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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 5, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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as we join you this thursday morning, hurricane dorian hitting the carolinas. >> roaring north overnight, dorian gaining strength. turning back into a major category 3 storm, lashing the carolinas with tropical storm force winds. threats of tornadoes and flooding in the heart of charleston. now the concerns about life-threatening storm surge as the death toll climbs in the bahamas. the race to evacuate survivors and relief as families find their loved ones. our team is right there. also this morning, president trump facing new questions over his false hurricane forecast that he tried to defend with an altered map. this as former vice president joe biden takes on his own gaffes. >> are you going nuts? >> what did he say about michelle obama?
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chaos overseas. the british government in turmoil. the new prime minister facing a revolt over brexit. why it all could threaten our own economy. new arrest. the estranged husband of that missing connecticut mother of five is now facing new charges. what investigators say they found in his co-worker's car. speaking out, scarlett johansson under fire. why hollywood's highest paid actress and times up advocate is coming to the defense of woody allen. ♪ who are you the all-out search right now for the undercover hero who captured this proposal on camera then disappeared. the video now getting more than 5 million views. can you help the happy couple find her? and we do say good morning to america and we appreciate you
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starting your thursday morning with us. we're all watching hurricane dorian getting stronger again overnight. it seems like this storm won't go away. >> oh, yeah, the terrible storm caused so much devastation in the bahamas. now it's lashing the south carolina coast with powerful winds and heavy rains and you can take a live look at charleston. you saw it. this is as the storm moves in. that's the satellite. dorian hugging the coast moving north bringing a dangerous storm surge threat with it. >> the hurricane is now a category 3 storm packing 115-mile-per-hour winds and it's bringing tornadoes with it. there have been multiple warnings all morning long. in fact, one twister touched down near ginger starting us off from myrtle beach, south carolina. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: robin, we've seen four confirmed tornados already. north myrtle beach is where we begin. you have to see these images. that would be a tornado with debris inside. we've seen the damaged pictures
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coming in. from there up to wilmington we are under a tornado watch. fayetteville included and georgetown. flash flood warning, that's going to be one of the issues. these outer bands ripping through with lightning and tornados, that's the first concern. as this moves north it's going to hug right along the coast line tonight into the early morning hours. you can see it pass right south of wilmington and tomorrow morning could make landfall as a cat 2 in the outer banks. beyond friday you think it's in the ocean and it's i want to give you an idea of timing wise and what to expect. as this thing gets closer you've got gusts near to 70 near
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charleston. we'll see about 61. up to cape hatteras watch the numbers slide. we'll be tracking this throughout the morning. for now we head back to you guys. >> thanks, ginger. there's a flash flood watch for charleston. the streets were flooded overnight. to steve osunsami in charleston with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. we saw some of the highest winds just after midnight. that's when the rain really started. it hasn't let up. it's supposed to continue throughout the day. about 50 streets were closed because of flooding as high tide came in with two to five feet of storm surge. at the airport there were wind gusts reported of about 60 miles an hour. hurricane dorian is now bringing high winds and flooding rains to the carolinas, a category 3 storm just off the coast and too close for any comfort
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whatsoever. these downtown streets in charleston are under water. the storm poured more than four inches of rain here overnight along with up to eight feet of tide and storm surge. authorities have been warning residents to stay off the roads and some are using kayaks instead of cars. the storm moved in in the dark of the night and at the worst possible time. right before high tide. authorities had to close more than a dozen flooded streets. >> it is the wall of it that is the real danger. >> reporter: they're asking people who chose not to leave to stay indoors. at the center of the storm winds are around 115 miles an hour with higher wind gusts. inland more than 100,000 people are in the dark. after tree limbs came crashing down and power lines snapped and sparked. in north carolina tornado watches are in effect and families trying to make a last-minute run are scrambling. >> all boarded up and packed and so i'm on my way. >> reporter: business owners
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along the cape fear river in wilmington aren't taking any chances remembering the flooding caused by the storm surge during hurricane florence last september. >> when the high tide hits and the storm comes through we're expecting some pretty high tide surges here. >> reporter: authorities are warning residents who chose to stay that they shouldn't call 911 unless their lives depend on it. that's what they're actually telling them. they don't want their first responders out in all this. michael? >> all right, thank you. so dangerous for everybody. this morning we're seeing new images of dorian's devastation across the bahamas as the death toll climbs. at least 20 people there were killed by the storm. now rescue crews are trying to evacuate and find survivors still trapped by flood
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machi marcus moore is in nassau with the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: michael, good morning. the minister of national security told us overnight they will be wrapping up their search and rescue efforts today as more resources have arrived and they're also able to reach areas that have been cut off. this morning, an urgent rescue and relief efforts under way with so much devastation, so many displaced, the task is overwhelming. the death toll from dorian now at 20, but officials expect that number to climb. >> our response will be day and night, day after day, week after week, month after month until the lives of our people return to some degree of normalcy. >> reporter: the race against time to get people much needed food, water and medical attention. >> the important thing is to do good triage. so have to sort the patients to take the sickest ones out first. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard helping to rescue and evacuate survivors. at least 200 people here have
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been reported missing and thousands more displaced. >> the devastation is unimaginable and so many people homeless as a result of it. >> reporter: in the midst of so much uncertainty and heartache here, an emotional reunion. family members separated on abaco island when the storm hit. this tearful scene of a young boy from abaco reunited with his family. it's now been four days since the category 5 hurricane made its direct hit on the island nation with 185-mile-per-hour winds. the storm surge up to 20 feet. >> we're on the third floor and the water is pouring through -- pouring through the door. >> reporter: new drone footage capturing the magnitude. widespread devastation as far as the eye can see. planes and a boat pushed onto the roadway. where homes once stood now appearing as a wasteland. and we are told that there is work under way to find shelter for the hundreds of people we saw inside the medical clinic in marsh harbour.
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they have nowhere to go and represent the growing humanitarian crisis on the abaco islands. george? >> what a crisis it is. marcus, thanks very much. we're going to the white house now where president trump is facing new questions over that false hurricane forecast he sent to his twitter followers. in the oval office yesterday he tried to defend the tweet with an official map that had been falsified with a handwritten mark. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has the story. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president is not letting this one go. he is still insisting that alabama was in dorian's danger zone even though the national weather service publicly contradicted him on that. call it mapgate 2019, the question this morning, did president trump show a doctored map hoping to prove he was right when he warned hurricane dorian would hit alabama? the president displaying that map in the oval office. >> that was the original chart and you see it was going to hit not only florida but georgia, it
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was going toward the gulf. that was what we -- what was originally projected. and it took a right turn. >> reporter: take a closer line. the blacks line projecting it would move from florida to alabama appears to be drawn on by a marker. here's the original issued last thursday by the national hurricane center. alabama in the clear. president trump has repeated insisted alabama with in dorian's path. >> alabama could be in for at least some very strong winds and something more than that. >> reporter: the national weather service even forced to correct him saying alabama will not see any impacts from dorian, but he is still not backing down. >> i know that alabama was in the original forecast but alabama was hit very hard and was going to be hit very hard along with georgia. >> reporter: now fema and noaa referring all questions about the seemingly doctored map back to the white house where president trump said he knew nothing about it. >> and that map that you showed
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us today, it looked almost like it had a sharpie. >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: the president digging in releasing another map showing dorian projected to hit alabama. this one from a regional water agency in south florida with the warning if anything on this graphic causes confusion, ignore the entire product. so it's not just the president digging in this morning, his aides here at the white house are following his lead as well. one spokesman tweeting watch the media go ballistic over a black sharpie mark would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. so the theme seems to be when all else fails, blame the media. >> that is what we have seen. than thanks very much, cecelia. now to the race for 2020 overnight.
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former vp joe biden hitting late night tv pushing back on questions about his gaffes. mary bruce is in washington with more on that. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, in his first appearance of the campaign on a late night talk show biden tried to turn his misste inths isted s ffes a substantive. overnight joe biden tried to shake off his campaign missteps with a little humor. >> you confused new hampshire for vermont, said bobby kennedy and mlk were assassinated in the late '70s, assured us, i'm not going nuts. follow up question, are you going nuts? [ laughter ] >> look, the reason i came on "the jimmy kimmel show" is because i'm not. >> reporter: he downplayed his recent misstatements. >> any gaffe that i have made and i've made gaffes like every politician i know has have been not about a substantive issue, been about other -- i'm trying to talk about what other people have done. >> reporter: biden pushed back on a "washington post" report he's been telling a false military story out on the campaign trail.
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>> the essence of it is absolutely true. i made the case that these folks are heroes and we should treat them as that. >> reporter: the early front-runner insists he's looking ahead and even joke the about hi potential running mate? have you asked michelle obama for advice? >> only to be my vice president. >> reporter: now biden says it is fair for the media to point out his gaffes but says they're largely trivial especially when compared to the president's and what biden says are trump's mistaken policies. robin? >> mary, thank you. we'll be on top of all the political news as the campaign season really ramps up. reminder, see the next democratic debate one week from tonight, thursday, september 12th at 8:00 p.m. on abc. george, you're going to be there. linsey davis will be there. david muir. >> jorge from univision. >> i'll be there in spirit. my old stomping ground, my college. we go overseas to the chaos in the uk. prime minister boris johnson is now basically at war with his
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own parliament even his own brother resigning moments ago. our foreign correspondent james longman is in london with the very latest. james, it looked like the whole world is watching a full-on government melt many down. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, michael. good morning. things have gone from bad to worse for donald trump's favorite foreign leader, boris johnson. actually as you say the last few minutes why heard hit own brother a politician has quit the government saying he is torn between family loyalty and the national interest. johnson now wants a new election to get his no deal brexit through, but uk lawmakers now won't vote for one. because he's lost his ruling majority in parliament it's the opposition party who are all running the brexit process and become a lame duck politician. opposition leaders are being called cowards. they think by stalling they can
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keep him powerless. their strategy, force him to ask for a three-month extension to the brexit deadline. that takes it from october 31st to january 31st but johnson said he won't do that. what happens next? that's anyone's guess. the impact of no deal is very much looming. experts say it could hit u.s. and global economies hard. and by the way, vice president pence is due to meet with johnson today but as one twitter user put it, that's like having guests around your house when it's on fire. robin? >> my goodness, thanks, james. now to a major new lawsuit against lyft accusing the company of not doing enough about an alleged sexual predator crisis. 14 women say they have been sexually assaulted by drivers, amy is here with that. good morning, amy. >> good morning, robin. this is a concerning story indeed. the suit claims lyft failed to protect passengers and then adequately respond to those reports of abuse. >> it's becoming more and more apparent that lyft can't be trusted to police themselves. >> reporter: lyft, one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the country accused of turning a blind eye to a, quote, sexual predator crisis among its drivers. >> when people go places with
7:16 am
lyft, safety is built into every ride. >> reporter: the complaint was filed wednesday from 14 women who claim they were sexually assaulted by their drivers. >> they knew about the issue but they've done nothing about it. they chose to do nothing about it. >> reporter: the filing claims lyft has known about incidents of sexual assault going back to 2015 but has continued to allow drivers who have complained of rape and sexual assault to keep driving for lyft. >> my safety was violated and consequences of it affect me every day, mentally, emotionally and physically. i'm overwhelmed with grief by lyft's negligence to keep its riders safe. >> reporter: one of the women in the lawsuit named kim says she was sexually assaulted by a driver in salt lake city back in december 2018. she reported the man to lyft that same day, but over the span of nine months, she says the company contacted her just four times and failed to update her on the status of its investigation. she says police told her the driver continued to work for
7:17 am
lyft while the criminal case against him was pending. in a statement lyft says in part what the victims describe is terrifying and has no place in the lyft community. adding, we hold ourselves to a higher standard by designing products and policies to keep out bad actors, make riders and drivers feel safe and react quickly if and when an incident does occur. lyft went on to say our commitment is stronger than ever as we dedicate more resources in our continued effort to ensure our riders and drivers have the safest possible experience they're also promising in a couple weeks all passengers will have an in-app emergency button they can use to call 911. right now about half of riders have that on their phone so that could make a big difference in terms of if you're in a scary situation in a lyft car. >> amy, thanks very much. we take a look now at the southern california wildfire that has scorched more than a
7:18 am
thousand acres. it expanded rapidly overnight forcing families to evacuate through the smoke and flames. schools are closed there this morning and officials say the fire is only 5% contained. we're following a lot of other stories including a backlash from fans over scarlett johansson facing after supporting woody allen. first let's go back to ginger in south carolina. ginger? >> robin, another tornado was just reported in north myrtle beach. i just saw video of it. it's raining again. we have flash flood warnings and watching up through virginia and maryland. we could expect 10 to 15 inches today. let's get to the windy cities brought to you by walmart.
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if you don't mind i'm going to wish my sweet amber a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, amber. >> we'll be right back. birthday. >> happy birthday, amber. >> we'll be back. my sweet amber a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, amber. >> we'll be right back.
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one quick trip for one great day. target run and done. good morning. it's 7:23. chick ps on the freeway after a crash in the east bay creating a major traffic backup. the crash happened around 3:45 this morning on westbound interstate 80. a semi truck carrying live car chicke chickens overturned and caught fire. some of the chickens were rescued. others did not survive. things are still the same? >> yeah. it doesn't look like they're going to open any of the lanes any time soon. westbound 180 closed. all the alternate routes are backed up even 680 and highway
7:24 am
24. a big mess. we got confirmation from cal train a trespasser hit near the 22nd street station.
7:25 am
7:26 am
dorian strengthened overnight. a major category 3 hurricane. now on top of the straight line winds that could gust up to 140 miles per hour, tornadoes with faster winds and more damage. cool this morning and afternoon. breezy on the bay today. temperatures continue to tank through saturday and then back to seasonal averages sunday. coming up on gma, new developments in the case of a missing connecticut mother of five. her estranged husband has been arrested again. we'll have another abc7 news
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the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ back here on "gma" and that's a live look at charleston, south carolina, where hurricane dorian is hitting right now as a category 3 storm packing 115-mile-per-hour winds bringing tornadoes with it. this is a look at the satellite. the storm moving north right now. could make landfall in north carolina by early friday morning. >> of course, it hit the bahamas as a category 5 storm. >> three times. >> three times. so much destruction and rescue operations are under way right now there and at least 21 people were killed in that storm and look at these images of the devastation. it hit so hard on that small island nation. there is chaos in the uk. prime minister boris johnson basically at war with his own parliament. his own brother just resigned and, of course, the whole brexit debate could impact the global economy. here at the u.s. open big
7:31 am
win for three-time champ rafael nadal. he powered his way through and 19-year-old andreescu powered her way through. her reaction, pure shock. you can see it on her face here. she said this is honestly so crazy. i need someone to pinch me. is this real life? if she and serena williams both win tonight, they'll face off in the finals. check it out on espn and espn2. >> exciting times. . >> i stayed up and watched that. >> it was a good one. we turn to new developments in the case of that missing mother of five from connecticut. her estranged husband arrested for a second time and new details why. whit johnson is in normany walk, connecticut, with the latest. good morning, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning. the arrest warrant goes into extensive detail about his activities, even accusing fotis dulos of lying in wait for his wife to return home on the morning she disappeared. the police stopped short on two
7:32 am
key elements in the case. they still don't know where jennifer isy'ot accusi accusi accusing fotis of killing her. it was his second arrest related to the case. >> it's an exhausting fight. i love my children. that's about it. >> reporter: overnight police releasing this mug shot confirming to abc news he was taken into custody at his home wednesday on new charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. >> there is no much here that we hadn't heard before and i question the wisdom of these charges at this late date. >> reporter: jennifer was reported missing may 24th, last seen dropping her kids off at school. the detailed 43-page arrest warrant stringing out a series of surveillance images from security cameras, even school buses building a time line. at 10:25 a chevy suburban which was leaving jennifer's home and
7:33 am
detectives believe dulos was operating possibly carrying her body and a number of other items associated with the cleanup. investigators say on the day of the crime dulos was using a co- truck to transport evidence and despite later allegedly washing and detailing the truck without the owner's knowledge they say lab results matched a blood-like substance to the dna of jennifer dulos. the warrant exposing what detectives called alibi scripts, handwritten notes from he and his girlfriend, michelle troconis, about their activities that allegedly include false witnesses' statements and information which was s subsequently proven inaccurate. both were already out on bail after pleading not guilty to previous charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. >> we've pled not guilty to the pending charges and intend to plead not guilty to these charges and look forward to a full day in court. >> reporter: fotis dulos
7:34 am
continues to fight for custody of his five children. he's not allowed to have any contact with them. dulos is scheduled to make his next court appearance relating to the new charges here in norwalk next thursday. robin? >> all right, whit, thank you. now to the fallout for actress scarlett johansson who defended woody allen saying she believes the director over a decade-old abuse of sexual abuse. janai norman has the story. >> criticism came quickly on social media. many calling out scarlett johansson for previously speaking up for sexual assault victims while fiercely depending allen who has faced allegations for decades. >> reporter: scarlett johansson is coming to the defense of woody allen. >> i'm trying to save your life. >> reporter: the "avengers" star at the top of highest female earners list on "forbes" opening up about hi feelings for allen directing her in movies like "match point," "scoop." >> we're guests. >> reporter: and "vicky cristina barcelona."
7:35 am
>> i'm a big girl. >> reporter: after the me too movement she shined light on a decades old allegation of sexual assault. how do i feel about woody she muses in an interview in the "hollywood reporter," i love woody i, i believe him and i would work with him anytime. dylan farrow, his adopted daughter claims allen molested her back in 1992 when she was 7, an allegation allen always denied and for which he's never been charged. last year's dylan's allegations resurfaced and the director's career took a hit. one of his projects shelved. actors like selena gomez and mira sorvino expressing regret for working with him. >> stop. now, listen. >> reporter: allen filed a $68 million lawsuit against amazon earlier this year after the streaming behemoth canceled a multifilm contract with the filmmaker arguing that the director's reputation had been tarnished in the wake of me too.
7:36 am
joe hanson said she spoke to allen about sexual abuse allegations. i see woody whenever i can and i have had a lot of conversations with him about it. he's direct with me and he maintains his innocence and i believe him. she is a vocal supporter of time's up last year calling out james franco for wearing a time up pinto an awards show after several acting students he taut accused him. franco called them inaccurate and said if i've done something wrong, i will fix it, i have to. >> how could a person publicly stand by an organization that helps to provide support for victims of sexual assault while privately preying on people who have no power? i want my pin back, by the way. >> reporter: so much of hollywood has distanced itself from woody allen. some actors who worked with him expressing remorse, not johansson. she says she believes him and will work with him again. >>nk you, janai.
7:37 am
we're learning more about the kevin hart crash from the 911 call made by one of the first witnesses who arrived on the scene. adrienne bankert with the story. >> reporter: good morning george. we learned that kevin hart may be out of the hospital by the end of the week and the chp says because two were badly hurt, they're taking it seriously. >> he's not coherent at all. he said he can't move. >> reporter: this morning the chilling calls coming from kevin hart's home released after he was taken to the hospital following that frightening car wreck. >> there's something on his back is pulling out on his spine. >> reporter: the 40-year-old actor and comedian now reportedly requiring extensive physical therapy after suffering a major back injury when his vehicle careened off a road in calabasas, california crushing the roof of the classic car. also released the 911 call from a witness from the scene of the accident.
7:38 am
>> help's coming, guys. don't worry. you guys okay in there? stay calm. help's coming. >> reporter: authorities now investigating whether speeding was a potential factor in the crash. that was a good thing the drop wasn't more steep. kevin hart's car going through the fence dropping 10 to 20 feet into this embankment. according to the chp, the driver hart's friend jarod black and his fiance celebrity trainer rebecca broxterman, seen here working out with his wife eniko on instagram were trapped inside the vehicle. the fire department having to saw off the roof to free the couple. and hart reportedly was scheduled to make appearances for his latest movie with dwayne johnson, "jumanji" but will be recovering. we wish him well. >> thank you very much. we have new video coming in right now from hurricane dorian. this is outside myrtle beach, south carolina. a tornado there spawned by the hurricane. ginger has been warning about it all morning. flooding warnings in charleston as well and we will stay on top of it all morning long.
7:39 am
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now to new developments in the stanford university case that made headlines nationwide. brock turner served three months behind bars for sexual assault.
7:43 am
the victim who remained anonymous until now is coming forward telling her story. amy is back with that. >> good morning. her name is chanel miller and in her new book "know my name" she is now taking control telling the story of the night she was attacked and what her life has been like since then. >> in newspapers my name was unconscious, intoxicated woman. >> reporter: this is chanel miller. >> i had to force myself to relearn my real name, my identity. >> reporter: emotional and in her own words. for the last four years the world knew her as emily doe, the then 22-year-old stanford student sexually assaulted after a frat party by brock turner. >> to relearn this is not all that i am, that i am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster. >> reporter: the incident sparked nationwide outrage when turner, a stanford university swimmer, was sentenced in 2016. the prosecution asking for six years behind bars but the judge gave him just six months. turner wound up serving only three.
7:44 am
until now the victim's identity has been concealed but millions have come to know miller through this powerful impact statement posted online by buzzfeed aimed at her attacker brock turner the day he was sentenced. >> you are the all-american swimmer at a top university, innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: in her first public interview with "60 minutes" miller stepping out of the shadows putting her face and voice to that iconic statement telling her traumatic story announcing she's written a memoir entitled "know my name." >> you cannot give me back the life i had. >> and outrage over the judge's leniency actually cost that judge his job. he was recalled by california voters and "know my name" is out later this month. it's great to see someone coming forward and taking ownership of her story and feeling the power and strength of that. >> you can feel it, that's right. >> very brave. thank you so much, amy. coming up, we have the search for the undercover hero.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
trail who caught it all on camera and air dropped the once in a lifetime moment to everyone on the trail, including the couple. but now they need our help. the groom's sister posted the video on twitter asking if anyone knows who shot it and telling them to message her because get this, you guys, the family wants to invite them to the wedding. it has 5 million views and counting. no word on who shot it. keep sharing and hopefully they will find the videographer and get a chance to go to the wedding. >> how beautiful. >> congratulations to you two. >> absolutely. how sweet of them to air drop it to everyone. >> modern technology. coming up, the latest on hurricane dorian hitting the carolinas right now. bringing tornadoes with it as we are showing you. this happened just moments ago. we have a big "gma" pizza party. great pizza, top chefs and you will not believe who the deliveryman is. [ applause ] ♪
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welcome back to "good morning america." these are the streets of myrtle beach. not a ton of action. some cars, but the winds are starting to pick un. we are still about 120 miles away from the center of hurricane dorian. the waves -- the wind has not been the only thing. tornadoes, look at this video of a tornado out north myrtle beach 15 miles to our northeast. you can see debris getting lifted up and the damage. already seeing damage pictures come in. the fire department is out in full force. the front lawn ripped up by that huge tree taken down and another tornado -- there have already been four confirmed tornados this morning in the outer bands
7:54 am
of dorian. this one is in wilmington, north carolina, the circulation and condensation still in there. winds 175 miles away, tropical storm force but gusts along the coast up to 80 miles an hour. we'll update you after 8:00 a.m. but your local news and weather is coming up next. aft
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. meteorologist mike nicco is here with our forecast. >> thank you. i want to start with dorian. it's been downgraded to a 2. 110 winds that a miles per hour. expecting more wind damage and four tornadoes in north carolina and south carolina. those are more threats from the storm as it drifts closer to land. mid to upper 60s. low to mid 70s around the bay. 80s inland. temperatures continue to cool through saturday. westbound 80 san pab low dam road. traffic taken off and back on. hour long delays. side streets are jammed. even alternate freeways are jammed. and also major problem on cal train. a fatal accident northbound train stopped.
7:57 am
this is near the 2 2nd street station. thank you. coming up on gma, you anxiety is different for your son and daughter and what you can do to help them cope. we'll have another update in we'll have another update in about 30 minutes. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now. sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on a at the ross fall fashion event. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise. prove. it's the final days where all beds are on sale! save 40% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24-months on all beds. ends sunday.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hurricane dorian now a category 3 storm as it slams the carolinas. winds as high as 115 miles an hour. a tornado watch at this hour, in the heart of charleston. streets already under water and concerns about life-threatening storm surge. we've live from the storm zone. new this morning, an urgent warning. a brand-new study concludes vaping damaged the lungs of mice. dr. ashton is here live. the anxiety divide that affects girls and boys in different ways. how families should deal with it the advice for parents this morning to help their kids. ♪ and are you ready for anna wintour? the secrets to success from the head of "vogue" as fashion week
8:01 am
kicks off. we're one-on-one with the legendary editor as she gives unprecedented access into her world. what she says about becoming famous versus becoming successful. her advice for women at work and what we should all really focus on when it comes to fashion. that's all ahead as we say good morning, america. looking forward to sharing my sit-down with her ahead. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. this just happens to be national cheese pizza day and, you know, we celebrate in a big way here on "gma." a giant pizza, 60 inches wide. come on, bring it in, boys, 100 inches long, taller than shaquille o'neal. >> that's just eddie's lunch. we also have pizza delivered to our audience. we have a world champion pizza acrobat as well. we've got some of the pizza chefs in the country here. they're joining us to show you
8:02 am
how to make three great pies at home. hopefully they will save us a slice by the time we get up there. >> i got to say this. a shoutout to our team. our producers. they go big. they go big. >> yeah. >> we must have set a world record. the first time we ever had a red carpet for a pizza. >> robin is right. they go big because they work so hard. they don't get a chance to go home. >> oh. nicely done. >> i have been corrected. it was a marinara carpet. >> way to go, lilly. news to get to. of course, we start with hurricane dorian, a category 3 storm, 115-mile-an-hour winds, even some tornadoes down there in south carolina and ginger is there in myrtle beach, good morning, ginger. >> george, there have been four confirmed tornadoes, damage to mobile homes and so much more, but i'm still 120 miles away from the center of the storm and point out we've seen gusts to around 40. look at the ferris wheel behind me here in myrtle beach. i'm at pier 14 so it's just south of me. those are already starting to rock. we'll easily double our winds or
8:03 am
worse as this approaches us today. it is moving north with those tornadoes. look at the video we have out of wilmington, north carolina. brand-new video. these outer bands skinning up tornadoes all around us within 15 miles. we've seen damage but i want to show you the expanse of this storm so there is cloud cover from florida up to new york city. yes, that's the clouds you are all seeing. tornado watch extended that includes fayetteville and flash flood warnings, that we are included in. we saw street flooding coming in so you'll see storm surge pair up with high tide in myrtle beach later this afternoon. you could see 5 to 8 feet. we are under hurricane warnings. there are tropical storm watches that extend up from virginia to maryland to nantucket and i really believe that i think 10 to 15 inches of rain could fall on top of all this before we have a potential outer banks landfall by tomorrow morning. so we'll be tracking it all and, of course, we will be inside if any tornado warning pops up, guys. >> everybody, stay safe there. okay, ginger. that powerful storm bringing
8:04 am
flooding, dangerous winds as it moves up the coast. let's go to steve osunsami who is in charleston, south carolina for us this morning. the residents are preparing for this monster storm. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we are standing on meeting street in historic chaes is a t residents as you said, are inside prying to prepare for the worst which is still coming we're told. overnight we saw the storm surge that poured in in this area about two to five feet of storm surge on top of the regular tide as ginger pointed out. that caused a number of streets to flood. so we're looking at about 50 streets that are flooding. they're telling us today that that is going to repeat itself this afternoon when the high tide comes in again as the storm is still pushing northwards. authorities are warning residents not to call 911 if they have any problems. those people who stayed chose to
8:05 am
stay despite evacuation warnings, and they're telling them to call only in an emergency, robin. >> okay, thank you so much, steve. when you see those images like that, please, everybody stay safe. michael. tough times sometimes make people do the best things and now the very special 6-year-old from south carolina who is doing his part to help those affected by hurricane dorian. jermaine bell had been saving up to go to disney world for his birthday but instead he's now using that money to buy food for those in need serving hot dogs to those evacuating. about 100 people stopped to see jermaine while they were driving to safety, and he says, i wanted to be generous and live to give. >> oh, my goodness. we got to get him to disney world. >> you go. >> i think we got you, jermaine. >> oh, boy. coming up, we have new concerns about vaping. another death possibly linked to it, and what a brand-new animal study reveals. and it is thursday. which means it is "deals & steals" day. it's all about improving your
8:06 am
life. big savings on self-care. and of course, lara is upstairs. what's going on up there, lara? >> we are spinning pies for our giant pizza party. our chefs are also very hard at work. this show is getting cheesy and it's gonna get saucy right here on "good morning america." ♪ [ applause ]
8:07 am
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it's a scene up here, man. it's a scene. welcome back to "gma." our national cheese pizza day celebration. [ cheers and applause ] our chefs back there, they are hard at work. we have a giant pie here right in front of the desk. it's the biggest pizza in new york city. and are we sharing it with the audience? are you getting to have a little bit? >> yeah. >> our crew is going to dish it out. >> do you know what the secret is? if you give the audience food, they get really happy. [ cheers and applause ] >> we'll be fine. don't worry about us. how about some "pop news" right now with lara? >> let's do it. good morning to you guys. good morning to you all. we're going to begin with two
8:12 am
comedy titans teaming up. tiffany haddish and billy crystal starring in "here today" described as a romantic comedy without the romance. crystal plays a veteran comedian -- comedy writer i should say, who meets haddish, and they redefine the meaning of love and trust. billy says tiffany is, quote, explosively funny and genuinely human. production starts next month right here in new york in addition to starring billy crystal who will also write and direct. [ applause ] another comedian is also in the news, leslie jones confirming reports she will not be returning to "snl." >> no. >> later this month. i know. >> going to miss her. >> she's so funny. look at her. >> she's not going anywhere. she'll show up. >> yeah. >> she took to twitter and wrote in part i cannot thank the
8:13 am
producers, writers, amazing crew enough for making "snl" my second home for the last five years. she also posted a photo montage documenting some of her favorite memories both on camera and behind the scenes. jones started -- i love these -- started as a writer but soon became a regular performer and, honey, she's not done yet. she writes, quote, i know you will be as excited as i am when you see some of the amazing projects and adventures that i have coming up. love you all, and leslie, we love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> so talented. today, the u.s. open wheelchair tennis competition begins, and this year, history could be made. not one, but two players vying to complete calendar year grand slams, robin. >> no way. >> unbelievable. argentinian gustavo and dylan the quad singles. it began in 2005 with only
8:14 am
singles being played. now they compete in six different events and coco gauff may be out of the competition herself, but she and her mom joined several of the players at "the lion king" on broadway tuesday night before they hit the court. hopefully it got their inner lions roaring. you can catch these phenomenal athletes in action on espn3 and espn plus today through sunday. you can also go to arthur ashe and watch them play for free today. >> oh, wow. >> they can that out. amazing sport. finally, love this. the story of a guy who decided to let fate determine when he would propose. eddie carried around an engagement ring, there you see him, for months, taking pictures of it and his girlfriend, always in the same shot except she never knew. either she'd turn her head or was distracted. once you guy he even put it in her hand when she was sleeping, yeah. the idea being that he'd push the envelope until she caught
8:15 am
him or it just felt right. well, after about 25 pictures and countless close calls last week eddie confirmed that they were finally engaged, however, he would not reveal how or when it happened. he tells us that is a story for another time. >> that's awesome. [ applause ] >> isn't that funny. >> that's great. facial expressions. her sleeping. she's going to get him for that one. thank you, lara. now our cover story, two new developments adding to recent concerns about vaping. a second person dying after reportedly vaping. in this case it was a cannabis product purchased at a dispensary in oregon and for the first time researchers in a study concluded that vaping caused lung problems in mice and dr. jen ashton walking over here to you to talk about this. tell us about the study. >> you know we have been saying now for weeks there's a big difference between association and cause and effect with all the stories we have been hearing about e-cigs.
8:16 am
this is the first time a study shows cause and effect. interesting work done in baylor in texas. they used mice and with and without nicotine and findings were significant. take a look at this slide. it's very high tech in terms of the science but all i want you to focus on is the major difference between, let's say upper right corner smoke and the bottom two which is e-cig with and without nicotine. it has to do with whether there was nicotine. there were differences in the cells with just an e-cig device. >> and you want to show us what you mean. >> so i want you to imagine these balloons are types of cells we find in the lung either lung cells themselves or immune infection fighting cells. and these candies that you see here, either immune-fighting cells, and the yellow representing fat, you can also see here in this white, there's
8:17 am
grease. that is a critical component that helps our oxygenation. all of these things are disrupted according to this study. there's changes in the number of cells and function and that can definitely impair the way our lungs work. >> does this potentially relate to what we've been reporting about recently with the severe illnesses? >> well, it does according to this study, and that's why i say that this is really important in terms of showing causality, and a biological mechanism. we were given this by an 18-year-old who was admitted to the hospital. day one, you can see the black represents air, not totally normal but look what happens three days later, it is a complete whiteout. she is on a ventilator. that is either atypical pneumonia or real lung distress you don't see in an 18-year-old. >> what else do you want us to know? >> a lot of unknowns, robin. we don't know the role of thc or contaminants or bootleg devices play but this is concerning and we need to follow this.
8:18 am
>> and dr. ashton will answer your questions on facebook live. thank you for that, jen. >> always. let's go to yirginger in so carolina. >> we're here in myrtle beach, and just about five miles north of me, there is a tornado warning. you see those clouds ripping? we are being lashed by those outer bands. the winds here have been gusting to only 40. this thing still more than 120 miles away from me. look at what's going to happen. we'll see the storm getting closer and closer to the coast meaning the winds and storm surge will increase
8:19 am
>> now to other series anchoring anxiety. this week we have taken a look at how to tackle financial anxiety, how to avoid passing it on to your kids and this morning, we're learning how it affects boys and girls in different ways. >> reporter: max and flynn are energetic siblings who also happen to struggle with anxiety. their mom will tell you it's not easy to watch. >> you want to immediately jump in and try to solve it right away and you can't and that for me and my husband i know is -- breaking our heart. >> reporter: max is 9. flynn is 7, and they deal with their worries in very different ways. their mom notices anxieties really flare up when they have trouble in school, or doing after-school activities they don't enjoy like getting
8:20 am
tudored. >> if they're overprogrammed with activities they don't want to do it increases the anxiety. >> reporter: the family most is finding each of them a good therapist at the child mind institute in new york city. >> they helped our children and us utilize tools to alleviate some anxiety, be able to notice it before it happens and before it erupts to a larger situation. >> and we are back with our parenting expert rachel simmons, welcome back. >> good morning. >> you're going to have a demonstration. >> i am. audience, i want you to sit in your chairs the way you think a typical guy sits in his chair. i want you to do it, george. let's see it. >> all right, now sit in your chair the way a typical girl sits in her chair. look at the difference. when i ask you to sit like a man, you man spread. right? you do that thing, and take up space. when you sit like a girl, everybody gets small. you look lake you're being waa h watched, and the unwritten rules girls and guys hear about how they're supposed to ago and a through
8:21 am
when buys get anxious they sometimes will act out. girls on the other hand may be a little more likely to hold it in. you may see that with your own daughters. >> that's definitely one of the things we have seen, so how do parents handle the differences? >> one thing you want to do if you're the parent of a boy is you really welcome feelings of sadness, of fear. of the kind of feelings we tend it punish in boys and when your son does tell you these things, you do not punish his vulnerability. one of the best assets as a parent that we have is when our kids are willing to say anything to us, you open that door when you make your boy comfortable to say anything he needs to say. >> there are little things we can do. >> absolutely. one thing you want to help kids remember, tress is normal. like stress is how we grow. it's how we learn. we would have very boring lives if we weren't stressed out. our job is to help them deal with stress. another great thing is to name their feelings when they're upset. if my daughter is afraid to go to school because of a mean girl i might say it sounds like you're feeling scared. naming it will calm them down. research shows that naming the feeling will calm them down, and finally, give them, like, a safe
8:22 am
statement that they can say to themselves. my daughter might say to herself before she goes to school, i feel scared. i'm nervous about this, but i can go to the teacher if i need help. we're showing them they have the resources to solve their own problems before they leave the house. >> a lot of great advice there. thank you. >> thank you. let's go to lara. >> time now for "deals & steals." and this morning it's all about taking care of you. now is the perfect time to pamper yourself as your kids go back to school. tory johnson in the house with great deals today. so relaxing starting right over here. >> yes. okay. >> love these. >> rock cotton. whether you are on the couch or on the goe go, you want to be comfortable. this is awesome lung wear made of pima cotton and unrestrictive stretch. what i love -- i don't know. can you see this background? it's like we're still on vacation with this background. it's pretty fabulous, and that's how you feel when you wear this. it's just like you're on vacation. there's the two-piece tunic set or the dress that you can wear
8:23 am
this as a dress. i would have to put jeans, leggings or something underneath. >> it's cut no a v so if you look -- >> it's not two parts. it's -- >> yeah, you could wear it as sort or as long as you want. >> an assortment of colors that are really gorgeous. so normally for one or two-piece sets, $76 to 144 dollars, but everything is slashed in half and starts at $38. >> great deal. >> vionic. it was one of oprah's favorite things. engineered for comfort. they're genuine leather. premium leather. the most important thing is that they all have a contoured footbed that cradles your foot all day and they're saying you go smile, miles and miles because your feet are not going to hurt. >> great walking shoes. >> amazing walking shoes. normally $130 to $140.
8:24 am
three different styles. that's okay. today slashed in half and start at $65. vionic. awesome. dr. segal's. so these are comfort socks that were created by a surgeon. two different types, compression socks, graduated compression for all day support, and then they have diabetic socks which don't have compression, but are designed to provide support for diabetics. a huge assortment in a variety of colors, starting at $13 to $30 regularly, and slashed in half so, today starting at $6.50. one of your favorites. >> i saw this out here. i use this all the time. it is a miracle. >> kt tape. if you play tennis like you do, but for anybody with ache, ligaments, muscles, this will be great and new products so we have their chafe safe. this is an anti-chafing wipe that's going to help if there's any part that gets friction when you're moving around. we also have their new pain relief gel. >> i used it. it's fantastic. >> everything from this company is designed to keep you feeling
8:25 am
more comfortable when you are active on the go. $10 to $50 regularly, and slashed in half today. it starts today at $5. >> i love it. >> essence one. a couple things i love about it. making its debut. there are a variety of products all with essential oils. there's body oil, little rollers to take with you, these awesome bath teas, but one of the cool things about this women-owned company, is her mission is to focus on breaking the stigma around mental health and use a portion of their profits to support mental health clubs in high schools to help kids start talking early about self-care and what matters most to them. >> that's wonderful. >> $12 to $25 regularly. today it's slashed in half. $6 is the starting price. >> the gift that keeps on giving. really nice. good. >> and finally, pain management -- pill management. sorry. that's often the difference between healthy and not healthy. taking the right ones. this is awesome to manage your pills either seven days, morning
8:26 am
or night or 14 days, you can pop them off just like that so you can take it on the go and a free app that will remind you when to take your drugs, $35, today slashed in half, $17.50. >> that's really great. really nice products today. welcome to our new company. >> yes. >> we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. you can get them on our website. go to coming up, who's hungry? pizza party. [ applause ] ♪ >> announcer: monday, oh, yeah, "gma" is going to ignite your morning with the goo goo dolls performing live in concert. ♪ >> announcer: it's the goo goo dolls monday only on "gma" presented by carmax. >> announcer: it's the goo goo dolls monday only on "gma" presented by carmax.
8:27 am
good morning. chickens on the freeway after a big rig crashed and created a big traffic backup. this crash happened around 3:45 this morning on westbound interstate 80 in san pab low. a semi carrying 1,000 live chickens overturned and caught fire. some of the chickens were rescued. others didn't survive. we have a look at the traffic conditions now. hi. no word yet as to when lanes can be reopened. westbound 80 shut down at san pablo dam road. traffic being diverted on. city streets are jammed. alternate routes heavy. a sig alert eastbound 80 past highway 37. the right lane blocked.
8:28 am
major delays on cal train. a fatal accident near the 22nd street station. they're single tracking and barth is aiding cal train alright, so this is how you are gonna say:wn. you'll get the best deal of the year
8:29 am
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8:30 am
we've had reports of four tornadoes with more to come. flooding is an issue along with dangerous winds. ♪ you spin me right round like a record baby ♪ >> ooh. >> welcome back to "gma." a little closer than i expected or we expected. that is world champion pizza acrobat hakki and he's helping us celebrate national cheese pizza day, hakki, thank you so much for that, my friend. >> he's good at his job. he's this close to your head. >> watch out, now. but, listen, according to the website, you know, americans eat approximately 350 slices of pizza per second. >> per second? >> per second.
8:31 am
>> better step it up here. we have three of the best pizza chefs in the country for our party, sal basille and francis garth ya [ applause ] from artichoke pizza. donatella arpaia and derrick moore, clint gray and e.j. reed. [ applause ] thanks for being here. >> all represented and you are making a different kind of cheese pizza. each representing a different region that our viewers can make at home. you'll compete to o of our judges, lara and these two audience members, megan and rashad, thank you very much for helping out. [ applause ] and there's so much on the line. there's so much on the line. >> yeah. [ laughter ] there's a lot oftn the line. we didn't have any trouble finding judges for this contest. i'll get closer to the action
8:32 am
and hang out with sal and francis from artichoke pizza. what is your take on the traditional cheese pizza? what do we got? >> we're doing a vodka pizza. you know what the best part is drinking tito's vodka. last night was national cvodka day at my house. >> give us a hand. >> we'll did a sicilian crust and stretched it out already and put mozzarella on top, olive oil. throw some cheese on there. >> just throw it like that. >> that's great. >> a little -- >> don't own break it up. i like the way that looks. >> i'm available on weekends. >> some vodka sauce on there. >> a little vodka sauce. >> there we go. >> i'm making this pizza.
8:33 am
get out the way. >> looking beautiful. >> the more the merrier. [ applause ] >> keep going. >> tomorrow we do spins. >> tito's. there's no hangover so you can do a lot of. >> okay. >> so then -- >> yeah. >> that is it. >> put it in the oven. >> where is your oven? >> fake oven, under there. >> then it looks like this. >> it looks like this when this comes out. >> you know what i noticed? you guys have these -- you have very crisp edges. you're using these sheet pans. somebody at home, how can they get this? >> you is a sheet pan you could make it in a sheet pan. cupcake pan you could make little pizzas. if you have a take-out pan somebody soemd your chicken parm dinner, you can do it in that. leave it in the oven, burn it. let it get crispy. >> try a piece that have. >> i got to try a piece.
8:34 am
>> delicious. right? >> mm-mm. oh, man. i taste the vodka. next up. donatel donatella. [ applause ] i'm sorry, donatella. >> you're eating that pizza. >> i got to check them all out. a hard job. >> somebody has to do it. >> what's your twist? >> my twist is fresh mozzarella. my dough has a long rise and a lot of water so very digestible. >> long rise. >> long rise and i made it easy for the home cook. but it in a sheet pan and 500 degrees and pop it in the oven and par bake it. this way you can make pizza at home with your children, just tine with a fork. >> neapolitan and naples -- >> where my father was born. where i had my first bite of
8:35 am
neapolitan pizza. i know there are a lot of pizza lovers but when you have a bite of me knoll tan pizza, there's nothing like it. >> also also. >> all right. a little cheese. i'm going to have a bite. >> i'll have a bite. >> you tell me. >> and then just because -- >> oh, man. that's good. >> are you a truffle lover? are you a truffle lover. >> i'm a truffler lover. >> a little fresh arugula and a little truffle oil. >> this pizza is good. i love this job. okay. donatella, thank you. now i'll run hero other, we have derrick, e.j., and clint from slim husky's. i love the name. [ applause ] >> you guys have been friends since the first grade. had this business together. how did this get started? >> we used to own a moving company and our knees got bad. driving around america we would
8:36 am
always eat pizza so felt we were pizza connoisseurs. [ applause ] >> golden style pizza. >> we call this the got five on it. >> got five on it. >> so basically what you got going on is in the south we love flavor. >> you know it. >> can't have enough, a slim and a husky. slim for the skinny guys, husky for the big guys. >> i'm in the slim section, robin. >> me too, michael. >> so we've got put a little cornmeal on there to add to the crispiness. that's a down south thing then also we take a little sauce. >> okay. >> a lot of flavor in our sauce, before we put our sauce on we put a little garlic oil on there. >> okay, a little something. >> brush it in. >> okay. >> don't be afraid to get that suit dirty. >> no, i'm afraid to get this suit dirty. >> slap a little sauce.
8:37 am
>> don't be scared. don't be scared. >> i feel like everybody is judging me. [ laughter ] >> the judges are looking at awe. >> i got the sauce on there. >> like i say from the south a little more flavor. we do a four cheese blend. >> four cheese blend. for the people at home -- >> what are? >> mozzarella, we do romano, white cheddar and provolone. >> ooh. >> now, that's only four cheeses. this is called the got five on it so when you get through with that you spread it out and put a little fresh mozzarella to make that fifth cheese. can't have enough of that. >> all right. >> so now you have a got five cheese pizza. >> got five. just right. [ applause ] >> and, again, add the flavor. >> add on to the south. >> it's good, right? if hey, guys. >> this is delicious but i will
8:38 am
say this, there can only be one winner. >> there can only be one. we tried multiple times. >> lara, what are you guying feeling? you got to pick the winner of our contest here so deliberate and let us know what you think. >> rashad, megan, i know it's been a challenge, but please do announce the winner of our pizza competition. >> really close call but we're going to go with slim and husky. [ cheers and applause ] >> congrats. >> congratulations. congratulations. always, always. how about these recipes? >> you need the recipes on our website, everybody. for our studio audience, what better way to celebrate national cheese pizza day than at california pizza kitchen so you're all going home with a $50
8:39 am
gift card to get your very own cheese pidz and as robin said, there are no losers, we get to eat all the pizza you saw us make in the studio today. coming up legendary "vogue" editor anna wintour goes one-on-one with our robin roberts.
8:40 am
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back here on "gma" and we have a one-on-one with legendary "vogue" magazine editor in chief anna wintour known for her signature look. we all know that and brought both with her when we sat down for a rare exclusive editor. she's been at the helm for more than three decades and taking about the iconic september issue and how she's sharing the secrets to her success in a new online series. >> hello. >> reporter: anna wintour her name sin none news with high fashion. she has shaped the global fashion landscape for over three decades. >> love that page. >> reporter: today she continues to set the gold standard in an ever evolving industry. the runway is her muse. when you're sitting in the front row fashion week, what are you looking for? if i'm looking for ideas. i'm looking for a new model. i'm looking for a young designer that maybe i haven't been so
8:43 am
aware of before. i'm interested obviously in young designers that speak about body positivity and inclusivity and diversity and sometimes you're just looking for something that makes you smile. >> known for taking risks, anna famously broke with tradition by putting celebrities such as madonna, julia roberts and beyonce on the covers rather than models and it has paid off by reaching new audiences. this month pop superstar taylor swift graces the fashion bible. with social and so many ways that people can get their fashion knowledge, how are you able to always with "vogue" stay a step ahead. >> i think it's important to engage in 89 world. i look on all the opportunities that we have to talk to our audiences as something very new and very exciting. today we have i think it's 26 million people following us on instagram. so it means that we can talk to people in so many different ways in the way that we couldn't before.
8:44 am
i know many people are curious about who i am and how i approach my work. >> now, anna is sharing the secrets to her success granting fans unprecedented access into the world of "vogue." >> i'm anna wintour and this is my master class. >> with a brand-new master class workshop sharing tips and advice on how to lead through vision and creativity. >> you are driven by your heart, you're driven by your talent and your inassistant and if you start to question and look what people are doing to the left or right of you, you are going to lose that clarity of thought. i am asked so often by young students and designers and people i meet in my travels how i started in my career. sometimes it's easy to become famous today. it isn't always so easy to become successful. so my strong advice is work with a mentor, work with someone you admire and just take the time to do it right.
8:45 am
don't rush. i was thrown into my career frankly with ignorance. i knew nothing. >> your early going you had to do it all. there weren't assistants back then. >> no, no assistants. had you to doing, i wrote copy, i was a designer. i went on shoots. i did the hair, i did the makeup, i made sure -- i tried to make sure everything was created in a very strict budget because we certainly had no money. i was sent to morocco with five pound notice my pocket and told to find someone who would put us all up. those kind of days. very different. >> reporter: they are career path inspired by her parents. your father, it seems like he's had great influence on you. >> my father was editor in those days a fleet street newspaper. i grew up with writers and editors and grew up with vacations being halted because we had to go back to london
8:46 am
because there was breaking news so always a sense of excitement and understanding that driven by world events so it was never any question in my mind that this was a world that i wanted to explore in. >> how were you able to have the woman from all walks of life find themselves in the pages of "vogue"? >> i think it's about aspiration and it's about ideas and i also think particularly in the september issue, we were really focused on the idea of fashion as value. i think the idea that fashion should be only worn once is crazy so i think we're talking to our audiences about investing in fashion, about finding pieces that will have a long life and are emotionally connected to and have memories about so it's the idea of value and creativity and design at its best. [ applause ] >> absolutely delight. >> that was really good.
8:47 am
>> "vogue"'s september issue on newsstand and master class launches on and as accomplished as she is this was venturing outside her comfort zone to do this online series but permits of wisdom. very unexpected. >> may i say you looked fabulous. these two women in front here, they are attending fashion week as well and you said it was for a native american. >> yes, a native american diaper from kansas. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> enjoy. [ applause ] check in one last time with ginger in south carolina. ginger. >> yeah. robin, the winds are really starting to pick up. wind gusts to 50. pieces of the soffit is flying off the building and that is the video you're seeing is brunswick cobb right along the state of south and north carolina. more tornadoes on the way
8:48 am
coming up, everybody, our friend and my co-host keke palmer is here talking about her new movie "hustlers." we'll be right back.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we are back now with our friend keke palmer. she's with us every day on "strahan, sara & keke" but right now we're going to turn the stables on her and talk about her role in a "hustlers." hey, keke. how are you doing? hey, long time no see. >> so interesting to be on this side of it with you. >> i can't wait to grill you.
8:51 am
you ready. >> yes. >> here we go. we both have played strippers in movies now. did you know that. >> yes, i did. i did. >> i'm curious, what was the hardest part for you. >> the hardest part really wasn't the stripping part. i think i was more in the movie thinking about, you know, improving, the director and writer was very encouraging so i wanted to make sure i was giving all i had. >> for me it was the stripping part. [ laughter ] you're a big j. lo fan. big jennifer lopez fan from a long time ago. [ applause ] and now that you've had a chance to work with her, was there something you learned about her that was unexpected. >> i don't say it's unexpected. i think it's what you would expect is that she's a boss. with this film she was a part of putting it together. she is a producer. she is a mom. she's a fiancee. she is an actress so seeing her wear all those different hats and things intertwined was impressive. >> for you how did you study for this role? did cardi b give you some
8:52 am
advice? how did you learn about this? >> i would have happily taken advice from my girl cardi but every girl in the room is doing the same thing. you're trying to get that twerk on, that vibe on. i've had a lot of experience in my bedroom by myself and i was ready to, you know, show them what i got. i said, okay. my time to shine. let me get out there. [ applause ] >> the fact that you said every girl in her bedroom i'm going to knock on my daughter's room, keep this door open. your character's maim is mercedes. i'm interested if you had to give yourself a stripper name what would it be? >> it would be something sweet like baby girl or baby girl. coming to the stage, baby girl. >> okay, all right. [ applause ] what weary going to do is welcome a clip of "hustlers."
8:53 am
here we go. [ applause ] >> you know what it's like, don't you? he looks like tom cruise. >> tom cruise. >> no. >> your smile. >> it's really good. >> yes. >> more sunny. >> i know. >> here we go. >> yours? >> no. >> okay. >> all right. >> shots, ladies. >> yes. >> you guys are sisters. >> yes, same dad, different mom. >> sister. >> to sisters. >> to sisters. >> all right, keke, thank you for joining us. see you this afternoon. everyone will see keke this afternoon. "hustlers" hits theaters on september the 13th. make sure you go c
8:54 am
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8:56 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. congrats to all the chefs that is not going to fit in the overhead bin. have a great day, everybody.
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good morning. here is mike nicco with our forecast. >> hi. we'll start with the eye. it's getting close. 25 to 30 miles from south carolina right now. flooding happening there. rain up to half a foot. tornadoes creating even more intense damage than the hurricane winds themselves. it's going to be an awful 24 to 48 hours for the carolinas. 90 in antioch. temperatures close to average. we'll be below average saturday. san pablo dam road, shut down. city streets are jammed. alternate routes heavy as well. better news on cal train. major delays but trains are now running in both directions. >> thank you. now it's time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we'll be back at 11:00 for midday live. our reporting >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the series "fresh off the boat" and the film, "hustlers," constance wu! and recording artist and actor, nicole scherzinger! plus, "photography 101", the tips for the perfect picture, we continue our "school of life week" ." all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly:


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