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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 28, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, news to build a better bay or a view that defies all expectations. area. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. it is sunday, july 28th. we're starting with a quick look at our weather. >> live doppler 7 shows fog mainly along the shoreline. we're looking at that diffuse layer. it is 54 there right now. look at the temperature spread from yesterday to today. we're looking at ten degrees warmer in our inland valleys from 24 hours ago. that means we're mild out there. 54 at the coast to 62 in oakland. 70 brentwood. 67 in liver moore. a warm start to your sunday. it's going to be hot again inland today.
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looking at the potential for heat exhaustion in those areas. temperatures approaching 100 degrees. can you make out the golden gate bridge there? moderate air quality north and the central bay but poor air quality inland. temperatures coming down just lightly. 60s at the coast. upper 70s by noontime around the bay. numbers once again triple digit heat inland, but that sea breeze kicks up late in the day. details in a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. this morning the community is mourning a beloved officer it's not just us here in the after two bay area men are bay area feeling the heat. charged with this officer's other parts of the state murder. the reaction abroad. >> bet race >> flowers and messages lining outsun. the street where he was killed in the line of duty. one of them reading your service will not be in vain.
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>> repor to m some changes mario was always, always, always because of these triple digit a helpful person. all of us and the whole heat. you know, you have to make up for it and do what you got to neighborhood could always count do. but a lot of people also enjoyed on him. the 35-year-old was the warm weather. they were savoring the sounds of an oakland tradition. death. both tourists from all right. so abc news was on broadway for francisco. authorities say the two the opening of oakland's 19th confessed to being involved in a violent altercation. the policeman stabbed disturbing annual heart and soul festival. so let me show you some video from there. a scuffle of two people tried to ♪ looks nice out there, right? ransom back a backpack. law enforcement says they found overwhelming evidence in the teen's hotel room, including the this was the 19th annual art and itg and tival. alleged murder weapon cleverly concealed behind one of the food. and the good part is, if you ceiling tiles and bloodstain clothing supposedly worn in the missed it, the festival continues today starting at noon
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attack. and goes along broadway near their bags packed and their oakland city hall. also happening today, you flights booked. can beat the weekend heat by abc news new york. >> it turns out he has family in plunging into a pool. today is national water park italy, goes there every summer. day. many say this day started in this time he invented his friend 1977 when one of seaworld's to join him. reporter has me lt founders opened wet and wild in orlando. nearly every state has at least one water park with attractions home. >> i have been around gabe on including lazy rivers, wave drugs. pools, slides. he's insane. he has a lot of anger. and here in the bay area there >> a high school grad who did is hurricane harbor, six flags, raging waters in san jose and not want to be identified told me about gabe reputation on boomerang bay and great america. campus. >> he is known around here as a that does not sound like a bad drug dealer. he's gotten away with so much >> many of those places approaching 100 we are looking at another day trouble. >> tonight they are in custody where the coast will be in italy, accused of murdering a comfortable and cool. police officer after stealing a walnut creek a beautiful view. backpack and demanding drugs and temperatures in the upper 90s. exchange in return. head five miles east and you'll the officer and his partner both be over 100 degrees. in plainclothes showed up at the once again excessive heat inland. a spare the air alert.
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drop location and police say they were attacked by the teens. but, wow, it's going to be nice at the coast. we'll talk about the cooldown both two know both suspects headed your way. paint a different picture of the also next the raiders opened two. >> he's one of the nicest training camp. neighbors i have. derek carr shares h >> the family put this note on the door requesting privacy. in a statement they told us, we are shocked and displayed at the events that have been reported, but have very little independent information about these events. his junior year he transferred. but they didn't become close until they connected at santa barbara city college where they both go to school. >> under italian law a person participating in a killing is at risk of being charged even if he or she didn't carry out the act itself. >> to learn more about these two
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suspects and the crime, head to our website, investigators are working to find out what caused a fire in san jose. smoke rose yesterday evening. you are looking at video from the citizen app. luckily nobody was hurt. firefighters say it took them about 45 minutes to bring the fire under control. >> this morning a rape suspect is accused of faking his death.. his teenage son reporting him missing, claiming his father went for a nighttime swim back in february. researchers spent three days looking for the 55-year-old gordon. now he's in custody after u.s. marshalls captured him in
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colorado. when you think about landmarks around san francisco, structures like colorful homes nominated when the state panel votes. backers say the station represents an example of the a's will try to earn a brutalism, a style popular back split in their four-game weekend in the 1960s. series against the rangers. an older building on market first pitch is at 1:07 p.m. and street will also be considered for the same distinction. madison bumgarner is scheduled trying to beat the heat this to make his last start before weekend is pretty tough. the trade deadline. abc 7 news reporter has more the giants face the padres at from walnut creek. are you happy that it's hot 1:10. and that it's nice out here? anthony flores shows us how day >> no. >> this type of honestly is sev one went. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. going from worst to first in the division is not as impossible as it sounds in the nfl. celebrating his birthday and was since 2012, seven teams have not the only one to select the hottest days of july. done it. thand's wh
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some adults felt the sameway. and that's what the raiders will >> the ice for the drinks be striving for this season. melted. >> it did. plenty of excitement in napa. it is very hot. like i'm sweating right now. >> reporter: the national weather service sent out a heat star receiver antonio brown was the big off season acquisition. advisory starting saturday at 7:00 a.m. the raiders also added the fire has multiple fire chiefs on standby for heat the raiders will be improved, related emergencies. >> we had five to six heat but they're not ready to start related calls, which is above talking playoffs just yet. average. but based on the heat index we if you ask derek carr, he believes this team is ready to are expecting a lot worse. >> reporter: but the heat didn't take that next step. stop many people. >> my mindset hasn't changed because i said it a thousand kids coming out of this swim times before. if i didn't do something meet had one thing in common, different, i'm not doing it they wanted more water but this right in the first place and time to drink. coach gruden wouldn't allow that >> i think we probably went through about five or six and and none of my coaches prior would allow that, right? and so it is what it is, man. it's the nfl, man. probably about four we got to win this year. no one cares about what's after this. we want to turn around and win 60 games just like everybody. last to first. pas i can today.hydrate as much that's everyone's goal. >> reporter: the first day of
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i have a headache, so i will practice for the 49ers as sure drink as much water as i can and the slurpe. >> i decided to see what the man is entering his ninth seaso. fuss was about. i must confess, this is my first >> football is athintut your ind slurpe ever. it is good. don't let that replace your foot in the ground and how many cuts you got in it throughout regular water intake. the day. so i just feel really good. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. i put a lot of work in this off season and i feel really good and don't forget you can about where i am. download the abc 7 app to get a's and rangers at the alerts about the dangerously hot coliseum. bottom six with a home run on weather where you live. you can allow push alerts for updates sent directly to your adrian samson to make a 5-0 mobile device. happening right now more game. than 27,000 runners are getting these two have history. samson got the upper hand. ready for the san francisco the a's ready to backup their marathon. it is about 20 minutes away. man as the two exchanged words. more than 80,000 spectators will but no need just yet. you know what's coming next, fill the city. you can see across the golden bottom eighth, he says, you want gate bridge and back to golden
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let's go. and the benches empty. gate park. now, many muni busses are being montero, who was ejected from rerouted out of the race. the game. how about the little leaguers? race organizers recommend using they are documenting the whole bike share, ride share or thing. a's win it 5-4. scooter rentals if you want to get around. >> oh, gosh. today's series finale should be very interesting. another warm day for us? giants and padres. >> yes, it is. but in the city right now in the 50s. 60s elsewhere. kawhi leonard at the time. we still have our heat advisory and temperatures will be approaching 100 degrees inland. fernando tattoos that one to but a bit of cooling is on the center. 3-0 pads. way late today. but don't stop believing. 62 degrees over oakland. steve perry in the house. another day where numbers will reach about 80. giants get one back in the so we'll talk about the last day sixth. that makes it 3-1. that same inning they had two on next. all right, thanks, lee say. and only one out, but they also next house speaker couldn't get the key base hit. nancy pelosi is calling kevin pillar gives that one a president trump racist. what he said about her hometown ride. kevin mitchell, are you that prompted a response. available to pinch hit? and why the oakland a's let giants lose it 5-1.orts. an eight-year-o
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i'm anthony flores, have a great sunday. all right. it is 5:47 this morning and wit good morning. another warm one. although there will be subtle differences. lack of a marine layer there. it is nice and clear. we have some fog set up along the shoreline. that's allowing for reduced visibility right at the coast. otherwise, it's a warmer start this morning. temperatures are about ten degrees warmer than we were yesterday. from our east bay hills camera, you can see how clear it is. another spare the air alert with 59 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. good morning san jose. 10 degrees cooler in morgan hill with 54 on the coast. this is a view from 280 in san jose, where it is nice and clear there. dluckily her dorm iss heabout 10 minutes. napa checking in at 55 with 60s from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, for you ncord. and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. 67 livermore.
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with over 6,000 hotels across the country, it was a warm night and compared a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. to yesterday with all the heat yesterday, nine degrees warmer visit san jose and looking at seven degrees warmer this morning. looking at not only the patchy fog at the coast, but with that we're going to have the sea breeze. it will be comfortable there. another heat advisory through 11:00 tonight. but the numbers will cool off. a stronger push of that marine air. it will be a comfortable night tonight compared to last night. temperatures about 20 degrees cooler tomorrow in our inland valleys. so the lack of fog this morning, this is your sunday. little fog setting up throughout the late afternoon around the san matae coast. more fog pushing east to the t millionur a cooler.
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downtown aut 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. walnut creek near 100 yesterday. 96 today. and yesterday it was 101 at the house ser nancy pel livermore airport. 100 today in antioch. atck a top ranking member a lot of widespread 90s. look for 93 with 90 in san jose. pelosi was born in baltimore. still pretty warm around the bay. temperatures a little different both her father and brother served as mayor of the city. around oakland and freemont >> reporter: president trump and congressman exchanging words on today. that sea breeze gets going and twitter. the president's twitter tirade we'll feel it on the peninsula sparked by a report on fox and for you. 78 degrees. a look at that fog pushing friends showing video of across the bay tonight with temperatures back into the 50s and 60s. abandoned buildings and trash in better sleeping weather. west baltimore. 60s at the coast. the president began his tweets 80s around the bay. callings cummings a brutal bully triple digit heat inland today for another heat advisory and a spare the air alert. today the hottest day of the
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and saying his district is far force than the situation at the next seven days. border. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own but as we get towards about feces. >> reporter: referring to a meet thursday, numbers coming back up. doesn't look like to the extreme we've had today and yesterday. this week during a hearing over the way migrants were handled at >> that should be nice, a good the border. the president referring to his district as a rat and rodent compromise. >> thanks, lisa. the bay area is home to some infested mess and saying if the of the most valuable companies in the world. congressman spent more time until recently, very mu of those there, he could help clean up companies were founded by women. the area. as part of our ongoing efforts to build a better bay area, we the disdain between between betn sat down with one female founder who is doing her part to change the numbers, using lessons she learned from building her own nothing new. >> do you believe donald trump is a racist? >> yes, no doubt about it. billion dollar company. >> reporter: these companies are part of an exclusive club, about that response is the congressman reacting in the wake of president trump's attack on a 300 plus members strong. each one of them privately held group of four democratic and valued at more than a minority makers known as the billion dollars. what's known in the startup squad. world as unicornham c2004, th coming up on this week, 2020 presidential candidate and new
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york city mayor will discuss the u.s.-based unicorn with a female latest on his campaign. you can watch the full interview founder. >> i think 20op goes down on this week at 8:00 right here as the tipping point for a on abc 7. lasting change. it is the first year ever in may have to pay afterinign . which several billion dollar companies were founded by women. >> reporter: at the beginning of the year, the data software her campaign accepted donations over the legal limit from the company was valued at $2.5 owner of several large billion, putting her in this properties. 11 west partners$2,400 small club. 13 other companies with a female over the limit. founder. small number, big leaps, a spokesperson for the 2018 campaign says it unknowingly considering that female founded accepted unauthorized unicorns make up less than 15% contributions and now has of the landscape. >> i think it is about a leak in additional safe guards in place. the ethics commission is meeting the pipeline, right? it is about this ability -- on august 5th. abc 7 news is committed to inability to cross the credibility line. at some point you get tired of building a better bay area. one of the issues we focussed on fighting the fight. >> whether it is how she runs is safety, particularly car her meetings or her work, she break-ins. they're a constant problem and says she considers it a great several cities have posted signs not to leave belongings in their responsibility to bring more car. women and other underrepresented according to our media partners, groups into leadership
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positions. >> when you are breaking each will get $750,000 to stop ceilings and introducing new change, someone has to go up there and show other women that those break-ins. you are almost close. it will be up to the police >> what is the one barrier if you could take it down right now departments to decide how they want to spend the money exactly. for anybody trying to get into leadership positions, what would it could go towards awareness campaigns or pay for overtime. it be? >> the lack of real champions. while the pace may have slowed down, the crime remains a next, the a's will hold priority. the money comes from a state their annual root beer float day surplus. and we want to hear your at the coliseum. ideas about building a better bay area. celebrity sc you can join our better bay area group on facebook. starting tonight at 11:00 p.m., we are taking a closer look at the bay area housing crisis. we will introduce you to someone who is renting a closet for $1,200 a month here in san francisco. you can look for our reports all week starting tonight. happening today in the east bay, a community celebration for the restoration of the mid-century monster. this was one of the first pieces
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of playground art in the country when it was built in 1952. but it had been fenced off for several years because it was falling apart. that was until a local fan club raised $50,000 to restore it. that celebration starts at 11:00 this morning at lake side park in oakland. all right. we're going to toss it over to lisa and get our forecast this morning. good morning to you. our marine layer shallower. dense fog at the coast. the fog certainly not in our east bay. temperatures are warm there, the source of our heat yesterday. a big dome of high pressure to the south of us. but that is going to weaken as the system moves out from the north. and that's going to allow for a stronger sea breeze today and for much of the week ahead. here is a look from our east bay hills camera. you can see that it's nice and clear out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 59 in san francisco.
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62 in oakland. 69 in san jose. half-moon bay a cool 54 and clear sky right here in san francisco away from the coast, 58 santa rosa. 60s over in the east bay. 69 by the delta. southwest wind at 6 miles an hour. the winds are light. the fog is more compressed. we're starting now with temperatures warmer than they were yesterday. 8 to 11 degrees warmer from concur to fairfield. we didn't cool off all that much but with that sea breeze getting warmer late in the day. temperatures will come down more here are the winning numbers tonight. nice clear view. from last night's power ball check this out. drawing. 1, 19, 31, 48, 61. very sparkling city this morning. so patchy fog at the coast. the power ball number 6. the heat advisory another day nobody takes all six numbers. today and much cooler air wednesday's jackpot goes to $88 tomorrow. could be as much as 20 degrees million. happening today, something
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cooler. the fog has moved into the sweet is brewing at the oakland coliseum. the a's are hosting their 20th we 60s again and 74 oast.ctgunit annual root beer float day. ee benef unlimited refills. unity fund. we will be there,plers, in santa cruz. if you are spending time in the khris davis and manager bob south bay another warm one there. look for mid-80s. melvin will also scoop floats. the gates open at 10:30 this morning. coming next, from graduating high school in the bay area to 87 sunnyvale. temperatures with that sea being locked up in an italian breeze late in the day will be jail. in the upper 70s and in san accused of stabbing a police officer todeath. francisco coming down about 6 to those who knew these two young 8 degrees. men speak out. numbers in the upper 70s yesterday. 68 today downtown. look for 90s tomorrow. 92 today in santa rosa. so another warm day here with 100 well up towards clear lake. 80 again for you in oakland. we were near that yechlsterday.
5:19 am
temperatures still pretty hot with less fog and that atmosphere again. we will heat up quickly. it will take another day to take the edge off this heat. 100 in antioch. livermore at 100 degrees. makes it all the way into inland east bay with temperatures back into the 50s. the seven day forecast a lot of sun today. mid-80s around the bay. 102 inland. and tomorrow sharply cooler. a big push of marine air. each and every day, the morning fog, afternoon sun and temperatures ranging from the 60s at the coast, near 80 around the bay. by the end of the week, the temperatures begin to warm back up into the mid-90s. and it was a quick warmup yesterday, wasn't it. >> oh, my gosh. i was like i take back everything i said so far about enjoying this hot weather. >> i'm not going to say i told >> you can. >> really in the city, though, usually it is pretty nice. but one of these heat waves we
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nothing beats getting the latest trends at good morning. it is sunday, july 28th. we are starting with a quick look at our forecast. here's lisa. >> good morning to you. we have patchy fog around the bay. here's live doppler seven certainly set up along the coast and making a push across the bay. it is a beautiful shot. you can see the tower to the golden gate bridge. and that fog has allowed temperatures to drop into the 50s. 59 here. 61 over in oakland. 62 in redwood city with 59 in morgan hill. 54 at the shoreline and looking this morning it's clear so the fog along the media coast right now. with the 50s, it certainly has
5:23 am
a festival in the south bay that event goers say promised unlimited beer and tacos fell short of expectations. some people left with a bitter taste. >> reporter: flowers and heart warming cards for her birthday. but this is the gift she wanted to share with friends, a good time at the bay area taco and beer festival. >> unlimited tacos, unlimited
5:24 am
beer, walking around multiple venues of booths to go to and lots of tastings. >> reporter: she said the wait for one free taco was 90 minutes. >> never got a free tactaco, no. and they started charging $2.50 a taco. >> reporter: the event ran from 3:00 to 6:00 with those vip tickets let in an hour early. some vendors began closing up 90 minutes early. >> a lot of people were starting to walk out as soon as they put their signs up that said that they were no longer giving out the free tacotacos. >> reporter: similar complaints on yelp and reddit. a spokesperson at excite ballpark identified the event promoter
5:25 am
event bright did respond to our inquiries and told us in the rare instance that an event significantly underdelivers on what was advertised, we work with all parties to reach a fair outcome. in this case we have been working with the organizer to issue refunds tottende ve ruested them. all four people who contacted seven on your side have received refunds. >> thanks to seven on your side, i heard back about an hour ago that i have a refund, thanks to seven on your side. >> we'd like to thank event bright. two of the four who contacted us actually received the refunds prior to us contacting event bright. you might want to think twice about ordering delivery through apps. a new survey funds one in four
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delivery drivers take food from what they're dropping off. 28% of drivers admitted to taking food from their deliveries. more than half say they are tempted by the smell of the food they are delivering. customers want restaurants to switch to tamper evident labels to make sure the food arrives intact and untouched. a back to school drive is in desperate need of donations this year. they put together supply kits for students and teachers every year. 3,300 students have signed up for backpacks. they have calculators, usb drives. only 2,000 pack babackpacks are available. donations can be made monday through friday at 1381 south see team for a day thanks to the
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wish a make foundation. he has had multiple surgeries. he even got to sign a contract. >> he was signed in august to an a's contract to be a member of our 2019 a's team. you are officially an oakland a. [ applause [ applause ] >> august also got to take home his own uniform after hanging out with his heroes. still to come, friends and family hold a vigil for an lapd officer killed off duty. and looking to find a solution. the steps tribal members from the pacific northwest are considering against the south florida sea aquariu an or ka
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good morning. and we are starting this half hour with a look at the here's lisa. >> good morning to you. here is walnut creek where it is nice and clear and still pretty mild out there. current temperatures in the city, though, in the 50s. san francisco. 62 oakland. redwood city. 69 in san jose. morgan hill is at 60 and half-moon bay, a cool 54 with some fog. speaking of fog, low clouds and fog along the coast. it's a shallow deck this morning and we've got 50s in the north bay through napa. but it is mild still in concord and livermore. yes, tough sleeping last night to tonight a different story. 24 hours ago we were cooler. the heat is still with us in parts of the bay area from yesterday. as a result, we still have our heat advisory from inland areas again today. it will be another quick warmup today and the areas highlighted in orange. the temperatures flirting with
5:31 am
100 degrees. it is pretty clear here from san francisco. and looking at a spare the air alert day. so we'll be looking at numbers coming up quickly once again. check it out. here we are early at 10:00. but by 2:00, we're near 100 degrees out by the delta. >> thanks, lisa. developing news, a man is dead and 11 others injured after a shooting at a block party in new york. it happened in brooklyn. it sent dozens of people running. the people, quote, shattered a peaceful neighborhood event. the mayor says he will do everything to get guns off the streets to keep everyone safe. the conditions of those injured are not known and police officer have made no arrests police are focussing on a street gang as the hunt for the people that killed an off duty officer.
5:32 am
amy powell from our sister station in l.a. has more. >> what we mainly want is for all of you guys to remember juan for the goofball he was, the personality he was, always made someone smile. >> reporter: heart felt words from the grieving sister of a slain lapd officer. a kacandle light vigil bringing together friends of dee i can't say. the 24-year-old officer was off duty when he was gunned down. >> and even if we lose someone who is not blood, it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: former police academy class mates organized the vigil. >> he was always trying to do the right thing and his heart was always in the right place. >> reporter: he joined the lapd four years ago, fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a police officer. >> he was a 24-year-old kid who loved his job.
5:33 am
>> he grew up in a bad neighborhood infested with gangs. yet, he led a good life, graduated with no issues. >> it is a senseless murder. obviously it's -- there was no altercation. the officer didn't, you know, threaten in any way. he was walking away. and then he was murdered. >> friends are offering support to the officer's broken hearted family. >> we have a mom, a dad brokenbn can't even come because of how broken they are. >> reporter: amy powell, abc 7 news. a florida theme park
5:34 am
lawsuit. they wantg r ba to thnohwt. but the aquarium doesn't see her return as a good thing. putting her back in the water would harm her whale pod. >> she could be carry ing she's used to carrying here. >> i think we have really good chances with all the other organizations and tribes that will back the lawsuit as well. >> members of the tribe say they hope to sit down with this aquarium to find a solution. we have learned two water polo players hurt when a balcony collapsed last saturday at bay area ties. johnny hooper and ben halek are recovering after suffering minor injuries. more on how it happened. >> reporter: a nightclub balcony
5:35 am
suddenly collapsing in south kor korea. video capturing video inside the club as they try to hold up the balcony as it was crashing down. terrified people crying in distress as some climb on top of the bar to support the balcony. one hahn trying to prop the structure up with a pole. the people underneath scramble to safety. four members of the usa water polo team who were at the krclu celebrating the team's win on friday. undergoing surgery for a deep laceration in her left leg. all usa water polo athletes are safe and accounted for. south korean police on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong causing this deadly accident. abc news london. formeroxdvisal w shot on ju
5:36 am
released from a boston hospital friday where surgeons removed part of his intestine and g gallbladd gallbladder. the intended target police say was ortiz's friend. the voice behind disney's minnie house has passed away. she beat out 200 people for the coveted role in 1986. she met her late husband at work as the voice of mickey mouse. disney is a parent company of abc 7. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, the bay area is the epicenter of the tech industry. the area is called unicorns. there has been a theme among the people that founded those companies. they're all men.
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but that's changing. all right. we're going to take a look m, hoping to see some runners out there because the marathon just started six minutes ago. i think they're making their way. we'll see a few of them going by.
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