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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 13, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the driver of the suv also escaped. aom and my son told me, mom, a bus crashed on king road. i didn't think much of it but i came over here and saw a lot of smoke and a lot of fire and a lot of water, and then i seen the light post -- well, not the light post but the post that fell on the bus and it was ugly, and it looked like hell over here. >> reporter: at its peak the crash caused 5,800 pg&e customers to be without power, and the cones were just lifted about 20 minutes ago. for now, reporting live in san et's get you up-to-date on weather and traffic. >> if you are for freecoayotwam
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cot.nds, less than ten miles per hour. light and variable as pressure sits on top of us again, compressing the marine layer ke the sea breeze out on the sea today. look at the flags, not even moving. let's talk about temperatures. 57 to 60 at 7:00. we'll stay in the mid to upper 60s, and we will go from 79 to 88 around the bay, and near 90 to 100 at noon, and then 78 to 87 at 7:00. we'll take a look at the hotter days ahead of us coming up next. in the south bay northbound 101 there may be a lane blocked because of an earlier problem. we have a live shot of the headlights moving through 101, and 101 is still looking good at the peninsula, so even though
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the problem is at alan rock, i don't think you will see delays right now at this point. 680 on walnut creek, that's traffic heading towards i-24. and then right now out of tracy, 29 minutes, and antioch to concord, 14 minutes. delay free and fog free in the north bay as well. san rafael to san francisco, 16 minutes. a chp officer was shot and killed after a gun battle in riverside county. >> a processtion went hospital. the officer was conducting a traffic stop on a pickup truck and started to impound it, and as he was filling out paperwork
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the suspect went to his truck and took out a gun and open fire. >> air one transported that gravely injured officer to the hospital. >> the suspect was also killed. two other officers were seriously hurt. family members identify the officer who died as 33-year-old andre moya jr. he had been with chp for about four years. and then firefighters battling to get control of a fire that caused evacuations. it started at about 6:00 last night. flames spread to 150 acres within two hours. the moose fire is 27% hopland is near santa
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>> there's firefighters in shasta county put out 14 fires caused by lightning. this is part of a series of new safeguards to help prevent electricity from sparking wildfires. the utility will have a helicopter in the air patrolling the lines, and different scenarios will be set up. hong kong's airport has canceled all remaining departing flights. protesters have taken over terminals. this is a live shot inside the
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airport, and there are people behind the luggage carts using them as barricades. one flight from hong kong to sfo has been canceled so far today. the trump administration is moving forward with a new rule that could drastically affect legal immigration. green card applicants that qualify for public benefits may be rejected. >> glen: morning. the president has long pushed for a merit-based immigration system and expressed frustration. the white house announcing its latest crackdown on immigration. this time the sweeping new changes targeting immigrants legally in the united states. >> throughout our history, self reliance has been a core principle in america. >> starting in october the trump
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administration's new public charge rule would make it harder for immigrants to receive or even qualify to receive certified government assistance to receive a green card. over half a million people annual apply for green cards. the attorneys general of california and new york along with immigration advocacy groups vowed to sue. 2020 democrats like castro msnbc. >> it's a president that is a raeusist and wants a whiter and wealthier nation. >> it could have an affect on several services like construction and hospitality,
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to the east bay, two men are on trial for the 2016 warehouse fire that killed 36 people. there has been no indication how long the jury could take to reach a verdict. the lead attorney for defendant amenna defendant faces up to 39 years in prison. install our app so you will find out right away when a jury reach as verdict. this year's student ids will include a number aimed at saving lives. >> in gilroy, the emotional support every student will have tomorrow. an early warning from bart getting to and from the east bay could be a big challenge this weekend. >> that's still all ahead, but
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here's a look at your weather with mike nicco. >> we have 58 in pleasanton and livermore and san ramon, and danville in the low 60s. that's as cool as it gets. we start at 69 in concord and pittsburg, 75. antioch, 69 degrees right now. los gatos, 68. more comfortable in pacifica. we have temperatures near 60 in san jose. it's about 63 degrees here. we're going to have clouds at the coast driving, that's your only concern. mass transit cool but hot this afternoon. we'll go from mildest to hottest. here we are in san francisco in the 60s through 9:00. already 72 at 11:00. on our way to the upper 70s to near 80 this afternoon. 7:00, we're still at 70 degrees which is warmer than average. east bay we go to 60 at 7:00 to
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already in the low 80s at noon. mid to upper 80s to 78 at 7:00, and the north bay, look at this spread from 57 at 7:00 to the low 90s from 2:00 to 5:00, and then at 7:00 we're still at 82 degrees. there's even hotter spots in some of our neighborhoods. i will show you those coming up and hotter weather overall tomorrow into thursday, and it's going to be quite dangerous for those of you working outside. i will bring francis back in. it will be dangerous for brushfires starting. there was one reported on the chp screen in vallejo and it's visible from the freeway on east bay 80 for those of you near 780. here's a live shot from berkeley and emeryville, headlights moving westbound, and if you are headed towards the bay bridge, it's looking good. westbound 4, highway 4 to the
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maze is 16 minutes. as you continue the ride on southbound 101 from san francisco to sfo, it's a nine-minute ride. here's a live shot as well. we have light traffic right here right now. also just a heads up, there's roadwork in benicia. the east bay connect
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venturing away from the bay area, it's going to be hotter in the central valley with an excessive heat watch tomorrow when highs hit 104 to 108. 77 to 83 with sunshine around san diego and los angeles a few clouds but a lot of sunshine this afternoon. monterey, 73, and eureka, 71. 81 in huh ttahoe with a ton of sunshine. we will have strong sunshine over the weekend. mike, thank you. every new school year comes with a lot of change and this year students across the straight might notice a change to their school i.d. card. it's an effort to strip the stigma of mental health. >> i think it's great. >> in my opinion, it's a good thing. >> i think it's a great idea.
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>> that great idea is about addressing a serious issue, suicide among youth as part of a california law starting this school year, student ids must have suicide information prevented on the back. parents are behind it. >> i think any opportunity for somebody to have a number to be able to call out to, reach out to, and be able, i think it's fantastic. >> every school district's id cards will look slightly different but each have the same mission. here in pleasanton, the id cards have four numbers on them, including the prevention number. more than 5,000 men and 1,200 women died by suicide in the u.s. in 2017. a record high.
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some experts shows like "13 reasons" who takes her own life added to the problem. >> nobody talks about it, and there's a lot of people that have depression and need help and don't get it. >> simone's mom believes the new law will make it harder to ignore. >> abc7 news. >> does seem like an innovative idea. we have resources you can turn to if you are having suicida sua thoughts. schools are preparing to students to return and they are receiving training on how to respond to children that are upset about the deadly garlic festival shooting. the district says two additional
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counsellors will be on hand at all 15 schools tomorrow. >> there's going to be questions. there's going to be tears and a lot of expression of sorrow and we are preparing our staff as much as we canh students their own emotions. >> hundreds of people have taken advantage of counseling services offered in the community. in the east bay, bart is alerting riders about work that is happening this weekend. bart will be working on major track replacement. free buses will be in place of trains and riders can expect delays of 40 minutes or more. the two left lanes on east bay highway 24 near the lafayette station and oak hill road will also be closed. the track work will continue for five more weekends through october. yikes. it's 4:46 in the morning, and let's get over to
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meteorologist, mike nicco. >> guys, it's about as cool as it's going to get outside for the next hour to hour and a half so enjoy it because we have warmer temperatures today and the possibility of unhealthy air. health risks increases tomorrow and thursday, it's moderate to high especially around the bay and inland. 10 to 20 degrees cooler this weekend. let's take a look at the cloud cast. you can see a few clouds hanging around the coast this morning and that's where they will be about noon, and then watch what happens in the afternoon hours, just a few hanging on the peninsula coast, but that's it. expect a lot of sunshine today like we had yesterday. everybody reaching the 90s in the south bay. milpitas, you are at 89. we have 79 in santa cruz. los altos, 91, and everybody else in the mid to upper 80s. near 70 along the coast today to near 80 in downtown in south san francisco and sausalito.
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low to mid-70s along the north bay coast and low to mid-90s through the north bay valleys. mid-80s to getting up to 90 in castro valley and union city and free mopped. and the east bay valleys, the 100s start to show up in fairfield, antioch and brentwood. tonight not as mild as this morning, near 50s to 70 degrees. you can see why the health risks increases tomorrow and thursday as temperatures continue to climb. the heat will moderate. we will head to the north bay where we have a sig-alert due to the overturned tractor trailer and this is in the hillsborough area on 101. i you are headed up towards geyserville, you may need to get on at 128. the closure in effect for a
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while, but the off-ramp is open if you are headed to healdsburg. north bay through santa fe, traffic heading in towards san francisco, looking good at this point all the way to the golden gate bridge. not a cloud or even a little fog in the sky right now, and as you drive on 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco, it's 49 minutes at this time. >> thanks, here are your tech bytes. >> verizon is dumping >> it has struggled against competitors like instagram and lost regulars after banning adult content. >> general motors plan to
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on electric cars instead. >> and we're just three months away from the debut of nintendo's pokemon pokemon poken shield. >> pokemon. p >> those are your "tech bytes." have a great day. >> name a pokemon? >> spongebob, i don't know. >> absolutely. good. in the east bay, a grand
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celebration to open a new high school. this was not your t
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here's a couple things to think about if you are working outside the next couple of days. do you have enough water? are you hydrating before you are thirsty? do you have temporary shade available, somewhere you can go if you start to feel nauseous,
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maybe overheating? do you know the symptoms of heat illness versus heat stroke. heat illness you are still sweating and heat stroke you are not and you need to head to the hospital. and then a small housing dvelopment in the south bay is making a big difference for some folks. 19 people recently moved into the apartments in cupertino. it's a few blocks away from apple's new campus. it's going to people who were once homeless. the $12 million project is the first one funded by a 2016 bond measures. more projects are set to open later this year. some students in the east bay go back to school next week and this year pinole high school students are moving on to a new campus. >> you have an opportunity to
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establish a legacy, one of academic excellence -- >> the mayor addressed the community yesterday at the school's grand opening. schools have been using a temporary campus for the past five years while this one was under construction. there's nothing like being at the new school. you are the first one to break it in, mike. seniors rule. >> there you go. first one to pull a prank. and then 6:45, 73 degrees, down to 64, and actually kind of comfortable at oracle. not breezy at all. let's talk about what is going to happen tomorrow. look at the widespread 100s in the north bay. in the east bay, and even the south bay, 90s around hayward and a lot of 70s and 80s elsewhere around the bay. same thing for thursday. look at these temperatures. we start to see a little bit of a push of a searee r
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friday, and veryrtable temperatures and stpeul 90s in the south bay, and low to mid-80s around redwood city. we will have the weekend forecast coming up. good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza which is backed up for the cash paying lanes. not a horrible ride once you get to the tolls but what is a mess, before you get there traffic is slow on 880 especially northbound as you make your way out of san leandro into oakland. roadwork reduced traffic down to one lane so traffic is crawling right now. roadwork through 880 as well and that should be cleared at 6:00 this morning so you may want to avoid that stretch and consider 580 instead. this is a look at 68walnut cre. there traffic is flowing well towards highway 24. we will check out drive times in
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my next report. >> thanks, francis. a hungry bear found its way into a colorado home but getting out was another tng door to the outside and you can see what happened. that bear clawed it's way through the wall to get out. the homeowner says the animal ripped an out let through the wall and tore out insulation and dug its way through the wood to find freedom. >> the bear gets what it wants. next at 5:00 a.m., stepping up to help fund critical research. a proposal to require something new of gun owners. what the san jose is now calling for. more and more for lease saoeupb signs are popping up
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>> announcer: news to build a . this is "abc7 mornings." now at 5:00, alex rodriguez was at oracle park for work and hours later the baseball legend became a victim of a car break-in. what the thieve got away with and how a-rod is responding. it's a star that is like us, unfortunately, right? >> yeah, and now a spare the air alert is throughout the bay area. it's because of high winds and high temperatures and exhausts and other vehicles. you are encouraged not to drive and any outdoor activities should be done this morning. mike, that's a bad combo. >> like you said, what we can do, the things we take for


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