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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 26, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight the intense man hunt for two teenage suspects. police going door to doo looking for deaths of three people including an american woman and her bfr. mee hme get away. the dangerous heat wave in the west. more than 40 major wildfires burning an in the hour. flash states. soaring temperatures from chicago to new york. breaking news. infant twins found dead into a hot car. police now questioning the father. the mystery motive behind a gunman's rampage. four people killed. the suspect just moments before his alleged rampage.
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impreachment pressure groes on capitol hill. the new move today. 10 democrats now calling for action against president trump. outrage on campus. a photo showing three college finals holding guns in front of a memorial for civil rights icon emmitt till. the university saying they will not be suspended. the brazen heist at a major airport. $30 million in gold stolen. eight armed suspects posings a police. the tire breaking loose and a warning for all drivers tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us on a friday night. i'm cecilia vega in for david. we begin with the desperate sench for two teens suspected of multiple murders. they have been tracked thousands of miles and are considered armed and dangerous. tonight, authorities releasing a new video. the suspects seen shopping in a
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store. hoping it will lead to a new tip. you remember the teens are accused of killing an american woman and her boyfriend on a road trip in canada and also taking the life of a college professor. they are going house to house in a remote area where they were last seen. did someone help them get away? matt gutman starts of us. >> reporter: tonight, tactical teams hunting the two teenage murder suspected, now searching door to door in royal manitoba and beggingen in who have helped them leave the area to come forward. >> it's possible that someone may not have been aware who they were providing assistance. and they may now be hestitant to
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come forward. >> reporter: the pair run now for two weeks are believed to be behind the highway murders of this college professor and american china deese and her boyfriend seen at a gas station just days before they were gunned down. police tracked the vehicle to this tiny manitoba town. >> stay save. >> we don't look our doors. it's a safe town. >> i kept my gun closer in my room. it slept oncouc >>eporter: the e there warn the area is swampy and with bugs. unforgiving for anyone who is not prepared. the canadian officials are stump. they haven't had a sing the sights of the suspects in four days which means they could be any where. the one reason they are telling all canadians to vigilant. >> matt gutman leading us off. we are tracking a major heat wave on both coasts. more than 40 major wildfires
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burning in the west. this one in grant's pass, oregon. the same time, monsoon storms triggering flash flood watching. these images from 29 pauls, california. here in the east, temperatures in the 90s by sunday. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is track it for it. >> reporter: it will reduce the flash flood risk we are seeing now. look at raitt dar. we have flack flooding st for albuquerque, and the big blue "h" biltds and through sunday, it means building heat. the heat advisories are out tonight. huge heat watches through sunday. 140 10 4 in sack men toy. 109 in fresno. does not include humidity. those numbers measured in the shade. and in the east, temperatures in the 90s and humidity going to monday and possibly tuesday as will. >> a lot of red on that map.
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thank you. right here in new york. an awful discovery just a short time ago. infant twins found dead into a hot car. the cause of death is under investigation and police are now quring their because. abc's linsey davis now with the story just coming in. >> reporter: a father of two young twins being questioned tonight after their tragic death. the 7-month-old boy and girl were found dead inside a hot car in new york city late today. investigators are trying to determine if the children were left in the car accidentally. the father told police he went to work and forgot they were inside, returning eight hours later to find them dead. this incident comes on the heels of this ohio break out caught on camera. >> it's okay, guys. it's okay. >> reporter: two toddlers saved from a hot car. the dramatic moments caught on police bodycamera. after a mother mistakenly locked her 2 and 3-year-olds inside and
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called police saying her keys weren't working. so far this year at least 21 children have died inside hot cars. police are constantly reminding parents to remain vigilant. because a child's body temperature rises three to five times faster than an adult. as for the father here in the new york incident, he is in custody but has not been charged. >> all right, thank you. new images tonight from the deadly rampage in los angeles. four crime skeens,ludinghe susp th and s spehe street. custody. abc's clayton sandell in los angeles. >> reporter: tonight, the search for what triggered a 12 hour rampage and four murders. this surveillance video capturing the alleged gunman casually walking down the street shortly before his arrest. police say 26-year-old gerry zaragoza had family problems but don't know why he allegedly shot and killed his father and brother thursday and
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wounded his mother. next, police say he killed a woman he knew at his gas station, 45-year-old suzie lepe. >> he was harassing her and had been harassing her now i found out for at least a year. >> reporter: after trying to rob a man at an atm, zaragoza allegedly killed another on a apparently at random. >> we'll review the video from the bus. and we're talking to witnesses. but we haven't come up with a motive yet. >> reporter: tonight, police also doing a trace on the weapon zaragoza allegedly used to see if its been used in any other crimes. zaragoza has not yet been formally charged with the four murders. he's expected to been in court monday. cecilia. >> thank you. we turn to washington now and a growing number of democrats calling for impreachment after robert mueller les testimony. a new stoep get robert mueller as evidence. abc's kira phillips for us at
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the white house tonight. >> reporter: tonight, 100 democrats now calling for president trump to be impeached. at the white house, the president lashing out. >> they're doing everything they can with the impeachment nonsense. we had no obstruction, no collusion. the democrats are clowns. they're being laughed at all over the world. >> reporter: the drumbeat growing since robert mueller's testimony. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> reporter: today, a major step by the house judiciary committee. lawmakers asking a court for access to secret grand jury material mueller used as evidence, material they hope to use in their own investigations. >> what you're doing now is an impeachment inquiry, correct? >> in effect, we are investigating all of this. and we are going to see what remedies we could recommend including the possibility of orders with impeachment. >> reporter: walking the line, nancy pelosi with more than 40% of house democrats champing at
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the bit to impeach. the speaker still reluctant. today, pelosi insisting she's not trying to slow down the process. >> i'm not trying to run out the clock. let's get sophisticated about this, okay? we won't proceed when we have what we need to proceed, not one day sooner. >> and kyra phillips live from the white house. and today a show of solidarity with one of its most high-profile members. >> that's right. meeting with alexandria ocasio-cortez. they met to quote clear the air, adding in a family, you have your differences but you're still a family. cecilia. >> okay, thank you. we turn now to a troubling allegation against one of president trump's top military
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nominees. an army colonel com colonel coml and tonight, despite his accusation, his nomination is going forward. here is martha raddatz. >> reporter: tonight, graphic and disturbing allegations from colonel kathryn spletstoser. her lawyer telling abc news the 28-year army veteran felt she had a moral responsibility to come forward. in explicit detail, she tells the "new york times" that in december of 2017, at a defense forum in california, her then boss, air force general john hyten, came to her hotel room saying he wanted to talk to her. spletstoser says he "pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips while pressing himself against her" and then ejaculated. she said he later apologized and said he had tried to kiss and touch her "several times" prior
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to this alleged assault. hayten, who would be the country's number two military officer if confirmed as the next joint chiefs vice chairman, denies the allegations which were reported just after his formal nomination was announced in april. military investigators concluded there was insufficient evidence to support the accusations findings. earlier this week, both hyten and spletstoser testified privately before the senate armed services committee. senate republicans have decided to go ahead with the confirmation hearing next week, while some senators expressed concern. >> i have some concerns about how they haven given what seemingly is preferential treatment to general hyten. >> martha joins us now. martha, general myten has denied all allegations. you just spoke to her lawyer? >> reporter:dy. her lawyer telling her that general hyten rated her the
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highest level in character review. but he will be able to publicly explain his side of the story at the hearing tuesday. >> thank you. a st. louis family is celebrating tonight. their son trying to visit every country in the world has been freed from captivity in syria. sam goodwin sbrentered syria without permission two months ago and was taken by syrian forces. they thanked the head of l lebanon's internal security to work to get him released. and a college campus. this photo was posted on instagram. it shows three students posing with guns in front of the memorial for emmitt till. tonight, emmitt till's family is speaking out. here is more from marcus moore. >> reporter: tonight, growing outrage over this photo of fraternity brothers from ole miss posing next to a vandalized
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memorial to emmett till. the image posted on instagram back in march and just published by propublica. ed hill's doesen reacting tonight. >> seeing them smiling, it's decision appointing. >> reporter: that photo reopening deep wounds. at 14 years old, emmitt till was abducted and lynched for allegedly whistling at a white woman. his anguished mother leaving the casket open for the world to see. two white men were later acquitted. till's death helped galvanize the civil rights movement. tonight these students have been suspended by the kappa alpha fraternity but not expelled. the university saying it reported the the photo to the fbi. ole miss calling it "offensive and hurtful" but adding it did not violate the school's code of conduct. think it's skra zi they will not suspend him.
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>> reporter: the roof that maintains the memorials hopes to one day them them off bullet proof. we turn next to a brazen heist pat an international airport. thieves gets away with 1600 pounds of gold in sao paulo, brazil. the truck appears to belong to federal police. it is in a cargo area. the haul, worth $30 million. here is stephanie ramos. >> it was gone in 180 seconds. tonight, police in brazil are poring over this surveillance video. it shows eight men, disguised as federal police, enter the cargo terminal at sau paulo's airport. while heavily armed, faces covered, they unload more than 1,600 pounds of gold and other precious metals that were bound for new york city and toronto. the video shows them quickly shoving the loot into vehicles decked out to look like real
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police trucks making a clean getaway. the total haul valued at more than $30 million. police finding those trucks more than 10 miles away from the crime scene. but the gold was gone. the robbers reportedly kidnapped the drive eers family, holding them hostage, forcing the driver to cooperate. they are trying to find out if the robbery is linked to a $5 million heist at a different errant last year. >> stephanie, thank you. tonight, a merger in the wireless world clearing a major hushd the. the department of justice green lighting the merge of t-mobile and sprint. 13 states are suing to block the plan fearing higher prices and job cuts bch t-mobile's ceo expects it to go through by the end of the year there is more ahead of "world news" this friday, the brutal attack. a man badly beaten and robbed in
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i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ next tonight, a frightens scene on a busy new jersey highway. a hoos tire slamming into a jeep. every year, thousand of accidents and caused by debris on roads. here is abc's newest correspondent kaylee hartu ung with the story. >> reporter: tonight, a family lucky to be alive after this heartstopping moment. this tire coming loose off a truck, rolling freely down a new jersey highway, bouncing up and over the median then slamming into this jeep. >> initially, i thought please don't hit my wife. my wife's in the car in front of me, three kids in the car. i had no time to react. >> reporter: surprisingly john rice escaped uninjured. >> instantly thought he was
3:49 pm
dead. >> reporter: his family safe, but shaken and his vehicle totaled. scares like this all too common. an estimated 21,000 non-fatal crashes involving road debris jolted drivers in 2017. over a five-year period, 223 people died in these types of accidents. experts say if you don't have a safe route around the debris, it's better to slow down, drive through it and don't slam on your brakes. cecilia. >> important reminder there. and kaylee, we want to officially welcome to you "world news tonight." glad to you have on the team. when we come back a man beaten and attacked. the latest. and the crowd v skies getting crowd. the one day this week that may be the busiest ever in aviation history. the fiber. month after month, and i still have belly pain and recurring constipation. so i asked my doctor what else i could do, and i said yesss to linzess.
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use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. >>. >> the index now. dises pushing images of a policeman working. the attackers hitting and kicking him in the head. knocking him unconscious and robbing him. the victim now recovering at home. authorities are offering a $32,000 reward. and high speed chase in the pacific ocean. the coast guard releasing video of a drug bust. suspected drug smugglers tossing cocaine over board. worth an estimated $35 million.
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finally tonight, america strong. the record-septembering grandmother, the old ers to climb mt. ki kilimanjaro and then someone beat her record and sone more t. >> i see her! >> reporter: anne lorimor back home after her trip to africa. >> wow! >> reporter: but this wasn't just any trip. at 89 and a great-grandmother, she just climbed mt. kilimanjaro. that's her in pink. and that makes her the oldest person ever to reach the top of the 19,034 foot mountain. >> there was a point where i really was concerned. because i fell before i started up the mountain. and i had great pain in my side. and i couldn't take deep breaths. >> reporter: but she made it and not just once. when she was 85, anne became the world's oldest woman to reach the top of africa's highest mountain. >> congratulations!
3:58 pm
>> reporter: but then, someone beat her record. and anne wasn't about to let that happen. so this time with a film crew right there with her, anne did it again in nine days flat. >> i was going to do it last year, and one man, a little older than i, did it. i said, "nope, i going to be the oldest person so then i waited for this year." her motivation? raising money for creating exciting futures, a foundation she started to help disadvantaged youth. >> we did it and i was really happy. >> 89 years old. don't ever quit, anne. thanks for watching. i'm cecilia vega. have a great weekend. now news to build a better bay
3:59 pm
area from abc7. >> flames roar as another east bay construction site catches fire. like other projects that have burn inside the past this one also was supposed to be housing. good afternoon, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. reporter melanie woodrow joins us live from the fire scene in north oakland. we understand you just got new information about how this fire started. >> reporter: >> exactly, larry. fire investigators saying they now know the origin of this fire. they say it was towards the front of the building on the inside though they don't know the cause yet. the origin might not seem like much information but it's information they didn't have this morning. as flames raged thursday night at the oakland building under construction nate lampton grabbed his phone to record video. his wife had a different idea. >> took an one look, saw the flames and was like i'm going to pack. by thetime time i came outside,
4:00 pm
i could hardly see the building again. >> by this morning, two things were clear for investigators combing for clues. >> as of now, we have no known cause or origin. >> they're receiving assistance from the atf for good cnn somewhat of a normal practice here in the city of oakland with the recent fires that we've had in buildings under construction. >> reporter: since 2012, at least eight large fires have been at construction projects from concord to emeryville. the owner of this building is at a loss for why. >> it's just very frustrating and sad. >> reporter: tony willson was converting an old print shop here to seven live/work units. >> they were much bigger projects than this. >> reporter: he's hoping surveillance cameras will provide answers. the person ho will has access to them is in new york. he wants investigators to find a man his crew saw leaving the building last night. >>