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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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messages as well as claims of government mismagement. the secretary of justice, wanda vazquez, will become the next governor of puerto rico. otth in time. it could have been a death sentence. >> in the north bay tonight, a shocking case of animal cruelty. two elderly horses were found abandoned in a trailer for more
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than 24 hours with no food or water. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> two mares, both in their 20s are slowly recovering at this veterinarian facility with tlc and lots of tasty food. but on tuesday they were in bad shape, found abandoned in the corner of the winter home depot parking lot inside a sweltering horse trail were no food or water. locals can't believe it. >> i'm glad they got to them in time. it could have been a death sentence. >> it's possible the horses may have been left in the trailer for 24 hours. >> we have absolutely no idea why somebody would just show up in our county and just dump their horse trailer. >> kevin davis is investigating the case. he says both horses is malnourished. one of them is a mustang. her markings say she is a rescue from the bureau of land management. animal service left a notice for the own fer they ever come back, but this trailer going nowhere
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fast. it's got a flat tire. so far few leads. >> the plate went with the trailer is not -- it was stolen. >> it just dumped them off. it's awful, just awful. >> reporter: barbara volunteers with the sonoma county horse rescue organization. she hopes the culprits will be caught. >> somebody should stick them in a hot trail were no food and no water for 24 hours. >> reporter: those responsible could face felony animal cruelty charges. if the horses are not claimed, they could be put up for adoption in the future. cornell bernard, abc7 news. in our effort to help build a better bay area, we've taken a in-depth look at transportation and homelessness. in the south bay, we're seeing how those two can impact one another. people who use a busy bikeway to commute into downtown san jose say they're having to maneuver along homeless camps along the trail, and they point to one problem stretch of the highway 87 bikeway from branham lane to chenowith avenue. tonight amanda del castillo live
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with concern from residents. amanda? >> larry, for drivers, it's easy to notice the homeless encampments along highway 87. and for people using the adjacent bikeway, they tell me they feel it's difficult and dangerous to maneuver around them. the highway 87 bikeway extends into downtown san jose. though it's used for commute purposes, residents along one stretch are noticing other problems. >> it's infested with people constantly. >> reporter: homeless people have taken up residence along the route. >> i'm scared to go. >> and have you had any encounters with the homeless people? >> oh, yeah. you can go on this bike path a couple of times you'll get inundated by people constantly asking you for money. >> others point to trash and carts left behind. 10-year-old jaclyn smith says she's had to develop new habits to get through the occupied stretch. no stopping. >> i just look straight ahead,
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and like, not pay attention. >> the city maintains the trail. beyond the bikeway, it's up to caltrans, meaning it would take some coordination to remove the camps. >> i also have heart for them. i pity them because they're homeless, of course, right. >> district 10 councilman johnny camas says it's more than a homeless issue. mental health and drug addiction are driving the concern. >> the way the 87 bike path is right now, would you feel safe riding your bike? >> i have to admit, i would not. shamefully. >> he says finding a solution is a shared responsibility. >> and i feel it's a failure of government at many levels. i'm not discounting our level either. but the fact of the matter is all we can do is pick them up. >> councilmember camas says he is calling on the county and stale to also do their part. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. in the south bay, firefighters have stopped the progress of a fire burning east of milpitas in santa clara
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county. broke out around 5:45 tonight. cal fire says crews will stay out at the fire scene tonight, keeping an eye on things. that fire burned 50 acres. in the east bay, this man is accuseded of three sexual assaults near the uc berkeley campus. joe donnell powell is accused of approaching the women while he was riding a bicycle and then grabbing them. two police detectives arrested powell on tuesday when they recognized him as he was riding his bake in downtown berkeley. a person survived after being hit by a train at bart's lake merritt station in oakland earlier tonight. bart officials say a woman entered the trackway around 5:30 for an unknown reason. she was hit bay train. the station was closed for about an hour, forcing crowds to build up at surrounding stations. bart officials say the extent of the woman's injuries, that's unclear, but she was able to communicate with first responders. the dmv launched its operation excellence training today to help alleviate long lines for those real id applications. that story in tonight's
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headlines. >> not everyone got the word that their local dmv office was closed this morning. inside, all 5,000 frontline dmv employees were receiving training on how to better process real id transactions. do you think three or four hours of training is going to make a big difference? >> no. i think they should do ten days of that. >> by some estimates, market is one of the two busiest streets in san francisco. city traffic officials have been studying a ban on private cars on market. we're talking about busiest section on east to van ness avenue on the west. construction on phase 1 of the $600 million project is expected to begin next year. by the end of summer, the long-awaited chase center will open, and the drilling and hammering through san francisco's mission bay will finally end. but with one annoyance comes another, a lot more traffic. the city says they have a
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solution. give every chase center ticketholder a free munni day pass. that's right, free, paid for by the warriors. new details on another story making headlines in our free abc7 news app. a tesla involved in a deadly crash on sunday was not partially self-driving. investigators are now working with tesla to obtain further evidence. former special counsel robert mueller answered questions from members of congress, including several from the bay area today. >> mueller clarified his report, did not exonerate the president. but tonight president trump is celebrating the moment as a win. mona kosar abdi explains. >> it's the moment democrats have been waiting for. >> as you know, in may 2017, the acting attorney general asked me to serve as special counsel. >> but mueller's highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill provided little revelations. mueller refused to read from his report, often reflecting to it
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as democrats pushed him on his decision, not to clear the president of obstruction. meanwhile, republicans took a more aggressive approaching, calling into question his reputation. >> credibility is always relevant. it's always material, and that goes for you too. >> mueller defended his team, and against the characterization of the investigation as a witch hunt, and most notably, made it clear that he did not clear the president on obstruction. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> as to why he did not push to interview trump during his investigation -- >> why didn't you subpoena the president? >> the reason we didn't do the interview is because of the length of time it would take to resolve the issues. >> regardless, president trump declared the hearings a win for the republican party and for himself. >> republicans that defended something and defended something very powerful, very important, because they were really defending our country. >> house speaker nancy pelosi also telling the moment historic. >> it is a crossing of a
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threshold in terms of the public awareness. of what happened and how it conforms to the law. >> however, pelosi and house intel chair adam schiff remain firm, rejecting calls to impeach president trump and stating that house democrats will continue to pursue their investigations. mona kosar abdi, abc news, capitol hill. i'm kate larsen here with runner lenny vaughn in san francisco, who creates art through exercise. shocking video of a young girl dangling by her head five floors up. >> scary. we'll show you the dramatic moment she was pulled to safety. it was hot today, but to be get hotter over the weekend. high pressure is going to flex its muscle both saturday and sunday. get ready for a scorcher. we'll have the forecast coming up. first, here is a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> jimmy? >> thanks. watch this tonight or regret it
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plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit record heat is scorching europe. highs 105 in paris, brussels 101. 96 in milan. these could be all-time record highs in some parts of europe. in germany, people are taking to extreme measures to take relief, including an icy face dunking. the chief architect has a warning about the fire-ravaged notre dame cathedral. he says because of all the water put on the fire, te joint or masonry could dry out and the fault could give way. scientists now predict july of 2019 will likely be the hottest month ever recorded on earth
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since records began back in 1880. coming up in minutes, i'll have the accuweather forecast back here at home. that includes a hot weekend. a little girl in china just 5 years old found herself stuck in this very dangerous position. she's dangling by her head, five stories above the ground. so she fell through the guardrail of her family's apartment building and her head got caught between the bars. firemen, some who descended from the top of the building were able to free her by cutting those bars. >> poor thing. in the east bay, a side night for ice cream lovers. dreyers in rock ridge neighborhood is closing on friday. that location has been open for more than 20 years. it's dryer's flagship flagshipp what may take its place is unclear. new at 11:00, all these images were created by a san francisco man who make them while he is running around the
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city. check this out. a pig, a runner, and even a whale. abc7 news reporter kate larsen went for a jog with him tonight to find out how he does it. >> well, i remember when i was a kid, like a lot of kids i would sit in the hill and look at the clouds and see shapes in there. >> reporter: all these years later, lenny sees not just shapes, but works of art in maps of san francisco streets. >> sketch it out, and don't make any wrong turns or you'll mess it up. >> reporter: lenny is a long distance runner. he is also a "star trek" fan. five years ago when leonard nimoy died, he felt inspired by spock. >> what if i do something like this? the vulcan salute. >> reporter: since then he has used maps to draw 53 different works of art. the next is using fitness apps to record where he runs, bringing his art to life. >> i just inspiredinspiredinspid things. >> last weekend lenny created
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this, 29 miles of freed kahlo. it was his third attempt at a portrait of the mexican painter. >> did mess up on the eye. just ruined it. so i'll just -- i just chalked it up to a long run. it's going to zero my gps. i'm going the start and okay, let's go. >> reporter: so while we ran and talked, we created our own simple sketch. >> okay. let's stop. >> a 7, as in abc7 running along grant avenue and the embarcadero. in san francisco, kate larsen, abc7 news. >> mistakes. >> oops. >> mistakes are costly. all right. we turn to the forecast now. you andrew basically invited yourself over to my house for a pool party this weekend. >> we did. >> drew, you showed the people in europe, i'm going have a big vat so you can dunk your head in ice water when you do come over. that's just for you. >> i'm very excited to see larry's house and hang out with
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him. we'll have a great weekend, but it will be a hot weekend on the way. temperatures even warmer than they were today. a really calm picture, limited fog. sutro tower showing you a clear night out there. gorgeous. but today our warmest spot exceeded 100 degrees. it was a hot day, above average. and it's a good reminder to look before you lock the door to your cars because the inside of your car can heat up really quickly by about 40 degrees in just one hour. that means with a temperature of about 90 degrees, which was a lot of cityies' highs today, never leave your pets or children inside the car because heat exhaustion and heatstroke can set in very quickly inside that hot car. temperatures right now 80 degrees. still it is mild inland for concord. 71 in fremont. 60 in san francisco. we're at 70. it is warm in the south bay tonight. so overnight tonight, it will be a mild night. mid-50s to mid-60s in our more mild locations.
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again, the fog very limited. our marine layer is very shallow. so we'll see mainly clear skies for a lot of us. the big picture, live doppler 7 along with satellite. high pressure supplying showers and cloud cover over the four corners. what will happen tomorrow, we're going to see a piece of this cloud cover move into our neck of the woods. a mix of sunshine and clouds on your thursday. the 12-hour day planner tomorrow will show you that thin veil of high clouds throughout the day. that will limit the daytime heating. tomorrow is not as hot as you were today. still it is a warm day above average in the 80s and in the 90s. so highs tomorrow across the region. 69 in the city. breezy along the coastline. 88, though, in san jose. up to 96 in antioch. 90 in ant rosa. oakland, it will feel warm again with a high of 76 degrees. we'll fast forward into the weekend, and look what happens again. future tracker temperatures by saturday afternoon, our hottest spots well into the 90s. in fact, exceeding 100 degrees. even warm around the bay
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shoreline. and sunday looks even hotter than that with temperatures very close to the records for this time of the year for a lot of cities away from the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's partly cloudy on your thursday. a little change on friday. and then we're heating up once again. by saturday and sunday, it is a lot of sunshine, very warm across the region. the coast getting close to 70. the bay upper 80s to lower 90s. and inland we're at larry's pool. it will feel nice. but still those who are sensitive to the heat. >> a head dunk. >> numerous head dunks. >> i can see. >> no, no, no. >> just threw you right into t buet. >> he did. >> that's terrible. you're brutal. we're disinviting him to the party. thank you, drew. there is a baby boom at one midwest hospital, but it's not the patients. we'll explain. tomorrow on "good morning america," barry manilow talks about his new broadway special and gives a special performance of his classic,
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a children's hospital in kansas city is in the midst of baby boom, and we are not talking about the patients. >> look at them all. this year a total of 36 nurses who work with sick babies at children's mercy hospital either had or are exporting a baby of their own. look at them all. and get this. this is actually a baby boy boom. of the 20 babies so far, only two are girls. >> wow. check the water in that hospital. they're adorable. sports is
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abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> more whispers around major league baseball. the giants are not leaning towards trading madison bumgarner. the team is too hot. the swan song, the giants going for a sweep. first inning, javier baez up, up and away to the bleachers, and it's 1-0 cubs. meanwhile, our friends and the swan, they're navigating the rocks. that thing is enormous. to the third, kris bryant, he has clout. two two-run jack. cubs up 3-zip. we reached the water. don't forget the cooler. steven vogt, right up the middle. austin slater in. giants down 3-1. the swan has hit the water. heading down suwannee river. fourth inning, albert amor ra,
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high, deep. aloha. the cubs salvage 4-1 and we're back on the rocks. a's in houston. oh, this kid is so sly, gets the a's to toss him a ball, then immediately takes up the top shirt. he is an undercover astros fan. i'd like to speak with his pa and have him talk to my children to learn some sneaky things. matt olson singles off justin verlander. a missed play in right. a's up 1-0. bottom one, chris bassett was dealing early. george springer, jose altuve and alex bregman, you'll all get nothing and like it. he ended up giving up four runs in six innings. next time through the order, springer connects over the crawford boxes in left. astros up 2-1. and when justiner have lander is on, just ask for your blindfold and cigarette. 11 strikeouts in six innings. bottom five, altuve would go downtown.
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astros win 4-2. they take two of three in this series, 9 of 11 against the a's. a's drop, 7 1/2 back. kawhi leonard and paul george introduced as new clippers today. and owner steve ballmerase thest to say i'm just fired up to be here today. it's pretty cool. pretty damn cool. woo! get up! come on, get up. if you're as excited as i am. >> i said i am almost like that every day. >> that's you coming into
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all right. that's it. thanks for watching, >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, danny mcbride, from "once upon a time in hollywood," margaret qualley, and music from rascal flatts, and now, on top of that, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you very much. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. and thanks for joining us for what is, will be our after the special counsel special tonight. robert mueller testified for like 25 hours today. this was a major event


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