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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  September 1, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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better bay area. this is abc7 mornings. good morning, everyone, it is sunday, september 1st. i am kumasi aaron. we are starting right now with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. it is going to be a beautiful day around here, although a little bit hot in our inland ills valleys. we have fog along the shoreline. that's going to keep us cool. a live look from the sutro tower camera shows the finger of fog through the bay. 64 in san francisco. 70 in san jose amount of warmer start for many of you. 60 in gilroy. still some 50s at the coast. you can see from marin county, mount tam, we still have that fog. it is going to be situated at the coast allowing for a comfortable day there. inland numbers in the low to mid 70s.
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you know you are on your way to a very warm day. on the peninsula, 80s for you. fog at sfo. as we go lieu the morning hours it is all about the 60s and 70s by the afternoon it is 80s and 90s unless you are right at the coast. we will detail the forecast for the rest of the weekend, labor day, and talk about the cooldown coming up. a terror in texa as a gunman steal as u.s. postal service vehicle and goes on a mass drive-by shooting spree. at least eight people are dead. that number includes the shooter. 21 people were injured in the state's second mass shooting in just a month. abc news chief national correspondent matt gutman tells us it all started with a traffic stop. >> reporter: for more than an hour terror seized midland and odes odessa. >> get down. >> it is okay, okay. >> reporter: families diving down.
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mothers covering their kids with their bodies. a mix of chichers and semiautomatic gun fire outside a texas movie theater as the bizarre finality of another shooting unfolded. >> between here and there, you are trying to -- you are dodging bullets. >> reporter: it began shortly after 3:00 p.m. local time, troopers pulling over a 30-something white male. before his car fully stopped, rifle fire blasting out his rear window. >> we have an active shooter. >> reporter: wounding an officer, and the gunman used the highways and streets of thinks industries as his killing fields as he was driving. >> windshield shot out. >> reporter: this woman and her husband at one point on the road just hyped the suspect. >> we hear about four or five pops, pops,.po,.po, pop, pop. my husband is with me. we see these windows just sot out oust these vehicle all
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around us. >> reporter: they watched in horror as people rushed to help. this 17-month-old little girl said to be hit aye by shrapnel. okay this morning. >> she is stable. >> reporter: police from three agencies issuing warnings. >> protect your civilians. >> reporter: the shooter at one point ditching his vehicle and allegedly carjacking a postal truck. motorists warned to have roads, businesses closing. a local tv station even evacuating its studio as a precaution. eventually police cleaved he had entered the cynergy movie theater. s.w.a.t. teams stormed. >> s.w.a.t. kicked in the door. initially we thought that the s.w.a.t. officer was the shooter. >> reporter: nick was in one the theaters. >>y they identified themselves and said everybody out. >> reporter: did you see the car smash into the -- >> we saw everything. he smashed into it and started
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firing shots. >> reporter: fired. >> you are seeing the blur, seeing the shots, i am seeing the shots going over my head. i am lucky. there was a lot of people today that probably didn't go home. >> that video is tough to watch. that was matt gutman reporting. as he mentioned one of the injured victims is a 17 month old, anderson davis was hit by a bullet fragment. a go fund lee me page has been set up for her. it has already raised $123,000. the goal is $200,000. the family is asking for donations to help with medical bills. she has shrapnel in her chest, a hole through her bottom lip and her tongue and her front teeth were knocked out. we are switching gears. we have developing news from hurricane upgraded to a category 5 storm with 180-mile-an-hor winds. receipt now it is making its way
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northwest in the atlantic. it is hitting the bahamas. the eye wall is expected to make land fall later today. the bahamas could be hit with more than two feet of rainfall in some places. this is video from the bahamas where you can see the powerful winds and the heavy rain there. officials warned those who refused to of mo, they are putting their lives at risk. abc news is in jacksonville where they are doing what they can to prepare. >> reporter: as the sunshines in florida, a warning from jacksonville's mayor, the incoming storm will be no day at the beach. >> it is not time to let your guard down. i had people two years ago telling me gosh i wish i had listened to you. >> reporter: hurricane irma's damage two years ago a cautionary tale, a storage surge pushing through jacksonville. when the mayor sees this storm's behavior it takes him back a year further. what looks familiar? >> it looks like matthew. the wind bands had impacts on the beaches and coastal
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communities. >> reporter: what did it look like? >> all the water flooded in. you wouldn't want to be here when that happened. we did major do you kno restoration after matthew two years ago. >> reporter: the city working hard to prepare while residents efforts' vary. >> cash in the bank, water and gas in the car. >> we booked a hotel in tallahassee. >> we watched enough traj szes on television to know you don't mess around. when you need to go, you go. >> reporter: what is your biggest concern when you look at this storm? >> that people take it lightly. >> reporter: the mayor stressing an important part of respects preparation should be knowing their evacuation zone and their route out of time. when evacuations are issued there is no time to waste. that's still a possibility here in jacksonville. >> keep track of hurricane dorian with the abc7 news app. download the app and enable push
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alerts. new this morning,ing two cars have been towed after an illegal sideshow in oakland. the police department shared she is photos on twitter. their respond last night. the police helicopter even captured video of the action. police say enforcement officers will be on patrol all weekend to deter sideshow activity and make sure everyone has a safe holiday. this morning f police are searching for three men involved in a street race that killed two people. abc7 was in san jose at snell and rosen balm avenue where the crash happened just before 6:30 last night. a jeep smashed into a tree nearly splitting it in two. it killed the two people inside. that bmw, they believe, was racing with the jeep before it crashed. witnesses say these three men inside the bmw they took off after they viewed the crash scene. neighbors say they heard screeching and went out to help but it was too late. >> i saw in a the car was on fire. i immediately ran back to the house and told my daughter to call 911. i came back out and saw that several civilians had been
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around the car and they were trying to put out the fire. >> other neighbors ended up putting out that fire using their own extinguishers. a pit pull puppy stolen during a break-in at a san francisco shelter this weekend has been found. family dog rescue shared these pictures of the puppy. it says a woman called a shlt shelter in berkeley. when she described the dog the shelter immediately said it sounded like the one that was taken. two other puppies swiped in the burglary were found in hayward on thursday and two suspects were arrested. san francisco has reached a settlement over its plan to eliminate cash bail. the agreement will allow people who have been charged with misdemeanors or non-violent felonies to be relba. san francisco initially proposed a bail schedule system but earlier a judge ruled it violated the rights of people who couldn't afford to pay.
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a lot of news this morning, but we have to check in with you, it is the holiday weekend and we know people have plans. >> you feel how hot it is already. >> yeah. >> maybe some of you are seeing a little bit of fog out there. but we are looking at a warm day here in the city, where temperature also climb into the mid 70s. warmer than yesterday. even a few 70s at our beaches. we are already in the upper 70s in our inland valleys. perhaps near 100 degrees today. i will have the details next for that. and a look at labor day and when we cool down next. >> thanks lisa. also next a may lay breaks out in san jose just before closing time outside several bars. several police officers ended up hurt. what witnesses are telling us about how it all happened. and today is the biggest hunting day of the year in california. the new regulations that have some hunters scrambling to get ammo.
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come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel in the north bay, sonoma county officials need your help to reunite a child they found with her parents. they found a 3-year-old hispanic girl in the air of old redwood airport highway. she says her name is ida. she has a shirt with cats and sunglasses on it and gold earrings. if you know who her parents are, contact the sheriff's office by calling the number on your screen. also, four san jose police officers are hurt after crowd of more than 50 people attacked them early yesterday morning. it happened just before the bars were closing in downtown san
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jose. some of that chaos as you can see here was caught oncara. new spoke with witnesses and the police association. >> they arers isly fighting with the cops. >> reporter: a crowd of more than 50 people caught on this video exchanging words. according to the san jose police officers association many challenged officers fight. >> officers bot punched in the head. there were struggles with officers while four were being arrested. it was chaos. >> reporter: san jose police confirm around 1:44 a.m. on saturday, multiple officers were issuing citations for drinking alcohol in public at the open lot on market and santa clara streets when a large unrelated crowd approached the officers. peter b. saw the altercation from his business across the street. >> for the most part what is going on there is drunk people acting irrational. >> reporter: the police union's president said the commotion started when a man pulled out a gun and san jose police officers
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tried to arrest him. >> the restraint and the composure that those officers had to have on scene not to get into a shooting and take him into custody without that individual being shot or an officer being shot is incredible. >> reporter: around 60 police officers were reported on scene. this witness says the crowd was bigger than the amount of officers who built a perimeter to control the area. >> i didn't see them punching. i just saw them pushing. i did see them take out their batons. a couple people got hit with the batons. >> reporter: four people including the individual with the gun were arrested. the police union is a bill which makes assault on officers a federal crime. dove hunting season starts today. it is the biggest hunting day of the year in california. hunters say they are having a hard time buying ammunition because of the state's new
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background checks and regulations on certain types of ammunition. >> reporter: it is the single busiest hunting day of the year in. ka. thousands of hunters will wake up early, grab their shotguns and go dove hunting. but there are new regulations. >> you have to fill out the same paperwork as if you were purchasing a gun. >> reporter: bill owns guns, fishing and other stuff in vacaville. they are just about out of steel bird shot because of a last-minute buying friendsy. first, you have to bring id and agree to a back frowned check. >> it is $19, it takes ten days. and then you can pick up ammo. >> reporter: it used to be as simple as grabbing a box of shells off the shelf, taking it to the register and paying for it. but the proper paperwork is key as this customer found out. >> had to take a trip out to the car, get the proper credentials.
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>> reporter: he was buying handgun ammunition not shotgun shells but the rules are the same. he was lucky, having registered on the it sta's preapproved list. his background check cost minute wait. backers of the new regulations hoped it would cut down on mass shootings. buyers are automatically rejected if they have moved to a address different than the one on their i.d. that includes cops. >> their address is not correct. therefore it will deny it. >> reporter: bottom line, if you haven't bought ammo before today and you are not on the preapproved list there is always next year. many people are making the most of number labor day weekend with the end of summer deals. some of the best deals you can score involve travel. the lowest prices for
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thanksgiving and christmas flights can be lowest the first week of september. now, other deals to look for include summer gear like grills, patio furniture, camping equipment, and summer clothing. either way, make sure you are able to compare prices on the go. >> when you are out shopping for labor day sales, you want to make sure that you are downloading apps that will help you price out the items that you are searching for. >> some of the sales you might want to avoid -- cold weather gear, because the prices for winter clothes drop after halloween. but we are not thinking about cold weather today of we have a great forecast in store us. lisa argen has the forecast for the labored weekend. >> our is simple and calm and easy. we are starting with this incredible storm here. this is a category 5. it has strengthened. hurricane dorian is now the strongest hurricane ever to hit
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the bahamas. winds of 180 miles an hour. six stronger storms will be in1. it is getting into a category that is unwelcome. winds are gusting to 220 miles an hour. look at the path of this thing. hurricane watches and warnings up for florida. tomorrow morning, it is still a category 4 off the coast. and then a category 3, northern florida. but look at charleston. still 100-mile-an-hour winds as a category 2 as it approaches mid-week. here are the watches and warnings. 60 miles from the bahamas. you get the picture hurricane and the peninsula. hurricane warnings for vero beach, west palm. up the coast, rip tides and coastal flooding all in anticipation of this system hugging the shoreline through wednesday and thursday. back home, our stable marine layer allowing for a beautiful start to the day. the low cloud deck is
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compressed. it is 70 in san jose. 59, hmm bay. already the spread of temperatures and upper 60s in oakland. no wind here in san francisco yet. but the sea breeze picks up throughout the day. keeping it comfortable here, right now in the 70s by the delta with barely any wind. concord at 75. livermore, 71. napa, a nice rebound at 68, starting in the mid 50s. we are looking at numbers three to five degrees warmer this morning. it is going to be warmer afternoon. and the tourists visiting san francisco are glad, right? they have got the shorts on. it is a mild start to the day. warm to hot this afternoon. mild at the coast there. will be a few patches of fog along the san mateo coast. ma preen layer deepens overnight allowing for cooling forelabor day. a much cooler weather paraphernalia wednesday and thursday. you want to head to the coast? this is what you will get. santa cruz already in the 70s. today in the mid 80s. you will see upper 60s. pretty mild for our standards here. 70s, bodega bay.
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74 at stinson. then the southwest winds pick up, westerly winds this afternoon. beautiful afternoon out there. toasty here. warmer than yesterday. we had some low 90s yesterday. today we are going upper 90s. it is hot. it is dry. because of that, fire danger is elevated of course with mid 90s in concord. 97 in livermore. 83 in oakland, 81 in richmond. 92 in oakland. if you like it warm, today is the day. we are going to see cooling with a stronger sea breeze tomorrow. labor day cooler. in the mid 90s for you. 80 around the bay. upper 60s coast side. tuesday, many neighborhoods waking up to low clouds and fog. as we get through the middle of the week, patchy drizzle. download your accuweather app. it is only the first week of september, i am sure we will see
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a temperature reversal. in the meantime, a little bit of heat and mild numbers thel at the coast. many folks looking forward to the cool whether. when it gets hot it gets hot. we wanted to share this with you, we lost a valued member of the abc7 news family. veteran lawrence robberson spent 38 years here. he was on a first name base wyss mayors, police chiefs and community leaders in san francisco. but he treated evan with equal grace and respect regardless of status. he leaves behind a son and a daughter, and we will all miss him very, very much.
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a world renowned ultraswimmer made his way under the golden gate bridge yesterday from hawaii. he arrived at golden gate yacht club after swimming more than 300 nautical miles. he spent 78 days in the pacific to highlight the perils of plastic littering the ocean. much of the waste from humans ends up in the ocean like the pacific garbage patch. >> micro plastic is on the
9:26 am
surface of the water or in the water column below me. >> he is an ambassador for ice breaker, an ethical clothing line. enema of plastics that end up in the ocean are from synthetic fabric. santa rosa safari wants you to help them name their baby giraffe. they need help naming a male giraffe born just a few weeks ago. if you have a great name, email your suggestions by september 3rd. the top five submissions will be sent to the sacramento press democrat for a final vote. the went letter get four tickets. still to come, justice ruth he bader ginsburg talking at an event about her cancer treatment. the message for the audience about her recovery. hurricane dorian remains a powerful storm. now a category 5. i am in
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc7 mornings. welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at our forecast. here lisa. >> hey kumasi, good morning to you. it is gorgeous out there. a little wind here in san francisco. temperatures are climbing quickly with a little fog at the coast. but we are looking at those warm numbers in san jose. 70 degrees. 64 downtown. 62 in gilroy. it is 61 at hmm bay. but the fog is still with us, burying the golden gate for now with numbers in the low to mid 70s. 65 in santa rosa. we are looking at temperatures in the 70s for most of you around the bay and inland in the next hour. as we go through the 2:00 hour it is in the mid 80s to low 90s in our inland valleys. 71, san francisco. almost climbing through the 80s in the north bay and also the south bay. it is going to be a warm day out there. just a little bit of fog at the coast. by 7:00 it is still warm. we will talk about the fog
9:30 am
coming back overknignight a for just a little bit of cooling. hurricane dorian has been upgraded to a category 5 storm. its path is slightly shifting improving the outlook for florida but with georgia and the carolinas now in dorian's path. serena marshall is live in daytona with more. >> reporter: good morning. dorian is now the strongest hurricane in hess tree to hit the bahamas. in florida while the risk decreased in the past 48 hours a hurricane watch is in effect for much of the coast. in palm beach county they have already started evacuations: hurricane dorian slamming the bahamas this morning with sustained winds of 180-mile-an-hour. the island is expected to see lisue, extreme rainfall, and
9:31 am
hurricane-force winds going into the evening hours. the prime minister hoping residents heeded his warning. >> those who refuse to evacuate place themselves in great danger from this very powerful and potentially life threatening hurricane. >> reporter: the slow moving storm continuing to strengthen, electric trucks from more than 30 states and canada prepositions in daytona beach ready to respond, coordinating with the federal government. president trump receiving a briefing at camp david as borian continues towards florida. now a hurricane watch issued along portions of the coast with some counties receiving evacuation orders. >> stay tuned. keep your preparations in place. it's still going to be a nasty s day on tuesday and wednesday. >> reporter: while a direct hit is still unlikely for the sunshine state they are bracing for the storm. it means their neighbors to the north could she a significant am of rain. >> we want to ensure there are
9:32 am
no lost lives or casualties as a part of this storm or any storm coming in. when an evacuation is announced and you are in an evacuation zone it would be very prudent to leave. >> reporter: this is such a powerful storm, wind gusts up to 200 miles per hour, which is why authorities are urging residents up and down the eastern seaboard to remain vigilant. it is so slow moving that its pat still could shift. live in daytona beach, marshall. lisa, we have to keep watching it. anything could happen. et cetera so big at this point. >> that's right. it may not even make land fall in the u.s. but still impacts are going to be huge because of the storm surge, the coastal flooding and the very heavy rain. you talked about how slow it is moving. it is. it is going the stall out around the northwestern bahamas. the bahamas are just 60 miles from florida. you can see already in the path here we have got watches and
9:33 am
warnings up for florida. the winds are 180 tuesday morning we are still at 140 miles an hour winds from west palm to vero beach. looking at charleston with heavy rain. here are the watches and warning up for florida already. kumasi. >> thanks lisa. of course you can keep track of hurricane dorian with the abc7 news app. just download the app. but make sure that you enable the push alerts so you can get breaking news updates as they happen. we have new details on the health battle of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. she mixed wisdom with a little bit of humor at an event and revealed advice she gave to a power couple. >> reporter: this weekend, the perpetually resilient supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg telling the public how
9:34 am
she's feeling. >> how am i feeling? first, this audience can see that i am alive. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that just nine days removed from an announcement from the supreme court saying doctors had found a cancerous tumor in justice ginsburg's pancreas. the discover ree led to three weeks of radiation treatment which appears to have been a success, the court saying there is no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. >> and i am on my way to being very well. >> reporter: many americans now breathing a cautious sigh of relief during a period of intense focus on justice ginsburg's health last year she fractured multiple ribs saying falling in her office saying this year's diagnosis is just the latest in what's been multiple bouts with cancer. the battle are -- >> the job has helped me going through four cancer bouts.
9:35 am
>> reporter: she has been cepting an honorary degree at the university of buffalo and recently meeting with jennifer lopez. the newly engaged star asking for marriage advice, justice ginsburg passing along what her mother-in-law told her on her wedding day more than 50 years ago. >> it helps sometimes to be a little deaf. >> abc news, washington. >> that's a good one. still ahead on abc7 mornings, our star also doubles as a bay area mayor. how she is setting an example after finishing up unfinished business. here is a live look at pier 39. the sea lions are o
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[laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! 49 - nothing! woo! welcome back, everyone, it is 9:37. we are looking at santa cruz.
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it is beautiful, definitely a beach day. that's why so many people are out there, enjoying this wonderful weather today. maybe tomorrow might be a good beach day, too, since a lot of people are off. i tried to get down there, i didn't make it. in the south bay you can channel your inner monster. california's great america is looking for hundreds of people for its halloween haunt. the amusement park is holding a job fair today for the 12th season of scares. great america is looking to hire 500 people for this. the positions include makeup artists, monsters, and live show performances. the job fair runs from 10:00 this morning until 4:00. go to the administration building in on agnew road. >> you are getting braver and braver. when you first started you couldn't even look at that. it is perfect out there, fog at the coast, inland valleys are warming up. from our east bay hills camera,
9:39 am
it is warm out there, 75 in concord. >> 71 in livermore. closer to the coast it is just 60 and still buried in some fog by the golden gate bridge. we will talk about how warm it gets, how long it lasts a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast is next. stanford had to overcome losing their star quarterback in their season opener against northwestern. chris alvarez has
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good morning, everyone.
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9:41 this sunday morning. we are looking kinds of at the golden gate bridge. it is a little foggy there. but people are out and about on the roadway. somebody riding their bike. looks like it might be a great day to get out, see what's going on and enjoy the breeze. in sports, the a's are tied with tampa bay for the second wild card spot this the american league as they enter the final month of the season. this morning, oakland will try to win their weekend series in the bronx. the first pitch is at 10:05 at yankees stadium. the giants trail the final wild card by seven games. this weekend thil try to gain a explain over their weekend series against the pa e padres at oracle park. yesterday, dinal hostedorthster inir as chs alvarezashern sports. >> for the school known for their tough click crumb, the
9:43 am
football sch cardinal. late first half, finally get on the board here. kj costello to michael wilson. he got it. 7-0, cardinal. ball back. seven seconds to go. costello trying to make a play, slides. hit hard by earnest brown. an elbow to the chin. not called for targeting. he walked out under his own power but didn't return to the game. paulson, he will be playing on sundays with plays like that. 30 seconds left, wild cats down three, thieu hill forces a fumble. fox recovers in the end zone. that's a touchdown. stanford wins 17-7. >> typical first game, you hope your defense keeps you in the game as you find rhythm on the offensive side. we have so many veterans on the
9:44 am
defensive side, fourth and fifth year seniors. so much leadership we knew it was going to take those guys keeping us in the game. >> we knew we wanted to be the most relentless defense we can be. >> we wanted to take the ball away. we didn't feel like we did that good enough last year. to be in the first game and be able to come away with that many trnover was good for us. cal students soaking up the sun at their opener. strawberry cannon, a warm day. first play, opening kickoff, fumbles. davis recovers. bears battle back from a 10-0 lead. chris brown, a big day on the ground for him. rough run. moved the chains. what an effort. finish what you start on that drive. from five yards out, pounds it in. 197 yards rushing, cal up 20-13. quarterback gasher 16-28. a wobbly pass here but the aggie
9:45 am
defender tips it and there is a touchdown. crawford's second of the day. cal wins 27-13. a big test at washington next week. the yankees have the best record in the american league. the a's have had their number this year. four games, four wins so far for the green and gold. the fans staying hydrated. looks like something out of las vegas. top of the four, olson hits the jackpot. two run homer to right. 27th of the year. a's up 2-1. bottom eight, yankees down 3-2. judge, solo shot to right. all of a sudden we are tied at 3-3 this the bronx. goes to extras. top ten, chapman to right. judge going back, he is 6'7", 280, robs chappie of a home run. he is so tall he barely even has to jump. bottom of 11, lemahieu, walk it off. homer to right. yankees win 4-3 in 11. giants and padres. this happy couple, 50 years married on saturday night.
9:46 am
giants second straight game with a first inning home run. slater to the recommending veggie garden in center. his fifth of the season. tied at 1-1 in the sixth. grabs this pitch and goes down. grabs his shoulder. reminds you two pitchers have broken their arms tlug a pitch. it is an acute shoulder strain. mri is scheduled for later today. giants win 8-1. that's a look at your sports. and lisa has a look at our forecast. >> it is nice out there. we still have fog, which will provide mother nature with a little bit of air-conditioning close to the coast. already it is getting warm out there in our inland valleys but we are looking at mostly clear conditions to start out except for the fog right at the coast. the golden gate bridge, the san mateo coast and looking at a rapid warming trend today as the numbers climb into the mid to
9:47 am
upper 90s in our inland valleys. as soon as tomorrow that deck of low clouds gets taller and will influence all of our neighborhoods to bring temperatures down three or four degrees. we are looking at not only some 60s at the coast, but 70s here. look at livermore, 71. 81 in brentwood. 72 in novato. but we also have the golden gate bridge -- where is it? buried underneath the cloud deck here at 900, maybe 1,000 feet. it should thin out a bit. another look from our roof top camera. the wind is not helping out much here. doesn't need. to it is only in the 60s. it is nice and comfortable here. later on this afternoon we will get the sea breeze. check out this category 5 extremely strong hurricane whi 180 miles an hour right now in the northwestern bahamas, wind gusts up to 220 miles an hour, and the storm surge now expected to be 20 to 23 feet in the
9:48 am
bahamas. although it isn't going to make a direct impact on the land of the u.s. east coast it is almost as bad because the water temperature is nearly 80 degrees and that provides the fuel, the heat engine to keep this thing alive. as we lock at our tuesday morning forecast we are still at 140-mile-an-hour winds right off the coast here. already the watches and warn are up for the florida coast. we are look at coastal flood watches for low country up towards the carolinas. people all along the eastern seaboard here are going to have to watch this all week long. as you look at the highlighted area here, 39-mile-an-hour winds up to 73, pos possibly for 48 hours. this is a slow mover. when it does move up the coast we are look at ten to 15 inches of rain. rivers are surrounding all of these areas here. the atlantic is pushing the water up. nowhere for it to go with all of the rivers here. we have got rip currents, coastal flood advisories. it is going to be a rough week
9:49 am
for the east coast. today though in the south bay numbers warming up. through the mid 90s in morgan hill, 87 in sunnyvale. 80s in belmont, redwood city. 84 in menlo park. the greek festival today. warm there. nice afternoon with the sea breeze kicking up to 20 miles per hour. daly city 72 at 4:00. in the north bay, it started out cool n the 50s. woulder going to jump 40 degrees for a high of 9 in petaluma. 97 in cloverdale. on the east bay look at all the 80s. warm in hayward. 5. 86 castro valley. 90 in orinda. and darker shades in east bay valleys. that's sacramento weather. we are going to have some of it with highs in the upper 90s to near 100. hot there. san ramon, pretty hot today. numbers well above average, 70s coast, 80s around the bay, upper 90s inland. as you download your accuweather
9:50 am
app keep track of a cooling forecast beginning labor day. in the afternoon, temperatures won't rise as quickly. three or four degrees of cooling. more significant cooling tuesday and wednesday with mist and drizzle and numbers cooler than average for the first week of september. >> lanks he'sa. part of building a better bay area also includes recognizing people achieving incredible things to improve their community. delon limb introduces us the a woman setting an example for her city and beyond. >> reporter: abc7 news is always on the lookout for real people doing great things. you are about to meet the mayor of east palo alto who is setting an example showing it is never too late to achieve your academic goals. >> i keep thinking -- i know it is real but it hasn't settled in. >> reporter: clad in cap and gown, surrounded by family and friends, receiving a college degree still tells like a dream to lisa. >> the diploma hasn't come to me yet. once it is in the mail i will
9:51 am
look at it like it is real. >> reporter: her journey took longer than expected because she didn't put herself first. >> i knew that i had limited education dollars. what i had to do, what i decided to do was give my children the best opportunity they could have. >> reporter: despite not having her degree her way with people, work ethic and deep roots in the community made her a strong candidate for mayor. without that degree she had her doubts. >> i thought to myself i can't put myself out there without a degree. i didn't think anybody would take mers isly. >> reporter: she is currently serving her third term as mayor. while on the outside it seemed like she was thriving there was one thing missing. >> i knew i wanted my degree. >> when came to east palo alto offering 25 free on p called working scholars lisa jumped at the chance along with 250 people who applied. >> i worked really r w acceptedn
9:52 am
2018. and was able to, despite a very hectic schedule, turn bite sized lessons -- >> it allowed me to cobble my time together and get through the program. >> reporter: into a bachelor's degree in 18 months. it is people like lisa who inspire's founder? i am the first one in my family to graduate from college. it is so rewarding for me to be able to pay forward the other people who just haven't had the opportunity. >> reporter: according to, 33 million americans have some college credit but no degree. lisa, so inspired by her experience, now also works full-time for the company hoping to inspire her community through leading by example. >> my education was delayed, but it wasn't denied. and that's you how i look at this community, because i have arrived and i have made it. >> reporter: one of lisa's son who chose not to go to college saw her success and they are now taking extra classescorasnc a t
9:53 am
li lisa gauthier. >> do you know someone who is doing extraordinary things in y? let us know about it. nominate them today at abc7 stars is brought you the by dignity health. coming up next, celebrating chinese-american history while having fun on the streets of san francisco's chinatown. th
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
happening today in san francisco, you can learn about chinese american history during the sunday play streets. several organizations will host activities and crafts related to chinese-american and chinatown history. you can also enjoy live music, games, and lion dancing. the best part, the event is free. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon on waverly place between sacramento and washington. >> before we leave, we want to check in because so much is happening for labored weekend. it should be nice. >> definitely nice. getting warm out there right now. we want to update you on hurricane dorian. it has made land fall in the northwestern bahamas with winds of 185 miles an hour. it could continue to intensify over the extremely warm waters of the atlantic. gusts of 220 miles an hour. look at the path it looks like it may stay off the coast of florida. but that doesn't mean folks are out of danger. look at the wind speeds as it continues to travel from the
9:57 am
florida peninsula to georgia and atlanta and even the coast of north carolina. so this is a long week for our friends at the east coast. there are the hurricane warnings off the florida coast. looking at this through wednesday down in florida. 8 in fremont today. 82 voyage. 97 in i recall will, 92 in santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast cooler tomorrow, getting back to average mid-week. cooler than average by the end of the week. we have got it perfect here. stay tuned for updates on dorian. very scary. >> thanks lisa. thank you for joining us here on abc7 mornings. i am kumasi aaron along with lisa argen. abc7 news continues at 4:00 p.m. because of sunday night college football action on abc. at 4:30. houston baths oklahoma and norman. look for breaking news any time on the abc7 news app. we hope you have a great sunday. we will live you with a live look from our sutro tower cam. the city is looking gorgeous
9:58 am
today. have a great day, everyone.
9:59 am
10:00 am
- hi and welcome to the kitchen experts show. i'm janelle marie. today, we have a great show for you. we're headed to lafayette to visit the keely family, the whole gang. we got mom, dad, the four kids. we're gonna see their kitchen makeover and find out how they're enjoying it right now. also, we're gonna learn about cabinet refacing. now this is an alternative to semi-custom or custom cabinets. we're gonna find out all about that. and lead designer johnny is gonna take us behind the scenes of the showroom. now this is a one-stop-shop. you are going to love this. there's no subcontractors. they stock all of their materials. they handle all the permits. everything is taken care of with kitchen experts. you're gonna love it. so stay tuned for the next 30 minutes to see how your kitchen could be next. coming up on today's kitchen experts show, why homeowners recommend kitchen experts of california. - so johnny said, "i can do it in three weeks," and i said, "i kinda don't believe you," (laughing) "but let's try it."


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