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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 27, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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i'm maepd del castillo any san jose.
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this weekend will bring extreme heat. its weather prompting warnings from emergency management officials. >> i'm cornell bernard. a north bay casino step up to protect immigrant rights. why the sheriff is here with a special message. >> i'm in san francisco where young people are learning to fix and code computers. abc7 news starts right now. >> now news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> and let's start with a live look at the view from our mount diablo camera. dark and cool. but sunrise tomorrow will kick off a weekend heat wave. >> several bay area cities could see triple digit temperatures this weekend prompting warnings from emergency officials. let's get right to the a look at the weather with spencer christian. >> we'll start with a look at current temperatures. cool near the coast. look how warm it still is at this hour in the inland areas. 73 in brentwood. many i don't remember locations have readings in the mid to upper 60s at 11:02 p.m.
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we have a heat advisory in effect. it will go into effect tomorrow morning at 11:00 and remain till sunday night at 11:00. this is for interior sections of the bay area and much of the sacramento valley. high temperatures the next two days could range from 100 to 110 degrees. that advisory begins at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow and expires at 8:00 p.m. for the southern regions depicted here. it's going to be dangerously hot in some inland areas. we have air quality advisories and spare the air alert for tomorrow and sunday. looks like the poorest air quality both days will be in the inland east bay. i'll have a look at the complete seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. right now let's head to the south bay. >> abc news reporter amanda del castillo is live with how people are preparing for the heat. >> reporter: larry, ama, i have to admit, it's pretty chilly tonight here in san jose. i had to throw on my station jacket. we know that will change come
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tomorrow. because of the heat, santa clara county is taking extra steps to make sure they're prepared to respond to an influx of heat related issues. if you can't find shade and want to be close to something that will keep you cool, fountains as the plaza de cesar chavez are helping the littlest residents beat the heat. virginia says weekend plans involve being outdoors. >> the house is fun and there's ac in there but they like the outdoors and running around. we cop to places like these. >> reporter: the office of emergency management says thewa atures amptroundhe aa tea nea levels on saturday. almost 100 in gilroy. 100,000 people are expected at the gilroy garlic festival. hydration is key to surviving sizzling temps. avoid early to avoid peak heat hours. >> you can get dehydrated without knowing it and suffer
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heat exhaustion, get dizzy. lose awareness and it's sort of a progressive thing. >> others say their weekend plans involve embracing extreme heat. michele ramirez is hopeful the weather will offer some relief. >> enjoying the breeze when i can. >> the national weather service says the excessive heat watch is issued for inland areas from saturday morning to sunday evening. >> because it's going to keep getting hotter from here. >> reporter: if you insist on being outside of the house, you should consider a place with abundant air conditioning like the mall, community centers or even the library. we know the expanded medical services are expected county-wide. in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. >> you see abc7 news app to get alerts about the hot weather this weekend where you live. it lets you customize forecasts
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and free to download in the app >> a casino is he spending up to protect immigrant rights by assuring the latino community they're safe. >> news reporter cornell bernard is live in reasoner in the park with the story. >> reporter: yeah, larry and ama, the sheriff not exactly the person who attendee at a music and dance party here were expecting to see tonight. but his message was welcome news. ♪ >> there was a surprise guest at this latin dance party at the grayton resort and casino. mark essig. >> what i'm here to assure you is the sheriff of snow may county is we will not turn you over to i.c.e. for minor traffic violations or minor public offenses. the sheriff's office will not assist i.c.e. in conducting raids. >> essig telling the crowd the department will protect the rights of immigrants from the i.c.e. through the california values act which prevents local
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law enforcement from using resources on behalf of i.c.e. agents. >> no member of the sheriff's office will ever ask you what your immigration status is. >> the sheriff was invited by chairman greg saurez who wanted to assure the community they are safe. >> i understand that many of us have been afraid of i.c.e., of trump, of the white house. >> the north bay rapid response network and immigrants rights group say mistrust of law enforcement has never been higher with rumors of i.c.e. raids reported all the time. >> the fear is definitely there. we have seen that more calls are coming into the hot line. >> yeah, and most calls have been reports of i.c.e. raids but they have been rumors at least in the last couple weeks. attendees here at the party tonight seemed to like the message but the sheriff is not doing anything different just
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following california law. cornell bernard. >> the u.s. supreme court is allowing president trump to build a border wall uing pentagon money at least for now. >> that is drawing swift reaction from both sides. here's abc news reporter marci gonzalez. >> in a 5-4 decision, the supreme court authorizing the rheal location of $2.5 billion in pentagon military funds to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border while the legal challenges continue. president trump tweeting wow, big victory on the wall. the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction allows southern border wall to proceed. big win for border security and the rule of law. that now overturned injunction was handed down in may by a federal judge who put a hold on the use of military funding for the president's wall saying it's up to congress to allocate federal expenditures. this after the president declared a national emergency in february attempting to divert money from the pentagon to build the wall. >> what the president tried to
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do was basically completely disregard our democratic process. and just take money that congress hadn't given him to bid the wall anyway. >> this order by the supreme court came in response to a lawsuit filed by the american civil liberties union challenging president trump's use of emergency powers for border wall funds. the aclu responding vowing this is not over. asking the ninth circuit court of appeals to expedite the ongoing appeals proceeding to halt the irreversible and imminent damage from the border wall. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. snir in the south bay, six cars including a police car crashed late this afternoon at north jackson avenue and mckee road in san jose. ambulances took several people to the hospital including some children and a police officer. one of the accident victims told abc7 news the police car was going through the intersection with lights flashing when the crash happened. >> he came through. turned his lights on. cautiously entered the
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intersection. as soon as he got into probably the middle of the westbound lane, that's when he got hit. >> the collision with the police car led to a chain reaction crash. san jose police say all of the victims should be okay. there are plenty of questions about a fire that gutted a housing development under construction in oakland. here's a look at that and other stories making headlines around the bay area. >> it's just vet frustrating and sad. >> since 2012, there have been at least eight large fires at housing construction projects from concordtomiryville. fire investigators saying they now know the origin of this fire and say it was towards the front of the building. > as of now, we have no known cause. >> how you doing? how you doing. >> i've been dying to meet new person. >> london a n reassure merchants account city is doing what it can to make the neighborhood safe. >> our hope is that we help people, that we help change and
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save lives. ♪ >> i think i can hear you at this point. we began doing a story about heat and may finish doing a story about deafness. >> i love the action. i love the noise. i love the rush. >> as the national hot rod association's nationals come to town, so welcome to sonoma raceway this weekend. >> the fastest i've been is 334 miles an hour in 1,000 feet. >> zero to 60 is irrelevant. >> taking a computer apart is no easy task. we'll tell you why these young people are making this their priority. >> a french bulldog puppy stolen from a car in oakland. >> police are asking the public to keep an eye out for the pup and the thief. >> antonio brown showed up in grand fashion to raiders training camp. one problem, he's hurt coming up in sports. here's a look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"
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right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> i strongly urge to you continue watching tv all night tonight. that is a beautiful job you did there. this is absolutely -- ♪ babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you,d.
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oakland police are looking for a dog napper. the department is asking the community for help in finding uni. the french bulldog was taken from a parked vehicle on campbell street on wednesday. one bay area breeder else is them for more than $4,000 apiece. >> san francisco police are also searching for two stolen dogs, look at that face. these little malty photos. a woman told officers she had listed hem for sale online. she was contacted by a potential buyer who she met wednesday at a shopping center in the mission. she says that's when the man stole the two the dogs. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> and new developments tonight, hall of fame horse racing training jerry whoen deserve dorfer may take legal action against the owners of golden gate park. both parks band him after who aes died between december and
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june. they included four of his horses. a san diego judge today ordered that del mar racetrack lift a similar ban. >> part of our commitment to building a better bay area looks at how local police departments can struggle to hire enough officers. tonight san francisco welcomed 24 new officers to the force. 19 rookies graduated from the police academy at the scottish rite center and another five officers is just completed training in san francisco after working for other police agencies. >> and here at abc7, we're highlighting people in our communities doing their part to build a better bay area. >> non-profit in san francisco funded with the help from the city is equipping low income students with stem tools to help them land jobs in the tech industry. >> news reporter luz pena has the story. >> reporter: this is the sound that takes over this room. while these students are coding their minds are actively dreaming and working towards a goal. >> i would like to become a web
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developer. >> help building phones or coding or something. >> i have a design team and while we korea add clothing app called malware and our main focus is to diversify the field of code. >> students are part of the mission short for developers in the mission district. mariajose garcia is one of several students who didn't think a career in tech would be possible. >> my parents didn't graduate from college. they only work like in restaurants, construction. and now when we see that i'm here and doing something to better myself, they're really proud of me. >> that mission was founded two ago. their goalo equip low income students between the ages of 16 and 24 years old by teaching them to code, build websites and fix computers. >> in this class, fixing computers is not just for fun. these students have a bigger goal in mind. to give 300 xurs to low income
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families this year. at the end of the program arc the students get a $500 stipend and a free computer. >> we have enrolled over 100 young people with an 80% graduation rate and as of last week, 45 of them are working either on a fellowship, an internship, apprenticeship, fort time job or full time job in the tech industr. >> what many want are jobs. >> i know coding and program. i'll ready for the job. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> weekend is almost here. we love the weekends. it's going to be hot. >> spencer tells us how hot. >> if you are near the coast or bay, enjoy the coolish weather. it's still warm inland and sizzling there tomorrow. live doppler 7, a little fog at the coast. it's mainly clear. here's a view from our exploratorium camera at pier 15 looking back at the skyline. you ceelo cloudness out there. 55 in san francisco.
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redwood city 64, 63 san jose. 5 at morgan hill and 5 half moon bay. a view from emeryville. it's still mainly clear across the entire region. 54 at santa rosa. pet lum that5, 65 concord and livermore 66. here's the view at sfo in case you want to get out of town. you should book your flight right now.we have excessive heat in the inlan we expect highs in the afternoon to reach or exceed 100 degrees in numerous location and a spare at air alert is in effect through sunday. heat advisory in effect from 11:00 tomorrow morning to 11:00 sunday night for much of the interior regions of the bay area and out into the sacramento valley, farther south heat advisory in effect from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. high temperatures could reach between 100 and 110 degrees in the hottest locations over the two-day period.
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you can see how hot i try to limit your time outdoors. look for shady areas. stay hydrated. an air quality alert or spare the air alert in effect for tomorrow and sunday. the poorest air quality inland east bay. and tomorrow in the santa clara valley tomorrow. improves on sunday. a little bit of a development of low clouds and fog overnight. 8:00 tomorrow morning, some hint of a marine layer. it will quickly burn away especially north of the golden gate. going into the afternoon and evening it will be gone completely. it will probably not cool down much overnight tomorrow lothe mid 50snde'reakmark. sang thing on sunday. cools down sharply on monday and tuesday with highs droing off about 12 to 15 degrees from the highs on saturday and sunday. so looking for some relief, just try to survive the weekend because relief is coming early
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next week. looks like the entire week next week we'll have moderate temperatures with a slight warmup at the end of the week. >> welcome relief. >> it will. >> thank you. >> campbell police are giving a warm and furry welcome to the newest officer. all right! what are we watching? living with directv has been a learning experience. let's see what's on tv. directv satellite powers activate! you're kidding. yeah. that's not how that works at all.
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can you show us streaming apps? sorry. my remote doesn't do voice commands. i guess you could say i'm a little bit old school. lamar, can you dim the lights? stop living with directv. find all of your favorites faster with the xfinity x1 voice remote. a lot of dog news tonight. campbell police causing off the certainly for a new officer because they found the perfect candidate. meet lucas. here's his new i.d. badge. takes a good picture. >> the department tweeted it out today. his first day on the job is monday. several other emergency agencies welcomed him on twitter. santa clara county fire is what i'm going for offered to start carrying dog treats in their campbell stations. that's nice. >> welcome lucas. >> absolutely. you ready for the catch of the year. >> i can't wait to see this. >> this is in the giants game. the guy wear a willie mays
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jersey bare hands the ball and he's holding his baby. >> goodness. >>
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abc7 sports experienced by river rock casino. >> before leading an the giants to three world series titles bruce bochy was mr. san diego and played for the padres and managed for 12 seasons. tonight he was honored at petco park the giants skipper before retiring. young boche with the mustache. two outs in the third. donovan solano drive deep to the base of the wall. tyler austin scores. jeff samardzija struck out six. this is only the mistake. austin hedges ties it at one. for the seventh time in 15 games since the break, the giants go to extras. pablo sandoval the
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real hero is the guys in the mays jersey making the one-handed grab with the baby in his arms. catch of the year. and the giants win, 2-1 in 11. you are the man. a's and rangers sparky here enjoying pure sugar. cotton candy. oakland up 1-0 in the second. chris herman thinks this is gone. dee 'sheeds is robbery at the wall. a's led 2-0 head together fourth. that's when things went wrong. willy calhoun doubles off daniel menken. cabrera added another rbi single later in the game. mengden 5 1/3, the a's lose again 5-2. 49ers reported to training camp today. jimmy garoppolo coming back from surgery cleared to practice. mackinnon's knee flared up so he
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has to wait. the niners decided jimmy mot play in the first pre-season game just to be cautious. he's excited to get back on the field. >> i feel very fortunate i'm in the position i'm in. my knee feels good. i think mentally i'm in a good spot. now we've got go out and perform. that's what it's all about now. >> best training camp entrance has got to go to raiders receiver antonio brown. floating into camp in napa in a hot air balloon. unfortunately he's got undisclosed injury and not able to practice yet. the balloon was creative but jon gruden was anticipating something even more dramatic. >> he's a fun guy to be around, man. i expected a little bit more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute here himself. but he's going to add a lot of life to this organization. >> parachuting in would be different. warriors tv broadcasts are going to sound different next year.
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jim barnette who has done color for 34 years with the team is being replaced by kelenna azubuike. barnette will move to the radio broadcasts joining tim roy. so we'll hear jb still on the radio. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> i'm just glad baby was safe. safely nestled. he better protect that baby. >> yes. hot water tonight. >> but he made
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the weekend is here. >> whoo. >> yes. >> thanks for watching. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for being here. jimmy kimmel line of, slk. see you, stay cool. >> hydrate. >> yes.
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute". >> you see villagers around a well. >> and you see an elephant. >> the rescue drama. when you got car lovers reving the engine. >> the adrenaline gets going. >> the trouble when one driver is a little too jacked. >> he's ready for the x games, nowop dowg m a bighug. >> what happens whe to surprise dad. >> did you leave the ac on? >> a couple take on a cringeworthy grooming task. see the pain and gain when it's time to pull. >> and producers, don't get any
1:36 am
stupid ideas and bring these things in here. >> a little one is in trouble in india. there you see a well and you see an elephant gap. they're taking down one of the walls of the well so the elephant calf can walk off. momma is not happy about it and she engages. >> careful. >> wow. >> oh, just stop moving the thing. she's obviously scared. just stop for a second. >> she probably thinks that it's going to harm the baby instead of help. >> well, yeah. >> she's looking at that thinking what kind of weird trunk is that going after my baby but they keep digging. they're trying to get that little baby out but what everybody is doing is really important. they don't want mom to come around again because they're close. >> oh, nice.
1:37 am
good job. here comes momma like okay, i'm more relaxed this time. my baby looks like it's okay. >> well, now, everybody get away from the poor little guy. by i runni toward momnd baby and mom were happily reunited. now this is in turkey but usually when you see a digger it's moving stuff out of the way. this one is putting a giant tree in a sewage pit and it's for very good reason. there's a bear in there and it needed to climb out. >> whatever it is, it has claws. >> it does have claws and it needs a ramp to get out. you were right. it's a bear but it's a big bear. look at it. on its hind legs standing up. that's not a little baby. that's a full grown one. look at that claw. finally that bear climbs it's way out and hops the fence.
1:38 am
>> people the world over love and appreciate cars. that's why a lot of people will come together and that's what is happening here. they just finished up, this one in particular was organized to raise money for charity. >> the adrenaline gets going. >> you get a few overzealous drivers that think they have more than they do. >> oh, wow. >> this just went from a car meet to a side show. >> all of these people were in a vulnerable position. at this time 18 people were injured by this incident. some furiously. that car was going at an extreme rate of speed. reports say between 60 and 70 miles per hour. this was a recipe for disaster. made.made.
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it sets you back a really long time. in india, that's what happened with these guys. they had gone out on a trip and the options are. >> stay where you are and wait one to two more days until this flood water disapates or go for it. >>ur around, don't drowned. >> maybe they have the appropriate vehicle. >> let's find out. they might that right hand turn and scoot across the waterfall there. >> i want you to make it. i want you to make it. you can do it. >> in a rare moment on right this minute, they make it to the other side. >> don't do >> getting ready for x-games and wants his parent to be able to accompany him and they said they have been down with
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>> did you leave the a.c. >> he does really well. he wants them to be there with him. they're ready to go. the x-games are essentially the olympics for these extreme athletes. >> that's pretty cool. clearly mom is pretty stoked about it. now let's head over to dad. they have been working on this ramp. so when his dad arrives he tells them that they have a noise complai complaint. >> it finally dawns on him and so it's a family affair. as it would be for this little lady. >> doesn't quite understand what's going on referring to the
1:41 am
shawn mendez concert but it doesn't quite click that they're going to the concert. >> we have to go. >> that's great. i love those kind of surprises. >> that's pretty cool. >> make no mistakes. artists even though people don't have it and this artist is proving otherwise. mathematics and yarn and a circular loom to create the most reinterpretation of our people that we have all seen before. 32 years old and she is a programmer. so she decided to use her skills to put these pieces made with yarn together. now she takes the yarn and wraps it around this loom. she does use different colors of thread but then layers them
1:42 am
properly so it's lighter in parts and darker in others. think of it as mosaics and how they come together. >> those kids, this is much, much larger. >> i had one of those, but this is incredible. >> she gets the detail of the eyes, the cheeks, the lips, the nose. you recognize this, a very famous painting. i think most people are going to like this last one. >> give you $100 for that. >> that's going to cost you a pretty penny. >> that's going to cost you a little bit more than $100. but the talent is priceless. >> this is the hottest day ever on british record. >> his big idea to beat the heat, next. >> all right.


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