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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 5, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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test test a police officer wnd a police officer wounded during the odessa, texas mass shooting is out of the hospital. he was met there with applause as zach owens, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds during saturday's shooting, left the hospital. doy which entered his left eye. he'll be treated by an eye specialist.
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a los angeles man is being held without bail in connection with the death of rapper mack miller. >> miller died from an accidental overdose of cocaine, alcohol and fentanyl. prosecutors say cameron pettit sold miller fake opioids laced with fentanyl two days before he died. pettit is not accused in having a direct role in miller's death. turning to new details in the car accident that seriously injured comedian and actor kevin hart over the weekend. >> we're hearing newly released 911 recordings from that night. will ganss has the latest. >> yeah, the calls paint a much more clear and graphic picture of the dangerous car accident on sunday morning. take a listen to this. >> he's not coherent at all. he can't move. >> reporter: this morning the chilling 911 calls from kevin hart's home released following the car wreck that left the comedian seriously injured. >> there's something on his back is pulling out on his spine. >> reporter: an unknown female
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calling for help sometime after the accident at 12:45 a.m. sunday morning. the actor reportedly managing to get out of the crumpled car through the driver's side window, leaving the scene to go home where ambulances later transported him to a hospital. kevin suffering a major back injury after a friend lost control of his vehicle, careening off a road in calabasas, plunging into a ditch and through a fence, crushing the roof of his classic car. also released, the 911 call from an eyewitness who stopped to help. >> help's coming, guys, don't worry. you guys okay in there? stay calm, help's coming. >> reporter: though kevin hart was able to get out, two others, the driver and a passenger in the back, were trapped inside. >> how many are still stuck in the car? >> two are stuck in the car, so there was three, i guess. >> reporter: the fire department sawing off the roof of the car to free the couple. authorities now investigating whether speeding was a potential factor in the crash. >> it's a good thing this drop wasn't more steep. kevin hart's car plowing through this fence line, dropping 10 to 20 feet into this embankment.
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>> reporter: hart has since undergone successful back surgery and is on the mend but will need weeks of rehab before he's fully recovered. so he was supposed to be the very first guest on kelly clarkson's new talk show on tuesday. obviously couldn't make it. his best buddy, dwayne "the rock" johnson, flew back from his honeymoon early just to fill in for kevin. kenneth, janai? >> it's really hard to imagine. so glad that kevin hart is doing well. but for dwayne "the rock" johnson, almost six years after paul walker died in a car crash, so cannot imagine what goes through his mind, having another friend in a similar situation. i'm glad they're okay. >> incredible for him to step in there. ben and jerry's new ice cream has a criminal justice theme. "justice remix'd." >> cinnamon and chocolate ice cream with cinnamon bun dough and brownies. part of the proceeds will support the criminal justice
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reform. coming up, one man's mission to change the world. >> the activist who's battling a.l.s., who's fighting for medicare for all. (flight attendants) ♪ when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ (vo) try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. (flight attendants) ♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ (vo) get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps.
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♪ ♪ while the democratic presidential candidates spar over the contentious issue of health care reform, one particularly powerful voice is being heard from an activist on the sidelines. >> but it's a voice that's growing stronger every day. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: every day, ady barkan hopes that what little time he has left to live -- >> shame, shame! >> reporter: will count for something. >> fighting for justice gives me purpose. i much prefer to focus on the struggle for our democracy than to focus on a.l.s. >> reporter: a.l.s. has already robbed him of his ability to walk and talk, to play with his son, hold his wife's hand. but the deadly disease has also transformed him into one of the most influential voices for medicare for all.
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what does medicare for all mean to you? >> we all get high-quality, comprehensive health care through medicare with no co-pays or deductibles or premiums. ten years ago, medicare for all was a fringe idea. now it enjoys the support of a majority of the american people. >> reporter: a kingmaker for democratic presidential hopefuls. >> you know, ady, i knew this was going to happen. >> i want to have a chance to tell the story about my friend, ady barkan. >> reporter: ady's fame started out as a fluke. >> you can be an american hero. >> reporter: on his flight home after being arrested protesting the 2017 tax bill, he bumped into then arizona senator jeff flake and pleaded with him to vote against the bill. >> you can change my life. please. please remember this conversation. >> reporter: flake eventually let him down. but their interaction went viral.
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since his a.l.s. diagnosis at age 32, he's grown physically weaker. but his political voice has grown even stronger. >> health care is not treated as a human right in the united states of america. >> reporter: spearheading protests on capitol hill. >> paul ryan, i'm going to knock on your door. >> reporter: chasing down opposing politicians. >> senator! i'm dying, come on! why are you running away from me? >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi even thanking ady for helping win back the house for democrats. >> nobody has been a stronger messenger than you, our hero. >> reporter: some observers would say that you're exploiting his disease. >> absolutely. >> reporter: for political gain. >> absolutely. the only way we're going to force people to talk about these issues is somebody like ady, that he has to be this sick for people to be attention, we'll do it. >> i'd give anything to be a happy father and husband.
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this is not exploitation. we have to be able to tell our human stories if we want our democracy to be responsive to us as individual human beings. >> ady details that meaningful life in his new book "eyes to the wind," part political manifesto, part memoir in which the best chapter still lies ahead. his daughter is due this november. but in his fragile state, next november, election day 2020, is far from guaranteed. what's the legacy you want to leave behind? >> at the end of the day i want to be remembered as someone who fought to make the world more fair and just for all. and most of all i just want karl and his sister to be proud of me. >> so powerful. he has a voice. he's using it. and when it comes to what he's doing, no matter how you fall on the issue, that's democracy there and it's in action. >> absolutely. and like you said, very powerful images, seeing him confront former senator jeff flake, knocking on senators' doors,
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♪ ♪ it's time for "this happened" this thursday morning. and a lot of things happen at hotels. >> they sure do. >> even some hotel bathrooms. this happened in one montana hotel bathroom. they heard some noises. >> oh. >> then realized there's a bear in the women's bathroom. he's trying to hang out and relax, he's not there to hurt anybody. >> you know what happened. >> yeah, they tranquilized him, took him outside to be tagged. >> that bear found out they were getting rid of all those mini bottles of shampoo. >> went to go get them all. >> i'm going to get what i can before they replace them. >> the bear climbed in through a window, then the window was too high for the bear to get out, the door, he couldn't open it.
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>> some wild things happen in montana. >> wild things. we've been telling you bear stories lately. they wake up from that hibernation and they just -- >> want to go back to sleep. wake up! your hibernation season is over. hey, how about this happened. a girl, she put down her phone, and then that phone -- >> whoa. >> yep. >> run, run, run! >> she's like running for it. >> of course somebody had their phone ready to catch it. >> she was sent running for her life. she put her phone down, it just slid right down the concrete wall. >> the selfie she probably lost. >> she was like, the phone is destroyed. it's just complete -- >> oh, and she was on a trip in paris. >> i know. it's like so many good -- probably romantic pictures, who knows. >> yeah, probably. >> you ever set your phone down and then like have to run after it? >> no, i got back from vacation one time and dropped it in the toilet, though. we were leaving for another trip the next day. i was out of a phone for that one. >> i do like using your phone. >> got the good camera.
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>> got the good camera on there. i'm still being cheap, i got like the iphone 3. >> no offense to anyone who has an iphone 3. >> or a flip phone. >> the razor's coming out soon. >> i'm going to get the razor. you know why? >> you want to hang up on people. >> in a dramatic fashion. >> i'm done talking to you. >> i'm going to flip it closed, slide it into my pocket. how about this, this happened. a man waiting for a bus. he sees a rat. almost like it's an old friend. says hey, come here. >> no, no, stay away from it! >> hey, come here. >> this is not ratatouille. >> apparently it is. >> oh, hops right in his hand? oh, no. >> they go way back. like four flaps on the cadillac. these are old friends. >> you should get yourself checked. >> why is that rat so familiar with you? >> it's got the longest tail. >> that rat was seriously like, hey, man, it's been a while. >> what's going on? you got anything to eat? some pizza? it is national cheese pizza day.
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this morning on "world news now," hurricane dorian closing in on the carolinas. >> it's growing stronger and threatening to make landfall. in the bahamas, new images of the devastation as americans arrive to help. breaking overnight, pieces of the boat that exploded into flames ultimately killing dozens of people have been pulled from the bottom of the ocean. how long we're learning the investigation could take. new details in the cause and the case of the connecticut mother who's been missing for months. her estranged husband has been arrested again. and this is one sweet deal. the nfl all-star who has an ice cream clause in his contract, and his kids could not be happier. we have all the sweet details on this thursday, september 5th. thank you for joining us
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this thursday morning, as we have all week, we begin with the fury of hurricane dorian. after battering the bahamas, the storm is gaining strength, lashing the southeast u.s. with punishing winds and drenching downpours. >> the storm ticked back up to a category 3 overnight while clinging dangerously close to the shoreline as it trudges north from florida to the carolinas where it could potentially make landfall by tonight. the possibility for life-threatening storm surge is looming. the water is rising in hilton head and other coastal communities with winds gusting shy of 50 miles an hour and thousands are without power this morning. the coast guard is getting into position with response boats and other equipment to carry out water rescue operations. >> fema is preparing for the worst, lining up trailers packed with food, water, and supplies. we begin with the very latest from charleston just in to the newsroom. here is steve osunsami. >> reporter: janai and kenneth, good morning to you. we are in charleston where authorities are warning residents to stay indoors.
3:02 am
we're expecting several inches of rain, rain that is not expected to stop for most of the day. on top of the six foot of storm surge that would normally come in during high tide, we're expecting another three feet of storm surge on top of that because of this storm that is pushing this water into charleston and into points north of here. and because of that we are absolutely expecting some degree of flooding in this city. some of these streets that right now are passable, we expect to be flooded. already in some spots, some streets are flooded as i'm talking to you right now. they are telling residents who decided to stay, residents who didn't heed the evacuation order, that if you have a problem, not to call 911. the only reason why they want you calling 911 is if your life depends on it. right now we're not seeing a ton of power outages but those power
3:03 am
outages will come. it will be dark, which will make it even more difficult for first responders to respond to anyone who might need them. kenneth and janai? >> all right, our thanks to steve there in charleston. he mentioned some flooding. we're already getting some response from charleston police department that put out a tweet just moments ago saying that they are getting reports of conditions deteriorating and flooding and asking people to shelter in place there in that city of charleston. >> right, the police department saying they are already responding to flooding, downed trees and other storm-related incidents. they say they will continue to respond throughout the night as long as conditions allow. but as steve just said, as we've just told you, they're already dealing with flooding, some power outages, we're getting images of power lines down in parts of the state. it is going to be a busy night there. >> asking for people to only call 911 in case of a true emergency, but again, people stay safe there in the low country of south carolina as we continue to track dorian.
3:04 am
and dorian's forced the cancelation of thousands of flights this week as travelers wrap up their summer vacations. >> the main airport in wilmington, north carolina will be reopened to commercial flights tomorrow. charleston international airport has shut down operations until tomorrow morning as well, and jacksonville international has canceled all flights until further notice. the extent of the devastation dorian left behind in the bahamas is still coming into focus as the death toll rises to at least 20. >> some people are still waiting to be rescued in the ruins of their homes. but for many others, their fate is unknown. a u.n. official says 70,000 people are in need of life-saving aid. so far u.s. coast guard crews have rescued more than 100 people since dorian hit the bahamas as a category 5 hurricane. abc's marcus moore is on the ground with the latest. >> reporter: in the bahamas, the all-out push to rescue the stranded and bring relief to more than 70,000 in dire need. >> i assure you that no effort will be spared in rescuing those
3:05 am
still in danger, feeding those who are hungry, and providing shelter to those who are without homes. our response will be day and night until the lives of our people return to some degree of normalcy. >> reporter: the injured carried one by one to this waiting coast guard chopper. in marsh harbour we saw firsthand the hospital clinic that's become a makeshift shelter. >> every one is full. >> reporter: outside destruction as far as the eye can see. families struggling to even walk through the wreckage. it's been a harrowing 72 hours since dorian's eye passed directly over us, decimating most of this island and knocking out communications. as the abc teams left the abaco islands on choppers late tuesday, we saw the massive scale of the destruction. more than 70% of the neighboring grand bahama island submerged at one point. homes are ripped apart. boats block roads. planes have been tossed like toys. in nassau the urgent effort to treat the injured.
3:06 am
>> the patients were there for about two days before they could be evacuated to us. >> reporter: oeartache here. an emotional family reunion in the midst of a nationwide crisis. there's been a lot of activity here at the airport in nassau. this is where we've seen a number of families reunited. and also the u.s. marines have brought osprey aircraft to aid in the growing relief effort that will go on for quite some time. marcus moore, abc news, nassau. >> our thanks to marcus. we've been telling you dorian is closing in on the carolinas, conditions deteriorating in parts of south carolina. police in charleston are asking residents to shelter in place as the city is experiencing power outages and flooding. >> let's bring in accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso live with the latest impacts being felt there. we should mention if we get a landfall with this hurricane, it's going to be in the carolinas. at this point that's a big if, a big potential at this point, correct? >> correct. it's going to be close
3:07 am
regardless. and those impacts are going to be serious all along the south and north carolina coasts. but it's looking most likely that right now around cape lookout, that's where that landfall could be. as for impacts, already talking gusts more than 60 miles per hour around charleston. reports like that are going to become more numerous as that eye wall gets closer to the coast as we head throughout our thursday. hurricane warnings in effect from the coasts of florida through the outer banks. tropical storm warnings in effect along the coastline. the storm is going to turn to the north and east and again potentially make a landfall near cape lookout. it will continue on that path to the north and east and eventually weaken as it makes its way into the canadian maritime, but not before bringing wind gusts upwards of 100 miles per hour from the outer banks southward to the north carolina and south carolina border. we're also talking 8 to 12 inches of rainfall potentially in some spots up to 15 inches of rain.
3:08 am
>> all right, thank you, adam, we appreciate it. and our other major headline this morning is the investigation into that deadly dive boat fire to find out what caused the disaster. >> investigators may get key information from pieces of the boat's wreckage pulled from the water by the fbi. they've interviewed the captain and crew members as well as the victims' families. that full investigation could take as long as a year. abc's will carr has the details. >> reporter: authorities have recovered the remains of all but one of the 34 victims killed in the deadliest domestic boat incident in decades. the big question now, what sparked that 3:00 a.m. fire that trapped the victims in their sleeping quarters below deck? the surviving crew members tell ntsb investigators the boat had working fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. they are working to confirm the crew's account. >> we haven't investigated one accident that wasn't preventible. so it's devastating. >> reporter: we're now seeing the faces of the victims. a high school physics teacher. a marine biologist.
3:09 am
and five of dominic saugus' family members, including his mother. >> she has two surviving grandchildren. my kids are 5 and 3. and she was the world to them. >> reporter: while families mourn, members of this tight-knit boating community are pleading for the public to wait for all the facts to come out. the ntsb just inspected that sister boat behind me and interviewed the surviving crew members. in santa barbara, california, will carr, abc news. the l.a. rams safety eric weddle has been voted an all-pro twice, and his four kids probably have ranked him as the league's number one dad. >> that's because of a special clause in his contract. the 12-year veteran doesn't eat sugar during game weeks but when the rams win, an incentive kicks in. it calls for his kids to get massive ice cream treats when they get home. they were sugared up a lot last season, the rams won 13 games. >> it's called brooklyn gauge
3:10 am
lver and camry's ice cream sundaes incentive. >> it's an initiative by the children to make sure they get some sugar while dad is all, no sugar. >> yeah. they're like, all the sugar. >> he's always on a thing during the season. >> probably keto. >> you can get anything in a contract. >> apparently. >> i need an ice cream clause. coming up, the move to enact a ban on flavored e-cigarettes. first the truck that had to be removed from a home in ohio. plus the victim in a high-profile sexual assault case at stanford university is revealing her identity and wants the world to know her name. name. her name.
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3:13 am remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. choose the detergent that lets your dishwasher do the dishes! cascade platinum. the number one recommended brand in north america. this tree removal truck had to be removed from a house outside youngstown, ohio. apparently the truck was removing a large branch when a big gust of wind came along. the force sent the crane and the truck backwards into the roof of a house. no one was hurt. two more cranes were brought in to get the truck upright. turning now to the new development in the rape case that first made national
3:14 am
headlines four years ago. a college student convicted of sexual assault sentenced to serving three months behind bars. >> now his victim has revealed her identity in a new memoir. here is kayna whitworth. >> reporter: a case sparking outrage. stanford university swimmer brock turner serving just three months in jail after being convicted of sexual assault. his victim's searing words for him read aloud in court, then read by millions online. now for the first time the woman known as "emily doe" going public, sharing those powerful words again in a new interview with "60 minutes." >> you don't know me, but you've been inside me. in newspapers, my name was "unconscious, intoxicated woman." >> reporter: chanel miller reclaiming her identity and reliving that trauma in a new book "know my name." her story prompting california voters to remove the judge who
3:15 am
sentenced turner to just six months from the bench. >> i am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster, while you are an all-american swimmer at a top university innocent until proven guilty with so much at stake. you cannot give me back the life i had. >> reporter: after that case, california passed a new law imposing mandatory sentences in cases where sexual assault victims were unconscious. as for brock turner, he's registered as a sex offender living back home in ohio. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. chanel there, pretty powerful when she has her voice and she's using it. the estranged husband of a woman from connecticut missing since may is out of jail again this morning. >> fotis dulos was arrested and charged for a second time with evidence tampering in connection with jennifer's disappearance. he posted a $500,000 bond and walked free. he's expected to plead not guilty to new charges in court next thursday. authorities in lubbock,
3:16 am
texas executed a search warrant at the home of a man believed to have sold the assault rifle used by the odessa mass shooter. the man has not been charged or arrested. the private sale of that assault rifle allowed the gunman to avoid having to undergo a background check. michigan is set to become the first state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.gorn a manufacturers of using candy flavors and deceptive advertising to hook children on nicotine. and she's ordered the health department to issue an emergency ban. the american vaping association calls the move a shameless attempt at backdoor prohibition. coming up in our next half hour, when there isn't room in the garage for your car, how about stashing it in the kitchen? but first the new bans on cellphones in classrooms. all those calls and texts. wait until you hear who they're from. ♪ did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop,
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it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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♪ i can't find you anywhere oh ♪ i call you on the telephone but you're never home ♪ those urgent calls and
3:19 am
messages on cellphones are increasingly infiltrating classrooms across america. >> it is a big distraction for both teachers and students. but all too often the culprits on the other end of the line are parents. here's abc's amy robach. [ phone ringing ] >> reporter: it's the sound no teacher wants to hear. a phone interrupting class. text notifications to a student. for 16-year-old daria, those messages weren't coming from friends but her mom. >> when my mom sends me a text and i'm in class, i just kind of get annoyed because like to me it's like, okay, i'm in class. the whole like idea is like, you know, do well in school. >> reporter: daria's mom said she never thought of it that way and she wasn't trying to interrupt her daughter. the teen saying the messages are a distraction and add to her stress. >> she'll ask me like how a test was. i appreciate that you asked me that, but at the same time, like, i'm at school. and i'm pretty stressed out
3:20 am
about that test myself about how i did. >> reporter: now some schools are taking steps to keep kids from answering parents' texts at school and keeping them on their studies, putting a lock on those phones and placing them in a sealed pouch during the day. like san mateo high school in california. >> if the students were breaking the policy or using their phones during instructional time, a teacher would have to stop the lesson and deal with it. >> reporter: at this san francisco bay area high school, phones will be kept under lock and key. >> the feedback from teachers has been positive. they feel like they can be engaging. they feel like they can spend more time on their curriculum. >> reporter: although she's toned it down, for daria's mom, knowing schools are taking steps to clamp down on phones might be just the thing to keep her and other parents from texting. >> that didn't happen back in my day. >> no. you get in the car, mom would go, how was school? not checking in on you throughout the day. >> that's really thoughtful, though. >> very thoughtful. >> i can see that thing like, i've got other things going on.
3:21 am
>> got a test. >> well, parents, come on. another concern inside schools, food allergies. >> one of the biggest for many kids is peanut allergies. both kids and adults suffering from severe peanut allergies may soon have a new tool to protect themselves. it involves placing a few drops of peanut protein under the tongue every day. >> researchers found by the end of the study, 86% of children in the trial were able to safely eat the equivalent of two to three peanuts. 32% could tolerate eating up to 20 peanuts. it's not so you can eat a bunch of peanuts, it's so you can survive an attack. we should also say, consult your doctor. i have a seafood allergy, maybe i need to suck on crab legs here and there a couple times a day. >> we'll get a camera and set that up. >> everybody's having so much fun cracking them open. you know that seafood --
3:22 am
>> you can't even send like granola bars with peanut butter to school anymore. we got a phone call last week, i forgot. school anymore. we got a phone call last week, i forgot. protect all the kids. shhhh. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too. and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long?!
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it's time for "the mix." we look for any reason we can to get food on this desk. they're not crab legs for kenneth to suck on but we do have some slices of pizza to celebrate -- >> national cheese pizza day! >> this is the actual cheese. >> cheese. >> we're celebrating by only having one cheese pizza. >> right. doesn't this count? that's like margarita, that's basic. >> however you want your pizza. there's pepperoni. i had to put in a special request. national cheese pizza day. hold the toppings. i ate cheese pizza only for a long, long time. >> you did? i had to have a meat lover's. >> then i gave up the meat. >> i love the meats. pizza and sandwiches.
3:26 am
>> you're always talking about how you love the meats. >> i know. pizza and sandwiches. like the commercial. get in there. >> i don't eat meat. >> remember that cookie you made me eat for beyonce's birthday yesterday. >> as long as we got snacks today. did you know that the modern pizza had its beginning in italy as a neapolitan flatbread? >> that's what they say. >> historians. >> uh-huh. you need some dipping sauce for that. >> only if it's garlic. >> maybe. because there's a new number one condiment that just soared. ranch is now number one. it has apparently overtaken ketchup. >> is this true? >> 70% of ranch is being consumed outside its familiar confines in the salad bowl. >> no. >> the study brought to you by hidden valley. >> oh it's a scam. >> hidden valley, they claim
3:27 am
ranch is number one now. >> uh-uh. i don't buy it. >> so ranch, ketchup -- didn't i -- that sounds familiar. oh, yeah. yeah. >> kranch. >> oh! who needed to see that again? >> i still -- >> who needed to see that again? >> i still -- oh my -- i cannot believe that you did that. >> yeah, yeah, kranch. >> i'm having a really hard time enjoying this pizza when they keep replaying that, that is filthy. do people really like ranch and ketchup? >> people are upset coming to ketchup's defense saying, no, that can't be. >> people just eat ranch for fries? >> i don't like ranch at all. >> you don't? you could have fooled all of us. >> blue cheese, ketchup. >> jack's giggling back there. there's also this man in parliament who was not entertained. >> he was slouching. and now he's a meme. >> they let him have it. >> look at him slouching. >> let him relax in peace.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," hurricane dorian is gaining strength before whipping the carolinas. low-lying areas are expected to flood. all this while the u.s. coast guard rushes into the bahamas to rescue people from the devastation dorian left behind. breaking overnight, a brush fire quickly growing to a 1,000-acre monster. it's threatening homes and forcing schools to close today. new this half hour, more then a dozen women are suing lyft. >> they claim the ride hailing company failed to protect them from sexual assault by its own drivers. what these women want everyone to know this morning. and oprah is going on tour. she's hitting the road for your well-being. we'll tell you all about her 2020 vision in "the skinny" on this september 5th.
3:31 am
good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. we begin with intensifying hurricane dorian back up to a major category 3 storm as it takes aim at the southeast. >> dorian is skirting the coastline and battering florida, georgia, and the carolinas where they're bracing for up to a foot of rain and a massive storm surge. winds are already picking up in north carolina as the center of the storm churns about 100 miles off the shore. take a look here, a live look at the rough seas in myrtle beach, south carolina where we know things are already deteriorating before the storm closes in later this morning. >> for more on dorian's path we turn to accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. we've got to ask you off the bat, what's the timeline here? how long will the carolinas have to deal with dorian? thousands of people are already without power. >> kenneth, janai, good morning. the carolinas are going to be dealing with the storm through today and into tomorrow. still not moving terribly fast, gradually to the north. eventually this is going to take
3:32 am
a turn to the north and east and potentially make landfall. we've got one chance for that around cape fear, north carolina. another chance for a landfall around cape lookout. it's going to ride north and eastward toward the outer banks as we head into our friday morning. likely as a category 2 hurricane before it eventually exits into the canadian maritime as we head into the upcoming weekend. regardless of whether or not there's a landfall, we're talking maximum wind gusts between 80 and 100 miles per hour from the outer banks to the north carolina/south carolina border. as you mentioned we're talking up to a foot of rainfall along the coasts of the carolinas. some spots might even see up to 15 inches of rainfall. we're already seeing some of that flooding around charleston. >> definitely already seeing it. police there telling people to stay where they are, shelter in place. but adam, as that storm continues to move, you said north and east. is it possible that it could impact the northeast part of the country? >> you're right, yes.
3:33 am
it is going to have some impacts across the northeast. not as significant, but we are talking some coastal flooding, especially at high tide. we're also talking about some gusty winds, some showers that are going to be moving on through friday and into early saturday. and if you're planning on going out on the seas, i wouldn't recommend it. they are going to be quite choppy before the storm eventually exits as we head through the weekend. >> all right, thank you, adam. dorian may or may not make landfall, but it's already making its mark along the coasts. >> sparks were flying in titusville, florida after high winds sent trees crashing down on power lines, cutting electricity to thousands of customers. >> and in georgia a powerful gust blew down this restaurant sign, crushing a jeep. thankfully no one was hurt. >> all lanes on this highway are headed inland, making it easier for residents to evacuate. diane wilson of our raleigh durham north carolina station wtvd has more. >> reporter: residents here are
3:34 am
ready as you can see. the sandbags are in place. the hurricane shutters are up. we do have a brief break from the rain or the outer bands of dorian are already here. but things are only expected to get much worse. the beach homes are boarded up. business owners taking the same action. all day crews worked around the clock. the big concern, the storm surge and flooding. >> being vigilant, just waiting to see what's going to happen. >> reporter: also waiting to see what happens, duke energy crews. the power company has several staging sites, this one in wilmington, also this one in south carolina. this is drone video from duke energy showing the massive staging area where crews are on standby, waiting for the call. >> they are going to be available to surge into the coastal areas on friday once the storm passes. we want to keep them outside the storm's path to protect the equipment and our crews so they can go to work immediately. >> reporter: while many residents evacuated, others are staying behind.
3:35 am
edge of urge boarded up but is waiting to see how much it rains to see if he needs to do even more and move everything off the store's floor. >> i'm going to be spending the night in the building tonight and tomorrow night. and if it needs, i'll move it all out. >> reporter: it's a wait and see to see what dorian brings. shelters are open, ready to take residents. in wilmington, i'm diane wilson for abc news. >> a big thanks to diane wilson ri has claim at leas20ion in lives in the bahamas and many more are feared dead. >> abc's marcus moore had a look at a busy hospital in nassau where an urgent effort is under way to treat survivors. many of them were plucked from hard-hit areas in the abaco islands inundated by the devastating storm surge. >> rescuers are tending to many frightened and dehydrated pets displaced by the storm. this morning the rush to rescue the stranded and get aid to more than 70,000 people across the bahamas.
3:36 am
members of the u.s. coast guard carry the injured one by one to a waiting helicopter. accuweather observed this woman, angela cook, being airlifted for treatment. she was pinned under a roof for 17 hours. and it's not just the military. neighbors helped this elderly woman. abaco and grand bahama island known for golf courses and resorts. boats block roads and planes have been tossed around. most people have lost everything. relief efforts are increasing from the red cross, the u.n., and u.s. which dispatched search and rescue teams and marine corps osprey aircraft. the government has sent police, doctors, and nurses to hard-hit islands. >> no effort will be spared in rescuing those still in danger, feeding those who are hungry, and providing shelter to those who are without homes. >> reporter: renowned chef jose andreas and his nonprofit world
3:37 am
central kitchen is flying missions from florida, delivering hot food across the bahamas. his goal, 10,000 meals. one bright spot, an emotional family reunion in the midst of a nationwide crisis. the prime minister thanking the international community, including the u.s. >> i also want to thank the first responders from the international community, and especially those from the united states, for their exceptional assistance. >> we know how important tourism is to the bahamas and the prime minister you just saw there encouraged people to consider visiting the islands that were not affected by dorian. >> something to keep in mind. social media platforms are filled with questions about why cruise lines aren't sending their ships to the bahamas to bring emergency supplies and transport survivors out. >> the cruise lines say most ports are too small to handle those gigantic ships and the waters around the islands are not yet safe to navigate. for now cruise lines including carnival, royal caribbean, and disney, have donated millions of
3:38 am
dollars to the relief effort in the bahamas. moving on, police say residents should be wary of what washes up on beaches during hurricane dorian. >> that warning comes after someone found a bag filled with 15 kilos of cocaine along a beach in melbourne. police say there may be more out there. they say you shouldn't touch random bags or packages. powdered cocaine can cause overdose if it gets into the pores of your skin. and a jacksonville man came up with an unusual way to protect one of his cars from dorian. >> patrick elridge's smart car is now sitting in his kitchen. his wife jessica says the move indoors started as a bit of a joke to see if the car could fit in the house. the one drawback is they have to maneuver their way around it to cook and eat dinner. but the smart car is safe from dorian. >> and it's not taking up that much space.
3:39 am
look at the dogs all confused. are we going somewhere? or what? >> can i go on this tire? no, don't go on that tire. >> jessica's car is already parked in the garage so they had to make do. >> you got to do what you got to do. coming up, we'll have an update on those dogs stranded in dorian's wake. first, the major lawsuit filed against the lyft ride hailing service. what at least 14 women are alleging about the company's drivers. and we're getting our first look at alicia keys' new digs in southern california. rn california.
3:40 am
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we're back with a stubborn we're back with a stubborn wildfire burning in southern california's riverside county. that fire has burned more than 1,000 acres. crews have their hands full dealing with strong winds in the area and rugged terrain. mandatory evacuation orders were issued for some residents. officials think lightning may have sparked those flames. also in california, a major lawsuit has been filed against the rideshare service lyft. >> 14 women are now suing the service over sexual assaults allegedly committed by lyft
3:43 am
drivers. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: that new lawsuit against lyft. at least 14 alleged rape and sexual assault victims claiming the company knowingly allows sexual predators to transport vulnerable passengers. >> they knew about this issue, but they've done nothing about it. they chose to do nothing about it. >> reporter: one of the alleged victims now speaking out. >> i can't fathom another individual having to experience the turmoil, fear, and feelings of insignificance and hopelessness that torment me every day. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, as early as 2015, lyft has documented incidents of lyft drivers sexually assaulting or raping female customers. the suit also alleges that lyft has failed to perform adequate background checks and continues to allow drivers who have complaints of sexual assault on their record to continue driving. lyft says they're committed to providing safe transportation and they have policies in place
3:44 am
to keep out bad actors and react quickly if an incident occurs. the company also says that what the reported victims describe is terrifying and has no place in the lyft community. adrienne bankert, abc news, los angeles. a man from new jersey is facing serious charges for allegedly creating online dating profiles and convincing victims to send him money. >> robbin sarpong has posted social media pictures of himself with stacks of cash. prosecutors say he portrayed himself as a member of the military living overseas. he allegedly convinced more than 30 victims to send him more than $2 million collectively by telling them he needed the money to ship gold bars back to the u.s. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. a new report says last year saw a record number of hollywood studio movies featuring leads who were either female or people of color. >> that's according to usc's edinburgh school of communication and journalism. two movies were particular standouts.
3:45 am
our parent company disney's "black panther" and "crazy rich asians." >> still the survey found hollywood falling short in representing the lgbtq population as well as the disabled. so it looks like a little bit of progress but obviously we need more. >> i think about the past year, viola davis, taraji p. henson, tiffany haddish, they were in all the movies. >> everywhere. >> they probably made up a lot of that study there. >> of course we love "black panther" and "crazy rich asians." >> it was so good. i watched on it the plane and i was laughing. >> i watched it over someone's shoulder, then watched it again. when we come back, the big announcement from oprah that's blowing our minds. and it took 16 years, but will smith and martin lawrence are together again. bad boys for life. will smith and martin lawrence are together again. bad boys for life. ther again. bad boys for life.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny just gimme the skinny ♪ skinny just gimme the skinny time now for "the skinny" starting with a major announcement from oprah. >> she's going on tour! >> tour!
3:48 am
>> whoo! the media mogul is spearheading an arena wellness tour called "oprah's 2020 vision: your life in focus" to promote a healthier lifestyle. >> each city is going to feature a different lineup of celebrity guests and some of the biggest names in wellness, people from all walks of life who took charge of their lives and created lasting change. >> the nine-city tour will make stops in los angeles, san francisco, atlanta, dallas, charlotte, brooklyn, st. paul/minneapolis, and denver. it's oprah's first national tour in five years. everybody gets a tour stop! >> yes! and wellness. i love that. >> that's going to be so good. >> that will. >> all for 2020. we're really going to need that wellness tour in 2020, aren't we? >> going to be worn out from the
3:49 am
politics. hey, next to some big news for "bad boys" fans. ♪ what you gonna do when they come for you ♪ >> we don't know the words. >> uh-uh, that's all right. >> she didn't watch "cops," i guess. for the first time in 16 years, will smith and martin lawrence are back together for the long-awaited third installment of their action-packed buddy franchise. this morning we're getting our first look at the brand-new trailer for "bad boys 4 life." check it out. >> get down! >> what the hell happened to knock? >> hands behind your head. >> i got this. >> i'ma penetrate this man's soul with my heart. >> what? >> watch and learn. >> sir -- >> i realize that you're scared. you know, sometimes -- >> how deep you think you got in his soul? >> "bad boys 4 life" hits theaters on january 17th. i'm a huge fan of all these movies. >> big fan. >> the second one i saw in theaters when it came out and there is one line that i love. it's when they're storming johnny tapia's house, they get into the room where his little old mother is, she's got a gun, she's like, my son is going to
3:50 am
turn you into a torito! >> that's a good scene. for some reason the most memorable scene for me was in "bad boys 2" when gabrielle union was in an all-white pantsuit, she was like an fbi agent, she was a bad, bad -- you know, i can't say that. >> yes, she was, uh-huh. >> so we can't wait for "bad boys 4 life." >> january 17th. next to alicia keys. >> the grammy award winner and her husband have plunked down nearly $21 million for a landmark home in la jolla, california. >> it's actually a local landmark called razor house. >> looks like a mall. >> i know. the modern glass and concrete home clings to a jagged cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. >> it boasts nearly 11,000 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, circular living room, acoustically treated screening room, and a pool.
3:51 am
>> it is beautiful. >> that's like unreal. sorry, you've got me looking at the screen there. >> that is amazing. next to some not so great box office news for john travolta. his latest movie pulled in a paltry $3,153. >> however, it opened in only 53 theaters nationwide. >> so they made 5 bucks each. >> some theaters reportedly sold only $10 worth of tickets or even less. >> jack. >> even jason's in it? >> the film has been panned by critics who gave it a 17% splat on rotten tomatoes. it marks his fourth consecutive cinema bomb. his highest-grossing box office opening was "saturday night fever" in 1977. jack, weigh in. >> jack what you got? >> yeah, i mean, what -- what can you say?
3:52 am
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♪ me and you and a dog named ♪ me and you and a dog named blue ♪ ♪ traveling and living off the land ♪ ♪ me and you and a dog named blue ♪ a dog by any name is man's best friend. >> this morning we have an update on a story about a woman who opened her heart and her home to a group of dogs in need. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: you met chela phillips who runs a shelter called the voiceless dogs of nassau, bahamas. she showed us the nearly 100 dogs she sheltered during hurricane dorian in her own home. every room, under her bed, in her kitchen in the living room. they had lost power and her home began to flood. she wrote they were scared, that the wind sounded like a train that would not pass. she even sang to the dogs to calm them. so many of you responding. the shelter's donation page overwhelmed.
3:56 am
more than $100,000 donated in just the last 24 hours. chela writing to us from her friend's home, her power is still out. i am so grateful so many people reached out with donations. now it's possible for me to move to another location. chela told us she planned to build a larger shelter, saying, thank you for asking about us. that sent people in our direction to help us, and now rescuers are wanting to help take my homeless and help them. god bless you all. >> we have loved that story all week. so big thanks to david for following that. we're also following the story of another very special dorian responder. >> 6-year-old jermaine bell of allendale, south carolina will be turning 7 this sunday. he's been saving his money to go to disney world but in the wake of hurricane dorian he's found a better way to spend his birthday money. >> the people that are traveling to go to other places, i wanted them to have some food to eat. so they can enjoy the ride to
3:57 am
the place that they're going to stay at. >> so sweet. >> i love it. little jermaine there used his money to buy hot dogs, chips, and water to serve the evacuees. he ended up serving nearly 100 people who were on their way to safer ground. and i want to point out again that he is from the great state of south carolina. doing his part. >> and he had a sign telling people on the road where they could get free food. after the hurricane he hopes that he can still celebrate his birthday and make it to disney world. and of course, you guys, as responsible journalists we have to tell you disney is the parent company of abc news. but we told you that story because it's a good one, jermaine's a good kid. >> he's going to get to disney. have a lot of fun. all that work he put in. >> yep, good kid there. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> more news next, stay with us.
3:58 am
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morning america." have a great day. breaking news in america this morning, hurricane dorian closing in on the carolinas gaining strength overnight, now a category 3. people in charleston ordered to shelter in place. the first images of flooding and power lines arcing. the life-threatening storm surge and where the storm could make landfall tonight. plus, from the bahamas, the numbers just in. how many people are missing and the new images of devastation. witnesses saying it looks like a bomb went off. also breaking overnight a wildfire erupting in california. forcing mandatory evacuations. this woman trying to escape. flames on both sides of her car. the urgent new health alert. a second death in the u.s. now being linked to vaping. the medical research on lung disease and reaction to a new ban


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