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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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with the grief in gilroy. >> meanwhile, you'll hear what this man did to h
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it was more like an out of body experience. my body just moved, my brain told it what to do. and td. >> a man being hailed as a hero tells us how he helpedwounded. and we're getting more stories. >> they were beautiful children. >> we begin our coverage with lisa amin gulezian, who is live in gilroy. >> reporter: more than 100 people were here at a vigil in gilroy. they cried, they lit candles and held hands, all because of what happened just two nights ago. >> stephen romero, keyla salazar, and trevor irby. their lives were cut short.
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sunday evening, their family's lives were changed forever. >> reporter: a moment of silence for the lives lost in sunday's shooting at the garlic festival. those here wear shirts saying gilroy strong, because deep down, they're trying to be. >> it's very hard. i wish no one would ever have to suffer the pain of what a small town shooting like that would feel like. >>ast place you expect it. >> reporter: we spoke with these two who saw the suspect shooting. >> he was selling us he saw a kid get shot and die. >> reporter: sunday was traumatic. the two could have hidden and waited to be rescued, but they helped their friends who had been shot and bleeding. >> i pulled my shirt off and wrapped it as best i could around his upper thigh wound. >> reporter: wendy and her husband are now in stable condition but have major injuries. they helped get them to a frtrte
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center. 6-year-old jason did say this about the shooter. >> that guy was freaking mean. he shot our friends. he shot a kid. he shot -- he tried another grownup. he shot a lot of things. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been set up for the family. the couple could be in the hospital for some time. if you would like more information, go to our website, in gilroy, lisa amin gulezian, "abc7 news." >> lisa, thum. in san jose tonight, the family of keyla salazar remembered the bright young teenager who would have celebrated a birthday sunday. >> the 13-year-old was one of three killed at the festival. amanda del castillo has the story. >> reporter: strong, vibrant, words to describe 13-year-old
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keyla salazar. she was killed on sunday. >> we wanted to be here because we think it's important that the community knows who keyla is, and now important she is for us. >> reporter: her family was here in san jose just last month, celebrating her eighth grade graduation. tuesday night, they were here to grieve. keyla was the first to stand up when she heard gunfire sunday. they say she turned to look for family. that's when she was shot. >> just a desperate wish that it never happened, that it was all a bad dream. >> reporter: tuesday, keyla's mom, dad, and siblings stood behind those who spoke. her immediate family trying their best to hold in the heartache. >> the focus of our community right now is supporting keyla's family as they grieve. supporting our staff, and supporting our students. >> reporter: all of whom are now forced to live without the girl described as sunshine. a young woman who spent the
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morning at the shoevent, who wo have celebrated a birthday just one week later. >> she was our motivation. we're in pain that we lost her. >> reporter: keyla's family hosted a private vigil on school grounds. i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." the family of trevor irby spoke only to "abc7 news" about the son they lost. he was a recent college graduate who moved to the bay area. he was with his girlfriend at the garlic festival when he was shot. >> the last thing i said to trevor is, trevor, i love you. he said mom, i love you. i'm having a good time. i'll be all right. i'll call you tomorrow. and my call tomorrow never came. that the plane to come here to bring him me to m. >> reporter: the call came from an officer, telling her that her
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25-year-old son had been killed. >> but apparently it was at close range. he was behind my son, my son didn't know he was there. >> reporter: they remember dropping everything, and getting on the first flight from new york to the bay area to identify their son. >> so i had to wait for them to come to me with a picture of my son in the morgue. how could somebody just do that to somebody they never hurt a single soul? >> reporter: his father described trevor as the perfect son. >> it's senseless. for a 19-year-old kid to go and have a rampage or whatever you want to call this thing that he had, why? >> reporter: questions that right now remain unanswered. shaking this family to their core. remembering 25 years ago when they lost their oldest son, tyler.
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>> angels come, they stay a short while, do their job, go home. because now they're together. >> reporter: taking trevor's body back home is what the williams family will do next. they will bury him next to his brother and grand father, who died a month ago. we have links to the go fund me accounts for all three victims on new details about the gunman in sunday's shooting. the chronicle reports reading material on white supremacy and radical islam were found at his home in nevada. and empty boxes of ammunition, a bullet proof vest and a gas mask. gilroy's police chief says it appears legan acted a had been plan thing attack for some time. however, the motive is still unclear, why?
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investigators have been reviewing surveillance camera footage from gilroy to tracking legan's movements. a shotgun was purchased and found in his car during a search. it had not been used. a bag full of ammunition was found during a search in the creek near the festival kroumgr. you can see many vehicles and tents still remain at the gilroy festival. some people returned today to get things left behind during the chaos. >> reporter: they are finally getting the opportunity to pick up their cars by gilroy high school. a way for them to finally move on. >> it's still very stra matraum, just knowing what happened. it was a little triggering. i was definitely getting flashbacks. just getting some normally back and feeling like things are kind of getting settled. >> it's good to get our car back
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and the process is pretty smooth. i felt really bad for the people who lost their loved ones and those who got injured. but this is not going to stop us for volunteering next year. yeah, this whole thing definitely is making an impact on the community. >> we want to make sure to be clear, the festival grounds are still closed as the investigation continues. dustin dorsey, "abc7 news." >> stay with "abc7 news" for continuing coverage, of course, of the gilroy shooting. we're posting updates on and on the "abc7 news" app, as well. if you download the app, we'll send you a push alert so you can watch the next news conference live. new detail about t newborn babies found on the ground near a dumpster in fairfield. kate larson spoke to police and
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has the latest. >> reporter: two newborn babies, left on the ground next to dumpsters. behind a shopping center in fairfield. >> both infants appeared to be in distress. the officers started life saving efforts. unfortunately the other was already deceased and died here on scene. there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: police officers found the baby's mother around the corner, on the sidewalk on central place, near highway 80. >> based off of her appearance, it was obvious she had recently given birth. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: the co-owner of the restaurant believes the mother a woman who has been hanging around for the past few weeks. she would occasionally use the restaurant bathroom. >> i didn't know she was pregnant. i saw her last night when i was leaving. >> reporter: the restaurant is right next door to this pharmacy. he spoke to the pharmacist who said he called 91 is when he saw the mother, who slept here on his doorstep in distress. >> when she did wake up, she
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kept rubbing her back. >> reporter: she was taken to the hospital and detained. the baby that did survive is reportedly in stable condition. kate larson, "abc7 news." >> just awful. and as part of our take action campaign, he was a list of local resources that includes how you can get help with mental health issues. go to ♪ day one of the democratic debates here in detroit have wrapped up. i'm abc's maggie rulli. we'll have the latest from the spin room, coming up. it's been a comfortable couple of days, but i amtrak
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new developments tonight.
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the sonoma county sheriff's office released body cam footage of a man from an lsd filled rampage on the fourth of july. home security camera video shows the 32-year-old man talking with the security guard. officials say he stabbed that guard with a metal outdoor light stake. he's also accused of assaulting several people and striking two women with a stolen truck. he was shot by a sheriff's deputy after apparently accelerating that stolen truck toward the officering they say. he survived the shooting and faces attempted murder charges. half of the democratic field took the stage in detroit tonight. abc's maggie rulli told us the topics of immigration and health care created the most spirited discussion. >> reporter: day one of back-to-back democratic debates in detroit kicked off by pitting the candidates against each other. among the most important issues,
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health care. >> health care is a human right, not a privilege. >> reporter: despite backlash, senator bernie sanders defended his plan for universal health care. >> i wrote the damn bill. >> i'm talking about deal with the tragedy to give everyone health care as a right, but why do we have to take something away from people? >> reporter: senator warren jumping in. >> medicare for all will fix that. >> reporter: other hot topics, immigration. >> when i'm president, illegally crossing the border will still be illegal. >> i expect people that come here follow our laws. >> the point is not about criminalization. that has given president trump the tool to break families apart. >> reporter: and to climate change. >> i will listen to scientists on this. we don't have more than ten years to get this right. >> reporter: andre online, team ryan.
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he did not put his hand over his heart for the national anthem. >> for many of these candidates, this could b the end of the road. only about half will even qualify for the next round. the performance here at this debate had already started to thin the pack. maggie rulli, abc news, detroit. >> the fact checkers were hard at work to find out which claims hold up. go to governor gavin newsom opened a potential minefield with president trump. he signed legislation today requiring presidential candidates to release their returns for the five most recent years in order to appear on the primary ballot in the state. the governor says states have a moral duty to ensure leaders meet minimum standards. this is aimed at president trump who has refused to release his returns. the counsel to the president says "the state of california's attempt to circumvent the constitution will be answered in court."
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all right. we're feeling some relief from the heat. >> meteorologist drew tuma is here with what the rest of the week has in store. >> it's really comfortable and that continued today. we are tracking warmer weather, but we have several more days of this refreshing air to deal with. live doppler 7 along with satellite tonight, showing you it's a mainly clear picture away from the coast. the clouds have begun their descent over san francisco, so that marine layer right now, it is thickening as we speak. i'll show you what's happening. tonight especially, we are tracking those areas of dense fog, along the coast we'll find some drizzle, as well. for the next several days, it's a mainly sunny afternoon each day through friday. and it's really comfortable. temperatures where they should be for the end of july and for the start of august. by the upcoming weekend, warmer weather begins to arrive, but nowhere near the intense heat we had last weekend. current temperatures, 57 in the
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city. 58 in livermore. 61 in san jose. and napa has cooled off to 58 degrees. overnight tonight, we'll track that cloud cover thickening along the coast, stretching inland. most cities will hold in the mid 50s overnight tonight. so break down the day tomorrow, your day planner on wednesday, 6:12 in the morning, partly sunny. the clouds will pull back to the coastline. by the afternoon, we see sunshine and typical summer temperatures, in the 70s and 80s in our warmest spots. highs on wednesday, 72 in oakland. 81 for san jose. 66 and breezy in the city tomorrow. 87 the high in santa rosa. concord up to 88 degrees. we are tracking a p had a hurri category 1, buterick with winds
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135 miles per hour. neither storm has a direct hit to land. erick will go to the south of hawaii, so if you are headed to hawaii later this week, just know the surf will get rough as that storm passes by. here's the seven-day forecast. breezy and mild on your wednesday. steady pattern. thursday into friday, warmer weather arrives on saturday and sunday. 80s to mid 90s in the warmest spot. all in all, a nice seven days shaping up. tomorrow on "good morning america" dwayne "the rock" america" dwayne "the rock" at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households
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with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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in the south bay, a woman is accused of impersonating two
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pharmacists and illegally giving out hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs at three bay area walgreen's. some of them include fentanyl, oxycodone and morphine. the suspect is kim lee, she faces three felonies tonight. prosecutors say she stole a pharmacist's identity since they had similar names. new at 11:00, the first free medical clinic the country is closed. it opened in 1967. the clinic's services have moved to mission street. the tenderloin's clinic is set to close in october. they report financial struggles and a drop in patients. >> that new facility is remarkable. on to sports. >> oh, you've got to see this. you think you've seen some brawls? you think you have? have you ever seen anything like
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good evening. the a's had a chance to help themselves and the giants tonight. they were playing milwaukee. brewers ahead of the giants in the wild card race. how about trying to get a foul ball. could be hazardous to ch. in the second. chad pender with the superman layout catch., scoreless until this base hit to left center. that scores a run.
11:29 pm
a's lead 1-0. in the 8th, chris davis with his first homer in over a month. 2-1 a's in the 9th. hendricks can't shut it down. baines, a bomb, aloha. and tied at 2-2. to extras. there it goes. matt "the bat" olson sends everybody home happy. drive home safely. and the a's, another walkoff. 3-2, in ten. giants and philly. need an infielder with great hands? the lefty snag bare hand. scoreless until the 4th. base hit off of tyler beady. 2-0, phillies. in the 5th, rhys hoskins, he has left the building. his 23rd. phillies lead 4-0. giants are trying to come back. brandon belt pinch-hitting. he golfs this thing out of here.
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solo homer. the giants get on the board. also pinch-hitting in the 8th, that's gone, too. the comeback, though, would end there. phillies win 4-2, lead the giants by 2 1/2 in the race for the second wild card position. reds and pirates. amir garrett, he's look for a fight and he's going to find one, taking on the entire pittsburgh bench. i'm going to punch you in the face! absolute mayhem. yasiel puig, he was traded, but not to the pirates. ended up being ejected for the third time this season. crazy. what a sunset tonight in san jose for the silicon valley classic. venus williams took a wild card to play in this event against bethany maddox sands. venus to the net.
11:31 pm
wins it 7-4. and after that, things went terribly wrong for williams. her opponent takes control and captures the next two sets, 6-3 and 6-1 and sends venus home in round one. that is the last thing the promoters of this event wanted to see, because venus was the big name. >> not round one. that's tough. >> no. and venus and serena both have played in this event for many
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that is our report.
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we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thanks for joining us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kathy griffin, from the los angeles lakers, anthony davis, the bachelorette, hannah b. and music from of monsters and men. and now, after all that, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. please sit, we have no time to waste. we're already behind. thanks for joining us on a night of dating and debating here in the united states, aka bachelor nation, and we will get to that, "the bachelorette," hannah b is here for after the after the after final rose


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