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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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just when we thought it couldn't get any more dramatic, more twists in the turn of events for the now former raider
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we'll break down how it happened. raiders farns are reacting to antonio brown's release and believing their team will step up during monday's game. abc 7 news starts right now. news did build a better bay area from abc 7. free! ha ha! they're freeing me, grandma! >> antonio brown is no longer a raider. it's been a wild few months for the wide receiver, now he's headed to the patriots. >> it began this morning when brown requested his release in a very public and dramatic way. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. cornell bernard has a look on how they released him today. >> he's a good guy, mised? by a lot of people. he's a good guy, great player. >> reporter: raiders head coach gruden says no hard feelings but star wide receiver antonio brown
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has been released. >> i wish antonio nothing but the best. i'm sorry we never got a chance to see him in silver and black. >> reporter: the raiders decided to cut brown after he requested the release on social media, upset over his latest team fine over an outburst at practice with general manager mike mayock. the fine allowed the raiders to void more than $29 million in guarantees in brown's three-year contract. brown tweeted the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth. it was a summer full of drama for brown. from everything a helmet grievance to missing practice after frostbite in a cryotherapy chamber. friday brown posted this video of an apparent private phone call he had with coach gruden. >> you want to be a raider? >> i'm trying to be raider since day one. >> reporter: gruden would not confirm if the voice on the call was his. >> i'm done with it, really. >> reporter: raiders teammates
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reacted this way. >> antonio's great player and someone we wish we could have. because he is one of the best e receivers in the nfl. >> i don't have anything against him, positive dude. if he's not here anymore, we don't hate him, we just hatch to move on and handle business, simple as that. >> reporter: raiders quarterback derek carr had no comment about brown. coach gruden says there's no time to look back. the raiders play their first regular season game on monday night against the broncos. in alameda, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news sports brer larry beil and chris alvarez look at what's next for brown. >> what a bizarre 48 to 72 hours for the raiders. i mean, i think when we went to sleep the assumption was, okay, antonio brown's going to be a raider. wake up, he gets cut, and five hours later he's signed by the new england patriots. bill belichick, interesting how quickly that came about. >> i'm not sure we saw any of this happening. like you said, when i went to
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sleep assuming a.b. was going to be back, woke up this morning, put out a tweet knowing the answer's going to be yes. will antonio play a game for the raiders this season? five minutes from that tweet the raiders announced he was released, later we find out he's going to new england. >> how's the poll going? >> 95% say no. there's a 5% amount of people thinking he's going to go. he's going to be a patriot. >> i really feel like antonio brown played the raiders in this situation. i think he was in for a while but maybe once they fined him he basically told his agent, drew rosenhaus, get me out of here. then it was a replay of the pittsburgh steelers situation. like, okay, how can i crazy my way out of this? i'm going to make it impossible i'll secretly record the coach when he calls me to see if i want to play for the team, just do enough that it we've got to get rid of this guy. >> social media overload. hi played the cards perfectly. that's the way he was going to do it, played himself out of
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oakland and into a situation with the defending super bowl champions. could it be randy moss 2.0? possibly his best year ahead, especially with a guy like trey. >> give the patriots and tom brady another all-world weapon, paw they don't have enough in their arsenal. where does this leave the raiders? for the second year in a row they lose the best player on their roster. just before the opener. last year khalil mack. they traded him to chicago. a.b. gone. >> you'll see the raiders' season opener on "monday night foball,"bc 7, we'll have much more a.b. coming up in sports. oakland raiders fans reacted to the release of antonio brown this afternoon. >> many people told abc 7 news reporter luz pena that they are ready to move on and get ready for the season. >> reporter: at ricky's, a raiders hot spot, the topic of conversation was antonio brown. no longer a raider. >> personally i feel he's kind of selfish.
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>> money? >> money, attention. >> we want to move past it. >> antonio brown is one player but we ar team. >> reporter: after a complicated several months with the raiders and a recent outburst toward the general manager, the raiders fined brown and released him today. hours later the patriots picked him up. now former raiders player john vela had votes for him. >> what do you think about what's going on with antonio brown? >> well, i mean, you know what -- he's got to g with program a little more than he has been, get along with management. >> reporter: raiders fans are focused on a long-term goal. for the city of oakland to keep the raiders' name and colors right here with the support of local politicians. >> it's not a violin, this is the last year, we're not crying. we're fighting because we know that identity needs to stay her. >> reporter: assemblyman rob ponta and councilmember guillo
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speaking about their lawsuit against the nfl for moving the raiders to vegas. >> there's multiple outcomes to what this litigation could lead to. and keeping the raiders here is one. keeping the name and colors is another. anything in between is possible too. >> reporter: for now the show must go on. the raiders are playing monday but without brown. in oakland, lose pena, abc 7 news. >> catch the game on abc 7, silver and blackfacing denver broncos, 7:00 p.m. following abc 7 news at 6:00. at least two are dead and three injured following a plane crash near las vegas tonight. the plane went down shortly after taking off from the henderson executive airport. it's not clear what caused that crash, but air traffic indicated the pilot radioed two minutes after takeoff that a door had come open. a las vegas tv station is reporting that plane is regis r registered to a flight school in southern california. in the north bay, a bank
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robbery suspect got away on a bike in mill valley. this is a surveillance photo of the man. investigators say he walked into the wells fargo branch on miller avenue just after 10:00 a.m. and handed a note to the teller demanding money. officers arrived within two minutes but the man had already gotten away, reportedly on a mountain bike. the daly city police department hosted its third annual gun buy-back program, set up to reduce the availability of unwanted, unsafe, and illegal guns in the community. those who surrendered firearms today received $400 for assault weapons and $100 for handguns. >> there's no questions asked of them about where they got the gun from, who owns the gun what were they doing with the gun. they surrender the gun, we give them cash on the spot, and that's it. the guns will be destroyed, melted down, and gone from the streets forever. >> now the city thought it would exhaust the $45,000 from asset forfeiture fundsnd community
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donations for that gun buy-back program by the end of today's event. abc 7 news still hasn't heard back yet from the police department on the exact totals. the east bay, a protest opposing a proposed temporary navigation center to address fremont's housing crisis. dozens gathered in front fremont senior center to sound off against the center that would provide up to six months of housing for up to 45 homeless people. they say it would bring a negative safety impact to the neighborhood rfrt city council is scheduled to meet tuesday to discuss moving forward with the center at one of two locations, either capitol avenue or dakota road near fremont boulevard. efforts to recover the dive boat that caught fire and sank near santa cruz island have been suspended through monday. increased winds, swells, and currents are to blame. the coast guard said that includes the search and recovery of the final missing victim they believe to be one of the 34 people on board the "conception." the vessel had been uprighted and secured yesterday but is
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still underwater. the process is deliberately slow because of safety concerns and to keep the integrity of the boat. letters from felicity huffman and william macy are telling their side of the college admissions scandal through letters they wrote to the judge. prosecutors have recommended rough man spend a month in prison and be fined $20,000 for paying to get her daughters into the university of southern california. in her letter, huffman says quote in my desperation to be a good mother i talked myself into believing that all i was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot. i see the irony in that statement because what i have done is the opposite of fair. macy wrote the ordeal has put a strain on their family and their oldest daughter sofia has not recovered mentally from the fbi raids on their home. sfo's busiest runway is officially closed for construction. we are taking a live look at the airport right now. the closure is expected to last for 20 days and it already made today frustrating for many travelers. abc 7 news reporter liz croits
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explains. >> reporter: at sfo baggage claim, jeannie and john price. >> we are from louisiana. and we came to san francisco to vacay, have some fun. >> reporter: what wasn't so fun, their flight from dallas to get here. >> i started getting updates through expedia that it was going to be delayed, delayed and delayed. >> reporter: the prices soon learned why. sfo's busiest runwa closed for construction for the next 20 days. on day one, saturday, flyers already felt the impact. >> my flight was delayed like twice. i was late for my job actually, because i'm working with the chase center for the warriors. so i was supposed to be at work but i'm out there. >> reporter: sfo says saturday, 244 flights were delayed, 103 flights canceled, the emergency right due to this construction. on twitter, airlines busy responding to frustrated flyers. one person told us their flight from l.a.x. was delayed five hours. looking at the departures board,
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most of the flights taking off appear to be on time. when you look at the arrivals, that's where you can see how many flights are delayed. we talked to michael who told us his friends showed up for their flight to find out it was rerouted through san jose. sfo said delays averaged 90 minutes. faa said it was longer, 3 hours 30 minutes. take early flights before 9:00 a.m. when delays are expected to start and check with your airline. some are offering to change flights for free. >> he was wanting to leave whenever we can find get out. but i'm saying, you know, thi is our vacation. we're going to stay. have a good time in san francisco no matter what. >> reporter: that's the spirit. right? liz croits, abc 7 news. a plaque was dedicated honoring a san francisco icon who proclaimed himself emperor of the united states in the 1800s. abc 7 news was at the sales force transit center for the
11:16 pm
unveiling. josh norton's relatives say he not only declared himself emperor, he ordered a suspension bridge be built linking san francisco to oakland. the plaque has made a journey, first created in 1939, refurbished and eventually installed at the original trans bay terminal. it came down in 2010 for construction on the sales force transit center. >> it's a great pleasure to see it finally put up in a permanent location. and again, it's to recognize the fact that emperor norton was the visioner that back in 1869. >> norton declared himself the protector of mexico after the french invaded in 1863. turning to the weather, is it still summer? >> technically. but it doesn't feel like it. >> yeah, technically it is still summer for the next couple of days. it felt cool for september. numbers below where they should be this time of year to start the weekend. live doppler 7 along with satellite, a little bit of cloud
11:17 pm
cover along the coast. patchy clouds in the south bay. right now calm conditions. fog footprint, you can see a lot of city lights through the patchy fog at this hour. the marine layer will grow overnight tonight. we'll have cloudy skies to begin with first thing tomorrow morning. take a look at the accuweather highlights the next couple of days. a mix of stars and clouds tonight. close to the coast cloudier. tomorrow if you like cool weather it will be another repeat of a performance today. temperatures tomorrow in the 60s and 70s. really nice if you like that fall feeling. however, we do have warmer weather lurking in the seven-day forecast. you're going to feel it warm up especially wednesday and thsday. we're headed back into the 90s and our hottest spots later into the week. right now mainly 60s. 60 currently in san francisco. oakland 64. in san jose 63. brentwood right now with a current temperature around 64 degrees. so all in all really not that bad.
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overnight tonight take a look at the numbers. we'll find temperatures mainly dropping into the 50s. 56 in san rafael. 58 in san mateo. 59 in san jose. the same in concord. napa cooler in the north bay under partly cloudy skies dropping to about 53. live doppler 7 along with satellite, the reason we're cool for september this weekend, we've got this area of low pressure, a trough situated right over much of the west coast. that will stay there tornlt as well. actually brought thunderstorms into seattle earlier tonight. we'll remain dry but cool the next 24 hours. future weather, let me show you where the clouds will linger for thing in the morning. 8:30 a.m., see cloud cover along the coast and patchy cloud cover in and around the bay shoreline. tomorrow afternoon it will be a sunny day and it will be a nice day. temperatures comfortabl in the 60s and 70s for a lot of us. a closer look at highs tomorrow, microclimates, south bay 75 in san jose. 73 in the sunnyvale. 74 santa clara. morgan hill a high of about 76.
11:19 pm
as we head towards the peninsula, 70 for redwood city tomorrow. about 72 for mountain view. the coast cooler, 64 half moon bay. 65 the high in pacifica. downtown san francisco about 65 tomorrow. 67 in south san francisco. in the north bay tomorrow, mainly 70s to low 80th. 78 in petaluma. about 80 in santa rosa. 77 in napa. 75 in san rafael. 78 in vallejo. 70s berkeley. 73 oakland. 74 in fremont and castro valley up to 74. inland really comfortable, 70s to low 80s. 75 in san ramon. 82 in pittsburg. 80 in brentwood and livermore 76. the seven-day forecast. tomorrow we continue the below-average temperatures that trend into monday and tuesday. we're going to reverse the trend by wednesday. we start warming up again. thursday that summer heat comes back. 80s and 90th.
11:20 pm
warm on friday before temperatures moderate a little bit coming next week on saturday. nonetheless feeling like fall the next couple of days and bouncing right back. >> that's where summer went. >> it's coming back, don't worry. >> ask me next week. >> i will. still ahead, the chase center held its first free unticketed event for the public today. >> how it was transformed into it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically justs to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? so you can really promise better sleep. not promise. prove. it's the final days where all beds are on sale! save 40% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24-months on all beds. ends sunday. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else?
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there was quite a crowd outside the chase center today for the first public event. >> abc 7 news was there for a u.s. open watch party. tennis fans got to watch today's women's final, and you can see there a large number of people showed up and filled those seats. there were concessions and even a tennis court much like the one in new york. yesterday was the first official event at the arena as metallica teamed up with the san francisco symphony for a concert. >> the last time i was there,
11:24 pm
there were no seats yet. they were still putting them in. >> chris got to do a tour of the inside, eat lobster rolls and burgers. >> he knows somebody important. >> my assignment was a little better than yours. >> thank you, yes. >> imagine when the warriors are there. >> it's going to be something. coming up, what a wild weekend, what a wild day. how antonio brown went from being an oakland raider to joining the defending super bowl cham has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. one of the more bizarre sports stories this come in some time. antonio brown's run with the raiders has come to an end. >> raiders, free!
11:28 pm
>> that was antonio brown today after learning he was released by the raiders. it's been quite the roller coaster week for brown and oakland. a.b.'s social media posts his side of the story. he shared a letter of his fines from the team and asked for release. ultimately shared that video finding out he's been released. here's coach gruden on the departure of a.b. >> i don't think it works, didn't fit here. right now he would have to answer that for himself. i'm sure he will. and again, i wish him the best. i'm sorry to the raider fans, but again, i really want to thank our football players, mark davis, mayock, all of us. we did try to make it work. you know, hopefully he finds what he's looking for. switching gears to saturday football. battle of backup quarterbacks in the pac-12 opener between stanford and usc. k.j. costello out this week. usc'sj.t. daniels lost for the season with a torn acl.
11:29 pm
the 100th meeting between these teams. first possession, screen pass to conner wedding ton, he finds pay dirt, 7-3. next stanford possession, scarlett scores. cardinal led 17-3 at one point but the trojans scored 21 before the half. the touchdown pass, 24-20 usc fighting on at the half. third quarter, millepi, four-yard touchdown run. another touchdown, six touchdowns on seven drives, and usc wins 45-20. cal and washington delayed because of lightning and the power went out. 2 1/2 hour delay. both teams came back rusty as you might imagine. huskies go the a field goal. here's cal's camryn bynum picking off the pass. unfortunately for cal they would do nothing with that turnover. later in the quarter, washington adds to the lead.
11:30 pm
ahmed 21 yards and that's 10-0 huskies at last check. the bears just scored, it's 10-3 in the second quarter. san jose state's 1-0 looking to surpass last year's win total against tulsa. shamari brooks, 140 yards rushing, scored this nine-yard touchdown run, 7-0. second quarter, josh love, 23-yard strike. 17-10 game at the half. tulsa, 256 yards on the ground and three scores. t.k. wilkerson pounds it in. tulsa wins 34-16. a.b, how did we get there, the timeline? we'll talk about that later in sports. >> it never ends. >> it's calmed down for a couple of hours. check your phones. >> did you call grandma yet to find out her reaction? >> she was happy. much more to come. the details president trump
11:31 pm
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines the new england patriots have given antonio brown a one-year deal worth up to $15 million. it happened just hours after the oakland raiders cut the wide receiver from the team. brown asked the team to release him on social media. the team had fined him for an outburst at practice with the general manager which allowed the raiders to void more than $29 million in guarantees over
11:35 pm
the next two years of his contract. sfo has closed one of its busiest runways for a 20-day construction project. airport officials are advising air travellers to expect delays and drivers, increased traffic. crews will remove runway 28 left's service paving to install a new i was layer. the $16.2 million project is expected to affect at least 26 flights a day. two dead and three injured after a plane crashed tonight near las vegas. the plane went down shortly after taking off from the henderson executive airport. it's not clear what caused the crash but the pilot radioed a door had come open. after devastating parts of the bahamas and causing severe flooding in north carolina's our, dorian made landfall in canada today. >> a look at how damaged cities are trying to cope. >> reporter: the skies have cleared and floodwaters are receding in north carolina's outer banks after dorian made
11:36 pm
landfall yesterday. ocracoke island particularly hard hit. flooding in sbarl neighborhoods. north carolina's governor touring the damage. >> the people who did get flooded and did get significant wind damage, this is a bad situation for them. we're going to pull together. >> reporter: nearly a week after dorian devastated the bahamas, the humanitarian crisis is growing. the docks filled with survivors hoping to be evacuated. the united nations estimating at least 70,000 people are homeless. in abaco and grand bahama. >> we don't have no power no water, and we've got -- it's hot, hot, hot to live. >> reporter: officials saying bringing food and water to the area is still a challenge. water in marsh harbor is unsafe to drink and to bathe in. cruise ships repurposed to ferry people to nassau. as many bahamians are looking to evacuate, jackson is staying
11:37 pm
behind to help rebuild. >> you're telling me now to pack up and leave and sit in the corner to wait for somebody to give me a al? you know, that just isn't a part of my dna. >> reporter: his son-in-law agrees. women, children, and the elderly should evacuate, but he's staying. >> i'm a guy. you know, i have to stay. somebody has to stay to help clean this up. >> reporter: the u.s. part of an international coalition with the uk, canada, and caribbean partners working with private organizations to bring aid to areas devastated by the storm. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. a bay area search and rescue team is headed back from the hurricane zone. task force 3 had been sent first to puerto rico, then florida, then charlotte, north carolina. since the storm dealt only a glancing blow, they will be returning home. they did get some training in, posting this picture from charlotte. the emergency responders are based out of menlo park. president trump has revealed that he cancelled a secret
11:38 pm
meeting with taliban leaders. the meeting was set for tomorrow at the presidential retreat, camp david. it was meant to negotiate a peace keel for afghanistan, the site of the longest war in u.s. history. trump tweeted today he canceled the meeting after a taliban car bombing in afghanistan killed 12 people, including an american soldier. the maker of oxycontin is expected to file for bankruptcy after settlement talks over the nation's opioid crisis reached an impasse. state attorneys general handling negotiations with purdue pharma said the company's owners have rejected two settlement offers and declined to offer counterproposals. as a result the attorneys expect the company to file for bankruptcy. a spokesperson for purdue pharma declined to comment. the breakdown of negotiations puts the first federal trial over the opioid epidemic on track to begin next month. now to the latest on the growing number of mysterious deaths and hospitalizations linked to vaping. >> health officials now say at least five people have died from vaping-related illnesses and the
11:39 pm
cdc is issuing a serious warning. here's abc reporter mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: an urgent warning from federal and state health officials. we join with the centers for disease control to advise people to stop vaping now. >> reporter: the cdc investigating a major outbreak of a mysterious lung illness. 450 possible cases so far reported in 33 states. the number of vaping-related deaths rising to at least five. >> this is really impacting very vulnerable populations. we really encourage people to avoid these products. >> reporter: the government says many patients but not all reported recent use of thc, some saying they used both thc and nicotine. the investigation looking into whether the illnesses are related to specific devices, other ingredients, possible contaminates, or a combination. adam was hospitalized after using nicotine and thc. >> i'm 18 years old. my lungs are like a
11:40 pm
70-year-old's. >> reporter: michigan's governor ordering the state health department to issue emergency rules to prohibit all sales of flavored nicotine products. we're letting these companies target our kids, deceive our children, and they're showing up with respiratory illnesses no one can explain. this is why we're taking bold action in michigan. it's time to lead. >> reporter: retailers will reserve will have 30 days to comply but the rules are likely to face challenges in court. the american vaping association releasing a statement saying in part quote every day it's becoming more clear that these illnesses and deaths are being caused by thc-containing street vapes, not store-bought nicotine vaping products. evacuations remain in place tonight for a wildfire near red bluff in that hail may county. the red bank fire is 15% contained and has scorched over 8,800 acres. crews are having a difficult time reaching the flames because the fire is in a remote area
11:41 pm
with steep, rocky terrain. the weather has been hot and dry. so far no structures have burned and no one has been hurt. investigators say lightning sparked the fire on thursday. californians who lose their homes in a wildfire will not be required to install solar panels. starting next year, going solar will be mandatory on all new homes. governor newsom signed a law that will traeshl i guess september fire victims. the exemption ends in 2023 and the homeowners mist live in an area where the governor has declared a state of emergency. the law is primarily for people who live in the town of paradise, mostly destroyed last year in the camp fire. a north bay man is doing his part to build a better bay area one playground swing at a time. he's built an astounding 73 playgrounds and he is still going strong. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. starting out the weekend on a cooler than average note, but we do have some heat that will
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> we have a trash issue in san francisco. >> find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we need to use words. we don't have to use fists. >> our concerns might be different, but we're in this together. and building a better bay area takes all of us. a tiny shrimp could be causing a big problem for lake tahoe. the "l.a. times" reports researchers at uc davis have been trying to figure out what's polluting the water and keeping it from being clear. mises shrimp were brought in during the '60s for trout to eat but the shrimp have exploded in population to the point researchers say they're affecting possibly the clarity. the solution, use trawlers to remove them, then sell the omega
11:46 pm
3 fatty acids. that project could then pay for itself. a 92-year-old bay area native responsible for giving the gift of play to kids has helped build 73 playgrounds as of today. abc 7 news was in napa near harvest magnet and river middle schools on old sonoma road when construction started on jim roberts' latest volunteer venture. the resident has been planning playground builds and organizing volunteer groups to help through his kiwanis club napa membership the last 65 years. >> i method we'd do just playground. 73, 74 next month. >> but who's counting? >> yeah, who's counting, i love it. >> hard to believe he's in his 90s. robert said he's committed to building safe playground areas after hearing about a little girl in 1998 who fell from a piece of playground equipment and suffered a concussion. dozens of bay area residents with limb loss and limb
11:47 pm
differences took part in the health and wellness event ahead of tomorrow's 10th annual san francisco giant race. the challenged athletes foundation teamed up with giants enterprises to host the second annual azure running and mobility clinic which teaches tips and tricks to those using wheelchairs and prosthetic devices to help challenged athletes cross their own personal finish lines. >> your life is not ended because you now have a different ability. just because you lost a limb or you get by using a wheelchair, there still is a whole world open to you. you just have to open your heart to it and encourage others and pay it forward. >> marcie lost her legs in a car crash 33 years ago. that's when she was advised to become athletic. she said it was the best advice and continues to pay it forward by mentoring other challenged athletes. >> and we thank her for all she does. time for one last check of weather. >> we're going to thank drew for the forecast? >> depends, you like fall? you're going to love tomorrow.
11:48 pm
temperatures nice, comfortable. no inhence heat this weekend. live doppler 7, patchy cloud cover here and there. it will be a blend of stars and clouds overnight tonight. take a look at temperatures as we go to bed. 56 overnight in san francisco. 58 in redwood city. 59 in san jose. 54 santa rosa. 59 the high in concord. tomorrow a fair amount of sunshine throughout the day. cool this time of year, 73 in oakland tomorrow. 65 in the city. 75 in san jose. we'll touch 80 in santa rosa. 79 concord. 81 in antioch. so the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you below-average temperatures persisting through tuesday. and then we'll do a 180 in the weather department. start to warm up midweek. by thursday and friday, the summer heat returns. even along the coast, mild in the 70s for most spots in the bay, going back to the 80s and 90s to finish out the forecast. it's only been a few minutes since we last saw chris alvarez,
11:49 pm
did anything happen with antonio brown? >> nothing. >> is he asleep? he's got a team that works the social media pretty well. it's been quite the ride with a.b. and the raiders. a.b. and the raiders. next the timeline in case you ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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in a story that seemed to change by the minute, antonio brown's run with the raiders has come to an end. here is a look at a.b.'s time with the raiders before ever playing a down for the silver and black. >> i'm here to prove who i am and what i stand for, not just my words but my actions. let you guys see what i'm about, more so what i say, more so what i do. >> he can play split end, flanker, in the slot, return punts and sell popcorn at halftime, we're excited about this guy. >> give me a hug, man. >> it can all start today with a commitment from guys there,
11:53 pm
everybody there, make the raiders great again. >> he's a fungi to be around. i expected more than a hot air balloon. thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute here himself. >> we wish the healing process of whatever's going on will be fast. >> i think we're all disappointed. we think he's disappointed. >> it's in my face, all over the news, all the talk. these guys are doing a good job with supporting me. >> so antonio brown missed nearly all of training camp with frost bitten feet and a dispute with the nfl over his helmet. >> i got a feeling he would play with no helmet, that's how much he loves to play. >> too much noise right now. more work, less noise. >> had a pretty good understanding in spite of what people think, now we're ready to get rolling. >> it's time for him to be all in or all out. >> he's all in, ready to go. >> head, feet. people after me. >> the raiders announced brown was being fined and the star
11:54 pm
receiver responded by threatening to punch gm mike mayock. >> antonio brown's not in the building, won't be practicing. >> we have been practicing without him. all of us are here and we have a job today. >> antonio's back today, we're really excited about that, ready to move on. >> decided to be a part of the raiders. >> the volatile receiver is apparently all in again. check back with me in five minutes. >> do you want to be a raider? >> i'm in. trying to be a raider since day one. >> i'm sorry, but it's nothing. >> free! grandma, i'm free! >> a.b.'s a good player, a really good player. and he's a handsome-looking player, by the way. >> those eyes. the 49ers open the regular season in tampa tomorrow. the honeymoon long over for coach kyle shanahan entering his third season with an overall record 10-22. nine case know it's time to
11:55 pm
start winning. >> i definitely do. that's not just because you make statements like that or you say you should be there, because we believe we are there. we know we have a good chance to win. i think our guys, you know, lip service doesn't do much for players. they see the guys next to them, they feel the players, they know how much harder competition was throughout, deciding on the 53. "star wars" night in oakland. a's taking on the tigers. is that drew in a costume? second inning. solo bomb, 20th of the season, tigers up 2-1. chris bassett dealing 11 strikeouts in six innings. a's had 19 strikeouts. bottom four, marcus simeon. castro's got a bead but can't make the grab, two runs are going to -- falls there. 5-2. matt olsen ties his career high 29 home runs. a's win 10-2, they hold the second wild card, one game back
11:56 pm
of the top spot tampa bay. giants/dodgers. they can coexist. second straight night the giants have the bases loaded in the first. this time a run, kevin pillar, the groundout. 1-0 giants. giants started tyler beady. gets out of it both times. five innings, no earned, five k. gustav i have a on the mound, enrique kiki hernandez, 5-4-3, game. giants win 1-0, five short of 2,000 all-time for bruce bochy. serena williams going for her 24th career grand slam which would tie margaret court's all-tool record of 24. the 38-year-old taking on 19-year-old bianca andreescu and the canadian health her own in her first career appearance at the u.s. open. won the first set 6-3. williams tied it but won it in straights, 6-3, 7-5, serena
11:57 pm
loses. the raiders, monday that will be a good one, a.b. will not be there. >> oh, well. >> in case you didn't get the message. >> it's still early, you never know. >> derek carr will find other people to throw the ball to, it's fune. these two young men could be catching the ball monday night. >> no. >> i'll be looking for you. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... ♪ here i go again on my own
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