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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  September 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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than a hot air balloon. thought he might jump out of an airplane shall parachute here himself.
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did you have to overcome in. >> being homeless, livin import backdrop and to play with the passion and energy, and rece ---
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and here they stand with a 27-21 lead. but this guy loves these spots. it's what he lives for. >> booger: it's going to be tough. he has no time-outs. 50 seconds left and he needs a touchdown. these are situations you practice in otas, in training camp. the coaches will script and it say the defense doesn't have any time-outs, et cetera. watson needs a big chunk play. i sit back in zone coverage. i'm not giving up the big play. >> joe: 24th game of his nfl career. returned from acl last year. playoffed through difficulties,
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the pain, and also tonight. one division title and you open up the next season on the road in this atmosphere. where you're going to hear it. and it's going to roar down with the final 50 seconds. let's see what he can offer up. >> booger: sit back and play a little zone coverage, i think. make him throw the ball. >> joe: goes down field and he connects, deandre hopkins has the texans in business. just like that. watson to hopkins. >> booger: what a catch. you know, we gave him alt lot o criticism earlier. what about the catch there again lattimore. back and forth all night long. hopkins with a big time play here.
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under a minute in the fourth quarter. >> joe: couldn't have a better start. 38-yard reception by hopkins. no time-outs, 43 seconds remain. here comes pressure off the edge and vonn bell, he gets rid of it. he did it and welcome to the texans! what drama in new orleans. deshaun watson! >> booger: deshaun watson in the pocket. pay attention to him. he sees blitz and moves to the right and then 24e throws a dime right there. unbelgi,o who attacked. number 26, p.j. williams, number
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25, apple and number 26, williams, and hit him again for six. >> joe: it is no good! ka'imi fairbairn just missed the extra point. a flag is down. >> referee: personal foul, rufring a kicker. replay it. >> joe: c.j. gardner-johnson, roughing the kicker. >> booger: wow. >> john: joe, the kickergets both feet down after the kick and the defender goes in to plant the foot that's on the
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ground. >> joe: he's already threw wioud the missed extra point. that would have kept the game tied with 37 seconds. instead, now this. and a one-point lead for the texans becauseit's the final ga one. the final "monday night football" game in oakland. and fittingly, it's the single most played matchup in "monday night football" history, as bitter rivals the broncos visit oakland. the autumn wind may be a raider, but the same can't be said about antonio brown. as if these raider fans wouldn't be amped up enough, there's genuine, anger, resentment, and frustration aimed at antonio brown. hard to imagine a player on the home team conjuring up these kinds of emotions without ever
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playing a single game in the silver and black. gorgeous night. 67 degrees. oakland alameda county coliseum. steve levy, brian griese, louis riddick, dianna russini and year two under chucky for the raiders. >> brian: vic fangio, welcome to monday night. >> louis: absolutely. the raiders have a point to prove. let's see if they can get it done on the field. >> steve: going to have some fun tonight. the raiders will get the football first. harris will run it out of the end zone. harris, to the 29 yard line. and that's where derek carr will start after a return of 29 yards for the oakland raiders and this offense. an offense and a quarterback that jon gruden said they're going to hold him to a standard
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that he can be one of the best. a critical season for him. >> brian: it's been an emotional six months. jon gruden brought him in, welcomed him on the team. now he has to put that to the side and find play makers tonight. >> steve: on first down, the handoff to josh jacobs. welcome to the nfl. a gain of three on the play. 24th pick overall, out of alabama. as you look at the offensive line, it is an excellent offensive line led by trent brown. >> brian: everybody talked about antonio brown, but trent brown may be a very good acquisition. >> louis: 'sosomeone toatch all. >> steve: the last game he played, left tackle for the patriots in the super bowl. here jacobs again. gets a couple.
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that will bring up third down. bradley chubb, his first tackle of the game. get used to that. looking at the denver defense, this is not the issue for the broncos. they're stacked on defense. >> louis: it begins and ends with chubb and miller. this is really where they make their money here. the obvious passing downs. >> steve: and we get a look at hunter renfrow. went to college at clemson, the national champions. he's in the game on third and four.out and able to complete tn grant. they're going to give him a forward progress for the first down, gain of five. >> brian: niced down of the gam. third and five, you get the protection orchestrated. nice job by o guys to keep an eye on,
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williams, brought over from the chargers, and darren waller, number 83, both haveo step up in the absence of antonio brown. >> steve: two tight ends in for oakland. waller and moreau, the rookie out of lsu. carr, first down, across the middle. it's grant, second down and short. >> louis: carr trying to play in rhythm, get the ball out of his hands quickly. he wants to negate the pass rush that people are worried about with chubb and miller. being rhythmic, on time delivering the football. you see him trying to establish that right away. >> steve: second and short. approaching midfield. an opportunity to take a shot. instead, a handoff to jacobs. he has first down yardage, and they push the pile. gain of five, to the 46 of denver.
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jacobs played just one series in the preseason, as is the trend around the nfl. >> brian: everybody wants to talk about jon gruden's passing game in oakland, throwing the ball. but he loves a bell cow don't be surprised if jacobs gets 20 to 25 touches in this one. >> steve: first down and ten. waller, at the bottom of your screen. carr looking left. throwing, there he is. darren waller. he has first down. the raiders putting together an impressive drive here to start. gain of 11 on the play. >> louis: you see by formation where they put waller. trying to iso him on the corner, one-on-one. and it's a size disadvantage, but he has the speed of a wide receiver. he can do whatever he wants. beautiful, beautiful play design by jon gruden there.
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>> steve: that's renfrow in motion, top of your screen. back-to-back first downs that jon gruden has decided to throw the football. that's opening up the run game. looked like a jump. may have been denzelle good right guard. >> referee: false start. offense, number 71. five-yard penalty. still first down. >> steve: craig wrolstad, our first and 15 after the penalty. at the denver 41.
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the same look with waller split out on yiadom. carr, underneath waller, goes up and make the grab. it will be yiadom on the play, for a gain of 26. >> brian: back-to-back times jon gruden has identified this matchup. waller, 6'5", 260 pounds, on onn yiadom. >> louis: and he has wide receiver type speed. quickly by formation and by personnel deployment, you can tell what the raiders areryg exploit. something they'll have to watch
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>> steve: all right, joe tess, thanks very much. welcome to the coliseum, the final monday night game ever. and the raiders have marched down the field at the denver 10 1/2 yard line. second and four. on the ground, jacobs thought tt about cutting inside. von miller with the stop. >> brian: hot start for derek carr. back-to-back targets at his new tight end, waller. one to short, one down the field. and a big third down and three in the red zone. >> steve: tenth play of this drive upcoming.
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why not go back to waller. he's in motion. here's carr. broncos rush four. some pressure, it's caught, tyrell williams. and the raiders strike first.t.. >> brian: big-time opening drive from derek carr. look at williams, when he goes to throw that football, that is perfectly thrown. can't throw it out there any better, right behind the linebacker. big-time conversion. >> louis: you need to squeeze the coverage in the red zone. you get caught behind a receiver, he's going to block you out like a basketball player. that's what happened on that play. just pitch and catch to derek right there. >> steve: ten-play, 72-yard drive. carlson, on the way. and for all the people asking
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the question, how would the raiders offense do without antonio brown, so far, so good. the raiders strike first. the final game of week one of the nfl, off to a hot start. ♪ that one?! no! what about that?! no! what about now?! no! that do it?! [ buffer stops ] still not working! how 'bout now?! no! i just don't know. i mean, i don't know who labeled this thing. yeah?! no! yeah?! ♪
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