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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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mckee in san jose. i counted six c ol carith its air bags deployed. we arrived about 40 minutes ago and saw an officer being taken away by ambulance. we reached out to the department to see how he's doing. i saw him getting in on his own. other people involved were resp including a few kids. one man tells me he saw an ambulance with its light on attempting to get through the busy intersection. he says the officer was attempting to do the same behind the ambulance when a car came speeding through hitting the cruiser. the driver says that's when a number of cars ended up rear ending one another. we have reached out to sjpd for details. we're still waiting to hear back. the scene very active. six cars with damage still on scene including that police patrol car with its air bags deployed. if you are heading in this direction, you're going tock wa in san jose as this crash
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investigation continues. i'm reporting live from san jose, amanda del castillo. >> thank you very much. now to fog and sun and heat. the bay area's microclimates are in full swing. spencer has more. >> swinging into some hot areas tomorrow and sunday. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies hoever most of the bay area with fog developing at the coastline. warm at the moment. not nearly so warm as it's going to be this weekend. highs in the upper 80s to low 90s in most inland areas. a heat advisory will go into effect 11:00 tomorrow morning and remain in effect sunday for most interior sections of the bay area. we'll see numerous locations with highs in the bay area between 100 and 105 degrees. heat advisory in effect till 8:00 tomorrow night in the san joaquin valley where highs reach up to 110 degrees. a closer look at our forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. playing in a fountain like this here can help keep you cool. there are other ways you can
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stay cool and stay safe. santa clara's office of emergency management has a few simple tips. some of them are as six as having a glass of cold water. >> sty hydrated all day to stay healthy. and also, if possible is, spend some time in air conditioning. so your body temperature can cool down. >> we recommend -- >> well, it's going to be hot at the sonoma raceway this weekend which means it's going to be uncomfortable for fans and the people behind the wheel of those fast cars. >> abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in sonoma right now with more. wayne? >> reporter: it is very hot here. in fact, there's a little bit of a fire situation over my shoulder. we don't know much about it. it broke out about 40 minutes ago. you you can see smoke by highway 37 and 131, a cal fire plane. one of three circling the area. we are told it's three small brush fires. near sonoma raceway.
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and highway 37 and highway 121. we came here to cover drag racing. and a heat wave. it appears we got more than we bargained for. they say it's going to beis wee. we know a place where i a is. >> w paterown burnouts. >> reporter: keeping that warmup area wet may be one of the cooler jobs along the starting line as the national hot rod association comes to sonoma raceway this weekend. >> how hot do the fires get? >> 120, 130 degrees. >> reporter: don't blink. you might miss a heat. >> whoever wins this race will be on the track maybe a minute and a half. total. >> reporter: that's a minute and a half total racing all if you like loud, soak it in. >> do your insides rattle? >> everything rattles. >> reporter: assuming you have never experienced this before, drag racing is an achoired
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taste. these cars for instance from the super street class rate only 800 or 900 pors power. this monster driven by mike salinas of monterrey ranks 11,000. an engine can last one race. they can change it out hot in 28 minutes. what's the thrill? >> the fastest i've been is 334 miles an hour. >> 0 to 60 is irrelevant. this weekend around higher, the heat wave, too. >> i'm from sacramento. this is cold right now. >> where's your jacket? >> i don't -- i'll have one on tonight probably. >> reporter: and as we come back some of the fans in the grandstand ite waiting for the weatherol of 's not so bad. quite a lot of beer, frankly. why not? it's a holiday. it's a friday. if you're wondering how hot it gets in a car, take the
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temperature here at , add 20 or degrees. the races are short. live, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> thank you. the drag races are expected to cause major traffic problems around sonoma raceway all weekend. most notably highways 37 and 121. chp is encouraging drivers not attending to use alternate routes. last year some 85% of vehicles passing the raceway were not attending the event. anybody head together races should allow plenty of time to and from the event. >> there's been another fire at a residential building under construction in the east bay. >> at stanford avenue in north oakland. fire investigators and the atf are investigating. melanie woodrow is there. >> reporter: eric, within the last hour, those investigators released the origin of this fire. they say it was inside the building towards the front of the building.
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they have still not determined the cause. this is what's left of tony willson's building. he was converting an old print shop into seven live/work units. >> we put a lot of effort into these things and now it's all up in smoke. >> reporter: as flames raged thursday night at the oakland building under construction, nate lampton grabbed his cell phone to record video. his wife had a different idea. >> took one look outside the door, saw the flames and i'm going to pack. by the time i came outside, 15 minutes later i could see the building again in investigators receiving assistance from the atf for good reason. >> and somewhat of a normal practice in the city of oakland with the recent fires that we've had in buildings under construction. >> reporter: since 2012, at least eight large fires were at housing construction projects from concord to emeryville. >> it's just very frustrating and sad. >> reporter: willson is hoping cameras will provide answers. the person hone has access to them is in new york.
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he also wants investigators to find a man his crew saw leaning the building last night. >> ironically, he asked for a match to light a cigarette. >> reporter: there were no injuries from this fire. ep bers from the fire resulted in two other small fires in the area. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. there have been several other suspicious fires at apartment complexes being built across the east bay. two of those fires burned at the same job site on the oakland emeryville fire. the latest took place in may of last year following another in july of 2017. a seven-story building under construction burned to the ground on valdez street in the uptown neighborhood in july of 2017. a massive fire caused at least $55 million in damage when flames destroyed an apartment being constructed in downtown concord in april of last year. >> two possible burglary suspects are now in custody.
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san mateo police took off after a nissan ultima when it didn't have license plates. it ended in redwood shores when it crashed into another vehicle. police arrested the passenger but the driver ran off. >> police said they weren't sure if the fern was armed but they did appropriately treat it tas the person was armed and dangerous. officers arrested the suspect a short time later. they have a he was subdued by a k-9 unit after making a move with a knife. burglary tools, narcotics and possible stolen inside were allegedly found in the car. >> mayor london agreed toured a new craft market near the civic center to assure them the city would make the neighborhood safe. the month before supervisor matt hainey introduced an action plan that included more deep steam cleaning of sidewalks. in march we learned the city wanted to transform civic center
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calling for fewer cars and new public spaces and last fall, the mayor announced police would add more foot pa tros in the area. lyanne melendez has more on the mayor's focus now. >> how are you? i name is maty acy. >> reporter: they say to win the hearts and minds of masses, you must lift their spirits. san francisco mayor london breed knows her city full of challenges must also have positive outcomes. for example, the civic centering area is once again a designated community benefit district, a cbd where local property owners tax themselves to fund improvements to the neighborhood. that money goes towards trash and graffiti removal, washing the streets, more public and pedestrian safety programs and organizing events in public spaces like this one at u.n. plaza. >> we're not kicking anybody out. we're bringing about positive influence so hopefully everybody is welcome to engage in the
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activities. >> our hope is we help people, that we help change and save lives. not just because people don't want to see it, but because these are actually people. >> u.n. plaza is being used more and more to serve people. those on ebt food stamps are given $5 clips to buy more produce. there's a farmer's market on wednesdays and sundays and now on fridays a new craft market. >> do you think it has a psychological effect on people? >> i think it does. >> reporter: what about steven, a homeless man? what kind of psychological effect does this have on him? how does this help you? >> i mean, it's just a cool place just 0 hang out during the day. >> reporter: a series of unfortunate events led him to live on the streets. first an eviction. followed bid surgery on his knee. >> things went downhill from there. >> reporter: medical reasons and were you taking drugs? >> yeah. painkillers. >> reporter: he says at least the city is trying to do what
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this street plastic says, helping to reaffirm the faith. in san francisco, lyanne helen dez, abc7 news. >> well, still ahead, are you paying more for that avocado toast? why some say their prices won't go down for the next 466 days. >> it was the adventure of a lifetime. it was also a record-setting climb. >> plus, 1-year-old budding artists in 15 cities. how it au represents a celebration. >> from mount tam, we see little fingers of fog moving out over the bay. they won
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people love it on toast, tacos, chips. it seems like the avocado is a super food favorite.
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jobina fortson explains what some local businesses are doing about the price going up. >> reporter: avocado prices are up and californians we talked to think it's the pits. >> safeway they're always like $3 for an avocado. >> reporter: which is partly why richard james is stocking up at the market. even their camera shy owner tells me they've had to up prices from $1 apiece to two for $4. >> they're good for everything. >> reporter: border tensions between the u.s. and mexico and rising trade have caused the market to surge the most this year than it has in the last decade. a smaller california crop hasn't helped either. along with the threats of i.c.e. raids. mexican avocados have nearly tripled. those are the words off the letter customers can find off the menus at the golden squirrel. they're attributing the change to the political climate. >> all the issues are complicated. different people have different
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opinions. it trickles down to your favorite salad or tater tot nachos. >> the bottom of the letter suggests the prices should come down at the latest by november 3rd, 2020. >> avocado prices have gone up almost three times as much as they were a couple months ago. so trying to run a small business you have to adjust prices accordingly. >> reporter: still andruw snow plans to keep selling californians unofficial food mascot, oh, hey, the golden squirrel's mascot is snacking on one right now. jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> one day before the 49ers first training camp practice, quarterback jimmy garoppolo has been cleared to fully take part. they acquired him in a trade with the patriots in 2017 and he won all five of his starts. after signing a five-year 137.5 maryland deal, his fortunes quickly turned when he tore his acl in week three against the chiefs. with the long road to recovery
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behind him, the team is confident in its direction. >> he's done the work to be healthy. we're back to there. he hasn't played a lot of football. everyone knows he's a good player but we've got to go through playing the position and i just am so pumped that he's healthy that now we can start trying to prepare him for the moment in week one. >> i feel very fortunate that i'm in the position i'm in. my knee feels good. i feel good going into it. mentally i'm in a good spot. now we've got to perform. that's what it's all about now. >> the 49ers play their first pre-season game when they host dallas august 10th. >> the santa clara county fairgrounds have become a big canvas for 14 very talented local artists each depicting from each of the counties, cities on one big mural. >> it's inspirational artwork by completed by 14 of our local artists. >> so my whole time represents a timeline of santa clara county but my part here is hugely about
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the fair and celebrating the 75th annual santa clara county fair. >> it's something to come and see during the fair and beyond. i blib this will be a regional attraction for folks to continue to come and see the beautiful murals painted by them. >> a lot of these artists have either done public art in these towns, need that bridge to build into their hometown, or needed a shot in general, had a beautiful wide portfolio but had not done any public art yet. >> this will be an eye opener for folks. we get cars passing by as the muralists we're painting these and we get honks of waving and appreciation. it's just been a -- it's a dream come true. >> and the santa clara county fair opens thursday, august 1st and runs through the 4th. >> is that going to be a cool or hot period? we're having both. >> spencer might have that answer. >> cooler weather would be a dream come true for sure because it's going to be so hot this
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weekend. here's a look at live doppler 7 right now. sunny skies over most of the bayside locations and inland. a lot of fog at the coast. a little bit of a cooling effect locations near the coast. not so much inland. this is the view of the fog from mount tam moving over the bay and parts of san francisco where it is 65 degrees right now. 70 neck land, san jose. 87 morgan hill. here's a look at the fog hanging over the golden gate. 7 santa rosa. napa 74, petaluma 79, 88 at concord and 87 livermore. here's a view from emeryville as we look at our forecast futures excessive heat will beisen inland areas will see 100 degrees temperatures. 100 degrees plus in numerous locations and a spare the air alert in effect through sunday for declining air quality. here's a look at our heat advisory in effect from 11:00 tomorrow morning to 11:00 sunday night. high temperatures tomorrow and
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sunday will range from 100 to 105 in the hottest locations extending to parts of southern california and into the central valley as well. heat advisory in effect till 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. here's a view from the east bay hills camera. the spare the air today is a spare the air day i should say. in effect for tomorrow and sunday. the poorest quality in the inland east bay and santa clara valley. slight improvement on sunday but poor in the inland east bay. let's take a look at our forecast animation. the fog pushing locally over the bay. even the placeses it does reach won't cool count a lot. it it will burn away from much of the coast tomorrow. we'll have sunny skies along the north coast tomorrow. the fog will linger in other coastal locations. lows will be may beny in the upper 50s to low 60s in inland.
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around the bay upper 50s. closer to coast lows in the low to mid 50s. tomorrow, 675 here at san francisco. oakland 83, south bay 92. 99 morgan hill. inland east bay, 102 at apartment i okay and livermore, 103 concord. 101 fairfield and 103 at ukiah. just about as hot on sunday but a sharp cool down on monday. temperatures dropping 10 degrees or more from sunday's highs. here's the seven-day forecast. relief comes monday and tuesday with inland highs in the upper 80s and temperatures will level out for the remainder of the week and a more typical range for this time of year. it's going to be dangerously hot in some inland areas over the weekend. if you have to be outside, don't engage in strenuous activity. seek shade if you can and stay hydrated. >> with water. >> with water. >> wayne was -- water is the answer. >> i highly recommend water.
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>> thanks, spencer. >> well, get ready to score anda laugh. >> then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> new video of the two teenage suspects linked to the deaths of three people. plus infant twins found dead inside a hot car. police questioning their father
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♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> well, aloha comes to the bay area when the san franciscoer? uke fest returns for its third year event. it the starts with a kook lay lee jam and special lue hula performance. it moves to japan town on sunday. i've never seen a ukelele jam.
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>> that's cool. they sound great. >> it's time for finney's friday free stuff. >> michael has today's give aways. what have you got? >> more music and comedy actually. so following that pretty good. littell duvall has a big concert over in oakland. we've got free tickets for you. he's a comedian who is quite the recording artist, as well. for friday august 30th at paramount theater. it's worth it just going to the theater. it's beautiful. this is by clout sf, the ones offering the tickets. they go for $48.50. but you're not going to have to pay a dime because we're giving out a bunch of those. the flyer at pier 39. do you know what that is? it's like an amusement park ride but it's the one where they lift you up and move you around. it's very fun. very cool. we've got a bunch of tickets for
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it right here. it's the only theme park ride in the san francisco. it coughs about $25 to go on that, but you're not going to pay for that. we'll take care of that for you located at pier 39. it's a flight through san francisco as you can see. it's really, really fun. my kids have enjoyed it. >> those are always fun. how do we get all there? >> go to our website, look for finney's friday free stuff and our website is >> have you guys met before? >> okay, just -- michael, thank you very much. >> scaling the mountain and then summiting a great grandmother sets a record. sets a record. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another.
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>> we can use words. we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different. but we're in
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your hand. the new accuweather app from abc7 news. minute by minute forecasts, plus realtime radar and alerts. keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. >> coming up on abc news at 6:00, the homes will problem in one upcale east bay city and the new approach they're taking to deal with it. >> the harrowing ordeal these birds went through before being released back into the wild today. >> and the staggering number of people not rewarding themselves when it comes to travel. if you hate leaving money on the table, be here for some important tips from 7 on your side's mikell finney coming up in half an hour on abc7 news at
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6:00. >> an 89-year-old woman set a record as the oldest woman to climb mount kilimanjaro. sley now lives in arizona. that's where our reporter caught up with her as her friends welcomed her home. >> excitement is mounting. we should sing a song. >> reporter: you could call them the welcome home committee. >> him him hooray? how about him had who are ray. >> reporter: from the balloons. >> him him hooray. >> yeah. >> i don't know, i can't think of anything else. >> reporter: the homemade signs. >> yea. bravo. or something like that. >> reporter: down to the song. they're anxiously waiting for anne lawrie more, the oldest person to ever hike mount kilimanjaro in africa. >> she said i'm going to do it again. i said you're totally nuts. you're asking for death. >> i see her. >> reporter: so it wasn't an easy hike for anne. she's 89 years old.
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and this was her second time climbing the highest peaking in africa, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. >> there was a point when i really was concerned because i fell before i started up the mountain and i had great pain in my side. and i couldn't take deep breaths. i was afraid if i couldn't kp up, i couldn't go. >> reporter: she made it though. it took nine days round trip. today she says it was all worth it. >> keep yourself as fit as possible. in, body and spirit. get deeply involved in a cause greater than yourself and then don't ever, ever quit. >> reporter: >> wow, that was justinpy zar row reporting. she's incredible. >> she is. why did she climb it? because it was there and she could do it. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm ama daetz for spencer christian, michael finney, thank you so much for inviting us into your homes tonight. >> our next newscast is at 6:00
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p.m. connect 24/7 at see you in a bit. tonight, the intense manhunt r twteenagsuspts.lice going dooo looking for teens linked to the deaths of three people, including an american woman and her boyfriend. new video of the suspects just in. authorities now wondering if someone helped them get away. the dangerous heat wave in the west. more than 40 major wildfires burning at this hour. possible monsoons. tonight, flash flood watches across three states. soaring temperatures from chicago to new york. breaking news. infant twins found dead inside a hot car. police now questioning the father. the mystery motive behind a gunman's deadly rampage. four people killed, including his brother and father. new surveillance video showing the suspect just moments before then


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