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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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new information tonight about that diving boat tragedy in southern california. >> as the number of confirmed dead grows, we know with rising stress in the modern world, a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep.
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swim, swim, swim! >> caught in the storm. hurricane dorian tonight churns towards the united states, claiming lives and causing destruction. also, disaster off the california coast. a diving boat filled with passengers catches fire. "abc7 news" starts now. bay ea ftter >> it was fully engulfed. flames probably 30 feet high. >> a rescuer describes the rescue of crew members from a diving boat that caught fire and sank in southern california. >> dozens of victims found tonight. right now the search continues. we begin with new details on that deadly boat fire that
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happened early this morning near santa cruz island. >> the coast guard announced that 25 bodies have now been found. five crew members were rescued, nine people are still missing. >> a company out of santa cruz chartered the boat. >> reporter: a desperate search for survivors after a diving boat with 39 people on board burst into flames. the fire roared above the deck in the early morning hours as 33 passengers were still asleep below. >> reporter: you can hear the coast guard responding to a may day, as the diving capsule is fully engulfed. five crew members made it off alive. they were rescued by a good samaritan boat called the great. the crew did everything they could to help the passengers, but everything was on fire.
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they had celebrated three birthdays that night, including a 17-year-old's. >> the majority of the people who were the passengers on the ship in the sleeping compartment in the bottom deck, so they would have been sound asleep when the fire started. you couldn't ask for a worse situation. >> it's designed in such a manner that has to be another way out of the bunk room. >> reporter: search and rescue will continue throughout the night, but the coast guard captain says to be prepared for the worst outcome. >> a husband and wife on a fishing trip, they rescued the five surviving crew members. >> at 3:30 in the morning roughly, we heard somebody knocking on the door, on the boat. my wife heard it. they were all in their underwear, all five crew members. i wish i could have picked all 35 of them up. i got the space.
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if they could have all just gotten in the water, i could have got them out of there. >> they said last night was the first time they've ever laid anchor in that cove. new at 11:00, the co-owner of a santa cruz dive company is among those who were on that boat. amanda del castillo has the story tonight from santa cruz. >> reporter: he posted to facebook only hours after this fire doer through this diving boat. he wrote -- >> reporter: online, christy finn's dad is listed as the co-owner of worldwide diving adventures out of santa cruz. s worldwide diving adventures advertised a lay din week they wereternoon.l coversajor c.
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finn's dad's sab neighbors say they're aware they're dive instructors and shared their concerns. fip in santa cruz, i'm amanda del castillo, "abc7 news." stay with us. here on "abc7 news," you'll hear from a man in the north bay who has been on that very boat many times and says she's shocked that this kind of a disaster could happews on hurricane dorian, blamed now for five deaths in the bahamas. the storm is heading directly towards west palm beach, florida. >> reporter: good evening from palm beach county, florida where tonight the feeder bands from hurricane dorian are coming
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faster and faster and with greater intensity. but with the storm still motionless over the the waiting game continues here. >> swim, swim, swim. >> reporter: in the bahamas, they're fighting for lives. an abc crew plucked four people out of the water, sparing them from certain death in a storm that's turned an island paradise into a water logged disaster area. those images have added urgency florida. up and down the sunshine state, more than 2 million people have been ordered to get out. police are checking all drivers trying to get across the beach. if you can prove you live there, they will let you go. thousands of businesses have closed down. >> we're hankering down. we're going to stay. >> reporter: why? >> we're prepared.
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>> reporter: but tonight, there are still the thrill seekers and the die hards. before dusk, these surfers took advantage of the waves off delray beach and if palm beach shoers, wat shores, watch what happened when some people walked out on the jetty at the worst possible time. >> and that is a perfect example of why mrnl managemergency manas to keep people off the water. if the winds exceed 40 miles per hour, help will not come. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we just got the latest info from the national hurricane center. still showing you that hurricane dorian is stationary. it's had no movement in the past nine hours. th grand bahama
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island has been enduring hurricane winds for 27 hours or so. the storm will begin tomorrow morning to slowly move to the northwest and then the north. still, very close to the florida coastline, even tomorrow evening as a category 3 storm. hurricane warnings still in effect, and hurricane watch stretches as far north as charleston, south carolina. certainly the storm is causing disruption to travel. kate larson is live at sfo with that. kate? >> reporter: drew, from weddings to vacations, hurricane dorian has managed to foil even the best laid plans for this weekend. >> we had been plan thing weekend for six months. you know, everything was fine until we landed on thursday. >> reporter: that's when they found out that hurricane dorian was crashing their orlando wedding.
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>> i was stressed because cancel the whole event. >> reporter: but the wedding went on, minus 50 guests who left florida. but the bride, who grew up experiencing hurricanes in georgia, made sure her groom weathered the storm. >> this is his first hurricane. so he was panics. >> reporter: nearby at disney world, hurricne dorian was making it rain. which had its perks for craig and his girlfriend. >> no lines at disney world. it was great. >> reporter: not as magical when they thought they would have to hunker down in their hotel for a week. >> we bought anything to get us through a week. the way they were talking is we were going to be stuck and grounded. no flights for anybody. >> reporter: so according to officials here at sfo, there are
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16 u.s. airports that are closed. the main airports that are closed are ft. lauderdale and orlando. all flights out are canceled tomorrow. so sfo officials advise that if you're flying to the east coast, double-check with your airlines. i'm kate larson, "abc7 news." >> kate, thanks so much. keep track of hurricane dorian and the massive storm impact with the "abc7 news" app. download the app to get breaking news updates as they happen. in oakland, family and friends are bourng the mother of five, killed by a stray bullet. she had just left a wedding kiaiser permanente workers rallied to demand a new contract. and kevin hart is recovering following surgery.
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he hurt his back when a friend drove a car off the road in southern california. drugs and alcohol were not a factor in sunday's crash. you can find those stories and more on our website, stay with us. b.a.r.t. faces harsh criticism tonight for an equipment incident in the east bay. i'm cornell bernard. a north bay diver recalling his excursions on board the same vessel that caught fire off the southern california coast. that's coming up. then, the story of kindness
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spchss. >> he's been on board manyhi could even happen. >> it's so sad to see so many people die. i don't know why. >> reporter: david now coming to grips with the fire that consumed the 75 foot commercial diving boat "conception." it's a vessel that he knows well. >> i just remember it was comfortable. they had really good food and spacious. >> reporter: and he made several three-day diving trips aboard. >> i can't see how a fire would start. >> reporter: he remembers the boat being safe. >> i r extinguishers. >> you do? >> yeah. >> reporter: he says sleeping quarters were bunk beds below deck, with one stairway leading in and out. >> i don't remember any
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portholes at all. >> reporter: this avid diver is heart broken for families who lost loved ones. >> it's just so sad. >> reporter: a holiday weekend adventure turning tragic. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." an elected leader in lafayette is accusing b.a.r.t. and pg&e of pro-found incompetence tonight following a power outage. hundreds of homes and businesses lost electricity. pg&e blames this crane for knocking down a power line. a contractr is using that crane for a protect to upgrade b.a.r.t.'s tracks. the council member demanded answers, asking you've been plan thing work for months. how can this happen? in thet liigs cl aayette neighborhood home. but it's a nightmare for one family. you saw that trio of pigs rummaging through the backyard leaving behind the holes and
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divets. motion censoring sprinklers he hopes will scare them away. >> hopefully tonight when they come again, it will spray water and shoo them away. >> if you are dealing with a similar problem, do not adopt the pigs. they are wild animals and they can be unpredictable. >> they can be ferocious and they can tear up grass. let's move on to the weather forecast. >> drew tuma is here with the latest. >> it's just been a beautiful holiday weekend. a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. we will find a different weather pattern moving in. in terms of the fog, it will be cloudier on wednesday and ursday. live doppler 7 showing you the , so from thelouds are
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descending over the skyline. the accuweaere of days in the near term, we have the clouds building along the coast. tomorrow, we'll see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. again, away from the coast, it will be a warm afternoon in the 80s and 90s. by wednesday and thshgursday, cooler weather moves in. right now, in the 50s and 60s. 65 in oakland. 61 in the city with fog. 63 in san jose. cooler than that with 63 in liver testimonies more. cloudssks. temperatures in theid
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nnhis biga high pressure over t corners has kept us very warm for this time of year. that's pushing off to the east over the next 24 hours. what will be replacing it, this area of low pressure. moving into northern california in the coming days, bringing in the cooler temperatures and the marine layer expanding. so out the door, 12-hour planner tomorrow morning. sun is up at 6:41 a.m. clouds pull back to the coastline. mild t wm aw from the coast. 80s and low 90s. so highs in the south bay on your tuesday, 85 in santa clara. 93 for morgan hill. along the peninsula, morning cloud cover, breaking for afternoon sunshine. 81 in minlow park. a little afternoon sunshine before morning cloud cover.
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north bay tomorrow, 80s and 90s. 88 in petaluma. 86 in sonoma. the east bay, 70s and 80s. 77 in oakland. 82 in union city. upper 80s, then low 90 in walnut creek. 88 in pleasanton. next seven days, mild to warm tomorrow. cooler air wednesday and thursday. next weekend, saturday and sunday, 70s and 80s. no intense heat. >> outstanding. thank you, drew. a woman who began feeding the birds never expected anything in return. >> she ended up gaining a unique friendship. that story is next. >> and tomorrow on good morning
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a woman in san francisco has formed an unlikely bond with nature. "abc7 news" was in the marina district where she has befriended two families of crows, calling them from the balcony of her home and leaving treats o fire escape. >> these crows have become familiar and give back, leaving gifts behind, like the top of a champagne bottle and a gummy bear. who doesn't want a gummy bear? the exchange has been clectn of gifts. she says she is beaks,houg we ha cis tonight. coming up in sports, the
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quarterback situation, the roster moves to give the raiders depth. and two of the best to ever play in any sport. how tiger woods supported that
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giants are all but officially out of the n.l. wild card race. now the focus turns to getting at least eight more wins to secure 2,000 wins for bruce bochy. enjoying some labor day baseball sip r'sundn the and it's 1-0, st. louis. top of the 8th, he'll remember
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this one. first big league homer. cards win 3-1. san francisco currently eight fwa games back of the second guard race. oakland is a full bac cleveland for that second wild card spot. u.s. open. rafael nadal rocking the purple. unforced error here, and watch here. that fan not pleased. that guy is tiger woods. watch nadal. tiger gives him a fist pump. he wins in four sets and is on to the quarterfinals. raiders don't have four quarterbacks on their roster ea placed they that than peterman on the injured reserve. he has a small tear in his poten
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here's jon gruden. >> we went down to one quarterback last year, and i almost jumped off the bridge. you have to shut down business if you don't have a backup quarterback. this is no reflection on derek, but you just got to have guys developing at that position and guys ready to go. >> hey, did you see this? raiders quarterback derek carr can ball. not just football, challenge him in a game here. he ends up winning this challenge. carr beat out some of his teammates. he's pretty good. i challenged derek to come into our sports house. i know larry is really good. you're invited to the sports
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office to do a little basketball. >> thanks, chris. >> we'll be right back.
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and from chicago a special performance by garth brooks. and now, over here, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thank you for watching. a special welcome to those of you who are watching from new york city, where if you're seeing this means the power is still on. you know, there's a big blackoun the power went out for several hours on saturday night from times square all the way up to 72nd street. it happened right in the middle of a jennifer lopez concert at


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