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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 12, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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san ramon and livermore, concord 95. notice we just had a couple of temperatures change as we were watching. 92 vallejo, 95 fairfield, 91 san jose. going into the evening hours, don't expect much of a cooldow. even late tonight we'll have temperatures well into the 70s, approaching midnight still in the 70s. early tomorrow morning at 7:00 as a matter of fact, it will be up for 70, 71, 72 degrees in some spots already. and of course by midday we'll see lots of 90s and we'll have many, many 100-degree readings in the afternoon. in fact tomorrow will be another spare the air day. the poorest air quality is in the inland east bay and santa clara valley. when will this heat break? the good news is i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. now to the murder that was called one of the most sensational crimes of the peninsula. tiffany li, the heir of a wealthy chinese family, showed up to court today. >> she and her boyfriend are
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accused of murdering the father of her two children. opening statements were scheduled for today but that did not go according to plan. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes is live outside the hall of justice to explain exactly what happened today, chris. >> reporter: good afternoon. that's exactly the right way to put it. it has felt like a series of false starts. tiffany li and kevin bayat were inside the court house. this morning we were expecting opening statements but instead the judge briefed the jury for 20 minutes and sent them home. opening statements have been delayed without any explanation. in a stunning development, the prosecution team just moments ago asking the judge to remand one of the key witnesses to custo custody. olivier adella has pled guilty to dumping the body of keith green. the prosecution argued today that he broke the conditions of his plea deal, which included not using social media and
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contacting witnesses. judge robert foils agreed just moments ago to remand adella into custody without bail. he is due back in court monday. tiffany li walked in monday. her co-accused kevin bayat has been in police custody and was escorted inside. li has been under arrest at his hil hillsborough home. >> any time she gets out, she's become a little agro phobic so she's more comfortable indoors. >> reporter: prosecutors say li and green were embroiled in a custody battle over their two children. li and bayat have pleaded not guilty to the charges. green disappeared in april 2016. a month later his body was sound in sonoma with a single bullet to the neck.
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olivier adella pled guilty to dumping the body. he served three years in jail and is now free. he is considered a star witness in the trial. while lawyers were in and out of the courthouse today, they said very little. >> mr. wagstaff and i and the other defendants' attorneys reached a gentleman's agreement a couple of weeks ago. we didn't want to try this extensively in the press. >> reporter: now, this trial has been about three years in the making. one of the reasons for the delay is that tiffany li last year was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. her lawyer telling us today that she's even lucky to be here. the trial is expected to last two to three months with 60 witnesses set to take the stand. kris reyes for abc 7 news. we have breaking news out of concord. sky 7 was overhead as police investigated after a man was found on fire. police tell us they believe the man actually set himself on fire, but by accident. paramedics driving in the area spotted the man and helped put out the flames.
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a helicopter then took him to uc davis medical center. his condition is unknown. new details now on a deadly boat fire off the ventura county coast. as the national transportation safety board releases its preliminary report, it came out just before salvage crews raised the boat, the conception, out of the water. the cause of that labor day fire that killed 34 people is still under investigation, but the preliminary report found that all six crew members were asleep when the fire broke out in the middle of the night. >> part of the certificate for this vessel required that there be constantly a roving watchperson to keep an eye on the safety of the vessel. in the interviews to this point have indicated that that did not transpire. >> the coast guard says the conception passed its two most recent inspections without any safety violations. in the east bay, a man was injured when a roof collapsed at a home under construction. sky 7 was over the scene on mccall street in oakland.
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the fire department says it had to rescue a man with its ladder truck. he was taken to the hospital. his condition hasn't been released. a city engineer is inspecting that structure. one person was treated for minor injuries after a balcony collapsed at a condo in mountain view. it happened last night on the second story of a building on east middlefield road near highway 85. the fire department says several people were on the balcony but safely got back inside before it fully collapsed. the cause is under investigation. >> a huge monterey cypress is set to come down in san francisco's washington square park tomorrow. a neighborhood group called friends of washington square claims this tree may be the park's first and its oldest, but an arborist says that tree is just diseased. you might recall this is the same park where a limb fell from a pine tree and seriously injure ad woman in 2016. she received $14 million from the city. washington square park is currently closed for renovations. it appears the rolling stones can't get no satisfaction
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from the city of santa clara. the band rocked out at levi's stadium last month and now we're learning of some of the issues they say they encountered. >> chris nguyen is live outside lea levi's stadium with more. >> reporter: on one side you've got the city who says they want to protect their residents. on the other side is the stadium management team who is trying to make levi's stadium a can't-miss destination here on the west coast. either way you look at it, there's a lot of dysfunction here. this summer fans of the rolling stones were treated to a rescheduled show at levi's stadium but they didn't know about the battle that was brewing behind the scenes between the tourist promoter and the city of santa clara. the band's management team blasting the city for micromanagement and imposing what they say were last-minute changes, including the so-called cancellation of a pyrotechnics show, additional inspections and restrictions to catering. in a letter to stadium
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management after the concert, promoter john morrison do you not want touring shows anymore? the impression i and many others in the industry have is your facility is getting so restrictive and dysfunctional, it's no longer worth the effort to play there due to the myriad and random rule changes. the 49ers, who manage day-to-day operations at levi's stadium released this statement saying by politicizing her administrative authority, the city manager jeopardized future events and guaranteed a decline in stadium revenue. such stunts may appease mayor gillmor, but they continue to harm every santa clara resident. the rocky relationship between the city and the 49ers has been well documented over the years. much has been said about the stadium's usual 10:00 p.m. weekday curfew, which the team says has pushed multiple acts away. that wasn't an issue in this case, even though the concert was on a sunday. as for the fireworks, this document obtained by abc 7 news shows that the promoter did not include them on the application.
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santa clara city manager deanna santana says the city has a responsibility to ensure that events comply with building and fire codes, which it did, and these requirements are well known. is unfortunate that the 49ers regulatory function as excessive. the san jose state professor matt cabot who specializes in public relations said the two sides need to figure out how to fix this relationship. >> they need to get their act together, because at some point if it becomes untenable to be here, acts will decide to go somewhere else. >> reporter: the 49ers continue to point to some of these issues as reasons as to why they haven't been able to draw bigger acts to the stadium. we're live in santa clara, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> chris, now you've got chase center opening in san francisco, a smaller venue. you're not going to have the noise issues from neighbors, but that does mean that levi's is facing more competition. >> reporter: absolutely, larry. you've got chase center in san
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francisco, coliseum across the bay, golden one to the north in sacramento plus newer venues in both los angeles and las vegas. so more competition for the levi's, again, as they try to book these bigger acts. it's no longer just about competing against the bay area properties, it's about making it known that they want more acts to come, competing against the west coast, other venues on the west coast. >> all right, chris nguyen reporting live for us tonight. thank you, chris. a new ferry terminal is coming to alameda. community leaders broke ground at the site today. it's two piers north of the uss hornet. once completed sometime next year it will be the seaplane lagoon ferry terminal. this will be alameda's third ferry terminal. once operations begin, it will have direct service to san francisco. the democratic bate, we'll take you live to houston where the top ten candidates are gearing up for the third debate. uh-oh subway delay. we'll tell you what's behind the
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for the third democratic presidential debate. earlier today the candidates took the stage for a walk-through. the top ten candidates will be involved, they're the only ones that met the strict new standards set by the dnc. >> those ten democratic presidential hopefuls are set to take the stage tonight at 5:00 p.m. so less than an hour. >> jori rand with our sister station in l.a. live in houston with a look ahead at tonight's debate. >> reporter: yeah, dan and ama, we are t-minus 45 minutes and counting. you mentioned those top ten candidates being on stage at the same time together. that is significant. in previous rounds of debate it's been split up between two separate nights. we have yet to see the likes of elizabeth warren and joe biden go head-to-head onstage at the same time. that will change tonight. but there is someone else, someone who won't we in houston, someone who lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue in washington who wants to make his presence known in houston here
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tonight. final preparations tonight now under way for tonight's third democratic debate when we'll see the top candidates on stage for the first time. >> everything until now has been preseason and this is opening day. >> reporter: several candidates could be seen going through final run-throughs this morning and with the eyes of the political world on houston, several others trying to jump into the spotlight. act vis from greenpeace suspended themselves, shutting down the port of houston one of the biggest shipping channels in the world. later an airplane could be seen circling the tsu campus trailing a banner that says socialism will kill houston's economy. vote trump 2020. >> it's always going to be back to trump. i know this much. trump will be watching. >> reporter: california senator kamala harris has already promised to go directly after the president in tonight's debate as she tries to get her sagging numbers closer to the top three. and we learn the senator will be
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bringing a pair of daca recipients from southern california with her as guests, so look for immigration as a topic of focus. and californians can also look for what will be running during the commercial breaks. california billionaire tom steyer missed out on tonight's debate by a single poll but may still be heard from after all. >> he has a lot of money, he's going to be heard. we'll see what ads will be rolling during this debate. and it is fascinating to see that he was able to break through for the next debate. >> reporter: yes, steyer has already qualified for the next round of debates, which pushes the number of candidates on the stage in october to 11. that will break it back up into two separate nights. the top candidates will be on different stages which puts more import on tonight's stage. we should see the fireworks begin to break out here in less than an hour. reporting live from texas southern university in houston, jory rand, abc 7 news. larry and ama back to you. >> good job, jory.
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tell us a little bit more about the mood there. the fireworks tonight and starting to feel amped up? >> reporter: yeah, well, we are in the spin room right now. you can see behind us there are about 500 seats for working members of the press. the spin room is unusually small for this one. they usually call it a spin room because it's a room. this is just a penned-in area about a quarter the size of a basketball court. this is the practice court for texas southern university. you're going to have ten candidates plus their surrogates plus hundreds of media members in this rather small area. we'll see some fireworks in here as well, all of them trying to spin the night as if they won the event. it should be a lot of fun. we're looking forward to it getting going in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> it sounds like the nba all-star game festivities where everybody is squished together to try to do the interviews. tonight's debate starts at 5:00 right after we're done with abc
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7 news at 4:00. then a special news of abc 7 news immediately following the debate right around 8:00 p.m. the trump administration is rolling back one of the obama era's most sweeping environmental rules. the regulations being repealed by the epa's new boss provide federal protection to many u.s. wetlands and streams. president trump has promised to repeal the 2015 obama rule. farmers, home builders and other business interests say the rule has harmed economic development and violates property rights. the move would leave millions of americans with less safe drinking water and damage wetlands that prevent flooding. let's get to the forecast. spencer christian here and it is going to get hot for at least a day or so. >> that's true. it's hot right now in most inland areas, going to be hotter tomorrow. just a day or so and then a big cooldown is coming our way. here's a live look at doppler 7. sunny skies all across the bay area. look at the 24-hour temperature change.
4:18 pm
it's 15 degrees warmner in hayward than it was this time yesterday. that's pretty much the picture all around the pay abay area. looking out over alcatraz and the bay, it's currently 82 here in san francisco, 90 in oakland, redwood city, san jose 91. the view from emeryville looking at the golden gate looking at blue skies. it's 94 in santa rosa, 90 napa, 89 petaluma, 95 at fairfield and concord and 93 at nifr morliver. the view at santa cruz beach, it must be too hot because not many people are there. we'll see triple-digit heat in many inland communities. coastal cooling begins on saturday but it will remain hot inland. then start on sunday going through tuesday it will be much cooler in all areas. once again, spare the air alert is in effect for tomorrow. the poorest air quality is in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley.
4:19 pm
on we go to overnight conditions. mainly clear skies, maybe a patch or two of coastal fog. overnight lows will range from low and mid-60s right around the bay to most inland areas. up in the north bay lows will drop to the mid to upper 50s. the forecast animation shows fog, a little bit of it sliding down the coastline giving way to clear skies everywhere. certainly sunny skies throughout the day tomorrow. and of course it's going to be a hot one. look for highs of 100 in cloverdale, 98 santa rosa, 95 napa, 100 fairfield, 102 at concord and antioch and livermore. 96 the high in san jose tomorrow, 96 fremont, 92 oakland and 87 here in san francisco. now, it's going to be still quite warm inland on saturday with many inland areas in the upper 90s to about 100, but there will be significant cooling on saturday near the coast and bay. further cooling in all areas on
4:20 pm
sunday as even inland locations will reach only into the low and mid-80s and cooler still on monday. maybe even a shower or two on monday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, two days of very hot coastal cooling begins on st saturday. cooler on sunday and a slight chan showers on monday. temperatures remain in a steady pattern, no significant increases until the ending of the week by thursday of next week we'll see high temperatures inland, getting back up to 90 degrees. >> what a dropoff friday to monday, 22 degrees inland. >> huge dropoff. a 10 to 15-degree dropoff in a 24-hour period and a 20-degree drop off over a two-day period. >> that's incredible. just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the big boost for thousands of bay area school kids courtesy of salesforce founder. later if you missed your chance to get a popeye's chicken sandwich, the chain is making up for it, but you'll need to bring
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salesforce ceo is helping to build a better bay area. >> six years ago he took the lead in helping get technology into the classroom. it's really been a game-changer and this year he's done it again, donating to both san francisco and oakland schools.
4:24 pm
>> lyanne melendez is live in the newsroom. you were at the first announcement years ago and now come to see the whole thing as it came together. >> well, let me tell you, i remember meeting mark benioff during that big event in 2013 and thinking, number one, this guy loves engaging with the media and not all tech ceos do. and number two, he's also really passionate about investing in the future of our kids, and it's not fake. it's real. salesforce ceo mark benioff has always referred to the money he donates to schools in san francisco and oakland as an investment in the future of those two cities. >> our journey with them is only started. we are still at the beginning of what we can do. >> it's a promise benioff started in 2013 when he surprised everyone after donating ipads and money to all 12 middle schools in san francisco. he assured everyone today that
4:25 pm
that investment over the past seven years is improving outcomes. >> more full-time teachers for math and technology, a surge of kids who are enrolled in s.t.e.m. and computer science, more young women and more students of color, higher attendance rates, higher math scores. >> reporter: san francisco mayor london breed says the money helps level the playing field among all students. >> whether they want to take er when marc retires in a couple years -- >> sounds good. >> we're going to need the next generation to not only take over the world in all these amazing positions, but we're going to also need you to save our planet. >> reporter: in 2016, that wealth was then shared with oakland schools. this year both districts combined will receive more than $17 million. $8.5 million for san francisco and $8.7 million for oakland. >> that's some serious cash. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf encouraged other
4:26 pm
companies to follow benioff's lead. >> i challenge other companies to do what salesforce has done, and that is put your money where your mouth is and put your love where your money is. >> i like that. so when you add it all up, salesforce has donated nearly $70 million, not to mention hours and hours of volunteer work by his employees. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> we need more marc benioffs. >> for sure. a new headquarters for b.a.r.t. approved today, but not everybody is happy about the plan, and big bucks are at stake. and if you're excited about the new subway extension in san francisco, get ready to put on
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abc 7ews is committed to building a better bay area. and as part of that commitment, we focus on transportation like b.a.r.t. >> after 15 years of leasing space at the kaiser center, near lake merritt, the board voted to purchase a building that's nearby and spend millions of dollars renovating it. >> it's an expensive project that not everyone agrees is a good move for a transit system plagued with other challenges, like homelessness, crime and
4:30 pm
problems with infrastructure like old rundown trains. laura anthony is live. laura. >> reporter: hi, ama. the new headquarters is slated to go into this building behind me. this morning the b.a.r.t. board overwhelmingly approved this plan to buy instead of continue leasing, but not everyone is onboard. >> staying here is really not an option because it will become much more expensive. >> reporter: to the b.a.r.t. board president, it just makes good economic sense. in an 8-1 vote b.a.r.t. directors approved the purchase and renovation of a building in downtown oakland, a $227 million project that would become the district's new headquarters in 2021. >> we have the ability to purchase this building and have an asset, we're going to pay not just towards burning money on rent, we'll have an excellent building at 2150 webster which will be a better place for the public to go and very
4:31 pm
accessible. >> reporter: he says the purchase would save b.a.r.t. $210 million over the next two and a half decades as the cost of leasing the current location is set to go up 60%. the webster project will be financed by a 25-year sales tax bond. >> in the future that sales tax revenue will have already been borrowed out. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. director debra allen voted against the project. >> i think we could reduce that cost substantially moving a little further out of the oakland area. we do not need to be in class a office space for b.a.r.t. >> i'd rather they invested in security. >> reporter: some riders believe b.a.r.t. directors should focus their attention on fixing what's wrong with the from it systtran not on the purchase of a new headquarters. >> there are too many people that are not able to pay their fare and hop and cheat the system. then there's security issues. then there's the people they hire and pay too many salaries -- too much salary to.
4:32 pm
it's just crazy. i don't know that the building is the best answer, but -- >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. claims the issuing of the bonds will not result in any higher fares or higher taxes and that it does not need voter approval. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you so much. we do want to hear your ideas about building a betterbay area. share them by joining our better bay area facebook group. new details on yet another delay in san francisco's central subway construction project. service is now not expected to begin until 2021. when the project broke ground in 2010, the subway was expected to be open by the end of 2018, but delays have plagued this project which will extend the t third muni line from the caltrain station at fourth and king through union square and into chinatown. >> mistakes were made in this project. new people were hired to lead
4:33 pm
this project. sadly, that has resulted in a significant delay. >> the municipal transportation agency says next week its board will be asked to approve a new contract date. construction is anticipated to finish next year, but then a year of testing is needed beyond that. the runway reconstruction project at san francisco international airport, they have reached the halfway point and they're 48 hours ahead of schedule. live picture here at sfo where runway 28-l has been closed since saturday to allow crews to repair fatigue cracking in the pavement. 28-l serves 68% of airport traffic so the project along with high winds have caused thousands of flight delays and many cancellations. the closure is set to continue through september 27th. we're learning new details about the investigation into the stabbing death of a police officer in italy. >> the i-team's dan noyes has obtained the autopsy report and has a preview of the exclusive story that you'll see tonight right after the democratic
4:34 pm
debate. >> larry and ama, two young men from the bay area are being held in a rome prison while the investigation moves forward. this autopsy report provides the clearest picture yet what happened. he died from massive blood loss. an attorney for 19-year-old finn elder tells me elder stabbed the officer in self-defense. coming up tonight after the debate, a forensic pathologist tells us why he believes police mistakes played a factor in the death. >> this story has had a lot of twists and turns from the initial report of what we thought happened in italy. >> exactly. it seems as though we heard the police version. now as these documents come out, they are being leaked to us among other reporters. we're hearing the rest of the story. so there's a lot more coming out now. >> we look forrd to hearing more from you tonight. thanks, dan. the effort to stop the construction of a tescope on
4:35 pm
hawaii's highest peak came to the bay area today. native hawaiians who live here on the mainland took the campaign to gordon moore's redwood city estate. why moore? he's the co-founder of intel an his foundation is one of the largest investors in the plan to build a $1.4 billion 30-mete telescope. >> we're all about progress but you just can't do it on our secret mountain. this is our final stand. i really don't see a compromise happening. >> opposition to this project began soon after it was announced in 2009. the fight went global in 2015. protesters have been blocking the road to the summit since mid-july to prevent construction from getting under way. we are less than 30 minutes away from tonight's democratic debate. coming up, we'll have a preview of tonight's debate that you can see right here on abc 7. i'm spencer christian looking down onto the bay from mt. tam.
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well, it is going to be war the next few days. >> roasty. >> roasty and toasty. >> i think that's a good way to go. >> that should be spencer christian and then roasty and
4:39 pm
toasty. >> i like roasty. i think we've overused toasty. overnight it won't be quite so roasty. low temperatures mainly in the low to mid-60s. that's pretty warm for overnight conditions. tomorrow we'll be pretty high for daytime conditions. look for high temperatures in the upper 90s to low 100s across all of our inland areas. 102 at antioch, concord, down at livermore and morgan hill up in the north bay 100 and cloverdale. san francisco will top out at 87 tomorrow, 92 in oakland. and then over the weekend we'll see a little bit of a cooldown starting on saturday, a little bit of a cooldown near the coast and bay. still pretty roasty on saturday but the entire region will cool down sharply on sunday and there will be further cooler on monday. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. one more day of roasty weather just about everywhere, even around the bay shoreline. look for highs in the mid-90s. then still warm inland on saturday but cooling down near the coast and bay. all areas will be cooler.
4:40 pm
monday will bring us a chance of showers. midweek we'll see temperatures sort of leveling off in the mid-80s inland, low to mid-60s on the coast and temperatures start to climb againt the end of next week. larry and ama. >> all right, thank you, spencer. we are now about 20 minutes away from abc news live coverage of the democratic presidential debate in houston. a live picture inside the auditorium at texas southern university. this is the third debate of this campaign season among the democrats. this one is different from the others. abc news reporter mona joins us from houston. well, she was there and now she's gone but i'll ask the question anyway -- there you are! how is this debate different from the other debates we've seen previously? >> reporter: well, first, larry, this debate is only one night where the other two were two separate nights and it's the first that features only ten candidates. that is because in order to qualify for this debate, there
4:41 pm
was a polling and donor threshold. candidates needed at least 2% in four qualifying polls and also 130,000 unique donors. these are the ten candidates that made that cut. it's also unique because it's the first time we're seeing the top democrat candidates share one stage. >> we've also seen in the previous debates that candidates gang up on the front-runner, and right now that's joe biden. do you expect that to be the case tonight where biden will be targeted by some of the others? >> reporter: well, ahead of the debate we heard from a lot of candidates say they are not looking to attack the other democratic candidates. they're looking to take on donald trump and show how they're the best candidate to do that. but ahead of the debate, we saw former vice president joe biden take an indirect jab at elizabeth warren. let's not forget kamala harris' standout moment in the last debate when she went after joe biden. but it seems that more and more democratic voters are turned off
4:42 pm
when the candidates do go against each other and want the candidates instead to go after donald trump. so it might be not to their favor to go after biden. >> i want to ask you a follow-up on that, because bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, they have appeared at other debates together and haven't really gone after each other. do you think that will change? or picking up on your last point, will the target really be more about going after the president? >> reporter: right. what's interesting is that both elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, they are essentially their biggest competition, not biden. they're going after the same voter group. for them, the best thing to do tonight is show voters how they differentiate from each other, particularly in -- when it comes to health care and how their plans are different and that would be their best bet for them instead of going after each other to just show voters how they differ. >> mona, is there a sense of one
4:43 pm
particular candidate or maybe one or two that may be polling below some of the rest that really has to have a big night tonight? >> reporter: well, it does seem that the lower polling candidates need that break-through moment, that moment that will give them a boost, for example, when kamala harris went after joe biden, she saw a boost in the polls and that was her standout moment. really the stakes are high for everyone. one way to look at it is that it's opening day and this is the first time that we are seeing from the top -- or hearing from the top ten candidates. a lot of voters now want to see, especially as we inch closer to 2020 how they differentiate and who is the best candidate to go after donald trump. so it seems that the stakes are really high for everyone. >> okay, thanks so much. tonight's debate starts at 5: right after abc 7 news at 4:00 so we're about 17 minutes away. then a special edition of abc 7 news immediately following the debate. we're thinking it will be right around 8:00 p.m. a glowing field of colorful
4:44 pm
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what looks like an ordinary field turns into something magical once the sun goes down. this is the field of light. it's the largest light art installation in the world. >> everybody seems to be into the quietness of it and the spiritualism of it. even with 600 people. >> pretty amazing. i'm surprised, one, how vast the light actually is. they're turning it into an event. they have a classic guitar player here and food trucks. it seems pretty impressive.
4:48 pm
>> we're at bruce monroe field of light. it's a 15-acre outdoor art exhibit, but the uk artist, bruce monroe, the largest of its kind in the world. approximately four years ago. ken and bobbi hunter went to the australian outback and suddenly at dusk these beautiful lights came on at the base of it. then there were pathways we could walk through the lights and we came back and thought what a bag of any sent thing to have in our field here. we met bruce monroe. he said i could light this field for you. we said do it. >> it's 60,000 optic fibered lights with glass balls on the top. it is entirely powered by solar. but as the sun starts to set, which as you can see is starting
4:49 pm
to happen right now, the lights will turn a very pale pink. by the time it gets dark, they're jewel tone. and you feel like you're walking through wonderland. >> we came up here to see this big, beautiful forest of lights. it's like a three-hour drive. it's pretty amazing. >> you came just for this? >> yeah. >> oh, wow. >> we have two experiences. one is the general admission experience where you come in, you can buy local food and wine and entrance into the field. with a vip terrace ticket, you will get a gourmet picnic dinner that is elevated overlooking the lights with fire pits and enjoy your evening and view the lights. >> this came up today. after work decided to cruise on up. >> it's breath taking.
4:50 pm
>> it turning it into an event. there's a classic guitar player and food trucks. it seems pretty impressive. >> even with 600 people, it seems quiet and meditative, which is exactly what bruce and we wanted to have happen. >> that's incredible. >> it's beautiful. >> yeah, mesmerizing. you can check it out on also on facebook and instagram. among the contenders for a spot in the national toy hall of fame this year, coloring books, jenga, my little pony, ama, i knew that was going to be a home rub rig run right there. and smartphones. the smartphone was nominated because people use it to play games, right, candy crush, whatever you like on there. you can vote for your top choice online. we'll post a link to the ballot with the 12 nominees on our website, the top two or three picks will be inducted into the hall of fame in november.
4:51 pm
i just knew my little pony -- i cod see little ama playing with my little pony. >> and pound puppies. i loved pound puppies. >> does your daughter -- >> a little too young for that stuff. >> tetris, that's not -- it's a game, it's not like a toy. >> they use it as a toy. >> they include everything now. if you've been missing popeye's chicken sandwich since the chain sold out of them after just two weeks, there's now a solution. popeye's says you can just byob. bring your own bun, that is. the fast food chain says if you bring in your own bun and order three-piece tenders, you can essentially make your own sandwich. popeye's says its coveted sandwich will be coming back soon. do you get a discount if you bring your own bun? >> i don't know. sun's out, buns out. >> i gave him that one, by the way. >> i know, she now writes my funny lines for me. a precious pup gone and then found. up next, the frantic search to
4:52 pm
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go safely, california. tonight on abc 7, here's the schedule. the debate coverage begins at fo 5:00, followed but the news at 8:00. then jeopardy and wheel of fortune starting at 9:00. then a new episode of tamron hall at 10:00 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. a deer is running free after being rescued by the peninsula humane society. spca crews, look at this. a homeowner spotted the deer on their property. the deer's antlers were tangled in rope and the rope was snagged on a tree and a nearby picnic table. rescuers think the deer would have been unable to untangle itself if they hadn't got to it. a happy ending to a fairly common occurrence. in this case it happened to a most uncommon dog. >> it did. as abc 7 news reporter wayne
4:55 pm
friedman found out, it's a story about trauma, relief and a reward. >> reporter: this is a story with a happy ending and you're looking at it. the last act for kelly would be giving a bath to her pug, named otis. a cleansing on many levels. >> necessary and symbolic. >> reporter: and such a relief, especially in san francisco's mission district where even the most simple walk for otis always becomes a lovefest or at the bare minimum a beat and greet. such are the daily obligations of a famous pug with 12,000 instagram followers. >> he's my best friend. we do everything together. >> reporter: at least until last night when an intruder used a key to enter kelly's apartment. listen carefully. when otis ran to the door, that person took him. no ransom, no clues. she spent last night in tears with her friend, erica castle.
4:56 pm
>> oh, my god, she's devastated. >> reporter: and desperate. kelly fill the neighborhood with flyers offering a $15,000 reward. >> what would you do if your kid went missing? >> reporter: finally just before dawn a break. kelly received a call from a stranger, a homeless man. he told her about a pug dropped off at a homeless encampment last night. of a woman who had that dog who wanted to give it up. >> it's crazy that a stranger can do something so kind. >> reporter: the woman who gave otis back named patricia agreed to talk but only in a wide shot. she says the pug perked up immediately. >> as soon as he saw her, he was like whoa, just all excited. i mean, you know, like a child would be when they see their mommy. >> reporter: by noon today kelly had retraced her steps and began tearing down those wanted posters. she's rewarded the man who helped her, she says. >> it's a lot of different things that this person deserves. >> reporter: it's the least she can do for making her life whole
4:57 pm
again. in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> they're part of our family. >> yeah. and otis is adorable. should i feel bad that he has way more instagram followers than i do? 12,000 followers. the democratic presidential candidates debate begins in just minutes. we will have live team coverage and local analysis right after on a special edition of abc 7 news at 8:00 p.m. we'll also dig into the gig economy to understand what a bill just signed into law by governor newsom could mean for your usual ride share as well as meal delivery and lots more. plus why the state wide rent cap bill might not make much of a difference to the bay area. join us for those stories and more on abc 7 news at 8:00 after the debate. >> it's going to be interesting to see how the candidates come out. we've got ten. we'll see what the exchanges are like. >> definitely. we'll analyze it all afterwards. >> at 8:00. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil.
4:58 pm
>> i'm ama daetz. abc's coverage of the democratic debate is next. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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5:00 pm
the stage is set, the field has been narrowed. for one night only, the top ten candidates are here. oucratmorimary debate startsht now. >> announcer: this is an abc news special. >> i will be a president for every american. >> this is our moment. >> we are in a struggle for the future of this country. >> we fight for our country, that's the nature of who we are. >> right now, we can act. >> we're in the midst of the greatest economic transformation. >> we have overcome worse times and darker moments than this. >> we will make the most of this moment that we have here together. >> we are on a march together.


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