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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm amanda del castillo in gilroy, close to 1,000 people came together to mourn lives taken and those impacted in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >> i'm kate larsen in gilroy, both grazed by bullets. this town hall calling for end to the violence. abc7 news starts now. i just remember running, clutching her as tightly to me as i could, thinking just god help her see her first birthday. >> new at 11:00, mother talks with abc7 news about howhe from the bullets yesterday at gilroy garlic festival. >> identified the suspected
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shooter of santino killed. >> victims aged 12 to 69. three died, 12 others injured. >> those died. six-year-old stephen romero of san jose, mother and grandmother also shot. salazar also from san jose and trevor irby, kbrovisiting kbr look how the community is coming together to remember the victims. >> reporter: the man behind the he anticipated 20 or 30 people would show up, close to 1,000 people came together, huge showing of support after sunday night. message monday night, gilroy strong. residents in the small city are
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struggling to find strength to heal, especially learning person responsible for the tragedy was one of their own. >> to hear it was a local, that's even more just really sad. >> reporter: but this village outside gilroy city hall puts focus on the fallen. dozens in the process of recovering. and the city of survivors. rviv. >> this is my home town and something horrible happened. it affects me personally. i have a cousin, one of the people who was shot. >> reporter: kuz icousin was tr and released. three others are dead. >> three angels who left, all their family members now are gi christopher gomez asked to say words on camera about the kids taken. >> we're supposed to focus on school, listen to our parents,
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but you're at gilroy garlic festival, all supposed to have fun. >> reporter: say it may not be today or tomorrow but the city of gilroy will find the strength to heal. >> we are -- >> gilroy strong. >> we are -- >> gilroy strong. we are -- >> gilroy strong. >> reporter: this pain is not constrained by city limits. heard from morgan hill's mayor pro tem speaking five weeks after his city suffered a shooting tragedy of its own at ford store. amanda del castillo, abc7 news. we're hearing incredible stories of bravery and survival during all the chaos. >> abc7 news reporter kate larsen is live with story of friends who were wounded, helped each other to safety. >> reporter: that's right. it's really hard to see any good
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in yesterday's tragedy, but a group of local friends who survived say it's a miracle they're all still here. >> we all could have died yesterday. >> yes. >> best friends nick and justin went to the gilroy garlic festival expect a fun day. instead witnessed a gunman open fire into a crowd of innocent people. >> like a military grade guy coming to do damage. >> reporter: that crowd included their group of friends and family. >> doctor said five to seven different bullets grades me. >> reporter: hit when jumped on justin's girlfriend to protect her from barrage of gunfire. >> guardian angels. >> walking miracle. >> told me these two inch to the right would have been in lungs and fatal. >> mcfarland also hit. >> went into my leg. >> reporter: nurse and good samaritan rushed him to the
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hospital where he was treated and released. >> by the grace of god i have come face-to-face with gunman with half my family there and we all walked away alive. >> reporter: amazing story. here at rucker elementary school in gilroy, going to be all sorts of counselors to help people deal with tragedy. grief counsellors and helping others who need to file claims for state assistance, med kill bill claims, and helping with any needs for those affected. fbi will be here tomorrow morning to start process of reunifying people with belongings they may have left behind in the fairgrounds. >> thank you very much. new details into the shooting investigation.
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>> and hoax connected to the case that police say they quickly stopped. >> i think everybody wants to know why. it appeared as though it was random. >> the weapon used was ak-47 variant bought legally in nevada, big mike's gun and ammo in fallon. store owner posted i didn't know this individual, ordered off the internet page. when i did see him, he was acting happy, showed no reason for concern. some witnesses told abc7 news they thought they saw second gunman or accomplice. >> no closer to determining whether or not there was second suspect. >> but there was a hoax diffused by the police. >> young man thought it would be good idea to post on social media he just shot up the g fest. we have located him, taken him into custody and determined he was not involved in the shooting.
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>> officers collected evidence from the suspect's home in gilroy where he grew up. abc7 news i-team reporter tell us officers focused on a parked car three miles away. >> reporter: 7500 block of gilroy drive, three miles from the legan home where the investors have spent the morning. spent the afternoon surrounding a vehicle that could be the gunman's. joined by the santa clara sheriff's office and bomb squad. investigators meticulously making sure wasn't a bomb or explosives inside. >> makes you mad and sad it's -- he's right there, parked right there, walked right in. >> wonderful community, so devastating. we're so sad. >> reporter: atf went
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door-to-door looking for surveillance video. one of the questions they're hoping to answer is who brought this vehicle here and whethe not that person was alone. gunman was killed by gilroy police officers after shooting 16 people about a minute into the shooting. reportedly espoused white supremacist on facebook before the attack. grandson of two-term santa supervisor. living with family members in nevada where he acquired the weapon used sunday night. started new conversation on gun violence. >> up next, latest call for meaningful action. mother's quick action as bullets flew, hear how she prte her baby.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. mother found herself caught in the middle of the gunfire at the gilroy garlic festival yesterday. tonight tells abc7 news how she carried 11-month-old daughter while searching for safety. >> running, clutching her tightly as i could, thinking help us god, help her see first birthday in two days. >> what's going on? >> going to the festival many years, family friendly, you feel safe, then this happened. hear just pop, pop, pop.
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saw a huge swarm of people running and screaming. someone's shooting, there's a gun, run, run. we just picked up the baby and ran into the back of our little trailer thing and closed the door, i don't know how long had passed, 20, 30 minutes, police bring us out, lead us. three-hour ordeal. what stood out or shocked me as we were going in, when you're a vendor and show pass for that, they don't look through your bags. so someone smart, wanting to do harm, there's the perfect get through. my family was supposed to be there, my husband and girls, four of them. if this were to happen, he's alone with all four, would have been a different end to this story, probably wouldn't all be home safe like we are. >> beautiful family. one of the victims is 12-year-old girl shot jumping in
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bounce house. her family spoke to the media about the terrifying evening and courage they mustered to survive. >> he was reloading his rifle, i began to run towards my niece and grabbed her, then we were all running. >> governor newsom met with the child in hospital bed this afternoon. in statement newsom was stunned by her courage, greeted him with smile. impact is felt across the bay area tonight, quickly the topic of town hall in san francisco about youth violence. >> two little children, one young man. they're gone. >> reporter: there were thoughts and prayers for the victims. >> we ask you would look upon all the families that have been touched by tragedy, not only at
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gilroy yesterday but even in our own city. >> reporter: meeting at third baptist church was scheduled long before a gunman opened fire at gilroy's garlic festival but quickly became a focus for many here. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: brought their granddaughter. >> could have been one of my grandchildren. what is the mindset of young men and women, especially young men, just going out and shooting at people. >> reporter: there were no easy answers to ending gun violence. reverend amos brown praise it will stop. >> america is about to lose its soul and we are here to try and make sure that we turn this litany of violence around. >> reporter: reverend brown says wu of his parishioner's own
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grandchildren were there when shooting began and took cover. they were not hurt, in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> parents can find things on the website to deal with fear and uncertainty, interview i did for tips how to cope and talk to your children. new details of the two bay area teenagers accused of killing police officer in rome. claimed he stabbed officer because thought was going to be strangled. didn't have marks on his neck. second suspect told investigators he didn't know about the stabbing until the two were back at hotel room. police found military knife in the room's drop ceiling. follow dan noyes on twitter @dannoyes to stay up on the latest developments from
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italy. he's there, we'll have his reports on abc7 news, and the app as well. focus on the weather now, finally getting a break from the heat over the weekend. >> awfully steamy and meteorologist drew tuma is here with us. >> hottest spots in the 90s, exceeding 100 degrees. today 15 to 20 degrees cooler. going to stay this way next couple of days. will feel nice tomorrow afternoon as well. live doppler 7 along with sat l satellite showing the fog footprint. live look, overcast skies, cloudy and breezy from here. deth fog firhingmorrow acweherhlhts foryou can expect days. tracking cloud cover along the coast, spilling in and around the bay shoreline, tomorrow
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morning, patchy fog for a lot of us. no intense heat next couple of days, temperatures will stay in check where they should be for end of july. saturday and sunday, first weekend of august, slight warming trend, nowhere near intense heat we went through yesterday and saturday. now in 50s and 60s. 61 in oakland, 64 in san jose, 60 in napa and brentwood coming at 70 degrees. overnight we'll track the fog as marine layer expands. numbers will fall into the mid and upper 50s, nice sleeping weather overnight. future weather, fog first thing. zoom in to san ramon, south as far as fremont, over the city as well. patchy fog in oakland, along the coast. advance time to 11:00 in the morning, fog is evaporating and pulling back to the coastline, expect a lot of sunshine away
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from the coast tomorrow. south bay, 78 for san jose, 76 in sunnyvale, 86 for morgan hill. 71 for san mateo. downtown san francisco afternoon cool. north bay, san rafael, 78. 74 for fremont. comfortable. inland the 80s, 86 in antioch, 81 san ramon, 82 the high in livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast, bright and breezy tuesday, ebb and flow, but nice week ahead. saturday and sunday, warming up a little bit but 80s and 90s, slightly above average for this time of the year. >> nice change. thanks drew. what's in your wallet? >> major credit card is hit by what experts say is one of the largest data breaches of its
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here's a quick look at other headlines. hong kong airlines flight from san francisco to hong kong had to be diverted because of mechanical issue reported after takeoff. circled for four hours before landing, no one was hurt. capital 1 says a hacker got her hands on the personal data of over 100 million people who applied for credit card. software engineer from seattle who has been arrested. offering free credit monitoring to all affected. we have a lot sports to deal with. >> larry beil is here. >> light it up a little bit. >> we can use it.
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good evening. 49ers general manager john lynch led a moment of silence before tonight's practice, honoring the victims of gilroy shooting. ss get back tohe 49s ttg heads iba,healthy, youn.
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dante pettis, 467 yards and five touchdowns year ago. feels better mentally heading into second training camp. >> last year was just all over the place, now i've had the full off-season to really learn the offense and all that stuff, can just go play, don't have to think will i end up here, there. all that stuff, just go. >> young guys in the group, going to ride them hard, ups and downs in the camp, pressure is on him, want it to be, they have the ability. need them to step up. raiders have extra visitors, hbo's "hard knocks" following the team through training camp. should be great tv, team loaded with personalities, starting with head coach of course. lot of new faces as well, especialp especially on defense.
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so far happy with what they see in camp. >> everybody getting along. want to see best for the guy next to you. great job we're doing now is communicating. even if somebody messes up, other player on the back still has him, we're all communicating, all 11 working together and making sure the offense is good as well. >> spoke to the defense, expectations and goal needs to be super bowl, don't be afraid to speak about it. we need to set those standards and expectations, not just win the division or make the playoffs, no, we need to win the super bowl. because we could all use a laugh. kids pumped to run through the banner and play football -- oh, no. i can watch this over and over again. this was not the way the coaches drew it up. it also looks like the sports department after i give one of my pep talks right there. everybody just runs around and
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into each other, abc7 sports. a's and giants had the day off. >> cute. thanks larry. >> abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and all mobile
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that's our report this monday. appreciate your time. dan ashley. >> ama daetz, for larry and drew, >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- melissa mccarthy. from "dora and the lost city of gold" -- michael pena. and music from mack demarco. and now, most likely, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i appreciate it. and i want to wish you, each and every one of you, a happy and blessed shark week. [ laughter ] did you know this is the 31st year of shark week? shark week started in 1988 at a time when sharks were too busy playing with their cabbage patch dolls t


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