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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> we'll see you again at 6:00. tonight, hurricane dorian makes landfall in the u.s. the rescue underway as we go on the air tonight. slammed into the carolinas, the outer banks. families trapped, surrounded by water. rob marciano in the path. standing by with the new track. and humanitarian crisis unfolding in the bahamas right now. also developing tonight, new deaths linked the vaping. where the newest cases have been reported and tonight the cdc investigating. what authorities are saying and the new warning tonight. just in, actress felicity huffman responding that she serve a month behind bars. tonight what huffman is asking for instead. the letter in her defense signs by dozens. and her former "desperate housewives" costar with her own
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plea. >> authorities say the american airlines jet sabotaged before takeoff. 150 passengers on board. a mechanic new under arrest. the breaking headline involving the navy. three top leaders of s.e.a.l. team seven have been relieved of duty. the ex-marine facing charges. what authorities discovered in his trunk. they believe they uncovered a mass shooting threat. the woman who fell while at a popular site. and the 74-year-old woman making news tonight after giving birth to twins. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this very busy friday night, as we begin with the rescues underway right now. after days of saying it could happen hurricane dorian has in fact made landfall in the u.s. on north carolina's outer banks. at this hour dorian remains a
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monster storm stretching from the coast past maine triggering blinding rain. slamming ashore. catastrophic flooding on okracoke island and the wind and and a rescue under way. tornados leaving a trail of damage. and hundreds of thousands without power as we come on the air. and it's not over yet. we have a new track and again tomorrow and stephanie ramos in kill devil's hill north carolina where the eye passed through and the emergency rescues are underway. >> reporter: tonight hurricane dorian making landfall in the outer banks. winds gusting over 100 miles per hour and dumping nearly 14 inches of rain. >> this is a flash flood emergency for okracoke island. >> reporter: okracoke island, the hardest hit area. rain colliding with storm surge. first responders choppering in
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to help the estimated 800 people who did not evacuate. >> we didn't know it was going to be this bad. >> reporter: the hurricane lashing much of north carolina's outer banks. the wind has been howling here for hours. you can see the grass on these dunes being pushed sideways. even the shingles on this house flying off. our rob marciano measuring the power of those gusts. >> winds gusting to 77 miles per hour now. coming off the sound. we got sound surge flooding. debris and water covering this road. we're still four hours from high tide. >> reporter: we are seeing new images of the destruction from more than 20 reported tornadoes thursday. emerald isle salvage. at one point, more than 375,000 in the dark.
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>> stephanie, we saw so many homes damaged today. the pier behind you suffered major damage, too? >> reporter: so much damage that most of the pier is gone. the end of one of the oldest and best loved fishing by locals washed away. that's 75 feet of pier gone, proof of how powerful the wind and rain was that roll through here. >> stephanie, thank you. rob marciano reporting in all day. let's get back to rob tonight. he's in nagshead, north carolina. it's not over yet. >> reporter: you can see the wind still pushing waves over the highway behind me. and now it's picking up steam, northeastly at 20 miles per hour. but 90 mile-per-hour winds south of nantucket by 300 miles and we have tropical storm warnings there and for parts of new
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england, coastal flood advisories. potentially making land fall tomorrow in nova scotia. we still have impact in terms of water. windy day for the cape and islands, potentially over 60 miles per hour. definitely dangerous alongside u.s. beaches but our friends in canada will feel the brunt next. >> the hurricane that will not go away. our thanks again. tonight and we cannot forget the humanitarian disaster. tonight the images here. an entire family being rescued from their attic where they rode out the hurricane, a category 5 at the time. marcus moore in the adams tonight. >> tonight, the humanitarian crisis in parts of bahamas deepening. the docks teaming with the anguished. >> all women and children, follow the lady who is in the front. >> reporter: the hospitals mars families with their few
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remaining belongings, desperately trying to evacuate. >> it's horrible. you can't live here. >> reporter: we laned at the airport with customs and border protection and search and rescue teams. the fact that they have this up and partially running is a good thing for the area. >> there are thousands missing here. prepare for a death toll that can be unimaginable and staggering. the stench of death in the air in some places. we met this woman. she owned a restaurant this time last week and now she's homeless. >> what are you going to do next? >> i have no idea. starting all over again. >> reporter: at another airport on the island we saw hundreds are little food and no shelter from the heat. so many of trying to deal with the trauma of surviving a nightmare. this family pulled out from an
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attic after their house was sub merged. >> this is terrible. this is terrible. >> reporter: this man deciding to walk with his daughter after sleeping in his ceiling for two days. >> keep us in prayers, and the bahamas strong. >> prayers for bahamas. marcus moore in nassau. you new the military is now expanding their relief. >> reporter: yes, the director a short time ago telling reporters that u.s. military assets will be used to get the affected airports and seaports back up and running and most of the relief flights will be stage out of nearby florida. the general also promising that much needed aid will be delivered to those who need it. >> marcus thank you. to other news this friday. the number of deaths linked to vaping. at least five have died and
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there are hundreds of new cases of lung disease under investigation. steve osunsami in atlanta where the cdc is investigating tonight. >> reporter: 24-year-old jaydee hernandez is one of the now hundreds of americans suddenly struggling to breath, and his doctors tell his family that his troubles started when he began using e-cigarettes six months ago. tonight, a machine is breathing for him, and he's fighting for his life. >> it's very hurtful to see your child in so much pain and not be able to help them. >> reporter: in a briefing today the cdc confirms recent deaths linked to vaping and says it's investigating 450 cases of serious lung illness across 33 states. the government says that while many of the patients, but not all, reported recent use of thc and nicotine. they're also investigating
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whether the illnesses may be related to specific devices, other ingredients, possible contaminants, or more than one of the above. >> we really encourage people to avoid these products. >> reporter: this man used nicotine and thc. >> my lungs feel like they're being crushed by 20 pounds. >> reporter: he was hospitalized this week. >> i'm 18 years old and my lungs are like a 70-year-old's. >> reporter: late today, a fifth death was connected to vaping. this one from los angeles county, california. >> steve osunsami with us tonight live. steve there's concern about these numbers of course and members of congress are pushing for action, too? >> reporter: lawmakers are starting to speak up. tonight one u.s. senator is calling on the commissioner of the fda to do something about this or step down. david? >> steve osunsami again for us. thank you, steve. just in actress felicity huffman responding after new recommendations in the college
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cheating scandal. prosecutors recommending the actress serve a month behind bars. what she's asking for instead. she offered a letter signed by dozens. here's abc's adrienne bankert now. >> reporter: tonight federal prosecutors say actress felicity huffman deserves to serve prison time for her role in the largest college admission scam ever. the actress pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud after paying $15,000 to help arrange for her daughter to take the s.a.t. test at a controlled location. prosecutors not mincing words, saying she should serve one month behind bars and that neither probation nor home confinement in a large home in the hollywood hills with an infinity pool would constitute meaningful punishment or deter others from committing similar crimes. adding, her efforts were not driven by need or desperation, but by a sense of entitlement, or at least moral cluelessness, facilitated by wealth and
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insularity. >> are you asking for a bribe? >> reporter: attorneys for huffman write, she is remorseful, indeed, deeply ashamed about what she did. her attorneys requesting she be punished with one year probation, 250 hours of community service plus a $20,000 fine. her husband william h. macy and her former "desperate housewives" costar eva longoria writing in her support. >> adrienne bankert with us from california tonight. we know that felicity huffman will find out if she has to serve prison time in the coming days? >> reporter: that is correct. sentencing set for the same time next week. she's the first of dozens of parents charged in the allege scam. scheduled to be sentenced lori loughlin is set to go to trial. we're going to turn to pentagon and word that the elite navy s.e.a.l. team seven have
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been relieved of duty and this comes after the entire platoon had been sent home from iraq. >> reporter: they were. they were sent home after allegations of sexual assault and heavy drinking. they are not themselves accused of that behavior, but the navy says they bear responsibility for those you were their command. others were investigated for cocaine use and additional issues. the head of the navy s.e.a.l.s acknowledged last month that his community has a problem but vows to fix it. this may be the first step because it's rare for s.e.a.l. team leaders to be fired look this. >> martha, thank you. >> meantime, a former marine was pulled over. it's what they found inside his truck that set off red flags. a rifle, silencer and literature
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about school shootings. >> reporter: tensions quickly rose at s traf houston, texas, when police say they discovered an assault style rifle fitted with a silencer and tactical sniper gear. tonight, 28-year-old rick montealvo is being held on $200,000 bond for a weapons charge as authorities urgently investigate if he poses a threat. they claim he also had disturbing writings about school shootings. >> they say i'm the white boy who shoots up schools. unquote. long with poems talk about death. >> reporter: at his detention hearing montealvo, a former marine, claiming it's all a misunderstanding. >> i work private security that's the reason, i have all that gear and i explained that to everyone there. >> reporter: but prosecutors claim montealvo has an extensive history of mental illness. >> frankly, this is the kind of case that everyone hopes that we find before something horrible happens. >> reporter: david, since the el paso massacre, abc news has documented more than 14 cases where police have arrested suspects accused of plotting or expressing a desire to conduct
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mass attacks. david? pierre thomas with us tonight. thank you. it was last night that we reported on an out of control wildfire coming dangerously close to homes in southern california. we see how close this was to so many. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tonight firefighters are nervously watching these hills in southern california, where an unpredictable 2,000-acre blaze still has a community on edge. in murrieta, southeast of los angeles, flames came within inches of homes, air tankers dropping strategic loads of pink fire retardant to stop the fire's advance. last night, retired firefighter john samarin refused to evacuate, he and his son standing their ground. as massive flames came racing downhill. was there ever a moment when you're watching the 75 foot flames come in when you're thinking, this may not work? >> there was. i was praying hard. >> reporter: in northern
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california, the fire forcing evacuations. >> if cal fire tell its you to evacuate and leave, leave. >> reporter: there are still hot spots in these hills and it's still hot and windy, the perfect conditions that could lead to another flarup and threatens home like these. >> clayton, thank you. there are new developments after the dive boat fire that killed 34 people on the california coast. the sheriff saying most of the victimed likely died from smoke inhalation. they were attempting to pull the boat to the surface and not able to do so. they now believe it will take several days. u.s. employers adding 230 jobs in august and describing it as quote modest growth. despite weakness and a trade war with china. unemployment remaining unchanged at 3.7%. there's still much more ahead this friday. the american airlines jet sabotaged right before takeoff. pilots noticing a problem. about to speed down the runway.
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tonight a mechanic is under arrest. what we've learned. also, the stunning headline. a 74-year-old making news tonight. she's a new mom. she just gave birth to twins. while climbing at a popular site in the park. a lot more news ahead on a friday night. i'll be right back. popular park. i'll be right back. being here matters but the cold and flu keeps some students from being here up to 60 million days every year. introducing 'here for healthy schools' a new program from lysol, dedicated to curbing the spread of illness in classrooms by teaching healthy habits and partnering with a smart thermometer company. learn about our mission at we're pretty different. (vo) everyone in your family is different. that's why verizon lets everyone mix and match different unlimited plans, so you only pay for what you need. new plans start at just $35, our lowest price ever.
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prpharmacist recommendedne memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we turn next to the airline mechanic accused of sabotaging an american airlines flight with 150 people on board. pilots noticing the problem moments before takeoff. abc's david kerley covers aviation for us. >> reporter: it was an american airlines 737 with 150 on board that the 60-year-old mechanic is accused of sabotaging. ahmed alani in jail tonight for the mid-july incident. he's charged with disabling a na discovered when the jet was at the runway. pilots powering up the engines, got a warning light, and returned to the gate. the mechanic allegedly blocked
5:49 pm
an air data system. air travels through a tube outside the aircraft to a module inside. the mechanic allegedly plugged the port where the air would enter that computer module with a styrofoam material and super glue. that means critical data -- the air speed, the pitch, nose up or down -- from that sensor, would not be available for the crew. american and the mechanics union have been embroiled in a labor battle for years. the mechanic says he was losing money without a deal, and hoped for overtime by delaying the flight. >> labor tensions are not unusual, but when it comes to the point of putting the flying public, the people who are paying your paycheck, at risk, it then becomes unconscionable. >> reporter: this is a serious crimeful if the mechanic is convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison. when we can come back the police chase through a major city and hot happens when officers realize the police chief is leading the way. what they say on the radio and you'll hear it.
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5:53 pm
to hear the chief on the radio was leading the chase. >> you say 831 is in a chase? >> yes, i did. >> he certainly was. the drive, by the way, arrested. the chief says you're always on the clock. >> and that new mom at 74 gave birth to twin girls and believed to be the oldest to give birth. she became pregnant through ivf and a donor egg. her husband is 82. the couple says they've wanted children for years. when we come back it's friday night so our person of the week and after this week, can you guess who it is? it is? is? >> abc world news tonight sponsored by david mure. . u. i. r. if you're 65 or older, even if you're healthy,
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finally tonight, our persons of the week. hurricane dorian and the unimaginable devastation, but in every storm there are the heroes, those who answer the call. there have been so many first responders. among them the coast guard air station clearwater, on a search and rescue mission for days. landing until the bahamas, carrying those in need, offering words to care for them, console them as they brought the injured to safety. too many injured to count, a pickup truck a makeshift ambulance. walking through debris to get the injured to safety. one by one loading the helicopters. the coast guard says they have
5:58 pm
rescued hundreds since they began. >> we've been working hard. our crew got i think about ten people. >> their numbers growing by the hour. >> some people said their homes had fallen on them so our main priority was getting the most injured out. >> and waiting for the injures, so many who were just waiting for word. this embrace when they saw each other, loved ones after being rescued and flown to nassau. and so we choose the coast guard and all of the first responders still at work ton. good night. all first responders at work tonight.
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>> no guns, no handcuffs, the deadly confrontation with two bay area teenagers. >> they made sure their children got into college and broke the law to do it. the final sentencing reck men di -- recommendations for the moms and dads. grab and go. it happened again at a apple store in the bay area. when it will take to stop thieves from taking off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. >> news to build a better bay area from abc 7. some parents paid to ensur their children got into the colleges they wanted. we're learning that could really cost them. >>. i'm dan >> i'm ddion kim. >> i-team reporter melanie woodro covered the scandal since
6:00 pm
the beginning. >> she's live with the story new at 6:00, melanie. >> dion and dan, first to the college admissid a scandal to a shock test saying some period of incarceration is the only conclusion of the crimes. >> they pleaded guilty for mail fraud, napa vineyard owner is facing the longest sentencing recommendation at 15 months. he was paid $300,000 to participate in the entrance scheme for his daughter. next is margry clapper with a recommended sentence of four months. clapper paid singer $15,000 to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme for her son. and peter of menlo park with one park. he agreed to pay