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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 13, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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three-year $6 million restoration product. the muni shuttle buses will run along all the cable car stops, following the powell mason, powell hyde and california cable car lines. buses will stop at cable car terminals -- excuse me. buses will not stop at the cable car terminals, but they will stop nearby. also they'll shut down at 5:30 this morning and it's expected they'll all be back online by september 23rd. reporting live, joe vena fordson, abc news. >> all right. jovena. the bus doesn't do it. it's just not the same. it's 4:30. if you're just joining us, let's get you caught up on traffic. hi, mike. >> one of those areas that could have some unhealthy air as we head into another spare the air this afternoon. inland east bay is also another one of those areas. 56 at the coast.
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the rest of us in the mid-60s at 7:00. you can see 90s already at noon adhrt afternoon. sue? >> we take you back to mountain view with this traffic alert. 85 is shut down. it's expected it will be 3:00 before it's reopened. there was a carr fire and a car on its side and unfortunately the coroner is on scene. so sig alert here. avoid north 85 and mountain view. they're diverting traffic off evelyn. your vote, your voice. ideological differences, they were on full display during the democratic debate. >> the top candidates took to the stage at the same time for the first time. serena is live. good morning. >> each is pitching why they
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should be the democratic nominee. the only thing they could agree on as a party is they want donald trump out of the white house. ten candidates and one goal. >> and as president. >> and as president of the united states. >> and as president of the united states -- >> reporter: and while the party wanted to keep focus on the man currently dominating the title, the debate quickly show casing the stark differences between the democratic party. one of the biggest differences, health care. >> i've never met anybody who likes their health insurance company. >> i who wrote the damn bill, if i may say so, tend to eliminate all out-of-pocket experiences. >> warren and sanders pushing for medicare for all, joe biden arguing it's just too expensive. for more than 30 minutes, topic dominated and brought some of the toughest attacks like this one, 44-year-old juan cast
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>> they do not have to buy it. >> you just said so. >> reporter: an attack on 76-year-old biden's age, but it was castro who got it wrong. >> anyone who can't afford it gets enrolled in the medicar medicare-type option. >> hell, yes, we're going to take your ak-47. >> do you think trump is responsible for what happened? look, obviously he didn't pull the twigger, but he certainly has been tweeting out the ammunition. >> reporter: at the end of the night the candidates taking aim at the president. >> he reminds me of the guy from "the wizard of oz," when you pull back the curtain, it's a really small dude? >> reporter: now, the trump campaign has responded saying the debate is nothing new and trump would easily dominate any of them. >> thanks, serena. in a unique moment andrey
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yaw offered money to potential voters saying how his universal income tack plan would work. he would give money each month >> i'm going to do something unprecedent tonight. my campaign will now give a freedom difb dent $1,000 a month a year for ten american families, somebody at home. if you believe you can solve your own problems better, go to and tell us how you could do just that. >> his entry form is on the website. yang said the money will come from campaign donations unlike earlier when he paid for freedom dividends to three families with his own money. experts say it's not a campaign violation because he's not asking for people's vote in exchange for the money. yang's plan was trending on twitter after the
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other people, they were kind of ridiculing yang and they compare this offer to a lottery. now, the fact-checker, you know they were hard at work again last night. to find out which up, go to abc as of now, the cause of a crash isn't known. it happened just after 8:00 last night. it caused delays for amtrak, but trains are no longer affected this morning. the coroner has not released any information about the identity of the victims, and none of the 22 passengers very crew was injured. b.a.r.t. police are investigating an accident that killed a man during an evening commute. the man got onto the tracks and was hit by a train. that station was closed for about three hours. muni provided buses between
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embarcadero city and union stay. they believe some of the trains could become a death trap. b.a.r.t. has two types of cars. e cars have two doors on the end and then d doors have more difficult doors that can only be opened by b.a.r.t. operator. some train operators believe that could be dangerous during a fire or another emergency. b.a.r.t. says the current setup is safe. three more people from the bay area have been identified as victims of the southern california dive boat fire. the santa barbara county sheriff thanked the coroner for helping with identifications. a preliminary report by the transportation safety board revealed all the crew members were asleep when that fire broke out. federal law requires someone to be on watch at all times.
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all right. we're taking a live look at sfo this morning. just a heads-up if you're planning a weekend getaway. as of right now, 12 flights are delayed. 30 are canceled. runway 28 l has been closed since saturday to repair cracks. this runway serves 68% of airport traffic, so the project along with high winds have caused thousands of cancellations and delays. it will stay closed for another two weeks. a precious dog found and gone ago. the late night call to get him back home. berkeley police are trying to revive public attention on a nine-year murder. they're offering a reward. millions are on the verge of new protection, but a cap on rent hikes might not make much difference in the bay area. all right. it's 4:37.
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we'll get to all of those stories, but first we have to check in with mike and the heatwave. >> this is going to be the hottest day? >> yes. look at our morning. that's what you're walking into. hi,er about. 67 in san leandro. fremont, union city, 61 and 62. everybody else in the mid- to even upper 60s. look at alameda. 69. san francisco, 68. we do have 65 at san jose, 69 69 pleasanton. so i'm putting fair on the commute planner whether you're driving, mass transit, on the bay. we've got spare the air issues. it's going to be hot. if you're waiting for mass transit, it's going to be hot. it will be hot on mass transit, hot in the bay if you're on the ferry. 66 at 7:00, 82 at 11:00. nearing 90 at 1:00, and low to mid-90s at 2:00 and 5:00.
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this morning high clouds through 1:00 when we're hitting the mid-90s. upper 90s at 5:00. still mid-90s. here's where the hot air will be the most brutal.o cf1 o we're already at 90 at noon and heading to 100 in our east bay valleys. some of us will get relief tomorrow. some will have to wait until sunday. let's say hi to sue. >> good morning. we have a horrible situation. we have a double fatality and northbound 85 is completely shut down. at evelyn, they're diverting traffic off onto city streets. the best alternate i could give you would be to take the central expressway to shoreline to 101 to stay away from this northbound 85 situation. they're estimating time of reopen at 6:00 a.m. and hopefully before that. we'll be following it again for you. full freeway shutdown in concorde due to roadwork. north 680, you're
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all right. we made it to friday. let's see what's going to happen if you're traveling around the state. 81 in monterey. increasing sunshine. 82, sunshine in san diego. nearing 110 in palm springs and 80 across the sierra.
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we have fire concerns 1:00 sunday in taho through 8:00 monday. as you get deeper into the sierra, it's going to go a little shorter. let's take a look at the weekend overall. 79 today in taho, 80 tomorrow, and then 73 with those breezes increasing. that's why we have the fire danger sunday. >> thanks, mike. berkeley police say they're still trying to find the gunman who shot and killed a man during a robbery nine years ago. the chilean national nicknamed nieto was with his fiancee on his birthday when two men attacked him at the corner offed a line street. yesterday was the anniversary of his death. the reward for any information on his death has been increased to $50,000. a new law the governor signed yesterday means significant changes for police in california.
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it finances new training and requires police departments to amend their polls to meet a new use of force law. that law requires them to use man life.en itffec th fol the shooting of stephon clark in california. california lawmakers have approved a statewide net cap. governor newsom called it the strongest rent control package in america. what does it mean? we break it down. >> sorry about that. we're going to try to fix that video problem we've been experiencing. so a pug with thousands of instagram followers is safe this morning after disappearing from its san francisco home. kelly's camera shows what happens. someone opens the door with the key, otis runs toward them and
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disappears. she posted on instagram account, posted flyers and offered a reward. yesterday a homeless man called kelly and said a homeless woman had otis and wanted to give him back. kelly has rewarded the man who helped her. >> that's sweet. >> yeah. >> otis is back home. >> good to see it. we love to see it. seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi, hike. >> it's 70 degrees right now. we talked about how sleeping wasn't going to be quite as easy. hopefully you're waking up more refreshed than we thought. it's going to be another hot day today. in fact, the heat and unhealthy air will peak today. it will take both days to get it completely eradicated. mid- to upper 90s for most of the south bay including as you head down to san cou t
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hi t drees peninsula. movie theater, mall, somewhere where they have air conditioning, maybe hang out th nearing 90 near downtown south san francisco and sausalito. mid- to upper 90s. that would be white win weather, not red wine weather if you're heading up to wine country. low to mid 90s for the rest of the east bay shore. let's see what happens tonight. still going to be a pretty mild night compared to average. temperatures from the mid-50s to the upper 60s once again. here's look at our area of low pressure that is still spinning now and about to move into the gulf of alaska. we're going to keep an eye on that. it's going to help induce the sea breeze tomorrow on the coast and along the bay. everybody's back to average sunday and a chance of showers
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monday. we'll take a greater look at that next. here's sue. unfortunately a tragic situation. a driver was going the wrong way and a head-on collision on 85. the entire freeway is shut down just after evelyn. chp is on scene, the coroner is on scene, and you're being diverted off evelyn. estimated reopen time is hopefully by 6:00 this morning. the best way to avoid this so to take the shoreline to 101. elsewhere we have slow traffic coming across the golden gate bridge and an earlier accident south 101 near marsh has been cleared off the road. >> thank you. soon, google users will be able to print their pictures off a
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new store. >> a new partnership between google photo cvs and walmart. pictures would be ready for same-day pickup. google photos has more than 1 billion monthly users. >> and you can start preordering a new i phone this morning. >> the new i phone 11 starts at about $700 and goes to $1,100. the more expensive models have three cameras. the new phones arrive in stores today. the democratic debate dominated social media. according to twitter, joe biden was the most tweeted about. and the most tweeted about moment was when julian castro pointed out that biden forgot summon he'd said a minute before. >> and castro was wrong. >> when you drag somebody, you must have accuracy on your side. >> you must. coming up next. the late night test that may
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keep people up. a south bay
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all right. let's take a look at what's going on. that's last week's forecast. the chiefs will be in town to take on the raiders and the temperatures will be mainly in the low 70s, dropping during the game. that's going to be a refreshing game. if you're going to the marlins and giants game tonight at oracle, the sun will set at
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7:20. the temperature's going to jump rapidly during the evening hours. 67 as we head under the star-filled skies into the evening. happening tonight, the royal transit will start doing more safety track testing during larkspur and san rafael. at 11:00 p.m. they're going to be checking warning systems. testing will continue saturday and if all goes well, service could begin in the next couple of months. >> happening today, a huge cypress is going to be coming down. the tree may be the park's first and oldest. an arborist says the tree is old and deceased. this is the same tree where a limb fell and injured a woman. she got $1$14 million from the city. there's a look at the
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pressure building in the bering sea and building in alaska. that's going bring us a chance of showers and rain for monday. you can see waking up monday morning at 4:00 there's a chance of steady rain across the northern part of the rain and then it will start to slide into our neighborhoods as we head through the morning commute. with it coming into the morning, that means we have a little better chance of it actually reaching the ground than if it came in during the afternoon hours. so look for the north bay to have a slightly wet commute, a little drizzle along the coast, and also up into the east bay hills. as we head into the mid morning and afternoon hours, it's going to slide to the south and slowly fade away as storms normally do this time of the year. so let's take a look at the rainfall totals. you could have anywhere from nearly a quarter of an inch in places like clear lake to more than a tenth of an inch here. everything tapers down to a couple of hundreds as you head
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into the south bay. so not quite storm impact scale, but we are getting really close to our first rain of the fall season. all right. here's sue with look at the morning commute. >> all right. unfortunately this tragic situation in mountain view with a double fatality. apparently a wrong way driver hit another head on. one was driving an suv and the other a sedan. both drivers of the vehicles per misched in this accident. northbound 85, you're being diverted off evelyn. chp is hoping it will be reopened by 6:00 a.m. best alternate route would be to take capitol expressway to shoreline boulevard and 101. elsewhere we'reouth bay commutes what we like to see. we're checking on your san mateo bridge. it's about a 14-minute drive from the toll across the
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a good look at san mateo and that span. some of your drive times, we're seeing a little bit of a delay on the pass. westbound into concord. san rafael into san francisco, you have construction on the golden gate, down to one lane in both directions, and that should be picked up within the next five minutes. we'll check back. >> thanks, sow. public transit is a commitment of building the bay area. >> this is two piers north. when it's it will open up new commercial space. a deer is running free thanks to the human society and
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ascpa crews. homeowners spotted the deer. the antlers were tangled there. the rescuers do not think the deer wouldn't have been able to get free if they hadn't gotten to it. >> good job. next at 5:00. new stores. expansion plans. a south bay nonprofit is working to build a better bay area even after becoming the target of thieves. the plan for this weekend. what's old is new again. what target is doing tomorrow that's expected to draw a big crowd. all right. and before we go, we're going to takeouive look outside. what are we looking at this morning? beauty. >> thing, items, stunning, people. >> lights. >> tens, tens, tens across the board. we'll be right back.
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hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. one of the memorable moments from last night's democratic presidential debate. the democrats taking a stand at this third time around. what the top ten are saying with regard to gun control, medicare, and more. this is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera this morning, but mike's going to tell us what is in store for the weekend. >> good morning. it is friday the 13th. buckle up. >> get ready, right? for the heat, first of all. >> what's that theme music? all right. let's talk about some hot air out there. look at this.


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