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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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melanie? >> reporter: dan and ama, we learned today this lyft driver did not have a criminal record that would have shown up on a background check and learned this is one of several incidents like it that happened in san mateo county. in the last 18 months there have been four alleged sexual assaults by uber and lyft dri r drivers by female passengers. >> this makes it a matter of concern for the public we have the fourth one in a short time period. >> reporter: the most recent one is the first that involved an overnight kidnapping. wag staff says the 25-year-old victim went to a bar friday night called the swinging door with her boyfriend and two friends. her boyfriend left around 11:00 p.m. and a friend and she left around midnight. he dropped off the friend in south san francisco and allegedly took the victim to his home in tracy where he sexual assaulted her. wagstaff said the victim was
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intoxicated and has no memory of what happened. when she woke up in the morning, he drove her home. >> she did exactly what we want somebody to do which is go there and don't drive endanger others. she did it and she's a victim. >> reporter: colo has no record. >> how do you find someone will take advantage of an intoxicated woman to kidnap and rape her, i don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: safety is fundamental to lyft what is being described is terrifying and the driver's access to permanently removed. he faces life in prison. his arraignment has been put over until next week. melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> thank you, melanie. we want you to know how to stay
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safe. both the lyft and uber apps allow you to share details with a friend. so someone knows where you are. we have a list of seven steps to take to protect yourself. you'll find it on bay area.or stories about ride sharing, the drivers, the cars, the rules and more during our ride share realities week. you can read the stories on our website bay area. a busy intersection is shut down right now after a messy cash involving a vta bus. look at what happened. abc 7 news was at the intersection of king road where a bus and suv collided before 2:00 this afternoon. the suv went up in flames while the bus slammed into a power pole bringing down the lines. that knocked out power and surrounding neighborhoods. san jose firefighters say the intersection will be closed for several hours. neighbors say the area isn't safe. >> it's busy and dangerous because a lot of people are on the street.
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very dangerous. see a lot of ugly stuff around here. >> no word yet about any injuries and emergency crews were able to evacuate everyone from the bus and the car. just two weeks after the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting, the mayor has a first of its kind plan to fight gun violence and reduce its cost on the public. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen joins us live with the story, chris? >> reporter: hi, ama, the proposal would require all gun owners in the city of san jose to carry liability insurance. supporters think it's a good idea but critics say it's unnecessary. tonight turning words into action, a sweeping policy proposal from the mayor of nation's tenth largest city. >> this proposal is not about stopping gun violence tomorrow. it is about insuring the public no longer pays for the cost of gun violence. >> reporter: the mayor's initiative would require all firearm owners in san jose to carry liability insurance for
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weapons. if approved, city officials say it would be the first such requirement in the country. gun owners who are unable to pay the insurance could pay a fee to compensate taxpayers for the cost of firearm violence in the city. in response, the nra released a statement saying in part, criminals are already ignoring california's more than 800 gun laws so it's doubtful many of them would rush out and get liability insurance. but even if they did, liability insurance won't cover criminal acts. evan bishop owner of a gun shop in san jose believes it penalizes law-abiding gun owners. she said the focus should be on mental health. >> we're talking about criminals. those are things that need to be looked at to cut off before it gets to an issue in ordinary tore get into the firearms get into the hands of that stuff. >> reporter: is the proposal legal? experts say it could face a challenge. >> the answer will depend on whether it in fact keeps guns out of people's hands or if it's a reasonable tax.
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>> down the road this city could ask voters to impose a sales tax on gun and ammunition purchases to help gun safety closes, gun violence prevention programs and victim assistance services. the mayor doing what he says is necessary to reduce the harms of firearms. >> city leaders, mayors don't have the luxury of waiting for congress to act and offering thoughts and prayers. we have to act to protect our communities. >> reporter: the full counsel is expected to take up the proposal sometime by the end of the month we're live in san jose. the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting, the foundation established a special fund. abc 7 news. >> listen to this, a car is broken into once every 23 minutes according to the latest police statistics. one break in nets the thieve more than usual. police were called to fourth
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street right outside marleau restaurant late last night where a thief reportedly took half a million dollars worth of someone's property. kate larson is live from the scene to explain what happened. >> reporter: it was alex rodriguez, the baseball great was having dinner here in san francisco after last night's giants' game and sources tell us half a million dollars worth of valuables were stolen from an suv parked right here at fourth street right outside marleau restaurant. now here is what caught our eye about this story was the massive police response that we noticed happened last night. take a look at this. suv showed up in force last night. there were investigators out here which is not the norm for a car burglary scene. you can see there was a rear window of the rented nissan armada smashed in. officers were dusting the back for prints and said sometime
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around 9:00, 10:00 last night someone stole bags, a camera, camera equipment and jewelry from the suv. now we know a-rod was in san francisco last night broadcasting the giants, phillies game from oracle park from espn and espn conformed with abc 7 the black suv was rented for members of the production team and rodriguez was among the group of people that had stuff stolen. car break-ins have become an unfortunate part of everyday life in san francisco and so the people that i've been talking to today all pretty much have this same reaction. >> i probably would never leave half a million dollars worth of stuff in my car in san francisco. i pretty much leave like maybe a water bottle. i was nervous when i left my yeti in there. i felt it was nice. >> crazy in here cars get broken into all the time. >> reporter: now, an espn spokesperson says that it's an unfortunate situation and that they are working with authorities to address it.
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so far alex rodriguez declined to comment on what exactly of his was stolen in the suv. live in san francisco, i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. >> thanks, kate, very much. pg&e began accepting claims submitted by people in california. people affected by wildfires last year and 2017 can request funds for housing assistance and other immediate needs. they can file the claims online through the website for the utilities wildfire assistance program. a federal judge overseeing pg&e's bankruptcy case approved a $105 million relief fund. the deadline to apply is november 15th. in oakland the jurors in the ghost ship case are on day six of deliberations with no victim yet. two men are on trial for the 2016 warehouse fire that killed 36 people. laura anthony is at the courthouse like many times over the course of this trial. laura, any sense that the jury
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is close to a verdict? >> reporter: no. i can tell you that today marked the very beginning of the third week of deliberations in this case. derick almena's attorney has been here for every minute of today he talked to reporters about telltale signs if a jury is getting close to being deadlocked. so far he says he hasn't seen them but looking for the signs. >> you can see that they are at odds because they are not being friendly toward one another. that's one sign. another sign is we're there coming to court and they -- you can see that there is conflict, you know, that they are angry or one of them might even have tears or, you know, red face or something to show that there has been emotion and there has been conflict. i have seen none of that. >> reporter: again, at this point except for the length of time that they have been deliberating, there are no signs
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that this jury is deadlocked. no sign really that they are close to a verdict, either. deliberations to resume first thing tomorrow morning. ama, dan? >> thanks very much. we should expect many family members of the victims to be in court for the verdict obviously. what about relatives of the defendants? are you expecting? >> reporter: well, at this point we talked to defense attorneys about that throughout the course of the trial, we did see some of max harris' relatives and aunts and uncle from up in the seattle area have been here on and off. he said a number of supporters in the courtroom except for her testimony during the trial have not seen derick almena's wife since and we're told at this point that she is unlikely to come for the verdict that would just be too difficult for her and that she will stay up in far northern california with her children. >> okay. interesting. thanks very much. we sent out updates about the guest ship case through the
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abc 7 news app. download it now to find when the jury reaches a verdict. decembisturbing trend in sa francisco with crashes involving people walking and biking. >> we've seen twice the number of deaths as last year. next, a look at the changes that are being discussed and what has already been done. i'm spencer christian. i'm spencer christian. we have a heat wave it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. happening now, one of a half dozen local meetings to discuss the future of high speed rail. we told you about the newest recommendations that are the result of years of studying cost, community concerns and
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environmental impacts. this is a map of the recommended route connecting to san jose. it uses existing caltrain lines with less impact unsure rounding cities than other proposed routes. and this map shows the recommended route between san jose and san francisco. they picked a route that uses an existing caltrain corridor. the local meetings are taking place this month so people can get a closer look at the plans and a vote by the california high speed rail authority board is scheduled for september. the full system from san francisco to los angeles wouldn't start until 2033. a year after it first opened the sales force transit center is once again running at full speed. a c-tran sit buses started rolling in this morning on the bus deck for the first weekday commute in ten months. the center held the grand opening last august and it was last september when two steel beams were found shutting down the 2.2 billion dolla$2.2 billi.
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service has been returning slowly. uni has been running becauuses a few weeks. another deadly crash took the life of a pedestrian over the weekend according to walk sf, this is the 15th person killed while walking or biking in san francisco this year. abc 7 news reporter luz pena looks what is being done about it. >> reporter: it's only mid august and saturday's pedestrian death marks the 15th person killed while walking or biking in san francisco this year. that number is more than double what it was at this time last year. >> that ten had been people of color and more than 50% have been seniors. >> reporter: walk sf is calling for san francisco's leadership to reduce speed limits and add time for pedestrians to cross streets hoping this will eliminate injuries by the year 2024. >> there is incredible urgency around safety on our streets, three people killed just within blocks of each other over the last month. >> reporter: so we went to those
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blocks and timed how long pedestrians have to cross the street. the rule is one second per three feet. and times many pedestrians were asking for. on july 18th a man was crossing this walk with his walker when he was hit by a truck and dragged several blocks away from here. let's time this. on july 21st the couple was crossing taylor street when they were hit by a tesla driver who run a red light. a 39-year-old man died that day. an august 10th, a 79-year-old woman was struck and killed by a taxi driver here. in a statement the mayor's office said sfmta sent the rapid response team to evaluate the intersections to see what changes can be made to make each area safer. the changes made so far are the following. on fifth street between townson and market, paint and temporary posts are said to be completed by the end of 2019. on seventh street between townson and 16th, a quick build
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implemented and instillation is to be finalized by this month. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. danny glover, the actor says he's against removing the controversial murals at george washington high school. they portray native americans and african americans and the board voted to paint over the murals. while they are reminders of the horrors of the past, he put out a statement saying the murals should stay to destroy them or block them from view would be a kin to book burning. we would be missing the opportunity for enhanced moments provided to us. beautiful day by the bay. completely blue skies by the bay bridge. no fog over san francisco today. >> check out the skyline. isn't it stunning? abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is here with the forecast. warm spencer but awfully nice. >> it is nice, dan.
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nice to see a fog-free day in san francisco but that usually means things are heating up and that's the case right now. here is a look at live doppler 7. you can see from the radar view skies are clearing and almost a complete absence of fog. wind is pretty strong right now. we have guests 35 miles an hour here in san francisco and 21 down at half moon bay and 21 mile an hour guest in san carlos and you can see how breezy it is near the bay and coast and inland. speaking of inland the 24-hour temperature change shows that most inland locations are about two to five degrees warmer right now than they were at this time yesterday. not much change around the bay but changes coming to all parts of the bay area as this heat wave develops. here is a live view looking westward where it's 69 degrees right now. oakland 75. 89 in redwood city and 82 san jose and 62 at half moon bay and check this out, blue skies over the golden gate, not something we've seen during this season.
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current temperature of things were 87, napa 83 and 93 and 88 at livermore and santa cruz beach is active. it will probably be more active midweek this week as it gets hotter. these are the forecast features thanks means mild overnight conditions. warming trend continues tomorrow and likely to see triple digits inland the next few days. let's start with a look in the forecast animation late night overnight hours. notice the absence of fog. we'll see a patch or two but not the wide spread dense fog. so the day will start with dark skies and areas along the coastline with fog overnight. we'll see the fog disappearing by midday tomorrow, sunny day from costa inland and a mild to warm to hot day as well. during the overnight hours, we'll see low temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 50s in many locations. in fact, milder in the east bay with lows mid to low 60s which is uncomfortable for overnight
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temperatures. the alignment of systems looks like this. this is why we're having the weather we're having. large area centered over the midsection is building westward and as it expands westward is going to cause our temperatures to rise sharply here in the bay area. that's going to bring us this little heat wave this week. for tomorrow, look for highs of 70 in half moon bay, excuse me, 78 here in san francisco and across the bay 81 and 86 fremont and high of 90 tomorrow. look at the inland east bay, sizzling there. 98 at livermore and 99 concord and antioch and many mid-90s. on wednesday hotter. we'll see numerous inland locations with high temperatures at or above 100 degrees and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast showing us that this is going to be at least a two, maybe three-day event these triple digit readings inland at the moment looks like thursday will probably be the hottest day in the forecast with the heat easing friday and finally cooling down into what i would
6:21 pm
consider much more comfortable range over the weekend sgl >> all i can say is stay cool. i tend to do that. >> always cool. >> true. >> he won't deny it. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> thanks, spencer. when you got to go, go to san francisco. >> changes to the city's pit stop programs are next. stay with us.
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. happening today, san francisco is keeping three public bathrooms in. it's a pilot program to keep human waste off the streets. a public work staff will work around the clock to maintain a stationary toilet in the tender loin near eddie and jones streets. a mobile toilet at 6th and jesse street in soma and a stationary toilet. the pilot program is scheduled to last through the end of november. san francisco has 25 of these pit stops public bathrooms most close by 8:00 p.m. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. here is an example. it's only 19 units but going to make a big difference to the people who will live there. the affordable housing development was unveiled a few blocks on steven's creek boulevard. the units will go to 12 low income seniors and six people who were once homeless. this is the first completed
6:25 pm
project funded by measure a which voters passed three years ago. >> it really does take a village to raise these beautiful housing developments and i want to say big thank you to you and the reason i want to thank you is because my expectation is that we'll build many, many more and do it faster and faster. >> three more projects funded by the bond measure are set to open later this year. each unit has a bath, kitchen and balcony. the bay area's housing crisis does affect us all. we dedicated a week on that topic from renters to homeowners to solutions for the future. you can find those stories online at bay area. stay with us, in the battle of the state versus federal government, we're starting to lose count of cases. yeah, the latest the overhaul of the endangered spes se species act and how the animals are protected. dan noyes just returned from
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rome digging into the
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back from rome but still on the case. the i-team dan noyes spent ten days in italy investigating a deadly stabbing. the suspects are finn elder and gabe natale both from the north bay. they didn't know he was a police officer the boys say and act in self-defense during a drug deal gone wrong. >> both of those suspects are being held in jail but have not been formally charged. >> that's right, dan noyes joins us in studio. what's the latest? >> it will be a long haul. the autopsy just got finished. we haven't heard the exact results. justice goes slowly in italy. here in this country basically three days to be charged with a crime or not or you're let go. in italy, the prosecutors can ta up to a decide even if there is going to be a charge of not. >> they hold you the entire time? >> they hold you the entire time. attorneys for both young men
6:30 pm
have filed an appeal to get them out early while this process goes underway but the judge has already signalled that's not probably going to happen. one, because of how violent the attack was. >> sure. >> and two for the chance of them actually leaving the country. >> right. >> so chances are they will be in jail at least through the next year while they even make a charging decision. >> that's remarkable. >> it really is. >> we saw a photo of the suspect blind folded. what's the fallout from that? that got a lot of reaction. >> it did. it's interesting because things leaked to the italian media like crazy there. and that blind fold photo got out through a leak. apparently there was an office there in that station house, one gabe natale was blind folded and that officer sent it to other people on the what's app and finally landed on a journalist desk and got published. the police say they had to blind fold him to make sure that he
6:31 pm
didn't see any documents on the desk or computer screen. they say that they had that for four minutes but still, that ha huge impact there. judge was already said that's illegal and unacceptable and shouldn't have happened. >> stunning to us. >> two investigations underway both into why that happened and who took the photograph and leaked it. >> yeah. his father actually went to italy. what are the families doing? >> right. exactly. fathers for both young men, for elder and natale were in rome to see their sons. they are both back in the bay area. both families are trying to figure out what's the best way to support the young men. maybe the mother goes one time and the father next. both families are trying to figure that out but clearly, three families devastated by this, of course, you know, the officers, his widow and their family and the families of these two young men who basically had this on vacation when this
6:32 pm
happened and now in an italian jail. >> life-changing situation. what about the victims' family? been able to reach them? >> i tried from the moment i was in rome. i knew the ultimate victim was the widow. they had been married just a month before this happened. you know, the 35-year-old officer and a month later she's back in the same church having a service for the funeral for her husband. i reached out again and again because i wanted her to know that we care what happened to her. you know, that americans care about the death of this italian officer, as well. and reached her attorney. she's considering speaking but at this point it's just all too difficult. >> yeah. understandable. dan, your reporting has been comprehensive and absolutely fantastic. >> great worth. you may be going back to italy, who knows. >> there is definitely more to come and so many questions what happen that night and in the police investigation after. so there is a lot more to report. >> thank you very much. excellent. >> of course, dan was just
6:33 pm
constantly tweeting while in italy and it's still how he's sharing information as he uncovers it. you can follow him and find his stories from rome on now we have new details on the san francisco auto burglary involving baseball great alex rodriguez. it happened outside the marleau restaurant last night. a thief reportedly made off with property worth about half a million dollars, some of it belonging to a-rod. rodriguez sent out a statement saying i'm saddened several items of personal nature and irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken. i'm encouraged that local law enforcement has security footage of the crime and doing all they can to get the items back. we're going to have more for you on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. the trump administration publicized a final version of the rule that overhauls the endangered species act and says the changes will protect wildlife and make regulations more efficient. scientists and conservation groups see it completely differently.
6:34 pm
here is abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: it is a vault filled with row upon row of biological diversity. if one room could help tell the story of life on earth, this one in the california academy of sciences certainly qualifies sgh it's our library of nature. >> reporter: when dr. peter knows and can read so when the trump administration announced changes to stream line the endangered spes secies act, he stronger feelings than the average american. it would make it more difficult to place them and easier to remove them. >> it's short sided. >> reporter: from california attorney general javier today, quote, by rolling back the endangered species act, the trump administration would be putting a nail in our coffin for the sake of pasting profits putting species at risk in the first place. in this one section alone, 40,000 species and they tell a story about how biology is enter
6:35 pm
connected and how if you lose one species, you're likely to affect another. >> these are hundreds to thousands of species that are knitted together in essentially what is a natural economy and you take key players out and of course, things begin to crumble. >> one example, fresh water clams 20% extinct now because in the 19th century, we used it for buttons but there is a cost. >> we lose clean water. part of how they feed. >> reporter: supporters of th oh e endangered species like the american alligator. it went off the list. if every species is enter connected, the loss could impact others. >> it matters because we don't really fully understand how all of these pieces are linked together in the natural world. >> reporter: as visitors enter the california academy, they are greeted by a t-rex that went
6:36 pm
extinct millions of years ago. you can blame that one on an as street. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the death of jeffrey epstein has started a new investigation but it hasn't closed the odd one. >> the latest details about the sex crimes case involves the multi millionaire, his clients and contacts. also ahead. >> switching cell phone providers turns into an ordeal
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how was jailed millionaire jeffrey epstein able to kill himself days after a failed suicide attempt. there are more questions than answers as authorities try to figure out what happened. maggie rulli has the latest. >> reporter: federal agents were seen searching a sex trafficker jeffrey epstein's private island monday as investigations into his apparent suicide continue. the attorney general is promising accountability. >> we'll get to the bottom of what happened, and there will be accountability. >> reporter: after being found unresponsive in his cell, epstein was taken off suicide watch after he under went multiple psychiatric
6:40 pm
evaluations. something the department attorney general was aware of. >> we're learning of serious irregularities after this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. >> reporter: according to sources, guards were supposed to check on epstein every 30 minutes but they did not in the hours before he was discovered saturday morning. and the two guards in the special housing unit where epstein was kept were both on over time. one of the guards was on the fifth over time shift of the week. >> was there a crime connected with the suicide? someone paid? someone else involved? for there to be criminal charges you need intentional acts, not just negligence. >> reporter: since his death, several of epstein's accusers feel cheated out of an opportunity for justice. >> i really wanted him to take up for what he did and be put in jail or prison. >> reporter: the attorney general promises that epstein's death will not be the end of the investigation. >> any co-conspirators should not rest easy.
6:41 pm
the victims deserve justice and they will get it. >> reporter: sources say there are video cameras in the prison but none of them appear to be pointing towards epstein's cell. right now, the fbi and office of the inspector general are investigating. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. a rough start to the week for the stock market. the unrest in hong kong and on going trade war weighed on investors minds today. the dow jones was down by 389 points and the nasdaq fell by 95 and s&p off by 35. the sell offs snapped a two-day winning streak on wall street. are you ready for triple digit temperatures? who isn't? >> no. >> yeah, spencer will show us what to
6:42 pm
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♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. switching cell phone r providers is supposed to be earlier since a law passed in 2014 but did not work that way for a san jose man. >> michael finney is here to explain. >> pay attention. this is how, there is a welcome on our smart phone to make the software in combcompatible withr
6:45 pm
providers. the law makes it illegal to get them unlocked with a code. getting the code to work is something else. in an ideal world, locking the code would have been easy. it wasn't. the san jose man wanted to switch from at&t to t-mobile. at&t gave him the unlock code but t-mobile told him the code didn't work. tom went to a local at&t store for assistance. the staff there couldn't help, felt he went home. >> got on the phone with at&t support and was passed around in circles. >> he eventually talked to a manager who promised him a replacement phone and a new code. >> here is the unlock code, went back to t-mobile, tried it. wouldn't work. >> apparently the phone sent to him was so old the carrier no longer serviced him. by now two months passed since
6:46 pm
tom asked to switch carriers. he contacted 7 on your side and we contacted at&t and the company sent a second replacement phone. that didn't work. his frustration reached a boiling point. >> i am tired. i'm done with this. you know, can't -- you know, just refund the money i paid for my phones. >> at&t said after working extensively with the device manufacturer, technical issues prevented us from successfully resolving this. we issued the customer a credit in the amount of the device. tom, he's a happy man. >> well, michael, thank you, man. thank you so much. i mean, i love, you know, your shows. >> thank you, tom. if you need help with a consumer issue, let me know about it. my 7 on your side hot line is open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. the number is 415-954-8151 or reach me at my facebook page or
6:47 pm >> another satisfied customer. >> thanks, michael. onto the weather forecast. boy, it will heat up. >> we're feeling dissatisfied. >> call fin knee. here is a look at overnight conditions. we'll have a little patch of fog near the coastline, otherwise clear skies and mild conditions with overnight lows in the upper 50s to low 60s. that's not a very cool overnight period. 12-hour planner tomorrow, we start with bright sunny skies, maybe a tiny patch of coastal fog. midday already it will be warm. mid 80s inland and upper 70s and later in the afternoon warm to hot. near 100 in the warmest inland spots and mid to upper 80s per perha hand above. it will be sizzling in the mid 80s. here is a clearer more specific look. 94 santa rosa and 99 concord and antioch and 100 fairfield and here is the accuweather forecast we can expect hotter weather on
6:48 pm
wednesday and thursday with highs to hit 105, 106 on thursday and the hottest inland locations the heat eases on friday and we'll be back to more comfortable conditions on saturday and sunday. really looking forward to this weekend. >> 88 is nice compared to 100s. >> you're right about that. >> okay. that's crazy. >> yeah. >> we're all cringing. larry is here with sports. >> antonio brown lost his helmet case appeal but there may be a loophole. anybody out there got a slightly used shut air advantage helmet? that thing
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can i trouble you for another marshmallow? good evening. as expected antonio brown lost his appeal of the nfl's new helmet rule but there is a loophole to get him on the field in his old preferred head gear. brown likes his old helmet. he says the new ones obstruct his vision. tom brady would rather wear the hold one. the league wants safety. you get there. the league will let brown wear the shut air advantage helmet if he finds one that fits him and it'sless than 10 years old. the problem is the company doesn't make that helmet anymore. it might be time for a custom a.b. helmet. he missed most of camp because of frostbiten feet from a cryo therapy treatment in france. he said i'm working to getting full health and rejoining me
6:52 pm
team hates on the field. despite the lose to klay thompson, we'll see the warrior as bunch next season. the schedule out today and the warriors open the 2019, 2020 season at home against the clippers and kawhi leonard. they will be on national tv 30 times, five of those games. we're happy to say here starting with christmas day jains tagain rockets and home games against lebron and the lakers on february 8th and march 7th with the sixers two road games march 14th against milwaukee and april 11th against the clippers once again. speaking of the chase center. recently taped a real authority pod cast inside the building with rick the team president. first pod cast done there. check it out at abc 7 brks krrb the baseball schedule is out for next year. giants in 2020 open the season in l.a. for three games starting thursday, march 26th. so be sure to start writing that down now, dan.
6:53 pm
it's going to mark the tenth time in club history the giants opened the season against the dodgers in l.a. 11 straight years that the giants open on the road. for the a's, 2020 starts at home thursday march 26th against the twins. a's and twins haven't met since 1991. the opening day matinee will mark the fourth time in the last 43 years and the third year in the a row the a's will play a day game for the home opener. baseball, both bay area teams are playing tomorrow. abc 7 chris alvarez has a preview with both teams fighting for the play-off lives. >> it's a ground ball to the right side steered by phillips. yes. he's there in time and the a's are the world champions. >> the next edition of the bay bridge series began with a look back at the most iconic matchup. the 1989 world series. on sunday, the giants held a reunion for the '89 national
6:54 pm
league champions. >> when you get around the alumni from before, especially this team here because it was so special, when you get around them, you just smile and laugh and giggle and tell war stories and stories you forget about and all that, makes you feel special. >> they won the first two and then the earthquake made it realize that baseball is just a game. so all about relationships and family and life and then they came back. i wish we could go back and play again. >> tomorrow the giants and a's renew rivalry with both teams in contention for a play-off spot. >> good teams win games like that where maybe not everything is clicking. and you go out there and find a way to win. >> it doesn't matterwho is coming to town. we know what we got to do. >> with familiar faces becoming fauxes. >> i don't know if we'll face tanner. with him with the reds and we were talking about it if we ever faced him, what he would do. he said he'd hit me. we'll see. >> it was fun. this rivalry or this series is
6:55 pm
fun to begin with and the fact that both these games are going to mean a lot for both teams will be fun. >> first pitch 6:45 at oracle park on tuesday. chris alvarez, abc 7 sports. steven vogt played for the a's. john force 70 years old still winning drag races. captured the record-setting 150th title and today i had a chance to talk to him. he's been the force in hot rod racing for a long time. started out dirt poor in southern california and through the years built his team. now includes the three daughters. he's a multi, multimillionaire after 149 career wins, it took 25 races to finally reach the milestone 150th. he says he's really happy to finally get the monkey off his back. >> on that day, everything went right and i have to give credit to the make believe animal i created, that monkey he got me. you don't know your race car.
6:56 pm
you better love it, you better live it. you better smell it, breathe it, eat it and that win will come. i'm glad it's over. i love that monkey. >> got a lot. >> wild in the wnba last night. brittany went after former cal star who is working on her back pedal there chasing her down the court. the bench is empty. brittany goes 6-9 and got upset because she got hit in the head. upset about the physical play and prior games. five players were jekted and suspensions will becoming. when pretty brittney griner gets mad -- >> people get out of the way. >> back peddling. >> thank you. >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm liz, it's required for mid and will high school students to have a suicide prevention hot line on the id cards. what is behind this? we'll have that coming up at
6:57 pm
11:00. spectacular meteor shower will dazzle the sky. >> at 8:00 it's bachelor in paradise and stay with us for abc 7 news at 1 1:00. that will do it for this edition. always look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. thanks for joining us. >> for spencer christian, larry beil, appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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