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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 11, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." football.ning now in superstar antonio brown now accused of rape facing a civil absolute on the same day he was set to join the patriots at practice. what we learned overnight about the accusations and the action the nfl is taking. breaking news, significant damage at this hour after a string of reported tornadoes sweep across the plains. hail the size of baseballs. the video just in. shake-up at the white house. did national security adviser john bolton quit or was he fired? the conflicting accounts and what happens next. plus, election results from north carolina overnight. why they could have national
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consequences. tv star cameron mathison reveals his battle with cancer. his powerful message. how he finally found out about his tumor. plus, we hear from the family who got the shock of their lives. >> i kept saying, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, please don't come near us. >> when a cheetah interrupted their vacation. >> how this rental truck ended up on top of this house. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news involving football superstar antonio brown now facing a civil lawsuit. >> his former trainer is accusing him of sexual assault. the bombshell allegations reignited questions about his future in the nfl. this morning, serious new allegations against one of the best players in pro football. >> he's downfield.
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>> reporter: antonio brown's former trainer says he sexually assaulted her on three occasions and says he exposed himself and kissed her without permission alga sexualaining session andg accounts with her were consensual. he was asked to invest but brow refused. >> the fact that she's using her name lends credibility to what she's saying. no way to know yet but this is very serious. >> freeze. >> reporter: the allegations add to a tumultuous start of the season. the raiders signed him for 50 million but he clashed with the team with much of the drama
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playing out during the hbo series "hard knocks" which followed the team this summer. >> i got a lot of people around me that depend on me to perform. it's my livelihood. >> reporter: after publicly he released a final call with his head coach. >> what the hell is going on, man? >> reporter: the raiders caved releasing brown. then picked up by the super bowl champion new england patriots for a one-year $15 million contract. to play with tom brady possibly joining the team practice as soon as today but nfl commissioner roger goodell could place him on the exempt list meaning he won't join the active players list while the league investigates the allegations. brittany taylor is seeking more than $75,000 from brown saying the trauma made it difficult to maintain her responsibilities at work as a trainer. the patriots are taking the claims seriously.
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espn reports brown is planning sabishopw ctory in tuesday's special election could spell trouble for president trump in 2020. bishop, a staunch conservative, defeated moderate democrat dan mccready by only two points in a district that trump won by 11 points in 2016. the president campaigned for bishop and overnight took credit for the win. there is growing fallout at the white house after the departure of national security adviser john bolton. bolton says he quit, but president trump says bolton was fired. now the big question, what's next? abc's serena marshall has the latest from washington. serena, good morning. >> reporter: janai, good morning. this latest shake-up at the white house comes amidst some major disagreements. this one so severe they can't even agree on what happened. after 17 months president trump's third national security adviser john bolton being told you're fired coming in a tuesday tweet. i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed.
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i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, therefore, i asked john for his resignation which was given to me this morning. 12 minutes later bolton tweeting it wasn't a firing but a resignation. i offered to resign last night and president trump said, let'se realtime. >> he's watching. >> can you read it? >> yeah, he said, let's be clear, i resigned. >> reporter: the closing contradiction caps off months of contention between the two. >> john bolton is absolutely a hawk. if it was up to him he'd take on the whole world at one time, okay? >> do you take kim jong-un at his word? >> the president takes him at his word. >> i know he does but what about you? >> my opinion doesn't matter. >> reporter: the latest over the weekend's canceled plans to meet with the taliban at camp david as part of the afghan peace talks. >> the president's entitled to the staff he wants at any moment. >> reporter: whether a firing or a quitting, one thing is clear, the president moving on to his fourth national security adviser in less than three years. for the top republican on the homeland security committee, the
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personnel upheaval is one too many. senator ron johnson advising, i hope you understand instability is not helpful. three candidates are being considered for a replacement. until one is named charlie cupperman will fill the role. he is now the deputy security adviser. he is a longtime adviser to bolton who formerly served in the reagan administration. this now means he has one of the highest if not the highest turnover rates among his predecessors. >> that makes four national security advisers. serena marshall, thank you. at least six deaths in the united states are linked to e-cigarettes and vaping. the latest victim is a kansas woman in her 50s. she had other medical problems but became seriously ill after she started vaping. more than 450 cases have now been reported across the country. health officials are warning against using any vaping products and users who have fallen ill agree. >> it's horrible for you.
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and i came very close to death and i'm lucky. >> they were close to putting him on a ventilator. he was not breathing well on his own. at one point one night they put lots of ice packs on him to lower the temperature. >> experts believe the contaminants may be involved but no one substance has been found in all the cases. a massive fire from a train derailment triggered evacuations in southern illinois. at least 18 cars went off the rails. a solvent in a tank car caught fire sending that smoke into the air. 1500 residents and students were evacuated. no one was hurt. in the bahamas officials are promising more shelters to house refugees from hurricane dorian. but some who have been seeking help at shelters in the capital stay of nassau have been turned away. new video shows one family's ordeal as dorian's wind and waves were coming through the windows. abc's marcus moore had a chance to go back to where he rode out the storm.
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take a look. >> reporter: wow, to see the building like this again acrazy. when we first got here, i mean, there's just imagine like a lot of trees, green, and you can't see very far. see very far. you're kind it's very beautiful, very tropical and that was one of the first things i noticed after the storm had passed is that you could see quite a distance. you could see things you couldn't see before from the vantage point. >> officials in the bahamas are considering using cruise ships as temporary sltsowhere to go. time now for a look at your wednesday weather this morning. significant damage is reported in sioux falls, south dakota, after a possible tornado. the mayor reports widespread power outages. many streets are impassable. one woman said the storm sounded like a freight train
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over herrous. meanwhile, a tornado moved through eastern wyoming destr destroying an rv. 1 of 11 twisters in the region in recent hours. looking at today's high temperatures, more heat for the deep south and cooler on the west coast. coming up, the big new concern about the alien festival outside area 51. but first shocking against a church accused of holding people against their will and subjecting them to forced labor. tv star cameron mathis his tumor. later one family's terrifying surprise on vacation.
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a flight instructor and a
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student survived this crash in arizona. the small plane slammed into an airport building outside phoenix. officials aren't sure what led up to the crash. a staffer inside the building was not hurt. overseas israel has fired back after intercepting rockets fired from the gaza strip as prime minister benjamin netanyahu held a campaign rally. the israeli military responded with air strikes that hit 15 targets in gaza including tunnels used by hamas. netanyahu was rushed off the stage tuesday when two rockets triggered sirens. a week before the election he is now vowing to annex parts of the west bank. and in iraq, the u.s.-led coalition blasted what's being 0 tons of explosives. the military officials say the island in the tigris river had become a safe haven for terrorists. leaders of a popular church in southern california are accused of holding homeless people hostage. prosecutors say officials at imperial valley ministries locked their victims inside homes and forced them to
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panhandle for nine hours a day then took any money they earned. imperial valley ministries operates dozens of churches and that's in the u.s. and mexico and says it helps treat drug addicts at rehab homes. it's not commenting on the charges. the creator of the storm area 51 festival in the nevada desert is now bailing out. matty reports he's worried about a turned into the alienstock music festival. the original idea was storm the site where the government is supposedly conducting experim t experiments with space aliens. another organizer promises the show will go on.
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>> i do not understand what happened. but it is what it is and it wil she owns a motel near where the event is scheduled this bands and twcodians to perform so she says the show will go sckn t worked. and video of a very bizarre crash. how it happened. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer
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ordeal for a family strand e quick-thinking dad got creative with his cry fo gorge central california, the 44-year-old expected a rope would be there to let them down. he, his girlfriend, and his 13-year-old son were trapped above the 40-foot waterfall. and so in that act of desperation and perhaps inspiration, he scratched out the world "help" on his water bottle. on a receipt inside, he wrote, we are stuck at the waterfall. get help, please. >> i packed pen and paper for the trip so we could play card games around the campfire at night and so he's looking for something to write on or write a message on. and i yell from across the waterfall, i have pen and paper in my bag, first pocket. and he opens it up, immediately pulls it out, writes the note, folds it up, puts it in there,
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and tosses the bottle over the waterfall. >> reporter: that message in a bottle found its way to hikers downstream. they alerted authorities, who launched a chopper. it wasn't too hard to find the trio sleeping next to that sos sign. the next morning they were all grins next to the california highway patrol chopper crew. the family says it hadn't seen a single soul during its three-day trip so they were shocked when just hours after they heaved that plastic bottle over the waterfall, that helicopter hovered overhead with the words they so wanted to hear, you have been found. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. actor, tv host, and former member of the abc news family cameron mathison has revealed he's fighting kidney cancer. mathison is best known for his work on "all my children" and "dancing with the stars." the 50-year-old says he suffered abdomen pain for years and specialist. eventually he demanded an mri and that's when doctors found the tumor.
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he spoke to abc's kayna whitworth. >> what was the first thing you thought about? >> my kids. >> yeah. >> i called my wife. that was tough because at that time also, there's a lot of good in this prognosis. there's a lot of like really upside to this. at the time i didn't know that. i didn't know anything. i didn't know if this was a death sentence. >> he undergoes surgery tomorrow. doctors believe the tumor has been growing for ten years, and they say his healthy lifestyle helped keep the tumor small, so they may be able to save some of his kidney. in sports, a brutal injury in baseball. christian yelich of the brewers broke his kneecap after being hit by his own foul ball. the mvp candidate will now miss the rest of the season. and sticking with sports, the dallas cowboys have settled a pay discrimination lawsuit filed by a former cheerleader. the woman claimed she was paid less than minimum wage while she was part of the team. because of the lawsuit, the cowboys are now increasing how much cheerleaders are paid on game days from $200 to $400 per game.
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introducing colorsnap colorid from sherwin-williams. color palettes curated just for you. ♪ it's time to check "the pulse," so we begin with a controversial decision by one school in tennessee to paint the mirrors in the bathroom. >> school officials say kids were spending too much time in the bathroom worrying about their appearances and that
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was making them la t te arkea ba erheeroris such a good thing. some kids argue checking their appearance like making sure nothing is stuck in their teeth after lunch helps instill confidence. >> in the end because of the backlash from students and parents, the principal removed the paint from the mirrors. >> students win. a next introduce the new iphone 11 models and start at $700 and introduced apple's new streaming tv service for $5 a month. >> that new term we mentioned is slowfie. >> oh. >> it's a reference to slow motion selfie videos they can be shot with the new iphones. internet critics gave the term mixed reviews. >> for what? >> slow motion for you. next to a family from new jersey sharing their terrifying encounter with a cheetah. >> the big cat jumped on the roof of their open top jeep during a safari in africa.
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the cheetah didn't look too stressed while it was hanging out. >> yeah, but the woman recording the video was stressed. >> i kept saying oh, my gosh. please don't come near us and please don't come near us and thinking of my kid. i said to our guide if for some reason it comes to us, what do we do? he just just said down and sit still. i said, are you crazy, i can't after a few minutes it ran off into the plains. >> they're like we went on safari and we saw animals and it scared us. hey, finally women run the world in a new version of monopoly. >> and in the real world, right, a new version of the classic board game addresses the gender pay gap. in ms. monopoly women start out with more money than men and when they pass go, they pick up $240 instead of 200. >> critics called it silly and
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making news at 4:27, fremont moves forward with a plan to build a navigatithe homeless. and some serious new trouble for raiders wide receiver antonio brown. happening now, the nation is marking one of the darkest days in our history. it was 18 years ago, 3,000 people lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attack. good morning on this wednesday, september 11th. >> it's really hard to just -- the gravity of that every year. 18 years. >> you always remember where you were when you first heard. >> i was watching the news and saw the second up with hit live on the news, you couldn't believe what you were seeing. never forget. absolute li nevec
4:28 am
abc loose absolutely never forget. we have a 5 today is the day that the warmer weather begins. 90 in ant yoriochantioch. san francisco 73. half moon bay at 69. we'll talk about those new numbers and when the hundreds show up coming up. >> things are quiet on the freeways now. a few live camera shots, interstate 80 through berkeley and emeryville, no problems down to the bay bridge now. if you're thinking about heading over the san mateo bridge, a live shot for you. westbound traffic and westbound traffic looking good. in the south bay, no problems at
4:29 am
all. headlights are on northbound 101. the drive time, westbound 58 minutes. southbound 101 is green. we have breaking news involving former raider antonio brown. his former trainer is accusing him of sexual assault. >> it is reigniting questions about his future in the nfl. >> this morning serious new allegations against one of the best players in pro football. >> deep down the field. that will be caught. >> antonio brown's former trainer claims he sexually assaulted her on three occasions. in the lawsuit,ai h exposed him kissed her. she also claims he
4:30 am
brown's attorney calls the accusations a money grab writing that before the alleged assaults brown was asked to invest 1$1.6 million in the accuser's business project but brown refused. >> the fact she's lending her name lends credibility to for the wide receiver. the raiders signed him for $50 million but he craed the team. after asking that the team cut him, the raiders finally caved and he was picked up by the patriots for a one-year $15 million contract to play with tom brady. possibly joining the team practice as soon as today.


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