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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i'm just so happy to be alive and i want to sed my love to those the salazars the row hair rows that don't get to say the that about their family. >> a remarkabl display of grace, humility and appreciation from brynn ota-matthews who survived the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. >> a new doubt of the number of people wounded on sunday, 16 total gunshot victims in addition to three killed. initial reports on the number of victims varied from 12 to 15. >> today for the first time people who ran for their lives when the shooting started were able to retrieve belongings they left behind. the investigation is ongoing. authorities will be holding a news conference momentarily. we will bring that to you live. >> later tonight, a vigil will be held at 7:00 to honor victims and try to continue the healing process. abc7 news reporter chris reyes begins our team coverage.
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>> the fbi is now releasing personal property of the victims. specifically on the parkside of the gilroy garlic festival. for vendors, it's a little different. vendors will be contacted directly by the garlic festival association so they can obtain their items. >> those items left the festival site are now here at rucker elementary about five miles from where the shooting took place. the fbi has cataloged and tagged each item so you need to describe what you lost and fill out a short form. this center has been opened all week run by the da's office. staff have been providing counseling, daycare services and helping to process applications for financial compensation. the center will remain open through the weekend. >> thus far we've served approximately 250 of the victims and that we've served in person and over the phone. >> in charge of the fbi san francisco field division.
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>> this is a live news conference in gilroy, an update from the police department. let's listen live. >> for some of the media outlets that the chief has arranged to speak with. so with that, give me a moment and we'll bring our speakers out. accompanying them will be fire chief jeff clet, rolen velasco, mayor, and a city council member maria blankly and the city administrate ker gabriel gonzales. give me a moment and i'll be right with you. >> and again, this is the news conference about to take place. they just started getting under way. they are bringing some people out who will be speaking. this is the gilroy police department. you can see a lot of folks who will be giving us an update. there's the chief walking in last right there. scott smitty. we did not have a news conference yesterday, don't believe. >> i'm not certain of that
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actually. okay. >> let me introduce to you our police chef, chief scot smithee. >> thank you all again for coming today. i wanted to give you another brief update as to the status of this case and new developments. you know, we're continuing to develop leads. we're continuing to put information together. as you can imagine, the amount and volume of witnesses and things that we need to look at is very, very substantial. so this is going to be a case that's going to be worked for a very long period of time. a couple of updates. one is my initial press conference the night of the incident i had said that we had 15 victims and then we had the -- that had been shot and three victims that were fatally wounded and then the suspect who was killed in the altercation. we have located another victim that had received a slight graze
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wound. so they didn't go through the process that we were aware of. they sought their own attention but they've come forward now and we're aware they were also injured. we'll update that to reflect 16 people injured rather than the 15. probably the biggest piece of information that i'm going to give out to you today and i was asked at the press conference a couple of days ago was when i would identify the names of our officers. i'm going to do that today. so there were three officers. they're all gilroy officers that were involved in the shooting. first is officer eric crier, a 23 year law enforcement veteran. the second officer involved in the shooting was officer hugo del moralee. he's a 17 year veteran. and the third officer was officer robert basweno.
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he's a 13-year veteran of our agency. giving out the officers' names, i would respectfully request from the moodia sand point that you would respect their privacy. obviously, they're concerned for their families and what not as far as contact you know at their homes and what not. i would greatly appreciate if we would avoid that. i am talking with those officers. and if there comes a point where they're ready to have a discussion and do interviews regarding this, we will certainly try to facilitate that for you. the last piece of information and it's just kind of an update and weigh turn it over to the fbi because they're handling the evidence out there is we're going to talk a little bit about the evidence processing and the releasing of people's property out at the park site.
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>> good afternoon. my name is john bennett. i'm the special agent in charge of fbi san francisco. and i appreciate everybody.coming out and spending a few moments with us. i'd like to first start by offering my condolences to the victims of this tragedy. it is a senseless act. and our hearts and prayers go out to the families that are impacted and affected by this. i want to talk a little bit about the fbi resources we're provide together gilroy police department. right now, we have multiple evidence response teams in from across the country. and pretty much every fbi field division has evidence response teams. when the call goes out, they start flowing in this direction. that is coordinated by our headquarters evidence response units. so we have people from virginia, people from west coast, east coast and everywhere in between helping process the scene.
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we also have our victim assistance unit out here right now. and they're working with the gilroy police department and santa clara's d.a.'s office, the people involved with the victims in getting some of the personal belongings back to everybody. we have special agents that are working side by side with the officers of gilroy and santa clara to run down investigative leads, talk to and interview not only victims but run down whatever leads that are needed to be done out there. we have technical specialists exploiting digital media that has been collected throughout the investigation. those specialists are local and they're also back at quantico back at our lab. finally we have the behavioral analysis unit here. those are our profilers. we asked them to come in and take a look at everything that is being collected to give us some idea of motive, some idea of ideology. we still have not have a firm
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grasp on ideology and we're working towards that. it's still very early on. putting all this together. it is a pretty massive site. beginning today, personal effects from the parkside region of the park can be picked up at the family assistance center located at rucker elementary school, the park side side of the park right now. the other side of the park is still an active crime scene. vendors are being connected by the festival association to arrange for scheduled pickups. we're trying to be respectful and understand that people's livelihood is tied to some of the booths that they have out there and we're trying to get that cleared as quickly as we can. we continue to follow leads wherever they may take us. that could be something as six as somewhere where this person was eating lunch to maybe where they were living in the past and
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that could be nationally, as well we must collect and verify any information and any evidence. that is not a fast process. as i said yesterday, the fbi only knows one way of doing things and that is right. and that takes some time. we mentioned motive. we've not yet determined the ideology. if ever. we have requested a behavioral analysis unit to support us in looking at there. they are at the crime scene and they're also looking at it through the digital media with us, as well. they review raw materials from the case. they focus on motivation. what is the meaning behind certain activities certain writings we may find throughout the course of the investigation. i'm not a trained behavioral analyst. these folks are the experts and that's why we brought them in. it's another resource we can offer to the chief here. the crime scene is dropping by about 50% today. we're trying to get the vendors
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back in. there are still parts of the crime scene that is very slow and methodical. we're collecting evidence and doing bullet trajectory. and we have to account for every round that came out of everybody's weapons. some of those rounds in an open environment can travel great distances. and there's a process that we have to go through in order to track those rounds and most of the time we find them. sometimes they may not be found. i think we have a pretty good handle on most of them right now. so again, this is very slow. it's going to take awhile for us to continue to go through. but we're working as quickly and as diligently as we can. and we're asking for everybody's patience and we appreciate all the accolades we're getting and support from the community. but it is the chief of police and gilroy pd that are the lead agency on this and we're here to back them up.
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i think that's -- one more for you. want to finish with thanking all the our fbi agents that are working side by side. they're doing an amazing job. they are -- there is no shortage of volunteers from our office and surrounding offices that we keep bringing in. thanks to the gilroy police department including their officers who responded so quickly to neutralize this threat they really acted with tremendous courage where most people run from gunfire, that he ran towards it and that saved lives. there is no doubt. and the city and the people of gilroy for all their support has been quite amazing and very humbling. we have people bringing us drinks and making sure we're taken care of as part of the investigative team. we still are asking for the public's help. any videos or photos that people may have or may have can toured that day they feel may be of interest can be uploaded to
4:12 pm forward/gilroy. and again, i'll give you that one more time. victims who want to get their properties back can go to victims. that opens a website where names and e mails and phone numbers can be in and we'll get in contact to them within a day back to the people looking for their belongings out there. we're trying to do that as quick as possible. that is very slow. we have to verify people belong to their belongings. with that, i'm going to turn it back over to you, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, mr. bennett. with that, we'd like to open this up for a few minutes for spec questions. if you would please identify who you would like to ask a question of and we'll go from there. >> yes, ma'am. >> the three officers involved, how did they feel about having their names published today or
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released? >> well, i would say that all three of these officers are incredibly humble. i think they're heroes. i don't think they view themselves that way. i think they view themselves that they were just doing their job. and i don't think they're particularly excited about being in the limelight. but i certainly think ha they deserve recognition for what they did. >> agent benedict, you said you were requesting video and other information on your hot line. have you been receiving any and how has the response been? >> yeah, we received over 100 downloads at this point. our people are continuing to go through those as they come in. some of them are longer than others. but we are -- we're still taking in anything that anybody thinks is important.
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>> a rough number of fbi staff have been brought in? >> roughly, we're probably pushing 100 right now with all the teams out there. and plus our local office is also supporting that. so 100 from outside of our office. >> yes, sir. >> we'll continue to stream this on our website at abc7 because this continue for a while. but the major headlines are the identification of the three officers involved in the shooting, eric crier, u go dee morale and you would think that that really helped them, their experience, basically get the shooter under control and make sure that more people were not hurt in the situation. they still don't know the motive. >> absolutely. the fbi says they're still working on this and they've brought in the behavioral phillies unit to help determine that if they can at all. the three officers, the chief
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said he views them as heroes although they would just say they're doing their job. >> we're continuing to stream the news conference at >> we're hearing from two young women shot at that festival and the two say they feel grateful just to be alive. >> i'm just so happy to be alive and i want to send my love to those like the romeros the salazars that don't get to say that about their family. i've seen the impact on my community and it's overwhelming. > i find it bleak and sad but i like i hope i feel a sense of general trust towards humanity because right now i don't. >> i was shot in the back running and i miraculously, it didn't hit any organs in a way that i can't heal from. it grazed my lung and went through the liver and punctured the diaphragm. the liver is the best organ.
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it hes really fast. i'm going to have a bullet in my liver my whole life. >> it felt like a quick burn to me. i was running. and i felt like i got pinched or bee sting type thing. i knew i was like i remember being like i'm hit but didn't look back, i didn't stop running. > brynn ota-matthews and gabriella gaus. they also thanked the man who drove to the hospital and they still don't know who he is. both say they're very happy to be going home. >> the gilroy foundation has established a special fund for vips of sunday's shooting. we have a link on our website how to donate to the vips relief fund so he ca
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abc7 news is working to help build a better bay area. that includes the issues that affect your quality of life. >> one of those issues is the cost of housing and that includes rents that are skyrocketing. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman introduces us to a woman living in san francisco's scenic alamo square paying $1200 a month but there'sa catch and it's a big one. >> it is a picture-perfect still frame of idyllic san francisco, overlooking the paints ladies. ask any tourist. imagine the incredibly fortunate residents hots live in 575 pearce and corner apartment 102, alex steup can sing the praises. >> i love the design. the amazing view. >> reporter: now the surprise. alex pays just $1200 a month in rent for a room that doesn't
4:20 pm
hold a lot of stuff. that's the twist. >> what's that? >> the bed. actually. >> reporter: directly above and not exactly easy access we might add. talk about high rents in san francisco. alex steup lives in a 10x4 1/2 foot closet. >> that was my bedroom for many years. >> reporter: that's her roommate tristan who grew up here. tristan recently enlarged the living area by adding plywood. he's hiv positive. >> i built that out to expand this space because this room could stand to lose a little bit and i needed the money. >> reporter: did he envision yourself at 33 living in a closet. >> i don't like to call it that. >> reporter: what do you call it? >> a second living area. uh-huh. >> reporter: beyond the semantics of it, we have a case of outside appearances sometimes being deceiving. it is old news to sam moss, a devoted advocate for public
4:21 pm
housing and critic of san francisco's status quo. >> saying the housing situation is a crisis has become a cliche at this point. it is beyond crisis. >> reporter: more like a self-imposed crisis due to the city's zoning restrictions against high density house. now tristan is a victim of that. he rents the closet to alex because he needs the money. why? his father died last april and never transferred the lease. do you see where this is going? an apartment that had been $1600 a month for 40 years with rent control suddenly became $3600. and tristan found out the day of his dad's memorial. >> i believe it's the landowners most of them who charge as much as they can and squeeze pre penny out of everything that can be squeezed. >> he had the legal right to do it. was it morally right to do it? probably not. >> reporter: tristan peaed to the city. the a matter of principle he
4:22 pm
says. >> i'm struggling to keep my head above water and i think a lot of san francisco can share that sentiment. there are more than you might imagine that hold steady jobs and live in their cars because they cannot afford to live any other way. >> reporter: so compared with that, maybe a closet featuring an elevated bed in a loft looks pretty good. >> it's really cozy. >> with a million dollar view outside a tiny window. do we dare call this is the new norm. >> what is the solution. >> more housing. > how. >> actually just building it. >> reporter: if alex steup dared to dream, what would it be? >> to make enough money to live in a home where i can have a dog and backyard for my kids to play in. >> reporter: do you think that will ever happen in san francisco? >> never. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wow. can you imagine living in 45 square feet. >> it's insane. >> it's $1200 a month.
4:23 pm
abc7 is searching for solutions to the bay area's housing crisis. tomorrw we're hosting a town hall meeting between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. send us your questions and tag them #better bay area. and we'll see what our exper have to say about all of this. >> it's official. the warriors just unveiled the signs for the newly named warriors way street near chase center. unveiling coming up next. >> you want to live to 100 years
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the warriors new san francisco home has a brand-new mailing dress. rick wealths unveiled the signage for the newly named street where the center is located. there it is. the address will be 1 warriors way. that street used to be called south street. wealth said coming up with an address for the team's future home was kind of tough.
4:26 pm
>> we tried to think would there be one player name in history that would be the most appropriate? but the problem is, the blessing is we very 75 years of history of warriors basketball. >> wealth said the late mayor ed lee was instrumental in paving the way for the name change. leon wealths went to rival high schools in their high schools in seattle. >> interesting indeed. >> the weather is interesting, too. >> that marine layer was out there. >> much cooler. >> so it's much cooler now than it was this time yesterday. but we have a warmup through the weekend. cooling down and warming up again. a look at live doppler 7. mainly sunny skies except at the coast. this is the view from the rooftop camera, blue skies off the bay. 64 in san francisco. 68 redwood city. 75 san jose, morgan hill 7, 61 half moon bay. a view from mt. tam looking onto
4:27 pm
the fog moving through the golden gate right now. napa 73, 79 petaluma. and at concord, 84 fairfield and 76 at livermore. the rude view from emeryville shows the marine layer moves over san francisco. we'll see fog and spotty drizzle near the coast overnight. the warmup will peak over the weekend. our forecast animation showing that surge of low clouds and fog overnight bushing over the bay 5:00 tomorrow morning, mornin commute we'll probably see some areas of reduced visibility. this fog will turn quickly back to the coastline giving us a mainly sunny day from coast to inland. lows overnight mainly in the upper 50s. highs tomorrow mid 60s at the coast. upper 70s to near 80 around the bay. low 90s inland. notice the warmup on saturday. mid-90s maybe upper 90s in the warmest spots both saturday and sunday and then on monday, temperatures beginning to moderate a little bit. here's the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. warmest days in the forecast will be saturday and sunday. i guess that's good news for some. i want to go to the beach or any outdoor activity that is enhanced by warmth you can find that this weekend. then on monday, temperatures come back down a little bit and most of the remainder of next week temperatures in a pretty steady range. average and mild. >> nice. >> we'll take it. >> thanks, spencer. >> just ahead, we'll take you to italy where a bay area father finally got to see his son accused of stabbing a policeman to death. dan noyes is in italy. what he's learned today. >> and a plane that stuck the landing just not quite
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now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> now to the investigation into the death of italian police officer. >> the lawyers for each bay area teen under investigation in the stabbing death of the officer last week, they're taking vastly different approaches here. >> as we told you yesterday, the father of one of the boys arrived in italy yesterday and today he got to see his son for the first time. reporter dan noise has been working the story in rome and posting updates throughout the day on twitter and has the latest developments now. >> reporter: gabe natale's defense team is asking for early
4:32 pm
release and he is insisting he didn't know his friend had a knife that night. ethan elder pushed through a crowd of international media to see his 19-year-old son for the first time since his arrest. police say he confessed to using this knife to kill marrow rega a newly wed last friday. now the family's legal team is raising questions about the investigation. >> we need to get answers to questions that don't feel like they're getting asked in the media right now about this investigation. >> reporter: i shared notes on investigation with fed rick cag angel lee, a renowned journalist who covered the mafia sending 32 members to prison. >> for the last six years with police protection because i was threatened. >> reporter: she is now turning to the stabbing investigation raising questions about the police performance from the begin. court documents say natale and elder went to the night life district to buy cocaine and that a middle man directed them to a
4:33 pm
dealer but off duty officers interrupted the transaction. the dealer shouted out. >> police forces arrive. he says screaming stop. i'm a friend of the police. >> reporter: the police don't arrest him. all he had was crushed aspirin. place later denied he was a friend of the department. the prosecutor's report says the teens run off with the backpack and later called the middle man offering to return it in exchange for 100 euros and a gram of cocaine. backpack owner calls police. two undercover officers respond but and very gel less says they handled it an odd way. >> what usually happens in a case of ran some for something stolen the police arrive after the exchange happened. >> reporter: but the officers confront the teens before the backpack had been returned. the police commander saying rega had forgotten his gun and dies after elder stabs him a dozen times. the boys felt they were possibly
4:34 pm
being mugged. >> it seems reasonable to me that somebody if they had a knife with them might pull it out particularly somebody much larger and stronger than them and start slashing the knife to get them away. >> reporter: police used video to track the teens to the meridian hotel and found the murt weapon behind a ceiling panel. they arrest he would area anna tale and the long wait begins. >> the boys arrive 11:00 a.m. in the police station and the questioning from the jung set at 5:00 p.m. there is this gap of a few hours. >> reporter: this happened during that time. police blindfold gabe natale and admit now to previcinity him from seeing documents and computer screens. a judge already labeled that illegal. all fodder for the defense. taking on the italian police may not play well in the court of public opinion but fredricka
4:35 pm
tells me it won't have any effect in court as the case plays out in the coming months. dan noyes, abc7 news. >> follow dan on twitter to get the latest developments @dan noyes. we'll have his reports throughout the week through the abc7 news app. >> is it a piece of history or a time forhange here? that's what we'ring or about a controversial mural painted inside san francisco's george washington high school. >> today, hundreds of people showed up to get a closer look at the life of washington mural. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez was there. >> reporter: people had he two hours to examine the panels that have lived at george washington high school since 1936. even a few of those who attended the school years ago say they had never noticed the depictions that offend so many. such as the dead native american whose land was taken from him. another panel shows enslaved
4:36 pm
african-americans. francie covington is on the fire department commission. >> you come to school to learn. you come to school to broaden your horizons, not to have the people that you come from denigrated. >> reporter: yet those on the other side of the argument say this is part of america's dark past. >> i'm offended by people wanting to paint over it and destroy history. >> reporter: but amy anderson a parent at the school sees it a different way. to her, the dead native american shows they did not escape their troubled circumstances. >> that's painful. that's painful to say that my history is being told in a way that says we're no longer here? >> we call the school. >> reporter: on june 25th, the school board voted to paint over the entire mural which was done by russian artist victor ar na to have. both his grandson and great grandson were also at the school today. here's peter. >> there's so much here that
4:37 pm
provokes discussion about our history and that's the value of it. >> reporter: art historians educators and museum cure raters around the world signed a petition in protest. >> they were covered, not destroyed. it's important to take the long view and think about what these murals mean to the city. >> reporter: in the fall, the school board will discuss the timeline for painting over the mural. in the meantime, there are plans to put a measure on the march 2020 ballot asking voters to decide what to do with life of washington. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> let's take another look at the poll right now. it's fairly decisive the majority over 87% feels that it is history. but you have the 12%, you could see both arguments quite clearly have legitimate claims. >> people are passionate on both sides. >> for sure. you can continue to vote at
4:38 pm
>> san francisco mayor london agreed signed the city's $12.3 billion budget today, the largest one in municipal history. mayor breed did the signing in the richmond district this morning. the budget calls for millions for new affordable housing construction and preserving housing for existing low income residents. $53 million will be spent on mental health geared toward getting homeless people the help they need. >> take a look at miraculous video. this is from a washington state patrol trooper's car. this is a single engine plane that's coming down to make an emergency landing. this is in span away washington about an hour outside of seattle. the trooper made a u-turn. he his hit lights and siren to try to clear the road for the pilot and it worked because he was able to make a safe landing and right at the red light. so the pilot was able to done other cars on the busy street and did not even get out into that intersection right there. it's unbelievable. he was the only person on board.
4:39 pm
was not hurt. a fuel malfunction was blamed for that emergency landing. wow. >> definitely wow. thanks, larry. the attic discovery that could make one lucky man a lot of money. and looking for a bit of beach fun in the unusual ride that will make you feel like a human hamster. >> i'm spencer christian. here comes the fog. it's going to push rather far across the bay overnight. forecast but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex.
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looking for a little quirky fun in your heading to southern california, zork might do the trick. >> zorbing? >> with a z like zorro. >> think human hamster ball and a wild game of bumper cars. >> this is actually like ten times better than a bounce house. you can roll around in it and able to control it. >> it's so fun. especially like hitting. > we're here by the santa mon wa pier. this is air balling l.a. ♪ these are actually called zorbs. every ball is a regular zosh balls and all the tubes are called zosh wheels. we specialize in inflatable bubbles that act as mobile bounce houses. we are a mobile company.
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we bring the party to you. someone comes up they say hey, i want a bubble. so before you hop in, no shoes. they go in through the bottom. there's small bottom entries. run, run, run. >> all right. >> you have to learn. you have to -- it doesn't matter if it's on all fours or two legs. you'll end up on all fours anyway. you have to gain the speed. the more power, the more you can hit someone. >> i went into a hamster ball and having lots of fun. from one to ten, it was like ten. >> it's weird getting into the ball because you have to like jump in and likely down. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah, you just kind of like shoot in. >> this is air balling l.a. >> it looked like fun. like -- >> we can see it from our hotel earlier. >> it just looked super fun. like running around like a
4:44 pm
little hamster. >> a little bit like a workout, too. >> all ages i've actually yesterday i had someone, i think she was like 65, she came into a ball. she enjoyed it. kids as young as 3 have been inside these things. >> they're fun. >> they're able to run like a hamster inside of it. and they can do flips, race their friends, they can joust. >> people like running into us. it was like bouncing everywhere. it's so fun. >> it was fun and crazy. >> that does look like fun. >> check out abc's new brand at i'm thinking i'm relaxing on the beach. and suddenly some zorber, sorry, larry. >> whoops, didn't see you there. >> you need a lot of space. but we could have sports department versus weather. >> yeah. >> spencer christian. >> we have that every day, don't we? >> yeah. >> live doppler 7 sunny skies over most of the bay area.
4:45 pm
overnight the usual surge of low clouds and fog. lows will be in the upper 50s for the most . highs tomorrow higher than today. mid 60s coast up to about 80 near the bay and low 90s inland. good news for people in or planning to go to hawaii. hurricane eric which is weakened now down to category 1, still a strong storm is on a path that will go rather far south of the islands expected to pass tomorrow in fact as apical storm several hundred miles south of the big island. it's effects on residents and visitors to the island state should be minimal. that's what we're looking at right now as the storm continues to weaken and move harmlessly out to the west. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warmup starting tomorrow. continuing through the weekend. it peaks over the weekend with highs inland in the mid or mid to upper 90s. low to mid 80s around the bay, 60s on the coast. slight cooling on monday and further cooling next week as
4:46 pm
temperatures get back down to average. back to the ball, there are days i have felt i'm in a ball like that. not days when i feel like i'm having a ball. >> to use an expenser line, you looked really absorbed with that are segment. >> you win this one. >>. >> hi-tech connected cars could be harboring arightening secret. what whistleblowers are saying could make you stay offline. >> a different kind of alert for car owners. the cars most likely to be stolen. we'll talk at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households
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now to a warning for drivers. a new report by more than a dozen whistleblowers suggesting internet connected cars are a large national security threat. anibal munoz from our sister station in los angeles has the details. >> we spend a lot of time in our cars and many would argue the more cell phone friendly the better. but a new report by more than a dozen whistle blowers suggests internet cars are a large nash security threat. >> i've been doing this for 30 years. this is the most frightening issue that i've ever worked on. >> consumer watchdog issued the report titled kill switch why
4:50 pm
connected cars can be killing machines and how to turn them off. one of the whistleblowers a car software developer explains why controlling a car with cell phone technology is dangerous. >> if you can doing it with your smartphone, anybody else can. >> there are already many internet connected cars on the road. consumer watchdog is concerned about the number growing exponential exponentially. >> most of the major automakers have committed to having every new car that they sell in model year 2020 be connected with the internet. >> to pair the possible impact with fleetwide attack during rush hour to 9/11. >> suddenly you're driving your car, the brakes no longer work and the air bag blows up in your face for no reason and what's going to happen? >> these cars will smash into each other. >> this video was offered as an sample of a controlled hack. >> three, two, one. >> the group is lobbying for state leaders and congress to step in saying the cars are not
4:51 pm
safe. advocating for a temporary fix, a kill switch. >> what this does is disconnect the internet connected parts of the car from the safety critical parts of the car, the parts of the car that control the motion of the vehicle. >> they argue automakers know about the problem and discles closed to invest persons we reached out to self auto manufacturers but have not heard back yet. abc7 news. >> that is just scary to think about. as you're driving along. luxury automaker audi recalling over 100,000 cars because of safety concerns. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has those details. >> they say this is a problem with a malfunction in 2018a4 and a5 models that can turn off a passenger side air bag. the problem comes from a cable prone to rust which can then cause the air bag to be disabled. audi says it doesn't know of any injuries related to the issue.
4:52 pm
if you have one of these cars the company will see you get a free repair. the highway loss data institute released its list of the most and least stolen new cars. the group looked at the frequency of theft or how likely an individual car is to be stolen. vehicles on the pricey side wound up at the top of the list. trucks like the chevy silverado and muscle cars like the dodge charger. newer cars are harder to steal due to modern security features they resell for a lot more money which makes it worth the effort. teslas and other electric cars are among the least stolen. why is that? researchers attribute that to evs charging overnight in closed and locked garages. more scooters will soon be making their way to the streets of san francisco. currently, only skip and scoop are permitted for ride share scooters in san francisco. starting in october, the city will accept new applications. the permits would allow
4:53 pm
companies to each offer between $1,0002500 scooters. s that a lot of scooters adding to the ground. >> i'm wondering what my first scooter injury will be, my wrist, my head, my knee? >> all of the above. >> we'll keep you posted. thank you, mike. >> it's official. the impossible whopper is ledding to burger king restaurants nationwide. a huge boost for redwood based impossible foods. they will make the soy based burger available for a limited time starting next week. it began testing the whopper in april in st. louis and expanded to six other markets. it's expected to sell for $5.59 about a dollar more than a regular whopper. >> clean could have huge dividends for a man from reno. scott amos discovered an unopened copy cuff kid icarus for the nintendo nes, a cult clack video game found it in the
4:54 pm
attic of his childhood home. it will sold for 38 bucks three decades ago. expected to sell for $010,000 in an online auction. >> not bad. not bad, celebrating 10 years of life. this lady says she knows what it takes to live that long. >> no, that's the secret. >> we'll reveal that secret coming up. >> kristen sze is here right now with a look at abc7 news at 5. >> we want to hear about the secret. organizers are calling it a month of momentum. new at 5:00, the peaceful protests kicking off 30 days of action in front of the san francisco i.c.e. office. plus -- >> i think it's one of those things you can't knock it till you try it. >> $1200 a month for a bunk bed. a company believes coliving is a solution to one of the bay area's
4:55 pm
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it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio?
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i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. like i don't know like who i can trust a woman in new york turned 107 years old this week. her secret to a long life may surprise you. >> abc news reporter kimberly richardson reveals the key to being a centenarian. >> what is the best part of being 107? >> not getting married. >> is that your secret? >> uh-huh. >> you've never been married. >> no. >> me either. >> no, that's the secret. >> this petit powerhouse that's luis in the middle was born in manhattan in 1926 and moved to the bronx. even in her 90s, she would swim
4:58 pm
each day at orchard beach. has travelled the world. >> i was working for the mta. and in 155, i took three months off and i went to europe. >> fell in love with italy. she spends a lot of time here at the bartow senior center in the bronx, loves dancing and occasional glass of red wine. but 107 she never imagined she would live this long. >> i used to come to the center every day. there was a woman 100 years old. i said, oh, my god. 100 years old. >> she tells me she's never had major surgery and only broke a bone once. she fell. the secret to her longevity? it's pretty simple. >> food and exercise. if you go to sleep at 11:00, don't go 11:00, 9:00, 2:00. that's no good. >> she is fantastic. >> i love her. was she suggesting that men takes years off a woman's life? >> you are the demise of us.
4:59 pm
>> i've always said it was just the opposite. >> she's great though. >> awesome. >> all right. that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> abc7 "news at 5:00" starts right now. >> i feel like paranoid when i leave my house. like i don't know. like i don't know who i can trust. >> an emotional day for two of the gilroy garlic festival shooting survivors speak publicly for the first time about those who are rick events. >> no verdict yet. jurors in the ghost ship trial are just wrapping.up their first full day of dlab rations. >> devin newsom and former governor schwarzenegger team up to show off fire suppression technology. >> now, news to build a better bay area from abc7. >> i'm just so happy to be alive. and i want to send my love to those like sal la dares, the romeros that don't get to say that. >> tonight two women shot at the
5:00 pm
garlic festival thanked first responders and the stranger who took them to the hospital. >> thanks for joining us. the two women worked together at a restaurant in santa cruz. they have both now been released from the hospital but carry physical and emotional wounds. >> abc7 news reporter liz kreutz was at santa clara medical center where they spoke with reporters? >> he gabriel la gaus and brynn ota-matthews went to the festival, they would have called themselvesri from work butw aft gunfire, gabrielle va in her shoulder, bryn to the shoulder they're bound for life. >> we were in a bounce house when we heard the first shot go off. and our friends were holding our purses. we were barefoot and we ran out of the bounce house. >> it was the most terrifying place for us to be. boxed inn


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