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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 26, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute". >> the family is relaxing when one of them spots something. >> then everybody turns to look. >> how they survived armed invaders with machetes. >> jesse duran is learning. >> it's not how you fall but it's how you get back up. >> why it's ati pt of her inspi recovery. >> mike posner decides to shoot a new music video while he's
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hiking across the country. the very personal reason he is looking to connect to fans. we're breaking down the best on the web including a woman greeted by her two dogs. how some french bulldogs pulled a welcome home shocker. >> they're >> there's 8 family members all sitting down watching tv something family time but what they don't know is what's going on outside of this house. right here you see this wall and you semen. they scale that wall and break into this house. >> that's so brazen for you to break in while the family is there in the home. they come in and they're armed with machetes and they tell the family everybody get up and move into the back room right there. so that's where they were tied up. >> that is terrifying. especially because you have a
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child in the home. >> exactly. you have these men that have masks on and hoodies on. they tied them all up. there's 8 family members there but they took one woman upstairs to get her jewelry. no one was hurt. after the bad guys left they were able to break themselves out and run to the neighbors for help but the bad guys, according to police got away with $7,300 worth of goods that belonged to this family. >> seemed like they knew something about this family and about the house. >> so they terrorized everyone. >> they did. >> terrifying. >> now the peace of mind of this family is still there but there was a criminal in the house, although i don't know if you could charmg thge this one. that's a monkey. it climbed through a window, jumped on the counter and opened the refrigerator door. it just moved a loaf of bread by
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so i don't know what it got. but this isn't the only family this has happened to. they're used to these monkeys coming into the area and coming into their homes when nobody is home and stealing food. >> they say it's not how you fall but it's how you get back up and jesse duran is learning to fall. >> i got you right here. go. >> are you >> you see her falling on to these pillows and getting assistance in standing back up. she has been temporarily pa paralyzed for three years and she has been working with her physical therapist jason whose motto is prepare for anything.
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>> oh, she has to work on that core strength. >> do we know why she is temporarily paralyzed? >> she fell from a fifth floor and injured her pancreas and had surgery and developed a blood clot that lead she hopes is temporary. >> so they're just showing her how to prepare for a fall if she does happen to go down so she doesn't injury herself anymore. >> that's right. sometimes she is going to be alone. this is important. >> what's more important is her family and friends and partner have been by her side every day. she is learning day-to-day activities and takes each of the tasks before her head on. the paddle boarding and even
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swimming. it's all in an effort to get her back to 100%. >> it seems as though she's been partnering with the perfect therapist and she has support of her family and a partner. >> you can see her team really believes in her and she is in really good hands. >> listethis is one of those beautiful videos of life in it's earliest stages. these little baby sea turtles are working their way. they can work their way out of their little hole in the sand and the ocean. >> they were showing how predators would come and get them. >> and everyone doing the right thing and staying away from them and everyone doing what they're supposed to do.
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>> sometimes we have a tendency to love wildlife to death. >> now this happened in florida. let's go to turkey where this next video comes from. unfortunately in this video what we're seeing is this turtle trying to lay her eggs in what is clearly a tourist designated area and according to reports when people started seeing this turtle start digging, they started to crowd around it. we're hoping that she found a much safer place for her eggs. >> a lot of times they'll come back to the exact same beach year after year. hopefully she can keep people in. >> i'm walking across america. >> you should recognize mike's face and if you don't, perhaps
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you'll recognize some of his music. ♪ >> that's mike posner's song "cooler than me" that had 81 million views at the moment on youtube. if you don't know that one, how about this one -- ♪ that's mike's song i took a pill in ibeza. he has some smash hit songs and that's part of the reason why he decided to simply take some time off and go for a walk. starting in new jersey and ended up in venice beach, california and he has a new album called a real cool kid coming out so why not shoot one of these music videos while he's hiking across the country. this is the video for his song look what i become featuring ty dollar sign.
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>> how much did this video cost compared to like other videos lincoln continental. >> one of the main goals was to connect with people as he walks across the country. one of the main reasons is to set it all aside. your life is happening right now. his father died recently. his colab rangers to recently died as did his friend mac miller. so if you listen to the lyrics of "look what i've become" you'll understand where he's coming from and why he's going to walk across the entire country. ♪
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>> we're being so open and honest about it. you can also follow along on mike's website. he's tweeting about his journey regularly and you can see where he's going to be. >> cruising under the traffic bar but timing is everything. what happens when someone learns that the hard way? >> and bellying up to the bar to ask about the season's specialty drinks. >> it's a small bottle and i give you a weggie when i give it to you. >> why the struggle is real for this summer bartender. >> i quit. >> exactly. >> brought to you by hershey's, we're on a mission to heart warm the world. ooohhhh ♪
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>> what a move by the person making that left hand turn. >> their timing was actually pretty on time and now for the band. >> oh. you'll be happy to know that he is okay but this metal bar is about 7 feet high. >> clearly as high as most cars and it would have gone under just fine but little sister opened up the sunroof and out of the sun room and as they are going under the bar. >> it looks like they're holding a band campers to his head. >> he wasn't seriously injured. >> hopefully this driver has
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learned a lesson as well. >> oh, no. >> this driver had pulled over to make some adjustments to fix the trailer on the back. as he approaches the power line he gets caught up and they come down. a lot of times it has a domino effect and you can see other cars are not effected by any of this. the driver though is in a little bit of hot water because he's going to be fined about 13,000 u.s. dollars. >> it's so sad because he was trying to do the right thing. he was trying to fix whatever was wrong so he was actually being proactive. >> we have known some people around here can really be into their summer >> shoot. >> but i don't think yours have ever been as complicated as
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these. nowadays you can't go to a bar without a menu and each one is just so complicated and you ask the bartender to please explain and they do. >> we have a cape cod cranberry juice and vodka. mojitio which is what i bring you when i round, round, i get around to it. >> they're now ramping up the names because so many cocktail bars popped up on the scene. >> they're familiar drinks but they're giving all of them a very unique twist. >> the yellow polka dot bikini. rum, jack daniels and red bull. >> i ask asked for a drink not a comedy special. >> no substitutions, please order from the menu. >> yes, it's not like you have
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the choices. >> you're going to need a bigger boat. the spf 151. the girls just want to have sun which is a wine cooler and a coupon for the jukebox. we have the i know what you drank last summer which is summer ale from last season. do you know what i mean? >> i quit. >> it's a kitten rescue. >> you're so cute. >> next right this minute. >> and still to come, the plug is stuck but not to worry -- >> this one has a hack for that. >> the clever tricko g untangled. >> tada. >> what the heck? >> plus time to ride the party wave, why the hectic conditions make for the best time.
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. if you blink, you might have missed it. and go. >> what the heck did we just watch? >> putting his shirt on >> really, really fast. >> why is this going viral? i fail to see the attraction. >> because this is what i'll upload and we'll watch. >> yeah, it's good. maybe we'll try to get clothes off. >> faster. >> when will you need to put your clothes on that quickly? >> there's no uses for this but you can let him be great. >> let him be great. >> all right. okay. >> runs it under that bar.
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>> what the heck. >> going to show you again. >> there's no way. >> moves it around. and tada. >> it's cool and i'm sure that it works but here's the problem, how are you going to remember that. >> there's no way. there's no way. there's no way, you're looking at it. >> we see lots of things on this show that fool us. >> i love all the things definitely not this. >> definitely. >> oh. [ bleep ]. >> this is at salt creek beach in southern california.
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there was carnage.carnage.carna. >> i would think all of these people competing for the same wave but if everybody is on the same page and it's all about going out there and having one big, great, good time. they shouldn't be pushing. >> that's the whole point, right? part of the challenge is to stay on the wave without jumping or running into someone else. >> exactly. it does happen. you can see right here they even got real drone shots. >> it's fun. you can have noodles. >> totally excellent dude. >> that's like a perfect day out on the water, man. >> this guy is having fun wake surfing. check him out. he has his hockey stick because he is handling. get out of dodge.
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>> right. stop stay on the board long enough to ride the wake and this guy is the beast. he's basically showing off and we're all here for it. >> that appears to be the wrong color, how raiding the kitchen lead to one big green
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together. >> you could see it's something that any of your kids could do this summer. >> it's a matter of having fun with it. >> shop until you today's modern age of television but do not adjust the picture, the tv is not wrong. >> wait a minute. >> are they blue? >> they're bluish green. we have aisha bunch of french bulldogs. two of them appear to be the wrong color. there is green food coloring everywhere. >> the door to the kitchen was left open by accident. i guess the family closing the door normally but you clearly can't trust them. they got into the food coloring somehow and looks like they just got all over the floor and
3:27 pm
rolled all through it. >> this is just going to have to wait for the color to wash off on itself over time. >> you don't need to speak this woman's language to understand that she is upset. is the lous. >> they don't care. e nothing to do with this. >> that one was like well, here we go back. >> the family reports that it took them hours. they say they washed the dogs several times but they were still finding spots on the dogs that are still stained green. it doesn't look like it hurt them. it's just food coloring. obviously it's not harmful. so just greenish blue dogs. >> i know. >> they're green and that's red. >> thank you for joining us.
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right this has more. we'll see you next time on rtm.
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to apply, visit tonight the intense man hunt for two teenage suspects. police going door to doo looking for deaths of three people including an american woman and her bfr. mee hme get away. the dangerous heat wave in the west. more than 40 major wildfires burning an in the hour. flash states. soaring temperatures from chicago to new york. breaking news. infant twins found dead into a hot car. police now questioning the father. the mystery motive behind a gunman's rampage. four people killed.
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the suspect just moments before his


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