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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> what i'm going to do is use my electronic -- >> a man with a devious plan is headed down the block. >> where he is going to rig a speaker. >> the moment he brings all the crows to his neighbor's yard. ready to grip and it rip it. >> and aim for the top of this hill. >> an extreme adventure that takes one radical detour. it looks like some shifty stuff in the break room. >> that's exactly what's happening here. >> how cameras busted the workplace culprit.
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eaown the best on the web. and is your average day hike instagram worthy? what to do when real life is not that inspiring. >> believe in yourself! you're stronger than you think! don't be scared! pain is just temporary! >> you are instagram shading! >> about to become a hero for a lot of people watching "right this minute" including mick. >> i've not done it in a long time. [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> okay. >> at this moment he's walking over to his neighbor's backyard where he is going to rig a speaker, going to play -- >> the crow. set that [ bleep ] off, all the crows come down and mob it. hopefully we'll get the crows to come. >> thisaki love viral videos. >> so it looked like he rigs it
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on top of a shed. once he does that, he tests it. [ crows calling ] once he knows it works he starts making his quick getaway. he's 37 years old, his neighbor a 51-year-old grumpy man, he says. but because they are friends, he knows he can get away with a lot. >> you know why it's genius? because i've done something similar to you. >> you did! oh my gosh. rooster sound in my chair for a week, i was going nuts. what is going on? >> every time she sat down, cock-a-doodle-do! >> my gosh. >> do we have video of that? >> no. >> well done. >> and oh my gosh, look at all the crows it's attracted.
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>> bringin lder down so he can retrieve the speaker. >> [ bleep ]! >> confidence -- incompetence, sorry. >> are you sure they're friends? >> i'm really sorry. >> his wife loves it. everyone is givietting a good lh out of this. part of the reason he's jupe set is apparently he had just receded his lawn. >> oh! iceland is known for many things. most notably the awesome vistas and views. they also truly love their offroading sports. that's where we're at here at a formula offroad event behind the wheel. he's about ready to rip it, rip
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it, and aim for the top of this hill. >> all right, let's go. >> hopefully. let's go, hopefully. >> oh! >> oh! >> it's on fire! >> he's totally meant to do that, y'all. >> oh, really? like a double 360? >> yeah, man. >> got some points for that. >> i don't know that they give extra points or any points at all -- >> give them extra points. >> they should. >> if you look at the wall he was trying to mount here, it looks absolutely impossible. it looks completely vertical, practically. they've got a number of different angles. ivorson, i guess he doesn't have fear or care about the damage he might do to his car. talk about the flavor of all that dirt that ended up in his nostrils and in his mouth, maybe in his ears too.
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>> i would say it tastes volcanic. >> all good, thumbs up. my thumbs are intact, i'm good. >> we believe in you. >> yeah, he was sparky too. >> i don't think any of us are surprised that "the lion king" dominated the box office. kind of like lions in the savannah. time to celebrate with the crosby family. ♪ on the day we arrive on the planet and step into the sun ♪ >> yeah, she's busting out her beyonce. >> she did. >> special made for her. ♪ >> she can't wait to be queen, because she does look like queen beyonce a little bit. ♪ oh i just can't wait to be
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queen ♪ >> then of course the most recognizable song, "hakuna matata." ♪ it means no worries for the rest of your days ♪ ♪ is aobm-ee philosophy♪ ♪ hakuna mat hould get pro >> this is very well pruc the l? ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> sung by many of the family members. ♪ the world for us in perfect harmony ♪ >> they had the regular old jackson 5 here, don't they? >> i think it's 3, but sure. >> the crosby 3. >> they are so cute. the outfits. the vocals. ♪ the circle of life >> i love the ending. i thought it was appropriate that the kid with the curly hair
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has to play simba. we're at the workplace. >> what that is? >> i feel like it's something i don't want. >> oh! >> what's that? >> that's like a poison, isn't it. >> no. okay, see, i had no idea. >> in high doses it can cause nausea, unconsciousness, even death. >> he must really hate his coworkers. >> this man in china had gotten into a bit of a feud with his co-worker. he spikes his co-worker's drink with poison. >> that is vindictive, evil, vicious stuff. >> talk about a grudge. >> fortunately when the co-worker went to sip his drink, it tasted like something was funny with it, and reported it. they were able to prove that the co-worker's suspicions were right on track. he was given ten days of detention for causing intentional harm to another. >> that's it?
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>> yes. he's also been fined. the police said he could be jailed for between three to ten years if he's believed to have caused serious long-term damage to his victim. the man in black gets off the bike and heads into this monetary exchange office. the accomplice stays there, holds the bike up a little further on the sidewalk, positioning himself so that when his boy comes out, they can make quick work and get away. you see this one walks fast, nonchalant, doesn't know what's going on. his boy runs out. >> get 'em, girl. >> the entire family comes running after this dude. >> this entire situation has folks online and on social media saying we've got answers for you. their home is above the business and the husband, who happened in be in the shorts, was walking to go into the business when all this happened. he shot out the door after his wife. the dog was like, don't leave me out of this i want in on the action too. >> they got away with the goods. fortunately he wasn't seriously injured.
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villagers spot a leopard in a deep well. >> they took matters into their own hands. >> the dicey rescue that is no easy undertaking. >> whoa! it was planned as a surprise birthday party. see why he's got something up his sleeve too, and in his socks. ♪ (chis not just hurting if you can't make up your mind to quit for yourself,
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closed captioning provided by -- this scene in argentina, a
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job cut out for them. >> what? >> this has a pool. they go up to this sea lion. you see it has what looks like a tire wrapped around its body. the group became frustrated because they did say they called authorities first, but since they took their sweet old time to never show up, they took matters into their own hands. that's when they devised this rig. they get this inside that tube. they're able to secure it. when the sea lion starts fighting back, they just hold on really, really hard. they're able to pull it right off its head. >> whoa! india, we have a massive well. inside that well we have a leopard. >> oh! >> this can be dangerous for them too. so they've got to move with caution. >> but also very quickly. because that leopard is drowning. it's been there for hours. so while they figure out how to
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rescue it, they lower down a log. and that at least gives the animal a place to kin of float. eventually they did lower a trap cage but the animal immediately jumps into -- >> he's like, i don't care what this is, get me out of here. >> so they bring the cage right back up. and here's the shadow of the leopard. but they're not going to release it until they give it a good check-over, make sure that it's healthy, and it can go back into the wild. this was posted by wildlife sos in india. ♪ happy birthday to you 28th birthday. his friends and family have gathered. let's just call this a day of celebration. he cuts into his cake. he calls his lady olivia over. >> let me talk to olivia.
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>> she was able to pull this whole thing off, this amazing celebration. this space that they're in holds a very near and dear place in both of their hearts. because about 4 1/2 years ago, they made their debut as a couple right here. >> oh, tears. >> this is the rest of your life. >> this was a surprise party for him. was this always his plan for her? did he manipulate her into getting a surprise party for himself to get everyone there so he could propose? >> somehow he learned about the plans and decided he was going to make his move during the party. >> i'm going to lose it. >> it's hard enough to pull off a surprise party. it's even harder to pull off a surprise engagement while you're trying to keep the secret of the
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surprise party in the first place. but they were able to do it. >> thank you so much. >> yes, sweet. they do a group toast, say their thank you, and olivia is still in shock. a little praise in this video. praise the skill of the horses and riders. this is the drill team being caught directly from above from a drone being controlled by alex. what becomes of it? it's quite mesmerizing. >> it's like a performance. what is it? >> it's exactly that, a demonstration of just how good the horses, the rider and training, creating a yin and yang in the middle of this thing. they loop in and out, around each other with such precision. it really is something i think that can be really appreciated
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once you see it directly from above, from this particular >>gle. did see the pt where they were literally going at full speed? going through each other? >> yes, great. >> this is absolutely phenomenal. >> that's probably why they're using this particular routine, won three first places, one second place. >> that's teamwork. everyone knows what they're doing. the horses, the riders, making something truly spectacular. it's a place to drive for miles and never see a single thing. the shocker, when you finally run into somebody. >> oh! and see what happens when button the cockatoo meets the new baby. >> meet your baby sister. >> get out of here. piano music] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget.
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thing. oh! >> whoa, whoa, whoa. until you do. >> what are the odds? >> right? this poor guy on the dirt bike, he slides right into the bumper. minor collision there. the rider was able to get back on his bike and ride off. i can't say the same for this guy. delivery person on a scooter. >> holy -- >> no! what the -- >> that car just completely on the wrong side of the road. >> yeah. >> overtaking another car on the wrong side of the road. >> remarkably that rider only suffered a broken leg and a broken arm, and somehow got out of that without head injuries. the investigation on who was at fault is still under way. >> let's talk about head injuries. because this guy is aiming for a big one. he's on a nice big cruiser bike. neither of his hands are on the bars. in fact he's looking at his cell phone.
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>> if something were to happen to him, it's going to make it very, very hard to feel bad for him. you know in this day and age we need these kind of videos to get that little bit of a smile. we start with baby amanda. she's about to meet her big brother. this is button. >> squawk, squawk! >> he's trying to fig or out, what is this tiny human thing? >> meet your sister. >> that wasn't the bird. >> that was the bird. >> get out of here. >> it said yes. >> you have a name for her? >> if that thing came out with "anana" i would have fallen to the floor. >> not there yet. but let's just say it was a success. button liked the baby. here's another baby. ivy is trying mango for the first time.
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>> the greatest thing you've ever had. >> look at that smile. >> yum, yum! >> you get one that's just perfectly ripe, delicious. >> you don't need teeth for that. >> and that smile, oh, that smile. hiking for the gram. >> everybody who hikes think it's that interesting. >> why being one with nature is not so easy. >> learn from your mistakes.
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i'll let you know how close you got to being really good. you see this? that's the door mountain. one of the highest peaks in all of maine. i'm going to climb it! okay, those are the types of things that you might see on your instagram feed. as everybody who hikes thinks it's that interesting. and that's what this video is all about. basically mocking that. believe in yourself! you are stronger than you think! don't be scared! pain is just temporary! >> hang in there! >> it's lonely at the top. >> you love you, be your best self. >> if you're not with me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. geje tussaud. d't g inspid by e
12:27 pm
he includes some of the things those instagram influencers don't show you. >> it's hot on top. >> make your parents proud! you're gorgeous! let your mind wander! >> knowledge is power. >> whatever knowledge does he have for us? >> persevere! >> it's a self-care day, taking care of interester man. >> honestly if your instagram channel doesn't love you, who will? >> don't be afraid, you're a strong, independent woman. >> no caption needed. >> stay strong! >> you're on instagram, show your picture.
12:28 pm
>> ah! >> are we being passive aggressive here? >>hiis straight up, there's nothing passive about it. >> you're powerful! >> pretty funny stuff put out there, thank you for sharing your video. if you want to see the entire thing, >> we made it to the top of this beautiful temple! >> that's our show. there's plenty more on check it out, check with us, and see you next time on a brand-new "rtm."
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msz ♪ basketball has given me the opportunity to be me. >> so much hype around women's sports. >> the skill level is through the roof. >> we have a league that you can go up to and dream about being apart of. >> we are so culturally relevant as a league. ♪ sky is the limit when you're sitting on top of the world ♪ ♪ top of the world >> i kind of see the confidence of players, the confidence of yourself, to make shots that people onto dream about making. >> the hype, the fashion movement, the kicks movement. >>


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