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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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caught on camera. >> meet the police officer who pulled a man out
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i'm kate larson in san francisco. tonight, thisexclusive video of smpbl sunday's deadly tesla crash. what people in city hall want to do about it. the city is hosting three community meetings. what they're hoping to do and how you can be part of it. there's somebody in the car. >> i'm amanda del castillo in fremont with incredible footage of the police officer rescuing a man from his burning car. we spokehhe now, news to build a better bay area. from abc 7. developing news out of oakland, where a freeway shooting left at least one driver wounded. you can see what appears to be a bullet hole. the shooting happened around
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6:30 near the 98th avenue exit. >> the chp shut down the freeway, causing a huge traffic jam. both the driver and passenger in that suv went to the hospital. the chp does have a description of the suspect. a man in his 30s to a dark colored sedan. new at 11:00, two people died this evening in separate cal train incidents. the most recent in mountain view where a train hit a person trespassing on the tracks around 8:00 tonight. three hours earlier, another person was hit in burling game. today's number of fatalities this year to nine. the daily post reports ten deaths involving cal train for all of last year. only on "abc7 news" tonight, we're getting a look at the moments that led up to the
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deadly tesla crash in san francisco yesterday. kate larson has new video. >> reporter: this is the dash cam video. you'll see that tesla speed through the intersection. the police was driving about 45 miles per hour, well above the posted speed limit of 25 to 30. the dash cam video shows the speed, but it also shows what one of the victims did to protect their spouse. we paused the video right before they were hit. only on abc 7, this is video from an uber dash cam around 2:00 sunday afternoon. the cars are all moving slowly. at least relative to this, a tesla, speeding up taylor street through a red light. it takes one second for the tesla to broad side a mini cooper and hit a couple. you can see kelly dean saw it coming, stopped and threw her arm across her husband before the tesla hit them both. >> she was incoherent, on her
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stomach. >> reporter: he stayed with kelly, who was unresponsive. >> i could see blood coming from her head, we just kept talking to her. >> reporter: kelly's husband, 39-year-old benjamin dean, was killed. the couple were in san francisco celebrating their wedng the driver of the rented tesla, 21 kelsey cambridge, was arrested sunday and booked for involuntary vehicular manslaughter. >> pedestrian fatalities are way up this year. >> reporter: the wreck happened in the tender loin, the city's high injury network indicated by the red lines. >> we are in a state of emergency, and it's time that the city recognized that. >> reporter: jody runs walk san francisco. she wants a new policy that slows down drivers. >> reengineering to really impact how people are driving in
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our city. >> reporter: supervisor haynie says he would like to narrow streets, around add enforcement cameras. he will be at a rally tomorrow morning organized by walk san francisco to call for a state of emergency for pedestrian safety. kelly dean is in the hospital tonight in critical condition with family by her side. >> just an awful story, kate. thank you so much. the driver had rented the car from an online app called get around. unlike traditional rental companies that require drivers be at least 25 years old, the minimum age to drive one of their cars is 19. unless it's a specialty car like a tesla. get around wouldn't say why a 21-year-old was allowed to rent a tesla, saying we are cooperating with police and authorities investigate thing inls dent. -- incident. in the north bay, people
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remain evacuated from their homes because of a wildfire in napa county. the canyon fire started just after 2:00 this afternoon. it has charred 55 acres so far. cal fire says it is 60% contained. the evacuations are taking place along the south side of highway 128. that road is closed between markey cove and rag canyon road. no reports of any injuries or structures burned. as part of building a better bay area, we are looking at ways our communities are working to keep us safe, especially during a disaster like a wildfire. our reporter is in santa rosa where community leaders held a special workshop on a fire protection plan. >> reporter: it's a new effort to make sure devastation like this doesn't happen again. >> this is the first of three meetings we'll be holding. >> reporter: the city of santa rosa held this meeting. it's something kate steen, who
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lives here, says she hopes happens. >> i hike out every weekend in the state park, and the north side of that park that did not burn is at a high risk level. it really needs to have some prescribed burn to reduce the fuel level. >> reporter: laura, who lost her home in the tubbs fire two years ago, has this proposal. >> i would like the city council to pass a law that people that own propery don't have to just cut the weeds down, but cut everything down that's flammable. >> reporter: if you can't come to the meetings, there's still a way to contribute online. the city is asking people to fill out this survey with areas with the highest fire risk and initiatives beneficial to you. the city of santa rosa is hoping this plan will change things. >> all those different priority also help us put together dpranlts, and those grants will
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come from fema to help support monetary funds some of those concepts. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining us on facebook. a north bay catholic priest is accused of keeping a dark secret for over a decade. that story and more in tonight's headlines. catholic priest is accused of stealing from collection plates, and embezzling nearly $100,000 from churches. the disease of santa rosa accuses him of stealing for at least 15 years. >> i just know he's a good man, or i thought so, like a lot of us, we're just not perfect. more than 200 community members were fed up after this violent attack last week. >> this type of behavior must be
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stopped. >> this marked the eighth violent crime in the chinese community just this year. holy moly. >> severe thunderstorm watch from d.c. up through philadelphia and new york city. in fact, millions bracing tonight for dangerous winds and rain. >> calls for the governor to step down. >> if you take a look at the overpass, they've shut it down. you can always find today's headlines on our free "abc7 news" app. new details tonight in an international murder mystery. a young american woman and her boyfriend were found shot to death in canada. >> reporter: the murder of this young couple remains a mystery. >> i don't know who would do something like this. >> reporter: lucas' father made
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the long journey to canada. >> just a wonderful and he's loss to so many people. >> reporter: the couple were found alongside this remote highway. >> in the ditch, the young lady first. and maybe five meters behind was the gentleman. he had no shoes. the young lady had one. >> reporter: china's family says the two were experienced travelers and had set out on a road trip to explore canada's national parks together. their blue 1986 chevy van broke down on highway 97. it was here they were spotted by a road worker, who claims she saw a bearded man confronting the pair. >> he was just kind of standing like this, just looking at them. >> reporter: police are now looking for this man. they say he's not a suspect. >> he is a person with woman investigators wish to speak. >> reporter: authorities say
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they diskov ecovered another bo. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. i'm amanda del castillo in fremont. with incredible video showing the moment a police officer pulled a man from his burning vehicle that. story is next. macy's is doing damage control over a set of dinner ware. >> customers are calling it tasteless with a toxic message. get set to sweat even more. we are cranks up the hot. how hot it is where you live tomorrow, in the forecast. here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live after "abc7 news." if you pick one night to watch, this is it. >> i came here to invite your whole audience to our premiere. [ applause ]
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you have seen the fissures in the ground. now we're going to have before and after from space. a greek seismologist put these images together. this is the mohove desert shifting between three and 15 feet. in this one, you can see a dark stain developing. that's a liquid leaking from a pipeline that broke. these images are stark evidence of what happens when two gigantic tectonic plates slide against each other. coming up, i'll be back with the accuweather forecast. ew 11:00, flames shooting into the air. an officer risking his life trying to get a man out of a car that looks ready to explode at any moment. all of this caught on camera.
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amanda del castillo is live from fremont police headquarters with details. amanda? >> reporter: larry, the officer first joined the police department about two years ago. but before that, he spent ten years as a professional mma fighter. skills that came in handy saturday night. fremont resident beth comey captured this scene. a 28-year-old driver took out a tree. you see the vehicle on its side and on fire. >> he shouldn't have survivd and he did and walked away because of that officer. >> reporter: the police officer arrived on scene, and you see the officer first attempting to put out the fire with an extinguisher. >> when idas m out a w you could. >> reporter: he enters through the back the suv, clearing a path through the belongings, moving through the flames.
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>> once i got ahold of his hand, i was able to drag him over the seat and out the bag. >> reporter: the officer says the tree was the biggest challenge. but after maneuvering the man through the mangled car, he was able to get the driver on his feet. >> he said hey, you need to stand up and get me away. we need to get away from the car. >> reporter: the video shows the flames taking over the car moments after the rescue. evidence of the wreck remained on monday. scorched plants, car parts and d the officer says rescuing the man was business as usual. >> there's nothing special about what i did. any single one of my partners would have done the same thing. >> reporter: just incredible. fremont pd is investigating the crash as a possible dui. the driver was taken to the hospital. he was not arrested. amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." a tech company just made a big investment in education here
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in the bay area. sales force is donating $50 million to two school districts. the san francisco business times reports $35 million will go to teacher recruitment as well as math and computer science. $15 million is designated for math and computer science programs. macy's is pulling a line of for porcelain plates that advocated for smaller portion sizes. >> the separate suggests portion sizes for skinny jeans and mom jeans. macy's has said it missed the mark and the plate also be removed. let's get to the forecast. the warmup will continue throughout the week. >> drew tuma is here with the latest. >> we are tracking warmer weather on the way. live doppler 7 showing you mainly clear skies, limited fog at this hour. the picture tonight showing you
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sales force tower right now, it's a clear picture. you can see oakland in the background. the first thing tomorrow morning, we'll find sunny skies across much of the bay area. a look at the accuweather highlights, what we are tracking is hotter air. by wednesday, the hottest spots inland, hitting 100 degrees by the afternoon. with this heat increase, it brings an increase with fire danger. hot temperatures and the combination of the dry vegetation means that any fires could spread quickly. this warmup is not widespread. the coast over the next seven days will remain comfortable and cool in the 60s. so our microclimates will be in full effect each afternoon. 61 in oakland. 67 in san jose. 57 in santa rosa. still warm in the inland east bay. so here's live doppler 7. we are tracking high pressure over the four corners and will hope to bring us that warm
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inland. showers in southern california with that monsoonal moisture. also brought some mugginess to our atmosphere here locally. and that continues tomorrow, as well. overnight tonight, temperatures mid 50s to low 60s. that marine layer is getting very compressed. 6:06 for the sun rise tomorrow morning. that will warm us up quickly. by 4:00 in the afternoon, warmest spots in the 80s and nib 90s. 86 in san jose tomorrow. 75 in oakland. breezy and cooler in the city, 66. 87 in santa rosa. and lake port up to 93. wednesday, future track temperatures, again, inland east bay communities, hot, near 100 degrees. closer to the water, in the 60s and in the 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast. a steady pattern of heat inland. tomorrow, hotter.
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the law come up with him. >> he's got good speed in that costume, i'll say that for him. like dino there, not extinct, and the giants very much alive. >> and they just keep on running and running. the giants are over .500 for the first time in more than a year. is it time to start thinking wild card? how the orange
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there's no denying the giants are on a magical run. they have the league best 15 wins this month, over .500 for the first time since last august
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after a come from behind victory over the first place cubs and a great night to bring the family out to watch a ball game. no score in the second. shawn anderson facing garcia. he hits this one out. 1-0, cubs. 4-2, cubs in the 8th. that's when the magic happens. crawford up the middle. sandoval, come on down. a one-run game twoch. two outs now. u austin slater steps up, drives this over the center fielder, tying the game. next batter, joe panik down the line for the go ahead double. and the giants take the heed. with will smith unavailable, sam dyson comes in to get the save. the giants win 5-4. their 16th win in 19 games and they are stay ag liing alive, jo games out of the second wild card. it was apollo 11 night in
11:30 pm
louft. the astros scored 11 runs against the a's. gerrit cole struck out 11 batters to earn his 11 win. and the 11th hit of the game drove in the 11th run. the a's wasted a golden opportunity to cut into the lead. gerrit cole struck out four of the first five. matt chapman, just looking. liriano, tricked on the high and tight fastball. not much you can do about that. the astros came out swinging. this makes it 1-0, houston. it's now 6-0, astros. diaz with a three-run blast. the astros jumped out to a 9-0 lead, sending bailey to the showers in the 3rd. 11-1s s a stroe
11:31 pm
the astros win it 11-1. check this out, as easy as one, two, three. edwin encarnacion, bounces into the triple play against the twins. i thought that only 457ed in little league. it's the 13th triple play in twins' history. the warriors are the most valuable sports franchise in the bay area. they ranked ninth in the top 50 most valuable sports teams in 2019. they are valued at $3.5 billion. the 49ers ranked 16th. the giants are 18th. the raiders are 34th. no surprise, the cowboys are number one. this sports report
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- director quentin tarantino. from "good boys," keith l. williams. and music from tal wi and now, moving right along, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching the show. thank you for coming to the show. it's very nice. i appreciate that. we have a lot to get to tonight. with "the bachelorette" men telling all and our dangerous lunatic president telling all. but first i feel compelled to mention we have a new most admired man and woman in the world. there's an annual survey. it's conducted by ugov. the most admi


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