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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 27, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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from mount tam high school, and cornell, you spoke with some of those graduates who knew the two men. >> reporter: yes, that's right, news of the brutal crime has reached graduates here at tamalpais high in mill valley, nobody can believe it and meantime, a funeral being planned for a fallen police officer. >> i'm going to faint here. >> gloria was shaking after hearing the news that her neighbor's son, 19-year-old finnegan elder and his friend 18-year-old gabriel are accused of stabbing an italian police officer to death in rome after an apparent drug deal gone wrong. >> i've known him since he was born and i am in shock, he is one of the nicest neighbors i have. >> reporter: police say they have confessed to being involve are involved in a violent oalt cation that resulted in the stabbing death of this officer. video shows two men believed to
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be them running away with the backpack and the two had threatened not return it unless the man gave them 100 euros and one gram of cocaine. >> i've never seen violence in him. >> the elder family put this note on the door of their san francisco home, requesting privacy. but told us, in a statement, we are shocked and dismayed at the events that have been reported, but have very little independent information about these events. we have not been able to have any communication with our son. both elder and yorth, graduated from tamalpais high school in mill valley in 2018. >> pretty crazy to hear that it happened to people from my high school. i doesn't really expect that. >> charley and his friends new gabriel at tam high. >> i saw him maybe a bit sketchy, but nothing obviously this bad. >> a shocking crime, half a world away, now becoming all too real. >> and those who knew the two men tell us that they were both
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on vacation in italy together. officer mario rega was 35 years old and a newly wed, his funeral will take place in the very same church where he was married just over a month ago. live in mill valley, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> that is so sad, cornell, thank you. we have been sending out push alerts about this story through the abc 7 news mobile app. it's one of the ways to stay on top of breakig news. all you have to do is download it and enable the push alert features to get those updates. two bay area water polo players are recovering, after a deadly balcony collapse in south korea. two south korean men died, when the balcony collapsed inside a nightclub. at least a dozen others were hurt. former cal water polo player john hooper and current stanford student athlete ben hallick both escaped with minor injuries. they compete for the u.s. national water polo team and their team was in korea fore the
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world championships. where the folks in santa cruz have the right idea, the beach is packed there. going further north, it is hot, and some places in the east bay hit 100 degrees. and we do have an excessive heat advisory in effect. abc 7 news reporter liz pena joins us from walnut creek where people are trying to beat the heat. >> reporter: hi, i don't know if you're jealous, but i am very hot right now, probably the ac in the studio right now, so let me tell you, many families came here to heather farms park, to try to enjoy this weather. i want to point to this family under the tree right there. they tell me they drove from oakland to celebrate a 7-year-old's birthday, and hopes to be able to jump in the pool here, at heather farms park and cool off. but when they arrived, they realized the pool was occupied by a swim meet. instead, they found some shade and the biggest tree they could find and enjoyed the weather. let's keep in mind that several
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bay area hot spots could hit triple digits this weekend, and the national weather service issued an excessive heat watch. >> she was telling me, that on your way here, the ice for the drinks melted. >> it did. we are thirsty out here. the water is warm. >> do you know what the temperature is? >> 100 degrees. >> we should check to see how hot it is. >> 100 degrees. >> okay. >> so you're very close. >> five degrees off. >> it feels like 105 to you? >> yes. >> enjoy the heat while you can, by staying hydrated. warming trepid is expected to end early next week with temperatures returning to seasonal afrmgs. let me te you something, many families have told me here, their next goal, their next idea is to jump over to one of the stores nearby to get a slurpee. i think i might follow the same trend that many people are telling me about here.
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back to you. >> i love it. i expect a blue tongue for the news at 11:00 with the slurpee. thank you. lots of people enjoyed today's warm weather while saib savoring the sounds of an oakland tradition. ♪ >> abc 7 news was on broadway for the opening of oakland's 19th annual art and soul festival. the festival also features art, shopping, and food. and in case you missed it today, the art and soul festival continues tomorrow, along broadway, near oakland city hall. the heat is expected to hang around through tomorrow. although some places in the bay area are managing to stay cool. i want to get a check in now with abc 7 news meteorologist up on the roof with the jacket on it. must not that hot. >> not too bad here in the city. temperatures very close to the coast in the 60s but elsewhere we are sizzling, in the 90s, at this hour. look at this. in the north bay, 95 in santa rosa. 92 in american canyon.
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novato at 93. it is 91 in vallejo. area-wide, it is a hot start to the weekend. it is currently 100 in brentwood and fairfield. 91 in fremont. and 87 in san jose. but san francisco, we have that fog for much of the day, and keeping us cool and comfortable at 66 degrees. but we still have that heat advisory in effect, not only for today, and it will linger another day tomorrow as well. and expiring at 11:00 sunday night which means heat exhaustion can occur under these temperatures so it will be a hot finish to the weekend as well. but we are tracking cooler weather shortly behind that. we will have all of the details in the full accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> drew, we will see you then. other parts of california are feeling the heat as well. these athletes are sweating it out in sacramento this weekend. they're competing in the usa track and field hershey junior olympics at sacramento state. spectators sat beneath tents lining the track to avoid the sun. some of the athletes arrived
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here from texas. they are of course used to hot and humid temperatures. but sacramento's triple digit heat does have their coach making some changes. >> in between the races they actually go sit in the cars or out of the sun, and we are hydrating every five minutes. some of them are drinking peda light, and some are drinking water or gatorade. >> despite the heat, the young athletes didn't seem fazed and said today's heat would not impact their performance. over in the south bay, firefighters are watching for flare-ups after a home in san martin caught fire and started spreading. the fire started just before 9:30 this morning, near the intersection of center avenue and kester court. cal fire says the flames gutted the home and spread to several trailers and nearby brush before being put out. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. happening tonight, in the east bay, in about 30 minutes, an annual music concert is set to begin in memory of a 14-year-old murder victim. jenny lin was her home in castr
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years ago and her case remains unsolved. the jenny lin foundation began soon after. and the foundation is sponsoring a concert at 6:30 and cheryl jennings will serve as the emcee. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. a few months ago, we focused on safety and the growing problem of car burglaries. the help that is on the way now for several bay area police departments to bust the break-ins. and a wild chase at sea. watch the u.s. coast guard chase down a boat suspected of trying to smuggle in a massive load of cocaine off the california coast. and several beaches in the north bay have been closed for weeks. why the state is now getting involved
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abc 7 thuse anews is commit building a better bay area and one of the areas we focused on is safety, particularly car posted s, they are constant and signs, warning people to not leave belongings in their car.s san jose, santa clara, milipitam
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and fremont and newark will get $50,000 and it will be up to police departments to decide how to exactly spend the money. it could coo go to awareness campaigns or pay for overtime. all of the cities reported a surge in car burglaries in 2017. and while the pace may have slowed down, the crime remains a priority. the money comes from a state surplus. meantime we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. and starting tomorrow, at 11:00 p.m., we are taking a closer look at the bay area housing crisis. we will introduce you to someone who is renting a closet, you heard us right, closet, for $1200 in san francisco. you can look for our reports all week, starting sunday night. well, drug smugglers chased down on the high seas. and it's all caught on camera. you're looking at newly-released video from san diego's coast guard, showing friday's chase. in the video, the suspects can be seen throwing large bags from
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their high speedboat. 2300 pounds of cocaine was seized from that vessel. the haul made up part of the 26,000 pounds of drugs the coast guard seized and unloaded the very same day. well, just ahead, ukuleles unite, san francisco may sound more like the tropics this weekend. we will take to you a fun festival that features the instrument with strong hawaiian root s. and our meteorologist is up next with the accu-weather forecast, as we take a look outside from the emeryville camera, looking pretty blue in the skies over there. >> a beautiful day for football. the 49ers and raiders kick off fall camp with the first practices and speaking of the raiders, are they ready to win
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believe the source is somewhere else. ♪ how soothing is this? the sweet, sweet sounds of the ukulele, serenaded crowds at the yerba buena garden festival today. and it was the sucker uke fe-- euke fest here and those who were there, participated in workshops and jammed with the expert. the music don't worry is not over yet, and the festivities heard over to hotel kabuki in japantown tomorrow. our meteorologist is outside. everything looks pretty good for the weekend, right? >> it really does it. will be hot again tomorrow. we will go over some tips to ternoon. heat the heat advisory will last until tomorrow night. in for another hot day. live doppler 7 along with the satellite, showing you plentiful sunshine and patchy fog, along the immediate coastline, and the
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numbers, our micro climates are in full effect on saturday evening and 66 in the city and 99 currently in concord and 95 in san ramon, 87 in san jose. and 95 in santa rosa. and san rafael almost equally as hot at 93 degrees here. are some tips to beat the heat, not only today but also tomorrow. stay hydrated. especially with water. if you're outside for prolonged periods of time, try to find frequent breaks in the shade if you, can seek out air conditioning as well. and wear lightweight clothing and don't let your kids or pets inside car, the inside of a car can heat up really rapidly by about 40 degrees in just one single hour. overnight tonight, it's a mild night, after a hot day, and our warmest spots holding in the 60s like antioch, fremont, san jose, cloverdale and drop to 58 in oakland and 57 overnight in san mateo with very limited fog. here is the reason why we're so hot. live doppler 7 along with satellite, a ridge of high pressure which is centered right over southern california and arizona, and that is pumping in the heat, up through much of
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california, and that will stayt the next 24 hours as well. so no change to that forecast. ad 12-hour day planner tomorrow, as we show you the sunday, the sky condition almost a carbon copy of today, very limited fog close to the coast, otherwise already hot inland by noon, in the low 90s, and even further heating by 4:00, with that heat advisory still in effect, we're in the upper 80s, to low 90s around the bay shoreline, exceeding 100 degrees, in our hottest spots, once again. highs on our sunday in the micro climate starting in san jose, 90 tomorrow and 87 in sunnyvalley and 99 in gilroy. and 85 mountain view. 82 redwood city. the coast much cooler, go there if you want to beat the heat. 74 for south san francisco. the north day, another scorcher. 94 in napa. and 93 in san rafael. and sausalito is mild at 78 degrees. the east bay, lots of sunshine and warm. 80 for oakland.
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85 for san leandro. and up to 83 degrees. inland tomorrow, it is hot with the heat advisory still in effect. 104 in fairfield. 101 in brentwood. and 100 in livermore. 99 the high in san ramon. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will repeat the heat again on our sunday, and then monday, it is sharply cooler around hre, refreshing air arrives we get rid of the high heat, 70s and 80s and stays that way through midweek, turning a little bit warmer friday into saturday, and 80s and 90s, but nowhere near as hot as we are this weekend. this is one of the most exciting days of the nfl. the first day of practice. all 32 have the hope that this could be the year. and in napa, the raiders hitting the practice field for the first time in fall camp. and star receiver antonio brown was the big off-season acquisition. the raiders also added linebacker burfick,
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incognito. many gurus believe the raiders will be improved but they're not ready to talk playoffs just yet. if you can the quarterback, he believes the team is ready to take the next step and win now. >> my mind set hasn't changed. i have said it a thousand times before. just because of that, if i need to do something different, i'm not doing it right in the first place, right? and coach gruden wouldn't allow, that you know. and none of my coaches prior would allow that, right? and so, i mean it is what it is, man. it is the nfl, man. we got to win. we got to win this year. no one cares about what is after this. we want to turn around and win 16 games. that's everyone's goal. >> down in the south bay, also the first day of practice for the 49ers. the niners have a lot of players coming back from injuries. from jimmy gee to richard sherman. the veteran cornerback is entering the ninth season in the nfl. and last year, he was far from 100%. after recovering from an achilles injury in 2017. so far, so good, no setbacks. that should free his mind and body, to allow him to perform,
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like he's used to on the football field. >> you know, football is a hard enough game, as is, without having to think about putting your injured foot in the ground and how much pressure to put on it and how many cuts you have in throughout the day so i feel really good. i put a lot of work in this off-season. and i feel really good about where i am. and i look forward to putting it on tape. >> the raiders and football are not the only sport heating up in sonoma. the nhr making its visit to the raceway and don't go to the track if you're looking for peace and >> ear plug, the cars are hot, and so is everyone else out there in sonoma. some people find the interesting and patriotic ways to stay cool and mike salinas is a fan favorite and reyes racing tomorrow. the team is call the the scrappers, named africans and metal and the track, and is enj
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being close to home. but he is also grateful to see the whole country. >> we're all over the country with this sport. it is great to be around people you know, and it gives you a little bit of comfort. like a hug, you know. >> what's the best thing about racing that you enjoy? >> the people. the people. all over the country, we've met some amazing people. really nice people. it teaches you about america, how it should be. >> the a's making their second trade with the royals, in less than two weeks, today getting left-handed relief pitcher jake deekman for two minor leaguer, ninth in the majors for strike-outs for relief pitchers. he has 63 and about 41 innings of work. but he does have an e.r.a. at 4.75. and six losses in 48ma and this is worth seeing over and over and over again. last night, pablo sandoval had the game-winning homerun for the giants in the 11th.
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check out the giants fan who makes the catch. great one to grab it. but look at the other arm. he's got a baby in his arm. that's right. his 5-month-old daughter is not impressed, sleeping but today the giants rewarded the great play by meeting pablo sandoval. what a thrill. the family is watching the giants take on the padres right now in san diego and we will have those highlights tonight on the news at 11:00. >> she is going what is going on? >> finally waking up. >> the ball that dad caught last night. what a great play. you always see when you go to a game, i went to a cubs game earlier this week and a foul ball that made my way and i was thinking can i catch that? stay away. >> that would hurt, right? >> i think it would but the adrenaline, great play. >> thanks. just ahead, this is how it's done. a sheriff's office sends its dive team to train at lake tahoe, but tak
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, residents of one southern california neighborhood say one of their neighbors killed two frequent visitors. thosevisirs peacocks. plus, the oakland. a's signed a new player, eight
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years old and why the a's decided to honor the child with a special batting practice and press conference. >> divers with the placer county sheriff's office got a little help with their training this week. check it out. the team trained by the boat ramp and apparently some geese wanted to make sure they were doing it right. the curious birds looked on as the team waded into the water, gear and all. the dive team helps with search and rescue operation, evidence collection and recovering vehicles and boats. >> you were thinking, wow, they can hol
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