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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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improvements to the issues we face living here like traffic. in six weeks, the situation could get more complicated when the new chase center opens. for the first time, we saw the logo on the roof, the chase center plans to host 200 events a year including all the warriors home games and can seat more than 18,000 but there are fewer than 1,000 parking spaces. >> the hope is that people will get there without driving. the chase center includes 300 bike and valley spaces. you can see that. bart's closest stations, there are about two miles away. there is a ferry dock next door at pier 52 and the t line right here runs right next to the center along third street. three regular bus lines and two special event shuttle buses will also run to and from the center and there is an incentive to take muni to an event. it won't cost you anything.
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liz is live to explain who is paying for that. >> that's always the question. the good news is not going to be me, not going to be you, not going to be the city. the warriors are chipping in to offer this incentive of few muni day pass. you can see there is actually a train that stops here in front of the arena and they hope people see how convenient it is and hop on the train instead of in their car. by the end of summer, the long awaited chase center will open. the drilling and hammering through san francisco's mission bay will finally end. but with one annoyance comes another, a lot more traffic. >> one of the big concerns we have is a ton of people will be driving down to the chase center. >> the city says they have a solution, give every chase center ticketholder a few muni day pass, that's right, free, paid for b rriors. incentivizes more people to use public transportation. >> you think this will curb
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traffic issues that might arise area? >> i hope it will. >> not everyone is convinced it will work. we went to the giants game earlier today, everyone we spoke to said they drove there and that a free muni pass probably wouldn't have changed that. >> so actually chase center i can almost roll down the hill to chase center, but our public transit options are pitiful. >> he drove four hours. >> right. >> so if you were going to the chase center for a concert or game, you probably would drive. >> definitely would have to drive. >> we asked the mayor and sup supervisor about these concerns. we were told this incentive is one part of a larger initiative to get people to think about alternative transpor ferry, scooter. >> don't drive. >> if you don't have to. >> it's a mind set shift. >> yes, definitely.
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>> really a mind set shift for so many people but for those people that want to drive there are parking spots that will be here at the arena. just 900 of them so compare to the capacity of the arena which is 18,000, not a lot. the city is pushing the shuttle service so people that want to drive can park father away and shuttle here to the arena. >> liz, how will this work for those event goers who do decide to ride muni? do they need a card? >> yeah, at this point, it seems like you don't need anything like that. they are trying to make it as simple as possible. sounds like you need your ticket, either your electronic ticket or print. show that to the attendants and they will be trained to let event goers go through the turnstiles. make it convenient for everybody. there will probably be some learning curve to get started. breaking news for bart commuters, there is a major
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delay at lake merit station. bart tweeted this after 5:30 mon tonight saying the station was closed due to a major medical emergency. bart confirmed that a person entered the track way for an unknown reason preliminary reports indicate they were struck by a train condition unknown. there is no estimated time when the station will reopen. we have breaking news in the south bay. check this out. you can see the plume of smoke from sky 7. the smoke is from a vegetation fire near felter road in the hills east . that's burned about five acres so far. firefighters say it could burn up to 40 acres. new at 6:00, a $2500 reward is being offered for the capture of a man accused of killing a 16-year-old boy in livermore. that suspect is 21-year-old jorge tellez. officers say the two got into an argument outside a taco bell and that's when they say the suspect pulled a gun and shot the boy.
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animal control crews have been called out to south san francisco after a coyote was spotted on neighborhood streets this afternoon. look at this shot. that twitter user shared this photo with us saying he spotted the coyote in the bend wood neighborhood. he called animal control. you can tell in the photo but said the coyote looked sick. you can see it here and see the outline of its bones through its fur. we have an update on the investigation into that terrible crash involving a couple that was struck by a black tesla on sunday in san francisco. it is prompted calls for increased pedestrian safety on city streets. police are now saying that the auto pilot driver assist feature in the tesla was not in operation which experts say means the 21-year-old driver appears to be at fault. lyanne melendez joins us live from the crash scene with more on the story, lyanne? >> reporter: well, everybody was waiting on that piece of information which is so
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important. now what does this mean for the driver? police would not go there today. the preliminary information given to reporters by san francisco police state when this black tesla ran through a red light hitting two pedestrians killing one of them, the driver police say was in full control. >> if not on auto pilot, can we say that the driver was at fault? >> so far that's what it looks like yes. speed was a primary collision factor. >> reporter: that's a former sfpd lieutenant well informed when it comes to tesla. sfpd would not talk to reporters today only to say they are preparing search warrants to obtain more information from the car's data storage device, which they took out after the accident. so why a search warrant? >> it's pretty common procedure for any big company if you ask for records they maintain that they want to search warrant before those records are released to you. >> reporter: tesla is known for
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fighting customers in court to refrain from giving up any data. >> we want to reiterate that we are not bashing tesla here, but the reality is, that with this system, we know everything that the driver did or was doing so that that person can't say no r r, i didn't run that red light, correct? >> pretty much so. obviously, there is going to be a video camera on that car the time this event happened and if it does show the lights on the intersection, that's even better. >> reporter: what he is most concerned about is that the online rental company get around allows anyone as young as 19 years old without any prior knowledge to drive a tesla model s. are they really that different from any other ordinary car? >> it's not a type of car that most people just go rent arbitrarily and get into and drive. this is kind of an anomaly here. >> reporter: now, that data
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storage device keeps video, location, navigation information including showing what happened leading up to the crash. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. on the peninsula, the san mateo sheriff's department, the aftermath of three taser related deaths in the county last year. abc 7 news vic lee is live with the story from the san mateo county hall of justice. vic? >> reporter: ama, that new use of force draft policy still needs to be approved by the county supervisors and the sheriff still needs to talk to the deputy's union about those changes and they include more training and implicit bias courses and another team added to deal with mental illness but the biggest, most significant change of all has to do with tasers.
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october 3rd, 36-year-old was stopped by san nmateo sheriff's deputies. he died from cardiac arrest after he was shot by a taser multiple times, hit with clubs and pepper spray. the taser contributed to its death and outrage from his family and actsti tiveactivist . this was the third taser related death. one involving redwood city police, the third by daly city's officers. detective rosemary says the department is now revising its use of force policy. >> with any experience tgoh,he experience there and we want to do everything we can to protect and provide san mateo county with the best services and training. >> the draft policies which represented to the county include better communications when tasers are used. the sheriff's office says they worked closely with the aclu.
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>> one of the changes we made is changing the verb from actively resisti resisting. >> reporter: they will have aeds, automated external defibrillators in their cars. >> we secured if you believeding for aeds in all of our patrol cars so we're getting 73 different aeds for our entire fleet. >> reporter: the sheriff will add more less lethal options for deputies. this is the 12-gauge less lethal weapon that shoots rubber projectiles and let me show you how it works. you load it. now deputies will have another option. the 40 millimeter launcher round has a blue rubber top and fires bean bags containing little rememberer pellets. all sheriffs patrol vehicles will be equipped with these less lethal options.
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again, the sheriff's office says it incorporated many of these suggestions from the aclu. the aclu applauds them but says they don't go far enough. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> vic, thanks. what's being considered one of the largest demonstrations of native hawaiians in modern history includes protests here in the bay area. one side is calling it a project that will revolutionize the understanding of the universe and the other says it's desecrati desecrating sacred land. it's over a 30 millimeter telescope on the big island of hawaii. protests are happening all over the country. kris reyes was in palo alto today where a group confronted one of the project's biggest funder funders. >> we're not against science. we're not against the telescope. we think it's great, just not on our land. hawaiians are willing to give
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their life for this. >> reporter: the road to the summit was blocked by native hawaiians, so far dozen haves been arrested, many of them the community's elders. >> that's our beginning. that's what became, what started the hawaiian islands and that is going to have to last us until the last hawaiian. >> i wanted them to see how important their culture is and to teach them how to stand up for themselves and where they come from. >> reporter: many here are singling out gordon moore, the 90-year-old founder billionaire helping to fund the project through his palo alto pabased foundation. >> we've been fighting to exist since 1893. do the right thing, mr. moore. do the right thing. you can do it. so do it. >> reporter: the gordon and betty moore foundation sent us this statement. we recognize the strong feelings both in support and opposition
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to this project. we respect every person's perspective, we hope all actions will continue to be peaceful. more than peaceful even friendly as a group presented a rep from the foundation with a petition to stop the project with 7,000 pages of signatures from around the world. we tried to get an on camera comment. >> do you want to give the foundation the opportunity to respond with our cameras here. will there ever be confrontation if they fail to respond? >> if hawaii says go for it, we will. bay area voters have chosen to increase bridge tolls over the past several years because they are supposed to be a payoff. >> next, new at 6:00, see what that money is actually going towards. >> i'm spencer christian. we have quite the heat wave going on with temperatures at or above 100 degrees. i'll give you the forecast for the weekend coming up. %
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another live look at sky 7 which has reached the scene of a fire. this is burning east of
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an update to breaking news in the east bay from a passenger who says the train hit a person. the station is closed and trains are delayed. ac transit buses one, 14 and 62 are alternate options for commuters. sky 7 is over breaking news.
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this is a rapid-moving vegetation fire in the hills east. we just heard from cal fire one structure and ten acres burned. there are no evacuation orders at the moment. cal fire is responding with air tankers and real chelicopters. abc 7 news spencer christian is tracking the weather conditions there. spencer? >> to a nearby reporting station show us that the temperature is in the mid to upper 807s between 85 and 88 right now. it's quite warm. relative humidity has not yet reached 50%. it's not terribly dry. 42, 46%. those are the readings in nearby locations. the wind is out of the west, northwest and we haven't seen any strong gusts lately so it's a pretty steady wind out of the west, northwest 10, 12 miles per hour. it's warm, it's not exceedingly dry. it's breezy. not ideal conditions for fighting a fire but not
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dangerous conditions, either. >> all right. spencer, thank you very much. if you look closely, you can see flames showing on the left side of the screen. we will continue to keep an eye on this at 6:00 as well as online on new at 6:00, the pay off to paying extra today new information about what a bridge toll hike approved 15 years ago is going toward. that pay off more parking spaces. they are going to be built in places to encourage people to take public transit because not everyone lives within walking distance and existing lots are mostly over capacity already. more than $9 million will go toward new parking areas in the east bay specifically a garage by the dublin bart station and two lots in oakland near ac transit. voters approved regional measure two in 2004 that raised bridge tolls by a dollar. on to money, it helped pay for the fourth bore to the tunnel.
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bart's connection to oakland and the clipper card system. last yearot psed regional measure three raising bridge tolls by another dollar. that money is also earmarked for transportation and transit improvements. the city of san francisco is finalizing plans to close market street to private cars. it's to put the emphasis on making market street more attractive. market is one of the two busiey est streets in san francisco. traffic officials have been -- another traffic change across the city on the west. now these green arrows show you where you would be allowed to drive across market street but not turn on to it. city officials say closing the street to private vehicles would make it much safer. these vehicles show where numerous injury and fatal accidents occurred since 2005.
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>> because of the street grid, there is different paths cars can take. if you're north, you can take turk or bush or pine to get to the west. south of market, you can take mission or howard. >> transit, commercial vehicles, taxis and bicycles would be allowed to use market. ride sharing companies like uber and lyft would have to load and unload passengers on side streets intersect market. the project is undergoing envier e -- environmental review. construction is expected to begin next year. >> another traffic change across the city, more protected bike lanes that separate cyclists with cars. the municipal transportation agency shows the progress made since the city began in 2011. the goal is to install 20 miles of protected bike lanes over the next two years. the city currently has 25 miles
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of protected bike lanes. >> if you're out on a bike today, you felt the heat. >> you will be feeling more of it. spencer christian is here. >> the heat isn't going to break much. here is a look at the features. it will ease up tomorrow and inland areas, temperature rise and we'll be back in triple digits with excessive heat on saturday and sunday and we'll see fog at the coast a patch or two. upper 50s to low 60s. a little cooler near the coast. highs tomorrow still hot inland. not quite so high today. we had several triple digit readings today inland east bay and north bay look for highs in the low to mid-90unhe bay shoreline and upper 70s to low 80s and mid 60s on the coast and the weekend comes, friday will be like tomorrow but the weekend will bring resurging of the heat, highs will be at or above 100 inland on saturday and sunday. upper 80s to almost 90 around the bay shoreline near 70 on the
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coast and the heat will ease just slightly on monday and midweek next week temperatures will be back more average or normal range for this time of the year. we'll have pretty intense heat for a few days. >> look forward to next week. >> oh, joy. >> he's thrilled. >> i can tell. >> facebook will be paying out a record $5 billion fine after a federal investigation into the privacy practices but will it be enough for
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facebook will be paying a record $5 billion fine for privacy violations. the settlemented wi with the fe trade commission they are overseeing trade restrictions. seen at executive editor explained $5 billion is not a lot of money for facebook but other provisions of the deal may be what people want to see. >> i think a lot of what we saw in the runup to the announcement was a feeling that mark zuckerberg, the ceo and co-founder need to have some personal pain, right? in the way that that would come is either him somehow being liable for some of this, possibly making him responsible in the future and one of the interesting things about the settlement today is mark
6:26 pm
zuckerberg has to certify the company is doing right privacy stuff and if he says it and he's wrong and he's lying or whatever, he could have penalties down the line. so it will be interesting to see how this plays out, but i think that's what people are looking for. >> in a face book post today, zuckerberg promised structural changes to the way the company is run. robert mueller faced hours of questioning about his investigation into russia's sbeer fe sbe interference in our election. >> a grandfather believes his grandson is in big trouble but it's rally just a scam. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, watch out for an old scam hitting the bay area. and we take another live look at sky 7 over a fire that is burning east of mill pit tas. we'll be back with more
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cal fire dropping retardant. >> cal fire says one structure and ten acre haves burned. firefighters say the flames are spreading rapidly. >> abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is tracking the weather conditions there. >> conditions nearby, we don't have a graphic that can match and locate the fire but the nearest readings for temperature are about 82 to 84. the wind is out of the west, northwest at about 14 to 16 miles per hour. we're not seeing strong gusts and the relative humidity is or 40%, around 42%. it's not exceedingly dry at these nearest reporting stations but the fire in that hilly area is probably drier than that. i'm guessing relative humidity there might be as low as 30%. graphic is not ready because we can't get a location of a nearby
6:31 pm
reporting station. once again, warm, temperature in the low to mid 80s. relatively dry. relative humidity perhaps below 40% wind out of the northwest at about 12 to 14 miles per hour. no reports on any strong gusts. >> all right, spencer, thank you very much. what you say was near milpitas and you see the flames to the right of your screen in that big burn area will continue to keep an eye on. an update on breaking news out of the east bay. this is a picture where a train hit a woman. she survived but we don't know how serious her injuries are. a passenger at the station shared this photo. the station is know closed and here is the effect of the closure at west oakland station. people are getting off the train there calling cars, taking buses to get to where they need to go. there is no estimate when that station may reopen. after a nearly two-year
6:32 pm
investigation today special counsel robert mueller spent six hours testifying on one of the most anticipated congressional hearings in decades. >> the testimony left both democrats and republicans frustrated more because of what mueller didn't or wouldn't say when questioned by members of congress including representatives from california. >> reporter omar jimenez sums up what happened on capitol hill. >> nearly 100 days after the release of the report detailing russia's attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, a reluctant robert mueller testified before congress. >> the finding indicates that the president was not -- that the president was not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed. >> some democrats seeing the testimony as a chance to build the case for impeachment but mueller says his investigation could not indict the president because of justice department guidelines. >> i believe a reasonable person
6:33 pm
looking at these facts could conclude that all three elements of the crime of obstruction of justice have been met. the reason again that you did not indict donald trump is because of olc opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct? >> that is correct. >> hours later, the former special counsel amended his testimony. >> that is not the correct way to say it. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. >> the star witness refused to say if the president committed a crime and instead, referred congress to the findings of his 448 page report as republicans pushed to close this chapter in american history. >> it's time for the curtain to close on the russia hoax. the conspiracy theory is dead. >> in washington, omar jimenez reporting. we are keeping an eye on that fire that's burning in santa clara county. you see a fire retardant drop being done now. this is that live look from sky 7. you see the flames there as
6:34 pm
well. we're streaming this live on if you look carefully next to the retardant drop, there say bulldozer mowing down some of the vegetation. this fire still burning and we're streaming it live on
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back live to breaking news, sky 7 east of milpitas. it jumped to 50 acres burning near swaggard. we'll continue to keep an eye and online at breaking news, the bart station is now open. it's been closed for about an hour after train hit a woman. she survived however we don't know how serious her injuries are. a passenger at the station shared this photo with us. a notorious scammed targeting elderly americans is coming up again. >> it's a scare that haunts him to this day and he wanted his daughter to tell his story. >> i've been talking about the
6:38 pm
scam for more than 20 years. it's bigger now than ever. it's a conn as old as the hills exploiting a deep love from a man of his grandson. it was so terrifying he ignored all the red flags. now he wants to warp you if someone demand as large amount of gift cards, hang up. >> he was terrified something horrible happened to his grandson. >> there is nothing 88-year-old calvin benton wouldn't do for his grandson aaron so when the call came in, he gindidn't quesn it. the caller said aaron was in jail for dui and drugs and he needed bail money desperately. >> they did mention my son's name. so he thought it was real. >> the caller told calvin to pay with gift cards from best buy and only purchase them with cash. >> when they gave him specific directions not to discuss it with anyone. >> calvin and his wife rushed to
6:39 pm
best buy with a wad of cash and bought $2,000 word of gift cards this morning and $3,000 more that night. >> i think he panicked. i can't have my grandson in prison. >> calvin did as he was told scratching off the back reading off all these code numbers to the man on the phone and later both relief and horror. >> my son said papa, i was at school, nothing happened. i'm fine. the whole thing was a scam. >> calvin is so traumatized, he didn't want to talk on camera but wanted his daughter to tell us his story. >> this is just going to keep happening and it's not right. >> she noted best buy policy selling more than $2,000 worth of gift cards to a single person in a single day. that's to stop the growing use of retail gift cards to swindle victims. last year, i reported best buy and in san carlos was hailed by the local sheriff for stopping these crimes training staff to warn potential victims and posting these alerts in every store. so why didn't it stop this
6:40 pm
fraud? >> they said there was nothing they could do about it. >> best buy says calvin push chased the cards with cash in two visits and his wife bought some separately so it didn't trigger the $2,000 limit telling us what happened to mr. benton is a heartbreaking reminder despite what retailers like best buy are doing every day, we cannot entirely prevent all these scams. calvin was going to use that money for aaron's college education, now his money is gone. best buy says employees tried to warn calvin he might be getting scammed. calvin says no one did. i can't stress it enough. if a stranger asks you to pay for something with gift cards, it's most certainly a scam and do not wire money to scammers, never pay with a gift card. i want to hear from you. my hot line is open monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00.
6:41 pm
415-954-8151. you can reach me also through facebook. what a wonderful family to step up. >> awful to be taken advantage of. horrible. michael, thank you. all right. coming up next, a look back, see what life was like in the 1970s for bay gays
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back live to breaking news. sky 7 over this burning fire. it has burped up to 50 acres according to cal fire and one structure. you're looking at some of the flames burning there and cal fire bulldozer trying to cover up some of those areas of flame. it's burning near felter and swaggard. you see helicopters flying over and retardant drops. we'll continue to keep an eye and online at where you'll find a live stream of sky 7. also breaking news, bart says it's lake lake lake lake le open. the station was closed for about an hour because a train hit a woman. she survived and first responders said she was talking to them as they took her to the hospital. we uncovered a fascinating look at gay life in san
6:45 pm
francisco in 1976 from our archives. a look at a community striving to make its mark on modern society. >> it was ground breaking for the time and 43 years later, one of the people featured in the series is speaking out and talking about his place in history as one of the bay gays who helped shape san francisco history. >> reporter: rick stokes and david clayton in their 40s have been lovers for nearly 17 years. this was rick stokes in 1976 when he appear in a ground breaking series on abc 7 about g gaymen in san francisco. >> i tried to put a face because for so many people at that time, they didn't have an accurate idea what gay people were like. >> reporter: 84 years old, stokes reached out to us when we rereleased the series. ithe gayest setty on earth.
6:46 pm
there is a time of transition for the gay community when gay people were moving out of the shadows of the gritty tender loin and into the more whole some castro district. >> it's a safe place so many people have grown up in the midwest, away from here and a place where they had to be totally hidden. >> at the time rick and the man he loves david clayton were attorneys. rick ran for san francisco supervisor against harvey. back then the gay community was divided into two camps. suit-wearing professionals like rick who believe they would get more accept tenance trying to fn and guys like milk trying to take to the streets. >> i felt we got further along by pointing out the similarities and finding natural friends to link up with in seeking different rights. >> if i win, i have an incredible responsibility to the district and city but i also
6:47 pm
know i will carry the responsibility of the gay community. >> rick stokes lost. making harvey milk one of the first and certainly the most prominent gay elected official in the country. >> both have been shot and killed. >> a year later, milk was assassinated igniting the lgbtq power in san francisco. rick says if he had won, the fight for gay rights may have been much different. >> i think things might have gone more slowly with me looking back from this vantage point. >> at the time, no one could have predicted the epidemic about to tear the community apart. within a few short years, the aids crisis would devastate san francisco. >> it really was hard. it's hard to describe you go, there were times you get to the hospital like four or five times a week and maybe have one or two
6:48 pm
funerals a week. you can't take but just so much of that. really wears on you very much. >> those deaths included his partner of 35 years david clayton. he died in 1995 of an aids-related illness ending what rick once thought would be a lifelong relationship. >> for so long gay people have been told you can't stay together for any period of time and maintain a stable relationship. >> we knew that that was wrong. >> rick stokes is unlike so many of his generation. he's a survivor left with memories and now this rediscovered film of a transformative time. >> you can see more of rick stokes 1976 intervene and hear from harvey milk before he was elected supervisor and see what gay life was like by watching bay gays at >> definitely worth checking out. >> let's get to our weather and
6:49 pm
find out how hot it's getting. >> we won't get much relief tonight. here is a live look going into the overnight hours. we'll see fog form to the coastline, maybe a patch or two out over the pay but not exactly a cooling fog because it won't reach inland. inland lows will be mainly in the upper 50s to lower 60s but mid 50s around the bay shoreline and tomorrow highs in the mid to upper 60s on the coast, low 80s to mid 80s around the bay, mid-90s inland and today we had a few triple digits. we got a couple days of relief today and tomorrow and friday if you call this relief, mid-90s inland. saturday high temperatures back up to or above 100 in many inland locations in the north bay and east bay. sunday hotter in some spots. 102 fairfield and 103 antioch and many, many locations in the 90s. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little bit of a mild to warm weather tomorrow. hot over the weekend. then there will be minor cooling on monday by a few degrees.
6:50 pm
there will be further cooling tuesday and will be more comfortable than today. >> thank you very much. >> can't wait. >> larry beil lives in the east bay. >> cool. >> she invited herself to a pool party. >> i did. >> i didn't know i was throwing. >> that's the way you do it. >> this weekend, yeah. come on down. everybody. giants going for a sweep of the cubs but the best highlights may have been in the cove.
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good evening with the baseball trade deadline a week from today, giants were hoping for a series sweep of the first place cubs and looking to take another step towards eliminating a bunch of trade talk. the swan song. ever seen an inflatable swan that big? tyler struggled from the outside first inning javier crushed into the bleach ers 1-0 cubs. still 1-0 in the third and facing chris bryant and that's another one out of here. a two-run blast reach the water don't forget the cooler with the drinks. bottom of the three, two on for steven vogt delivering. giants in this game down 3-1.
6:54 pm
the swan has warmed the water. next stop alcatraz. fourth inning. albert high deep and aloha. 4-1 cubs the final. giants take two of three and we're almost back on land. almost. the a's and astros, houston continuing domination of the green and gold this season winning nine of 11. this kid may be the slyest guy. he discards the shirt. he is an undercover astro's fan. oh, man. no score in the first. he's got a bright future ahead of him, that kid matt olson with a single off justin verlander, ball misplayed and scores, a's up 1-0. springer, jose, alex brag man you'll get nothing.
6:55 pm
bassett strikes out. did not go as well. springer connecting deep to the astros and get 11 innings. altuve and that is gone. astros win 4-2 and take two of three for the a's who are 7.5 back. still one game up for the second wild card spot. this is great stuff. l.a. clippers introduced kawhi leonard and paul george today the star of the show was their billionaire owner who was so pumped up he was almost ready to explode. >> i have these notes but i'm fired up to be here today. pretty cool. pretty dang cool. wow! get up. come on, get up. if you are as hyped as i am, get
6:56 pm
up. >> like chris farly doing the motivational speaking. felt like they were living in a van down by the river. it was so funny. >> oh my gosh. >> google youtube that clip. you will laugh for hours. >> i have never seen a man happier about to sign checks for hundreds of millions of dollars. >> 35 billion. >> i guess so. larry, thank you. join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> i'm kate larson in san francisco tonight we're talking to a man who creates art through exercise. coming up at 11:00 his latest creation. >> and tonight abc 7 at 8:00 catch press your luck followed at 9:00 by "card shacrks" and r" "match game." >> stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35.
6:57 pm
lots to watch tonight. that's it for this edition, look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm ama dates. for spencer christian, why do you look like you're going to laugh. all right. thanks for joining us for all of us here, have a great night.
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