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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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woodro covered the scandal since the beginning. >> she's live with the story new at 6:00, melanie. >> dion and dan, first to the college admissid a scandal to a shock test saying some period of incarceration is the only conclusion of the crimes. >> they pleaded guilty for mail fraud, napa vineyard owner is facing the longest sentencing recommendation at 15 months. he was paid $300,000 to participate in the entrance scheme for his daughter. next is margry clapper with a recommended sentence of four months. clapper paid singer $15,000 to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme for her son. and peter of menlo park with one park. he agreed to pay singer $15,000 to participate in the college
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entrance exam. actress felicity huffman is asking for no prison time. the government says they considered the amount of the bribe whether somebody was a repeat player, whether they were an active or passive participate in the scheme and whether or not they involved their children. in the newsroom for the i-team, melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> thanks, melanie, very much. now to another i-team update. an italian police officer died from 11 stab wounds in 32 seconds. >> that's the stunning finding from an investigative report involving two teenagers being held in a rome prison. >> dan noyes joining us. >> the prosecution just handed over 2,000 pages of evidence to the defense teams. two graduates of tam high school are being held in the death of officer and that man's partners reportedly changing his account of what happened that night. >> family members visited both
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teams at the prison in central roam today, a spokesman told me she traveled to the city under the radar to see 19-year-old finn elder for the first time since he was arrested and accused of stabbing to death mario and 18-year-old gabe natali's uncle and grandparents visited him. he's being held as a possible accessory to murder. italian prosecutors say the teens were looking to buy cocaine in the early morning of july 26th and when undercover officers intervened, they took what police call a pusher's backpack to the hotel they were staying. when that so kaurl-called pushe answered the phone, they demanded 100 eros and a gram of cocaine in return. you can hear the backpack owner calling police for help retrieving his property. undercover officers andre and mario responded and confronted the teens who said after they didn't know the men were police
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officers. prosecutors say fin elder admitted stabbing him with a marine style knife and gabe fought off the officer and ran away. at this news conference, the police commander said he couldn't fire his weapon at the suspects running away because it would violate policy and he was busy helping his mortally wounded colleague but now, italian media is reporting he has changed his account in a deposition admitting both he and rega did not have their service weapons and their handcuffs or police identification and that were wearing bermuda shorts and t-shirts at the time. those admissions bolster both teen's statements they didn't know the officers were in fact police and that they called into question the credibility of the case's main witness. >> the public has an incomplete account of the true versions of the events. it's said however the truth will set you free. >> reporter: late today, new images from surveillance video published by the italian
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newspaper, elder and natali the hour before meeting the officers looking down the street and crouching behind a car near their hotel. those pictures are part of the report handed over to the defense this week. i was sent a text after seeing her son saying finn is painfully depressed and difficult to hear the facts misrepresented. >> remarkable story. thanks for staying on it. >> thank you. new at 6:00 now. >> mountain lion sightings in san francisco parks. the first sighting on august 21st and then this past tuesday a big cat has been seen at the west end of golden gate park. signs have been posted at both locations alerting people to these sightings. if you see a mountain lion, do not approach it and recommended you keep petting on a leash. mountain lions tend to be most active at dawn and dusk. crowds rallied in two east bay cities in support of an immigrant who has been receiving life saving medical treatments
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here. she is now facing deportation t a country where they can't treat her condition. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas joins us live in hayward with more on this story, eric? >> reporter: and these are students from cal state east bay who worked three miles from campus, to hayward city hall to protest deportations in general and specifically the threatens deportation of isabelle. > students walked in support of isabelle who suffers from a rare disease. >> isabelle cannot live outside the united states. she needs the united states for her care and she's got a lot of lied on ere in the east bay with her behalf. isabelle suffers from a rare
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genetic disorder mps 6. her body fails to produce a key enzyme and there is no treatment for it in her home country. it is often fatal. >> it affects everything, the heart, the bones, the spine. the eyes, the teeth. >> reporter: isabelle and her mom moved here for a clinical trial of a new treatment in 2003 when she was 7. she receive as life-saving drug and a six-hour treatment every week. the family got regular extensions every two years under the deferred action program until last month when this letter from immigration officials said the extension was denied and was being deported. >> my fear is i become weaker and then i'm going to not live long. >> reporter: isabelle's story has gone national. here she's fae toeatured in peo magazine. maybe that's why the feds are walking back their deportation letter. the u.s., citizenship and u.s. immigration service said it will quote reopen non-military
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deferred action cases pending on august 7th. those denied requests that were pending on august 7th did not have removal orders pending and have not been targeted for deportation. her story is featured in the "new york times", and in congress, congressman of concord introduced a bill that would forbid the government from deporting her out of the country, also, she's scheduled to speak next week before congress about the ordeal she's been through. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thank you. the apple store inside san mateo's mall has been robbed. just a week after we reported another apple store was hit by a mob of thieves, as well. they got away with more than $50,000 in merchandise. the thieves grabbed more than 40 products off the shelves and took off running. abc 7 news reporter kris reyes has the story. >> reporter: this is what it looked like inside hillsdale
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mall thursday night. police are now looking for three suspects who led police on a chase across the bay bridge. the suspects are still at large. >> i think the popularity of apple's products does drive kind of people targeting these stores to steal products and their ability to turn around and sell those products. >> there is no reason to think it won't happen again. >> reporter: linda and ted were not surprised when they heard the news about the robbery. they were at the apple store when it was hit about a week ago. those suspects also got away. >> as you can see, my mom starts walking away while i'm under the table. the guys started coming over to me and then as soon as like one or two started coming, my heart started racing and i was like okay, i might be in danger now. >> apple needs to do a lot more. the merchandise is there for the taking. it going to keep happening, i'm outrag outraged. >> reporter: apple stores, a mob running into the store and taking products off the shelves.
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police department says they have seen a spike in property crime in the last five years. >> i think that there have been some very significant legislative changes, property 47 b 1 that changed the landscape in our state. these organized criminal games for retail crime are aware of it and know that some of the sentencing has been reduced, that they have less exposure, if they are arrested and prosecuted. >> reporter: we reached out to apple headquarters as we do every time something like this happens. they declined to comment. kris reyes, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. you heard the police lieutenant mention prop 47 a moment ago. the 2014 initiative reduced certain crimes from felonies to misdemeanors with a maximum sentence of one year in jail. those crimes are on your screen. check forgery, drug possession, receiving of property, shoplifting, theft and writing bad checks. a 2018 report by the institute of california found no evidence violent crime increased due to
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prop 47 but may have led to an increase in property crime specifically larceny thefts that include car break-ins. >> happening now, show time for the bay area's newest sports and music video. >> it sure is. years of construction the chase center opens to the public tonight for a huge concert. >> the fans, they are there. looks like the folks behind you got the okay. >> reporter: the doors open in about 20 minutes. i have to say, excitement really building here. metallica fans from across the u.s. are here to be the first inside the state of the art arena but as far as getting here, you may want to leave that car at home. ♪ ♪ >> it's happening. the convert event john cooper
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and buddies have been waiting for. they were first in line. >> this will be my 21st show tonight and it just -- this is like the pinnacle of all the shows you can get. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the legendary band teaming up for the san francisco sin f symphony. the new $1.4 billion chase center is ready for its closeup. >> this is it. >> reporter: the president rick says the dubs will play the first game here next month but tonight, it's all about the music. >> people ought to get here early. there is a chance to explore the building, doors open at 6:30 for an 8:00 show. >> reporter: getting here may be challenging if you're driving a. power outage knocked out lights to several thousand and traffic lights on fourth street are not working. the third street bridge is down to two lanes due to on going construction and computers are not thrilled.
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>> the combination of having the third street bridge closed and working in the chase center was a really double whammy. >> reporter: this morning it took us about 25 minutes and light traffic driving from the ferry building to the chase center. when you get here, parking is limited and expensive. if you're lucky enough to find a meter, it will cost you $7 an hour until 10:00 ap.m. public transportation is your best bet. >> we will have extra staff ambassadors pointing people to where they need to go and extra training running on the t line and running bus shuttles from the 16th street bart station and that will drop you off directly at chase center. >> reporter: in fact, that muni stop is across the street from chase center. ferry service will start next month. some good news power has been restored to the neighborhood, there was a rumor earlier today that metallica caused it blowing a circuit during a sound check. it's a great story, but it
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wasn't true. we're live in san francisco, cornell bernard. >> still can't get over that bad timing of that outage. >> right? >> oh, boy. we do have information on the best way to get to the chase center at plus the abc 7 news app. it is stunning. well, you asked we listened and we have answers. >> when we told you this week that all bay area bridges would be going to electronic only tolls, you wanted to know more. we have answers for you because this is part of building a better bay area. >> also, here, how would you like to take a ferry to the airport? it's cheaper than bart. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. there is one thing missing from your weekend
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now taking a look at drivers, traffic is an issue we focused on as part of an effort to build a better bay area. the electronic only toll that the golden gate is soon going to spread to all other bridges in the bay area. we first told you about this earlier in the week. here is abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez. >> reporter: over the next five years all bridges will transition to all electronic tolls. if you already have a fceno wl you. this device is attached to my personal credit card. so i know it's the year 2019 but let's face it, not everyone has a credit card. the golden gate bridge transition to all electronic tolling in 2013, we wanted to find out how it's working there.
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>> if you do not have a fast track and you cross the bridge, you'll receive an invoicehee. >? >> it's not. >> reporter: one of our viewers kendra thompson asked on our news facebook page what about people who rent cars visiting from out of state. i personally went to a car rental company to find out what their policy was. i found out that the big rental companies do have a tolling program, but it comes with a fee. so in this case, if you just drive through we will pay a $3.95 surcharge on top of the cost of the toll but as the transportation district told us, there are cheaper options. >> you can do that online. you can pay by phone. >> reporter: another viewer andrea takemoto asked what about the people that work in the toll booths? are they going to be out of work. the short answer is they will
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have other toll takers. the toll authority estimates they will speed up time by three to seven minutes. the golden gate bridge saw immediate results. tolling 500 vehicles per lane per hour moved through the plaza. after cashless tolling, that number went up to 1500 per lane every hour. and isn't that what we all want a seamless commute? inyanne melend melendez, abc 7 news. >> seamless commute sounds nice. we want to hear your ideas, share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. now to the skies, taking a live look at san francisco international airport because we do have heads up for travelers, one of sfo's busiest beusiest will close tomorrow for three weeks so crews can upgrade and repair the concrete base. the closure is expected to cause
6:19 pm
the major delays and cancellations, that runway reopens september 27th. how would you feel about taking a ferry to catch a flight? it's a new option with the san francisco bay ferry. travelers ride to the south san francisco dock and pick up a free shuttle bus to the airport. there are three ferry trips in the morning and three in the afternoon weekdays only with service to both alameda and oakland. from oakland it would take about an hour to get to the airport. the one-way trip costs just over $8 with a clip or card. by cam poair parson -- costs closer to $10. >> seeps lims like we're in a pattern. >> we captured these shots this afternoon. meteorologist sand ya hya patel here with the forecast. >> gorgeous capture. here is a live look. we have fog right near the coast. it will be expanding during the overnight hours.
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i want to show you what will bring about changes for your weekend. it's a system that is developing right here that is going to actually usher in cool air and kick up the winds. right now low 60s to upper 80s are temperatures today came up into the low 90s. you're not going to find the heat this weekend. that's for sure. i want to show you what is ahead for livermore. 86 degrees. going to be cooler than average tomorrow. 79, a little warmer sunday. but notice the heat does return but not until thursday, friday of next week. live look from our east bay hills camera, looking at blue skies over mount diablo. here is another vantage point as we look back towards san francisco. beautiful view increasing clouds overnight tonight, cool for summer and windy tomorrow. we are expecting brighter, warmer weather on sunday. hour by hour forecast showing you more cloud cover as we head into tomorrow morning, even some drizzle for the afternoon and the evening hours it will be a mix of sun and clouds and those temperatures are not going to
6:21 pm
feel exactly like late summer. that's for sure. temperatures first thing in the morning, low 50s to low 60s. there will be spotty drizzle and in the afternoon in the south bay, a nice mild day morgan hill 83 degrees, 76 in san jose and 73 sunnyvale and 74 palo alto and 71 san mateo and low to mid 6 0s along the coast. downtown san francisco 66 and north bay 76 in san rafael up to 80 and east bay 73 oakland and breezy. inland areas, not in the 90s. 80 in concord, 79 livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast. brisk and cool for your saturday but sunday turns sunnier and warmer and then we'll keep you in the 60s to 80s early next week before we see that warming trend, the heat is back thursday, friday, mid-90s inland near 70 along the coastline. so a bit of a sea saw if you will, dan and dion.
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>> love it. >> hold on. >> absolutely. gorgeous. >> thanks. >> yes. it is a chance of a lifetime. we'll take you to the south bay where some of those dreams of becoming the next american idol, those dreams just may come true. >> monday night football returns to abc next week, catch the denver broncos against the oakland raiders, coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. after abc 7 news ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app.
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♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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talented musicians auditioned with the hope of being the next american idol. ♪ ♪ >> sounds great. that is nikko ramos, the preschool teacher is one of the lucky few who is moving onto the next level of auditions. hundreds of people lined up early this morning in order to prove them shelves worthy of a trip to th in los angeles. >> some of the contestants were battling nerves of course before letting it all hang out for the judges. >> before you get up, you kind of feel nervous but as soon as you start, you kind of let loose and it feels great. >> if you missed the live tryout today, you have a chance to submit a video audition online. find more information about that at our website
6:26 pm
>> good luck. all week long we have been tracking hurricane dorian and today it made landfall in the united states. >> coming up next, you'll see the damage done on the east coast and hear stories from survivors. plus, pulling the conception up from the ocean floor. the delicate operation that could reveal new
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okay. right away that breaking news, take a look at your scene. a caltrain hit a car in san mateo. this is just north of the station. now sky 7 is overhead with these live pictures you see right her here:. we know at least one person is injured and one track opened a few minutes ago and trains will now be able to single track through that area but aheads up do expect delays throughout this evening. >> we'll stay on top of that for you. let's move to hurricane dorian, which made landfall in the united states this morning. coming to shore in the carolinas. >> the category one hurricane left behind catastrophic flooding in the outer banks.
6:30 pm
morgan norwood is in wilmington north carolina with a look at the damage. >> hurricane dorian turning deadly, officials confirm four people died as the storm made landfall over north carolina. abc meteorologist rob nearby. >> hurricane dorian making landfall just 30 miles to the south, winds here absolutely ripping. >> reporter: the storm's high wind sending water rushing down streets, swallowing cars and surrounding homes and businesses. rescue teams racing to the scene while officials claim to airlift survivors to safety. >> the danger right now is the rising storm surge of four to seven >> reporter: on emreld isle, noe was hurt. >> it was a deafening noise. you could hear the wind but other than that, not like a freight train and gone. >> reporter: meanwhile in charleston, cleanup begins. businesses that brave the storm
6:31 pm
ready to reopen. >> for the most part, we were fortunate. >> reporter: now before and after satellite images. rescue teams transporting some of the injured from hard-hit marsh harbor to the hospital. >> i was buried in water like this and my legs were trapped amongst the wood. >> reporter: survivors facing utter devastation. >> everything in abaco was totally destroyed and looked totally boomed. >> that is morgan norwood reporting by wilmington, north carolina. >> hard to watch. sandhya patel keeping an eye on the track. >> it's picking up speed. it's been crawling along the mid atlantic and southeast for days. satellite radar will show you dorian pulling away from the coastline there left behind all the damage that you saw in the
6:32 pm
pictures. 66 reports of flooding, heavy rain, wind damage in the area. it is still a category one with winds maximum sustained of 90 miles an hour, now it's moving at the northeast at 24 miles an hour so definitely expect it to pull away quickly later on tonight. 100 mile an hour winds intensifying to a category two off the coast continuing on towards nova scotia where they expect hurricane forced winds. category two dropping down to a category one. it's not done but the focus will be on canada. dan? >> okay, thanks very much. donations for hurricane relief could be made by calling 1800-red-cross. you can also text the word dorian to 90999 to donate $10 or donate online at red another bay area man is believed to have died in the southern california dive boat fire. the singapore consulate general
6:33 pm
confirms palo alto scientist and stanford grad sunil sandhu was there. more on the investigation. >> weather conditions hampering efforts to recover the conception from the waters near santa cruz island. the coast guard is protecting the area where the boat sank after becoming engulfed in flames. divers from the santa barbara sheriff's department and fbi are searching for evidence. >> it is a very exacting tolling process on the folks that are on scene. >> reporter: five crew members, the only survivors of the tragic fire that killed 34 people. >> they did reenter the vessel from the back of the boat after they swam around it and they could not get to fire fighting equipment because everything was engulf engulfed. >> reporter: investigators examining a similar boat try to determine if the bunk room below deck where 33 passengers and one crew member were sleeping had
6:34 pm
enough exits. authorities say it appears the victims died of smoke inhalat n inhalation. >> the victims died and that the burn damage to the victims was post mortim. it occurred before death and not after. >> reporter: they identified 18 victims, the body of one person still hasn't been recovered. loved ones and community members spending time at a memorial mourning the loss of so many lives. investigatiors don't no what caused the fire and may take several months to make a determination. amy powell, abc brks krrks bc 7 >> you can head to to see everything we know so far about what happened on board the boat and download the abc 7 news app for instant updates. 2,000 acres burned in the fire that's been threatening communities around marietta in southern california since wednesday. containment has grown to 25% and
6:35 pm
evacuation orders for several areas have been lifting. shifting winds, rough terrain and hot weather are making the fire fight difficult. the cause of the fire still being investigated. los angeles county health officials are investigating the county's first death associated with e-cigarettes, known as vaping. county officials would only say the deceased is over 55 and suffered from chronic underlying health issues. they say vaping was the likely cause of death. a total of 12 cases of vaping associated pulmonary injury have been reported. officials say no single vaping device, liquid or ingreed yebdi linked to the cases. >> stop vaping now until further information about what is causing lung damage and death can be understood. >> it took many years for us to understand the health impacts of nicotine and smoking. we question whether or not we're on the same path in terms of looking at vaping. >> u.s. health officials have
6:36 pm
identified about 450 possible vaping related cases in 33 states including as many as five deaths. >> some really encouraging a 2-year-old girl struck by a drunk driver recovered. officers visited her and brought her gifts and enjoyed time together. isn't she sweet? a remarkable young girl. this is her back in july. she had been taken to the hospital with major injuries, poor thing. police arrested the suspect for felony hit and run and felony dui but glad to say she's doing very well tonight. >> nice conclusion. >> all right. coming up new at 6:00, bigger and better. >> see how a new building means better health care for the most complex cases and complex patients on the peninsula. i'm wayne freedman in napa with two numbers, 73 as in playgrounds and 92 as in age.
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from napa, an example of building a bay area that searches as a bridge between
6:40 pm
generations. >> it's the story of a 92-year-old that seems unimpressed with his age to motivate others. >> here is wade here is wade >> do not let appearance fool you. he can measure accomplishments by watching little kids trying to tear up a playground. >> kid life. they are so cute. >> they are unaware jim roberts is a napa treasure. were you honored? >> i guess. that's pretty nice. >> you're looking at the volunteer most responsible for building this playground and after construction concludes tomorrow across town. there is so much room in the front. i guess they will have more later. >> 72 other playgrounds. >> that guy don't have a bad bone in his body. >> not even after 92. >> it's crazy. i thought we would do one playground. 73 and 74 next month building another one next month. >> who is count ssin counting?
6:41 pm
>> yeah, love it. >> not like jim went looking foreplfo for playgrounds but they found them. a little girl fell off a play have you can to structure and got a concussion. >> it shouldn't happen. a playground should be not only fun but safe. and this was not safe. >> so began jim's campaign with the club to bring in volunteers to cut down the cost of building labor. jim's home is his office, surrounded by pictures of his high school sweet heart and wife with whom he raised four children. >> what makes him go? >> life. >> he's a happy man. >> i used to do the building. now i do the managing. >> when volunteers arrive, they won't just be building a playground but working with a force of nature, one man making a difference leaving a legacy to future generations. >> i didn't know growing old in
6:42 pm
'92 would make me a legend. >> it's priceless. in napa, wayne freedman. >> he is something else, isn't he? who is ready
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
new at 6:00 a world renowned treatment center in the bay area is about to get a lot bigger. >> stanford is getting ready to open a new state of the art hospital and preparations have begun. >> heart rate in the 140s. >> if this were a real trama case, the patient on the gurney would begin receiving treatment. the drill is part of final preparations for the opening of the new stanford hospital. besides the emergency department, the $2 billion plus center featured 28 state of the art operating rooms which allow rotating teams of doctors to treat a single patient without having to move them. >> surgeons intervention radiologist can work together to take care of really, really complex cases and really complex patients. >> reporter: the new stanford hospital is nearly a decade in the making and sits alongside the existing hospital and clinics. helen is vice president of facility services and planning. she says the hospital and
6:46 pm
emergency department are built to the latest standards and powered by multiple generators that will keep them up and running should a major disaster strike. >> i hate to think of it. i've been a long-term peninsula resident but if a big earthquake hits, we're very well prepared. >> the hospital adds 350 new patient beds and doubles the size of the emergency department but planners say personal toucs families par participa participate. >> in the intensive care unit, we're providing a place for families to stay and they can be with their sick family member 24 hours a day. >> reporter: from the massive atrium to the views sweeping across the peninsula, the hospital is designed to be the focal point of an already world renowned treatment center. >> it is impressive. training and staffing is scheduled to continue with the target for opening in late october. >> fantastic. let's focus once again on the weekend forecast. all e ws upol
6:47 pm
mild temperatures continue? >> you bet you they will. beautiful this weekend dion and dan. we have fog near the coastline during the overnight hours heading into tomorrow. we'll be seeing more clouds and it's going to be windier particularly tomorrow afternoon, evening. 66 in the city tomorrow. 73 in oakland, 76 san rafael, fremont, san jose and 80 san to rosa. mild inland for this time of year as we head into sunday, temperatures come up just a few degrees upper 80s inland, mid 60s coast. monday is about the same and then tuesday a slight dip before we bring back the heat. accuweather seven-day forecast will feature brisk and cool saturday followed by a warmup sunday and then we will see those temperatures especially wednesday through friday back up into the low to mid-90s. it will feel like summer again mid to upper 60s but until then, this weekend, late fall feel if you will. so enjoy. >> listen, the halloween candy
6:48 pm
is out. >> the decorations are out. can't believe it. >> it's time. >> yes. >> well, get your antonio brown scorecard out and a fast-moving game. >> yeah, larry here with sports. >> it's minute by minute. >> it is. >> you have no idea what will happen next. guess who is back in the good graces of the raiders? let's hug it out. antonio brown is back. so how did he go from impending suspension to playing on
6:49 pm
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good evening, all in or out, looked like the raiders might suspend or cut antonio brown. the volatile receiver is all in again check back with me in five minutes. a.b. apologized to his teammates today and the plan is for him to play in the season opener monday night against denver here on abc 7. brown, he threatened to punch gm mike mayock in the face a couple days ago and most jobs that will get you fired in a flash. but in prosports, if you're talented enough, team wills tolerate almost anything and he's a great player. brown reportedly gave an emotional apology this morning. to being a you, if i was about jerk, i'd give you an agree agre all rolled into one. so sorry for everything i've done. all is well with a.b. until the next issue pops upute's gyoo mo0 here on abc 7. >> excited to be out here today.
6:52 pm
want to apologize to my teammates. organization. another top man decided to be out here with my teammates and grateful for all the fans and excited to be part of it and see you soon. >> antonio is back. really excited about that. ready to move on. he's had a lot of obviously time to think about things and we're happy to have him back. >> the whole organization is excited about that, too. >> it's going to be great. no drama for the 49ers. they open in tampa on sunday, the honeymoon is long over for coach kyle shanahan entering the third season a record of 10-22. the niners know it's time to start winning. >> i definitely do. that's not just because you make statements like that or say you should be there. it's because we believe we are there. we know we have a good chance to win. i think our guys, you know, lip service doesn't do much. they see the guys next to them
6:53 pm
and know how much harder competition was throughout, how much harder deciding on the 53 is. >> sharks training camp starts a week from today. san jose sign up their veteran center joe thornton for a 15th season. he just turned 40. life isn't over at 40. okay? signed a one-year $2 million contract. like dan's. after back to back off seasons, surgeries, rehabbing from acl, he said it was nice having a healthy summer when thornton decided to lace up the skates, the hall of famer had no doubt it would be with san jose. he joked about the negotiations. >> doug originally sent over carlson's contract and i said doug, i don't want to be greedy. i want to take that now. we kind of worked our day down to seven years and to six and doug wanted five and i said no, no, hostile, wanted four. i said no, let's go one year. i told him just you figure out your stuff first and come to me. i was in no hurry. i didn't know what he had in
6:54 pm
store so, you know, if somebody popped up and wanted to grab them, great. i just -- we talked all summer and he knew i would come back and i knew i would come back. >> it's funny. this is weird now, on may 19th, the a's and tigers have their game in detroit suspended because of rain. they resumed this afternoon in oakland with the oora's leading 5-3. making the tigers feel at home. liam hendrick was not the closer back in may. drove all the way from detroit. he was on the hill this afternoon 2-2 count. one pitch and gets a strikeout. chad with some cushion in the ninth, two-run homer the 12th. the a's win and will play the tigers in the regularly scheduled game and the giants are playing the dodgers in l.a. the hall of fame inducted a new class, the class of 2019 tonight. you can come back to me. thank you. along with jack, sydney and paul.
6:55 pm
warriors legend al athas been i organiz years. started as a player and made the transition to coach and the executive, the 82-year-old attles beloved throughout the league. >> after graduation in 1960, i expect to become a schoolteacher but got drafted in the sixth round by the philadelphia wor warrio warriors. i only took one pair of shorts because i thought the team would release me but god had other plans. i never would imagine my name would be synonymous throughout my 60-year odyssey. >> i'm so happy that al attle serks ws was there tonight. he's 82 and been in ill health and fantastic to be celebrated. >> great guy. >> fantastic. >> thanks. >> join us at 11:00. >> i'm liz, at sfo the most important runway is expected to close for maintenance and cause delays. what you need to know coming up
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00. >> navigating you into disaster, new concerns in the south bay over where rays could send drivers during a wildfire. finally tonight, a few thoughts what matters. the entertainment landscape changes tonight. the brand-new chase center officially opens with its first major event metallica performing with the san francisco sin fon kn -- symphony. it's arguably the nicest in the country. it came with controversy and concern it would accelerate the city. others very worried about the traffic problems it may cause in and around the mission bay neighborhood. like many of you, i have mixed feelings about the warriors leaving oakland, oracle may have been shopworn. okay, a lot shopworn. it was a special place for teams and fans for many years. they didn't call it waracle forr
6:57 pm
any reason. while the new chase center may bring growing pains, it's a showplace and something the city and bay area can enjoy and take pride in. i always love to hear from you, let me know what you think. follow me @dan ashley. >> that's it for this edition for abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7
6:58 pm
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six captains... ♪ 12 teammates... playing for $1 million. and now the finals of the $1 million... here is your host-- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, folks, to the final game in the "jeopardy!" all-star tournament. now if you're trying to handicap today's match, you have to be asking yourself what kind of changes might the captains be considering? yesterday's lineup worked terrifically well for team ken. they earned $32,500. brad's team came up with $36,000. team colby didn't do quite so well, earning only $8,000. what will happen today? who gets to come out in just a few moments to play the jeopardy! round?
7:00 pm
let's go backstage and listen in on the discussions. rd - been there, done that. - yeah. - has our luck run out? [ whispers ] probably. - [ whispers ] maybe not. - but maybe not. so, uh, just like last time, david, jeopardy! myself in double, then larissa with the hammer. let's go out and win a million dollars. - [ imitates explosion ] - [ laughs ] well, thanks to monica, we are in position, like what, $3,500... - bam. - yeah. - ...separates the teams? yeah. yeah, this is functionally a tie. monica's gonna play single jeopardy! okay. that puts me in double jeopardy! probably against brad again. why do i keep meeting that guy? - and, matt, final jeopardy! - yep. well, my, oh, my, the same three players who helped end yesterday's game in final jeopardy! are here today to start things off in the jeopardy! round. alan, david, and monica, welcome back. the dollar figures in front of you three will be taken off the screens right now. keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen,


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