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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> it was anchored on the santa cruz islands when it caught fire. they came from santa cruz, stockton, fremont and mill valley. they were teachers, students, business owner. >> reporter: 39 people weresurv members of the crew. the bodies of 20 victims are been recovered, 11 women and nine men. other bodies have been spotted in the water but not retrieved. identifying the victims may require dna analysis. >> san francisco based coast guard crews helped in the recovery. >> air station san francisco forward operating base point mcgoo was involved. >> the coast guard released this video just hours ago giving us our first arial view of the boat as it burned yesterday. the coast guard searched for 23 hours and officially suspended its search for survivors at 9:40 this morning the ntsb arrived on
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the scene shortly thereafter. >> we expect to be on scene about seven to ten days. during that time, our investigators will be collecting the perishable evidence. we will not be determining the cause of the fire while on scene. that comes later in the investigative process. >> and today we are learning more about the people on board that boat who did not survive. >> sid garcia from our sister station in los angeles begins our team coverage. >> as of 9:40 a.m. this morning coast guard has suspended search efforts pending further development. >> reporter: the search for any possible survivors is over. heartbreaking news for families and friends of those on board the conception. those who didn't escape monday's deadly fire perished. among the dead, 25-year-old allie. her mother says she loved diving. >> she loved it here and she loved the boat and diving.
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and she would just do -- she could do anything she wanted. >> reporter: also killed, two students who attended pacific and a woman in stockton posted she lost a father, his three grown children and their stepmother one of them identified as nick coal quitasol. most of the victims are from northern california including christie a dive instructor from santa cruz. santa barbara show grounds is where family and friends of the victims are being told to come to to get the latest information on their loved ones. some showed up, they declined to talk about what p hahappened. the american red cross fire and sheriff's department set up this family assistance center trying to answer as many questions as they can about what happened. >> they want to know information that right now a lot is under
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investigation and there is no concrete information that we can give them as of right now so what we're trying to do is try to make them as comfortable as possible and give them what concrete information we do have. >> reporter: the plan is to keep the family assistance center open until at least thursday, but according to the santa barbara county fire department, they will keep it open if there is still a need past thursday. reporting from santa barbara, sid garcia, abc 7 news. >> and three members of an east bay family are believed to have been on the boat. scott khan, his wife and son. vic lee is live at the pacific scuba diver store in sunnyvale with more. >> reporter: we here at the pacific scuba diver store in sunnyvale because scott khan frequented this place. he was an experienced certified diver who loved under water
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adventure. sunnyva sunnyvale's pacific scuba divers is one of three dive shops in the south bay. it's a tight knit community. divers know one another and share experiences. charles manages this store. he knows scott chen, the school district says chen, his wife and son were on the dive boat. >> he would come in here on a regular basis, renting equipment, filling up tanks and things like that, talk about diving and frequent the boats down in the channel islands on a regular basis. >> reporter: like everyone, he was shocked. it was he says like a freak accident a diver would never imagine happening. >> most divers are aware of the risk of diving and all has to do with decompression issues and not holding your breathe and things like that. >> reporter: fatal accidents do happen in the deep sea but one like this, a 75-foot boat bursting into flames with close to three dozen people on board.
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>> typically it's involving a single individual. to hear about 30 plus divers at one time on a boat, i don't think i've ever heard of anything like that happening in california or the states. >> reporter: there is a story of one of the owners of this store who must be counting his lucky stars today. >> one of the owners was supposed to be on the boat this weekend, and two of his friends who frequent the store here were actually the ones that had been texting him trying to get him to go on to that boat. >> reporter: lucky man. the fremont union high school district issued a statement today calling chen's loss a tremendous tragedy for the school district. it says he taught physics at american high school in fremont for the past three years. grief counselors will be on campus all week. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right, vic, thank you. many of the dive boat victims were from stockton members of the same family. two were nurses and another a science teacher at a local
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middle school. abc 7 wayne freedman spent the late afternoon speaking with people that knew her and joins us live. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. we arrived here in stockton right about the time school let out. a lot of people heard about this accident and their victims and friends this morning they were still trying to sort their feeling feelings. >> she was nice. >> reporter: it never easy to quantify loss especially for kids barely in thirteens but that was the task at sierra middle school today where staff, students and families mourned science teacher angela rose. >> she was a cool person and i didn't know that she was so loved by this school. >> she was good. she was kind. good teacher. >> reporter: angela's story is one of five from yesterday morning from the same family. two of her sisters worked locally as nurses. they perished a accestepmother.
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these losses reverberate through the region. >> you can never imagine, you know, would be this close and hit our community. it's unim what do you remember about her? >> she had purple hair. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: so she was cool? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: cool how? >> like she was funny and cracked funny jokes and she at unity day, she was dancing with us. >> reporter: no doubt we'll be hearing more in the days to come. the lincoln unified school district says angela had been a teacher at this school for four years. it was a homecoming of sorts for her. she grew up here and went to school here. in stockton, wade freed man, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the city of santa cruz has been hit hard. no fewer than five of the
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victims have ties to the beach community. among them, christie attended ucsc and the co-owner of worldwide diving adventures, the company that chartered the dive boat. >> my sister was one of the most skilled and intuitive, vibrant, loving compassion anytime women that i've ever met in my life. if there was even a 1% window opportunity for her to make it out, that she would have somehow made that opportunity become a reality. >> two victims were students at pacific charter school, a grade seven through 12 charter school with fewer than 550 students. >> this is what the 75-foot boat called the conception looked like before the fire. a man who had been on board many times shared these pictures with us. he says exiting the boat from the sleeping quarters only took seconds with two easy to access routes. a set of stairs and an escape hatch. you can see more of the pictures
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and all of the reports about this terrible, terrible tragedy on our website, and download the abc 7 news app to get updates sent right to your smart phone. new at 6:00, new information on a crane that made contact with a power line in lafayette yesterday morning knocking out power to 700 customers including a nearby shopping center. the crane was doing scheduled work at the lafayette bart station. bigge says quote, the crane operator was directed to back up the crane by a signal person who may not have seen the power line. a bigge spokesperson said the crane operator was an employee but the signal person was not. there were no injuries and the crane has minimal damage. they are conducting an internal investigation and bart and the prime contractor dmz are also conducting parallel independent investigations. crews are still battling a
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wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. that fire broke out in boulder creek. so far, cal fire reports it's charred at least ten acres. it appears the flames may have burned at least one structure. cal fire is working to find out what sparked that fire. for the first time in nearly two weeks, the jury in the ghost ship trial is back to deliberating and they may only have six days of deliberations this entire month. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live from the oakland courthouse as she has been many times over the trial. she'll explain the timeline and perhaps why so many few days to deliberate, leslie? >> reporter: dan, we have this reconstituted jury, this new jury possible that's only been deliberating for about four days after three jurors were dismissed for miss conduct a couple weeks ago and the question that remains is can this panel, can they really
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remember all the testimony they heard starting back in may? >> it was a really long trial and at this point, it was -- it ended over four weeks ago so, you know, it's -- any juror would be needing to sort of stress their memories a little bit, push their test their memory bank to see how far back they can remember what these first witnesses said. >> reporter: the five man and seven woman jury panel trooped back into the courtroom for 15 minutes this morning after 12 days off. >> they seem quiet. they seem introspective in the short time they were in court. they, therefore, are participating in, you know, the greatest push of their deliberations now. they are voting right now. >> reporter: such as the guest of defendant derick almena's attorney but there is no telling how close they are to a
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decision. derick almena and max harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 lives that were lost in the december 2016 ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. with only one alternate juror left, there is a looming problem of vacations. the judge said one juror indicated they have a vacation from september 9th to 18th and one is unavailable from september 19th to october 5th. at the judge goes along with those scheduling conflicts, that would leave six days of deliberation in the entire month of september. the judge of course does not want to declare a mistrial in the case but it does remain a possibility with only one alternate juror left and as you heard those vacation issues yet to be resolved. deliberations resume tomorrow morning and at the same time the judge will be meeting with attorneys to discuss a motion that was filed by harris'
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attorney in a closed session and that motion is sealed so we don't know what it contains. reporting live in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> thank you. to find out when the jury reaches a verdict, download the news app. abc 7 news made a commitment to building a better bay area finding improvements to the issues you face where you live like safety. criticism of san francisco's vision zero plan. see how far the city is from the goal of eliminating pedestrian traffic deaths. >> i'm spencer christian. high clouds moving in producing a haze tomorrow. i'll tell you what that means for our forecast coming up. >> hurricane dorian is finally moving away from the bahamas and toward the u.s. it may have weakened but it's still threatening millions along the coast ♪ let's get down to business. the business of atlanta on monday...
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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. a brks krrksbc 7 news is co building a better bay area. >> we're committed on your safety and san francisco is on track to surpass last year's traffic fatalities. >> 23 people died last year, 22 people have died so far this year. that is despite a hmajor effort to reduce pedestrian deaths. >> lyanne melendez is live from city hall with a breakdown of reasons and solutions discussed at today's san francisco municipal transportation board meeting. >> reporter: the city made some progress, think about it. four years ago 31 people died. still board members are
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wondering why after all that has been done and all the programs implemented, people are still dying. >> michael evans, benjamin dean. >> reporter: benjamin dean of fresno county seen here crossing the street in san francisco died and his wife seriously injured when they were struck by a driver who police say ran a read light. his name was among the 22 read at the start of meeting before board members of the san francisco municipal transportation agency. here is what came out of the meeting. in 2018, 22% of all traffic fatalities were people who were homeless. in the past five years, 27% of traffic fatalities were due to left turning vehicles. police have acknowledged that they haven't kept up with enforcement because of the lack of personnel. that's changing as traffic officers are being added. >> ideally, yeah, we would, you know, triple or quadruple that number and have that number of
6:18 pm
officers out there that can just solely focus on, you know, the focus on the five violations. >> reporter: those five violations are speeding, failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, failing to give pedestrians the right-of-way or yielding to pedestrians when turning. the city's goal is to get to zero fatalities by 2024. here is what will get there more enforcement, calming left turn traffic meaning features to force drivers to reduce speed when returning left. the city is looking into limiting right turns and ex end thing timing of walk signals and making crosswalks even more visible. board members acknowledged that there are few things working against the city. more people and more cars on city streets. and again, we're talking about the uber and lyft factors. to rterate, the city is
6:19 pm
exploring, not a done deal. they are exploring the possibility of limiting those right-hand turns at those red lights. just like in new york city. i'm live at city hall, lyanne melendez. >> that is awfully tricky and treacherous out there. >> let's turn our attention to the weather, spencer christian is tracking the forecast. >> how does it look? >> things are looking good. mild conditions. bright sunny skies across the region with a it willlittle coag developing. not very deep at the moment but expanding. 64 here in san francisco right now. oakland 71. 76 san jose and 89 gilroy and half moon bay at 63. here is another view of the fog developing near ocean view. temperature readings 81 at santa rosa and napa 77 and 73 petaluma and concord 88 and 84 livermore. here is our view.
6:20 pm
abc 7 looking at blue skies and these are the forecast features. increasing clouds overnight, lots of high clouds moving through and low clouds. hazy sunshine tomorrow as a result of the high clouds. maybe even an isolated lightning strike or two. i'll get to that in a moment and gradual cooling through saturday. overnight with low clouds at the coast and passing high clouds will be mild as it has been every night for the last couple weeks. overnight lows in the upper 50s to low 60s. let me give you a look at the atmosphere that is affecting our weather now. we have clock-wise circulation around this center of high pressure of the southwest bringing monsoonal moisture. that flow is assisted by the counterclockwise circulation. so we got the monsoonal moisture coming up in the form of high clouds and we'll have a bit of an on shore flow, as well with the buildup of moisture tomorrow, it's possible from late morning to evening we could see an isolated lightning strike or two. mild tomorrow with 70s around
6:21 pm
the bay and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. start to cool douwn a little bi on thursday. further cooling friday and saturday and temperatures will start to bounce back again early next week but we'll have a nice steady pattern of mild, even cooler than average weather going into the end of the week, into the weekend with mild weather early next week. no extremes. no spikes in heat. nothing like that. >> we like that. >> yeah. >> spenls cer, thanks. a sign of rec
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>> christmas hill park is back open for the first time since the shooting. >> community members came together to dedicate a special memorial in honor of the victims. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: a city forever changed by tragedy now works to rebuild. >> i turned and i'll never forget the stampede of people and screaming i saw. >> reporter: heather and her family were at the gilroy garlic festival in late july when a gunman opened fire on the crowd before turning the gun on himself. today she returned to the site of the shooting to honor the victims. >> being able to come back here and have such support and see the community together and everything like that makes me feel a little better, emotional for sure. >> reporter: a major mild stone this morning as city officials reopened christmas hill park to the public. >> the evil act that was
6:25 pm
committed doesn't define what this park represents and i think people are ready to move forward and take back what is theirs. >> reporter: new to the park a small garden where residents can come and pay respects. three large stones honor the three people killed and are surrounded with a fence with 17 posts, one for each of the people hurt. >> they will never be forgotten. it was very emotional walking up and just seeing what was here. i wanted to come for a sense of community, as well. i thought this is a fantastic idea. >> reporter: a chance to reflect and recognize the good. >> good people need to come together and do good things and enjoy their lives and company and support each other and i think that's what we're witnessing here in gilroy in the aftermath of the gra on the r w access to this area will be limited. reporting in gilroy, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> within the next 24 hours,
6:26 pm
hurricane dorian could reach the florida coastline. we're tracking the storm and keeping track of the damage that's already been done. >> plus, a mother's explanation of why her son rammed through a gate at oakland international airport. a decision that had deadly consequences. it's a story you'll only see on abc 7 news. later, we'll take you inside san francisco's chase center which officially opened today. stay
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i want someone to know my son for who he was besides those 15 seconds of a bad decision. >> a mother talks about the final choices her son made before he lost his life. >> that man rammed through a gate at oakland international airport on sunday and fled from pursuing deputies and jumped into san francisco bay. >> his body was found yesterday only abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to the heart broken mother that wanted to share her son's history. >> reporter: what did he say in that voice mail? >> he said he loved me. >> reporter: a voice mail maryland terry says she'll keep
6:30 pm
forever, those were the last words she heard from her only season. >> he was a better person. 15 seconds to step out, not very much. >> reporter: on sunday deputies knocked on her door to tell her her 42-year-old son was wanted according to alameda county sheriff, he failed to stop at a traffic stop, rammed through a gate at oakland international airport and jumped into san francisco bay, his body was found yesterday. >> shock and sadness. i prayed he would survive. >> reporter: now prior to the incident, alameda county sheriff said he was seen driving around the airport. his mom said she missed three calls from him. she believes he was hallucinating. >> he had drug induced schizophrenia, paranoia disorder that creates that situation. >> reporter: terry believes her son had a mix of multiple drugs
6:31 pm
in his system prior to sunday she says he had been sober for seven years. initially alameda county sheriff expressed concerns about a possible nexus to terrorism after finding air assault weapons inside his car. today they sent this statement. the loss of mr. hirano is very unfortunate and we expresscondos family. we wish he had the opportunity to intervene and get him the help he needed. terry wants to create awareness over mental health and drug abuse. >> you tried to help him. >> everybody did. he tried to help himself. he tried very, very hard to save his life. >> reporter: luz pena, abc 7 news. >> on our website at take action we have links to resources, health, issues, substance apbuse and moe to find your ally.
6:32 pm
we have a clarification to pass on about the boat fire in a statement released earlier, the school district told us scott khan, his wife and son were all lost in the fire. they have since let us know that scott's wife and son were not on the boat. the district says mr. khan and his daughter were lost in the tragedy. well, now to the i'm pempen threat posed by hurricane dorian, also an activation of urban search and rescue that includes firefighters from oakland, they are gathering in palo alto and will fry tonight to be of service. a category two hurricane dorian will hit florida next and that's where we find elizabeth. ac bah. historic, the salvation army so far estimating up to 13,000,
6:33 pm
disaster response from the u.s. on the ground providing humanitarian assistance. this as millions of americans in north carolina remain under evacuation orders bracing for dorian. >> dorian's outer bands impact the number of customers in our service area. >> reporter: leaving thousands in the dark overnight sinking boats off the southern coast of florida shutting down several airports across the state. >> more days ago, the threat is not over. >> reporter: in georgia, south carolina and north carolina, residents are still boarding up and filling sandbags with authorities warning have a plan and be ready. >> if you live in a residence that flooded over the last four years, you shouldate yr residence and move to higher
6:34 pm
ground and stay out of harm's way. >> reporter: here in florida, the governr shares while the current track looks encouraging for floridians he's urging residents to stay patient and vigilant. >> spencer is tracking the storm for us. it's been fascinating and frightening to watch, spencer. what's the update? >> dan, as you know, the storm left devastationbahamas. close to the atlantic coast, in fact, close to florida's east coast is a category two storm with winds at 110 miles per hour and still moving very slowly toward the northwest at only about 6 miles per hour. we expect the storm to continue moving up along the east coast of florida and then up along the coast of georgia and the carolinas over the next day or two. still as a category two hurricane before weakening slightly to a category one as it moves away from the virginia coastline and as you can see, watches and warnings have been posted all along the south atlantic and mid atlantic
6:35 pm
coastline. once again, one of the more unusual features of the storm has been its very slow movement and we'll go to abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma for a closer look at that. >> hurricane dorian not only an incredibly big storm but slow moving storm at times. there is a period of 19 hours where the storm only moved the length of the bay bridge. we'll show you what we mean. monday morning at 9:00 a.m. dorian category four storm. we'll place that here over the bay bridge toll plaza. at that time, dorian crawling west at one mile per hour. five hours later, dorian just completely stops moving in that time period it only moved five miles. that will get you to the harrison street exit side on san francisco. what is worse, it sat there for 14 hours. dorian does not even move at all. so in a 19-hour period, dorian traveled the length of the bay bridge from the toll plaza over
6:36 pm
to the harrison street exit side in san francisco. this is not the slowest moving storm in history. the record for that, hurricane betsey back in 1965. >> wow. >> amazing. i've never really heard of that. that's why the bahamas were torn up. >> had the storm been moving faster, it would have done significant damage. >> why did it move so slowly? >> still trying to figure that out because generally, hurricane over warm water intensifies and moves anywhere from -- well, being over warm water doesn't make you move faster but gains momentum to move faster. this defies the past experience with hurricanes so we're trying to figure it out. >> interesting. all right. thank you so much. well, today the san francisco board of supper vervi remembered >> when you got his smile of
6:37 pm
approval, you knew you were doing the right thing and when he would give that subtle little grima grimace, you knew the board of supper v supervisors was messing up. >> he spent 38 years with abc 7 and often behind the camera at city hall and the hall of justice. he passed away over the weekend after a long battle with cancer. >> he was more than a class act. he was a gentle soul who believed in people and believed in the possibilities of government and believed in the media's responsibility to cover it and keep it real. he was in someways the elected 12th member of the board of supervisors. >> thanks to aaron for those kind comments and gestures. we have more information on read and share h ...6, 7, 8 read and share h ♪
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a san francisco based visa company and a travel effort led by prince harry. they announced the initiative in
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amsterdam. the goal is to minimize the travel impact on climate change and improve wildlife and protect the environment. it also hopes to improve the lives of communities affected by tourism. >> tourism can be a source of opportunity for communities that might not otherwise find it and stlet strengthen the community. in some cases, it is all they have. >> visa is one of five companies to partner with prince harry in this project. pints with a purpose, ben and jerries has a new ice cream flavor to support criminal justice reform. it tweeted a picture called justice remixed featuring cinnamon and chocolate ice cream with quote gobs of cinnamon buns and spicy fudge brownies. the vermont based company says some of the money will support a civil rights ocho rgizati organ
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finney told us about a $20 hot tub advertised on social media. not surprisingly, turned out to be fake. >> he's getting complaints facebook ads aren't always legit. michael got to the bottom of another one. >> they said they were completely waterproof swim trunks. this viewer thought if it's on facebook, it must be real. they went for it. here is what happened. paul khan was looking for new swim trucks to take to hawaii when like magic, the ad popped up on facebook. >> i don't know how it came up but it came on. i looked at it like this is what i needed. >> reporter: the ad said frank anthony swim wear was waterproof. >> waterproof swim wear, fantastic. >> reporter: the ad led to a slick website. >> for first-time buyers, you can get a 15% discounst. okay. i'll try it. >> paul ordered a $60 pair for
6:46 pm
$49. not a bad deal except he never got them. >> so i email support. nothing. email support again. still nothing. and then that's when i googled them. >> he found hundreds of complaints from frank anthony customers just like him who ordered and never got their swim wear. the better business bureau gives frank anthony shorts an f rating with dozens of complaints. turns out they launched a kick starter campaign four years ago. scores of investors complained they never got their shorts, either. >> i tried to let facebook know and nothing. these ads still come on. >> in fact, it popped up while we were interviewing paul for this story. >> it came on again. >> we tried to contact frank anthony swim wear but found only an email address. no one replied when we sent emails asking about all the complaints. >> there is no disclaimer from facebook saying this ad could be fake. i think it is their responsibility. >> we asked facebook why it let
6:47 pm
frank anthony advertise? it took a few weeks but the ads are now gone. so is the frank anthony facebook page. a facebook spokesperson said we don't allow those kind of misleading pages on facebook. we removed billions of fake accounts from the platform, however enforcement is never perfect and there is more work to be done. paul never did get those swim shorts. >> so i ended up buying these instead from a brick and mortar store. >> the one sure way to get your merchandise, buy in person. >> they are not waterproof, though but i still like them. [ laughter ] >> if you see an ad on social media and never heard of a company before, you've got to do some research before you send some money. go online and look for reviews and ratings and comments, you know how to do that. that should turn up any red flag. paul wishes he did that before buying a swimsuit rather than after. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hot line is
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open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. >> good stuff. lesson learned. >> yeah. >> thank you, michael. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> spencer is here with the latest. >> ama, dan, into the evening and overnight hours. we'll see fog along the coastline, maybe a patch or two over the bay but the new feature being introduced tonight is the passing of high clouds. overnight lows in the upper 50s to low 60s and under hazy skies tomorrow with the high clouds lingering a bit, we'll have high temperatures ranging from mid 60s to the costa mid and upper 70s around the bay to mainly upper 80s inland and maybe one or two or three places will top out at or above 90 tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast. mild to warm on friday. saturday will be cooler and breezier, probably the coolest day with inland lows, inland highs in the low 80s is what we're trying to say. temperatures rebound on sunday
6:49 pm
and monday and tuesday we'll be back into sort of a seasonal typical pattern for this time of the year. >> sounds good. thank you. in the arena there is a new sheriff in town. >> that's right. larry. >> madison square garden is known as the mecca until today. move over msg, chase center is opening up. we'll go live following t
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you must remember the dancing construction equipment from the ground breaking ceremonies back in 2017. it done. today the rib gone ceremony. chris alvarez was there for the ceremony, larry. what an event it is. this is going to hold 200 events annually a year. it's the home of the warriors obviously but the world's greatest entertainers and san francisco has a new arena they can call their own. what's a question we haven't asked you. >> how the warriors will do this year. >> i can't answer that question, come on. [ applause ] >> rick wells may not be about to predict the future but chase sent new standards for sports and entertainment arenas. all kinds of vents whether outdoor concerts or basketball tournaments or christmas tree
6:53 pm
lighting. anything. >> reporter: it's going to be a new center for entertainment in san francisco, a new center. it's not just a basketball arena. >> the word was wow from your partner. what is your word? >> you know, it could have been very simply could have been ouch. it could have been off if it wasn't right. that's how close success and failure millimeters apart. >> how does a facility like this translate to wins on the court and championships? >> that's why we accept the financial foundation for us to be able to compete for championships this far into the future as we can see. >> we're excited about our team and young and invigorating and new and fresh. i'm kind of excited to see how we do and i think everybody is. plus you get to come and sample the food and try this new arena and venue. we're pretty excited. there is going to be a really fun year. [ applause ] >> reporter: now some dates to mark on the calendar, september
6:54 pm
30s will be warriors media day. the first preseason game, the fifth and then october that is and october 24th, the regular season opener against the clippers. joe was asked about potential statutes aoutsi statutes outside this arena. there will be statutes. >> thank you, chris. from the new home of the warriors to mcgee's home that was burglarize of at least $200,000 worth of cash and jewelry and included in the hall was one of his championship rings that he won with golden state. hopefully injured. in the final month of the season, giants in deep evaluation mode. took the mound today in st. louis. 5-7 record. era over 5. cruising early struck out the first two batters. dexter fowler, thanks for browsing. long, aloha means strikeout. unfortunately for the giants, jack was also dealing, he had a no-hitter into the sixth. connects for a single to right. that broke it up.
6:55 pm
game scoreless bottom sixth. marcell here it comes. there it goes. jumps on a hanging curveball off rodriguez and that is going to big mack land. wow. 1-0 cardinals there in the eighth inning and the a's are hosting the angles. when stanford visits usc, there is a good chance both teams will start up backup quarterbacks. a torn acl and kj gcostellocosto a hit to the head after getting blasted after halftime. that should haven be called targeting right there. it should have been an ejection, instead, it was not called. stanford will monitor costello at the week and see how he progresses, david show still upset about the hit. >> to answer the question before it's asked, i believe the officials on the field and the replay official missed the call. i thought it was an ejectable offense.
6:56 pm
communicated with a lot of different people and places and unfortunate that it was missed but i'm not going to comment any further on that. >> i don't know how you mis guy getting hit in the face. serena williams won in 34 minutes. the six-time champ won the 100th title. tiger woods is there cheering her on. jared goff resigned with the rams four years, $134 million but 110 is guaranteed. >> he signed that? [ laughter ] >> exactly. yeah. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight for abc 7 p news at 11:00. we just learned that north bay those who died in that terrible boat fire. her family shares their grief and loving memories with you. also, to the rescue, local crews are now on their way to the hurricane zone as dorian
6:57 pm
accelerates towards the u.s. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 catch bachelor in paradise followed by bless this mess and blackish and we'll be back at 11:00. >> that is it. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news app. thanks for joining us. >> i'm dan ash leigh. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. isn't that gorgeous? >> stunning. >> have a good evening.
6:58 pm
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♪ six captains. ♪ 12 teammates. 18 of the most celebrated "jeopardy!" players have been invited back to play again... but this time, as members of a team. and now the wild card match of the... here are today's team captains. one of "jeopardy's!" most memorable contestants, he earned over $400,000 during his 12-day streak-- austin rogers. [ applause ] he's the only contestant to win both the teachers tournament and the tournament of champions--colby burnett. [ cheers and applause ] he's the reigning tournament of champions winner with "jeopardy!" earnings that total over $400,000--
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buzzy cohen. [ cheers and applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, everyone, once again to the "jeopardy!" all-star games. this is match number three-- the wild card match. whoever winds up as the winner of this 2-day event tomorrow will get to come back and play on monday and tuesday against brad rutter's team and ken jennings' team in the 2-day finals where they compete for the grand prize of $1 million. i will invite the captains to go backstage to confer with their teammates and decide which player gets to come out and compete in the jeopardy! round. stay tuned. we'll be right back. ♪


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