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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 11, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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kissed her. she also claims he brown's attorney calls the accusations a money grab writing that before the alleged assaults brown was asked to invest 1$1.6 million in the accuser's business project but brown refused. >> the fact she's lending her name lends credibility to for the wide receiver. the raiders signed him for $50 million but he craed the team. after asking that the team cut him, the raiders finally caved and he was picked up by the patriots for a one-year $15 million contract to play with tom brady. possibly joining the team practice as soon as today. overnight espn reporting that commissioner roger goodell would
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place brown on the exempt list meaning he won't be joining the patriots active player list while the league is investigating the allegations. >> espn reports that brown is planning to counter sue. >> if you're just waking up, let's get an update on your weather and traffic. roh the morning. and quicker sunshine today will lead to temperatures in the mid 60s at the coast. mid 70 on. 80 t 4 cl:00. look at the winds and how slow they are. look at the lack of clouds away from the coast. here is frances. >> we will tell you about road work as we show you the maps. no major accidents, there's a freeway closure in the concord area on highway 680 at highway
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4. the connection ramps are closed. it should be picked up by 5:00 this morning. you will find that every night this week through friday. usually begins at 10:00. detours are in place. as you get around that detour, you will see southbound 680 through walnut creek, that looks good. traffic light enough, no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. a new homeless navigation is going up right at city hall. >> the homeless shelter will be built behind city hall. jobina fortson has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of residents packed the city council chambers and the overflow area that is set up here and probably because the meeting ended so late last night all those people were awaiting the decision that didn't come down until shortly before 11:00,
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there were more than 400 public speakers hoping to sway the vote one way or another. here's video of the overflow crowd erupting in celebration as soon as they heard the vote. the navigation center will be built in the parking lot behind city hall. the center would temporarily house 45 homeless people up to six months at a time beginning in mid "20/20." staff reports show the navigation center would cost 7 $7.7 million to build and operate over the next three years. it's a celebration time. i'm looking forward to the homeless people having a fair shot at living a normal life with the help they need. >> i'm very sad. i'm shaking right now. i can't accept it. >> the city says the count revealed there are more than 600 homeless people sleeping on the streets of fremont, that's a 27% increase from 2017.
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jobina fortson, abc 7 news. in the east bay, the city of oakland plans to tear down a en b.a.r.t. tracks today. 21 self-built homes at the encampment on san leandro boulevard will be removed for fire code violations. the homeless people will be allowed to stay there, but they'll have to downgrade to tents. the protesters plan to demonstrate starting at 8:00 a.m. this morning to show support. this morning california is a step closer to giving new wage and benefit protections to gig workers. the senate passed the night. uber, lift, door dash, instacart and taxis will sign the measure. today the nation pauses to remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks. it's been 18 years since the
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twin towers fell in new york city. here is a live look at the freedom tower. it was built at the site where the towers once stood. the 9/11 memorial and reflecting pool honors those who died. hijackers on a suicide mission gained control of several planes on september 11, 2001, two of them were flown into the world trade center complex. a third plane crashed into the pentagon in virginia. the flight 93, which was supposed to land at sfo crashed in pennsylvania after hijackers gained control of that plane. it's believed they wanted to divert the flight to washington, d.c. a group of passengerers including mark bingham, a bay area native, stormed into the cockpit to stop the raire n about an hour. department will hold annual ceremonies at all 47 fire houses in the city just before 7:00 a.m. this is video from last year's
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ceremony at station 7. at a moment of silence the names of the 343 new york firefighters killed on 9/11 will be read. in martinez police and firefighters will hold a flag raising ceremony at the amtrak station at 8:00 a.m. at 7:00 a.m., santa rosa will kick off its day of caring event. county and city employees are given the opportunity to work on projects to benefit the community. new this morning, a brand-new abcngn poll released overnight shows president trump trailing against all five presidential contenders. in a match-up against joe biden, 54% say they favor biden. 38% trump. against byrne erernie sanders, s
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52% to 40%. expect more flight cancellations and delays at sfo because of runway construction. this morning at least 62 flights a canceled, so far nine are delayed. since the main runway closed on saturday, mohamme more than 1 11 thousand flights have been delayed. >> of all airports, it's the second or third best airport, today's experience is one of the worst. >> the flight cancellations hurt some hotels and shuttle businesses. the runway is scheduled to reopen september 27th. a family take their puppy to play in a local park. the warpi gwarning they have to pet owners. surpring newjob.ure and san francisco giants make a tantalizing promotional
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offer for saturday's game. they hope it will fill the stands. let's check in again with mike nicco. >> let's look at neighborhood temperatures. in s,59 very popu just a couple of degree spread across the city there. we have 55 in daley city and pleasanton, american canyon at 5 53. pittsburg at 64. santa clara, 54. here is the san mateo bridge. hayward side degrees. it's clear heading over towards the peninsula. mass transit is cool, craft advisory today. 9:00, 69ownc hangin o in the upper 70s to low 80 this afternoon with sunshine. 58 at 7:00. 9:00, jump,
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near 60 at 7:00 to near 80 noon, near 90 by 5:00. some of your thermometers may hit 90 today, but they may mitt 100 tomorrow. frances, who is it looking? >> looking good out there. westbound 205, traffic picking up past the altamont past, moving into livermore, that's where it turns green. uder 30 miles per hour making your way through the altamont. in oakland, rk onnortou yon ne you will slowing the ar.
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checking out 101 in san jose, headlights moving northbound. so far it's looking good out of gilroy and morgan hill. 101 is accident free up into no problems at all through the 280 and highway interchange. 17 coming across your screen
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the high desert will have high winds.
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morning. if you're leaving soon, that's going to be over in the next 17 minutes or so. sunshine taking over. look at that. 98 in palm springs. 75 to 80 with sunshine. sunny in monterey, 70. cloudiness and 67 in eureka.era. we'rnd rday in tahoe. the judge in the brock turner sexual assault case is working as a tennis coach. aaron persky is starting his first year as coach of lynbrook girl's tennis team. lynbrook high held a meeting for concerned parents monday night, in a statement the school said persky was a highly qualified
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applicant. in the north bay, a santa rosa family is heart broken after their puppy died from toxic blue green algae. he was playing at the rincon valley community park. over the weekend they took kona codn't m h backk. couldn't use her back legs, and they took her to the vet who said it appeared she had ingested toxic blue green algae from the park and her liver was severely damaged. >> you go out to have fun, arout some exercise, within minutes something weird like that happening. it's the lastarn people about it. there's even handwritten ones that strangers have put up. the family knows they can't get kona back. they hope their story can help other people. eric clapton will be
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performing at the chase center tonight and a mile away the giants will be playing the pirates at oracle park. it's a potential traffic nightmare. it naeever happened until last night. though it was fine. the only jam was inside chase center where dave matthews performed. >> i laughed. >> did you? at the same time fans were catching a giants game at oracle, so, i mean -- we have become become -- it's been fine. it's been fine. >> we had to see. yeah. >> it's good. >> i feel like every day,d. fi >> it'spele d't kw what do just yet. >> they seem to know what to do. they're figuring it out. because of our stories. and because they're adults. the giants slipped out of the playoff race but fans are
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excited about saturday's game. >> they're getting a big discount on airline tickets for going to the game. alaska airlines will givers,000 ballpark a 2 for 1 coupon. should we go? should we go to the game? the coupon -- >> why not. >> this is how it works. the coupon will let fans pay half price on the basic coach fare for two people traveling together on alaska. you have to buy both tickets at the same time. you have to travel between october 29th and february 13th. >> not a problem. >> that's a good deal. >> like it. >> what time is that game? >> right? >> yeah. >> i'm not sure. i'll look it up. i just did today's forecast. i didn't do saturday's yet. i'll look that up. >> that's a good deal. great deal. >> the stadium holds 45,000. so almost everybody that shows up will get one.
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awesome. all right. no pushing each other down to more sunshine, building warmth . today. mostly clear and cool in the valleys, mild in the hills. 60s and 70s will become the norm for lows. summer is coming in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's the temperature. watch the color arm into by the afternoon hours, pretty much everyone is warmer than average by a couple of degrees. 85 at san jose. los gatos, morgan hill, upper 80s. millbrae. 79 in san mateo. here's a look at the coast. that extra sunshine. temperatures in the mid to upper
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60s. we have upper 70 rz f 0s four d and sausalito. mid 08s through the north bay valleys. 76 to about 81. as you head into the valleys, might be air conditioning weather, mid 08s to low 90s. tonight down in the valleys, most of us in the 50s. concord and san jose probably the most comfortable night. friday, saturday, sunday, the he w be immense. here is a look at traffic. quiet now. road work going on through concord. we have the intersection between 680 and highway 4 closed. we have overnight road work going on through friday night. starts at 10:00, and should be picked up by 6:00 a.m. heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge, no accidents
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reported there. a live shot at the golden gate bridge, a hint at how warm the weather will be. and the game on saturday is at 6:05. i'll see you there. >> if she's close, she might get a little shove. >> she's more athletic thel wi >>f iphones. audi unveils a concept car that uses drones for headlights. new iphone models will start at $700. preorders start friday. a new ipad and apple watch were introduced along with a new streaming, it v service beginning in november. apple announced a new addition of ios 13. it will roll out a week from tomorrow with updates for built in apps, and includes a new
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display setting called dark mode and a new voice for siri. audi has a twist in its new concept electric car. >> the self-driving car has drone force headlights. they would fly ahead of the car to illuminate the road and generate an image of the road and send it to the console. what a time to be alive. >> no kidding. those are your tech bites. >> have a great day. still ahead, the message in a bottle that may have saved a family's life. >> and a
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pitch. it's a four-game set with the pirates. and 67 degrees down to 63. it will be cool, but not breezy like normal at oracle park. have a good time. >> all right. a high school swimmer's disqualification for showing too much skin is under investigation. brecken willis won her race, then a referee declared her swimsuit violated the sport's modesty rule because the bottom rode up while she was swimming. some people think willis was targeted because she is mixed race and has a fuller figure. >> the rest of her team was wearing the same uniform, she was the only one disqualified. it's my opinion she has been targeted and singled out over the course of the last year. >> so the swimmers and the
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coaches protested the referee's ruling, last night the school district reversed the disqualification. a family stranded on top of a waterfall near s s s to a message in a bottle. they didn't have cell phone service and scratched the word help on a bottle. amazingly the bottle found its way to hikers downstream moments later. those people alerted authorities, a chopper was launched and they found the family sleeping. the east bay, the contra costa county library has unveiled five new library cards. i like that otter one. if you already have a card and want one of the new ones, you can replace it no charge. first-time card holders can choose a design when they sign up adtoday.
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we start at 69 at half moon bay. 73 in san francisco. 77 in oakland. 88 in walnut creek. 90 in antioch. that summer spread will get bigger. tomorrow's temperatures, nearing 80 in san francisco. look at the 90s showing up in many of our inland neighborhoods. it's hotter friday. that's when the heat will peak with 100. mid 90s in the south bay. for saturday, you can start to see the cooling reach the coast, the rest of us will have to wait until sunday. >> there's some slowing right now,oad w south approach 29th avenue is jammed right now. there's road work blocking the lanes. that's scheduled until 6:00 this morning. northbound there's also road work scheduled until 6:00, apparently it's down to one lane. there is slowing in the northbound direction as well.
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here's a live shot ofe 80 for headlights moving westbound. so far the east shore freeway is looking good from the carquinez bridge down to the bay bridge toll plaza where there is only a minor wait right now. >> fans of jeopardy will be able to play along when they drive. the show is introducing a e-sep hosted by alec trebek it will test your knowledge by asking questions from real jeopardy episodes over the past 35 seasons. you will need a subscription if you want to access past games on demand. and alex trebek has officially returned to the show. he revealed he was being treated for pancreatic cancer last year. this is the 36th season of the game show. you can watch jeopardy every week night at 7:00 p.m. on abc 7. that follows abc 7 news at 6:00. if you could go on a shopping spree anywhere, what
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now at 5:00 a.m., the san francisco fire department prepares to hold a remembrance ceremony on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> this is a live look from station 5 where they will have that ceremony later this morning. good morning.
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it's wednesday, september 11th. >> a live look at new york city. nearly 3,000 people killed 18 years ago when terrorists hij k hijacked airplanes and crashed them into the world trade center, the pentagon and a field in pennsylvania. the president is expected at a commemoration at the pentagon. t sethe, the dent will be in memorial site? one meant. i'my. that's wg. can't imagine how moving that is. let's talk about the foreca.


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