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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 26, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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pack. by thetime time i came outside, i could hardly see the building again. >> by this morning, two things were clear for investigators combing for clues. >> as of now, we have no known cause or origin. >> they're receiving assistance from the atf for good cnn somewhat of a normal practice here in the city of oakland with the recent fires that we've had in buildings under construction. >> reporter: since 2012, at least eight large fires have been at construction projects from concord to emeryville. the owner of this building is at a loss for why. >> it's just very frustrating and sad. >> reporter: tony willson was converting an old print shop here to seven live/work units. >> they were much bigger projects than this. >> reporter: he's hoping surveillance cameras will provide answers. the person ho will has access to them is in new york. he wants investigators to find a man his crew saw leaving the building last night. >> ironically he asked for a
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match to light a cigarette. >> reporter: the lamptons are glad they didn't have to leave home. >> it's a vibrant, great place to live. >> reporter: there were no injuries due to this fire. embers from the fire did cause two of additional small fires in the area. live in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. there have been several other suspicious fires at apartment complexes being built across the east bay. two of those burned at the same job site on the oakland, emeryville border. it took place florida state may of last year following another in july of 2017. a seven-story building under construction burned on valdes street in oakland's uptown neighborhood also in july of 2017. a massive fire caused at least $55 million in damage when flames destroyed an apartment being constructed in april of last year. >> abc news is committed to building a better bay area. the problem of homelessness
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extends well i don't want big cities in the bay area. >> the city of walnut creek found a new approach to policing with a special outreach team on the streets this summer. two officers who do nothing but respond to homeless calls. >> lesley brinkley live in walnut creek with more on this program. lesley? >> reporter: i've talked to a lot of business owners here today. some say they allow the homeless to sleep on their property, others not so much. they're worried about safety and scaring away customers. so walnut creek police thought why not try something new. why not keep the problems that homelessness creates from ballooning out of control so they gave a new idea a shot. walnut creek police say they field 3,000 calls a year related to homelessness about, ten call full-time officers to respo e calls aut encatchments,
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littering, trespassing and panhandling. > a lot of time it's people shopping downtown and really don't want to be bothered by people panhandling, we get a lot of complaints about it. we have a lot of people that are concerned that walnut creek is going to turn into some of their close neighbors like sfleens officer clemente and officer silva volunteered for the four-month pilot program that launched in mid-june. they've made 25 arrests so far mostly for trespassing. they've also contacted 213 homeless and referred 9 off them to services to address their needs. they also retrieve and return shopping carts. james thornton has lived on the streets of walnut creek for 12 years and likes the police here. >> i love it. born and raised in concord, 5 years. >> they're very nice home plepz here at whole foods, a couple hang out here, they don't bother anybody.
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a couple hang out at trader joe's. they've cleaned up within the last two weeks. noticed a diffe >> huge. >> reporter: other residents aren't so the optimistic. >> two officers is not even close to being sufficient to address the problem. they had could use two officers just around the b.a.r.t. complex. >> reporter: police say that so far, they've gotten really good feedback about this new outreach program after the four months, they're hoping they get the funding to make it permanent. in wall yut nut correct, lesley brinkley, abc news. >> thank you. bay area home prices are so high, that they're causing a slump in local home ownership according to a report by our news partner the bay area news group tracking new census data it, shows 51.% 6 residents own their home. that's down from 56.4% a year ago and the lowest rate since 2012. median hope prices are just sky
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high. you're looking at 1.58 million in san mateo, $1.53 million in san francisco. we're going to take a closer look at the bay area housing crisis starting this sunday on our 11:00 p.m. news. we'll look at somebody renting a closet. you heard me right. i said they are renting a closet, ama, in san francisco and they're paying $1200 a month rent to live in a closet. look for those reports all week starting on sunday night. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's nuts. >> let's get to the weather now because it's warm today in some places it's expected to heat up over the weekend. >> a quick look outside. like to dive into the water right now. >> is that a little boat? >> that might be a little tug. >> we love that little guy. >> i wish we were on little tug. this view courtesy of our exploratorium camera. abc7 news weatherspoon anchor spencer christian joining us now. >> it's going to very hot this
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weekend. live doppler 7, current temperature readings under sunny skies are in the upper 80s to low 90s in most of the inland areas. that's quite warm. it's going to be even hotter over the weekend. as a result of that the heat advisory 11:00 tomorrow morning and till 11:00 sunday night. for much of the interior bay area. high temperatures in the afternoon ranging from about 100 to 105 here in the bay area. heat advisory is already in effect in parts of the san joaquin valley till 8:00 tomorrow night and down there, high temperatures will ranging from 105 to 110 in some areas. so the heat will be extreme. we're advised to seek shade if we're outdoors, avoid strenuous outdoor physical activity. stay hydrated. in addition to the advisory, air quality declining. today is a spare the air today and tomorrow. as will sunday. poorest in the inland, east bay
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and santa clara valley. >> we'll check about back with you. a reminder, you can get the forecast where you live anytime through the abc news mobile app. enable the push alert feature to get warnings and breaking news updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. >> a jury's verdict in a case involving a livermore couple and roundup will stand. but the amount of punitive damages has been slashed dramatically. according to the chronicle yesterday a alameda judge upheld a jury's conclusion the herbicide helped cause the cancer. however, the judge reduced the award from $2 billion to $86 million because the amount surpassed constitutional limits set by the supreme court. roundup is made by monsanto. its parent company plans to appeal. >> a report says the peralta community college district in the east bay is in serious financial trouble. according to the chronicle, a new fiscal review says the district is at high risk of
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insolvency after years of mismanagement. the review by the state's fiscal crisis and management team the district is ripe for fraud because of poor internal controls. it bes more than 50,000 students at four different schools in oakland, berkeley city college and the college of alameda. >> u.s. regulators today approved t-mobile's takeover of rival sprint despite possible job cuts. the justice department and five state attorneys general signed off on the $26 billion deal after the two companies agreed to set up satellite tv provider dish as a fourth wireless company. democratic attorneys general from 14 states including california sued to stop the takeover. they were citing consumer harm. california attorney general xavier becerra says the states plan to continue opposition. >> this was a bitter sweet day for bird lovers and environmentalists in yngo wild.
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>> i eric thomas has the story. >> reporter: there were five snowy egrets in this case. survivors i've tragedy about to beit >> are we ready to go? he escaped. >> reporter: along with the egrets three black crowned nigr the wild along the martin luther king regional shoreline. >> we did a rescue effort of removing every egg ancicing from that tree. >> reporter: a century old phi cuss that split and partially collapsed near the post office at jackson and 13th streets notice downtown oakland two weeks ago. it had become a nesting area for birds. >> that first day there were 1 birds that were dead on site from the fall. and then the other 18 that were on the ground obviously had had trauma. so some of those did not make it either. >> j.d. bergeron is with the international birdrescue. icks a eggs or two days, t
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some of those cheicks severely injured. now international bird rescue has to take care of them. >> it is a lot of cost to feed them, give them the right medication, the heat, the enclosures they need to get well. the littlest ones, eggs and hatchlings will be with us six or seven weeks total. >> reporter: that is why is international bird rescue is asking for donations so one day, dozens more of these birds can wing their way to a new life. the two species are protected by the u.s. migratory bird act which prevents people from owning or selling them. eric thomas, abc news. >> murder mystery. a new twist in the manhunt for two takeners suspected of it killing at least three people in canada including a american tourist. empowering women. meet the bay area entrepreneur look fog build a better bay area by getting more women into leadership roles at tech
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companies. >> and an incredible underground masterpiece is now bookkeeping a tourist attraction in fresno. we'll take you behind the inspiration. >> let's take a look and see how people are getting away as we look at the toll plaza or not getting away the metering lights are on clearly here. and it is slow going. you want to be in a carpool lane right now in the worst way. back with more on abc7 news at 4:00 as people try to head into after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever
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rld b till recently, very few of those companies were
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founded by o ongoing e to the build a better area, chris reyes sat down with a woman helping to change that by helping to build more women into leadership positions. >> these companies are part of an exclusive club. about 300 plus members strong. each one of them privately held and valued at more than $1 billion. what's known in the startup world as unicor status. when that term was coined in 2004, there was not a single u.s.-based unicorn with a female founder. >> i think 2019 i hope goes down as the tipping point for lasting change. it the first year ever in which several billion dollar companies were founded by women. >> reporter: she is one of them. at the beginning of the year, con fluent the company she cofounded in 2014 was ral sued at $2.5 billion. putting her in thrt small club.
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13 other companies with a female founder. small number, big leaps. considering that female founded unicorns make up less than 15% of the landscape. >> i think it's about a leak in the pipeline, right? it's about there ability -- inability to cross the credibility chasm. at some point you get tired of fighting the fight. >> reporter: whether it's how she runs her meetings or her work with female, she considers it a great responsibility to be bring more women and other underrepresented groups into leadership positions. >> when you're sort of breaking ceilings and introducing new change, someone has to go up there and show other women that you're almost close. >> reporter: what is the one piece of advice that you could give to the person watching who is an outsider trying to become a leader? >> that there is a lot of opportunity to fight the good fight. >> reporter: chris reyes for abc7 news. >> a new report says teenage girls are more likely than boys
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to be victims of cyber bullying. according to the national center of education statistics is, 21% of girls in middle and high school report being bullied online or by text message compared to 7% of boys. the data doesn't reveal the gender of the aggressors but experts say most girls are being bullied by other girls. news chief business economics and technology correspondent rebecca jarvis says tech companies are working to try to curb the harassment. >> the instagram recently experimented with their own features to dee fuse cyber bullying on the app and asked a potential offensive commenter an important question, are you sure you want to post this. sometimes that works. >> jarvis says schools are taking a much more hands on approach suspending even expelling students associated with online bullying. >> happening now, one of the bay area's traditional summer festivals. >> the smell of garlic is in the air in gilroy. if you can think of it, they
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probably have like garlic progress. >> what? >> they have >> i was thinking more like garlic ice cream. >> schimpf. that's the big thing. abc7 news reporter ansar hasan is at the garlic festival. >> flames from a tiki torch relay were used to ignite the grill to kick off the festival. >> officially under way. >> reporter: and it's right here in the kitchen where things really heat up. >> we are chefs that play with fire. >> reporter: ashley grew up with the festival, her dad one of the original cooks. now she's the only female pyrochef at this year's event. pyrochefs:00 up the garlic calamari and scampi in the huge flames which is the signature dish. >> this isn't like being in your own kitchen where you know where everything is. no, this is like fast, it's quick. it's hot.
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it's much different. but it's so much fun. >> reporter: gilroy is one of the largest producers of garlic in the world. this year two tons was donateded to be cooked. some of the more unusual items, garlic ostrich, frog legs, even garlic ice cream. >> what's your favorite part about coming out to the festival? >> it's the garlic ice cream and all the good food that's here. >> first of all arc the smell drags us in and, of course, the food is phenomenal. >> reporter: where there is food, there will be chefs. last year's winner of the show master chef jerome hurt is here. he says the gilroy garlic festival has gain add international reputation. it was a bucket list item for him. >> garlic isanything. kind of like aromatics, parsley, eye cnged tou. 8:00 p.m. for th
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calais concert. ansar hasan, abc7 news. >> that will be a good concert. >> i want a garlic hat. >> i would rather have the ice cream. >> you can be a pyrochef they weekend by walking outside. >> it's true. like roasted garlic this weekend. it's going to be so hot. so let's get to it, shall we will? a look at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies. there is fog at the coast. not much cooling effect inland tonight. you can see it advancing from mount tam. low clouds and fog. 65 degrees here in san francisco. it's getting more comfortable near the coast and bay. 72 in oakland. 80 in san jose. 89 morgan gail, 63 half moon bay. hee's a view of the golden gate. fog hovering there and traffic moving freely. 82 in santa rosa, napa 75. 91 each at fairfield and concord and 89 at livermore. and the few from emeryville
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shows the advancing marine layer. these are our forecast futures. expect excessive heat inland this weekends. 100 degree temperatures will be common in the inland areas both saturday and sunday. a spare the air alert is in effect through sunday. let's talk about the heat advisory once again. most interior locations around the bay area are under this advisory or will be from 11:00 a.m. tomorrow to 11:00 p.m. sunday. the hottest areas will see high temperatures the next two days between 100 and 105 degrees. heat advisory tonight for the san joaquin valley. may reach 110 degrees in the hottest locations. our air quality report, air alert is in effect today and tomorrow and sunday. the poorest air quality in thev. poor air quality expected on sunday in the inland east bay. improving slightly in other areas. tonight shows the advancing
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forecast moving locally across the bay with fog some lingering low clouds over the bay maybe local little in inland spots tomorrow. it will burn quickly back to the coastline and will burn away by midday tomorrow. and certainly sunny and warm to hot just about everywhere else. overnight lows mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow's highs 102 at cloverdale, 103 oh ka'ai 101 att fairfield and numerous other inland locations will have highs in the 90s. on sunday, similar picture. several locations will be above 100 degrees. but places like santa rosa, napa, concord and livermore in the 90s on sunday. then on monday a sharp cool down. temperatures are going to plummet 10 degrees or more in most locations.
4:22 pm
the same picture on tuesday. monday and tuesday will bring us some relief from the intense heat of the weekend. here's the seven-day forecast. 104 the highest of the highs inland tomorrow. 102 on sunday. then only upper 80s inland on monday and tuesday. upper 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. a gradual warmup near the end of next week. by next friday, a low 90s inland. the good news is the sharp heat spike over the weekend will end and temperatures will just tumble on monday and will feel a lot more comfortable. >> good. >> one of those rare times you can't wait for the weekend to end. >> yeah. >> that's true. >> maybe. maybe. >> so true. >> thank you, spencer. >> talk about arriving in style. nfl training camp gets under way. wait till you see how antonio brown showed up. >> new twist in the ma
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the giants have traded one of their pitch persons lefty derek holland is heading to to the cubs for cash considerations. holland was a trade. this is him when he was with hunter pence in one of the best bits of all time. right there. so now holland i ready for some football sflt real games are still more than a month away but training camps officially opened for both bay area teams. >> yes, and some players arrived in style. 49ers defensive back adrian kolber showed up ready to go to work. he looks like a cowboy right there, wearing a punisher look. he grew up in texas. >> that makes sense. joe staley is back for his 13th
4:26 pm
season. no goofy outfits for this veteran. this is adorable. take a closer look what he's holding. a picture from his kids. >> that's cute. >> new raiders wide receiver antonio brown winses this contest. he an rbied to camp in napa in a hot air balloon. okay. >> he's got the contract. he can afford it. do you think this might have had to do with the fact that hbo is shootingish hard knocks" this year in napa? as grand as the entrance was, ab is hurt, some nonreed football injury. they don't think it's serious. >> jaguars defensive back jalen ramsey is anything but subtle. he showed up for camp on wednesday in a brinks truck. check this out. and it's raining. in the brinks truck and i know you'll be shocked to hear that he wants a new contract. >> he's got his own hype man with a megaphone. there were like six fans cheering for that. >> all six. >> you want to talk about rolling up in style, joe hayden
4:27 pm
showed up to steelers camp wearing a sidney crosby je tt's prey >> tt'otd. what ty doe fiel hotiranwifirste bau of the injury that redon't know that much about. >> we're still talking about him because of the grand entrance. >> would you love a balloon commute to work? >> absolutely. >> up over, in. >> over the bay bridge. we just need a nice parking spot on the embarcaderembarcadero. >> next on abc7 news, a power meeting at the capitol. what came out of the sit down between nancy pelosi and congresswoman axdrial ocasio-cortez. >> kamala harris responding to trump's suggestion that some congresswomen should "go back to their countries of
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area. from. >> now to the manhunt in canada for two teens suspected in a murder spree >>e'ea f father of one of the suspects learning of new possible sightings. news reporter marci gonzalez has the update. >> reporter: tactical teams focusing on this remote town in manitoba, canada, after these
4:31 pm
fugitive teenagers suspected of of killing at least three people were spotted. the father of one of the suspects believes his son is on a suicide mission. he and his childhood friend kam mcleod are waned in connection with the shooting death of north carolina native china deese and her boyfriend lucas fowler last week. the teens have also been charged in the killing of leonard dyck. investigators say after traveling more than 3,000 miles across canada, it's unclear whether they're still hiding out in the rural community of gil lam where they were last seen. >> our investigators are also exploring the possibility that the suspects may have inadvertently received assistance in leaving the area. >> as the manhunt intensifies authorities tell abc news
4:32 pm
they're also investigating whether there's images play a role in the case. as reported by the global and mail, schmegelsky sent a fellow video game of him holding a rifle and another wearing a gas mask and another with a nazr armband and knife. the suspects may have changed appearances. investigators are following up on more than 120 tips and going door to door hoping to generate new leads. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> the search continues in china today for victims of a massive landslide. more than two dozen people are missing after tuesday's slide in a mountainous province in southwestern china. the death toll now stands at 20. it buried 21 houses. officials blame the disaster on heavy seasonal raines that caused extensive flooding and landslides across much of the region. >> house speaker nancy pelosi downplayed her feud with freshmanen lawmaker alexandria ocasio-cortez as the two met in
4:33 pm
the end, monatnthdemoats. cosar abby tells us president trump chimed? >> nancy pelosi tweeting this picture of her and alexandria ocasio-cortez tez friday. the two she says clearing the air after a debate over the border crisis a few weeks back exposed a rift between moderate and progressive democrats. >> like you're in a family. you have your differences but you're still family. >> stemming from aoc and her fellow freshman lawmakers criticizing pelosi for urging democratic colleagues to pass the senate's $4.6 billion border aid package. pelosi firing back telling "the new york times"'s maureen dowd the group didn't have any following in congress. the feud reaching a climax after trump chimed in telling it it the freshman lawmakers to go back to the countries they
4:34 pm
originally came from adding pelosi would be happy to make travel arrangements. >> they want to leave, they can leave. >> reporter: his controversial remarks unifying the democratic party to rally behind the four women. >> if they want to gear their wagons around these four people, i think they're going to have a very tough election. >> house oversight committee chairman elijah adding that "family disagreements will not stop democrats from keeping their eyes on the prize." >> the president would love to see us battling it out or whatever, but you know, we're not going to give him that luxury because there's too much at stake. >> the head of friday's hearing he praised the women who sit on his committee. >> i believe with all my heart that they are some of the hardest working members of my committee. >> reporter: now that house members have left washington for their six-week summer recess, democrats say they're looking to move on. mona kosar abdi, abc ne
4:35 pm
one who decided that fake presidential seal that appeared behind mr. trump during his speech on tuesday. according to "the washington post," graphic designer charles lezot created the bogus seal that featured a two-headed eagle clutching a set of golf clubs. he lifted the eeg from russia's coat of arms as a joke for dur mr. trump's speech at a conservative teen summit. audio visual worker who happened to be in a hurry found the seal on the internet and that worker has been fired. lezot doesn't believe it was used accidentally telling it the post that worker is my absolute hero. >> speaking at the national urban league convention in indianapolis today, senator kamala harris pledged to invest more than $70 billion in historically black college and yu electedspr
4:36 pm
remarks that the four congresswoman should go back to the countries they came from. >> women who have worn an oath to defend the constitution of the united states from all enemies foreign and domestic and he tells them to go back to where they came from? we're not going back and in ous. >> this was day two of the convention this year's theme being racial equality. mayor pete buttigieg, senator kiss sten gil brandt, cory booker and joe biden were also guests. >> there is a hidden gem in fresno. how plans for a citrus farm spawned into a labor of love that is drawing tourists from all over. >> it is sunny and warm outside today. it's going to be absolutely hot this
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there's a hidden gem called the underground gardens named after the immigrant who poured his life into it. >> he hoped to turn the land into an orchard. when he discovered the dirt wasn't good enough for growing citrus, he turned to plan b. we take a tour. >> reporter: a pair of signs along shell avenue welcome
4:40 pm
visitors to a hidden oasis near a couple of gas stations and fast food restaurants. >> it's very deceiving when you drive up. it doesn't look like much. but as soon as you head down the steps, i mean, it's phenomenal. the fact that someone 100 years ago envisioned all of that and built all of that. >> reporter: greg is in the middle after i california trip with his father mike visiting from florida. yosemite and sequoia top their list of destinations but a pit stop in fresno had them searching for the underground gardens. >> the description was so intriguing it was hard to visualize what it would look like but it surpassed all expectations. it's really a wonderful place. i would recommended to anybody. >> reporter: after walking through rows of citrus trees and grapevines above ground. >> good morning, everybody. welcome. >> reporter: you start to go underground. down into what was the as a ci
4:41 pm
forest learned of the valley's extreme heat and caved a cave to use as a place to cool off but that was just the beginning. > started to think if i can sleep where it's cooler maybe i could bring my kitchen down here and cook where it's cooler, too. so he move all of his stuff down underground and started living underground. >> reporter: in addition to bedroom and kitchen, you'll find a bathroom, courtyards, chapel and a grand ballroom. the low celings and arches. he was 5'6" tall. anyone taller needs to duck down on the tour. no matter what your height is, you will notice the cooler conditions. forest tierre planned to use the land to grow citrus trees but learned that a hard pan layer of soil would prevent that. with his experience of building subway tunnels in boston, he knew he could use the hard pan as waus for cave.
4:42 pm
>> he was basically self-taught as an engineer, architect, everything that he did down here, he learned's went. >> reporter: it would take 40 years to carve out ten acres with a pick, shovel and wheel barrow. he kept digging till his death in 1946. parts of the underground gardens were unfinished. this car tunnel was one of his final projects. he never used drawings to map out his vision for the underground gardens but his work is putting fresno on the map. they had 39,000 visit erslast year and each year they attract new visitors from the central valley. >> my mom was at costco and i live in this area. i've always seen it but never attended. >> reporter: in fresno county, rueben contreras, abc news. >> incredible. a guinea pig was found in mountain view city hall. found this little guy at the center of the performing arts
4:43 pm
yesterday morning. police say they gave the guinea pig some food and a police sergeant is looking after him while animal control searches for the owner. maybe it's microchipped. do you microchip guinea pigs? >> i don't know. maybe he can sing. he was at the performing arts center, right? there's the crowd, i'm ready to go. how many singing guinea pigs can there be. >> he apparently was ready for close-up. fog is an the coast right now. not much of a cooling effect overnight except near the coast. inland areas will ceelos in the upper 50s to mid 60s. pretty mild overnight. it's going to be hot ennen dangerously hot tomorrow. highs in many inland locations tomorrow, north bay and east bay up to and above 100 degrees. many other locations that don't reach triple digits will reach the upper 90s. a dangerously hot day inland. limit your exposure to the sun and heat. around the bay shoreline highs in the upper 80s to about 90. here's the seven-day forecast.
4:44 pm
you can see that sunday will be just about as hot as tomorrow. we get a sharp cooling trend on monday. welcome relief. high temperatures inland each only the upper 80s on monday and tuesday. most of next week will have a typical pattern for this time of year. much more comfortable and it will be healthier because we won't have such exposure to extreme heat. over the weekend, limit physical activity outdoors, seek shades and stay hydrated. >> take it easy. >> thanks, spencer. >> it is the 50th industry of woodstock. jay-z is out and might the show move out of upstate new york all together. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. the irs is getting in on the bitcoin
4:45 pm
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ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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american women are having fewer babies than ever before. the centers for disease control rports 3.7 million babies were born in the u.s. last year. that may seem like a lot but the nation's fertility rate is at its lowest in three decades. u.s. can no longer replace its existing population with live births. the agency also warns that the rate of premature births is on the rise while the birth rate
4:48 pm
among teenagers is declining. > jay-z is the latest artist to the pull out of the trouble fes. it's not clear why he decided not to perform. his decision comes on the same day that the musician john fogarty reportedly with drew from the event. organizers have hit a lot of roadblocks trying to secure a venue near the original site which is scheduled for august 16th through the 1th. producers of the anniversary concert say they're going to move the venue to maryland. they've secured aid deal to bring the three-day event to the meriwether post pavilion in columbia. the main backer pulled out earlier this year. organizers haven't been able to secure the original site in bethal, new york or the site in rome, new york, that venue smaller than originally planned. >> fans of sesame street can bring a favorite character home, a full sized version at that. check it out. a fully posable photo realistic
4:49 pm
version of cookie monsters developed by hasbro at 3 inches tall. 20 inches it wide and ten pounds. he's the largest sesame street item the toy company created. he also features posable arms, hands, fingers, mouth and legs. you should know. you don't get it for crumbs. it retails for $300. . >> cookie monster has been lifting. he's bulking up. >> consumer news, we all heard an uncle sam likes to get paid. >> yeah, and it does not matter if you make your money in cash or cyber currency. tax man wants you to pay up. >> 7 on your side's michael finney to tell us about bitcoin. >> keeping track of you two. the irs had warnings for those using bitcoin and other virtual currencies to pay proper taxes on transactions. letters have gone out to taxpayers with histories of virtual currency transactions to inform them of what they owe the
4:50 pm
irs. some might have to pay back taxes with interest. others may have to amend past tax returns. and those who don't cooperate, larry, could face fines or even criminal prosecution. if you think it costs too much to go to the movies, there's a national chain hoping to change your mind with an all you can watch subscription. regal theaters plans to offer both monthly and yearly deals by as early as next week joining other chains doing similar promotions. prices will vary by theater location and some subscriptions will start as low as $21 a month. subscriptions will receive other perks like a 10% discount on concession items. but you must have the regal app and a regal crown club membership if you want to take part in this plan. of recalling nearly 50,000 cars because of a drive shaft issue. it will covers acura's ilx
4:51 pm
models for the years 2016 through 2019. a problem with excessive grease could cause the drive shaft to separate. it could even cause the car to move while the transmission is set in park. acura is notifying seasoners about the recall and will replace the affected parts for free. contact your dealership. >> sadly, michael, i have not made a profit on bitcoin. we are at a loss. but i do appreciate your keeping track. >> you're safe. >> yes. >> no worries. >> thank you, michael. >> this week's star takes us to yoga class. up next, this class is happening perhaps in a place you would least expect to find meditation going on. we'll explain. >> right now eric thomas is here with a look at abc7 "news at 5:00." >> are youing for more that avocado toast? why some say their prices won't go down for the next 466 days.
4:52 pm
plus -- >> ♪ >> folks having a good time. this friday afternoon party could be a case study in how to save a neighborhood. those stories and more when ama and i join you for abc7 "news at 5:00."
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primetime tonight on of shield" 8:00. at 9:00, a 20/20" two-hour special on the notorious btk serial killer. followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> abc7 we're always on the lookout for real people doing great things. that's where native singh comes in dedicated his life to help he others through his passion of meditation and music. the people in his class may not be who you would joe bin nab fortson with the story. >> the sounds of an emergency constantly flow through the minds of police officers.
4:56 pm
but inside sfpd's bay view station at least for an hour, wi seemingly no effort, his music brings a sense of peace to these officers. >> for me it's about guiding people into a place where they can tap into their body and mind-set. >> he describes himself as a well-being engineer. setting people's mind, body and soul on the right track through meditation and mindfulness. >> i feel there's a lot of people who have a lot of stigma when it comes to mindfulness. >> as part of a new wellness series with sfpd. >> we're going to tilt to the right side. >> reporter: singh is teaching self-care to officers and a program for others in high stress roles, too. >> a lot of times people get stuck in stress because they aren't able to reframe their minds. >> early mornings, late nights, going into work or court, it can take a toll on your body, your
4:57 pm
psyche. >> reporter: sergeant tracey mccray watched her officers battle with the burdens for years. if the class could help, sign them up. >> i think as police officers sometimes we're skeptical about things because we think they're, quote unquote, new age. i was like yeah, let's give it a try. >> reporter: here she is embracing mindfulness like a pro. >> whether he indy came in, he was so relatable, he felt like one of husband. >> reporter: he has taken his talent all over the world serving orphans in inyad to celebrities on mtv. how did the journey start. >> i was a good typical indian boy, going to medical school. i fell into a laps in meekd school. >> reporter: which turned into substance abuse. he dropped out and lost himself and met a meditation instructor who changed his life and gifted him with his now signature
4:58 pm
flute. >> i travel, i'm on planes, i go everywhere with there. what it does in spaces around the world and what it does in spaces that are dangerous and what itt's amazing what music can do. >> reporter: indie it's amazing what you can do. >> being from the bay area and able to serve the bay area that, kind of uplift the space and area means so much to me. it's part of me. so it's an honor to be recognized in doing this work. >> thank you, indy singh. your selfless work is helping to build a better bay area. you are an abc7 star. if you know someone worthy of recognition, nominate them at jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> we should be feeling very relaxed now. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. abc7 "news at 5:00" starts now. it's getting hot out there.
4:59 pm
triple digit temperatures and heat advisory to boot. up in flames. the video that could be crucial to the case. p>> san francisco's mayor takesa tour. it's a face-to-face effort to change a neighborhood. >> forgive me. holy quok moley. ob cad does sure are pricey. the cost is being passed right along to you and me. >> plus, finally good news about jimmy garoppolo. >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm ama daetz. that breaking news is in san jose where multiple cars crashed including a police car. >> news reporter amanda del castillo is live with what's happening. amanda? >> reporter: eric, ama, traffic is still crawling around the crash scene here at jackson and mckee in san jose. i counted six c ol carith its air bags deployed. we arrived about 40 minutes ago and saw an officer being taken away by ambulance.
5:00 pm
we reached out to the department to see how he's doing. i saw him getting in on his own. other people involved were resp including a few kids. one man tells me he saw an ambulance with its light on attempting to get through the busy intersection. he says the officer was attempting to do the same behind the ambulance when a car came speeding through hitting the cruiser. the driver says that's when a number of cars ended up rear ending one another. we have reached out to sjpd for details. we're still waiting to hear back. the scene very active. six cars with damage still on scene including that police patrol car with its air bags deployed. if you are heading in this re


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