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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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residents say during heavy traffic, drivers are detoured through these hills. why that's igniting wildfire concerns. >> starting tomorrow, the busiest runway here is going to be out of commission for 20 days. what you need to know about delays. just when it seemed like things might be calming down, antonio brown releases a video in which he seems to secretly record his coach, jon gruden. really? ion coming>'m lhe fir conrt at center excitement is real. and so is security. abc7 news starts right now. >> announcer: now, news to build a better bay area. from abc7. ♪ rockin' the house.
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night one is in the books for the bay area's newest sports and music venue. thousands of metallica fans packed the chase center for this inaugural event. >> abc7 news reporter luz pena joins us live in san francisco outside the chase center with reaction. hey, luz. >> reporter: i wish i were inside showing you other type of reactions of people excited inside here at metallica's concert. to my right i want to point to this. you're going to have some muni buses waiting for those concert-goers to come out and lead them to their destination. to my left, you're going to have the bike valet encouraging people to ride their bikes here to chase center next time they come. ♪ >> reporter: this is what the grand opening of the chase center sounds like, a fusion of metallica along with our very own san francisco symphony. the first time this happened was 20 years ago. >> tonight it's finally happening and we are the first ones in the door.
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how cool is that? >> what do you want to tell curry and the warriors tonight? >> well, you know, right now actually i'll tell them one thing. i just took a shower back there, which is probably more information than you need. but the hot water wasn't really working yet. >> reporter: he also dished on some exclusive news, their film is coming out soon along with -- >> we're recording it. it will end up in movie theaters on october 9th, and there will most likely be an album. don't tell. >> what are we going to name this album? >> we haven't got that far yet. you'll be the first to know. >> reporter: outside the arena, we met some fans who got through some traffic to get here. >> there was plenty of traffic. >> adjacent to the center is the designated for drop-offs and pickups. >> reporter: among the crowd, we met jason with his dad. tonight they celebrate life. >> i actually never thought i was going to be able to take my dad to a metallica concert.
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he had a heart attack about four months ago. >> i'm ready to rock. rock on dudes. all right. >> reporter: back here live, a message for also a hard core metallica fan. let's play it. let's see right here. here we go. somebody named lisa. lisa is our executive news producer. lisa, somebody sent you a special message that i'm going to show you when i get back to the station. here in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> she will love that. she's going to the next concert in a couple days. >> she's going to be crying out of excitement. new developments tonight, believe it or not, in the antonio brown saga with the raiders just when it appeared everybody was on the same page and getting along and things calming down alone coaching him >> jon gruden, yeah. just to get you caught up on everything, so antonio brown missed nearly all of training camp with frost bitten feet and a dispute with the nfl over his helmet. then the raiders announced brown was being fined and he responded by threatening to punch the g.m.
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then brown apologized. he's expected to play monday night but hours ago he posted a video on his youtube page. it appears as though he secretly recorded a phone call with his coach, jon gruden. >> let me ask you this, do you want to be a raider or not? >> man, i've been trying to be a raider since day one. >> you're a great football player. just play football. >> a.b. did some secret reportings with the steelers that they weren't f, but we're just 2 1/2 days from the raiders/broncos season opener on monday night here on abc7. at our present rate, that means we will have roughly 18 more crazy things that come up with antonio brown before kickoff. more a.b. news in sports. >> larry, sounds good. well, new details tonight on the chaotic month ahead for sfo.
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starting tomorrow morning, the arport's busiest runway will shut down for nearly three weeks as part of the $16 million maintenance project. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz joins us live at sfo with what you need to know. liz. >> reporter: good evening. yeah, delays. that's what you can expect. we are told that all flights are going to be impacted, both domestic and international, particularly those short haul flights. airlines are now alerting people to this disruption. some even offering to change flights for free. friday night at sfo, flights were on time, but starting saturday, that likely won't be the case. >> one of our runways, run way 28-left, will be closed due to necessary construction. so we can expect delays averaging 20 to 30 minutes. >> reporter: here's what you need to know. for the next 20 days, sfo's busiest runway will be out of commission for maintenance. during that time, all flights coming in and out of san francisco will have to use just
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one runway, meaning you better be ready for delays. >> people will say this is such an inconvenience, but why is it important? >> i would think of it like this. like roadways have maintenance, like a regular road. so a runway is similar to that. >> reporter: to help ease the traffic, sfo has worked with airlines to reduce the number of flights during this period by 13%. many airlines including united are sending passengers emails like this, warning people about the expected delays and offering to change flights for free. we talked to a guy at sfo leaving friday night for palm springs. you think it's good they're doing this maintenance? >> it's better than having plane crashes. we don't need potholes on our tarmac. >> reporter: a worthy inconvenience, but, hey, he doesn't have to deal with it. you missed it by one day. how are you feeling about it? >> delays, you should try tow book early flights before 9:00 a.m. try to avoid wednesdays to fridays. like we said, talk to your
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airline. many are willing to change your flight for free. reporting here at sfo, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> it's going to be a bit of a hassle. thanks very much, liz. a ghost ship trial juror spoke with abc7 news tonight sharing his story with what he calls one of the most fascinating and frustrating experiences of his life. millard billings was one of the alternate jurors. he never expected to deliberate. but when the judge threw out three jurors, he was called back to court. >> the case was very, very complex. i was very frustrated because i felt there were a couple of people on the jury that immediately had already made up their mind. >> billings says after hours of deliberation, it seemed likely the jury could be hung for both derick almena's conviction, and max harris' acquittal. >> two days before the end, when the woman was sort of saying that she wasn't going to allow us to let him go, we talked to her. she was very nice. she was very reasonable, and finally at the last minute, she
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said, okay. i will join the other 11, and so max harris got off. >> as for almena, the jurors had two arguments, one legal and one moral, implicating the warehouse's landlord. >> ten of us felt that he was guilty based basically on the fact that he violated the lease. they argued that because the engs en engs is collected and the rent and the utility bills and they knew it was all illegal, but by going along with it, these people felt that gave almena tacit agreement that what he was doing was okay. >> billings says after the verdict was announced, prosecutors asked the jurors about the strength of their case. he said because almena faced a 10-2 guilty vote,trial. now to developing news. a lightning-sparked fire kbubur
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in tehama is only 7% contained. the red bank fire is the largest in the state. it's burning a remote area, but cal fire says mandatory evacuations are in place and structures are threatened. neighbors in one south bay community are sounding the alarm tonight. they say navigation apps that convert -- or divert traffic onto surface streets could block escape routes during a disaster. >> one group in los gatos is taking steps to make sure that doesn't happen. amanda del castillo has our story tonight. >> reporter: neighbors say t seemingly peaceful streets in los gatos hills turn to gridlock. jeffrey siegel shared this video showing heavy traffic. he blames waze. >> their one and only escape route is this road, and so it doesn't take much to bring that
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to a halt. >> reporter: alison lives along the marked wildfire escape route. she says fast-moving fire and slow-moving traffic could have devastating, even deadly consequences. >> i get stuck in our house because the cars cut through on the street over there and over there. >> reporter: captain bill murphy with santa clara county fire says the department's aware of traffic issues along the corridor but admits there's little county fire can do with mitigating traffic flow. >> to date, it hasn't affected our response into the community. but certainly i can understand the concern. >> reporter: real concern when it comes to response and rescue in a region with elevated fire risk. he says county fire is working with the town to assess evacuation options. meantime, jeffrey siegel has launched a wildfire campaign. he wants google to put his neighborhood on a no fly zone for future reroutes. >> if all this waze traffic was happening at the same time as a wildfire, basically google is signing their death sentence. >> reporter: google and waze haven't responded to our request
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for comment. in los gatos, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. new details of the evidence against two bay area teens in the death of an italian police officer. an i-team report coming up. on the prowl. >> mountain lions are popping up in some unexpected places in the bay area. i'm meteorology sandhya patel. get ready for a late fall feel as we're tracking a system. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up. first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> jimmy. >> thanks dan and dion. please watch, okay? this, i think you're going to love. if you're a f i give you donald sh
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an italian police officer died from 11 stab wounds in 32 seconds. that is the stunning finding from an investigative report involving two bay area teens being held in a rome prison. >> abc7 news i-team reporter dan noyes has the latest developments in this case. >> reporter: family members visited both teens at the prison in rome today. leah elder traveled under the radar to see 19-year-old finn elder for the first time since he was arrested and accused of stabbing to death italian police officer, and gabe natale's uncle and grandparents visited him. italian prosecutors say the teens were looking to buy cocaine in the early morning of july 26th, and when undercover officers intervened, they took what police call a pusher's backpack to the meridian hotel where they were staying. when that so-called pusher called his phone still in the backpack, the boys answered and
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demanded 100 euro and a gram of cocaine for its return. you can hear the backpack owner calling police for help retrieving his property. undercover officers responded and confronted the teens who said after they didn't know the men were police officers. prosecutors say finn elder admitted stabbing rega with this marine-style knife and gabe natale fought off and ran away. at this news conference, he said he couldn't fire his weapon at the suspects running away because it would violate policy and he was busy helping his mortally wounded colleague. but now italian media has reported varriale has changed his account, admitting they did not have their service weapons, their handcuffs or police identification and that they were wearing shorts and t-shirts at the time. finn elder's attorney in rome tells abc news those admissions
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bolster both teens' statements they didn't know the officers were in fact police and they call into question the credibility of the case's main witness. >> the public has an incomplete account of the true version of the events. it is said, however, the truth will set you free. >> reporter: late today, new images from surveillance video published by the italian newspaper show elder and natale the hour before meeting the officers, looking down the street, and crouching behind a car near their hotel. those pictures are part of the investigative report handed over to the defense teams this week. leah elder sent me a statement by text late today saying that after seeing her son, finn is painfully depressed and that it has been difficult to hear the facts so unfairly misrepresented. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. let's move on to the weekend forecast. looking pretty good. >> yeah, hoping for some good news. sandhya patel standing by with more on that. >> absolutely. we're going to have some great-looking weather here locally. i do have good news from the perspective of the hurricane
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that we've been tracking for about a week. dan and dion, hurricane dorian continues to pull away quickly from the east coast although the winds are picking up around southeastern massachusetts. it is a category 1, winds of 90 miles an hour, higher gusts. as you will notice, it's still off the coast. tomorrow morning as a category 1, and then it heads towards halifax saturday evening. 80-mile-an-hour winds as a category 1 hurricane, eventually weakening by sunday morning. they will get the brunt of the rain and the wind next. live doppler 7 showing you some clouds. they're increasing as you will notice across the bay area. i do want to show you something interesting, though. two large fires burning to our north and northeast. both of those fires you can see the smoke on visible satellite from earlier, pushing eastward. the wind direction tomorrow will keep that smoke away from the bay area. there is a system that is developing here, and it's going to move into our region. when it does, you're going to notice a change in the air. it is going to be cooler
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tomorrow. as a matter of fact, it's going to feel more like late fall than late summer. i want to show you those temperatures right now. they're in the comfort zone. 60 degrees in san francisco. 63 oakland and in san jose. santa rosa 57 along with petaluma, currently in the low 60s in livermore. a live look from our emeryville camera. you can clearly see the marine layer there. it is going to be advancing as we head towards tomorrow morning. exploratorium camera, a gray view. mostly cloudy morning, spotty drizzle. cool for summer. gusty winds in the afternoon, evening. it is going to be brighter and warmer on sunday. so 7:00 a.m. tomorrow right on through about 9:00 a.m. we're going to see some clouds, drizzle. 11:00 a.m. still a lot of clouds but watch what happens as we head into the evening. the clouds break up. we start to see sun, and that's because the wind is going to be picking up. tomorrow evening, about 25 miles an hour, gusting over 30 miles an hour late tomorrow night and even higher over the higher terrain. so just be aware of the fact that it is going to be pretty windy. low 50s to low 60s in the
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morning. drizzle, clouds. you'll need a jacket later on in the afternoon. mid-60s along the coast and windy. 73 oakland. only 82 in antioch. 76 san rafael and san jose. a look at the a's forecast against the tigers. 67 tomorrow dropping down to 64 degrees and breezy. seven-day forecast, second half of your weekend is milder. next week the heat is back. mid-90s, wednesday, thursday. until then, enjoy the break from the hot weather. dan and dion. > thank you, sandhya, very much. mountain lions popping up in
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>> just be on the lookout. on to sports and antonio brown again. >> still shaking our heads at this. >> there's approximately 68 hours between now and kickoff. >> what could possibly happen? >> exactly. i mean what could go wrong with antonio brown between now and monday night football? we're all good here, has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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at ross. yes for less. >> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. good evening. earlier we showed you antonio brown's new video. for about 24 hours it appeared the raiders might actually suspend brown and his $30 million guarantee appeared to be in jeopardy. then came the emotional apology this morning. brown apologizing in front of the team. the captains were there supporting him.
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so barring any more absolute zaniness, brown is expected to play on monday night against the broncos. brown had threatened to punch his g.m. in the face a few days ago but that fire appears to be out, so all is well with a.b. for the moment. >> i'm excited to be out here today. i want to apologize to my teammates, the organization. i'm grateful for all the fans, and i'm excited to be a part of the raiders. see you guys soon. >> full speed ahead. odd double-header in oakland. the a's finished their suspended game with the tigers in may when rain halted play. they picked this game up in the seventh inning with liam hendriks getting the strikeout. then chad pinder would go deep in the ninth inning. that is a two-run jack right there to give the a's the 7-3 victory in that resumed game.
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so then a's and tigers all over again. brand-new series. we're dancing, dancing. a's score four runs in the second. josh phegley starting it off. opposite field double. new guy seth brown. tigers with two in the seventh, two more in the eight. lugo, two out single. we go to extras. top 11, willy castro, two-out double down the line. that scores the winning run. 5-4 tigers the final. giants bruce bochy, fond farewell from the dodgers. dave roberts. fourth inning, takes clayton kershaw downtown. his second career homer. in the fifth, this is almost a grand slam. settles for a two-run double off the wall here, and it's 3-1 giants. you can see why the giants are so excited about this kid. three rbis. giants win 5-4. how about the sharks, opening u
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season. gets a one-year for $2 million. jumbo joe had 16 goals and 35 assists last season for the sharks. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dan, you were checking. nothing new on a.
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all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. >> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, nick offerman, from
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"hustlers," keke palmer. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from brockhampton. and now, pipe down, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching and thank you for coming, and thank you for joining us on what was a day of a bombshell. you are going to want to sit down for this. you know what, i'm going to wait for the people at home to sit down, too. okay, you know we may have finally cracked the case of the mysterious hurca


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