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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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off from the scene. san jose police say a man was behind the wheel of this gold chevy suburban hitting west on story, hitting this blue chevy silverado before continuing through the intersection and striking a bicyclist in the crosswalk. the driver took off onot. fo the bicyclist didn't survive the crash and the driver of the silverado was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. business owners on story are upset. they say there's often speeding cars and hf i have foot traffic. >> fridays and saturdays, a lot of people try to run the cars through this area here, speed like that. that's not good for the neighborhood. >> reporter: the bicyclist has only been described as a male. his death make the city's 31st as far as deadly crashes in san jose. live this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. time is 4:30 this morning.
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mike is standing by with our weekend forecast. >> we'll start with what's going on outside right now. weave got a lot of low to mid 60s out there. there are separations. morgan hill, fremont, 59. we've got san ramon at 58, along with 59 at napa, santa rosa. 59 cloverdale and ukiah. this afternoon you can see clouds along the coast. temperatures upper 60s there and into san francisco. the most sunshine and the warmest temperature around santa cruz. you know it will be busy. parking can always be troublesome. temperatures mid to upper 70s around the bay. low to mid 80s until you get to santa rosa, towards antioch. here is frances. we have a new crash just reported in the pittsburg area, east bay 4 willow pass. it's blocking a lane. a live shot of interstate 80 as
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headlights move through berkeley, emeryville, looking good to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll take you down to the south bay. no problems, no delays in san jose. headlights are northbound on 101. that's 880 running across your screen. just some fog on the golden gate bridge this morning. not much traffic to slow you down. we'll check out that ride westbound 4 with the accident in the east bay direction. right now antioch to hercules, still 25 minutes. delay free westbound 80 to the maze. looking good towards the san jose airport as well. all eyes are on hurricane dorian. it's on track to hit florida between monday night and tuesday morning and possibly as a category 4. >> abc news reporter inez is tracking the storm. >> lots of uncertainty as to how where it will hit.ill be and - this could wind up being the strongest hurricane to hit florida's east co i nearly
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three decades. forecasters taking no chances when it comes to dorian. hurricane hunters from noaa flying right into the storm to try to figure out where it will make landfall. >> all the data is sent realtime to the national hurricane center. >> reporter: the category 2 storm is growing stronger and could become a cat 4 by the time it hits the mainland somewhere between melbourne and miami. close to 17 million people along florida's east coast now bracing for a strong storm surge, winds of over 130 miles per hour and over a foot of rain, boarding up windows and scrambling for supplies. gas stations running out of fuel. >> just getting prepared before the storm comes. >> reporter: president trump watching closely, canceling an upcoming trip to poland to monitor the situation. >> it's something very important for me to be here. >> reporter: in addition to declaring a state of emergency,
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florida's governor is asking the president to declare a pre landfall disaster for all of florida's 67 counties to free up federal aid to help florida deal with any of dorian's possible effects. abc news, new york. a 12-year-old brentwood girl is in the hospital this morning. she is being treated for critical injuries after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. it happened yesterday morning on sunrise road and trail side drive. the girl was walking to edna hill middle school when the driver of an suv hit her and kept on going. she had to be airlifted to uc davis medical center. police tracked the female driver to a nearby parking lot and arrested her. now she faces dui and felony hit-and-run charges. a san francisco police sergeant faces charges in pacifica for disrupting a meeting on homelessness. maria donati had a misdemeanor complaint filed against her yesterday saying she unlawfully pulled a fire alarm. all this started on august 7th
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when a citizens advisory board tackling homelessness held a private meeting at the pacifica police department. prosecutors say donati demanded to be a part of the meeting. when she was denied entry, she pulled the fire alarm and left. dan noyes has been following this story and confronted donati. >> i need to talk to you about the fire alarm. can you tell me what happened? >> no, no. i'm not talking. thank you. >> why not? >> it's clear. >> we follow a philosophy down here, for bad conduct, there's consequences. >> donati could face up to a engineer in county jail and possibly a $1,000 fine. it's 4:35. happening today, the man accused of attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo building is due back in court so the judge can set a trial day. yesterday prosecutors dropped the second charge against austin james vincent saying he was misidentified in that case.
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after reviewing surveillance video the judge denied the request to release vincent from jail saying he's still a public threat. as vincent was leaving, he cursed at the judge. we're learning one more person was wounded during last month's shooting massacre at the gilroy garlic festival. three people died when the gunman opened fire. gilroy police say a man suffered a graze wound to his head, that increases the number injured to 17. at least one of throws victims is still in the hospital. santa clara county medical examiner says the gunman died after shooting himself. new security cameras are monitoring a busy street in san francisco's chinatown. it's in response to complaints from local merchants about crime driving away customers. city of firms and neighborhood leaders hope to stop crimes like this one. you're looking at pictures taken by a business owner when thieves broke into an suv parked outside his store. 18 new high definition cameras are now recording what happens along stockton street between sacramento and washington streets.
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starting tomorrow, hundreds of new bart station platform signs will have the ability to let riders know if their trains are canceled. b.a.r.t. riders have long been frustrated when the signs say the arrival time is in five minutes and if train doesn't come or is rerouted. "the examiner" is reporting that some riders have nicknamed that phenomenon ghost train. starting tomorrow, more than 400 of the new b.a.r.t. displays will also list if the train features two-door cars or four-door cars. a heart stopping moment in florida. this is caught on video. a child almost hit by a car. could frat parties be going green? the new effort to make beer pong more eco-friendly. >> i mean, that is a lot of cups. we'll get to that story ahead. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. here is mike. really? we're worried about beer pong?
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>> every little bit counts. >> my son has got about 90 up in his bedroom in my house, and he reuses his. >> you taught him well, mike. >> i tried. plus i love that song "red solo cup" by toby keith. temperatures up to nine degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we'll go to san francisco first where we're a little warmer than we should be, around 60 to 62 degrees. you can see 54 in palo alto. 56 at santa clara. we've got pittsburg at 65, the warm spots. petaluma right now at american canyon, 56. here is the san mateo bridge. we're at 63 degrees on the side we're looking from. that's the hayward side. pretty good if you're out driving near the coast and the north bay. relaxed breeze z even where else.
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real nice 69 at 7:00 and 4 san francisco, we're going to be in the upper 60s by 11:00 and touch 70 several times with increasing sunshine this afternoon. we've got 90s in the forecast. we'll talk about where the heat is and take a look at dorian in the next few minutes. first i want to bring frances in. hoping for friday light, not only now but about 12:30 when i head home. >> i'm hoping for you, too, mike. i think you might be okay. traffic is not too bad. even though we have a couple accidents in the countercommute direction, here is a live shot of the richmond-san rafael bridge for headlights moving towards the toll plaza. it's light right now. no problems heading across the bridge. 680 also looking good southbound traffic on the right-hand side is heading towards highway 24. there's a new crash in the
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counter commute direction, northbound 242 at grant. it looks like it's on the off-ramp. also a live shot of the san mateo bridge. no delays here, westbound traffic is on the right. we're tracking that westbound 4 drive time antioch to concord which is still delay-free at 14 minutes. that's because there's an east bay injury crash. east bay 4 at san marco boulevard, an acc
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look what's going on with dorian, continued to increase in intensity as we expected it, too. it's a 2 now. becomes a 4 before it slams into the bahamas and slams into florida around jupiter, west palm beach. up to two feet of rain is possible. dangerous storm surge that could flood several miles inland if it's high enough in the rip currents, power outages, structural damage, power outages for weeks. structural damages for month and possibly 12 to $15 billion in losses. natasha. this is just another reminder to be safe around schools and buses. a houston mom capturing the moment her daughter was almost hit by a car while getting off the school bus.
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>> leyla. leyla, come here. no, wait, wait, wait. stop! >> the bus had its stop sign activated. that driver of the toyota blew right past it. the mother says it was the first time her daughter rode the bus home from school. the mother was thankful she was there to tell her daughter to stop in time. she hope this serves as a reminder for all of us to stop when we see a school bus dropping off children. senator dianne feinstein voted against an initiative juul. the initiative was shot down wednesday night by the san francisco democratic party board. according to the examiner feinstein voted no on a party endorsement of prop c. speaker nancy pelosi was also against the measure. in the south bay, after nearly 40 years in business, a beloved bakery chain is closing
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its doors for good. the owner says a labor shortage is to blame. the cost of doing business makes it tough to building a better bay area, something we're focussed on here at abc 7. chris nguyen las the story. >> reporter: taking home your favorite dessert can be a wonderful feeling. >> the fudge on the chocolate chocolate is to die for. >> reporter: in the south bay, the taste of these cakes will become a distant memory. >> i heard they were going out of business i. ordered three chocolate ccolates and one of the carrot cakes. we're going to end up freezing them rfr after four decades in business, the prolific oven bakery chain in palo alto in sunnyvale will close the doors on saturday, a family-owned business that has helped this community celebrate in so many ways. >> my husband and i got married, our wedding cake came from here. this was his favorite place to go. >> reporter: co-owner regina chan loves hearing those stories. she say it's hard to fill open
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positions because many choose work for in-house catering departments at nearby tech companies that can command a higher wage. >> everything done by hand. it's very labor intensive rfr add in the rising cost of doing business in silicon valley, and it's easy to see why all this became a recipe for disappointment, leaving chan no choice but to close. despite that, she has no regrets. >> i was 8 years old when my parents took over the prolific oven. >> many customers stopped by to savor the goodbye. >> five grandchildren now. i have two girls that i raised here, they always wanted a carrot cake from prolific oven. >> making the bay a sweeter place blue out the years. chris nguyen, abc news. >> awe, should we go? one company is hoping to make frat parties and tail gates a little more eco-friendly,
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making reusable beer pong cubs. the aluminum cups are shaped by the infamous cups typically used. ball says they're going to cost 25 cent each. they're also teaming up with various venues to test replacing the plastic cups with the aluminum ones. >> a couple people here say they reuse their red solo cups for years. rinse it out and it's good to go for another five years. >> they're a little sturdier than the red solo cup gets credit for. the multipurpose cup. all those lines mean different things. the small line the shot -- anyway. the next line is for wine, and the next line up is for beer. >> see, we learned something. >> i just learned something today, mike. >> how about that? you learned something. i've got the game on. we've got san diego taking on
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san francisco tonight. 7:15 at 65 degrees. then we'll drop down to 61. you've got me thinking about friday evening already talking about beer pong and red solo cups. we'll stretch it out the next seven days as soon as we take a look at walnut creek where it's 60 degrees. clouds around the bay and inland and cool tonight and warmer than average this weekend. let's take a look at our temperatures. we'll go down to the south bay, upper 70s to mid 80s. upper 80s in gilroy. 65 to about 68 on the peninsula coast to near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 60s north bay coast. low to upper 80s as you head into the north bay. mid to upper 70s along the east bayshore and still a little warm, but maybe not air conditioning warm. mid to upper 80s in our east bay valleys. tonight dropping to the mid to
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upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, notice the 80s and 90s for our bay and inland neighborhoods saturday, sunday, monday, and mainly 60s, 70s and 80s next week. a couple of accidents in the east bay. one is in concord on northbound 242. that is blocking the grant off-ramp at this point. there's a big rig there. you may want to take the clayton off-ramp as an alternate. also another injury crash east bay 4 at san marco blocking the right lane. these accidents are in the countercommute direction. you'll notice westbound 4 looks good. southbound 242 is rolling well towards southbound 680. the live shot in walnut creek, the right-hand side is southbound moving towards highway 24. drive time from highway 4 to walnut creek creek is six minutes. westbound 24 looking good as you make your way do the caldecott. walnut creek eight minutes, delay free coming out of the altamont pass. here is a live shot, bay bridge toll plaza, just a minor backup for some of the cash paying
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lanes. it is looking good through the southbound. a live shot of 280 for headlights moving northbound underneath highway 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains. apple has set a date for when it will roll out new products. >> they'll include several new models. >> in today's tech bites, apple sets a date. the tech giant sent out invitations to the next big product launch, taking place september 10th. apple is expected to unveil three new iphone models, a new apple watch and new services are also expected. nike has announced a new super high tech seeker. >> featuring a self-lacing motor that can be controlled through siri. saying "siri, release my shoes" will unlays them. they go on sale in two weeks. nintendo has another wild ride called mario cart tour, played on both android and ioy
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devices. it features racecourses through some of the world's greatest cities, new york, tokyo, paris included. siri, lays my shoes. >> those are my tech bites. >> i don't know if i need my shoes to be unlaced by siri. but maybe some people might. >> you know, it makes things easier i guess. this is not the catch a man set out to make when he went fishing. a mom takes on the dmv over her long tim
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warmer weather this weekend, but no spare the air right now. air quality will be pretty good for today, tomorrow, sunday and the holiday. monday, we'll take a look around the state. it's going to get super hot, like 120 degrees in some parts. i'll show you that coming up. happening today, british police plan to meet with activists threatening to shut down london's heathrow airport to bring attention to climate change. heathrow pause plans to fly toy drones around the airport on september 13th. they say the drones will not pose a risk to anybody, but they know it will prompt authorities to shut down air traffic. police threaten to arrest drone flyers on terrorism charges that carry a possible life sentence. federal health officials
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issuing a warning now against marijuana use by adolescents and pregnant women. >> this ain't your mother's mayor ahn fla. so why does this matter? the science tells us the higher the thc delivery, the higher the risk. >> that surgeon general jerome adams. he says the science shows that marijuana is harmful to the developing brains of teenagers and to the human fetus. the warning comes as more than 30 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes or personal use. it is 4:55. the video we're about to see may keep some people from heading into tinto the wat wat wat this weekend. >> he's coming right to the boat. [ bleep ]. >> oh bleep is right. >> definitely not the catch that a fisherman was hoping for on tuesday. he got up close and personal with this large great white shark. he was lobstering in cape cod
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bay. the encounter took place not too far from the carcass of a dead hump bake whale. >> if the shark is that close, what can you say. >> it will be one belong bleep. >> i could string together a few words. throw awesome in there once in a while, cool. can i get in and swim with him. >> nope. >> i'd love to see that in person. the awesome nature of a great white. here is a look at excessive heat warnings, 106 to 120 in the desert. that does include palm springs if you're heading down there for the weekend and vegas, also. here is a look around 113 today. mid to upper 90s through the central valley. 71 in monterey. here is your four-day forecast for tahoe. low 80s after temperatures in the upper 30s to mid 40s for lows. frances? we'll show you a map of the bay area.
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we've got lots of green everywhere. there are a couple accidents out there. one is on northbound 2442 at grant. the off-ramp is blocked, and one is on east bbound 4 at san marc. you'll notice westbound 4 and southbound 242 look good. westbound 4 antioch to concord is 14 minutes. even the ride out of tracy this morning is not slow at all. westbound 580 tracy to dublin 24 minutes. we've got light traffic right now. hope you'll enjoy it. a new hampshire mom is celebrating her victory over the dmv. she had these vanity plates that said pb4ugo. she's had them for the last 15 years. last month she got a letter saying we're recalling the plates because they're obscene. then the governor stepped in, found out about what was happening, called the dmv personally to say, hey, let's make an exception. >> this is really funny.
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i love that. security video catches thieves stealing an unexpected commodity. the sting operation that brought these stolen dogs back. an oakland man is trying
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good morning. we made it to friday, august 30th. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm kumasi aaron. mike is standing by to let us know what the friday forecast has in store. the winds are definitely lighter than yesterday. that means the sea breeze is letting off the accelerator, and that will mean warmer weather this


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