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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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i'm cornell barnard. it all happened in this east bay grocery store. two brazen thieves target an elderly shopper and it was all caught on camera. >> i'm amanda del castillo in san jose. the former judge who sentenced brock turner and was later recalled is once again out of a job. how thousands petitioned to push out aaron persky and his position in high school. >> a big win for tennis in california. i'm kate larson in san francisco. coming up, the rent increase cap that's about to become law. abc7 news starts right now. lookinrazeolic in eas thieves. they're caught on camera stealing a wallet from an elderly shopper. >> abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is live in walnut creek at the store on tice valley
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boulevard with new details. cornell. >> reporter: yeah, ama, dan. the elderly shopper luckily was not hurt, but the crime has a lot of people upset. this safe way store that's in the middle of a renovation located near several retirement communities and many folks shop here. >> do you feel safe here? >> reporter: it's a crime that has a lot of shoppers simply outraged. >> i think that's terrible. >> reporter: walnut creek police releasing new surveillance footage of two unidentified female suspects entering this safe way store september 9th. minutes later, the two find a possible victim. this elderly woman wearing a pink sweater. the unsuspecting shopper has no idea she's being watched. >> it appears as though she is looking for an opportunity to take her purse or take the contents of her purse. >> reporter: the suspect tries to get close to the victim's purse but is interrupted by other shoppers. but finally makes her move, grabbing the suspects are seen leaving the store. police say the victim didn't
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realize her wallet was gone until she tried to pay for groceries. >> that's astounding. >> reporter: we showed the surveillance footage to dan johnson. >> i don't know who the kind of person that would do that, steal from an old lady, you know? i hope that we can catch them. >> reporter: the store located near the ross more retirement community where joyce cohen lives. >> i'm going to be 86, 87, and, you know, it just is not fair. >> it's awful that somebody would target an older person, especially in that way. but any of us, it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: police are hoping somebody can help identify the suspects in case they return. >> we'll all be on the lookout. >> reporter: police urge everyone to keep an eye on their valuables and be aware of their sunutek cornelllht ig warm up ongcovert.sandhya pa
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joins us wit't. >> ama, you're going to matter you are. here's a sampling of the highs. santa rosa 94 tomorrow, concord 97, san jose 90 degrees, 80s for oakland, san francisco, redwood city. here are some tips to keep you cool. stay hydrated and cool obviously. wear lightweight clothing. limit outdoor activity and check on the elderly and your pets. it is going to be warm to hot in all areas tomorrow. i'll let know when you'll get a break from it coming up. ama? >> thank you, sandhya. you can check the weather conditions where you live on our free abc7 news app. we'll send notifications with significant weather warnings. the app is free to download in the app store. >> there are new developments in a high school coaching controversy involving aaron persky. that's the former judge who sentenced brock turner. today persky was fired as a tennis coach by a south bay school district. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo is live at lynn brook high school in san jose to
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explain what's going on. amanda. >> reporter: dan, the push to have aaron persky removed as tennis coach at lynn brook started yesterday. then by 2:00 p.m. today he was fired. tonight we're hearing from both sides. former judge aaron persky is once again out of a job. last summer he was recalled in the sentencing over the controversial and highly publicized brock turner sexuald removed as the jay vee girls tennis coach in san jose. >> we don't think this is the end of the conversation. we think it's a wake up call. >> reporter: she is one of many lynn brook alumni over the petition that went up tuesday, pushtion for persky's removal. the high school decided to end persky's employment less than 24 hours later. skshame on you for giving in to rooted in his controversial court decision. but questioned when his critics will allow him redemption.
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he has lost his job. he has lost his trying to rebui life. having done absolutely nothing wrong. and now he's out of a job. >> reporter: the district says it made the decision in the best interests of its students and school community. persky confirms he was fired at 2:00 p.m., saying in a statement, although i am disappointed with the district's decision, it was a privilege to coach the team if only for a short time. i wish all the players the best in their future academic and athletic endeavors. thousands signed those online petitions. the district says it will begin the search for a new coach immediately. in san jose, i'm amanda dell castillo, abc7 news. >> thank you, amanda. new developments now, san jose police have arrested four suspects in connection with the burglary turned homicide on july 12. officers were called to a home on montecito drive on a burglary in progress. they found nia nguyen with injuries. they face burglary and murder.
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>> here at abc7 news as you know, we are committed to building a better bay area. and that means focusing on impo rent and housing. >> today state lawmakers took a big step toward protecting tenants from massive rent hikes and unfair evictions. abc7 news reporter kate larson joins us to explain. kate. >> ama, dan, current rent control is estimated the new bill would protect an additional 8 million california renters. today governor newsome called the legislation the strongest rent control package in america. >> i ended up spending three years couch surfing with my son. >> reporter: in 2014 sasha graham says her family was forced into homelessness after she was evicted from her home in richmond following an almost 300% rent increase. >> rent was about 550 and then it was increased about $1500. i scraped the mon okay, th is the new re. then al. >> reporter: graham went on to fight for statewide rent control, a bill was approved to
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limit rent increases to 5% after inflation and imposes just cause eviction rules. >> we have to build millions of units of new housing in california. but until we do that, we have millions of californians who are on the verge of being pushed out of their homes and we need to protect them. >> reporter: state assemblyman david chiu was the lead author of the rent cap bill which he defends from critics like realtors and those who say it will discourage new construction. >> we exempt any building that is 15 years or younger. exempt it out, many single-family homes unless they are owned by corporations as well as owner occupied duplexes. >> i think that it is a failure on an economic basis. >> reporter: she is on the republican national committee for california believes the new bill will actually cause rent increases. >> currently landlords who might have been doing 1% eas everyar >> repte s
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legislative year. the bill would go into effect on january 1st of next year. back to you. >> all right, kate, thanks very much. the bay area's housing crisis obviously affects all of us in various ways and that's why we dedicated a week of reporting on that topic. from issues for renters to homeowners to solutions for the future. you can find all of those stories online at >> for the first time top democratic candidates for president will be on the same stage at the same time. i'm in the spin room in houston. coming up i'll get you reane c ol lsanta com good gander at something?
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>> he rocks them? >> what does the prince of darkness
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the tribute of light shines tonigh n yorcityho who died in september 11 attacks on this day 18 years ago. two soaring beams of light represent the twin towers and illuminate the remembrance of nearly 3,000 lives lost in new york, the pentagon and at shanksville, pennsylvania. >> 9/11 tributes took place around the bay area today including this prayer picnic and vigil in palo alto. 35 multi-faith groups, mosques and community organizations came together to hold this ze say they want to replace the culture of despair,
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division and violence with a culture of hope, inclusion and peace. >> in the north bay, people placed flowers at a permanent memorial for a woman from san rafael who died in the attacks. lauren rancolas was on flight 93 when it crashed in pennsylvania. moments before she called her husband to tell him she loved him, tonight he was at her memorial. >> never gets easier at all. but, you know, life goes on and i think the important thing is that it's a day of remembrance and it's a day that maybe we can all think about how the country came together on that day. >> lauren grancolas was a houston native where there is a garden downtown in her name to honor all of the lives lost on september 11th. >> in the east bay, danville held its annual 9/11 remembrance ceremony this evening. special agent john f. bennett s investigation immediately after the attack. on, we have more on
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how people in the bay area and around the world paid tribute today to the victims of 9/11. >> major new developments in the deadly fire on the dive boat conception. divers today found the 34th and final victim. salvage efforts resumed to reach the wreckage of the boat which caught fire and sank off the southern california coast line on labor day. a top-level coast guard investigation has been launched into the fire and today the coast guard issued new guidelines to reduce potential fire hazards on boats. >> now to your voice, your vote in the 2020 race for president, the top ten democrats will be on stage for the first time tomorrow and you can see it right here on abc7. >> that's right. joey rand from our sister station has a preview. >> reporter: good evening from the texas university where the presidential candidates will take the stage for the third round debate. california senator kamala harrisharris
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is making the bold claim she plans to take on an 11th person who won't be in the room thursday. kamala will take on donald trump directly, her press secretary writing. she'll make the connection between his hatred and division and our inability to get things done for the country. >> you know that president trump is looming large over all of the democrats and anything they might do or say. >> reporter: harris will be desperate to regain the momentum she saw after her first debate performance when she challenged the front runner former vice-president joe biden. >> that little girl was me. >> reporter: biden recovered from the shaky opening performance. despite the fact bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have cut into his lead in the polls, he remains the front runger and will be center stage once again tomorrow night. >> joe biden will be the man who has the biggest target on his back until he isn't any more. people realize he's the front runner. if you want to be someone to get something done in this big field, you have to cut into his lead. >> reporter: only ten candidates qualify to be in the debate.
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there are more candidates in the field including california billionaire tom steyer. he missed out being on the stage in houston by a single poll. he's already qualified for the next round of debates in october, but his loud voice calling for impeachment will be silent here tomorrow. so we'll have to wait now less than 24 hours to find out who will win round three. reporting in houston, joey rand, abc7 news. >> abc7 at 4:00 is expected to run from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. we will have a special edition of abc7 news following the debate. catch jeopardy and wheel of fortunate sarting at 9:00 and new episode of tamron hall at 10:00. and abc7 news at 11:00. >> the trump administration wants a ban on flavored vaping products after a 6th person in the u.s. has died from lung disease related to e-cigarette use. health and human services says it is a few weeks away from announcing the new policy. it would leave tobacco-flavored products on the shelves, but force manufacturers to stop shipping other flavors like mint
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and bubblegum. >> the data just shows the kids access to these products in spite of our best efforts so we simply have to remove these attractive flavored products from the market place. >> san francisco is the first major u.s. city to ban the sale of vaping products last june. that ban is being challenged by a ballot measure sponsored by e-cigarette company juul labs. >> all right. we are in a heat spike or at least it's coming our way. >> it is. several days of pretty warm weather. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. sandhya. >> dan and ama, we transition to warmer weather, tomorrow it's going to be downright hot. here's a view from mount tamalpais camera. sun went down at 7:24, and there was not even a patch or two of fog out there. as a matter of fact, it was crystal clear. beautiful sunset tonight. as we head towards tomorrow morning, can't rule out a patch or two of fog. right now on live doppler 7 we do have a little bit right near point reyes.
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temperatures at this hour pretty mild across most areas with the exception of half moon bay. it's in the 60s. and the 70s. now tomorrow morning you're going to notice that it starts out pretty mild in places on the peninsula and in the inland east bay. so we'll take a look at two temperatures. mountain view and concord in the mid 60s as we head into the lunch hour. it's already warm in the 80s, and by the afternoon we're looking at upper 80s in mountain view. mid 90s in concord. and getting even hotter than that a little bit more so later on in the day. from our mount tamalpais camera the city by the bay is absolutely stunning because of the clear skies. here is an equally gorgeous view from our sutro tower camera clr skie for mtha mildni ahd. cooler weather sunday through tuesday. air quality is declining, so we have a spare the air alert in effect for tomorrow. most areas will be in the moderate to poor ca be aware of. first thing tomorrow morning, temperatures beginning in the
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low 50s to the mid 60s. most areas will be clear except right near the beaches. maybe a little bit of fog. tomorrow afternoon, feeling the heat in gilroy. 97. 90 in san jose. santa clara 86 in santa cruz, on the peninsula 87 menlo park, palo alto. 74 in pacifica, half moon bay. downtown san francisco is going to be unseasonably warm. 80 degrees. 357 in t 75 in the sunset district. san rafael getting into the low 90s around napa. stay hydrated. east bay 83. oakland 86. san leandro. inland areas will be on the hot side. 97 in concor, 95 in livermore. 94 in pleasanton. want to show you something interesting. one computer model has been hinting at a deep trough coming through. that's going to drop the temperature sunday and monday. possibility that a few of those showers may make it int one com. the other one is dryer, but i thought i'd throw it out there. accuweather seven-day forecast, summer heat tomorrow and friday with those triple digits inland.
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70s at the beaches. the heat eases saturday. we get the relief sunday and that chance of showers with below average temperatures early next week. >> excellent. >> thank you, sandhya. >> well, tomorrow on "good morning america," james mcavoy is on set to talk about it,
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>> all right. time to get to sports tonight. >> yeah, a lot going on. talk about baseball tonight. >> yeah, that was a terrific show with the rolling stones. >> you were there. >> i wanted them to play till midnight. wh or
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino.n ee playing majorever been more homers than in this season. the a's had a hand in setting the record tonight in houston. before the game both teams honoring the victims of 9/11 and taking the field with first responders.
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to the game. in the fourth, 1-0 astros. this is a moon shot. this was the mlb record-tying 6,105 homer of the year. two all in the 6th. a homer on the right field line. a's jump out with a 4-2 lead. a's top prospect jesus lazardo, 97, strike out diaz. later in the inning, though, welcome to the bigs, kid. martin maldonado, aloha. 5-3 game, but lazardo not rattled. easy to stay cool. 98. struck out how about the giants? also honoring first responders at oracle park this evening. 3-0 pirates in the 5th. rough outing for the rookie logan webb. colin moran, no man's land. 4-zip bucks. jalen davis, rookie at the plate. pokes a single to right. his first career r.b.i.
11:30 pm
kevin pillar scores on the play. he'll keep that baseball forever. this kind of night for the giants elias diaz bunts. great name. not a great throw. run scores, giants lose 6-3. much to the delight of the raiders at this point, antonio brown is now somebody else's problem. the patriots getting a barrage of questions about sexual assault claims made against brown by his former trainer. >> i'm not aware of any, any more of the questions, all right? you want to ask about him, you can call his employer. >> brown did practice for the first time as a member of the patriots. even if he's a model citizen on the field, his behavior off the field is still an issue, and now it's new england's turn to answer for him. >> i'm not going to be expanding t we know more we'll say more. i just answered that question.
11:31 pm
>> well, actually you depth. didn't. >> actually i did. >> no. not a word to say. >> didn't i just answer that? >> it could get uncomfortable for the patriots. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> couple days ago this would have bee
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find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? our rt. w appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm for larry beil, sandhya patel, all of us here at abc7 news, thanks for watching. on jimmy kimmel live sharon osbourne. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, s, and music from fall out boy, featuring most definitely, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us on a day, a special day, a day of remembrance here in the united states. it is september 11th. this is supposed to be a day of unity when we come together to remember those who were killed and to pay tribute to those who rushed in to save


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