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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 23, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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to her. >> what do you mean? >> see if you can guess what causes the disaster here. >> okay. >> it's the side of a restaurant in china, that was a gas explosion two miles away. >> how does an explosion two miles away impact this restaurant. >> an explosion that powerful, the sound and shockwave shattered windows. >> it was at a gas and coal company. it shattered windows on cars, businesses, unfortunately two people presumed to work at the plant were missing and there were multiple injuries. people start filing into the hospital. people bloodied. it is a mad house and there's more than one video from this incident. this is from the outside of the hospital. >> it was in the middle of that seat. that's scary. >> check this out. that woman is standing outside
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of the store. >> do you see that? >> i saw it like before the shockwave. >> it's like everybody looks at the lights and then boom, everything shatters. life changes for all the people there. cars and buildings destroyed. it seems as though the shockwave, hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. >> we're seeing the effects from two miles >> the explosion is under investigation. >> it has a way of bringing folks together and unveiling hidden talent we may not have known about otherwise. she works for a grocery delivery service in the u.k. he is there and he has a youtube page full of his interactions with other people. jamming out on the street piano. he starts to tinker on the piano
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a little bit. ♪ coming around the mountain when she comes ♪ >> that voice. and then they swap. he hops on the keys and her vocals are like butter baby. ♪ >> people should be stopping. like they're getting a free concert. as they continue to vibe out, this >> and the choir said amen. >> that's just incredible. it's nice she was able to do it with someone that has their own talent. >> it's also cool and he'll jam out with just about anybody. >> so who is jess? >> she just moved from melbourne australia. she is a mystery.
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she could be back in australia. she could be on a big stage he has no idea but he'd love to find her. ♪ when she comes >> this guy had himself on a remote beach in canada. this is a great way to get up close and personal with the local community. eagles. they start doing passes. they're investigating. they're like oh it's a free buffet. all of these beauties. you get this cracking shot of these eagles. but then, oh, man. >> oh, no. >> like ten perfect seconds of footage and now, it's kind of squished and now you kind of got
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this view as we see them all coming in and picking stuff up and nighing off. while that go pro is all covered in fishlar eagle, it looks pretty tasty. >> grabth eagle goes off and soars away with the go pro. six weeks later a family was walking in this area and came across the go pro and returned it to him and that's how he got the foot anl. >> although wasn't that later? >> yeah. >> that was beautiful. what an awesome thing to do. >> at first, you were thinking what a bummer but it made the video that much better. >> you got yourself your very own viral video with that behind it. i'm assuming it probably had his name on it or something like that because it's canada, they found something. they return it and he gets to enjoy this village.
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>> he continues to wow us but h. he is known as the notorious bob. they're at a place called american pie in pennsylvania. and everything there is themed after christopher columbus. so the sandwiches have the names of some of the ship. >> the nina the pinta and the santa maria. >> they get some features and there's added pressure because he is there with an influencer that got him into competitive eating in the first place. here we go. >> i'm curious who comes out on top here. >> this my friends is the moment of truth. >> it's a cerimonial cross the finish line together. >> it's what happened. you do see him look over and make sure. >> did you catch up?
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>> yeah. >> that's when he took it easy on him because he's one of the best competitive eaters out there. he knew he would have probably finished much quicker. >> police are hot on the trail but keep your eyes peeled. the dramatic way it comes to a crashing end, next. plus recreating a lion king red carpet look. >> stunning. >> that was bad, yeah. >> see the diy fit for a queen. ooohhhh ♪
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>> police in britain take their chases very seriously and this one is 60 miles per hour through the streets of manchester. that's when they deployed the intercept unit but it really wasn't necessary. >> it wound up upside down. they ran it back. if you look down the road, you'll notice that car gets twists up into the air and crash against the wall and then rollover on to its roof. >> the other car came out. >> right. they were completely uninjured. now the intercept unit rolls up and people inside. then body cam footage from an officer in the czech republic. he's been hoisted up and climbs into this window where there's an elderly woman.
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sits the woman down. and then begins to search her home. >> what are we looking for? >> her keys? >> oh. she lost them. >> she essentially locked herself in and couldn't find her keys and called the police for help. the officer found keys and returned them to her. also brought her her slippers to make her more comfortable and calmed her down and ensured her that everything was okay. the officer opened the door for his partner and then found the phone number for her son to let him know that his mom was okay. she just got a little bit confused. >> the diy designer we know is insanelial lenlted. >> did you guys see beyonce at the premiere? she looked incredible. >> so she hits downtown los angeles. she finds the blazer at a discount store for $7 and she
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also finds that sequined fabric. >> oh my god. >> once she has all of her materials together she starts cutting the pieces down and using nail polish to give that shiny sparkle detail. >> you want to do droplets. you don't want to brush it on. drop it on so it stays in this bubble form. >> she puts it together on a piece of elastic. now she starts cutting that crystal panel to fit the blazer. she uses fabric glue to secure it and goes back with a needle and thread to make sure that it stays on. she does that to the back as well. wait until you see the final product. >> oh my gosh. i'm like staring at it. it's so sparkly and so pretty. >> check this out. >> that has a show girl chic look to it. >> i like that.
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>> it's super kul. >> she pulled it off. >> she really did. like always. >> most have themselves an interesting idea. why don't we take this 100 foot long, two-ton floating dock, and instead, use it for this. >> oh my gosh. they like have a surf platform. >> exactly. did it work? >> of course it worked. it's working right now. they have four of the best for four days in mexico to come and play on this and they start carving it up. >> you can have a sandwich out there. >> do you eat the sandwich or do you take the wave? >> they come and they
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t sandwich. >>? w is it not moving? >> they put a lot of effort into making sure that it's secure in the particular >> it's an interesting and new approach and one of those random ideas. >> is this just a novelty or do you think it's one of the next levels. >> vital video. make it more accessible to people as well and i think this has potential. >> this one little one is trying
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women get stronger and more resilient with age. so why can't our skin? gold bond strength & resilience. 84% saw improvement in skin texture in five days. gold bond. how many times have you men ordered something and it arrives and you're so excited because you got a deal on it. >> three days a week. five days a week maybe. i just tear into the box and leave stuff everywhere. >> what is in my living room? >> hang on a second. everybody makes a round of purchases online. ladies are no different. >> except you went about it the wrong way and there's an entire central intelligence unit in your head that's trying to make sense of this situation. >> well, looks like we have another mayor purchase without
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spousal authorization. >> you don't need to ask for permission but god forbid you don't. >> couldn't cost much more than all of this in the morning. >> southern accent up to 100% we're at a number 2 now. >> i know you ain't using my good scissors. >> this whole thing is put together by itse's a southern thing hence the intentional southern activiticent. >> it seems like an argument that started maybe a few days earlier. >> yeah. we're at 5. >> game over and you know for sure at this moment that she's real mad because. >> oh, perfect. >> yeah. >> not going to get back to play ti>> have you figured out wheth she is upset or not? let's check in with the central intelligence team.
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>> i'm starting to think something may be wrong. >> exactly. exactly. this is exactly what goes on in your head. >> another bag of chips? >> yeah. >> it should be fine. >> yeah. how about a cat down a ventilation shaft that's 20 feet long. >> definitely help that kitty out. >> this kitty is in st. petersburg and they're trying to get it out. all they have is a bucket and long string. they have to depend on the cat to figure it out. will the cat do it? >> no. >> what? >> they're always difficult. >> when you put a box on the floor cats are like i want to get in that. so maybe the cat will get in. >> let's see what happens when they lower it down with food inside.
2:03 am
definitely will take the bait. now what will the cat do when they start slowly raising the bucket up? >> don't mess this up for yourself. >> thank you. thank you. and look at the kitty. a picture with his rescuers. >> sweet. >> now that song said your milkshake brings what to the yard? >> all the boys to the yard and they're like -- >> that's how the song goes but if you leave your milk shake trash in your yard it will bring the hedgehogs. this is in the netherlands. finally this guy goes over and pulls it off and says thank you and runs off. >> it's like yeah, that happened. >> just a reminder. pick up your trash so little animals like this don't get hurt. >> they're browsing the aisle. >> how these shoppers get more
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than they bargained
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because...
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>> i'm not a parent. i've never had one of those days where hi kids are on my last nerve and i wanted to just leave. have you? >> i'm not even going to touch that. >> well, he's back at it again and this time its not his kids but his baby momma getting on his nerves. >> what do you mean i got to do this other stuff? >> if you not going to give me the money i'm not buying nothing. >> man. >> i'm done with this. >> and just like that, he leaves his kids with the lady in the store. >> wait a minute. >> you left your child with me. >> well, this fella can't be bothered. >> oh, it's so good but it's so
2:07 am
bad. >> hey, i'm going to call you yu back. >> things just got real on my end. >> all right. he's gone. >> sir. >> he's like a terrorist in super markets now. he's so funny. >> he is followed. >> your momma is not going to pay then i'm gone. >> this whole family. >> excuse me, can you watch him? your momma done [ bleep ] i'm good. i'm good. i'm leaving the store. no. >> i got to go home. >> she was like, no, sir, no you're not. >> i'm leaving. you stay with them.
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hat do? >> he's nailed it again. >> i don't even want my own kids. >> thanks for joining us. don't forget every episode of right this minute this summer is brand new. >> today's contestant cameron russell from north east, maryland, says he plans to spend his winnings on a dream wedding at disney world. if he gets to the million, i think there's going to be a brand-new happiest place on earth. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheer hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play today? [cheers and applause] they're fired up, cameron. are you ready to go? >> i've never been more ready in my life. >> all right, that's what i like to hear.
2:09 am
the confidence. let's set your board. 14 questions between you and that $1 million. you have your 3 lifelines up there. your bank, it's empty. let's fill it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] $500 question starts us off. good luck. here we go. ranging from level i, ("not felt") to level x ("extreme"), the modified mercalli intensity scale measures the intensity of what? >> i'm gonna have to go with a, earthquakes. final answer. >> that's it. that's what it measures. [cheers and applause] and now you got $500 in in the bank, looking for $1,000 with this one. in blondie's hit song "call me," deborah harry sings "call me, my love, you can call me" when?
2:10 am
>> i'm gonna have to go with c, any day or night. final answer. >> those are the lyrics. that's right. $1,000. [cheers and applause] third question is worth $2,000. in australia, a buck's night is the equivalent of what americans call a what? >> well, a buck is a male deer. here at least; i don't know if it's still a deer in australia. but i'm gonna have to go with b, bachelor party. final answer. >> stag. stag party. bachelor party. that's right. [cheers and applause] calmly moving through the board. here's your fourth question, worth $3,000.
2:11 am
what feature of a roman amphitheater was actually not for purging during feasts, but was merely an exit path from which spectators were spewed back outside? >> this is a little silly, but can i actually, uh... >> you want to stay in the game. >> yes, i do want to stay in the game. >> so definitely not silly if you don't know, to use a lifeline. you have three of them. >> okay. can i ask the audience, please? >> as you wish. final? >> final. >> okay, audience, need some help here. pick up those keypads, enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, cameron, let's take a look at the results. see what the audience thinks about this one. nice majority, 61% say messanine. >> yeah, i was leaning toward that. so i'll trust the audience and i'll say c, final answer.
2:12 am
>> believe it or not, they got it wrong. it's d, vomitorium. no joke. yes, cameron. i'm sorry, buddy. walking out of here emptyhanded. i appreciate it. no, tough break. [applause] tough break for cameron, walking out of here emptyhanded. we have a lot of money to give away, so we need a new contestant. our next contestant is a bartender from green lane, pennsylvania. please welcome jimmy macrina. [cheers and applause] jimmy, how are you doing? >> great, how are you? >> good. welcome.[cers and se ght, jimmy, we got o out here.i'm ready.ns betweenu and that $1 million. you got your three lifelines. let's get to work. >> all right. >> let p


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