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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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at a drive-through for bypassing the speaker has gone viral online. >> the restaurant in question is on hamilton avenue in campbell, and abc7 news reporter chrkris reyes spoke to the woman who stood her ground and to shed light on the battles deaf people fight every single day. >> i'm deaf. i can't hear. >> speaker, can you move, please? >> i can't hear. you're discriminating me. >> she still gets rattled remembering this day, august 31, 4:00 a.m. at this jack i the box in campbell just outside of san jose. she and her son were trying to order at the drive-through, and she was refused service because she didn't order at the speaker. arnot jenson can read lips, but is profoundly deaf. no hearing at all. >> i was just fed up. the constant telling us to go, go, when it should be equal access. >> i want to order number -- >> i can't help you.
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i can't help you. >> number 8, please. i am deaf. >> i don't care. >> i don't like confrontation. but you have to stand and do something, ask for things that is not my problem i can't hear. i fight for equal access. and i feel awful. i feel like it was my fault. >> at one point the employee even mocks her. she stayed for two hours. she never got her order. >> i can't hear you. >> no, no! no order. >> i am deaf. you're discriminating me. >> we reached out the jack in the box headquarters and left a message with this location. we have not heard back. she says she spoke to the manager of the store and was told the employee was fired. but she is standing her ground and even pursuing legal action for this reason. >> things done to us not okay. for everyone in the community. it's for you guys, the community, not me, but for them.
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so there will be no more suffering for the deaf community. >> she says she is demanding at the very least that jack in the box train their employees, including the ceo to understand deaf culture so this -- >> go! no for you. >> does not happen ever again. in campbell, kris reyes, for abc7 news. >> we have been reporting heavily recently on vaping and the growing health concerns. last week we learned there are five deaths being reported on it or blamed on it, including one person in california. as many as 450 people have become ill in 33 states. now today the fda upped the stakes, slamming one of the leading makers of e-cigarettes, juul. the fbi sent a warning letter saying juul has violated federal regulations by selling its videotaping produe i vaping products as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. wayne freedman has more on
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reactions. >> at the vip smoke shop they do a lot of business selling electronic cigarettes. a belief that vaping products like juul provide a safer alternative to smoking. >> i think that the company has helped a lot of adult smokers switch, and i think they've done a good thing with that. >> but this morning, the food and drug administration made its position formal and known, saying that for juul to market or advertise such a claim is misleading and illegal. in a statement today, juul said, quote, we are reviewing the letters and will fully cooperate. among doctors like this surgeon there is feeling that the letter about juul or any cigarettes being safer than tobacco was long overdue based on how many young patients he has started to see who vape. >> i think the amazing thing with this patient population, it's a younger patient population. we're seeing really 19, 20-year-olds, sometimes even 16-year-olds coming in.
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>> the fda said it is concerned about testimony before congress indicating a juul representative had appeared at a school touting the safety of its products. while the company insists it does not market to youth, vaping of all different kinds of products has reached epidemic proportions among youth. >> there is no consistent pattern. it's not one vendor or one shot. it's not whether it's just marijuana or just e-cigarettes. so it's that whole v vaporization. >> the fda has requested a correction in the statement within 15 days. no other comment from the company. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and san francisco will be voting on proposition c in november. it would legalize the sale of vaping and e-cigarette products while introducing a way to regulate them. the city banned vaping earlier this year. supporters of the measure filed a lawsuit saying the language being used in the ballot question drafted by the city attorney was misleading.
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the city attorney's office is rejecting that claim. new developments. pg&e is now offering nearly $17 billion to pay wildfire claims. the offer is part of the utility's formal reorganization plan submit just today. creditors, the state public utilities commission, and a bankruptcy judge need to approve this plan. if it's accepted, it would help propel pg&e out of bankruptcy. pg&e filed for chapter 11 in january, saying it faced an estimated $30 billion in claims from the campfire and the 2017 wine country fires. the utility previously announced $1 billion to go to local governments and agencies that were harmed by the fires. now, this is a live look at san francisco international airport where runway congestion has been causing headaches for travelers since this weekend. hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled. abc7 news reporter liz kreutz is live from the airport now. liz, any better today or is it still a mess?
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>> good evening, dan. yeah, not getting any better. every time we check in with a airline, we hear about more delayed flights. in fact, were told right now nearly 300 flights are delayed. 124 flights canceled just today alone. sfo told us they chose to do this now because it's just past the summer rush of travel, right before the rainy season, easier for construction, but really not any easier on the travelers stuck dealing with it. reece donaldson just wants to make it to school tomorrow. >> very frustrated. i need to do my homework. >> but construction shutting down sfo's busiest runway for the third day isn't making it easy. her family's connecting flight to sacramento canceled. >> we landed here. we got the notification. we're going to have to rent a car, drive and go find our yukon at sac just to get home. >> the donaldsons are not the only frustrated fliers. they showed up only to learn their flight to orange county is now flying out of oakland.
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>> it went from 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 in the morning. and now we have to go to oakland to get there at 7:00 to leave at 8:00. >> hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled at sfo since the 20-day maintenance project began on saturday. workers are rebuilding the base layer of one of the runways. and we wanted to find out how these delays might be impacting some of the other local airports. so we came here to the oakland airport. we're told at least two flights up here on this board were supposed to take off from san francisco. they were instead rerouted here through oakland. san jose international airport says they're also accommodating rerouted flights. is there anything that could have been done to prevent this from happening? >> not really. we saw evidence that the base layer below the surface was starting to fail, and we've been trying other solutions that would have avoided a runway closure. and these other solutions weren't successful. >> delays are impacting both domestic and international flights, but the most impacted are short haul flights up and down the west coast. the good news, this. >> we're hoping that once this is done, this is something we
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won't have to touch for another 50 to 60 years. >> so there is three pieces of advice that we keep telling people. we'll repeat them again here. number one, if you're going traveling, try to book an earlier flight before 9:00 a.m. that's when delays are expected to begin. try to avoid flying wednesday to friday. those are the busiest days to fly. and check with your airline. many are offering free change fees. you might be able to fly out of a different airport that's not experiencing these delays instead. live here at sfo, liz kreutz, abc7 news. >> boy, a long 20 days, liz. thank you. if that's not enough, you can expect problems getting in and out of los angeles international airport that airport is closing the lanes where you would normally drop off and pick up passengers at terminals 2 and 3. that includes dealt tax, virgin atlantic, aeromexico, and some southwest flights. the lane closures start today and will last through friday. if you're expecting someone to pick you up, they might have to find a parking lot. new details on bart's big construction project in the east
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bay that may have affected you. it is scaling back on the highway 24 closures and shut down of train service between walnut creek and orinda. this weekend bart says trains will be running between the stations, but they will be single tracking. riders should still plan on delays. bart is also cancelling the lane closures planned for the following weekend. the big change is for fleet week. there won't be any shutdown so bart can offer regular season during that time. this leaves september 28th and 29th and october 26th and 27th as the two weekends where shutdowns will take place. this means lanes will be closed on highway 24, and trains will be replaced by a bus bridge, again, between walnut creek and orinda. happening now, sky 7 is over the oakland coliseum where the crowd is already filling in and filing in for tonight's raiders game. they open their season on monday night football against the denver broncos. and unless something happens, this will be the team's final
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season sadly in oakland before moving to las vegas. >> that is such a shame in so many ways. >> it has been an eventful week. the last few days leading up to tonight's game there was the only antonio brown drama that ended with the raiders finally releasing him this weekend. >> what can we expect when they face the denver broncos tonight? let's check with chris alvarez live from the coliseum with a preview. chris? >> hi, guys. i just looked at the chopper and lost the sun. it's a nice beautiful day here at the coliseum. as you mentioned, the raiders have not been under the radar at all really since the siping of antonio brown back in march. and then you bring him on. you have hard knocks, and everybody sees beyond the curtain what has happened at training camp. this past week was crazy. every hour, every minute of antonio brown. and we'll get so some video, the last video we saw of him this past week at practice. antonio kind of got his way out of here. he is now on the new england patri patriots. you talk the a lot of the players. they are moving on with the 53
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men they have tonight as they bring on a new season here in 2019, and their start tonight against the denver broncos. >> i don't have anything against him. i loved him when he was here. he was right next to me in my locker. a positive dude. we don't hate him. we just have to move on and handle business. >> he didn't want to be here. and we tried to support him. but at the end of the day, the rest of the guys here put the team first. and obviously you possess the type of mentality that is not going to work out. >> now brown's departure actually opened up a spot in the wide receiving core, and the raiders brought back down the hometown guy. keiland das back. he was cut by the team originally and then went to the jaguars practice squad. now on his way back home. keiland das to join the raiders team. we have much more at 6:00. and then of course our pregame show at 7:00. kickoff at 20 postgame
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show right after the conclusion of the raiders and broncos on abc7 news. >> good stuff. >> some people are glad the drama is over and just want to move on. but what about the fans? did you see anybody wearing the antonio brown raiders jersey they spent $150 on? >> i personally did not see antonio brown jersey. i did see a sign that said something about there is no team with antonio brown. you can get clever with the lettering. but i did get a chance to talk to raiders legend wide receiver fred biletnikoff he said raiders nation travels wherever they go. expect a big crowd tonight, a loud crowd and a historic season, the last one here in oakland before they move to las vegas. >> okay. thanks, chris, very much. question is, what kind of weather will the raiders have for their opener tonight? >> it looks sunny and nice right now. let's see how long that will continue. meteorologist sandhya patel has the gametime forecast. >> that's right. the gametime forecast looks lovely. but the only thing, dan and
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kristen, it is going to be windy. so tonight 7:20, 67 degrees. the wind is already howling. and it will still be gusty. you might want to grab a hoodie. 63 degrees later on with clouds. things may get a little interesting here. right now the focus of the showers across the pacific northwest, this system will be swinging through with the tail end of it brushing the bay area. i'll let you know why this could make for an interesting tuesday coming right up. dan and kristen? >> thanks. a reminder, you can catch the raiders game tonight here. our coverage begins at 7:00 immediately following abc7 news at 6:00. >> jeopardy and "wheel of fortune" won't air at the usual times. the new seasons can be seen tomorrow at their usual times. no new episodes will be missed. tonight's episodes of bachelor in paradise and grand hotel will air in their entirety
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starting at 1:05 in the morning. if that's too early for you or too late, set your dvrs now. >> abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area, as you know. one of the issues we have looked at extensively is recycling and the crunch the dwindling number of businesses are facing. see how one is going high-tech for its solution. it's been years in the making. the fire station that's finally open in the east bay and immediate need it will fill. talk about paying it forward. a boy decided to spend his savings on helping hurricane evacuees. this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself,
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our business is you. book direct at cracker barrel makes every meal one to remember. with favorites like sunday homestyle chicken, now available every day. and our new sweet n' smokey homestyle chicken blt for $8.99. come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. six people were arrested at the capitol during a protest against vaccine bills. >> separate pharma and state. >> some protesters chanted.
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chp officers say they arrested people who were blocking the entrances to capitol. it happened this morning just as people were arriving for work. others sbe s against urged the governor not to sign that they say limit their right to get vaccine exemptions for their children. in our efforts to be filled a better bay area, we're looking into the recycling crisis that our state is facing. >> it's a real problem. luz pena visited the main center in san francisco where they just finished installing several robots to help keep up the place. >> recology prides itself on having the most advanced ing in. but even they had to step up the process. >> china, formally the largest buyer of bales of recycled plastic is no longer buying them. >> changes in china. check out this chart. in 2017, a bale of mixed paper
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will sell for $110 a ton. now $20 a ton. can you hear it? close to 4,000 processed. previously china used to purchase this material. with 8%. but that's no longer the case. >> the companies that receive the bales of plastic have dictated that the bales have 1% or less impurities. >> and to see how they're limiting those impurities, i climbed up to the heart of this facility. in the last three years invested $20 million in specific sorting machines like this one. would you say that those robots are the ones that are saving you at this point? >> the robots are helping keep us in the game. >> now everything is sorted. a group of senators are proposing a long-term goal to cut plastic waste by 75%. by the year 2030, with ab-1080
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and sb-54. >> we are asking you to take sustainability into account, reusability, repsychability. >> meanwhile, recology and others are having to sell to more than one country like malaysia and indonesia, but they are not making what they used to. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. lafayette residents are celebrating the long-awaited grand opening of a fire station in the happy valley neighborhood. fire station 16 reopened today, seven years after it was closed because of a budget shortfall. the effort to reopen it actually began in 2016, but construction and power issues delayed the project. city and fire leaders say reopening it will add much needed protection from wildfires. >> we couldn't be more pleased that we're ready to restaff station 16 in a very high fire hazard severity zone with a fresh crew and looking forward to the future of serving lafayette. >> the station will be staffed by a crew of three seven days a
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week, 24 hours a day. one of the crewmembers will be a paramedic. a boy was saving up to go to disney world, but he decided he could use his savings instead to help hurricane dorian evacuees. and now mickey mouse is going to make the trip happen anyway. germane bell used to his money to buy hot dogs, chips and water for about 100 people in south carolina. disney employees showed up at his house to let him know his dream trip was coming true anyway. germaine and his family plan on going to the orlando amusement park later this month. disney is the parent company of abc7. no one deserves that trip more. >> absolutely. great point. good effort. let's focus on the forecast as we head back to work for the week. really nice. feeling like fall out there. >> it certainly does a little bit. sandhya? >> yeah, today those temperatures in the 60s to 80s range really comfortable, dan and kristen. live doppler 7 showing you just a few clouds lingering around the coastal areas. we're going to show you a wider
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perspective, because still tracking a system that is in the pacific northwest, and as it swings through here, it just may squeeze out an isolated shower. but not until tomorrow morning. here is a look at the winds. they are howling, gusting to 30 in napa out of the west. novato, 31. oakland right now 28 miles an hour. so you may have noticed the gusty winds today, and if you are going to be stepping out tonight, just beware of the fact you will definitely need to hold on to the steering wheel. we are expecting the wind gusts to continue, 20 to 26 miles an hour tonight. winds will relax a little bit in the morning, only to pick back up again as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. but it is not expected to be a very blustery day. just windy for this time of year. here is a live picture from our san rafael camera. you can see the trees are getting blown around by the winds. there is another live picture from the south beach camera. and the clouds are starting to regroup near sutro tower. 67 in the city.
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it is 73 in oakland. san jose 78 along with gilroy. definitely pleasant in terms of temperatures. mount tam cam, watching the clouds rolling in right now. 77 in santa osa. it's in the low 80s from fairfield to concord. napa, you're at 78 degrees. from our san jose camera, you're seeing the sun shining over the shark tank right now. gusty winds continue this evening. isolated showers are possible tomorrow morning, and it heats up inland later on this week. so enjoy this pattern while it lasts, because there will be some changes. 7:00 tonight, some clouds right around the coast and the bay as we head towards tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m., you will notice a little bit of green in the east bay, and also towards the monterey bay. indication we may see a little drizzle or isolated shower right on through 8:00 a.m. and then the clouds will clear for most eae wil be s shine tomo afternoon. but those temperatures are going to come down a few degrees. first thing tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the upper 50s. defini out for a few spots where you may see some drizzle, or some light isolated
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showers. tomorrow afternoon, 66 in san francisco. 64 in half moon bay. 68 degrees in san rafael. a nice day. 83 in santa rosa. 76 degrees in san jose and 79 in livermore. as we take a look at what's ahead later on this week, wednesday you will notice it's a warmer pattern. numbers inland in the low 90s by thursday. we're going upper 90s. so you know the heat is back. the coast will be in the 70s. by friday, we're talking triple-digits here in our inland areas. the accuweather seven-day forecast. isolated morning drops. certainly possible tomorrow. breezy and warmer wednesday. notice the heat thursday, friday, and saturday. upper 90s to low 100s. temperatures along the coast in the 60s and 70s. it's not going to last very long, though. by sunday, it's much cooler, and into monday as well. until then, we've got sort of a seesaw in terms of our temperatures. >> 100 this late. >> it's that time of year. we get the heat. >> alternating the tastes of summer. >> thanks very much. we know the university of
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stanford is once again near the top of u.s. news and world report's annual college rankings. it's at number six. princeton number one this year. uc berkeley has been ranked the number two public university in the nation. for 2020, ucla is actually number one, a uc rival. uc did really well, santa barbara, irvine and san diego were also in the top ten for public universities. new this year was a ranking on which schools best served underrepresented students. the top three were all in california, uc riverside, uc santa cruz, and uc irvine. amazon is going on a hiring spree, looking to fill about 30,000 jobs. the online retailer is going to hold career days in major cities to recruit new employees. we know events will be held in boston, chicago, dallas, seattle, nashville, and
5:26 pm
arlington, virginia on september 17th. the jobs range from software engineers to warehouse staff that fulfill orders. people can register online if you're interested in applying. dozens of california food and bench companies are in fresno this week, hoping to sell their products. the california food expo got under way today. it's a trade show designed exclusively for california companies bringing growers and manufacturer together with distributors and others in food-related businesses. there are 130 companies exhibiting. >> 35% of our companies are brand-new, coming from san diego to san francisco, but it's really exciting. i think there is something really special about the california brand. >> the california food expo continues tomorrow. all right. interesting story coming up. a soccer stadium has turned into a field of trees. >> in fact, a forest has been planted right where players would normally be running during a match. how this forest is actua
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there, i'm dion lim. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, major developments in the case of two bay area teens held in the death of an italian police officer. at 6:00, what the i-team has found inside a 200 page police report on the incident. the legal defeat for san francisco residents hoping to stop a homeless center from going up next to some very expensive condos. and speaking of the housing crunch, a bay area city considers a plan to make it easier for residents to put up dwelling like this in their backyard and then rent it out. it's all coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00. dan and kristen? >> thanks, dion, we'll see you then. there are occasions where sports can feel a lot like art. >> yeah. in austria, they've taken that statement literally. 32,000 seat soccer stadium now has a forest. 300 trees have been planted inr dreamed up by a swiss artist. he wanted to give a new context to a forest, and that's what he
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came up with. cool. that's our report. we appreciate your tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. found alive. the desperate search and rescue operation playing out at this hour, after this ship capsized off the u.s. coast. a fire onboard, holding rescue teams back at first. but today, they rescued three more people alive, and tonight, we've now learned a fourth. we'll go live to the scene. the humanitarian crisis in the bahamas. the desperation. and tonight, what president trump has said about people in the bahamas who want to come to the u.s. the outrage over planned secret talks with the taliban at camp david, revealed by president trump. those talks called off before they could happen. why was the taliban coming to the u.s. days before 9/11? tonight, the abc news exclusive. the hunt for isis fighters. we take you deep inside iraq tonight, after the president celebrated the d their territory taken back --


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