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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  July 28, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning, it is sunday, july 28th i'm cue massy aaron. we are starting your newscast with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. you can see along the coast we have some fog. that's where it is getting dense in spots. we are looking at a wide range of temperatures again in san francisco we are this the 50s. but in the south bay this the low 70s. and visibility just a mile at the coast. check out our sutro tower camera. the bridge is engulfed in the fog. 73 in napa. mid 70s in concord and livermore. this morning we are wake up to
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warmer temperatures due to yesterday's heat. and today another spare the air alert. also a heat advisory inland. temperatures will be in the 90s around noontime around livermore. upper 70s fremont. 60s pacifica. and later on this afternoon the breezy kicks up in redwood city and san mateo. oppressive heat one more day. today a big push of clouds across the way for a cooler start to the work week. kumasi. right now we are getting video into our newsroom out of italy. this is people coming to pay their respects to a police officer who was killed there with connections to the bay area. police say one of the suspects was blindfolded for a few minutes before he was questioned about the deadly stabbing on friday. police paying their respects to the beloved officer today. abc news reporter david wright has the latest.
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>> reporter:wo boys from the san francisco bay area are being hold in a roman prison accused of murdering a policeman. friends and family members back home are shocked. >> i have never seen violence in him. >> reporter: italian authorities say the two confessed to being involved in violent altercation over a stolen backpack in which the police officer was stabbed. police say the boys were demanding money and cocaine to return the back. the suspects caught on security cameras as they fled the seen. police say they found overwhelming evidence in the suspects' hotel room including the alleged murder weapon cleaverly concealed behind one of the ceiling tiles as well as bloody clothing supposedly worn in the attacks.
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their bags packed, flights booked. this case is politically charge. the biggier was 35 years old, a newlywed, tomorrow his funeral takes place at the same church where he was marrie just over a month ago. one of the american suspect's families say they haven't been able to contact their son. after saturday's detention hearing elder described his client as psychologically tried adding he is a 19-year-old boy. david wright, abc news, london. >> it turns out hjorth has family in italy and goes there every summer. this time he invited his friend elder to go with him. >> when gabe is an drugs, i have been around him on drugs, he is insane. he has a lot of anger. >> reporter: a fellow grad who didn't went to be identified told me about natale
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anger problems. >> he has gotten in so much trouble in marin. >> reporter: he and a friend are accused of murdering a police officer in italy after allegedly stealing a backpack and demanding drugs and money in exchange for its return. plainclothes police officers showed up at the drop location and police say they were attacked into i the teens. >> i have infer seen violence had him. >> reporter: those who know him paint a different picture. >> he is one of the nicest neighbors i have. >> reporter: at elder's san francisco home the family put this note on the door requesting privacy n. a statement, they told us we are shocked and dismayed at the events that have been reported but have very little independent information about these events. we have not been able to have any communication with our son. elder left sacred heart high school his junior here in temperatured to tam high later that year. he and in a at the hjorth didn't
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become close until they connected at santa barbara city college. >> it is said elder is the one who stabbed the officer but under eye tal land yeah a person can be charged with murder even if he or she doesn't carry out the killing itself. abc7 news. >> to learn more about the two suspects and the crime, head the our website,, we will be posting updates there and on our free abc7 news app. in the south bay investigators are working to find out what caused a fire that dro destroyed more than a dozen vehicles at a junkyard. this is video from the citizen app no one was hurt. this morning a rape suspect from scotland is in custody here in the u.s. accused of faking his death along the monterey county coast.
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his teenage son reported him missing claiming his father went for a nighttime swim at the beach back in february. searchers spent three days looking for 55-year-old. gordon is now in custody after u.s. martials captured him in colorado. he faces 24 counts of rape back home in scotland. when you think of landmarks around san francisco, structures like the ferry building, city hall, and victorian homes may come to mind, well the glen park bart station could get nominated to join the national register of historic places when a state panel votes on thursday. the chronicle reports backers say the station represents an example of brutalism, a style who was popular in the 19 0s. an older building, swedish american hall on market stree in castro will also be considered. trying to beat the heat this weekend? it is tough. temperatures reached three digits in some parts of the bay area. abc7 news reporter luz pena has
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moor from walnut creek. >> repor isot and that it is nice out here? >> no. >> reporter: you are not that happy? this type of honesty is unmatchable. truth is this 7-year-old was celebrating his birthday and was not the only one disliking one of the hottest days of july. some adults felt the same way. the ice for the drinks melted. >> it did. >> it is very hot. i am sweating. >> reporter: the national weather service sent out heat advisory saturday from 11 a.m. from sunday 11.m. contra costa county fire has multiple chiefs on stand by for heat related emergencies. >> we had five or sick heat related calls, which is above average. but base on the heat index we were expecting worse. >> reporter: at heather farms park in walnut creek kids come out of this swim meet had one thin in common. they wanted more water. this time, to drink.
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>> i think we probably went through five or six and about four gator aids. >> reporter: is that enough. >> no. going to stop at 7-eleven and get a slurpee. >> r going to hydrate as much as i can. i have a headache so i am going to drink as much of gallon of water and this slurpee. >> reporter: i decided to see what the fuss was about. i must confess, this is my first slurpee every. it is refreshing. there is a good option but don't let that he ro place your regular water intake. in walnut tariq, luz pena, abc7 news. you can download the abc7 news app to get alerts about the dangerously hot weather where you live. our app lets you customize your forecast and you can allow push alerts for weather and news updates sent directly to your mobile device. happening right now, more than 27,000 run remembers taking part in today's san francisco marathon. [ horn ]
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>> that was the start of the 5k at 7:45 this morning. the first person to cross50 min. the marathon itself started at rerouted and lot of roads are closed to through traffic. you can see the full course map right here. it goes alone the embarcadero, past fisherman's wharf, across the golden gate bridge and back. threw golden gate park and then through the haight and soma neighborhoods. i got tired just reading all of that. but more power to everybody out there running. hopefully it is cool for them. >> they are probably invigorated with the temperatures in the 50s. our friends in the east bay are like what, because it is sunny and 80 in brentwood right now. a live look outside from emeryville where it is in the upper ikts and. near 80 today over in that part of the bay. we'll see temperatures approach 100 again. take it easy out there.
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president trump is facing backlash after his attack on cummings and the city that he represents. the president called baltimore dangerous filthy and rat infested. some are calling those comments racist and unacceptable. white house correspondent tara palmieri has more. >> reporter: the mayor fired back at the president after he called the city a rat infested mess and claiming no human being would want to live there. >> it is unacceptable for the president to attack a vibrant american city. >> reporter: this is an attack on yet another member of color. cummings has been holding hearings on the conditions in migrant detention centers. >> come on man. none of us would have our children in this position. they are human beings. >> reporter: the president attacking cummings for his investigation, tweeting elijah cummings spends all of his time trying to hurt innocent people
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through oversight. he does nothing for r for his very poor, very dangerous and very badly run district, cummings district, baltimore and is majority black. the house speaker nancy plessy swiftly condemned the tweets ads racist, tweeting we all reject racist attacks against him. he also targeted four minority congresswomen last week telling them to go back to the totally broken and crime infests places from which they came. all four congress 'em with are american citizens, only one was born outside of the united states in somalia. the presidents attacks on omar prompting this chant at a rally in north carolina. >> send her back. >> now cummings tweeting is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch. >> brackwell brought to tears by the president's characterization
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of his hometown. >> people get up and go to work there. they care for their families there, they love their children, who pledge allegiance to the flag just like people who live in districts of congressmen who support you, sir. they are americans, too. >> reporter: tara palmieri, abc news, washington. new this morning we are getting our first glimpse into how americans feel about resident mueller's highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill last week. according to an abc news up poll 27% say they are more likely to support impeachment. 26% say they are less likely, and 47% say their opinion hasn't changed. mayor schaaf has been found to have accepted donations over the limit. the commission found 11 west partners llc donated $2400 over
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the limit. 2018 campaign i says it unknowingly accepted unauthorized contributions and has now put additional safeguards in place. the ethics commission is scheduled to vote on possible fines at its meeting on august 5th. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. one of the issues we focus on is safety, particular chi car break-ins. they are a constant problem. several cities have posted signs warning peep not to believe belongings in their cars. according to our partners, san jose, santa clara, mill paida and newark will each get $750,000 to stop them. it will be up to the police departments to decide how they want to spend the money. it could go toward awareness campaigns or pay for overtime. all of the cities reported a surge in car burglaries in 2017. and while the pace may have slowed down the crime remains a priority. the money comes from a state
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surplus. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. starting at 11:00 p.m. we are taking a closer look at the bay area housing crisis. we are going to introduce to you someone who is renting a closet for $1200 a month in san francisco. you can look for our reports starting tonight. they will run all week. happening today in the east bay a community celebration for the restoration of the mid-century monster. it was one first pieces of playground art in the country when it was built in 10952. but it has been fenced off for several years because it was falling apart. that was until a local fan club raised $50,000 to restore it. the celebration starts this morning at 11:00 a.m. time now is 9:18. lisa is here with our forecast. good morning lisa. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. dense fog, visibility less than
9:19 am
at a mile at had bay. as the fog gets closer to the surface it gets more dense thun we should see it clear out. we will see sunny and clear conditions as high pressure sends heat to up in of california today. an area of low pressure sets up along the coast. that is going to trigger a stronger on-shore push as soon as later on today. this will break down and we will see a progressive pattern bringing in cooler temperatures, in fact at or below average tomorrow. here's sfo. the peninsula feeling the sea breeze later on today. it is 61 downtown. and san rafael w no fog, sunny conditions. mount tam, looks like it is warm there. upper elevation, already some readings in the 80s. 81 by the delta. a light southwest wind. that should pick up throughout the day. 69 in santa rosa. compared to yesterday, yes, we had the heat that really kept us pretty warm last night. starting out ten to 14 degrees
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warmer at 9:00 sunday compared to 9:00 saturday. a look at the golden gate where you can see some of the fog floating flew the bay there, not enough to help our friend in the east bay yet by the afternoon. but later on today you should feel the impacts of a stronger on-shore push. so the patchy dense fog at the coast. a heat advisory for inland east bay. spare the air alert today and cooler temperatures tomorrow. here's a look at the way the fog is going to move into the bay throughout the afternoon. 3:00 it is kind of parallel with the coast. then we will be looking at the stronger westerly winds allowing for the push into parts of the east bay overnight into your monday. we will look for sunny conditions. but, boy, it is going to be a lot colder about those breezy winds tomorrow. 90 in san jose today. 86 in milld as. 84 in palo alto. we were in the 90s yesterday. upper 70s, san mateo.francisco, cloudy with upper 60s for you
9:21 am
today. down about 10 or 11 degrees with the sea breeze hopefully on cue by the afternoon. 91 in novato. still another day of pretty warm ever thes with 92 in santa rosa. maybe a few degrees cooler, you see 100 in cloverdale and clear lake. . newark at 87. inland, up he were 90s to near 100 again today. of course that's why we are encouraging you to take breaks, drink a lot of water and stay this the shade. overnight lows tonight with more 50s and 60s as the fog gets a better push across the bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. 60s at the coast. mid 80s around the bay ask. by this afternoon we could see a few triple digit readings in our inland valleys. download your accuweather app and you will be able to keep track of the temperatures which are going down due to the
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stronger westerly wind later on tonight. the next few days are more seasonal and the end of the week we start to warm up again. today is the warmest day out of the next seven. besides a's brands localish is sharing inspiring stories in a weekly series called more in common. this lacrosse team is changing the sport and making life long friendships along the way. >> five years ago we did our first thing. it may have been the only time ever that there has been an all student of color club lacrosse team at one of these events. >> why do you wear the braid? >> i am native american. >> native americans created the game. >> right now we don't worship the game but la across has changed my life. >> your parents never heard about lacrosse. >> no. >> tell me about the head scarf.
9:23 am
>> i wear it to show i am muslim. just because i play lacrosse doesn't mean like i look like everybody else. >> people don't look at them and say oh, it is the
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threw apps. a survey finds more than one in four delivery drivers take food from food they are dropping off. more than half say they are tempted by the smell of the food they deliver. customers want restaurants to switch to tamper evident labels to make sure the food arrives intact and untouched. a back to school drive in san jose is in desperate need of donations this year. say concrete heart puts together supplies for teach skers students every year. 3300 students have sign up for pack backs, right now, only 2,000 back packs are available. donations can be made during business hours monday through friday at sake tred red heart's office at 1381 south first street in san jose. the oakland a's had a special event at last night's game. an 8-year-old was signed to the game for a day thanks to the
9:27 am
make a wish foundation. he has a gastrointestinal disorder that required multiple surgeries. the redding native even signed a contract. >> we are signing him to an a's contract to be a member of our oakland a's team. you are officially an oakland a! [ applause ] >> awesome. he also got to take home his own uniform after hanging out with his heroes. still to come on abc7 mornings, friends and family hold a vigil for an l.a.p.d. officer who was killed while off duty. how his family wants the 24-year-old to be remembered. looking to find a solution. the steps tribal members from the pacific northwest are considering against a south florida sea aquarium to get an arca released
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better bay area. this is abc7 mornings. all right. it is 9:30. we are checking in with lisa and our from. >> kumasi, good morning to you. the golden gate bridge. you can see the flag blowing there, but not much of a marine layer. the presence is confined right to the immediate shorelie. because of that temperatures are ride ranges, mid gifts in half moon bay. 60s, good recovery from 54 earlier in san francisco. 63 in oakland. this is a beautiful view from our exploratorium camera. six and 70s for the east bay. a warm start out there. it is going to be hot throughout our midday. that's why we have a heat advisory still in effect until 11:00 on the. we will see a stronger push of that marine air. that's going cool you off tonight. better sleeping weather. right now we have the spare the air alert throughout the day
9:31 am
today. east bay communities, yeah a little bit tough out there to be exercising and spending much of the day outdoors. unless you have a pool. invite me over. good morning to most of you who will see not only the temperatures climb but we are going to see that fog parallel the coast. as a result it is going to be cool at shoreline. the and fog spreading across the bay tonight. >> thanks lisa. developing news a man is dead and at least 11 others are injured of a shooting at a block party in new york. it happened during an annual community celebration in brooklyn, and it sent dozens of people running. the mayor says the shooting, quote shattered a peaceful neighborhood event. he also says he will do everything to get guns off the streets and keep everyone safe. the conditions of those who were injured is unknown. police haven't made any arrests. los angeles police say they are focusing on a street gang as they hunt for the people who killed an offduty officer. it happened yesterday morning. family and friends held a vigil
9:32 am
for officer juan diaz. amy powell if our sister station in l.a. has more. >> what we mainly want is for all of you guys to remember juan for the goof ball he was, the personality he was, always made someone smile. >> reporter: heart felt words from the grieving sister of a slain l.a.p.d. officer, a candlelight vigil in front of police headquarters bringing together relatives, former classmates, and longtime friends of center juan diaz. the 24-year-old officer was offduty when he was gunned down. >> and even if we lose someone who is not blood, it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: former police academy classmates organized the vigil. >> he was always trying to do the right thing in his heart it was always in the right place. >> reporter: diaz joined the l.a.p.d. two years ago fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a police officer. >> he was a 24-year-old kid who
9:33 am
loved his job. and not a lot of us are fortunate enough to say that. >> he grew up in a bad neighborhood infested with gang. yet he led a good life and joined the police department with no issues, graduated with no issues. >> it is a senseless murder. obviously, it is to -- there was no altercation. the officer didn't, you know, threaten in any way. he was walking away. and then he was murdered. >> reporter: friend are offering support to the officer's broken hearted family. >> we have a mom, a dad, can't even come, because of how broken they are. >> amy powell, abc7 news. a florida theme park may face a lawsuit to every a captive orca tribal members in washington state want to bring low leto home. she was taken from the puget
9:34 am
sound in 1970 and now lives at the miami seaquarium. they want to bring her back to the northwest but the miami seaquarium doesn't see her return as a good thing. her trainer says putting her back in the water could harm her whale pod. >> she could possibly be carrying pathogens she has become accustomed to living here if, posed to the whale population would wipe out those 70 animals in a week. >> i think we have a lot of other organizations and tribes that are going to back the lawsuit as well. >> members of the tribe say they home to sit down with the seaquarium to find a solution. this morning we are remembering one of disney's most recognizable voices. the woman who voiced mini mouse for many years passed away. we have a look at the legacy of ruthy taylor. >> these the voice we all grew
9:35 am
up with. that iconic role brought to life by reducy taylor the woman behind the beloved disney character for more than 30 years. with her passing at age 75 she leaves behind a legacy of work, including recognizable roles in the simpson's movie, duck tales, babe, and countless others. known for her kindness and graciousness just like the eyan couldic character she gave her voice to so many years. sharing in the same love, marrying the real life mickey wayne all bright in 1981. >> mini, you are all the music i will ever need. >> the couple remaining happily in love until wayne's passing ten years ago. the ceo saying we are grateful for her talent as well as the tremendous spirit and great joy she brought to everything she did. maggie rulli, abc news new york. >> disney is the parent company of abc7. s david ortiz isow o of
9:36 am
the dominican republic on june 9th. he was released from a boston hospital on friday where surgeons had to remove part of his intestine, colon and gallbladder. surveillance video shows the shooting. police say the intended target was ortiz's friend. police have made several arrested. it is not just here in the bay area where we are feeling the heat. these athletes are kpeting in the junior looks at san jose state. some of the athletes arrived here from texas. they are used to hot and humid temperatures but sacramento triple digit heat has their coach making changes. >> between their races they sit in their cars and out of the sun kpetly. we are hydrating some drinking petialight and others drinking water and gatorade. >> the young athletes didn't
9:37 am
seem phased and said the heat would not impact their performance. still ahead, the bay area is the epicenter for the tech stree and the breeding ground for so-called unicorns, privately held companies valued at more than a billion dollars. but there has been a theme among the founders of all of these companies. they are all men. now that's changing. a live look at pier 39. the sea lion, people hanging out checking them out this morning. it is a nice start to the day. a lot of areas
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simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. lots of people enjoyed the warm weather while savoring some of the sounds of an oakland tradition. ♪ abc 67 news was on broadway for the opening of oakland's 19th annual art and soul festival. it also features art shopping
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and food. it continues today starting at noon along broadway near oakland city hall. also happening today, you can beat the weekend heat by plunging into a pool. because day. many say the day started in 197 when one of sea world's cofounders opened wet and wild in orlando. now nearly every state has an attraction with lazy rivers and wave pools and slides. here in the bay area it is six flags raging waters, and two others. i need to put that on my to do list. >> right now the marine layer is confined to the coast. right now it is hazy out there from mount tam. temperatures are well into the 70s and 80s in the upper elevations. today is the last day and in fact changes occur throughout the afternoon. stay with us.
9:41 am
my auwea foreche way. >> also, the raiders open training
9:42 am
9:43 am
good morning everyone. it is 9:43 this morning. we are taking a live look at santa cruz where people are having a beach day out there this morning. it is beautiful. a little overcast but still a nice day to get out and about. in sports, the a's will try to earn a split in their
9:44 am
four-game weekend series against the rangers. the first pitch is at ring central coliseum at 1:07. madison bumgarner is scheduled to make his last start before the trade deadline. the giants face the padres at petco park at 1:10. anthony floors shows us how day one went for the raiders in this morning's sports. >> good morning everyone. going from worst to first in the division is not as impossible as it sounds in the nfl. since 2012, seven teams have done it. that's what the raileders will be striving for this season after going a dismal 4-12 last year. plenty of excitement in napa. the raiders hitting the practice field for the first time during training camp. star receiver antonio brown was the big offseason acquisition. the raiders also added better effect and incognito. maybeus believe the raiders will be improved but they are not ready to start talk
9:45 am
playoffs just yet. although if you ask quarterback derek carr he believes this team is ready to take the next step and win now. >> my mind-set hasn't changed. i said it a thousand times before. if i need to do something different i am not doing it right in the first place. and coach gruden wouldn't allow that and none of my coaches prior would allow that. it is what it is, man. this is the no one cares about what comes after this. everyone's goal in camp is last to first. that's everyone's goal. also the first day of practice for the 49ers. richard sherman is entering his ninth season in the nfl. haas year he was hobbled by an achilles injury. this year he says his mine and body are right. >> football is hard enough without having to think about how much pressure you put on your injuried foot. i feel good. feel good where ngs.boom samp.
9:46 am
the a's ready to back up their man. as the two exchange words. but no need just yesterday. so you know what's coming next. bottom eight, rafael montero hits loriano who says you want to go? let's go. and the benches empty. hunter pence talking down montero, who was ejected from the game. loriano still steaming. how about the little leaguers? they were documenting the whole thing. a's win it, 5-4, today's series finale should be very interesting. giants and padres in san
9:47 am
diego. kawhi leonard at the game. one mistake. this was it. fernando taps that one to center. steve perry in the house. sandoval at samnning they had tn and om one out. they couldn't get the key base hits. mitchell, are you available to pinch-hit? giants lose it, 5-1. that's a look at our morning sports. i am anthony flores. have a great sunday. all right. time now is 9:47. we are checking in with lisa to find out how hot it is going to be for us, lisa. >> we have a range, for sure, a 35, 40-degree spread out there. you can see behind me the fog is floating across the golden gate bridge. it is a little dense in spots. but certainly not making its way far across the bay. that will be later on today
9:48 am
william the warmer start to the day, we have had temperatures already surpass das readings at this hour. that allowed for numbers to stay cool at the coast. 61 in san francisco. 69 in oakland. as you get into our inland east bay where we have the heat advisory it is 82 in brentwood. 76 in livermore. 73 in novato and san jose. tonight, here comes the good news. much better sleeping weather. yesterday we were in the 70s and 80s through the early evening hours. later on tonight back into the 50s. that of course is due to more gusty winds and the cooler on-shore flow spreading marine air across the bay. as we look at the flag here from our roof camera yep, we have a little bit of a west-southwest wind and the cull were it that brought all the heat is this dominant year of high pressure to the south of us and also what brought us the heat back in june. remember that in it is going to come back into play by the end
9:49 am
of the week. it is going to shrink away as low pressure on the coast triggers the marine layer to move across the bray, bring in the gusty winds. then the high comes back again and visits us by friday. five to nine degrees warmer from hayward to san jose. here's a look from our east bay hills camera. we can see just a little bit of the fog and the compressed air compressing the marine layer allowing particulates to get close to the earth's surface calling for a spare the air alert today a. heat advisory and spare the air alert. temperatures tomorrow in the east bay may be 90. not likely. we will see more 80s and that brings the temperatures down 20 degrees inland. this is where we should be this time of year. average in the first column. highs forecasted today from two to ten or 12 degrees above average. you get up towards sonoma, a,
9:50 am
calistoga it is going to be hot again. numbers should come down just a little bit. there is some forecast models forecasting winds over 30 miles an hour later on at the coast. so the fog is going to increase, the winds are going to increase. we will call it partly cloudy. around the bay, temperatures from the low 60s at half moo bay, upper 60s in san francisco. oakland 80. breezy later in the day. inland still very, very warm. 100 in livermore. 97 for concord. and the accuweather seven-day forecast showing that the heat, well it is going to go away through the overnight hours. we will see it being replaced with mother nature's air-conditioning allowing for comfortable temperatures each and every day. the temperatures will be aroundage. download our app and you can keep track of our temperatures. warmer air comes in friday and
9:51 am
saturday to bring more heat inland. >> mother nature's ac was not working yesterday. >> no, it wasn't. >> okay. a little breeze, please. >> we are getting there. >> looking forwarded to that. the bay area is home to some of the most valuable companies in the world. until recently very few of those companies were founded by women. as part of our ongoing efforts to build a better bay area chris wray yes, sir sat down with one female founder who is doing her part to change the numbers using lessons she owned from building her own company. >> reporter: these companies are privately held and valued at more than a billion dollars. what's known until the business world as unicorn status.status.. there was not a single unicorn business as a female founder. >> it is the first time ever in
9:52 am
which several billion dollar companies were founded by women. >> reporter: nahan is one of them. at the beginning of the year the data software company she cofounded in 2014 was valued at $2.5 billion, putting her in this small club. 13 other companies with a female founder. small be in, big leaps considering that female-founded unicorns make up less than 1:15% of the landscape. >> it is about a leak in the pipeline, about this inability to cross the credibility chasm. at some point you get tired of fighting the fight. >> she says she considers ate great responsibility the bring more women and other unrepresented groups. >> when you are breaking glass ceilings someone has to go up there and show other women you are almost close.
9:53 am
>> what is the one barrier you would take down right now for anybody trying to get into leadership positions? >> next, the a's will hold their annual root beer float day at the coliseum. the special celebrity sco
9:54 am
9:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $75 million
9:56 am
power ball drawing. no one picked all six numbers. wednesday night's drawing grows to $88 million. happening today, something sweet is brewing at the oakland coliseum. the a's are hosting their 20th annual root beer float day. they cost $5 and you get unlimited refills. abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco will be there. a's players khris davis marcus simian will be preparing floats for patrons. >> when they say free refills, that's dangerous. >> are you ready for one? it is pretty out there from this vantage point. our exploratorium camera. nice in san francisco. about 70. right now it is 70 in redwood city as well as morgan hill.
9:57 am
57 in half moon bay. little fog there, the win kicking up and looking at numbers ranging from the 70s in napa to the low and mid 80s already. the heat advisory is in place until 11:00 tonight. spare the air alert. 94 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are going to get wind kicking up today especially along the coast. the fog will move across the bay moving taller and deeper until the end of the week, we will see more heat building in by the end of the week. hopefully pleasing a lot of people out there with just one more day of this heat. >> if you can make it through that. one day we can do. thanks lisa. thank you for joining us here on abc7 mornings. i am kumasi aaron along with lisa argen. we appreciate you hanging out with us this morning. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m.
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