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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 9, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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good morning, america. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. we are live as rescue crews race to find survivors on a ship that overturned off the coast of georgia. urgent search. the coast guard in the water, in the sky, trying to find four missing crew members after this massive cargo ship catches fire. and capsizes. >> there is no way to go aboard the vessel. is everyone safe? >> the new clues, the sounds heard inside the ship. we're live on the scene right now. also this morning, president trump reveals secret talks with the taliban have been called off, meant to take place at camp david, just days before the anniversary of 9/11. airplane emergency. overnight, passengers racing to evacuate this flight in orlando. also, the new travel disruption under way this morning. pilots on strike.
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hundreds of flights already canceled. "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman's deeply revealing letter to the judge. why she broke the law to help her daughter as prosecutors recommend jail time in that college admissions scandal. lucky to be alive. the race car driver flipping over, the dramatic scene caught on camera and the three things that saved his life. ♪ the greatest and the greatest rafael nadal winning the u.s. open in a marathon match. now just one grand slam title away from tying the record. and first on "gma" this morning, 19-year-old champ bianca andreescu is here live fresh off her incredible win against serena williams. we do say good morning, america. hope you had a great weekend. hmm, i know someone who did. yes, bianca andreescu. take a look.
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this is the moment where she just fell there on the court. >> she's just 19, and this was her very first u.s. open ever. she beat serena williams in straight sets. and you're going to be talking to her live in just a bit. i cannot wait for that. >> i cannot wait as well. we have a big week in politics this week as well. abc's democratic debate just three days away thursday night in houston. we have a brand-new poll out, as well, shows elizabeth warren gaining ground, clear top tier, joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. we'll have that, but we begin with the race to find four crew members after this cargo ship capsized off the georgia coast. there are new clues this morning. sounds heard on board. kaylee hartung is there on the scene for us with the latest. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the dangerous and difficult rescue mission already continuing the morning. short time ago, a u.s. helicopter landed on top of this massive cargo ship behind me.
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we're told a sal vanl crew is onboard to rescue inside the ship where they believe four crew members are trapped. this morning, new details on that urgent serve to find four crew members off this massive cargo ship after it capsized and burst into flames. >> there is no way to go aboard the vessel. they need a helo. is everyone safe? >> reporter: according to the coast guard commander, all hope may not be lost. they've heard noises inside the ship which could possibly be missing crew members trying to make contact. but there's also a chance, the noises could be things shifting inside the ship. the coast guard using helicopters and boat crews to rescue the other 20 members. some in the dead of night. even airlifting them to safety, but the fire hindering progress. >> the situation was too risky to further go inside the vessel. >> reporter: the 650-foot ship called "the golden ray" was carrying vehicles. it had just departed baltimore. around 2:00 a.m.,
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it made a turn and started listing. eventually flipping on its side. >> all vessels are requested to keep back. >> reporter: the ship, which is twice the size of a football field, was too insecure to up search inside. officials working on stabilizing the boat before going back. >> last we understand, they were on watch when the incident happened. we brought in a team of experts to start looking at how we can affect the rescue, but do it safely. >> reporter: the fire on board the ship is out but there's still a serious risk of dangerous gases inside the vessel. that, plus the stability of the ship presenting serious challenges for rescue cruse. we're told by the coast guard they have saturated the sound here. they believe those missing crew members are trapped inside. amy. >> we are hoping for the best outcome. kaylee, thank you. now to the latest from that revelation from president trump that his administration planned and then canceled secret peace talks with the taliban meant to take place over the weekend. cecilia vega is in washington with all the latest on this story. good morning, cecilia.
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>> reporter: good morning, amy. this came as a huge surprise to almost everyone in washington. the president planning to secretly meet with the taliban right here on u.s. soil but just as soon as he announced these talks he called them off. president trump in the same tweet announced and then abruptly canceled the secret taliban summit at camp david. he wrote, unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leaders and separately the president of afghanistan were going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday. the president blaming a kabul suicide bombing three days earlier that left a dozen people dead, including sergeant first class elis angel ortiz, the 16th american killed in combat there this year. president trump writing, i immediately called off the meeting. that abrupt cancellation came that wld have brought home more than 5,000 u.s. troops serving in afghanistan.
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now their future uncertain. telling george the taliban had not been reached. >> the taliban overreached. it killed an american in an effort to gain leverage at the negotiating table. and president trump said enough. >> reporter: this, even though in the past, the administration argued that the deaths of u.s. service members were reasons to keep the talks going. that the surprise summit would have taken place at camp david just days before the september 11th anniversary, left lawmakers in both parties stunned. >> it's just another example of the president treating foreign policy like it's some kind of game show. this isn't a game show. these are terrorists. >> reporter: republican congresswoman liz cheney tweeting, camp david is where america's leaders met to plan our response after 9/11. no member of the taliban should ever set foot there. and now the taliban is responding say, quote, this will harm america more than anyone else. they say this will lead to more american deaths.
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14,000 u.s. troops remain in afghanistan right now. president trump has long advocated to get america out of its longest running war. the question now, george, what happens to these troops. more than 5,000 of them were >> some indication that the president wants to bring them home anyway. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. we're going to go to the race for the white house as democratic candidates gear up for abc's debate thursday night, our new poll with "the washington post" shows a top tier pulling away. joe biden still on top with 27%. bernie sanders at 19%. and elizabeth warren with 17%. our senior national correspondent terry moran joins us from washington with more on the poll's findings. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. that poll does show what has now become a familiar look for this democratic field. just four days out of that debate in houston on abc, and the top tier and then the second tier, but these are early days. more than half the people we
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polled say they are considering, willing to consider, another candidate but look at joe biden's big advantage. we already know it. electability. take a look at this number. 42% of democrats far more than they say support him say that he is more likely to defeat donald trump. that, of course, is the number one issue for democrats, but his rival sense vulnerability in the 76-year-old gaffe-prone front-runner. and the second tier candidate they think it's a race that a dark horse could jump out. let's take a look at that second tier. kamala harris, mayor pete buttigieg and former congressman beto o'rourke and look at that, businessman andrew yang. he's rising, too, up to 3% now. this is a race where anything i guess could happen. >> and as you point out, more than half the voters say they could still change their minds. meantime, congress coming back to work this week, and gun control at the top of at least the democrats' agenda. they are pushing president trump to act on background checks and other measures and our new poll shows strong support for those measures. >> reporter: that's right. this is the extraordinary, yet
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once again familiar story. if you have got hopes for gun control, they lie in though, american public opinion. take a look. our poll shows that an overwhelming number of americans, 89%, believe there should be background checks for all gun purchases including at private sales and gun shows. that's incredible. you can't get 90% of americans to agree that it's monday. on the assault weapons ban, still very strong support there, 56%. it's tricky to define that, but they're waiting for leadership on all that, george. >> in the meantime, terry, the president has a new challenger in the republican primaries and he's taking notice. >> reporter: he is indeed. former south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford whose career seemed to flame out inn a scandal with an argentine mistress, he's announced his running. the president calling them the three stooges, george. >> terry moran, thanks very much. as we said, abc's debate
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coming up thursday night in houston. ten candidates on the stage. first time a single night for one debate. our koj begins at 8:00 eastern. >> you'll be heading there soon. >> heading down tomorrow. now to the desperate situation in the bahamas, the death toll from hurricane dorian is rising. at least 45 people killed, hundreds still missing. this, as supplies slowly arrive for the survivors of the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the island. marcus moore is back in marsh harbour with the very latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning. what we see here is absolutely heartbreaking. homes are gone. brick and concrete buildings have been demolished. and then we see this, so many boats left resting on the shore. this one carrying a couple of cars. it is also damaged. and from our drone camera, you get a sense of the scale of this catastrophe. the damage stretches for miles along this island that took a direct hit. it's almost as if every single building here sustained some damage. this morning, we know that dozens were found dead amidst
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the rubble, and the fear is that there will almost certainly be more. this morning, as the death toll in the bahamas continues to rise from hurricane dorian, marsh harbour is left battered and beaten. many from this proud community looking for any way to get out. over the weekend, the royal bahamas defense force load up boats sending more than 3,000 people to nassau for food, water and shelter. they're using the same shipping port to bring in much needed aid. >> this is what we do. we serve. we here in the military, this is what we do, we bring relief for people that are hurting. we bring relief to people that need us. >> reporter: but some evacuees from the bahamas being sent to the united states were forced off of a rescue ferry. the fox affiliate in miami obtaining this video. >> passengers they that don't have visas, please proceed to disembark. >> reporter: u.s. customs and
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border protection saying it was, a, quote, business decision by the ferry operator. that they're continuing to proc. and the destruction is all around here in marsh harbor. you can see it here. trees have been snapped. homes and businesses torn apart. boats and cars tossed around either by dorian's extreme winds or that massive storm surge that left this island community in ruins. in nearby island communities, people revisiting their now destroyed homes. and this is your house? >> yep. >> reporter: you rode out the storm here? >> we left in the eye thankfully, and when we left in the eye it was still very much intact. >> reporter: more than 40 declared dead and thousands missing. those left picking up the pieces looking to restore normalcy as soon as they can. when you look around, do you think you'll be able to get it back? >> yeah, but it's going to take some time. it's going to take some time. >> reporter: and the health minister here in the bahamas told us that they are working to account for every single person. but that it is possible that some victims were washed out to sea and they may never be found. >> oh, so heartbreaking.
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now, to an airplane emergency overnight. passengers forced to evacuate a flight in orlando, florida, after pilots detected a smoke condition on board. abc's david kerley has all of the latest on that situation. david, morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. everyone's okay, but those passengers on a flight grand cayman had expected to land in jfk, instead the emergency landing in orlando, and evacuation of all aboard the 737 using the slides to get out quickly. the pilots got a warning of smoke in the cargo hold. no evidence of smoke or fire was found on the ground. the small airline flies nine aircraft including two grounded maxes, while it says it's mindful of the distress it caused and apologized, they said it was necessary, amy. >> david, there's another big airline headline. nearly all british airways flights have been canceled or are being canceled? >> reporter: that's right. it's a pilot strike. that means all flights for british airways may be cancelled
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today and tomorrow because of the strike. thousands of passengers have had to rearrange, some blaming the airline for not communicating enough. so far, 250 flights have been canceled, amy. >> all right, that is tough. david kerley, thanks so much. george. >> okay, amy, thanks. we're turning now to a race car driver lucky to be alive after a crash sent him in the air there you see it right there. he was able to walk away. injured, but life, and will reeve is here with more on how he survived. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, george. the video is shocking. a young formula 3 driver hitting the curve, flying in the air into a barrier at full speed. he lived to tell the tale. this terrifying crash sending formula 3 driver alex peroni twisting and tumbling through the air. >> that is a horrific sight. >> reporter: the australian rookie hitting a speed bump-style curve meant to serve a safety device, instead, launching his car into the fence. miraculously, peroni was able to
7:15 am
walk away. >> alex peroni is out of the car. dree after an extremely violent accident. >> reporter: the 19-year-old reassuring his fans on instagram, despite serious injuries he will be behind the wheel soon writing, that was a big one currently recovering in the hospital with a broken vertebrae. not sure of the recovery time, but hope to be back in the car as soon as possible. alex peroni's team released a statement thanking people for his support, and saying his life is likely saved to his protective halo, helmet and and other safety features in the car. >> what a story. >> unbelievable. >> thank you, will. now to that thrilling u.s. open final. rafael nadal winning the title in a marathon match last night lasting almost five hours. it's his 19th career grand slam. one short of the all-time record held by roger federer. then, on saturday, 19-year-old
7:16 am
tennis phenom bianca andreescu beating serena williams in straight sets to win the women's title. i see her family over there in the corner. they're here live in the studio. we'll talk to them in just a moment, but you have all the details first. >> yeah, and i had to change my intro because i just talked to her, and i had to tell her i wasn't rooting for her. look, everyone is rooting for serena to get that 24th, right, but how can you root against this 19-year-old? it was an exhausting match to watch because it was minutes short of being the longest one in u.s. open history. >> nadal, can he do the same here? >> reporter: a grueling five-set, 4 hour 50 minute drama-filled classic in front of a packed arthur ashe stadium. >> he will never forget this one! >> reporter: that ended with an exhausted and tearful 33-year-old rafael nadal.
7:17 am
the u.s. open men's champion. for the first two hours, nadal was having his way with daniil medvedev. the fifth seed in the tournament and at age 23, he was the youngest finalist in nine years, but just as nadal appeared to be marching in victory in three straight sets, medvedev came alive, switched his playing style -- >> we saw that last week. nadal, they appreciate the fight. >> reporter: and turned the match into a nail-biter and a marathon and making nadal fight for his now 19th major title. >> it has been one of the most emotional nights in my tennis career. >> reporter: emotions high in the women's final as serena williams took on bianca andreescu. williams was headed for history, but even with the entire stadium behind her and the duchess of sussex cheering her on, williams struggled against the 19-year-old canadian. but even an incredible comeback in the second set wasn't enough
7:18 am
to overcome one of the tour's toughest up-and-comers who was playing in her first grand slam final. >> it was an incredible tennis out there. i wish i could have played better, if anyone can win this tournament, outside of venus, i'm happy. i'm happy, it's bianca. >> it's bianca. and bianca, apologies, i'll never root against you again, okay? ever, ever. >> she's got that trophy. and you earned it. >> thank you, guys. >> looking forward to talk to you in just a little bit. also, federal prosecutors are fighting to put felicity huffman behind bars. we have her desperate plea, very personal letter to the judge. now let's go to ginger in north carolina. >> and i can't wait to tell you why i'm here but first the select cities brought to you by amazon.
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learight after so we call 91 yocan both respond out and keep the public safe. hi there, 52 in santa rosa, concord, 61. system patchy fog developing around the bay this morning. kind of late comeing, but it wil be out of here with cool to mild temperatures and breezy this afternoon. small craft advisory out on the bay. all right. more of this cooler than average weather tomorrow but look at the warm up to 70s, 90s and 100s friday. zblmpkts coming up, flesty huffman just days away from her sentencing in the college admissions scandal.
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do it for those who love you. (announcer) you can quit. call 1-800-quit-now for help getting free medication. welcome back to "gma." of course, that's jennifer lopez, her hit song "on the floor." and she is dancing the night away in her brand-new movie "hustlers" out this week. i loveady getting rave reviews. 95% on rotten tomatoes. >> yeah. >> that's very impressive. critics call it smart as i said impressive. and we're excited, j-lo will be here live to talk about it all. but first, we have the top headlines that we're following right now. there's an urgent search under way for four crew members missing from a cargo ship that capsized off the georgia coast. there are new clues this morning, sounds on board that are raising hopes they could be alive.
7:31 am
and there's a new vaping warning this morning. the health commissioner of new york is urging everyone to stop using e-cigarettes until investigators can figure out why hundreds of people have developed lung illnesses after vaping. dr. ashton is here with that. very special monday morning on "gma." that's ginger. she's got some company there on the road, somewhere in this great country. ready to surprise an incredible mom and make her monday. she has no idea we're on the way. it's also a very special monday in my home, my daughter elliott's 17th birthday. happy birthday. >> oh, happy birthday! >> 17. >> you have a 17-year-old? >> tell me about it, yes. >> great. we are going to move on now to the latest on the college admissions scandal and felicity huffman. she's laying out her explanation and remorse over what she did in a letter to the judge who will decide her sentence this week. eva pilgrim here with the story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. judgment day is fast approaching for felicity huffman.
7:32 am
in that letter, huffman asking the judge for community service, no jail time. but prosecutors saying, not so fast, urging at least some time behind bars. actress felicity huffman baring all. >> excuse us, folks. >> reporter: in a deeply revealing letter to a judge, huffman taking complete responsibility for her role in the cheating scandal, but claiming her decision to pay $15,000 to boost her daughter's s.a.t. score was an act of desperation due in part of her fear of being a bad mom. the 56-year-old writing, in my desperation to be a good mother, i talked myself into believing all i was doing is giving my daughter a fair shot. i see the irony in that now. explaining that her eldest daughter sophia grace macy struggled with learning disabilities since she was 4 years old saying, my own fears and lack of confidence combined with a daughter who has learning disabilities often made me insecure.
7:33 am
worried sophia's low s.a.t. math scores would hurt her chances of being admitted into acting school. she was recommended rick singer the so-called mastermind of operation "varsity blues." >> getting into the right college will set the trajectory of your son or daughter's life. don't leave it to chance. >> reporter: in her letter, the actress claims that after nearly a year of working with mr. singer and his tutors, he told me it was not enough. adding that he had the solution and sophia would never know. soon the entire world would know. singer eventually becoming a government witness, huffman and dozens of other parents, coaches and college officials caught up in a national scandal. on march 12th, six armed federal agents arrested and handcuffed the actress in front of her children. after her arrest, huffman said my daughter looked at me with tears streaming down her face. why didn't you believe in me? why didn't you think i could do it on my own? i could only say i am sorry.
7:34 am
her husband actor william macy also writing a letter to the judge describing how this has affected their children. saying, felicity's relationship with her daughters exploded on march 12th. the last line of his letter saying simply, every good thing in my life is because of felicity huffman. macy's letter, 1 of 27 written to the judge by huffman's closest allies, including her siblings and former colleagues like former "desperate housewives" co-star eva longoria who wrote, she always leads with her heart, and has always puts others first. >> i guess we should put this behind us and get back to normal. >> sounds like a plan. >> reporter: huffman is asking to avoid jail time and serve 250 hours of community service for conspiracy to commit mail fraud. but federal prosecutors say the actress should spend at least a month behind bars. taking a swipe at her status as a hollywood star saying, huffman's conduct was deliberate and manifestly criminal. neither probation nor home
7:35 am
confinement in a large home in the hollywood hills with an infinity pool would constitute meaningful punishment or deter others from committing similar crimes. now, all eyes are on friday when a judge will make that decision. she is the first of the parents to be sentenced. and many agree, this decision will set the tone for the others to come. >> many people are watching. we'll see what happens. eva, thank you very much. coming up, first here on "gma" this morning, the newly crowned u.s. open champ, bianca andreescu is here live talking about that win over serena, and what's next for the 19-year-old tennis phenom. come on back. what's next for the 19-year-old tennis phenom. come on back. ear-old tennis phenom. come on back. this is the age of expression. everyone has something to say. but in a world full of talking, shouldn't somebody be listening? so. let's talk. we are edward jones. with one financial advisor per office,
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♪rit no ge le bianca andreescu, just 19 years old. fresh off her huge win against a legend serena williams. thank you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> i want to show the moment after you won. and you're there lying on the court. can we show that? what is going through your mind at that moment? >> oh, my gosh. so many things. it's really hard to put into words what all of this means to me. i think at that point i was just in awe of everything. i was telling myself, all that hard work paid off. all those tough moments are definitely worth it if you really believe there are good
7:40 am
times ahead, and yesterday -- or not yesterday -- saturday was a really good time for me. >> having sunk in, have you had a chance to kind of breathe and take it all in? >> yeah, last night before i went to bed, i just took a moment to be grateful because it wasn't easy. i mean, i started playing tennis at the age of 7. and ever since then, i've been dreaming of this moment. i mean, it's another story for it to actually happen, so i'm just like truly blessed. >> you not only dreamed about it, you visualized it. you visualized playing serena williams in that match. you put that out in the universe. manifested. but then for it to become a reality, and tell people how you were able to visualize. >> yeah. so, i've been visualizing ever since i was 12 or 13. my amazing mother introduced me to it.
7:41 am
i find it very helpful. i think it's one of the most powerful tools that we have, our minds. i believe that we create a reality with our minds. so ever since then, i've been picturing myself holding that trophy, actually wrote myself a check of this tournament. >> for $3.5 million you wrote a check. >> well, back in 2015, it wasn't that much, but every year i kept increasing it, and yeah. for it to actually become a reality is just crazy. >> you actually wrote the check like that? my goodness, and serena williams after when she was talking about you and saying, you're a fighter just like she is, and you heard t.j. talking about, yes. i know that you could hear the crowd because they were going for her to tie the record with margaret court. you even had to plug your ears at some point, but you did feel the support. she the north, she the north. that's a spin off of we the north. you're beloved in canada.
7:42 am
the raptors tweeting you. the prime minister tweeting you. did you feel that support? >> 200%. i've been feeling all the love, not only this past week but this whole year. it's been really nice to have all that support. i feel all the love. i have no idea how to repay everyone for that. i'm just really, really grateful. >> your family has sacrificed so much. and there were two other stars, your mom and coco, the little dog in the stands. what did it mean to you knowing what your family has done to put you in this position. and now for this to happen? >> it definitely wasn't an easy road. i sacrificed a lot. my parents sacrificed a lot. and just being with them to celebrate that moment was very special to me. because i know they can't always travel, but i guess now they can. >> i heard that you said you were just hoping to win enough
7:43 am
money so they could travel with you on the tour. >> i think that was two years ago actually. yeah. >> that was your goal. >> yeah. >> it's important for people to know the trophy is so important to you. being number one, being the best. everything else that goes -- i mean you're an international star right now, but that never even -- you didn't think about that aspect. that's not what drove you to this. >> no. no. i never thought it would be this hectic, but i'm not complaining. >> and you want to keep it going. i heard you say it over there. >> yeah, for sure. for sure. this is truly like an amazing accomplishment. but i could definitely get used to this feeling. i'm not done yet. >> when you see the names on that trophy, bianca, and knowing your name is right there at the top -- >> yeah, having my name amongst all these amazing champions is p it going. maybe i'll have a couple of my name in there.
7:44 am
>> well, thank you so much. you are a very popular woman right now. you're taking a little victory lap, and rightfully so. we have a large audience in canada that watches us. we appreciate you and your parents stopping by this morning. >> my pleasure. thank you so much. >> all the best to you. take care. amy. >> thanks, robin. congratulations, bianca. coming up next, the "play of the day" the big surprise, what got this reaction from a young boy helping those affected by hurricane dorian when we come back. this reaction from a young boy helping those affected by hurricane dorian when we come back. vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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7:48 am
♪ we are back now with our ♪ we are back now with our "play of the day." this is such a sweet surprise for the little boy we introduced you to last week. he gave up the money he saved for hitr w help feed those affected by hurricane dorian. >> hi, everybody. my name is jermaine bell, and i'm in south carolina. >> reporter: he's the young boy who saved up for a trip to disney world, but instead used that money to serve others. >> giving out free chips, water and hot dogs to people who are going to different places to live because of hurricane dorian. when people were hungry, i want them to have something to eat. >> reporter: inspired by his incredible generosity, our parent company disney is giving him a surprising fit for disney royalty all on his actual 7th birthday.
7:49 am
>> hi. >> hi, are you jermaine? >> yes. >> i've got a big surprise for you, do you guys want to follow me out here? >> yes. >> come on out. >> surprise! ♪ >> as a gift to you, we want you to come enjoy a getaway at the walt disney world resort later this month. >> thank you. >> yeah! ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: this morning, jermaine's sending a message to each of us. >> be strong. if you do something good >> i love how wise he is at the age of 7, his life motto is live to give. >> live to give. >> isn't that sweet? >> and giving back. >> so well deserving. and of course, disney is our parent company. couldn't be prouder. coming up, all the details of duchess meghan's secret trip to new york city, not so secret. and the new vaping alert. dr. ashton will be along with
7:50 am
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7:54 am
cheerleaders, of course, the carolina panthers, with something special for someone watching right now. that's right, we've got a whole secret "make your monday." should we do it. [ chanting "make your monday" ] >> we're cheer, but quietly cheering. we're about to surprise somebody with something so special. we hope that it does make your monday. we'll have so much more coming up on "gma." your local news and weather is
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, everyone. meteorologist mike nicco is here with our morning forecast. good morning. >> hi, everybody. tell by that sun angle we're getting deeper into fall and by today's temperatures, going to feel like fall also. got to watch out for the breezes on the beach and the bay. 3:00 to 9:00, small craft advisory. san francisco, low to mid-70s around the bay and 80s inland. my seven-day forecast, look at friday. warm to hot everywhere. >> speaking of fall, we are in the typical pattern right now. lots of slow trafic everywhere. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll find a slow ride across the san matteo bridge. westbound on the right hand side. southbound 880 stretch has been a crawl from hayward to fremont
7:57 am
with earlier problems and the usual slow and go throughout the south bay. here's a live shot of 280 northbound under 17 which is also heavy. next on good morning america, chip and
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. urgent search. the race to find four crew members missing after this cargo shipth caue ge >> there is no way to get aboard the vessel. they need a helo. is everyone safe? >> the sounds inside the ship this morning. we're live with the latest. the new warning about vaping after hundreds of people in at least 33 states have developed lung illnesses. some health officials say stop using e-cigarettes right now. new this morning, chip and joanna gaines reveal just how hard it is to work with your spouse. what keeps them going, their biggest challenges, and the secret ingredients that makes their marriage strong. the "gma" video game
8:01 am
experiment. we're there as the 11-year-olds are playing. parents shocked to who their kids are talking to online. this morning, the action you can take to protect your children. ♪ i'm on my way secret trip. duchess meghan's last-minute trip to new york to support serena williams in person. the whirlwind weekend just days after she returns from her maternity leave. is this the greatest entrance ever at "college gameday"? matthew mcconaughey rolling into one of the biggest matchups and the story behind this moment. ♪ larger than life and one-on-one with brad pitt. he's out of this world, and headed to the stars. why he says you better buckle up and he's sayin-- >> good morning, america. ♪ low key good morning. from brad pitt this morning. good morning, america. hope you guys are doing well this monday morning. this morning on "gma," we're kicking off something new called "make your monday." >> right now ginger is down in north carolina. you see her there with some friends, ready to surprise a loyal "gma" viewer who deserves
8:02 am
a break from her hectic schedule. make her monday live on the air. a break from her entire workday. and this mom has no idea we're coming. even the music stopped because we have to be quiet, right? >> i know. and her husband is in on it, he's helping us with a secret cam. >> all right. >> why are we whispering? she can't hear us. we're going to begin with the urgent race to find four crew members missing after a cargo ship capsized off the georgia coast. let's go back to kaylee hartung there on the scene for us. good morning again, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, this port closed as rescue crews work to go through this dangerous mission. they confirmed salvage crews onboard the ship trying to access inside. day believe the four missing crew members are trapped inside of there.
8:03 am
they have saturated the water and they have reason to believe that some of these crew members could still be alive. the u.s. coast guard saying they're hearing sounds coming from inside the vessel. they this could sounds reverberate as things shift inside but it could be crew members trying to make contact with the outside. 20 crew members have already been rescued. this massive cargo ship, it's the length of two football fields. it toppled over and bust into flames early sunday morning not long after leaving here, going to baltimore carrying vehicles. the fire is out. >> kaylee, thank you very much. we're going to turn to an urgent new warning about vaping. the health commission of new york state urging everyone to stop using e-cigarettes until
8:04 am
investigators can figure out why hundreds of people in at least 33 states have developed lung illnesses after vaping. of course, this comes on the heels of the l.a. p al lt . dr. jen ashton is back with this. feels like we have you every day on vaping. what do we know about these incidents? hundreds of incidents. >> let's talk what about we do know so far, george, about the five deaths. two of them involved the use of thc. one of them occurred in someone with pre-existing underlying lung disease. the other death occurred in someone with underlying medical conditions. that's what we know. what we don't know whether they were bootleg or counterfeit devices. whether they were modified in any way. how much vaping was done. the frequency of exposure. still active in terms of a medical investigation. still a lot of unknowns. we don't know if there is one common ingredient involved. still active in terms of our medical investigation. >> not everyone is going to listen. >> right.
8:05 am
>> what should we know about the symptoms? >> i think that's the key point. if someone is going to continue to vape or use e-cigarettes. right now, the symptoms are cough, worsening or shortness of breath or chest pain. gi symptoms like nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. fatigue and seek attention. please mention that you have had that exposure. medicine is a judgment-free zone and we need to know. >> more important, heed the warning. >> absolutely. >> you say don't do it, but it's addictive. >> people have a choice. they need to be aware of what the medical consequences can be. >> certainly. so glad you're doing that for us, jen. coming up, "fixer-upper" stars chip and joanna gaines revealing how hard it is to work with a spouse. and the secret ingredient to their marriage. plus, an alert for parents about video games. what happened when we listened in on kids playing "fortnite." and matthew mcconaughey with a touchdown. this weekend. wait till you see him in action.
8:06 am
plus, we have a great audience upstairs to kick off this monday. stay with us. >> all right, all right, all right. ♪ right. have this audience today. don't call it a spoiler, cuz it don't spoil a thing. oh look, you don't need to sell me. at carmax, they buy all the cars. that's helpful. this is just taped on for show. they'll still buy it. thank you. father nature? phil. i see you got a little list there. as always. strawberry jam. (lightning strike) (car smashing noise, horn beeping) my bad. smucker's strawberry.
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8:10 am
♪ welcome back here. to "gma." we have the greatest audience here. having a lot of fun here. ♪ >> ready to go? tomorrow, jennifer lopez is going to be here live. [ cheers and applause ] and we don't have to wait any longer for "pop news" with sara haines. >> yes. happy monday.
8:11 am
we begin with a big weekend at the box office for stephen king's "it: chapter 2." the horror sequel claimed the top spot after raking in $91 million, it claimed the top spot, and made a global debut of $185 million. now that makes it the second best horror opening in history. who's in first place? its predecessor, "it" part uno, which this time opened two years ago, right about now to a record $123.4 million. and stands as the most successful horror film to date with $700 million made worldwide. i think if there's anyone who can scare people into going to movies, it's definitely pennywise. >> can i do my impression? >> do it. >> we all float down there. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh. >> i love that.
8:12 am
>> she loves horror films. >> i love stephen king. when i heard stephen king a few years ago, i said you ruined my childhood with "it." you know what he said to me? good. >> amy, if you weren't so hot that would have been a scary impression. that book is huge. my dad had it on his bedside table my entire childhood. i don't know if he ever finished it. have you seen those books? stephen king. it's better to go to the movies. let's make sure -- wait. stephen king is going to be here tomorrow. so amy -- >> ooh. [ cheers and applause ] >> -- you can make sure you follow up with him. but now, let's get to matthew mcconaughey. the actor just officially became a professor at his alma mater, the university of texas at austin. and now he's trying his hand at another role, sports analyst, mcconaghey joined the "college gameday" crew. when the texas longhorns took on the lsu tigers saturday.
8:13 am
if he shows up to class the way he showed up to "gameday," his students are in for quite a semester. there he is slow riding in. the greatest entrance ever. once mcconaughey made the desk, he made his picks for the big matchup, and he sang the texas fight song. and you see the fans behind him, mcconaughey who is obviously biased picked texas. check out what happened when fellow analyst lee corso decides he was going to go with the tigers instead of the longhorns and put on a giant tiger head. ♪ >> beating the longhorns, 45-38. >> and you hear about giving back to the university all the time. >> yes, he does. >> yeah. he now holds two titles. he's also the minister of culture.
8:14 am
that's a thing. you can just make up a title and get hired if you're matthew mcconaughey. and finally, it's true that great minds think alike. and here's proof. exhibit "a," actress zendaya rocking a gorgeous suit at the icons party over the weekend. the hand in the pocket clearly makes the whole look, but the internet lost it over her incredible look, and someone had a fashion flashback. we give you exhibit "b." michael b. jordan at "vanity fair's" oscar party back in february. you'll notice it's the same look. people realized this and the internet went into a tailspin asking who wore it best. zendaya's stylist even comparing the two looks writing on instagram, who got you? "z" or "b"? most writing both, zendaya, michael b. jordan saying,
8:15 am
hands down, no contest. zemdaya. >> they both agreed. >> thank you, sara. we have our "gma" cover story now, "fixer upper" stars chip and joanna gaines fears their business wouldn't survive. how work put a strain on their marriage, and the secret ingredient they say helped strengthen their bond. paula faris is here. good morning, paula. >> reporter: they're really opening up. how much do you love chip and joanna? i love them. they're so talented. [ applause ] they say they went through a time where every week they were wondering if they would lose it all. they pulled through doing so well together and that is not easy when you're husband and wife. they're the design duo whose names are synonymous with ship lap. >> this is original. it's ship lap. i think it's gorgeous. it has that character. >> reporter: until chip and joanna gaines built their multimillion-dollar "magnolia" empire, they say their road to success started off on shaky ground. >> we were literally going friday to friday saying are we going to make it. >> reporter: the couple opening
8:16 am
up about their struggles before their rise to fame, at the inbound event on friday. at one point saying they were worried they'd lose everything. >> four or five years before we did the show, all that stuff, when the housing crisis hit. and things were so hard for us. we kept pressing through. but even in those hard times, the value of what we learned in that is something i would never want to do it again. but i would never want that. i think that the hard is what really makes us appreciate this. >> reporter: and revealing that it can be tough working side by side with your spouse. chip saying, this is a very hard thing to do, to together with someone you also have a relationship and family with. but adding -- >> i would argue that at the end of the day, we learned early that we're a lot stronger and we're a lot more powerful when we're pulling together as opposed to pulling against each other. and we're a powerful force when we operate like that. >> reporter: joanna also revealing that finding her passion didn't come easy. >> what i realized is i had to step out. i had to be curious. i had to become a learneha ce ss
8:17 am
>> reporter: now as they plan to launch their new cable network all while balancing life with five kids -- >> this is the dream. >> this is the dream. >> reporter: chip sharing what he calls the secret ingredient that keeps their marriage strong. >> solid, mutual respect. lots of hard work goes into this. but at the end of the day, i think if you can get to a mutual place of respect you can really -- you know, you can change the world. >> so, it's all about mutual respect. they know that they are complete opposites. chip says they're yin and yang, but respect each other's individuality, letting the other one be themselves that's allowed them to thrive. they also still do not own a tv. maybe that's something. >> wow. >> i don't think that actually works for us. >> that could be a problem. >> thank you, paula. we're going to turn now to our series "cracking the kid code." today we have a parenting alert about video games. so many kids are captivated by video games and connecting to other players online who they may not know, and there's so much parents may not know as well.
8:18 am
t.j. is back. >> parents would say this is where my child is the safest at home under my roof where i can see that child. the thing is with these games, these multiplayer games, you're actually letting strangers have instant access to your child through these online games. they could actually be talking to your child and you have no idea who is on the other end of that line. >> reporter: we see our kids in the battles, but most of the time we don't hear the conversations they're having while playing popular video games. and some of the talk on the other end. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: is alarming. "gma" teamed up with south carolina attorney alan wilson for a video game experiment that includes a group of 11-year-olds including wilson's own son. we plugged into their headsets as they play, letting us in on their conversations. the kids play popular "fortnite"
8:19 am
and "apex legends," both multiplayer games that can team your kid up with 1 to 100 strangers. in a matter of minutes into the fortnite game, the profanity starts. and the language is so inappropriate we can't play it. his dad derrick is watching from across the room and was shocked. what was that reaction i was seeing on your face? >> just fear. and i can't believe that's going on. >> reporter: just how common is this? >> toxicity with online gaming seem to go hand in hand. people feel they can say and do what they want without any consequence. >> reporter: attorney general wilson says there's something far worse than foul language lurking on these games so he has created a task force educating parents and kids about gaming with strangers. >> that's where the predators are going. they're going where the kids are. >> reporter: in january, authorities arrested a 41-year-old florida man who used "fortnite" to communicate with at least 20 minors and eventually lured at leasonof them to u he was charged with unlawful sex with a minor and child
8:20 am
pornography. he pleaded not guilty. >> trash talk is very big in some of these games. so that's a concern. >> reporter: we showed what we found to donna wright-hughes, the president and ceo of the organization, enough is enough. it's created to educate parents about the dangers of the internet. >> there could easily have been a predator in there. but they're not going to expose themselves until they've got a relationship with the child that they can take private, and typically, that's the way it happens. >> reporter: the entertainment software association tells us, we encourage parents to play with their kids and utilize the parental controls to help ensure an appropriate experience. including limiting or blocking online interactions with other players. but wilson says if parents are worried about their kids' safety, don't take the devices away from them, instead, teach them how to be safe. >> we've got to start teaching our kids while they're young because you're not there with them all the time. >> and again, due diligence, parents hear this and think i've got to take this away from my kid. don't do that.
8:21 am
all they're going to do is go down the street and go to their friends' house and do it when you are not monitoring the child. parental controls are on this thing. >> show a dad how to do it. >> all right. dad, hear that, folks? that's where you need to go, and this site is going to pop up. it will give you some options here, but to the right here has one that says, restrict communication. click on that, and your kid probably has one of these devices. click on whichever one you have. right there, step-by-step instructions on how to get parental control. depending on your devices go right there., restrict communication. now we have been talking a lot about "fortnite." you see this there, parental controls. filter mature language. you can turn it on so it will actually take the language away. so the kid can't hear or see language in the text and then voice chat. you have that option. you can turn that sucker right off. >> you can still play with people, but you just can't communicate with them. [ applause ]
8:22 am
>> we've been talking about this a lot over the past couple of years. it is important to continue to reiterate. step by step, it's that easy. do it, folks. >> thank you. let's go to ginger in north carolina.m g to be doing this, this monday morning in north carolina. we are actually kind of creeping around a neighborhood because, shh. the woman who we are surprising lives right next door. this is a woman who is a mother of five who has two jobs, who like so many of you watching just needs a little break and deserves one. we are celebrating her joy and oh. and that? come on. wrong house. come on. that's sir purr from the carolina panthers. he's going to be part of the help. you want to see this. it's a great surprise coming up
8:23 am
and we've got duchess meghan's surprise visit to new york. flying in this weekend to cheer on her friend serena williams at the u.s. open, even making a secret visit to a yoga class. will reeve is back with the details. it was all secretive until it wasn't. >> reporter: until she showed up, and it wasn't the result that meghan or serena for that matter were hoping for. serena losing in straight sets in the women's final, but for meghan, ever the supportive friend, just being there was a big deal. leaving archie for a big surprise getaway to the big apple before her royal duties really ramp up this fall. it was a last-minute trip. duchess meghan flying commercial
8:24 am
on a secret visit to new york. right off the plane to combat her jet lag, the duchess reportedly heading here to moda yoga. more than 60 people in attendance in a hot yoga class. saturday, the real haven't she was here, courtside to cheer on pal and tennis superstar serena williams. >> meghan and serena have been close friends since 2010. we saw serena throw that huge baby shower for meghan last year. she's been there every step of the way. >> reporter: sitting in front of fashion queen annaintour and serena's husband alexis ohanian, markle keeping low key in a j. crew dress. this is the first time the duchess has been so far away from 4-month-old baby archie. >> she stayed with a friend in greenwich village. even walked around the nabtd with one protect iive guard man tow. very much a time for her to lose the duchess title and be herself. >> reporter: this trip three days before set to return from maternity leave and back to
8:25 am
royal engagements. >> we've got meghan empowering women back into the workplace. >> reporter: other duties on that list, a ten-day goodwill tour of southern africa later this month. harry and meghan with baby archie, their first official trip as a family. there will be a poignant moment expected on that trip to africa. harry traveling solo for part of it, he'll be going to the same spot in angola that his late mother visited in 1987. she was raising awareness of land mines. that area where princess diana side of the pond. >> living a real life. one that's elevated but one that's real, supporting friends. >> that's very special. coming up, we "make your monday" with a huge surprise for one of our viewers. ginger, are you going to pull it off for us? >> oh, i hope so. we are moments away, robin. you know, i can't do it alone. we have so many friends and family of this person. we're surprising them, lined up and ready to go. guys, we're just minutes away.
8:26 am
robin, i can't wait. this is a really deserving woman who you will meet in just a couple of moments. >> we cannot wait. she has no idea they're outside her house right now. >> it's about to be real. >> it's about to be on. that's next. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] 's next. come on back. come on back. [ cheers and app
8:27 am
good morning on this monday. transit week kicks off in san francisco and one group wants to cut your travel time across the city. the san francisco transit riders will launch a campaign today urge iing muni to expand its network of rapid routes. activists would like the make any part reachable within 30 minutes and that include create ing more red transit only lanes. traffic now. mass transit, a great way to go because there's nothing rapid on freeways right now. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. stall reported on the upper deck aross the san matteo bridge near high-rise. traffic is jammed on right hand
8:28 am
side and it's slow oond go through the north bay. heavy through san rafael down through
8:29 am
you can see a few 50s out there but with the early sunshine, we're starting to reacthinac c se ok
8:30 am
for the gold b b gate bridge. what we're going to be dealing with, there you go. your commute, it's ♪ welcome back to "gma." this wonderful audience this monday morning. having all of you in the studio, can we say this, each and every day, it makes our day? [ cheers and applause ] >> and so, we're going to turn the table a little bit and "make your monday." we've been telling you about a surprise for one of our viewers with a much deserved day off with her hectic schedule. now -- >> can we get to it? >> we've been talking about it so long. >> raleigh, north carolina, five kids, works two full-time jobs one at a local hospital. and cheerleading. and she finds time to volunteer
8:31 am
at her kids' school and her church. >> her name is jennifer marks, and she's watching our show right now. up until that moment, she had no idea. we actually have a camera in her home, and ginger is using it to secretly film her right now, and so i think she's probably starting to figure it out as she's sitting there on her couch. >> there's a little bit of a delay. it's a little bit of a delay. it's jenny, north carolina.caroa it's you, baby. the secret's out of the bag. and we have some surprises in store for her. ginger has been waiting at the front door. >> i think she's in shock. >> ginger's at the front door. this is on the secret camera from her husband taylor. ginger get on in there. get on in there, ginger. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo!
8:32 am
>> we're out on the front lawn, oh, my gosh. hello, everybody. it's robin with amy and george, how are you? >> surprise. >> hi there! [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo-hoo! >> oh, my gosh. >> you had no idea this was taking place, right outside of your front door? all these people in your yard? you had no idea? >> no. >> well, you know, you can look at your husband taylor, he knew we were coming. he was in on all of this. what is this moment like to know
8:33 am
that your -- >> i knew nothing. >> okay. thanks for sharing with us. >> you've been on this for weeks. you told us why your wife deserves to have "gma" make her monday. tell the rest of the country. >> yeah, she's so deserving. she's a wonderful mother. wife. she works really hard, leaves work, goes to the cheerleaders. she gives back to the community, the school. and she does it with a smile on her face. >> oh. >> nancy barkan, the principal. there's nancy barkan, the principal, where ginny is a cheerleading coach. and so can you tell us what makes jenny so special?
8:34 am
>> jenny marks has been serving gibbons as a coach for years, and we're blessed to have her. she's got unconditional love for her family and faith. and translates to 100% for our school and cheerleaders. she's a model for all of us. thank you, jenny. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm sure that comes in handy -- you were talking about five children. and, bryce -- isn't bryce 9 years old? is one of your children having a birthday today? >> happy birthday. >> this is for you, bryce, as well, happy birthday! >> she thought they went to school, by the way. >> i'm like still in shock. the lady told us we have to move our cars for, like, utility stuff. >> what other surprise do you have for us, ginger? >> we do have more surprises. we're not just standing on your
8:35 am
front yard to have a great time and celebrate you by using words. oh, no, today, you thought you had cheer practice. well, you don't, because the carolina panthers came all the way from charlotte so they could coach your team. they have no idea, by the way, your team has no idea. you've got the afternoon off. you also are not going to work because your alma mater, nc state, those cheerleaders are here. they've got something special for you. come on out, girls. bring out that key, if you would. you are spending the day at the umstead spa. a day full of pampering. >> are you serious? >> you blew my surprise. you are going in a limo. guys it's so special. she's in shock. how are you feeling? >> i never am speechless.
8:36 am
i don't know what to say. thank you, honey. >> she's getting close. the tears are close. i feel them. let them loose, it's all right. we are so excited. all of us with the poms and everything on your front yard. which one are you looking forward to, hair, nails, what do you want? >> i bet you can tell me every day. thank you so much. >> of course. >> thank you so much. >> i can see her, she's like in shock. >> she's in shock. >> can you imagine "gma" just shows up at the door. sitting on the couch. just show up and show you live on tv like that. we know that there's so many of you, so many of you all around the country working so incredibly hard. every monday. we just want to make your monday. we want to do everything we can. to just lightening -- lighten your load. >> so maybe shower every day. we're coming to your house, right? >> you never know.
8:37 am
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8:40 am
>> we are back now with an exclusive one-on-one with brad pitt. [ cheers and applause ] the hollywood star getting personal about his new role in a movie. adrienne bankert sat down with him. really tough assignment, adrienne. i know, i know, it was very difficult for you to do this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you too, robin. yes. what a pleasure. in brad's own words though, astra" is not just to save the universe, but to save humanity. >> i always wanted to become an astronaut. >> space is full of awe and wonder. >> this movie, it seemed very physical. >> first of all, i really appreciate a stuntman. it is a bit of a peter pan production. not necessarily easy to make it look graceful when hanging from wires. >> reporter: "ad astra"
8:41 am
brad pitt as well as tommy lee jones. >> i believe it's the force. >> i don't know how he does it. he makes lines work. i don't know how he does it, i really don't. >> reporter: writer and director james gray wanted the film to be the most realistic depiction of space ever seen. >> james and i both are at an age where, you know, we probably lived more than we have left. and you start thinking about impermanence. you start thinking about your own personal values. >> i'm feeling good. ready to do my job to the best of my ability. >> my style is interjecting some point of view of mind usually. >> which point of view were you interjecting here? >> well -- >> i'm listening to you. >> yeah, you are, too, calling me out on it. >> in a good way. >> no, it's fair. it's all fair. it's really coming to terms with knowing yourself, a full
8:42 am
acceptance of yourself, instead of living with regrets. or the grief that we carry. the loneliness we carry. >> and so you brought an authenticity to the role that perhaps you couldn't have done if you weren't being open with yourself in real life. >> yeah, i think that's straight on. and it is the universal human experience. >> reporter: today, brad pitt is putting peace ahead of the pressure following his divorce from angelina jolie with whom he has six children, and after a year and a half in alcoholics anonymous, he says he's now sober. he's even more in demand than ever with two major performances in 2019. >> don't you forget it. >> "ad astra" means through the stars. it's hardship to the stars. >> is the hardship worth it? >> yeah. there's no avoiding it so you better buckle up. >> i'm ready. >> the movie also stars donald
8:43 am
sutherland. that is in theaters september 20th, robin. >> as he said, you better buckle up. let's go back to ginger in north carolina. ginger. >> yes, robin, i love it jenny said, great, i came after brad pitt. are you ready? we're about to send you on your pampering spa day. >> i'm so excited. thank you, "gma"! >> and the kids have got to go to school. i love how oh, i hope we get to do this so much more. such a beautiful morning. thank you all for helping, by the way. george, back to you. >> thank you, ginger. and it's great to have you back.
8:44 am
>> good to see you.s ouaordinar. tell us about what inspired you to do it. looking at people who are famous because they're famous. and thinking that's a hero. i said, i want them to have heroes of character, of kindness, compassion, and of course, of hard work which leads us to walt disney, the great american success story, and we all think of walt disney as the man who had the happy ending, but it wasn't easy for him. when he was a kid growing up, his father wasn't even excited that his son could draw. it was his aunt who said, you should keep drawing, walt. draw on this paper and when he turns 21 years old, his first film business is a total disaster. >> keeps at it. >> he keeps at it and basically bankrupt, sleeps in his office. takes a bath once a week in the train station. i want my kids to know when you chase a big dream, you may fail, but if you get back up again,
8:45 am
that's how you fly. [ applause ] >> you also want your kids to have fun. you have a family tradition. >> yeah, we have this great family tradition in my house, once a year, i live in florida. on the way to carpool, we drive past the school and go straight to disney world. my kids are like, every day, are we going to disney world? are we going to disney world? i do it because i want my kids to know every day you can have magic in your life. that's what walt disney is about. walt disney when i was 5 years old taught me like jim henson and mr. rogers that you can use your creativity to put good into this world. that's all weav're trying to dos put good into the world and give people a library to build for their kids, grand kids nieces and nephews. >> marie curie was a nobel prize winning scientist. >> they said the russian government wouldn't teach girls science. they thought it would make them too powerful, and they were
8:46 am
right, right? when she grows up, she finds a college, and college won't either, and she finds a secret university that would teach science to kids. what i love about the story, marie curie, she said you can't stop the world. i want my sons to know that, my want my dart to know that. every dream, chase it, chase it. >> thanks for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> the new book will be released tomorrow. let's go to amy. all right, george. i'm in a sara and keke sandwich right now. tell me what's coming up today. >> so much monday motivation in store today. >> we have the must-try fall beauty trends. >> and don't tell michael. unique animals to meet. they're amazing. >> you got to tune in this afternoon. >> all right. i'm excited about it. coming up next here on
8:47 am
"gma," we've got the goo goo dolls! >> whoo! ♪
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8:59 am
roof camera. shows you how u beautiful it's going to be. breezy on beaches and small craft advisory from 3:00 to 9:00. mid to upper 60s coast and san francisco, low to mid-70s the bay. upper 70s to mid-80s inland. nice tomorrow, also fall like, but look at the heat friday. >> lots of accidents. new one at the toll plaza is traffic is heavy here. it's an injury crash and no way to get around it because barth barth reporting 20 minute delays from san francisco to the peninsula because of an equipment problem. also a crash dixon landing road. >> thank you. time for live with kelly and ryan and see you
9:00 am
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