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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm car nell barnard, the raiders fair well season in oakland begins tonight and they've got a lot to say. >> bicycle theft victims are taking matters into their own hands. >> i'm in san francisco. tonight wild fire victims are outraged. >> announcer: now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. >> in all honesty it's a slap in the face of how small it is. >> new developments, pg&e announced plans to exit bankruptcy with $18 billion set aside for w fir
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more on this story, kate. >> dion, dan, when pg&e filed bankruptcy it's because they couldn't pay an estimated $30 billion in fire claims. they're offering about half of that and fire victims are angry. they offered $16.9 billion to play wild fire related to claims. the proposal would cap payments to insurance companies at 8.5 building. the remaining would go to wild fire victims. the ceo said we will meet our part to compensate victims. >> it's a slap in the face for how small it is. >> eric smoke to us via skype from oregon. he and his husband lost their home in the tubbs fire which decimated much of santa rosa. they are one of an estimated 40,000 people who have or will file a claim against
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the wild fires. >> we lost our homes, our jobs. our lifestyle was tak because of apparent negligence and profit mongering by pg&e so i think i'm due something. >> the offer is a fraction of the estimated wild fire liability which many say is closer to $30 billion. >> they're putting a low number out there that they probably don't believe in. >> jared is a law professor at uc hayesings. he believes pg&e's offer is a negotiating tactic and says the dollar amounts are likely to change over the next few months. >> if i were a wild fire victim i wouldn't go and panic based on the numbers put out there today. >> so, tomorrow mornings hearings begin here in san francisco to set up a calendar to estimate pg&e's true wild fire liability. i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00, the daring
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rescue. a man was injured and stuck op a steep cleef. firefighters came to the rescue and marry describes what happened next. >> i found something to be able to secure a line, repelled halfway down, got him, got him in a harness and repelled him down the to the beach. >> once on the beach, she says the man was able to walk on his own to an ambulance. firefighters say he'll be okay. happening right now this is a live picture of san francisco international airport where runway construction is turning into passenger frustration. since saturday there have been 327 delays and 124 cancellations. the armt closed one run wau to repair its basaler which was starting to fail beneath the runway surface. some flights have been diverted. >> new developments tonight, a defeat for opponents of tougher ruhildhood vaccinations. despite the opposition, the governor signed the bill ls into
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law. opponents filled the halls of the state capitol today blocking entrances to the building and interrupting a senate vote. state senator ruch rich pan authored both bills. >> we are right now experiencing the largest number of cases of measles in over 25 years. we had a per tus sis outbreak in 2010 in california where ten infants died. we need to keep our kids safe in school. >> one law calls for more scrutiny of doctors with high numbers of medical exemptions. the other invalidates exemptions from doctors who have faced disciplinary action by the state. the national rifle association is suing san francisco. that's after city supervie vors passed a resolution calling them a domestic terrorist organization. in the suit the nra says the city is infringing on its free speech rights. in part, the nra is a terrorist organization that isn't succeeding at much of anything.
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they're dealing with dwindling membership, financial troubles, and a russian spy scandal. >> abc 7 news has learned the investigation into last week's deadly dive boat fire is a criminal probe. fbi agents served search warrants yesterday at the company that owned the boat. in the meantime the search resumes on wednesday for the final victim of that tragedy that killed 34 people, most from northern california. for one man in the south bay, building a better bay area involves taking back his neighborhood. eric greenwood is a victim of bicycle theft, and it only took one instance to incite action. >> a candy apple green frame, a brooks brown seat, a bicycle valued at $500 was recently boosted from eric greenwood's garage. >> i bught that bike at 17 in
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1987. it was the first bike i bought with my own money. >> camera footage shows a man cycling away on the bike. he took to social media asking for known spots around san jose where stolen bikes are kept or dumped. >> i checked all of them. i walked the whole river almost. >> a bicycle bounty hunter of sorts. greenwood heading in the other direction. her bmx racing bike was swiped in downtown the other night. >> the bike was actually at my friend's house and her car was broken into.and ey took my bike. >> a few modification to her husband's bike and a little bit of hope sent her home in first place. >> i was able to win as you can see here. >> but celebration doesn't replace sentimental value. she is hopeful it will be recovered. while greenwood remains
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determined, he says there's also a sense of set back. >> it's very difficult to track everything down because it just works so fast. and i think we're almost feeling defeated. >> sjpd is aware of the issue recommending owners keep track of serial numbers and invest in locks to discourage theft. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them on our group on facebook. >> a big night for football in oakland. raider nation was out in force as the silver and black took on the denver broncos. >> tonight's game begins the fair well season in the bay area before moving to las vegas. more on this, cornell. >> reporter: yeah, hi. raider nation very, very happy tonight despite being caught in some post-game traffi tonight. oakland pulled off a big win against denver and did it
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without the help of antonio brown. raider nation out in force back hoe in the coliseum parking lot for pre-game action before t big season opener. >> we're living it up. we're hyping it up right now. we're ready for denver. >> reporter: these legendary tailgate parties could be history when the oakland raiders become the las vegas raiders right now. >> we don't care about vegas. our heart is with oakland. but vegas, we're coming for you. go raiders! >> reporter: the silver and black taking on the broncos without number 84, antonio brown. his brief and bizarre drama-filled tenure with the raiders left fans with a lot to say. >> a.b. who? >> he wasn't here in the first place? he was all for him. the frostbite, the helmet you shh. >> it's like the pretty girl you
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never kiss, you can't miss what you never had. >> reporter: here's what happened when we tried to interview brave fans, raider nation shut it down. some oakland fans say no matter where the team goes, they'll be there. >> we will follow them to vegas, raiders for life. >> reporter: so raiders win tonight 24-16. larry biel is going to have your highlights later in sports. we're live in oakland. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. >> i've obtained the police investigative report of the stabbing of the officer in rome. were you a victim of the equifax data breach? there's one more thing you must do to get your settlement. >> live doppler 7 tracking a system that may bring us more than clouds tomorrow. i'll explain coming up. >> here's a look at what's
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coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks dan and dion. watch this or regret it forever. >> i grab people by their breasts that i'm friendly with. >> oh really? what do you mean? >> as a greeting. if i see my sister i'm like --
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major new developments tonight in the case of two bay area teenagers held in the death of an italian police officer. >> we've just obtained the investigator report on the incident. >> under investigation for failure to carry out his duties. he now admits neither he nor his
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partner had their service weapons the early morning of july 26th as they met two bay area teens. gabriel na tally is being held as a possible accessory to murder. i spoke with elder's attorney today about officer bare yelly facing his own investigation. >> he lied about having a gun. he didn't have a gun. he lied about them both showing their badges. we know he didn't have a badge. >> the investigative report obtained by the abc 7 team traces the steps leading to that fatal fight. when off duty officers spotted gabe bent down between cars using his cell phone light to find a foil packet which turned out to be a single pill of acetaminophen. he had been ripped off trying to buy cocaine. he gave the foil packet to
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officers and bolted. he picked up a backpack identified as a man police say is a known. the report called the cell phone that was in the backpack and negotiated an exchange with gabe who speaks fluent italian. the investigative report says between the two suspects he was certainly the most charismatic assuming a dominant position not only when negotiating the return of the backpack. and >> this whole idea that somehow he had staked the area out and looked for cameras is comical. >> i also asked natalie's father and attorneys to comment but they declined. emailed me the glaring inconsistencies in the investigative report speak for themselves and we don't see a need to make a public statement
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at this juncture. after natalie set the meeting place, he and elder hid the backpack and scoped out the street ducking behind cars at times. in a final call, elder's attorney says the reporter assured the teens he was coming alone so it was a surprise when two larger men appeared at the street corner. then elder's attorney tells me the boys tried to run. >> the assault by the two ensues and the boys defend themselves. fin is on the ground with rah on sop top of him and had the k and used the knife to try to get him off of him. >> they failed to call in the location of the meeting with the teens. the dispatcher thought they were at a location three kilometers away. the confusion delayed the ambulance response. it took more than 15 minutes for one to arrive at raga bled out. he died later at the hospital.
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police tracked the teens back to the hotel room using surveillance cameras on the street and in the hotel and in the ceiling panel similar to one i saw one floor above, investigators found this knife and bloody clothing. in addition to those photographs, the report contains recordings of a phone and radio traffic that night that were so much to put together for the prosecution and defense teams. for this i team, 7. >> you now have to take a new claim step in order to get the claim. >> equifax is requires people prove they have a credit monitoring service when they file their settlement case in the 2017 hack. that service must remain in effect for at least 6 months after filing. >> now, equifax agreed to play $125 each to the more than 140 million victims. >> it probably will affect you. let's move to the weather forecast. it's nice but it's going to
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change rather dramatically. >> going to feel like summer. >> we're going to have heat returning later on this week. dan and dion, not tomorrow. want to show you a view from the roof camera. that is a time lapse from earlier today. it was windy but the winds helped to sweep out the clouds that we had earlier in the day, and it turned out to be a lovely one with temperatures at or just below average for this time of year. now the clouds are regrouping. live doppler 7 showing them to you along the coast around parts of the bay. there's a system pushing into the pacific northwest with showers. for us in the bay area, it will keep our temperatures below average for this time of year, maybe a sprinkle or two in the mornings. upper 50s to mid-60s tonight so it is going to be great sleeping weather as we ed had into tomorrow morning. i want to show you the planner, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, possible sprinkles. certainly clouds around. i wouldn't change your plans.
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noontime sun and clouds and gusty winds for the afternoon. low 60s to mid 80s so in then comfort zone in terms of numbers. lovely view of san francisco right now as you will notice, don't have any visibility restrictions at this hour. if we can go to the next graphic we'll talk about the other live picture here. from the south beach camera you can look at san francisco, sales force tower, isolated sprinkles are possible. brighter afternoon with gusty winds and it'll be heating up later this week inland. it is breezy tonight but not as windy as it was. tomorrow morning there will be a few breezy spots as we head into the afternoon the winds begin to pick up around 2:30, 27-miles-per-hour winds near the coast. over 30 as head into the late afternoon and evening. once again it is going to be -- temperatures will be held down because of the wind. first thing tomorrow morning upper 40s to 50s, plenty of cloud cover. tomorrow afternoon another windy
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afternoon. mild inland. warmer spots only in the low 80s. enjoy it whileissll going to ch. it changes beginning on wednesday. warmer pattern setting up. you'll notice the low 90s by thursday. we're pushing the upper 90est. 70s at the coast and friday triple digits inland. it will get hot. it's still summer. accuweather 7 day forecast, tomorrow temperatures below average, warming it up, heat ting it up, upper 90 to thursday through saturday before the temperatures drop considerably sunday and monday. >> very good. tomorrow on "good morning
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> good evening after all the antonio brown drama, had no idea how the raiders would come out tonight. derek carr razor sharp.
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first drive, zip, zip, zip, ten plays, 72 yards, tyrrell williams, perfect pass, 7-0 in a flash. defense, good all night long. sacks joe flacco. ball's out. second quarter. josh jacobs up and over, the rookie can fly capping a 13-play 95 yard drive. broncos dominated the third quarter but deshawn hamilton drops what would have been a touchdown pass. raiders response, 259 yards. there's that man again, 24 yards to tie williams. second touchdown. first player since 2001 with 100 scrimmage yards in nfl debut. raiders win 24-16. chris alvarez in the locker room. >> what was the key to tonight's win? >> i think just coming out and executing our game plan and playing as a unit.
11:30 pm
>> pretty simple. >> we had a great game plan. we all believed in it. we just believed in the schemes, believed in each other. we came out here and played hard. >> went out there playing as a team, making sure we stop those guys on defense. as you see, we established that. but defensively we've got to stop easy to those guys. >> i'm going to get to sit at my locker and watch those guys celebrate. i hope no one else talks about them. i hope they think they're terrible and no one wants to cover them. >> what happened here the last couple of days may have been big news to some. but we're no distractions. i think you could tell that tonight. our team is ready to roll. >> raiders were locked in. a's and astros, houston fans making it colorful. mike fires gave up two home ru six bombs in the first two innings. personal win streak ends at 12. you get the trend that was going here. the astros win 15-0.
11:31 pm
houston scored 35 runs in their last two games. mike fires has a headache. giants and pirates, hot dogs still hot. madison bumgarner 7 innings, left with a 2-run league. what could go wrong? the bullpen. in the 9th they implode. rbi single part of a four-run frame. and the giants lose 6-4th. denied his so win of the year. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. i know you were among the people wondering how's connelly.
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we appreciate your >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, chelsea handler. from "mayans m.c." jd pardo. and music from trisha yearwood. and now, by the way, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i hope your weekend was good. if not it's gone. i've got to tell you, i hope everyone was able to relax this weekend because the president had a very busy couple of days tweeting. that guy does nothing but work. it really is remarkable. most notably he tweeted about a meeting, a very high-profile secret meeting that ultimately did not take place.


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