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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  September 8, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning, it's sunday, september 8th.mmmmmmm here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, amanda. the rest of you are enjoying sun but boy, we cooled down from a system that pushed through yesterday. we'll have another system to reinforce that cool air tomorrow. here is a live look from mt. tam, we can see fog out there. mid-60s in san jose. there's a look at fog over the city. it's going to be a nice day. less wind today. we'll call it breezy at the shoreline. mid-60s, concord and santa rosa, big warm-up in the north bay
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from that 48 in napa. we're looking at gusty winds, upper elevations and sfo. are you ready for four-hour delay on arriving flights due to that construction? hopefully you've heard about it and have an alternative plan. we're looking at temperatures with that slow warm today. a little bit of a breeze out there, amanda. instanci thanks, lisa. antonio brown is no longer a raider. it's been a wild few months and now he's headed to the patriots. he requested his release yesterday morning. the whole thing was public and dramatic. abc 7's cornell barnard has more. >> he's m be'sood guy. jon gru y therarling team whereon released played one ga wish a'm sorry th
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>> reporter: raiders made the decision to cut brown hours after he requested the release on social media. brown was upset over his latest team fine over an outburst at practice with the general manager. the fine allowed the raiders to void more than $29 million in guarantees in brown's three-year contract. brown tweeted, the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth. it was a summerful of drama for brown, everything from a helmet grievance to a missing practice after suffering frostbite in a cryotherapy chamber. brown posted this video on youtube of an apparent private phone call he had with gruden. >> do you want to be a raider? >> i've been trying to be a raider since day one. >> reporter: gruden would not confirm if the voice on the call is his. >> i'm done with it. if you want to talk about the team -- >> antonio is a great player and someone we wish we could have because he is one of the best
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receivers in the nfl. >> i don't have anything against him, he's a positive dude, but if he's not here anymore, we don't hate him, but we have to move on and hdlbu. >>arad comment about gruden says ther time to look back. raiders play first regular season game on monday night against the broncos. in alameda, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> what'sow that we go to abc 7s director larry beil. >> i think the assumption was, okay, antonio brown is going to b a raider, he gets cut and five hours later signed by the new england patriots. bill belichick, interesting how quickly that came about. >> i'm not sure we saw any of this happening. i really feel like antonio brown played the raiders in this situation. i think he was in for while but maybe once they fined him he basically told his agent, get me
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out of here. then it was a replay of the pittsburgh steelers situation, okay, how can i crazy my way out of this, i'll record the coach when he calls me to see if i want to play for the team and just do enough that it just becomes, we got to get rid of this guy. >> social media overload. he played the cards perfectly. that's the way he was going to do it. he played himself out of oakland and into a situation with the defending super bowl champions. possibly his best years ahead especially with a guy like tom brady. >> let's give the patriots and tom brady another all world weapon because they don't have enough in their arsenal. where does this leave the raiders? for the second year in a row they lose the best player on their roster, just before the opener. last year was mack, they traded him away to chicago. >> we'll have much more ab news
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coming up in sports. you know we had to reach out to raiders fans. many told luz pena they're ready to move on and get ready for the season. >> reporter: a well-known raiders hotspot in san leandro. the well-known topic of conversation was antonio brown, no longer a raider. >> personally, it was kind of selfish. >> was it money? >> money, attention. >> we just want to move past it. >> antonio brown is one player. but we are a team. >> reporter: after a complicated several months with the raiders and a recent outburst at the general manager, the raiders fined brown and released him hours later. the patriots picked him up. john bella had some thoughts for him. what do you think is going on with antonio brown? well, you know what, he's got to go along with the program a little bit more than he has been. he's got to get along with management. >> reporter: right across from the coliseum, raiders fans are
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focused on a long term goal, for the city of oakland to keep the name and colors right here. all this with the support of local politician. >> it's not a violin, we're not crying, we're fighting, because we know that identity needs to stay here. >> reporter: they're joining the forever oakland tailgate to speak about their lawsuit against the nfl for moving the raiders to vegas. >> there's multiple outcomes as to what this litigation could lead to. keeping the raiders here is one, keeping the name and colors is another. aything in between is possible. >> reporter: for now, the show must go on. raiders are playing monday but without brown. in oakland, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> catch monday night's raiders gae on 7. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. immediately following abc 7 news at 6:00. new overnight, vallejo police arrested a man accused of
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kidnapping and raping a woman at gunpoint. police found him at 8:30 last night in a tool shed on holly street. officers say he led them on a foot chase to a home there and wouldn't come out. that was about six hours after a woman called to report the incident which happened on willow street. neighbors have to shelter in place before officers arrested cole. developing news, firefighters are battling a huge wildfire east of chico. the walker fire is burning in the national forest near the city of quincy. flames have charred more than 38,000 acres. it's only 5% contained. no structures have been damaged. the fire started wednesday morning but it's unclear what caused it. and evacuations remain in place this morning for wildfire near red bluff. the redbank fire is 15% contained and it's scorched more than 8,800 acres. cal fire says crews are having a difficult time reaching the flames because the fire is in a remote area with steep, rocky
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terrain. the weather also has been hot and dry. so far, no structures have burned and known has been hurt. investigators say lightning sparked the fire on thursday. efforts to recover the dive boat that caught fire and sank near santa cruz island have been suspended through tomorrow. the coast guard is blaming increased winds, swells, and currents. this puts a halt to the search and recovery effort of the final missing victim they believe to be one of 34 people aboard the conception. the vessel had been uprighted and secured yesterday but it's still underwater. the process is deliberately slow because of safety concerns and to keep the integrity of the boat. at least two people are dead and three others injured following a plane crash near las vegas. the plane went down shortly after taking off from the henderson executive airport last night. it's not clear what caused the crash but air traffic indicated the pilot radioed two minutes after takeoff that a door had come open. a las vegas tv station is reporting the plane is
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registered to a flight school in so we southern california. sfo's busiest runway is officially closed for construction. this is a live look at the airport now, one of the best times to fly if it's available. the closure is expected to last for 20 days, and it's already making travel frustrating. abc 7 news reporter has more. >> we are hafrom louisiana and came to san francisco to vacay and have fun. >> reporter: what wasn't so fun, their flight to get here. >> i got notifications it was going to be delayed and delayed and delayed. >> reporter: sfo's busiest roadway closed for construction for the next 20 days. on day one, saturday, fliers already felt the tastwe. forjoke
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center. i'm supposed to be working but i'm not there. >> reporter: 244 flights were delayed yesterday, 103 flights canceled, the majority due to this construction. on twitter, airlines are busy responding to frustrated fliers. one person told us their flight from l.a.x. was delayed five hours. we're looking at the departures board. when you look at the arrivals, you can see how many flights are coming in delayed. michael told us his friend showed up for their flight only to find it was rerouted through somebody. >> they were uber'd down to san jose. >> reporter: sfo says the average delay was 90 minutes. faa says it was three hours and 30 minutes. for people traveling, best advice is take early flights before 9:00 a.m. and check with yo some are offering to change flights for free. >> he was wanting to leave whenever we could possibly get out. but i'm saying this is a vacation, we're going to stay and have a good time in san
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francisco no matter what. >> reporter: that's the spirit. right? happening today, a golf club in contra costa county is set to close for good. the deer ridge golf club in brentwood will close permanently today. a signposted at the club says it's having a difficult time because of maintenance costs and revenue. they only saw 120 golfers a day and it needed 180 to survive. lisa, we can't go there, but is it a good day for golf? i've heard from folks that are enjoying the cooldown. we've got the warmest weather the next xlcouple of months. right now from our east bay hills camera, it was a cool one yesterday. you notice how sunny it is right now. we're almost 70 in brentwood, 66 in concord with 57 downtown. we'll talk about our cooler than
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tenth annual giants' race. there will be an expo after the race which includes fitness and yoga classes. the half marathon and 10k starts at 7:00 this morning, the 5k starts earlier. dozens of residents with limb loss and limb differences took part in a health and wellness event, the second annual running and mobility clinic. it teaches tips and tricks to those using wheelchairs and prosthetic devices. it helps challenged athletes cross their own personal finish line. >> your life is not ended because you now have a different ability. just because you lost a limb or get by using a wheelchair, there's a whole world open to you. you just have to open your heart to it and encourage others and pay it forward.
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>> she lost both her legs in a car crash 33 years ago. that's when she was advised to become athletic. she said it was the best advice and continues to pay it forward by mentoring other challenged athletes. me tallica will perform tonight at 8:00 p.m. thousands of fans packed chase center friday night to see metallica and the san francisco symphony, the first time they had played with the symphony since 1999. they did have a warning for the warriors. the hot water apparently was not so great. and yesterday u.s. open wat party. you can see the big crowd that showed up to watch the women's final, which was shown on the big screen outside the arena. they also set up a tennis court that looks exactly like the one in new york. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the forecast for us. >> amanda, good morning to you. it's certainly nice and sunny
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out there. we have a little wind and it was beginning to respond to that dry air mass. the clear sky. it was a cold start, and we're looking at some 60s right now. some patchy fog along the coast. a system moved through yesterday that has brought rain to the pacific northwest. it brought us the cooler air. those gusty northwesterly winds. there will be yet north, reinforcing the shot of cooler than average air. it was in the low 70s yesterday in san jose, going for the mid-70s today. and it is nice and sunny there. redwood city in the upper 50s. we're looking at low 60s in gilroy. already 65 here in san jose. and half moon bay is in the low 60s. so looking at santa cruz, 63 here. how about 73 later on. so when we have that dry air mass, it certainly cools off quick. and it warms up just as quick. we're looking at a pleasant morning out there.
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if you're away from the breeze, which is primarily in the upper elevations and at the shoreline, 66 in santa rosa, 62 in napa. fairfield 69. mid-60s concord. livermore at 62. san rafael, yesterday you had the clouds throughout much of the afternoon or early afternoon. this morning we just have the coastal fog, sunny skies, breezy winds in spots today. .oking for much warmer uch it gets scattered throughout the day today. 10:00, there's a little bit from the san mateo coast. remember, pretty breezy here. mid-50 comes back patchy from pacifica through your monday morning. winds are not as breezy as we've had it. through the afternoon, five to 20-mile-per-hour winds around the bay. at the coast, up to 30 miles. this is 4:30 in the afternoon, breezy, a touch of fall in the
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air, certainly a lot of strong sunshine out there. it's going to be warm in spots. but as we get towards tuesday, you notice a bit more warmth, mid-80s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. the warm jump -up on wednesday, richmo richmond. look at thursday, one of the warmest days. numbers in the mid-90s, typical for september. elevated fire danger through the mid-and latter part of the workweek. 65 san francisco. how about 80 in santa rosa, 75 in san jose. about 80 in concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, so yes, it's cool for september. a little change through tomorrow. download our accuweather app, you'll notice through the middle of the week the temperatures are climbing. we still just have a little bit of fog. in the afternoons we're going to hit upper 80s, low 90s, into the middle of the week. and then by the end of the week
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it's still feeling like september. summertime around here still. >> we'll take it, thank you, lisa. antonio brown's run with the raiders has come to an end. here is a look at his time with the raiders without ever playing a down. >> i'm here to prove what i am, not just my words but my actions, so you guys see what i'm about. >> he can play split end, he can play anchor, he can play in the slot, he can sell popcorn at halftime. >> it all starts today, the commitment. everyone there will make the raiders great again. >> he's a fun guy to be around. i expected more than a hot air balloon, i thought he might jump out of an airplane and parachute in. >> we wish the healing process of whatever's going on will be fast, right? >> i think we're all
9:22 am
disappointed. we think he's disappointed. >> i see my face all over the news, all the talk. these guys are doing a good job supporting me. >> so antonio brown missed nearly all the training camp with frostbitten feet and a dispute with the nfl over his helmet. >> i have a feeling he would play with no helmet, that's how much he loves to play. >> too much noise right now. more work, less noise. >> we had a pretty good understanding, despite what people think, now we're ready to get rolling. >> it's time for him to be all in or all out. >> he's all in, ready to go. >> the head, the feet. people after me. >> the raiders announced brown was being fined and the star severe responded by threatening to punch the gm. >> antonio brown is not in the building today. >> we'll be practicing without him. >> antonio is back today. we're really excited about that. we're ready to move on. >> the volatile receiver is
9:23 am
apparently all in again. check back with me in five minutes. >> do you want to be a raider or not? >> i've been trying to be a raider since day one. >> i'm sorry, but it's enough. enough is enough. [ shouting ] >> ab is actually a good player, a really good player, and he's a
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a man proclaimed himself the emperor of the united states during the 1800s was honored this weekend. joshua norton' relatives say he not only declared himself emperor, he ordered a suspension bridge built linking san francisco to oakland. the plaque honoringim c insh and it came downal force trse finally put up in a permat location. and again, it's to recognize the fact that emperor norton was the visionary back in 1869. >> emperor norton declared himself the protector of mexico after the french invaded in 1863. still to come on "abc 7 mornings," time is money in el
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cajon instruction but a new process could make it cheaper and faster.
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is "abc 7 mornings." we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, amanda, good morning to you. a beautiful view from our sutro tower camera. you see that stable air mass, the marine layer tightly compacted. as a result, we've got all that sun but still a little turbulent out there with breezy winds at time, certainly in the upper elevations. 59 in san francisco, 65 in redwood city and san jose. some of the fog drifting through the city here. it will be another cool afternoon. but temperatures will feel warmer with less wind out there. 69 by the delta. mid-60s in santa rosa. in the 40s in some sports earlier. look how much warmer it is
9:30 am
compared to 24 hours ago. you remember all the clouds yesterday, some of the mist and drizzle. so as we warm up today, it will be moldest adest, winds at 25 mr hour at a thousand feet. plan on 60s through the morning. by the afternoon, some of the warmth moving into inland valleys. not much, though, still a little shy of average. we'll talk about when that changes. we'll see a reversal this week. that's coming up. >> thanks, lisa. we're very fortunate because the bahamas are totally devastated after hurricane dorian. officials fear the death toll could be hundreds if not thousands. search and rescue efforts are intensifying. abc 7 news reporter marcus moore has the latest. >> reporter: this morning up to 10,000 femapeople in abaco alone in need of food, water, and shelter. the water in some areas is deemed unsafe for consumption and hygiene. the desperate search intensifying. reds if not thousands missing, buried in rubble.
9:31 am
the death toll still sitting at 43. it's expected to increase drastically. our team returned to aid groups continue evacuating storm survivors. we reached the port and witnessed asurv t take you to nassau. >> reporter: a lieutenantal bah charge. >> it's going, the best we can do in this circumstance. >> they're putting them on the same boats that brought in the aid. those boats are being used to move thousands of people to safety. >> reporter: bahamian officials assuring nassau can comfortably house the evacuees through various shelter program. the u.s. is also providing shelter. 1,100 bahamians are docking in florida. this mother with a small child desperate to get off the devastated island.
9:32 am
>> i went to the airport. there was too much chaos. i said, can i get on this boat? >> reporter: we board a boat and held for elbow cay, popular for vacations homes, now left in ruins. for now they're not fuel until the island is back up and running fully, which is likely years away. we've seen noticeable progress in the efforts to evacuate storm survivors off the devastated islands. one thing we've heard is they have indeed lost everything and have no idea what's next for their families. marcus moore, abc 7 news, nassau. new overnight, former south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford has decided to run for president. this is his campaign video. he's launching a long shot republican challenge to president donald trump's reelection campaign. he says he believes the republican party has lost its way. the 59-year-old has long been an outspoken critic of president
9:33 am
trump. president trump revealed in a tweet that he had been planning a secret meeting with the taliban to be held at camp david. now he says that meeting has been canceled at the last minute. here is abc 7 news reporter david wright. >> reporter: secret peace talks with the taliban at camp david. that would have been a dramatic bit of diplomacy, almost unthinkable and potentially game changing. bu it was not to be. overnight the president tweeted, unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leaders and separately the president of afghanistan were going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday. they were coming to the united states tonight. but what apparently scuppered the meeting was the taliban's admission that it was responsible thursday for suicide bombing near the u.s. embassy in kabul. that bombing killed one u.s. soldier and 11 others. trump said in his tweet that he immediately canceled the peace talks, asking what kind of people would kill so many in
9:34 am
order to strengthen their bargaining position, and adding, how many more decades are they willing to fight? trump was sharply critical of obama in one tweet, criticizing him for negotiating with our sworn enemy, the taliban, who facilitated 9/11. but as president trump has also expressed his hope many times of ending america's longest war. there are now more troops in afghanistan, more u.s. troops in afghanistan than there were when trump took office. about 14,000 or so, about a third of them would have come home within months of signing a peace agreement. now their fate is in limbo. but many national security experts have cautioned against too quick a drawdown saying it could create an opening for al qaeda. >> that was david wright reporting. in the east bay, a protest opposing a proposed temporary navigation center to address fremont's housing crisis. dozens gathered in front of the fremont senior center yesterday to sound off against the center.
9:35 am
it would provide up to six months of housing for up to 45 homeless people. they say the center would bring a negative safety impact to the neighborhood. city council is scheduled to meet tuesday to discuss moving forward with the center at one of two locations, either on capital avenue near city hall or dakota road near fremont boulevard. abc 7 news has made a commitment to building a better bay area. and sometimes it tmpve thi pce th we calhome especiay wh i tour crisis. the problem is that building takes time. now there's a solution to that problem. here's abc 7 news anchor dion lim. >> reporter: from the inside you would never know this was prefabricated in southern california, transported to burlingame, and it will only take three days to install. >> pretty amazing, yesterday it was just a hole in the ground and now we're standing on the second floor. >> reporter: when it comes to home construction in the bay
9:36 am
area, time is money. this six-bedroom home will be saving homeowner byron a good chunk of change. >> the modular building methodologies can generally save 30% on the overall construction schedule. >> reporter: he estimates their cost to build a prefab home like this is 250 to $350 a square foot. in burlingame, the averag home is up to $1,200 a square foot. the savings is significant. but there is a catch. >> buying the land isn't cheap, that was a big chunk of our budget. >> reporter: the demand for prefab housing has increased. companies are using prefab models from other builders to give other owners an in-law unit to rent out on their property. >> times have changing over the last five years and we're seeing a much higher demand here in the bay area particularly.
9:37 am
>> reporter: when all is said and done, this project will cost him just under $4 million or less than a thousand dollars a square foot, a savings that has changed his perception of the term "prefab." >> i thought it would be a cookie cutter house. it turns out with these prefabricated homeou.>> rr: byr family hope to mov in by january. dion lim, abc 7 news. we dedicated a week of coverage to the bay area's housing crisis from issues to homeowners to renters. find those stories online at ahead,cekeon.
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researchers are trying to figure out what's keeping the water from being crystal clear. the shrimp were brought in in the 1950s for trout to feed on but they exploded in population to the point where researchers say they could affect clarity. the solution, use trawlers to remove them and sell the omega-3 fatty acids. the project could then pay for itself. planning environmental protection projects can often cost a lot of money, not to mention time and other resources. but a south bay water district is now aiming to make it easier for people to make a difference in their own communities. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has more. >> reporter: in downtown san jose, an urban oasis awaits
9:41 am
those who visit the children's discovery museum. >> there's succulents, a garden for them to grow, a hidden treasure in every corner. >> reporter: thanks to a grant from valley water, the museum was able to eliminate all grass and put in native plants in the bridge to nature space. museum officials say theh creang biodiversity in the area. >> water conservation has become a big issue for all of us living in the bay area. we realize that to make a difference, we needed to start with children. about e ways in which they too can help save water. >> reporter: the water district plans to water more than $2 million in grants to multiple organizations in santa clara county who want to do their part to help the environment. application fs for 2020 are now available. >> we're doing expanded outreach to nonprofits and others to get in creative proposals from not
9:42 am
just people who have done things in the past but new people. so we're really looking forward to that. >> reporter: in palo alto, grassroots ecology was awarded a pollution prevention grant which they used to build water collection barrels and rain barrels like this one at ballpark. this is a small snippet of what they could. they say grants like this one from valley water can be a catalyst for getting more people involved. >> people worry about habitat loss. a lot of times they don't know what they can do. we're providing people a way to come out, meet their neighbors, and actually take one step, one action to help improving the effects of climate change. >> reporter: this community coming together to leave a lasting impact. in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. this new week is just getting started, lisa. what can we expect? >> today we're looking at temperatures coming up in just a little bit. winds backing off from 57 at the coast to 70 in brentwood. you can see all the sunshine here. the flag blowing a bit. we'll get some breezy to gusty
9:43 am
winds as times. but looking at a very interesting forecast for september. it's cool, then warm, then hot. also it was a wild week andr antoro is geeefore team even played its first game of the season. this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself,
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our business is you. book direct at whether your beauty routine is 3or 57,... make nature's bounty hair skin and nails step one. it's the number one brand uniquely formulated for silky hair, glowing skin and healthy nails. nature's bounty, because you're better off healthy.
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in sports, nfl football is
9:46 am
officially back in the bay area. this afternoon the 49s open the season in tampa against the buccaneers. kickoff is at 1:25 at raymond james stadium. raiders open tomorrow night against the broncos. if you're not going there, you can watch it right here on abc 7. antonio brown's time in oakland was short-lived. abc 7 news sports anchor chris alvarez has more in this morning's sports. >> in one of the more bizarre sports stories to come, antonio brown's time with the raiders has come to an end. [ shouting ] that was brown saturday after learning he was released by the raiders later in the day. he would actually sign with the patriots. it's been quite the roller coaster for brown. he used social medi firom tea and asked for rsard
9:47 am
coach gruden on the departure of ab. >> i just don't even think it worked, he didn't fit here. he would have to answer that for himself. i'm sure he will. he wish him the best. i'm sorry to the raider fans. i really want to thank our football players, mark davis, all of us, we tried to make it work. hopefully he finds what he's looking for. let's switch to college football. battle of backups. stanford's costello out in this game while usc daniels lost for the season with a torn acl. he injured against fresno state. meeting up before the game, 100th meeting between the two teams. davis mills, the backup qb to connor weddington, 15 yards and in. 7-3 stanford. the good times roll for the cardinals. cameron scarlet, he scores as well, stanford led 17-3 at one point, but trojans scored 21 pick.yards to amsainbrown.qur,sy
9:48 am
that was their sixth touchdown on seven drives and usc rolls 45-20. san jo win total, they could do it with a win against tulsa saturday. brooks ran for 140 yards, scored on this 9-yard touchdown. 7-0 golden hurricanes. finds the end zone here, second quarter, josh love to jermaine braddock. down 17-10. tulsa, 256 yards on the ground and three scores. tulsa wins 34-16. star wars night in oakland. plenty like to dress up as their favorite characters. that's a good one there. a's taking on the tigers. 2-0. the a's within one. 20th of the year. chris bassett dealing 11
9:49 am
strikeouts. in six innings. the a's had 19 total. bottom four, marcus simeon with two on, deep career high 29 home runs. he ties it. a's win 10-2, second wild card spot and one game back of tampa bay for the first spot. giants and dodgers all smiles for those two. they look like they like each other. second straight night, giants have loaded the bases in the first, get a run, kevin pillar, scores and it's 1-0. giants' starter loaded the bases twice in the first five innings but got out of the jams. five innings, no earned, 5, ks. bottom nine, 1 -0, dodgers threatening, 543 game ending double play. giants win 1-0, five wins shy of 2,000 of all time. first full nfl sunday today,
9:50 am
niners at tampa bay. we'll have all your week one action later today in sports. have a great sunday. getting in touch with the beautiful bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning,nd out there. a few scattered clouds. live look from the east bay hills camera. temperatures are well into the 60s. it feels pretty we have a breeze in the upper elevations and certainly the coast. we settle into a cooler pattern. it will stay that way for the next several days. in fact we'll see a weak system to our north, reinforce this cool air. we have the bright start and a little bit of a breeze out there. and then with that reinforcing shot of cool air, we're staying below average or about average through tuesday. then by wednesday, warmer weather arrives. and it's going to get hot around here, especially inland. 60 in oakland. it is 62 in livermore with 69 in brentwood, 70 in novato. with that dry atmosphere, the lack of wind, look how quickly
9:51 am
we're warming up. 66 santa rosa. 11 degrees warmer at this hour than we were 24 ago. 64 on the peninsula. 65 in san jose. a beautiful spot from our exploratorium camera where we'll enjoy a nice day in the city. we'll be breezy at average huigh, this is our warmest time of year, we're about d-60s, shy of the record. scattered fog along the san mateo coast. signs of change up here as weather systems continue to push to the pacific northwest, missing us, but allowing for some of that cool air to arrive for the next several days. we should be in the upper 80s in east bay valleys. 80 today, tomorrow 79, on tuesday. getting back to average on wednesday. these arrives thursday, friday, and for parts south and north, san jose and santa rosa, you'll be in the 90s. if you want it warm, hold on for few more days. for today we get that dry, cool
9:52 am
air, breezy in spots. 74 santa clara. looking for numbers in around 73 degrees on the peninsula. on the coast, it's cool, breezy, gusty at times. mid-60s in the north bay. nice afternoon, about 80 in sant from the heat for you with 78 in petaluma. cloverdale, 78. you move to the east bay this afternoon, it's the low 70s. should be about 75 in oakland, so near average. 74 today for y castro valley. you head inland, we're warmer. yesterday it was just 71 at the livermore airport. today looking at about 80. 82 in pittsburg. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got 60s at the coast. breezy to gusty winds there. 70 around the bay. low 80s inland. so certainly cool for september. a little change for your monday. and as we get into tuesday, that system is going to exit, the one that's keeping us a little cool. that will allow for big ridge of high pressure to take over.
9:53 am
increasing our temperatures. download the accuweather app and you'll see how warm we get with 80s around the bay, mid-90s inland, and how about a beach day near the end of the week, near 70. of cours'rre we need the break with the cooler air and the higher relative humidity, the wind not so much. >> thank you so much, lisa. up next, alligator hunting. we'll tell you how massive this reptile is.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $40 million power ball drawing. 11, 20, 41, 42, 56, the power ball number 6. no people picked all six numbers meaning wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $50 million. the winning numbers from last night's $8 million super lotto plus drawing, 8, 18, 20, 23, 43, and the mega number 5. again, no one picked all six numbers in that drawing either so wednesday night's prize increasing to $9 million. a georgia man set a new state record for bagging the biggest alligator. he knew he had a whopper on the line but it wasn't until he got it to his boat that he realized it was 14 feet long. it took the crew more than five hours to bring the 700-pound reptile in. he says he's going to mount the life-sized animal. he says he might have to build
9:57 am
around it just because it's so big. my goodness. all right. well, let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast, lisa. >> we're looking at a bright day out there. and the winds, a little less in your face today, how about that? 74 in fremont, 69 in richmond, mid-60s in the city, cool today, tomorrow. lots of sun. towards the middle of the week, warmer. hot by the end of the week. everywhere we're going to warm up. it's going to be typical. this is what we get around here. if you like it cool, you brought the jacket today and it shouldn't be as gusty. thank you guys so much for joining us on "abc 7 mornings" i'm amanda del castillo in kumasi aaron. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 tonight.
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