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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 10, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the rear facing cameras are the biggest change coming to the model. all the rumors about a 5g iphone or folding iphone are slated for some time in 2020. so the big change isn't really coming yet today. who knows, apple sometimes likes to keep some secrets up their sleeves. today's launch event is scheduled at 10:00 a.m. reporting live in cupertino this morning, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. thank you. are you going to get a new phone? >> yes, but i feel i can get a a phone that dials, i'm fine. do you need the latest one? >> i have the x, i spent $1,000, i'm holding on to it. mike, that's called being economically smart. >> yes, absolutely. >> financially wise. >> if there's not much of a change, why do it?
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i just use my company phone. some of you have two of them? not going there yet. gusts at 31 at sfo. i'm on the 7. a look at what's going on with the winds. you can see the sea breeze and the cloud cover along the coast and more across the south bay and 580. you can barely see the sales force tower poking its head over the blue top. temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. we'll hang out in the low to mid-60s the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours. low 70s around the bay. this is our last day with below average temperatures. we'll talk more about that coming up. another check of the commute with frances. we have quiet roadways going on right now. not too many accidents. overnight every night this week, 10:00 to about 5:00 a.m. or 6:00
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a.m. on highway 60 and highway 4. can you expect a little extra travel time if you're heading through the concord area. westbound 580 of course is always one of the first spots to slow down as you make your way out of tracy. the drive time now from tracy to dublin is 41 minutes. >> thanks, frances. pg&e is back in court today in san francisco. >> the company is facing new scrutiny for plans to pay wildfire victims. when the utility filed for bankruptcy in january the company said they couldn't pay $30 billion in fire claims. now pg&e's offering half that or around $17 billion. people who lost their homes are angry. >> literally our lifestyle was taken from us because of apparent negligence and profit mongering by pg&e. yeah, i think i'm due something. >> abc 7 news spoke with a uc hastings law professor specializing in bankruptcy.
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he says pg&e's offer is likely a negotiating tactic, and the dollar amounts may change over the next few months. governor newsom signed bills restricting medical exemptions for vaccines but it wasn't without last-minute protests. >> separate pharma and state. >> protesters filled the halls in a last-ditch effort to stop the builds. they interrupted a state senate vote. one law calls for more scrutiny of doctors with a high number of medical exemptions and doctors who face disciplinary action from the state. safety is one of the topics we're focusing on our effort to build a better bay area and a request to immediately stop the construction of a navigation center along san francisco's embarcadero has been denied. it is next to a condo woman where a woman was attacked. they argue the navigation center will attract more crime and drugs into the area. the judge says a construction delay would have cost the city
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more than $100,000 a month. there will be another hearing in two weeks. new this morning another bay area city is moving to ban single use plastic straws. the city council voted to ban them. businesses have a six-month grace period to comply. our media partner, the bay area news group, says the ban will affect about 200 restaurants, cafes and shops forcing customers to ask for those disposable utensils if you want to get them. >> all four of the missing crew members trapped inside a ship that capsized off the coast of georgia are safe this morning. here is reporter serena marshall. >> reporter: all four are described as alert and in good condition. the coast guard captain says the rescue came because they made noise. trapped more than 30 hours. the last of the crew on land in this video captured by the coast guard. the four all smiles and relief
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following the daring rescue. coast guard rescue crews working for hours. >> their condition is relatively good for having spent close to 34 or 35 hours in the conditions they were in. >> reporter: the desperate rescue's success attributed to salvagers locating the men after hearing them tap on the ship. rescue teams working in sweltering temperatures but 36 hours after those first calls for help. >> all vessels are requested to keep a sharp look out and assist if possible. >> reporter: all 24 crew members of the overturned 650-foot ship accounted for. the rescuers proud of the happy ending they orchestrated. now the work turns towards figuring out what went wrong and removing the ship from the busy waterway which could take weeks or months. environmentalists are expressing concern as pools of oil have become clearly visible. serena marshall, abc news, washington. firefighters are rushing to get the upper hand on a major
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wildfire before the hot weather sets in again. the walker fire is the state's largest wildfire so far this year. it scorched about 44,000 acres and it's just 7% contained. some evacuations were lifted last night. homeowners are warned to be ready to leave again. erratic winds are making for difficult conditions. this fire was sparked by lightning on thursday. after all the antonio brown drama, fans had no idea how the raiders would look in their season opener. it looked like quarterback derek carr was ready because he was razor sharp in a win over the broncos. their win ended the broncos' opening weekend winning streak at seven games. so here is carr and his teammates and their performance last night. >> the guys that competed during training camp, all off-season,w. this family is pretty special and i'm proud to be the quarterback and a part of it. >> the raiders won 24-16.
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the next game is sunday at the coliseum against the chiefs. his bike was swiped from his garage in broad daylight, but wait until you hear what one south bay man is doing to get it back and help build a better bay area in the process. san francisco's recycling company boasted as the best in north america. now it's become even more advanced. and madonna is bringing her madam x tourbay area, but there if you want to go. ♪ one, two, cha-cha-cha >> are you ready? >> i'm guessing somebody already has his tickets? >> no, they don't go on sale until friday. >> you must wait. >> you must wait until friday the 13th? >> yeah. madam x says it's good luck. i don't know. >> most of my life i thought it was bad luck. now a completely different outlook. completely different. here we go, 52 in morgan hill. 62 in alum rock. most of us right around 56, 57, 58 degrees. more 60s alameda, newark,
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redwood city, 61 to 62 there. brentwood, livermore 60. a cool to comfortable morning. a look at what's going on as far as your commute. driving. more clouds this morning than yesterday. it will be cool to comfy on mass transit and we have a small craft advisory on the bay water for your afternoon commute. a look at the north bay. we'll see a few clouds but mostly sunny to start, 52. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. most of the day mid to upper 70s, most of the afternoon. the cloud coverage is steady through 9:00 in the morning. 63 there. then increasing sunshine and warmth. low to mid-70s with sunshine during the afternoon hours. and for san francisco cloud cover will keep us in the low 60s through the morning commute. and with sunshine and a few passing clouds we'll make a run at 70 again this afternoon. still have 90s and 100s in the forecast. i'll give you an update on that, the newest numbers.
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we have a couple new crashes but they're in the east bay, all of them. let me go through them pretty quickly and in the same area. northbound 680 approaching 580 there's a crash that has just come in. you can see traffic still getting by. this one is on the shoulder already. another new accident reported westbound 580 near isabel. and traffic there still unaffected at this point moving at 69 miles an hour where it is slow is coming out of the altamont and tracy is where you see brake lights. westbound 580, tracy to castro valley is 56 minutes. northbound 101 looking good to the san jose airport and northbound 280an leaitt tan mat bridge. elsewhere, traffic is looking great right now. we'll have more n
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let's take you through the desert today, blowing dust, to 57-mile-per-hour winds. temperatures in palm springs, 97. mid to upper 70s with afternoon sunshine. san diego and los angeles. 69 with some afternoon sunshine in monterey. not so lucky in eureka. scattered showers and 66. low to mid-80s through the central valley. and a mostly sunny to partly cloudy day at 68. look at this, 78 friday and
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saturday. a little bit warmer than average and then windy sunday. partly cloudy and about 73 degrees. we'll take a look at our warming trend next. over to reggie for more news. building a better bay area involves taking back his neighborhoods. eric greenwood is a victim of  bicycle theft and it only took one incident to incite action. the crime expands beyond san jose but he says this is a start. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has the details. >> reporter: a candy apple green frame, a brooks brown seat, a bicycle valued at $500 boosted from eric greenwood's garage. >> i bought that bike at 17 in 1987. it was the first bike i bought with my own money. >> reporter: nest camera footage shows a man walking by and eventually cycling away on his versailles. >> i checked every one of them, i walked the whole
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river. >> reporter: greenwood heading in the right direction according to other victims. this woman's bm x-rax racinx ran sweeped. >> the bike was actually at my friend's house, and her car was broken into and they took my bike. >> reporter: a few modifications to her husband's bike and a little bit of hope sent her home in first place. >> i was able to win as you can see right here! >> reporter: but celebration doesn't replace sentimental value. national, state, and local rides on her own racing bike have her hopeful it will be recovered. while greenwood is determined, there's a sense of setback. >> it's very difficult to track everything down because it just works so fast and i think we're almost feeling defeated. >> reporter: sjpd is aware of the issue asking people invest in quality locks to discourage
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theft and keep serial numbers. i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. san francisco's main recycling facility is going high tech to make sure materials are properly separated. they are using robots to help better sort the plastic materials because china has imposed a purity standard banning most plastic waste from being imported. they used to buy material with contamination rates of 8%. that's no longer the case. >> the companies dictated the bales have 1% or less impurities. recycling companies are doing everything they can so we can make cleaner bales and meet the demands of the marketplace. >> now that everything is sorted a group of senators is proposing a long-term goal to cut by the year 2030. we want to hear your ideas. you can join them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. fellow madonna fans, get ready. she will be spending halloween
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in san francisco. we were surprised by this announcement yesterday performing at the golden gate theater on october 31st, november 2nd, and november 4th. tickets go on sale this friday, although there is a presale going on starting today. now here is one of the big announcements about this concert. it's device free meaning you'll have to put your phone and other smart accessories in a secured pouch before the concert and pick them up after the show. if you are caught using them during the concert, she says you're going to be escorted out. i say applause. >> yeah. >> i don't want to watch a concert through your phone. >> that's true. and it's distracting. >> it's really distracting and it's not an arena. it's in a theater. >> nice, intimate setting. >> yeah, yeah. i like it. >> and you kind of have to do that. i went to a concert this weekend and it says no recording. people don't care. >> they still do it, right? they're very disrespectful even to gladys knight who you were seeing. >> i know. i'm going to be good and all
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after sudden one person does it and the next thing you know always phones are out. it's too much. i like this. >> madonna will call you out. >> people in front of dirks bentley like this. >> that's rude. >> watch the show. >> be a part of the show. i did video a few but i held my camera down here. >> you had class and dignity. >> i tried to. there were a couple things i wanted to v for myself. >> but then, of course, it will add to the extra time to check your phone in and get it back. >> just don't bring it. don't bring it. >> that goes too far. can't do that, reggie. >> touching some nerves this morning on abc 7 morning. >> yeah, you are. >> don't do it. you've been warned and now we're 7 1/2 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. look at these winds. 21 to 39 on mt. tam. you want a breezy day, we have it for yo mostly sunny.
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our coolest afternoon moving forward because we have a heat wave thursday, friday and saturday. autumn will return next week as 70s and 80s will take over once again. we have only 70s through most of the south bay. mid to upper 70s until you get to morgan hill and gilroy. low 80s there. san jose, 76. head up the peninsula, low to mid-70s. narrow range along the coast. look at that. some afternoon sunshine. 62 to 65 for you. we'll flirt with 70 again in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito with 63 at bodega bay. 15 to 20 degrees warmer in the valleys with upper 70s to an 83 in santa rosa. along the east bay shore, 72 in berkeley. eerybody else around 73 to 75 degrees. as you head into the east bay valley, upper 70s, pleasanton and livermore. tonight a little more cloud cover out there, a little more fog also along the coast and some of our coastal valleys. look at our temperatures, low to upper 50s.
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my accuweather seven-day forecast, 80s and 90s away from the coast. look at that, 70s, 90s, to 100s by friday. going to be a rough three days. frances? unless you head to the beaches or san francisco where it will probably be pretty nice. looks like we have an early morning case of road rage. westbound 24 in orinda. two cars were speeding and apparently they reported one car hit the other one on purpose and that car has rolled over. we now have an injury crash near camino pablo. i think we'll see slowing there. we got word from cal tran the work on 680 has beenslowing on approaching 680. also a couple earlier accidents westbound 580 to isabel cleared from the roadway as well as northbound approaching 580.
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just a minor wait for the cash paying lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is quiet elsewhere. >> okay, thanks so much, frances. volkswagen is unveiling its first electric car. >> and amazon is on a hiring spree. in today's "tech bytes" new products from apple. >> the tech giant is expected to make a handful of changes to its lineup of iphone 11s including a better camera. the next operating system and maybe some new colors. amazon is looking to build up its workforce. >> the online giant plans to hire 30,000 full-time employees. job fairs in six cities take place next week. some positions will include six-figure salaries. and volkswagen has unveiled its first long-range electric vehicle. >> volkswagen calls the id-3 a car for the masses costing around $33,000. the company also announced a subtle change to its iconic logo which will have a flatter look.
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that means more than 70,000 logos will have to be modified. >> those are your "tech bytes." >> i don't like that logo but i like the car. it's cute. >> i will say that. >> okay. a major bar project in the east bay ahead of schedule that what will mean for weekend commuters. and have you already put in your claim in the major equifax data breach? there's one more thing you'll have to do. best buddies ever. the two
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did you know we're halfway to st. patrick's day? the giants knew. that's their theme tonight. 6:45 first pitch. 64 driving down so dress accordingly. he can wh equifax is requir service in effect for six months after you file. equifax agreed to pay $700 million for the 2017 breach that exposed the personal information of millions of people. if you filed a claim you have to amend it to include proof but you have until october 15th to do it. b.a.r.t. is ahead of schedule so is scaling back lane closures on highway 24. that means trains will be running between walnut creek and
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orinda. however, there will be single tacking so expect delays. shutdowns are still planned for september 28th and 29th and october 26th and 27th. b.a.r.t. will operate regular service for fleet week. that starts october 11th. we have some breezy conditions this morning, but by 9:00 they'll start to settle just a little bit. you see a few double digits on the peninsula up 101 and san francisco and out over the coast. by noon the fastest winds are along the coast. as we head into the afternoon, warm this air mass and get it to overturn. those faster breezeness our mountains and hills to come down. even gusts up to 20 this afternoon will keep us below average and those will taper as we head into the evening hours. our hottest days, thursday, you can see we're pushing mid-70s in san francisco to 80. that's our hottest day to 100s inland and it will be warm again saturday. a look at those numbers coming
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up soon. here is frances. mike, we have a new crash just reported westbound 80 at abernathy. an overturned vehicle. look out for that. if you're head to go the cordelia junction eastbound 12 approaching 80 near red top. an earlier crash has been cleared. they might close a lane to retrieve the vehicle that went off the roadway. another overturned accident westbound 24 at camino pablo. once emergency crews get there i think we'll see some slowing through the area. a live shot southbound traffic on the right-hand side still moving well to highway 24. look at these two cuties. the 2-year-old boys and they just can't get enough of each other. maxwell and finnegan. the boys have known each other for a year, so that's half their lives. and apparently they're
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inseparable. >> this is so cute. >> they're the cutest ever. >> oh, that makes me happy. >> inspiration for the rest of the day. all right, so flying frustrations next at 5:00. the delays and cancellations at sfo are piling up. the raiders may be leaving oakland but football isn't. the big announcement that involves marshawn lynch today. and dueling events could mean traffic trouble in san francisco. amy hollyfield is breaking down
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now at 5:00, dueling events could mean traffic trouble in san francisco tonight. the best way to navigate around oracle park and chase center. good morning on this
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tuesday, september 10. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from our accuweather forecast. here is mike. good morning, guys. we have a little bit more cloud cover out there than we had this time yesterday which we expected. let's take a look at our view from the east bay hills camera. you can see san francisco getting swallowed by the fog as it moves down to the south. the south bay will get more of that cloudiness in places out like livermore and 580 through the morning commute. temperatures still about the same as they were yesterday, 56 to 61 degrees. we'll hang out in the mid-60s at the coast this afternoon. our warm spot will be inland but really not that hot. 75 at noon. 81 at 4:00. for the bay, 70 at noon. down to 67 degrees at 7:00. this is the last day. i'll show you the heat wave coming up. here's frances. mike, we have an overturned crash westbound 24 in


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