smile on her face. she truly was a ray of sunshine." authorities say they're following several leads at this time. the state bureau of investigations, as well as police, are assisting in the case. david? >> adrienne, thank you. sse nd now to the images comin inll an ju'sexpres sh d afc,ardoosseo to resign. tonight, his new interview, and his new offer, that he will not run again, but that he won't
3:40 pm
resign. will it be enough for those protesters? abc's victor oquendo in san juan tonight. >> reporter: tonight, united and defiant. calls for puerto rico's governor, ricardo rossello, to step down reaching their highest levels monday. an island-wide strike. belting out their battle cry -- "ricky resign." puerto ricans are flooding the streets. this is actually the on-ramp to the highway, and if you take a look down at the overpass, they've shut it down. singer ricky martin, born and raised here, among them. all protesting for a tenth straight day after the leak of those obscenity-laced, sexist and homophobic group chats between the governor and his closest advisors mocking and >> we want a government that really represents us, that is working there for the people of puerto rico. and is not just there for their own benefit and the benefit of their own friends. >> reporter: in a facebook address overnight roselló he won't see re-election, but he will finish his term. the governor reaffirming that today on an interview on fox
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news, amid the massive protests. >> i've seen the protests, i've heard the people talk. i've had a process of introspection. >>. >> reporter: many here want him go now. david, these protesters made the long trek to the governor's mansion in the pouring rain. despite his repeated refusals to step down, they all tell me the same thing. they only plan to stop when he plans on resigning. david? >> victor, thank you. on the hill tonight, democrats and republicans are preparing their questions for robert mueller as mueller nowch thes before the american people on wednesday. and tonight here, we've now learned about what mueller plans to bring. a prepared statement. and tonight, the president now says he plans to watch, at least part of mueller, too. abc's kyra phillips at the white house. >> reporter: after first insisting he won't watch the mueller hearings, president trump acknowledged today that maybe he will. >> no, i'm not going to be watching. probably, maybe i'll see a little bit of it. i'm not going to be watching mueller, because you can't take
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all those bites out of the apple. >> reporter: robert mueller is a reluctant witness appearing under subpoena. he had hoped his report would speak for itself. >> and the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. >> reporter: today, mueller's spokesperson insists that statement still stands, that mueller will only talk about what's in his report and will be submitting the unredacted version as his statement on wednesday. it will be his 89th appearance before congress. he's been preparing with a team of former staffers in the offices of his old law firm, wilmer hale. democrats plan to push him on why he didn't clear the president on obstruction of justice. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. >> reporter: the president today attacking mueller as conflicted. and the democrats as desperate. >> there was no obstruction.
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there's no nothing. they're wasting their time. >> and kyra phillips with us live tonight from the white house. and kyra, robert mueller did not clear president trump of obstruction, saying he could have if he would have -- if he could have, he would have, but attorney general william barr did clear him, as we remember, and our pierre thomas asked barr at the time, did mueller want barr to make that decision, or did he want congress to decide. i gather this central issue will come up on wednesday. >> reporter: oh, that's top of mind for congressional democrats, david. they're going to definitely want to hear from mueller on this, bull they're also preparing for a lot of one-word answers. and tonight, they have no true sense of how mueller will actually respond. david? >> all right, kyra phillips with us live at the white house. thank you. now, to your money tonight, and after that major data breach, your personal information, equifax is now paying a record amount. the krot recording agency paying up to $700 million, millions will go to american consumers. abc's chief business
3:44 pm
correspondent rebecca jarvis with what you need to know. >> reporter: tonight, potential relief for the 147 million americans impacted by that massive equifax data breach. >> we vigorously encourage every person who was impacted by the equifax data breach to apply for the relief that they are entitled to as part of this settlement. >> reporter: the credit bureau agreeing to pay almost $700 million, including up to $425 million going to consumers. as much as $20,000 to each victim who lost money to identity theft or even just spent time trying to protect their data in the wake of the breach. but to collect anything, you need to gather the right documents, like statements showing losses to your acounts, receipts for the money you spent monitoring credit, even bfees paid. and for those who spent time dealing with the data breach, they are now eligible for $25 an hour for up to 20 hours. victims could also get ten years of free credit monitoring, but
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remember, this is not automatic. you have to file a claim in order to be eligible, david. >> all right, your first time back with us. great to have you. congrats. in other news tonight, there is news on the federal budget this evening. president trump announcing a two-year deal with congressional democrats. republican leaders signing on tonight. the president calls the agreement a, quote, real compromise. it would boost spending for defense and also for democrats domestic priorities and left the debt ceiling past the election. a vote in congress is expected by the end of the week. and honoring former supreme court justice john paul stevens. his casket was carried into the high court as dozens stood by today. five of the current justices were there for a simple ceremony. president trump and the first lady visiting to pay their respects. stevens, who served 35 years on the high court, will be buried at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. zblifl there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. alex trebek making headlines tonight. also ahead here, the family tragedy at the beach here east. this father of six, just 37, a
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wave hitting him as he was playing with his churn, knocking him down. he broke his neck. he did not survive. just an awful story. there's also news coming in tonight about one of the most famous athletes in the world. the major decision from authorities that we learned of late today. and the frightening crash during rush hour. the pickup truck flipping upside down. good samaritans abandoning their cars to rescue that driver. it was an incredible moment. a lot more news ahead here on a monday night. monday night. stay tuned. er and kinda itive. flash forward, then psoriatic arthritis started getting the better of me. and my doctor said my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage. and enbrel helps relieve joint pain, helps stop that joint damage, plus helps skin get clearer. ask about enbrel so you can get back to being your true self. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common.
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but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. next tonight here, that awful family tragedy. the father of six, he was just 37 years old, killed by a wave in north carolina while playing with his children. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: he was a father to six children. and tonight, a family is in mourning after a freak accident. >> you feel such overwhelmingmi playing with his kids when he got hit by a wave. the force knocking him down so hard he broke his neck.
3:49 pm
his wife shannon posting on twitter that his own kids tried so save him, but he did not survive. the dingles have two biological children and four adopted. his friends remembering a caring man. >> he saw each child for who they were uniquely and just supported them. >> reporter: the dingles were the subject of a 2016 profile by our raleigh station wtvd, when their daughter zoe was gifted an electric lift for her wheelchair. a david, a go fund me account has been set up to help the family. his wife says his organs will be donat donated. david? >> gio, thank you. when we come back, more on that crash during rush hour. the driver trapped. good samaritans jumping in. and the new headline about one of the biggest sports stars in the world. what authorities here in the u.s. have now decided in that investigation. the index is next. be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be.
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you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset. to the index of other news this monday, a pickup truck blowing a tire. the driver losing control, flipping onto i-88 this morning. the driver was trapped, but goo samaritans lifted the truck on his side. the driver escaping and he thanks everyone for their help. there is new tonight about soccer star cristiano ronaldo. the d.a. in las vegas saying the allegation he attacked a woman in his hotel room can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. a passing to note tonight. ♪ way down yonder >> art neville has died. a founding member of the neville brothers, an iconic musician who
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afghanistan. >> he needed a pair of sneakers because they were starting to wear out. >> reporter: the sneakers he'd be issues were worn through. >> we said, we gladly send him a pair of sneakers over and we asked about the other men in his platoon and he said, same situation, they needed sneakers, their sneakers were wearing out. >> reporter: so, as any mother would, debra got to work. >> within a week, we had sneakers for soldiers formed. >> reporter: her nonprofit, sneakers for soldiers, partn partnering with a local shoe store and a marketing firm. shipping more than 200 pairs of sneakers overseas. there's now a waiting list. >> such a basic, simple thing as sneakers. >> reporter: each pair individually chosen, depending on what they're looking for what they need. in afghanistan, for one, conditions be so so harsh, the terrain, the temperatures, and we saw it first-hand earlier this year. our troops, no surprise, in better shape than the rest of us. well, thank you for your service. we're all proud of you back home. i'm proud of your workout, too.
3:58 pm
so many of our troops in their new sneakers and grateful, and the letters they send back to that mom, debra. >> it reminds us that not all americans have forgotten us. >> reporter: and it all began with that request from her son. >> it is just a wonderful feeling knowing that something as basic and as needed as a sneaker is putting a smile on their face. >> debra's website, we love it. >> announcer: now from abc7, live breaking news. >> sky 7 over a wildfire in rural napa county, cal fire is
3:59 pm
calling this the canyon fire. you can see the flames right there, burning near lake beryesa. it is forcing to evacuate on the south side of 128. this area is to the east of helena. it is closed at markley cove and rag canyon road. another look here as we give you more from sky 7. this fire started a little after 2:00 p.m. it's charred at least 45 acres so far and we will continue to monitor this situation and keep updating you throughout this newscast and the evening as well. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm daetz. the woman allegedly responsible for hitting two pedestrians yesterday in san francisco has been identified as 21-year-old kelsey mariah cambridge of vallejo. >> she's been charged with involuntary vehicular man slaut and with running a red light. meanwhile his wife is still in the hospital. abc7 news reporter lyanne
4:00 pm
melendez at s.f. general hospital with an update now. lyanne? >> reporter: well, as you can imagine, family members are here at the hospital and kelly dean is no longer in critical condition, and that's a good thing, because before she was in an area of the hospital where family members couldn't be with that has now changed. san francisco police say kelly dean's condition has improved. her injuries are now non-life threatening. witnesses say kelly and her husband benjamin dean why hit by the driver of this tesla yesterday in the crosswalk after police say running a red light and colliding with another car. she has been identified asid enere after being arrested.