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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  September 1, 2019 8:00pm-8:29pm PDT

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play fake by king. sre a touchd the houston cougars. >> todd: you were talking about jaden davis, the young corner. kind of got fooled on this play. he will get tied up with a wide receiver and lose sight of king. there he is, getting blocked. getting held a little bit by trahan, the tight end. but he's got to stay outside. on a couple of these runs by houston, we've seen them lose that edge of the defense. again, that's getting back to the discipline. >> sean: over 100 yards rushing, d'eriq king. both starting quarterbacks ran for 100-plus. witherspoon, the extra point.
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>> sean: sean mcdonough, todd blackledge, holly rowe, our producer and director, our terrific crew. you know what's amazing? we have every member of the technical crew back from a year ago. >> referee: number 11 on the receiving team for oklahoma has n: another important aut the leadership of phil and scott. i'm surprised, because they're not that easy to work with. nonetheless, the crew comes back. an onside kick attempt.
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lamb and a couple of other sooners indicating they have it. looks like they did, and they do. >> todd: i think if you're both teams and both head coaches, you have a lot of good things to take away from this team. if you're dana holgorsen, the team came back and competed in the second half. the offense settled down. you have problems defensively. if you're lincoln riley, you're thrilled with what jalen hurts did. >> referee: offside, kicking team. the five-yard penalty will be added to the spot of the penalty. first down. >> todd: and you're happy with a lot of the things the defense did. still with a lot of work to do, but you're happy with a lot of the things they did. >> sean: yes. stay tuned for the ford wrap-up after the game. which at the rate this is passing by, will be approximately a half an hour from now. what a night for jalen hurts. 508 total yards. 20 out of 23.
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touchdowns. he ran for 176 on 16 carries and ran for 3 touchdowns. mordecai, his second series. to stevenson. tackled by sprewell. houston will use another time-out. i want to go back to the baseball promo. the astros are on tomorrow, and i think they're going to win the world series, by the way. >> todd: okay. >> sean: throw that out there. but justin no-itno-i no-hitter. you're a big baseball guy, yourt now. t tied with larry
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others for three no-hitters. have you ever heard of larry? he said he pitched in the 1800s and he was 5'3". >> todd: are you serious? >> sean: he was 5'3", and could pitch with either hand. stevenson, his best run as a sooner in his debut. i've never heard of larry corcoran, have you? >> todd: no, i have not. >> sean: 1:50 to no hurry now, sooners. we asked if we might see spencer rattler, the true freshman. >> todd: if things go well with
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jalen hurts, they'll play rattler in four games, but maybe try to redshirt him. that would make sense. >> sean: the rule from last year, you can play in four games and he can still be redshirted. >> todd: with houston, their backup quarterback, tune, had to play, start the last two games because of the injury to king. he played in five games so he lost his redshirt. dana holgorsen would love to redshirt him this year, can king being a senior, if he can. >> sean: it won't be a victory in his houston head coaching debut for dana holgorsen. meanwhile, here's the upcoming schedule for oklahoma. they'll go to ucla in a couple of weeks. an off-week before they get involved in the big 12 conference schedule with texas tech, with a new coaching staff. >> todd: matt wells from utah
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state. >> sean: let's hear from holly. >> holly: not too many injuries, but one has been significant to shane beamer, one of the assistant coaches for oklahoma. he has stitches above his left eyebrow, and a good egg on the noggin. after hall scored the first touchdown of the game, he decided to head-butt him with his helmet on. so the coach does have an injury tonight. >> todd: wow. >> sean: he's the son of the hall of fame coach frank beamer. >> todd: thought dad would have caught him a l that. >> sean: i don't think i ever saw frank do that. >> todd: nope. >> sean: there's stevenson into the end zone for a touchdown.
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>> todd: really nice patience by stevenson. he's going to get the ball, find a lane, and cuts up inside. watch the patience, the starting offensive line is still in the game. humphrey and hayes with a nice block. stevenson, had the ball ripped out of his hands, but he's made up for it. >> sean: calum sutherland, the extra point. it's 49-31.
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>> sean: oklahoma picking up right where it left off. not just last season, but seasons prior to that. 686 yards of offense for oklahoma. since lincoln riley arrived as offensive coordinator in 2015, they've played 55 games, and topped 600 yards of offense 21 times. >> todd: that's amazing. >> sean: they're almost to 700. probably won't get the ball back he thne ttnoth gng for its fifth
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straight big 12 title. texas thinks it's better, how do you see that one shaking out? >> todd: that's the main competition for oklahoma. i think that offense will be a really good offense in the big 12. defensively, texas lost a lot of players. we had them in the big 12 championship, they held oklahoma to 129 yards rushing. really slowed down the running game. they have athletes to match oklahoma. but oklahoma is still clearly the team to beat in that league. >> sean: smith has come in at running back. very popular player in the houston program. a walk-on, just put on scholarship a couple of weeks ago. they list him at 5'8", 195. both may be a little bit generous. not very big. he was impressive in the preseason. junior out of spring, texas. under a minute to go.
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they give smith another carry. >> todd: very promising second half for houston offensively. dana holgorsen, his first year back at houston. first time as the head coach. and a lot of positive things to build on. >> sean: he was asked, why would you leave a big 12 head coaching job at west virginia to go to houston? he feels like houston has a chance to be great. and i think all the investment they're making in athletics, they would like to get into a power five conference at some in they're attractive, so many things going so well on their campus. redmond made the tackle on smith. and houston will not snap it again. what a debut for jalen hurts.
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history making, and lincoln riley is now 25-4 as a college head coach. coach hurts, very proud. and jalen is one of the young men, you can tell he was raised right. >> todd: no doubt. >> sean: right on cue, here's jalen with holly. >> holly: as you run out of the tunnel tonight, what crossed your mind? >> we were telling everybody to play to the standard we set for ourselves, and we need to do a better job. kind of sloppy at times. we need to do better. >> holly: as you scored your first touchdown, how did you settle into this offense? >> just playing football. it's a greatme at
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times, but it was not consistent enough. >> holly: you seem super disappointed, but you set a new school record for yards in a debut. and you're also the first oklahoma quarterback in school history to throw for 100 and rush for over 150. can you be somewhat happy? >> i got to talk to my boys, we need to take more steps. >> holly: what is the thing you need to clean up most? >> sloppy play, trusting it, and we need to execute better. >> holly: what kind of feeling do you get from this debut? >> hopefully we can learn from our mistakes in this game, and take that next step next week. >> holly: can i just get one smile? you played well tonight, jalen. >> we got to do better, man. i'm telling you. >> holly: you gave me a baby one. i'll take it. >> all right. >> holly: thank you. >> sean: has to do better. three passing touchdowns, three
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rushing touchdowns, three incomplete passes. the ford wrap-up is coming up after these messages.
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welcome to the ford wrap-up. oklahoma victorious, 49-31, over houston. here's holly with lincoln riley. >> your quarterback, jalen hurts, had a good debut. but he's not happy with his performance. how would you assess it? >> we won, had some great moments, a little sloppy in the second half. so, typical first game. there's a lot of good. we're never going to wning, bu need to improve it's game one, jalen did a good job. a tlot of things we need to get better on, and that will be our focus. >> a good first half for the defense, how do you assess where
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they were at the end? >> we need to execute better. i love how we were flying around. the mentality was good, some first games we need to do better on. >> any good takeaways? give me one good positive thing. i feel like it's a lot of negativity here. >> winning is awesome. we ran the ball extremely well. thought we did a good job until the end on their run game. o abetter, right?sure >> thank you, coach. >> good seeing you. >> it does seem like a group who is not very satisfied, just put 686 yards on the board. and an historic night for jalen hurts, he was tremendous. >> he really was. and he talked about, we got to get better, fix some mistakes. but he didn't make very many mistakes. only three incomplete passes.
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ran when he was suppose to rud . had one mistake where he fumbled the football. but everything else he did, move the football, move the offense, make good decisions, hit different receivers. i thought he was spectacular. >> seemed very comfortable in new offense for him. and mayfield and murray had much more preparation to get indoctrinated to the offense. he just arrived about eight months ago. in the last 15 college football seasons, 1,1,1,1,1,1, players, but both have only been
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done twice. manziel in 2012, and jalen hurts. >> that sums it up. it was an incredible debut for jalen hurts. they ran the ball well, he directed the offense. and like we said, in a short crash course in this air raid offense, very different than the offense he played in at alabama, a tremendous start. >> i like what he said the other day, coach riley said it was a tough call between him and mordecai. and jalen said, they said that about murray last year. but what a performance. >> he said over and over to us, i've seen him quoted asisi'ffer quarterback. i'm not the same quarterback as i was when i first started at alabama. i think he's right. i think he's a much better, more polished quarterback. he said i was built for this,
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but there's room for one more "ish" in the family. ever wonder how tracee ellis ross' character, rainbow, grew up? it's a classic "ish out of water" story. glad they made you say that and not me. i wish i didn't say it, too, but i did. [ laughs ] i'm just gonna roll with it. here's your first look at "mixed-ish." who is bow johnson? where did this woman come from? man: ready, and action! adult rainbow: in the summer of 1985, i was 12 years old, and my life changed forever. what's happenin'? what's wrong with you guys? i'm a b-boy. and i'm a material girl. they constantly are joking that she was a hippie ♪ and peaps they constantly are joking it was not a commune. perhaps it was a cult. [ laughs ] anthony: young bow and her mom and dad and brother and sister have to leave their commune environment, and they move to the suburbs and start a new life. ross: it's the story of coming of age in a time that is fraught with a lot.
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what is mixed? we need to know! secrets ruin families! bow's biggest challenge is remaining true to herself. she's taking a big step into this world that she's new to. my parents had sent us out into the world with absolutely no warning that being mixed was even a thing. what are you weirdos mixed with? what's mixed? [ laughter ] you don't have to worry what those other kids think. they're idiots. they are idiots. and i want to be one of them. i want to be an idiot so bad! sumpter: the kids are figuring out where they fit in, and this whole family is trying to find their place in the world. you please tell me you didn't send these babies to school lookin' like this. you know this is child abuse? cole: harrison is the grandfather. he's a member of an extremely elite country club. you know that guy. -grandpa! -grandpa! guns? relax, hippie. he bankrolls their existence, which he's quick to tell them at every turn.
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that show looks so sweet. it does. "mixed-ish" will be airing in the tuesday night comedy lineup that includes "the conners," "bless this mess," and, of course, "black-ish." and to top off tuesday night, there's this really great new show called "emergence." you know what? i don't want to do anything to affect the voting, so i think maybe you should do this one. you do a good job. go ahead. alright. uh, but there's no voting. sure. if that's what they told you. anyway. things are about to get a little mysterious with the new show "emergence." allison tolman --- tolman's on the show "fargo." [ laughing ] oh, my goodness gracious. she was so good on that -- i'm sorry. go ahead. allison tolman headlines a great cast in a show that's bound to become everyone's latest addiction. how was that? it wasn't bad. wasn't great. you know what i'm saying? so maybe we should do it again. how 'bout we do it again? just one more time. no. here it is, y'all -- "emergence." -we are rolling! -take 3, off the mark. ♪ my character, jo, is the sheriff in this town.
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