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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> let the senator answer. >> well, i mean, i would just say, hey, hey, joe. instead of no, we can't. let's say yes, we can. >> they have to buy in. >> it was round three. the glo came off tonight. ten democratic candidates sharing the stage taking shots at each other approximate president trump. >> in the third democratic debate. the top contend is on the stage open with a mess common message. beat donald trump. >> what unites us is stronger than what divides us.
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>> dismandle after the conversation shifted to healthcare. former vice president going head to head with senator warren and sanders over the support for medicare for all. >> i have never met anybody that likes their insurance company. >> senator klobuchar chiming in. taking aim at sanders. >> he wrote the bill. i read the bill. >> former hud secretary called into question biden's mental fitness. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? >> this is why presidential debates are becoming unwatchable. >> that's an election. >> it was his memory that didn't serve him right and incorrectly quoted the former vice president. finding themselves in the hot
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seat over the administration immigration policy. >> did you make a mistake? >> the president did the best thing that was able to be done. >> candidates spent more time on their plans for gun control. addressing racism and trade. sharing their vision for the country. >> the thifrd debate has come to a close the candidate return to the campaign trail tomorrow looking to keep holding on until october's debate. >> hundreds of people packed panny's in san francisco to watch the debate. >> we were there for the fiery moments as well as the heated reaction. >> tough >> it contradicts your prior positions. >> it's original. >> with the top ten on stage for the first time in this years
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debate cycle. there was a pair in particular watching closely. including san francisco supervisor who showed up for the watch party. >> ooip excited to see biden and warren on the same stage. >> former vice president biden and senator warren and sanders along with the other candidates laid out plans about medicare for all and choice within the healthcare system. >> i'm looking forward to people addressing the preventive care. >> through the first portion of the debate it was about healthcare. >> i didn't hear what i wanted to hear. >> this reaction got a big one at manny's. >> castro accused biden of forgetting healthcare facts. it created a memorable moment. >> his responses were pretty strong. >> some felt it was a low blow. to the oldest candidate in the field. >> it was too far. >> there was beto's red line in
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the gun debate sand box. >> we're going to take your ar 15. >> it could be a tough sell elsewhere. >> i'm surprised he's taking a bold stand. i applaud him. >> most say they're watching the debate and waiting for their top democratic candidate to emerge. >> now it wuntd just the democrats closely watching tonight. with reaction from the local gop. >> he's a gaffe machine. he only opens his mouth to change feet. >> san francisco republican party chair is talking about vice president biden. praise was not something he was readily handing out watching the debate. >> there's a lot of non-sense. >> he says the lack of fire works and controversy makes him more confident president
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president trump will w election. >> the incumbent has a huge advantage. secondly if the economy is strong is will be difficult to overcome. everyone a controversial polarizing president like the one we have. >> he thinks the nomination will go to warren. she has stamina, good message and just progressive enough for the party. >> we had our own debate watch party. san francisco state political science professor sat down with us to watch and analyze the debate. she felt senators warren and booker and harris performed the best. >> warren in particular because she faced some attacks and yet was able to deal with them in a calm controlled way. >> the most anticipated clash of the night was supposed to be
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between the front runner biden and warren. instead it was the entire debate stage attacking biden. making every argument they could to break from the pack and survive until the primary. >> what are you going to do next? presumably the candidates will see a bump in their poll numbers. are they going to be able to move from what they believe in to generating support? >> in a unique moment, yang offered money to potential voters to show how had says his universal basic income plan would work. yang says he would give every citizen $1,000 a month in effort to address poverty. >> my campaign will now give a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for year. to ten american families. someone watching this at home right now. if you believe you can solve your problems better than any
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politician. tell us how it will help you do that. >> as promised the entry form is up on the web site. along with detailed rules. the total of $12,000 will come from campaign donations unlike earlier when he paid so called freedom dividends to three families with his own money. experts say this is not a campaign finance violation. he's not asking for peoples vote in exchange for the money. yang and his plan were trending. even offered online he would cover the $12,000 if yang couldn't. because he likes the idea so much. >> the fourth debate is october 14. and maybe 16th. it could stretch to two nights because additional candidates qualified. tom steyer is the eleventh to qualifhe the democrat to enter the race declaring campaign
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july. the fact checkers were hard at work. >> the forecast temperatures will be soaring high tomorrow. will it be sweltering in your neighborhood? waef look at the weather. >> it'soing to be sweltering in many parts of the bay area tomorrow flt highs today it was 88 san francisco. 91 oakland. 92 san jose. mid-90s around concord. expect the temperatures to climb to tomorrow especially in inland areas. heat advisory issued 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. most of the bay under the advisory. high risk of heat related illness. that heat will be a distant memory. there's a system in the gulf of alaska heading in our direction. it may bring showers. >> all right. remember you can check the weather conditions where you live on our free app.
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the app is free to down load in the app store. >> we have breaking news in berkeley. two people dead after being hit by a train. police are investigating the cause of the crash is not known. it happened after 8:00. there maybe some delays for am track trains. the coroner hasn't released any information about the identity of the victim. >> late today the sheriff officially identified all 34 victims of the dive boat fire in southern california. several of the victims were from the bay area. the sheriff thanked the coroner for helping with identification. earlier the ntsb released a report. saying all the crew members were asleep when the fire broke out. which is a violation. >> part of the certificate
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required there be a watch pern to keep an eye on the safety of the vessel. and the interviews to this point have indicated that that didn't happen. >> the coast guard says conception passed the two most recent inspections without safety violations. >> a local non-profit is working to replace stolen equipment used to clear the creeks. while they're disappointed they lost thousands. they will continue to clean up efforts. >> check your fridge. >> here's a look at what's coming up tonight. after the news at 11:00. >> it's debate night.
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new at 11:00 a richmond company that sells organic food and juices is issuing a voluntary recall for the products. urban remedy. salads bowls and wraps tested positive for e. coli. post most of the potentially contaminated products were not shipped. the recalled products are the wrap, green tea leaf salad, black rice bowl, and benedict brunch bowl. with a use by date of the september 15. >> the news i team has obtained the autopsy report for police officer killed in july. two young men from the bay area
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are held in his death. the report shows the officer died from extreme blood loss after being stabbed 11 times with a military assault style knife. a pathologist looked at the autopsy and contradicts reports that a strike hit his heart. >> the lung the diaphragm, kidney. intestine. causing bleeding into the chest cavity. and died of blood loss as a result. >> an attorney said the i team he stabbed the officer in self-defense and neither he nor his friend knew the men were police officers that night. the attorney argues he would be alive if he and his partner followed protocol. >> it takes real effort and equipment to help build a better bay area. one non-profit that cleans water
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ways was hit by thieves. crooks took thousands of dollars of supplies from a storage. the group is determined to continue with the mission. >> reporter: every two months hundreds head to the creeks and rivers to pick up trash. an effort. the group handed the keys to this old station on the river. they're in the process of moving in. keeping equipment in this storage space. but last week crooks somehow got in and got away with $9,000 of supplies. executive director says material needed for creek clean up, education and promotion were taken. this picture shows a homeless man spotted nearby wearing lt team lead shirt. the disappointment isn't stopping the group determination. this weekend three community clean up efforts will continue as scheduled. >> we had to buy nearly $1,000 worth of material. to get ourselves ready. >> on the agenda saturday
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morning the creek. where we met volunteer team leader. >> this is the worst. >> he says the big element keeping the group on track is the fall fish cycle. they need to clear the area before the king salmon return. >> you need carts and bags and trash pick up equipment. there's communication involved. there's walky talkies. >> they created a go fund me page. >> for some reason they took the recycled trash art. ite items created from trash from the streams sfwl the city is also assisting. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. share them by joining our facebook group. >> a pub with thousands of instagram followers is safe tonight. after disappearing from an apartment last night. >> her nest cam shows what
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happened. somebody opens the door with a key. and he runs toward them only to be snatched. kelly posted on his instagram. put a flier and offered $15,000 reward. a homeless man called her saying a woman at a homeless camp had him and wanted to give him back. >> he was so excited. like a child would be. when they see their mom. >> she rewarded the man who helped her get him back. so they are reunited and he is adorable. >> certainly. >> great account as well. >> a lot of followers. >> we're following sandy and her forecast. it's heating up. >> that's right. it is heating up. i want to show you a time lapse. this is moving along sunset 7:22. a few clouds pass through. and made for a glory yous sunset
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tonight. we saw the temperatures rise today. it's going to get hotter in land towards tomorrow. i want to show you how the temperatures are faring tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in the 70s and 80s. lunch hour it will be hot. go inside. by 4:00 p.m. the temperatures will be in the 90s and nearing 100 degrees for some parts of the bay area. it is going to be sweltering. a lovely view of downtown san francisco tonight. showing nothing but clear skies and temperatures are in the 60s and 70s everywhere. except half-moon bay it's 57. we're hanging onto the warmth from earlier in the day. look at this stunning shot. across the bay. triple digit heat tomorrow. coastal cooling on saturday. and it is going to be much cooler for all areas sunday through tuesday. air quality will continue to suffer. we have another spare the air
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alert for friday. notice moderate to poor air quality. the computer models want to bring in a few patches of fog. it will be clearnd mild tomorrow. out the door. it will be short sleeve weather for you tomorrow. it will be sizzling around gilroy, morgan hill. 96 san jose. and the south bay. on the peninsula 95 degrees. 79 half-moon bay. it will be warm at want beaches. 89 san francisco. north bay temperatures 96 96 you. you'll need the sunscreen. extra water. 93 oakland. heading in land the triple digit sizzle. 102 concord. you have the air-conditioning there. if you're heading to the beach tomorrow it will be warm to hot. high uv index.
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make sure you have the sunscreen. 94 santa cruz. 7-day forecast. featuring the heat tomorrow the hottest day. heat moderates on saturday. still a hot there inland. cooler at the coast. much cooler sunday monday with a chance of showers looking promising. >> for monday. >> start looking for the umbrellas. >> i have no idea where mine is. >> i'll be honest. >> i'm bracing for the triple digit >> i thought it was a dance. >> patty ♪ ♪ ♪
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delivery. little baby jane was supposed to be born if the hospital she was having none of that. >> so with the help of captain, she was born in the front seat of the her parents suv. that's a good story. the captain says it's one of the moments that make his job the best in the world. >> the parents will have a story to tell forever. >> all right. i'm in for dan. chris with the sports. and the a's impressive with the astros. >> they're in the top spot for the wild card. tonight's game had play off field in
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tleems are vying for two spots in the wild card race. oakland began holding the second spot half game behind tampa bay. cleveland on the outside looking in. the important games. this is the good idea for olson. two run shot off verlander. his 32 nds of the season. bottom eight. 3-1. altuve don't let his size fool you. that's a deep blast. 3-2. and it went down to the final out. henderson to close. a's win with the rays loss. they own the top wild card spot by half a game. they host the wild card play off game if the season ended today.
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giants pirates. this is how you skip work. don't get caught. towel, glasses, cell phone. pirates trying to catch the rookie napping. this kid can play. look at him. smartly throwing to third. the out there. shark stamp of approval. giants down. longoria. this is way back in the bleachers. two run shot. 3-2. bottom nine giants down. san francisco had two on nobody out. but. can't get anything done. the ground out ends it. pirates win. bochy four wins from 200 all time. 2,000 all time. >> delayed because of lightning. late third quarter. a 16 yard score. 17-12 bucks. a huge game last week. tonight not so much. 90 seconds to go. the direct snap. tries to get the corner. and stops short. reviewed and upheld. just that close no score.
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bucks win. sharks hit the ice tomorrow. first day of training camp. your captain. he's had a great time with the sharks eleven seasons. with san jose. training catch begin to boxing. set to headline. he'll fight for the lightweight title friday. check it out online. this sports report sponsored by ri river rock casino. >>
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all right. thanks for watching much don't forget we're doing the triple digit sizzle tomorrow. >> thanks for being here. "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sean penn, from "unbelievable," danielle macdonald, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from green day. and now, most certainly, jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: welcome, hi, i'm the host of the show. i thank you for watching. i thank you for coming. hello again. [cheers and applause] those of you who watched the debate earlier tonight here on abc and forgot to turn the television off, thank you for joining us. you know, tonight we watched the third democratic debate, this


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