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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 9, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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we appreciate your >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, chelsea handler. from "mayans m.c." jd pardo. and music from trisha yearwood. and now, by the way, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i hope your weekend was good. if not it's gone. i've got to tell you, i hope everyone was able to relax this weekend because the president had a very busy couple of days tweeting. that guy does nothing but work. it really is remarkable. most notably he tweeted about a meeting, a very high-profile secret meeting that ultimately did not take place. on saturday he wrote,
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"unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major taliban leaders and separately the president of afghanistan were going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday." only trump would brag about a meeting he didn't have. [ laughter ] anyway. they were coming to the united states tonight. unfortunately, in order to build false leverage they admitted to an attack in kabul that killed one of our great, great soldiers and 11 other people. i immediately canceled the meeting and called off peace negotiations. "what kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?" mm. the taliban maybe? [ laughter ] i don't know. you know, the people you invited to camp david. donald trump invited the taliban to camp david! three days before 9/11. next month he's taking al qaeda to six flags. did you know that? [ laughter ] can you imagine if that meeting had happened and it had gone --
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like if someone in their group complimented him? we'd have video right now of the president saying "i love the taliban. they're great guys." [ laughter ] of course this is especially fascinating because back in 2012 trump tweeted this -- "while barack obama is slashing the military he's also negotiating with our sworn enemy the taliban, who facilitated 9/11." that was written by the man who not only did he invite the taliban over for a sleepover last week he slashed $3.6 billion from the military to build his wall. everything he does you can find a tweet where he says the opposite. it's like he went back in time to screw with himself. [ laughter ] he really might be biff from "back to the future." there are a number of reports today that said many of trump's own national security advisers, including the vice president, advised him not to meet with the taliban at camp david. and that trump overruled them. but that of course made the president angry. he was outraged that the media
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would dare suggest he overruled his national security team. and he underlined that by saying he didn't overrule his national security team because he didn't even bother to consult them. [ laughter ] >> no, actually, in terms of advisers, i took my own advice. i liked the idea of meeting. i've met with a lot of bad people and a lot of good people. it was my idea, and it was my idea to terminate it. i didn't even -- i didn't discuss it with anybody else. >> jimmy: well, that's just great. [ laughter ] why bother to discuss it with anybody else when you know what's best? the white house is running like a well-turmoiled machine right now. [ laughter ] for once, the republican establishment is not behind our dangerously dim-witted president. behind closed doors people like lindsey graham were said to be mortified by this plan. but the only one who actually spoke out publicly was the 212-year-old host of "the 700 club." >> you know, you ask about our president. why does he think he can sit down with these people?
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they have denied women education. they used to have their thought police going through the cities to whip women whose clothing they disagreed with. they're terrible people. and the president thinks he's so charming he can sit down with the devil and change the devil. the devil's not going to change. those people are not going to change. and to think we can sit down and make a deal with them is just absurd. >> jimmy: well said, potato in a turtleneck. [ laughter ] so instead of meeting with the taliban yesterday trump spent the day lashing out at john legend and chrissy teigen. for real. apparently he was watching a town hall event on msnbc last night. probably waiting to hear his name mentioned. he was upset that john legend didn't give him a shout out for the bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that he signed. sew got out his thumbs and he wrote "guys like boring musician john legend and his filthy-mouthed wife," who wasn't even there, by the way, "are talking about how great it is but i didn't see them around
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when we needed help getting it passed." his filthy mouth -- we can't have all these filthy-mouthed women around. the taliban is coming over, guys. [ laughter ] trump hates women who talk dirty. unless they're spanking him with a "forbes" magazine while they're doing it. [ laughter ] so chrissy teigen responded to this. [ applause ] she wrorkste, "lol. what a [ bleep ] assassassassass ." she got 5,000 likes, almost ten times as many likes as he got for his tweet about her. which i think means she's our new president. [ cheers and applause ] that wasn't even the weirdest thing trump tweeted over the weekend. just when you thought the story about the hurricane sharpie map had finally died the president gave it nine more lives. and this also happens to be to my knowledge the first time an american president has tweeted a cat video.
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♪ what is that even supposed to mean? is the cat the democrats? are we the cat and the laser is his powerful brain beam? i really need more information. and by the way, that video isn't even realistic. there's no way trump could be that close to a pussy and not grab it. [ cheers and applause ] oh, speaking of that, donald trump's old pal from the "access hollywood" bus is back. billy bush is the new host of "extra." and to promote it this morning he sat down with gayle king. and you have to hand it to gayle king, she really gets people to open up. >> let's go back to 2005, about who you were in 2005 and who he was in 2005.
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>> i hog tied her? >> jimmy: wait a minute. i think we may have the gayle king interviews mixed up. [ laughter ] billy bush is back. the president headlined yet another rally in fayetteville, north carolina tonight and he had his son don jr., djtj, warm the crowd up. and boy, not only did he warm them up he introduced a brand new way of ending every sentence. >> the democrat party doesn't exist because it's run by a bunch of leftists. uh? that's what's happened. all right? john f. kennedy would be alt right. all right? i want to keep winning. all right? we saint seen a lot of that these days. all right? we've got a lot to figure out. all right? it's on the tited. ithout you. all right? i will now be getting me tooed this evening.
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all right? think about it. all right? [ applause ] >> jimmy: all right? oh, the nfl was back this weekend. and the big story this weekend was that of oakland raiders receiver antonio brown. antonio brown left the steelers. he wanted out of pittsburgh. so they traded him to the raiders. and before he even played a game for the raiders he decided he didn't want to be on the raiders. he missed a practice and then they fined him for it, which is what they do. when he got fined he went on instagram, he lashed out at the team, then had a screaming match with the general manager. that was wednesday. on friday they made up, he apologized to his teammates. all was well. and then on friday night he uploaded a phone call of a private conversation he had with his coach jon gruden. he put it on youtube. and on saturday he'd been released by the team and immediately picked up by the new england patriots. so finally some good news for patriots fans, first of all.
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but this was antonio brown's reaction when he learned the raiders were cutting him from the team. >> let me see it. >> look at adam chester. >> the raiders -- free! oh! oh! >> jimmy: and he was never seen again. he just went over the wall and kept -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] and you know, of course, other than the fans in new england who are thrilled, antonio brown is probably the least popular player in the league right now, even finding himself on the short end of commentary from another controversial former nfl player. >> hey, twitter world. what can i tell you? antonio? looked like you came out smelling like a rose. i don't think many people are pulling for you right now. but i'm not kicking you off my fantasy team. i can tell you that. but i hope you know that belichick is not going to put up with none of this stuff that
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tomlin may have started all of this and gruden put up with. i'm just saying, buddy. i don't think you can act like that in new england. good luck. take care. >> jimmy: that's right. and now if you'll excuse me i've got people to kill. [ laughter ] imagine o.j. giving advice on how to behave. [ applause ] it's -- i have some advice for antonio brown. robert kraft, who owns the patriots, he's not like these other team owners. you jerk him around, you're going to need candles, you're going to need a handful of massage oil. this is good too. this is from the women's u.s. open final. congratulations to bianca andreescu, who upset serena williams to become the first canadian ever to win a tennis major. >> what did you have to overcome to get across the finish line? >> definitely the crowd.crowd.
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i know you guys wanted serena to win. so i'm so sorry. >> jimmy: that might be the most canadian thing i've ever seen in my life. [ laughter ] she apologized for winning. earlier tonight here on abc the gods of love gifted us with a new episode of "bachelor in paradise." all the least mentally stable bachelors and bachelorettes are together in mexico. poor mexico. we really owe them. [ laughter ] one of the more colorful characters this time around is a guy named john paul jones, who was on last season of "the bachelorette." john paul loves the ladies almost as much as he loves playing with his beautiful hair. >> um. how have you been today? what's up? >> what's going on? >> all right. here we go. >> oh, yeah. seems cool. >> yeah. this is cool. ♪
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♪ ♪ john paul >> jimmy: get that man a headband, will somebody? [ applause ] the saddest part is there's a person on our staff who had to spend 27 hours of his life finding all those clips. sorry, jesse. hey, we have a new number one movie in the land. "it chapter 2." did anyone go to see that? [ cheers ] i feel like you're lying, but i appreciate the enthusiasm. "it" made $91 million at the box office this weekend. this one the kids from the first movie are all grown up and they come back home to fight the clown again. it's basically the same plot as roamy & michelle's high school reunion but with a clown.
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whenever there's a big movie like this we like to run it by our in-house movie critic yehya who loves movies and has nothing to do. with that said here's yehya talking about the movie "it: chapter 2." >> action! hi, it's me yehya talk about the movie "ed" movie. the scary movie. look like the red balloon. the movie ed scare a lot. bart 2. and the cloud. the cloud is like you have a lot of tape. it's called benny west. that guy, a scary guy. bell arkus. and he do in the small drain for the rainwater running. he hear the voice. he say like kids help me. help me. i tell him the city help him too because a lot of [ bleep ] inside that drain. and this like six kids and one girl, jennisa crasher.
11:49 pm
she's in the "kelly osama bin laden." the guy comedian in it too. his name is stephen something. he's in the show "saturday alive." he's in hbo like actor, you know, like show on tv. action and the guy in the movie i forget his name. eddie, jesse, steve. and the guy write the book about that movie, stephen keng. and he write about the movie about drew ballymoore. from like fire with face. and his also the movie "the kids kill you forever." and he write the animal like the cat the monkey the dog die and come back. and die and come back. a lot of people afraid about clown. you know, i don't know why the people afraid about clown. you die you die. >> boo! go watch the movie! it's good movie! balloon movie!
11:50 pm
red movie! scy movie! action! again? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, yehya. hey, we've got a great show tonight. we have music from trisha yearwood. j.d. pardo is here. and we'll be right back with chelsea handler. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by microsoft. impossible to find, snow leopards are almt but we need to know where they are, because they are threatened. our camera traps allow us to have and eye in the mountains, taking thousands of pictures. microsoft ai scans through all these images, and separates snow leopards from everything else, in ten minutes instead of ten days. it gives us time to do better research, and save this threatened species. new pepto diarrhea to the rescue. diarrhea? its three times concentrated liquid formula coats and kills
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. tonight from the fx show "mayans mc," jd pardo is here with us. then, her new album is called "every girl." trisha yearwood from the mercedes-benz stage. [ cheers and applause ] you can see trisha live on tour, starting october 3rd in nashville tennessee. tomorrow night, ed helms and
11:55 pm
don lemon will be here along with a big surprise music guest, tomorrow night. and later this week, sean penn, sharon osbourne, danielle macdonald, bill burr and two more surprise mystery music guests. which i feel like is too many surprises. right? anyway, please watch for all that. our first guest tonight is a comedian, a talk show host, a best-selling author and now documentary filmmaker. she explores the subject of race and reunites with her ex-con high school boyfriend in "hello privilege, it's me, chelsea." watch it on netflix starting friday. please welcome chelsea handler. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] how are you doing? >> i'm well, thank you. >> jimmy: i'm glad you're here. >> hi! >> jimmy: you look fantastic. i love your dress, may i say, as well. >> thank you.
11:56 pm
you look very dapper yourself. >> jimmy: i'm wearing the same suit i usually do. but i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. you're welcome. this is my first time here at t the "jimmy kimmel" show. thanks for having me. >> you've gone from a lowly talk show host to now ma maker of documentary films. >> yes, yes, i suppose it is. >> jimmy: it is, yeah. >> i wanted to kind of dig a little bit deeper. no offense. i wanted to kind of in my own personal journey, another word that the bachelor ruined 20 years ago -- >> jimmy: you're right. >> i wanted to kind of take a deeper dive into myself and my experience and kind of how enlightened and entitled i had become. >> jimmy: yeah, you say that -- you know, i watched it and i enjoyed it but i was surprised because i thought oh, you're going to go screw around with people throughout really the country. but it turned out you really got pretty serious. and there are light moments. but you talk about white
11:57 pm
privilege, which is a phrase we hear a lot. explain what white privilege is. >> white privilege is just -- well, i can't tell everybody what the definition -- for me it is i always thought it was a certain group of people that get into harvard or get into yale or have rich parents. it's a privilege just to have white skin in this country. it's a privilege to go into a grocery store and not be stared at. it's a privilege to get pulled over and not worry about if it's a life or death situation. so it's kind of like showing people including myself all the ways in which we take it for granted. i got in trouble. i had to take sexual harassment training from netflix right out of the gate. >> jimmy: why sexual harassment? >> that was the question i asked. racial sensitivity training. you're taking that too. so the first day of filming, the very first day, we went to a usc -- it was kind of like a beatnik night and spoken word and people got up and rapped or read pros and this woman, this black woman, sang this great song and i was sitting behind her. and when she got up i gave her a
11:58 pm
hug to say great job and kind of smacked her on the butt. that's my sign of affection. that's how i say hey, sister, we're friends, we're sisters, we're girls. it's not a sexual affront because i'm straight. or so i thought. [ laughter ] and i got a call the next day and they said, okay, you know, this girl was very upset, the woman you touched on the ass, and i didn't even remember it. and immediately i became defensive. i was like oh, no. i'm like i'm not hitting on her. and they're like that's not the issue. so i got on the phone with her and she -- and i said please tell me what i did wrong. and she said, listen, for years and years and years black women is been defined by their hair and their asses. you have no right to touch my body. and once i heard about how it was received rather than my intention, that was a big wake-up call. >> jimmy: right. >> it's not about how you mean it. it's about what that person takes it as. that was my first lesson out of the gate. then i asked am i allowed to do
11:59 pm
that to white people, touch them? is it just a black thing? and they were like stop touching people altogether. and it's very hard for me because i'm a very affectionate person. i do inappropriate things. i'm lucky i don't have a talk show in this era because i would have lost it. but i grab people by their breasts that i'm friendly with. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yes. >> jimmy: what do you mean you grab them by the breasts? >> like as a greeting. if i see my sister i'm like whoo, whoo. that's what i'll do. or i'll tap somebody on their pikachu. [ laughter ] they're friends. mostly friends. and sometimes strangers. and i can't do that anymore. none of us can. >> jimmy: you're not supposed to do that. i don't think you were ever supposed to do that, by the way. this is not a new thing not doing that. >> it is true that i was never supposed to do it. and so that is a hard lesson to learn. if you're a handsy kind of person. many men are realizing now. i realize it too. sometimes i sit on my hands if i don't think i can control myself. >> jimmy: really? it's not -- you have that little
12:00 am
self-control? >> i have to rehabituate myself. i have a childish sechbs humor s so i want to poke somebody in the penis. >> jimmy: next time you're free feel free to poke me in the penis. i have no problem with it. the balls maybe not. but the penis fine with it. [ laughter ] >> it would be easier if you had an erection. >> jimmy: i'll try to work something up. [ laughter ] may i ask you, this sensitivity training you went to, because you always hear about people going on it, does it work? is it effective? >> it's -- it is effective because you need to know the rules because -- some of their suggestions are really silly. how are you supposed to say hello to somebody at work and they're like just hello. and i'm like, well, what if you meet somebody for the first time? what are you supposed to do?
12:01 am
and they're like elbow dabs are good. >> jimmy: really? >> i'm like who's going to do that? like hey, it's nice to meet you. and sit down for a meeting. >> jimmy: elbow dabs? >> i'm like that could hurt somebody more than just poking you in your penis. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i didn't know netflix was so strict with that sort of thing. >> they're keeping close eyes on me for some reason. >> jimmy: have you ever worked in an office besides being host of your television show? have you ever worked in a regular -- >> in a professional environment? >> jimmy: in a professional place, yes. >> i don't think so. >> jimmy: that's part of the problem. >> i had a lot of temp jobs when i was living in l.a. as a waitress and i would get fired right away. i couldn't even transfer a phone call. the men in the office would be like she's hot but she's so stupid. i took that as a compliment and left. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you talk about -- and i want to talk about your documentary in a minute, and something pretty crazy happens in the documentary. but you're drinking. you've stopped drinking -- >> no, no. i haven't stopped drinking.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: on stage. >> you scared me. >> jimmy: you stopped drinking at work is really what you've done. is that correct or is that not correct? >> i started -- i had a book come out this year. so i did a book tour and i was doing interviews. i was having different friends in different cities interview me for the promotion of the book instead of doing stand-up because you i just didn't think it was appropriate material fire stand-up show. then halfway through i decided, you know, this is stand-up, this is a one-woman show, i have a narrative that i'm telling a story now, and it's not just jokes. so it was a little bit deeper for me. i started doing stand-up again. i threw out a bunch of dates and i did them. and i was sober because i just don't drink as much anymore on stage, and i realized it's a whole new world out there. >> is it? what are the differences between -- because there are a lot of people who want to have a couple of drinks before they go on stage. >> that was me always. >> jimmy: you think you're better without that? >> sharper. well, of course you're into ba where i'd go on tour and i'd do the late show and just have a foggy memory of it.
12:03 am
like oh, that seems like it was fun and ask people the next day. yeah, it was a little like i was taking advantage of my position, entitlement again, burning the candle too hard. i've cut back my drinking. now i'm really into cannabis. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you cut back your drinking or just replaced it with something else? >> i usually move something in the back. so the cannabis is front and center right now. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: chelsea handler is here. her show is called "hello privilege, it's me chelsea." it's on netflix. we'll be right back. is >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by ikea. make the dream yours. millions of well-rested humans once roamed the e but with rising stress in the modern world, (yawning) a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. ♪ ♪ however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing vital sleep sanctuaries.
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and you get first dibs on that brand...
12:08 am that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. you got in trouble a lot when we were together, and i was always not able to skirt out of the trouble. >> that's right. >> like i remember getting pulled over four or five times on my way home to the house when i had been drinking. i had like five people in the car. and every single time i got through it. >> no, but you had the complexion for the connection. >> wow, i was in some pretty hairy situations that i never, ever paid the price for. >> never. like i said, you know, i went a different way and i'm glad it turned out the way it did with you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: that is chelsea handler in "hello, privilege. it's me, chelsea." now, explain who that guy you're talking to is. >> that was my boyfriend
12:09 am
tayshaun. when i was 16 i lived with my brother. i moved away from my parents. i was a terrible teenager. and i couldn't stand them. so i lived with them and i went to a different high school, and i hung out with black people for the first time. and i was like this is fun. this is exciting. i grew up in a white neighborhood. i never had any sort of diversity. and i hooked up with him and we dated for a year. and then we got caught three times with dime bags. and each time he was arrested and each time they told me to go back to my, you know, neighborhood. >> jimmy: each time the police arrested him and let you go. >> yes. >> jimmy: wow. >> and that was not even something that was on my mind when i i started filming this documentary. the director of the documentary asked me about my history. and when i filled her in in i said i had a boyfriend tyshaun for two years. he was black. she said old on, what happened in that situation? and i said his mother was a drug addict. i lived there practically. he was a drug dealer. i didn't really know until -- i did find out. but toward the end.
12:10 am
but we -- you know, i was in that world. and i just kind of ran in that world and left when i felt like it. and i went and revisited him in this documentary, which was obviously like diarrhea-inducing. >> jimmy: right. he had been in prison for 13 years. >> yeah. something like that. >> jimmy: you didn't write him letters or anything like that? >> no. he tells a story about watching "chels e. lately" in prison, though, and that all the other prisoners were big fans. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he said to them i would like you to turn the tv off and they said no. he didn't want to explain the story because he didn't think anyone would believe him. but to go back and then to -- i mean, to talk to any ex is uncomfortable oftentimes. but to go back and talk to a guy who's been locked up for that long. you had to be really -- i would imagine that you were dreading this. >> i was. there's a scene in the movie where i'm just like oh, my god, i can't believe i'm doing this. i wanted to do it because it's the right thing and i like to challenge myself and i like to be uncomfortable because that's how you learn, you know. but i really was like -- and
12:11 am
then it ended up being great. he unfortunately made a couple comments thinking that we were going to reunite and get fwooba together and come to california. but he's on parole. he can't leave the state. that's a technicality. i'm in the clear until his parole ends. and then maybe we will get back together. who knows? >> jimmy: he still looks pretty good, right? >> he does look good. he has four or five other children. maybe he wants to stay on the east coast with them. i'm just going to plan his future for him. >> jimmy: wow. how about that? that is so crazy. >> i've reunited with a lot of ex-boyfriends in documentaries because the directors like to push me. and running out. so hopefully i won't have to do it many more times. >> jimmy: it's an ever-replenishing type of situation there. just keep dating guys and breaking up with them. then hopefully they'll commit crimes and go away for a while and you'll have an interesting deal. >> that's a very interesting way to look at it. thank you, jimmy. >> jimmy: it's called optimism. >> it's called glass half full is what that's called. >> jimmy: you're doing a podcast
12:12 am
now. >> i am. i'm doing one, yes. >> jimmy: and you've done something on your podcast which is very interesting. but also disturbing, i think. you had your psychiatrist on the podcast. >> yes. >> jimmy: and you asked him -- you interviewed him about your personal issues. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: is he allowed to do that? >> well, he is after i wrote a book about it. yeah. so my last book was all about my therapist. it was called "life will be the death of me." and i went to a therapist specifically to stop --to to be less of a bitch. that was my intention. i was like hey, i think i'm a little bitchy and it's come tying crescendo and i was not able to rein it in. it was always a little bitchy but it was getting to a point where i was like angry. it was after the election. a very confusing time for all of us. and i was just getting so angry. i was walking into airport lounges looking for the fox section so i could go off on anybody. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. i was out of control. like veins throbbing. everything was rage. so yeah, i wrote a book about
12:13 am
him. and he was okay with coming on my podcast and talking about our therapy because i gave him permission to do so. but it is probably -- it's unethical. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. you have one ex-boyfriend go to prison. maybe you'll have your doctor go to prison as well. who knows? >> yeah. it's like anyone who comes in contact with me. >> jimmy: is sentenced. >> is stained somehow. >> jimmy: watch the netflix documentary. it's called "hello, privilege. it's me, chelsea." it premieres friday on netflix. and chelsea's upcoming comedy tour you can get tickets at chelsea handler everyone. we'll be right back with j.d. pardo. ♪ ♪ wherever you are... whatever you're craving... and whenever you're craving it... doordash has the restaurants you want.
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>> jimmy: hey there. trisha yearwood is on the way. our next guest plays a biker gang member with a heart of gold on a spinoff of "sons of
12:25 am
anarchy." watch the second season of "mayans mc" tuesday nights on fx. please welcome jd pardo. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: you're one of very few actors out here who actually grew up in l.a. >> that's right. i'm a unicorn. right? >> it's rare. >> panorama city. >> jimmy: that's serious in panorama he too, right? >> it's pretty serious. >> jimmy: it's hot. >> right there on -- i was born at the kaiser on roscoe and woodman. >> jimmy: i know exactly where that is. i used to live right in that area there. you can get -- a lot of auto part picking going on there. >> you have the tommy -- the tommy's. >> jimmy: tommy's burgers. yeah. sure. >> tommy's. and then you have the budweiser plant. you can smell that one a mile
12:26 am
away. >> jimmy: you can see the barley for miles -- what did your parents do? >> my mother worked for state fund insurance. and my father was an lapd officer. crash at rampart. [ applause ] >> jimmy: at rampart, huh? >> rampart. and a marine. so i was really screwed. >> jimmy: you can't get away with anything. >> i would just love to say to our military men and women out there serving this great country, thank you. >> jimmy: your dad instilled that in you. that -- >> fear. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? >> he did some interrogating. i'm not sure i should say this. but he did -- i'm going to say it anyway. he did some interrogating for the marines. and one time as a kid i said, pop, what do you do if they don't talk? and he's just like, "they always talk." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, really? >> so i'm a terrible liar. even today i'm a horrible, horrible liar. >> jimmy: wow. interesting. did you ever try to run one past him or no? >> no.
12:27 am
it's a bad idea. >> jimmy: are there good things about having a dad in the lapd? >> yeah. he would give me his cop card. my sister and i, his cop card, said lieutenant pardo with his little badge on it. you get pulled over -- >> jimmy: did you get pulled over and they let you go? >> they say license and registration, your hand over the license with the little card. and you just wait for them to say wow. >> jimmy: did they then call him and say hey, by the way, your son -- >> sometimes they didn't appreciate it. sometimes -- >> jimmy: oh, you got pulled over a lot, then, it sounds like. [ laughter ] because you had the card. you didn't have to obey the rules. >> you know, as a cop's son you try not to. as strange as that sounds. you want to see -- you want to be a rebel. you want to feel like -- you don't want to be too clean cut. >> jimmy: no kid wants to be too clean cut. >> my neighborhood friends and i, we actually tried to start a gang. >> jimmy: that's great. i'm sure your dad appreciated that. what? what kind of gang? >> i grew up with a couple of
12:28 am
guys, memo, mark, simon. one was half african-american, half filipino. the other one was african-american. the other one was mexican. and we called ourselves the mixed up brothers. [ laughter ] so it was an equal opportunity gang. >> jimmy: wow. and did you guys do any crimes or was there any initiation or anything like that? >> no. we just kind of -- >> jimmy: that's not a gang. that's a club. [ laughter ] >> thanks, jimmy. we weren't tough at all. >> jimmy: were you tagging anything at least? >> we were afraid to. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's a club. if you guys played chess, do you know what you'd be called? the chess club. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so did you ever think about doing that, about being in the military or law enforcement or anything like that? >> i think my dad knew what a tough job it was. and he wanted -- i guess -- my parents are immigrants. my father's from argentina. bolivia, south america.
12:29 am
and my mother's from el salvador. and immigrants, you want your children to get an education. you want them to be a professional. my parents really wanted me to be a doctor. that was the path that they wanted me to -- >> jimmy: well, maybe you'll play a doctor. how did you get into acting? what was your first acting job? >> you know, it was really difficult. i mean, you know, it's super hard, right? when you're just starting out. and i knew nothing. it's not like i had anyone to count on. my first job was through modeling. i literally walked into l.a. models to drop some head shots for a friend and they were like, you know, let's take polaroids, see what happens. couple months later i book a tommy girl fragrance campaign. >> jimmy: oh, wow. now, you would say to young people, typically when you walk into an office and someone says let's take some polaroids, they should leave, right? [ laughter ] >> yeah, jimmy. this is the modeling world. it gets better. i don't know what it is.
12:30 am
look, it was a great time in my life because it taught me about the camera. it taught me about -- i'm from panorama tee. right? the business is foreign to me. but that job took me to ford models in new york, which took me to italy. and for whatever reason when you're auditioning in modeling you're always taking off your clothes and dancing in your underwear. >> jimmy: i do that every job i have. [ laughter ] >> jimm >> it could be like wilson's leather campaign for a jacket. they're like j.d. pardo, this is the director, this is the casting director, are you ready? they're like yeah, you take off your clothes, put on some music and you're dancing in your underwear. >> jimmy: and now you go from dance around in your underwear to part of a biker gang on this show. >> absolutely. "mayans mc." >> jimmy: how much weight did you gain for this role? muscle i can see. >> i just saw the picture. >> jimmy: how long ago was this
12:31 am
photograph taken? >> you've got to love the hair. >> jimmy: this is when you starred in "growing pains." right? isn't that -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> yes, thank you. that was the premiere i believe for cinderella story. >> jimmy: look at that. you really are a cinderella story. >> i'm making it. >> reporter: the show is called "mayans mc." it airs tuesday nights 10:00 fx. j.d. pardo. we'll be right back with trisha yearwood. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is 2019a-. mercedes-benz, the best or nothing.
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and the evening meals granny always says... the crew are so lovely with... can i get you anything madam? my uncle loves emirates for... the thousands of channels... plus i never miss a live match and my sister, if she ever spoke to me... would say... it's the free wi-fi... duh! you get so much more on an emirates flight... even the baby would say... fly emirates. fly better. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to chelsea handler and j.d. pardo. apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next, but first
12:34 am
this is her album, it's called "every girl." here with the song "every girl in this town," trisha yearwood! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ every girl in this town has felt the wind in her hair ♪ ♪ from the ferris wheel spinning at the county fair ♪ ♪ looked out from the top and wondered what's out there for me ♪ ♪ every girl in this town's had a friday night that ended in tears in the yellow porch light ♪ ♪ thinking it was love but it was just seventeen ♪ ♪ and we dance and we laugh till we all fall down we keep kissing boys trying to figure it out ♪ ♪ stretching for stars
12:35 am
on our tiptoe hearts trying to get our big dreams off the ground ♪ ♪ like every girl in this town ♪ ♪ every girl in this town is somebody's daughter an angel a devil no matter what they call her ♪ ♪ if they try to hold her down under that water just come up baptized baby let it make you stronger ♪ ♪ every girl in this town every girl in this town yeah dust yourself off put your lipstick on ♪ ♪ you got this baby so what if you don't ♪ ♪ and we dance and we laugh
12:36 am
till we all fall down we keep kissing boys trying to figure it out ♪ ♪ stretching for stars on our tiptoe hearts trying to get our big dreams off the ground ♪ ♪ like every girl in this town ♪ ♪ every girl in this town every girl in this town ♪ ♪ every girl in this town every girl in this town ♪ ♪ every girl in this town every girl in this town ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, deep inside iraq. the abc news exclusive. unprecedented access alongside american troops. >> this is our combat operations center. >> now fighting an enemy determined to rise again. isis. president trump declaring the deadly terror group defeated. tonight, the reality on the ground, painting a still grim picture. >> there's certainly an insurgency going on. on the ground right now. >> david muir deep into the desert with u.s. forces. >> this is where the operation is under way. >> to take out isis fighters. and the rehab center trying to free the children from isis ideology.


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