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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 14, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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area. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning it's saturday september 14th. i'm liz in for aaron. and we're all talking about this morning, the here. here is meteorologist lisa. >> it's another mot day. but there is some relief in sight. you will see cooling especially along the coast. here a look at live doppler 7. we have lots of clear skies. it's quiet out there right now. and current temperatures -- quit a range, from 48 degrees in half moon bay. you notice the cooling is kicking in today at the beaches. but then check out cloverdale, still at 67 degrees at this time, even brentwood, 68 degrees. so not much relief overnight for inland communities but that will
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change starting tomorrow. so here is the day planner for today. today is a spare the air day. at 7:00 temperatures still in the 60s and fichts after sunrise at 6:50. cooler at the coast. some areas in the 60s. coming down a lot from yesterday. but still hot inland. temperatures hitting the upper 90s in some neighborhoods around the bay still warm as well. mid-80s at the coast some areas in 60s. sunset at 7:19. gorgeous evening opinion get ready for rain in the ac weather seven-day forecast, liz. >> nice tease there. we'll check back. and fras as frans inms. mentioned it was a hot week. yesterday a record-breaking day for some parts. abc 7 news reporter. chris wray at a talked about visitors now they handled the heat. >> how hot. >> it was supermot even unthe air-conditioning it was still
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hot. >> it looked like the typical lazy hazy day. except in september surprising this family from australia. >> a bit humid. we came from eggleson vegas but it wasn't as benes. >> it was really raising the water. >> we made the most of it went down to santa cruz and the kids went kayaks saw the seals. >> in high school football team also having an awesome time despite the heat thanks to the trainer. >> this is our ice bucket with the cold towels pull it out and tring out and throw it on one of the players. >> families in menlo park motivating an outdoor moving making the most of it. >> for parents it's awesome it's our opportunity to be outside, and have an entertaining fun with the kids. it's great. >> in palo alto, chris reyes for abc 7 news. >> stay on top of the temperature with the abc 7 news
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app. it's free, enable push alerts. well developing news a woman arrested and faces charges after police say she threw a red like i had appearing to be blood on state senators. in happened as and i vaccine activists were standing on the elevated public gallery. state senator scott wiener says they have huge numbers of protesters engaging in harassing and intimidating tactics. >> it may have been blood we don't know for sure. but it was really scary. the person yelled something about baby's blood. and it just -- it's been such a terrible and toxic atmosphere with these anti-vaccine protesters. and we just need to make sure that everyone is safe. >> reporter emily maha has more details on the incident. >> the people need to stand up and say we want to defend our democracy we are not allowing people interfering with democracy by basically attacking your elected represent he was while we're doing our jobs.
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>> the senate chambers were closed for hours as chp does its investigation. people inside the chambers when the red liquid was thrown from the upstairs gallery say the woman shouted something about dead babies before tossing the liquid on the senate floor. one senator posting a picture on twitter showing the liquid was thrown from a menstrual cup. dozens of anti-vaxxer gathered outside many saying they don't support the action taken inside. >> it's dplobl it's disgusting here nobody here would condone that all activities this week have been peaceful, even the parents that were arrested earlier in the week it was very peaceful. it was trying to get the attention of the governor. >> we're taking a role call. >> after several hours senators rereconvened in a different mendota room for the final hours of the legislative session. the senate president pro testimony called it a criminal. thanking her colleagues for
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patience and getting back to work. >> this is unusual, obviously. but i have to say how proud i am as the president pro testimony of the senate that we can come together and focus on the job and the work at hand and continue to do what our constituents sent uts here to do. >> that was emily maha reporting bizarre situation last night governor newsom did sign two lawyers earlier this week limiting child medical exemptions for vac teens. our your safety a big part of our efforts here. in the east bay two masked men are caught on camera kicking in the door on of a pleasanton home. the family managed to scare them off but they are sharing their story to make sure what happened to them doesn't happen to anyone else. here is anser hasan our reporter zwl when no one answers the door thinking no one is home these two men try to break the door
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down after the sixth dry the door is opened but they are scared off by a woman screaming at them from inside. >> maf the house was shaking because the way they tried to force nemesis inside the house. >> andreia says she washood? the howard scherr son was waiting for school. she ran down to see what was happening ass men broke open the doors. >> they kicked in the front right here. >> his husband darren says he is thankful his family wasn't hurt. he thinks it was a completely random attack. >> when they saw me pull out to take my oldest to school they went, they're gone. >> sarah porter lives a few doors count what worries her is that the they had a an alarm system. that still didn't stop the break-in. >> that's makes it so us that a measures put in place and it happened. >> it's when any get no answer they go foorpd with the burglary. >> lieutenant stalking with the
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residential burglaries occur during the day. he suggests if someone knocks it's a good idea to make some kind of noise. that way they know people are inside. >> they have the door bells you can communicate even not at the house you can talk to somebody at the front door that may give the kbrepgs someone is at home. >> police suggest installing security tamera cameras facing the street that could help capture the get away car and provide other importnt details for an investigation. in pleasanton, anser hasan, abc 7 news. and we spent a week on ways to protect yourself, your family you property and neighborhood during safety week, part of our continued efforts to build a better bay area. all stories posted on the website. go to abc 7 scroll down and click on building a better bay area. we have new complements on a deadly amtrak train accident in perkily. the two men struck and killed which the train had been evicted from a homeless encampment
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nearby at university avenue and interstate 80 according to the east bay community law center. names have not been released but the center said the men went by the nicknames jupiter and on th lower deck of the bay brej. this domes as after a van caught four on the lower deck. the fire started around 10:00 last night night and burned about half an hour before it was put out. the van is destroyed and a flatbed truck removed the debris. traffic as you can imagine was heavy as the giants game ended just as the fire broke out. at the same time elton john concert goers were let out from chase center. i see people turning around. so i'm wondering if i should turn around. but i don't know where i'm going. i still need to get on the bridge. maybe i need to take another route. but that's taking longer. >> no one was hurt. the chronicle report says the driver of the car put out a
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flair sbaking it was zlauld causing the undercarriage to catch fire. you are flying today or any time in the coming days remember san francisco sbrengs $international airport is operating without a main runway. here is a live look at sfo. runway 28 l has been closed since saturday to allow crews to repair cracks in pavement. it's caused several hundred flight delays andanatns thunyul reopen in tch apele teato we have to look forward to. >> we have another gorgeous sunny day. and there is some relief in terms of temperatures. we're cooling down a bit for everybody. but especially along the coast and around the bay you'll notice the sea breeze will kick in. and that will bring much more moderate temperatures. i'll have the details on that when you can expect inland cooling and even rain in the
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forecast. also next offering hope to parents. a first of its kind peanut allergy treatment for kids takes a big step forward. it's already halloween time atkinson resorts a sneak peek at
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welcome back the wreckage of the dive boat that caught fire and sank off the coast of the santa barbara wednesday has been taken to a naval yard for investigation. what's rest federal investigators are looking into the cause of the fire, whether criminal charges should be pursued. on thursday you might remember we when the fire started. -- crew them to be on lack outduty. in total 34 people died. many victims from the bay area.
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and new developments, approval for a pill that treats peanut aermgs just took a big step forward. the treatment was created by a peninsula based company. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has more on the first of its kind therapy. >> any reaction. >> no. >> no. >> looki ldno right. this >> this is 2-year-old natalie lee she just ate a peanut something her parents were afraid for her to even touch six months ago. >> if she had it she reacted in 10 minutes. with swelling all over down her neck. >> right now there is not an fda approved peanut allergy peanut but the pill created by aimmune therapeutics got a big recommendation for approval. >> they become not allergic to the peanut over time. >> while waiting for the approval allergist dr. tam has been using small doses to treat
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patients. >> she can eat two peanuts right now up to two peanuts right now. it's a slow gradual build up but a lot better now. >> according to dr. tam having the pill will be safer. >> well the dose will be more consistent than the -- because any measure the major allergans. >> if approved 2-year-old natalie will only be able to use the off table type. the actual fda approved drug will be available for 4 to 17-year-olds but revocable trust still concerns. >> we don't know dsh if you stop it what would happen. >>? san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. >> san francisco is iconic cable cars out of commission nine more days, the final step in a three-year, $6 million restoration project of the gear boxes that propel the cable cars. some tourists visiting yesterday were disappointed >> just now we came here to get the cable car.
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and we couldn't get it. >> you know it's something we were looking forward. but it's okay. >> shuttle buss are running along the three routes during the shutdown. but there is plenty of other cool historic options for visitors and residents. muni has a fleet of historic stret cars. one believed to be used by harvey milk and open topped boat tram. you can check out historic cars at san francisco's railway museum. 'tis the season to be scared. it's officially hal went time at disneyland in california adventure. the season through october 31st. mark from our sister station in los angeles has more. >> it starts when you walk in with the main street pumpkin festival. >> did someone say puppies. >> pumpkins. >> pumpkins. >> yes of course halloween time. >> nice lady. ♪ >> if you're visiting disney
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california adventure, you can't miss a musical celebration of coco miguel is there alongside the grammy award-winning mariachi divas as they celebrate. >> it's about the everlasting bonds of family, wherever is in your family unit can you relate to this movie. >> from the fireworks to mini mouse getting in on the fun with costume there is the haunted mansion celebrating the 50th anniversary and the food like these graveyard cup kicks, the mini witch smak and dirt and funnel kick frys. it's a mouthful. literally. here is cars land the town of radiator springs is radiator schemes screams. in karp lts his way may he russ in peace. no question plenty to see.
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this is not scary. it's spooky. >> it's spooky fun for all the family you have to come and experience here. >> reporting from disneyland, abc 7 news. >> i think it's time to make a trip south. remember disney is the parent company of abc 7. all right. meteorologist frans he is tracking the forecast and the heat. >> yeah, we have heat in the forecast. not as bad as yesterday. we are starting off with live doppler 7. we have clear skies around the bay area right now and light winds. check out this beautiful live shot from emeryville looking towards the calm waters and the bay bridge. and here are some current temperatures. it's 62 in san francisco. and redwood city. across the bay in oakland, 59. san jose still 66. but half moon bay, a lot cooler. it's coming in at 48 degrees. it's quite low actually. i didn't expect it that low. a live shot at santa cruz. if you are heading there today i think it's more comfortable.
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yesterday santa cruz hit a record high of 103. today we expect about 83. what you see at the top right portion of the screen is a little bit of the full moon we had the harvest moon at 12:33 this morning. more temperatures for you. fichts in the north by. santa rooz rosa. 53. napa 58. fairfield, concord and livermore still in the 60s and not going to cool much at all. the rest of the morning. here is a live shot from the east bay hills. it looks gorgeous from the east bay looking west towards the bay bridge and san francisco. you can see how clear the conditions are. and here are the things you need to know for the forecast. so, we have the sea breeze starting to come in. that's going to impact the temperatures at the coast and around the bay. you'll notice it's going to be much cooler at the beaches. so if you still want to head to the beach it's comfortable but not as hot. then temperatures tumble for the inland and around the bay. everyone better by tomorrow. some relief in sight for inland
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areas. then a chance of showers. looks more likely running some models for monday. but we are talking lit showers light rain at the most. a live shot looking towards the san jose airport. so today not a surprise it's another spare the air day today. and we're expecting poor air quality in the inland east bay and also in the santa clara valley. tomorrow looking better already. as the system moves through monday we're seeing cooler conditions and better air quality as the sea breeze kicks in. highs today will still be warm at the beaches. so we'll still see 70 degrees in some areas. half moon bay, 70, san francisco 72. coming down from 94 degrees yesterday. and then inland areas, triple digits are gone hopefully. but we will see some upper 90s antioch 97. and san jose lots of sunshine today at 89. we'll see some low 90s through late lake port and sanrosa. sand rafael 86 degrees.
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overnight lows with the sea breeze kicking in we should get more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. we'll see more 50s instead of 60s. i think we'll get better sleep especially along the coast. and also you may be able to turn off the air-conditioning in the inland areas overnight. so some upper 50s as well. concord, 59. san jose, 58. new, tomorrow's highs are going to be cooler for everybody. 60s around the bay. and mid-80s for the inland areas. monday even cooler dropping in the upper 70s with showers. and i just want to show you one forecast animation. monday morning some light rain passing through parts of the north bay. and then it does move out of here by the afternoon. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling begins today. but we'll still be sup upper 90s inland. temperatures tumble tomorrow and then the chance of showers on monday. and then more moderate temperatures through the rest of the week. but big changes over the next
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couple of days. >> cooling, but i'm definitely looking forward to the sleeping weather. >> okay, yes, kalk by a few degrees for inland areas. >> thanks, frans he is. >> big college football games on abc 7 highlighted by saturday night football. tom ranked clemson battles syracuse. the last time to beat the tigers. espn college football game day analyst reece davis andes mond have a preview. >> i love the rivalry grams. 100th meeting between pittsburgh and penn state but maybe the last none scheduled for the next few years and none in the foreseeable future what's the key to this game. matching the panthers and lyannes. >> i think the key is penn state's offense if they can move the ball against pitt's defense. pitt's defense has to put pressure on the quarterback. shaun clifford of pern state playing streamly well. six touchdown passes and zero interceptions. you know pat is making sure
5:22 am
clifford is uncomfortable get the ball out of his hands quickly and make him make fast decisions like the matchup. >> after sbug and penn state it's usc and troejingens. they have a brutalff the he wina freshman quarterback. he through fow a t big stat, zero interceptions didn't turn over the ball. they put up 45 points on the board against stafford. but he goes on the road against the tough could you go ar defense. >> we have no gamed matching ranked opponents first time in two years. but the last time we had a weekend like this syracuse unranked knocked off clemson that's the primetime game in abc any chance of it happening again. >> i don't see anything from syracuse giving me the impression any will knock off the clemson tigers. but that's which we lay play the dames. tommy davito syracuse syracuse
5:23 am
tp he has to play lights out. last week he got into a shooting match against maryland, came up short. he has to play big to beat syracuse. >> test the to your whether syracuse has the clemson number. they almost bet the tigers in death valley last year. we are in america's college let's get down to business. the business of atlanta on monday... ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati . modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business keeps going, our business is you.
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>> announcer: news to build a bettor bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this saturday we start this half hour with at the weather. sheer frans he is dinglasan in for lisa. some relief in sight ebrahim for the coast. a lack at live doppler 7. lots of skier skies around the bay area. but the sea breeze is picking up. that's why we see cooling at the beaches. check out half moon bay, only 48 degrees right now. but then some inland areas are warm. clearlake at 69. brent wood 67. and around the bay we have low 60s, san francisco 62. even san jose at 66 degrees. beautiful views shows clear skies, calm conditions over the water. here is the 12-hour day planner for today. which is a spare the air day. sunrise at 6:50. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
5:31 am
but notice at the coast it's cooler. staying in the 60s to near 70. and inland areas will be coming down a few degrees. triple digit heat is gone. but we'll see the upper 90s in some of the warmest locations. get ready for temperatures to tumble tomorrow and i'll even talk about some showers in the forecast, liz. >> sounds good. thanks, frans he is we are enjoying summer but caulks base the flu season. the early warning comes after the death of a riverside county county she had under flew lying health issues. but still doid. health officials urgepeople to be immunized before the on set of flu activity. >> highly infectious particularly threw hands by coughing. there is studies suggests just breathing it's important to stay home if you get the flu because it's cages. >> the cdc recommends kids 8 years old and younger get the flu shots as soon as possible
5:32 am
since they need a second dosage a few weeks later for the full effect. some recent wildfires blamed on pg&e. now as it settles out of bankruptcy, victims of the fires victims of the fires remain in-patient in the agreement thursday pg&e settled on a $11 billion payment split between insurance companies who paid victims. covering 85% of the insurance claims. but what about those who say they lost so much more? here is abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman in santa rosa. >> when we last saw earl small in last year. pg&e clard bankruptcy. it seemed this vacate lot might remain fallow months to come high pressure his insurance payment did not cover the cost of rebuild. >> i'm 64. i my wife 63. >> one day after pg&e reached agreement with snurns companies to compensate them is 11 billion forn payouts to victims vic
5:33 am
earl still wasn't happy. >> we're continuing to go through hell. >> pg&e agreement in principal with insurance companies covering any and all fire in which pg&e may have played a role in 2017 or 2018. the $11 billion represents about half of what the insurance companies paid. many victimseivero. >>e get nothing and we have to wait? >> certainly i would have advocated that pg&e pay the survivors first. >> norine evans an attorney represents thousands of fire victims suing pg&e for the difference between in re insurance payments and in re actual losses. earl for instance received $390,000 and spent 7 oh oh thousand attorneys believe earl and others will see the money eventually. >> it's likely to be much more than $11 billion maybe twice at much. our estimate has always been
5:34 am
between 24 and $25 billion to the receivers. >> earl small says he will believe that when he has the check. >> do you believe you'll see all the dollars you lost. >> absolutely not. >> and that is two years of pain talking. in santa rosa, wayne news. meantime, contra costa county may be the latest in the bay area to place a moratorium and criminal justice fees. the move stopping collections of past due court ordered fees as well as assignment of new fees. criminal justice fees have long been criticized for burdening poor people and minorities, put willing them in an unbreakable cycle of poverty. the board of supervisor votes on tuesday. on the peninsula you're invited to a sneak peek tour of the stanford hospital before process opens this fall. fours are free but you must register in advance. abc 7 news took a tour of the new hospital. featuring 28 state of the art operating rooms, they allow rotating teams of doctors to
5:35 am
treat a single patient without having to move them. the center also adding more than 350 new beds. it's scheduled to open next month. and what looks like an ordinary field in the coastal town, turns into something magical once the sun goes down. this is the field of light at sense or yo the largest light art installation in the world. ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody seems to be into the quietness of it and the spiritualism of it. even with 600 people. >> amazing. i'm surprised one how vast the light is. they're turning it into a event they have a classic guitar player and food trucks. seems pretty impressive.
5:36 am
we're at field of light at sensoria. it's a 15 acre art exhibit by bruce monroe the largest of its kind in the world. ken and bobby hunter four years ago went to ularu in the australian outback. >> and suddenly at dusk the beautiful lights came on at the base of it. then there were pathways we could walk threw the lights. and we came back and thought, what a magnificent thing to have in our field here. and we met bruce monroe. he said, i could lit this field for you. and we said, do it. >> it's 60,000 optic fibers
5:37 am
lights with glass balls on the top entirely powered by solar. but as the sun starts to set, which as you can see is starting to happen right now, the lights will turn a very pale pink. by the time it gets dark they're jewel tone. and you feel like you're walking through wonderland. ♪ we came up here to see this big, beautiul forest of lights. like a three-hour drive. it's pretty amazing. >> did you come just for this. >> yes. >> wow. >> one is the general admission experience where you come in. and you can buy local food and win. and entrance into the field. with a v.i.p. terrace ticket you get a gourmet picnic dinner elevated overlooking the lights with fire pits and enjoy the evening and view the lights. >> this came up today after work
5:38 am
decided to cruise up and check out the place. >> it's breath taking. >> it's comprehensive they're turning it into an event. they have a classical guitar player and food trucks. seems pretty impressive. >> even with 600 people it seems quiet and meditative, which is exactly what bruce and we wanted to have happen. >> hue how cool is that if. check out abc's new brand at also on facebook and instagram. still ahead on abc mornings it's the end of an era on the peninsula and after more than three decades, yumy yogurt will be closing down. but it won't be gone completely. and here is a live look now this morning from our emeryville camera. look at that beautiful bay bridge lighting up the sky. still dark out there. frans he is relief the ferkt
5:39 am
5:40 am
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leg. with the team's pending move to the las vegas the raiders game against the chiefs could be the last nfl game ever played upon a dirt infield. the silver appear black of course share the stadium with the a's. the last pro teams that do so. after this week the raiders don't play at the coliseum again until november 3rd. but there is a chance they could tangle with the dirt again if the a's play in the world series. a's fans obviously really hope that happens. and on the peninsula abfamily owned frozen yogurt parceler is closing, the victim of rising costs in the bay area. yummy owing you are in redwood city has been open 35 years.
5:42 am
the sweet treats have delighted generations of locals. but it's all coming to an end tomorrow. its last day in business. the owner says he needs to renovate the aging shop. that's too expensive. he can't afford bin are moving out, can't survive. and what's going up are tradeoff. >> yummy goeg urt has another location in san mateo and that one stays home. that's good news. >> yogurt would be great thing to have, something cold. >> yes today, the heat. >> it's going to be hot. temperatures a bit cooler. a live shot here from the exploratorium looking at san francisco where today's high will be 72, still warm for san francisco but down from 94 yesterday yesterday. >> ooh. also next the a's stay hot smashing five home runs in texas. larry beil has the highlights coming up
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a programming note now. if you are an at&t and direct tv subscriber you may lose the ability to watch all favorite shows on abc 7 including abc 7 news and blocked from watching espn disney channel networks and free form. ama daetz explains. >> disney which owns abc 7 and the three cable networks is current in contract negotiations with at&t. at&t pays disney for the right to retransmit the broadcast signal of abc 7 and to carry the cable networks they provide to their at&t direct tv subscriberers. if the two companies cannot come to agreement at&t will drop abc
5:46 am
7, espn, the disney channel and free form from the lineup of channels. abc-owned stations in seven other u.s. cities would be affected as well. at&t provided this statement. we are disappointed to see theee walt disney company put this in the middle of negotiations and we want to deep kinz channels and owned and operated operated abc stations in eight cities in our customer lineups. we hope to avoid any interruption to the services some of our customers care about. our goal is always to deliver the content our customers want at a value that also makes sense to them. we'll continue to fight for that here and appreciate in re patience while we work this matter out. kg pochlt abc 7 has been warning at&t direct tv subscribers about this possibility of losing these channels with these commercials. call at&t now to keep the networks you are paying for. >> the walt disney company provided this statement. our contract with at&t for the
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abc, espn, dibz and free form networks is due to expire soon. we have a responsibility to make our viewers aware of the potential loss of programming. however we remain fully committed to reaching a deal and are hopeful we can do so. en if abc 7 and the other disney owned networks are removed from at&t direct tv you will be able to find more information on that at abc 7 all right. moils frances dinglasan tracking our forecast. you said a bit of rain on the way? >> yeah, surprising after all the heat that we also have some rain in the forecast. we'll start off with live doppler 7 and show you how quiet it is out there. clear skies around the bay area. and temperatures really are going to change especially along the coast. where we see a little bit of the on shore flow. in fact check out half moon bay. currently at 48 degrees right now. while other areas inland are warm. near 70 degrees up towards
5:48 am
clearlake. brentwood 67. and low 60s and upper 50s around the bay. so very mild temperatures overnight. here a pretty view from the east bay hills area. we're looking west towards san francisco. we tried to get a bit of what's left of the harvest moon happening at 12:33 this morning. the full moon in the distance. and here is what you can expect for the forecast. so it's going to be much cooler by the coast and around the bay today. and then temperatures will really tumble for inland communities starting tomorrow. and then we're tracking the chance of showers on monday. but this looks very lit at this point. so some just very light rain. more likely in the north bay and less and 0.1 of an inch. here a live view checking out the san jose airport for you where we expect poor air quality today in the santa clara valley and the inland east bay. that's why a spare the a issued. but we will have god air quality around the coast and the central bay because of that sea breeze
5:49 am
and then the sea breeze kicks in for everybody tomorrow and then we have better air quality starting tomorrow. highs today still wrm. gilroy, 96. it's going to be 88 in santa clara for the art and wine festival. so definitely have your sun screen and your sunglasses today. you'll need it. and santa cruz, still warm at 83. but down from a record high of 103 yesterday. look for some low to mid-80s along the lower part of the peninsula. menlo park 83. if you want some of the cooler weather you can head to the beaches. it's still uncomfortable. half moon bay 70 opinion pacifica 68. one of the coolest spots daly city, plenty of spunz. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. and look for some upper 80s in the north bay. sonoma and napa at 87. and santa rosaoday. again lots of sunshine, rots of warmth with you but a bit milder than yesterday. upper 70s to mid-80s in the east bay. really comfortable.
5:50 am
and berkeley at 77. fremont, 84. hercules 84 as well. inland areas coming down from triple digits but still hot. brentwood 98. and lower 90s in the pleasanton at 94. tonight with the sea breeze we see more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. still mild though but at least you can open the windows and sleep a bit better. san francisco 57. half moon bay, 56. but we see upper 50s in concord and also in antioch. now tomorrow temperatures really dr. platz for everyone. mid-80s for the inland areas. and along the coast 60s and even 70s around the bay. monday is when the showers move in. and the cooler weather, and the on shore flow. looks like light rain through mainly the north by. but it does swoep through the bay area and then leaves us in the afternoon. and we're talking less than a tenth of an inches.
5:51 am
maybe 0.25 of an inch if we're optimistic. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling day. noticing most at the bechs. we have the chance of showers on monday. and then we warm up and have more moderate temperatures the rest of the week. >> people always say the rest of the country it's fall and then san francisco is like it's our summer. >> yes, yes. >> this is the time we usually get the warmest plenty of zblunz enjoy it. >> thanks. in sports this afternoon stanford will try to rebound from last week' blowout loss to usc. the cardinals takes on 17th ranked ucf at spectrum sfaumd. stanford you can see versus number 17 ucf 12:30 p.m. sfrum stadium in orlando. kickoff at 12:30. meanwhile cal faces north texas at memorial stadium. the dwolden bears and mean green kick-off at 1:15. this evening the a's try to win the fifth strait and stay atop the wild card standings. last night oakland beat the
5:52 am
rangers in arlington. sports director larry beil has the highlights this morning's sprts. good morning, everybody it's a spread sprint to the finish in the american league wild card and they have to see chris davies join the race two homeners texas how about the a's fan in arlington this instagram post i can feel it it's going viral. how about going, going, gone down 3-0 process texas responds with 4 in the second. chu free run davis they call hi struggled this sunday. that's his second blast of the game. three-run homer 6-4 a's. bottom half of the inning kanye santa sanity that three run bomb. la ha ray money tie unties in the sixth. another three-hundred roamer 10-s a's. sheldon noisy. hading on in the ninth. two run single tp three rbis.
5:53 am
a's win 14-9 by staying atop the zbliefrmts how about the giants and marlin pps orange friday, orange hair. tyrell beaty. great outing six in the third scoreless inning struck out five he gets the wp brandin belt three for four. two outs in the fifth. deep to racing home but no into the crowd ground rule double. evan longoria grounds out. run does not score. game scoreless giants break through in the sixth. the buster posey this one past starlin castro. steven votes only run of the night. giants win 1-0. it's a time of transition for the golden state warriors, the same said for a man helping them in to the nba finals the past five years. shaun lichgt retiring not a big surprise. the veteran guard had been thinking about it or a while. spent five years with the warriors won three titles early
5:54 am
on lifting he suffered a knee injury there was fear his leg might be amputated mgtd to play 15 years. shaun may work for the warriors front office. onto box in mini may weather. deafen haney win in madison square garden capturing the wbca hanny may have broken his opponents cheek bone. lightning fast. improves 23-0. he may get the champ next. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next looking to add to the family? where you can meet hundreds of dogs and cats and what's called north america's
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in the east bay if you are lacking for a pet to add to your home you were in look this weekend is the bay area pet fair. more than 2,000 adoptable zms
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available including dogs, cats, bunnies and other small zms. there will be vendor booth was the newest and most innovative products in the pet world. the fair runs from 10:00 until 5:00 today and at the alameda fair grounds in pleasanton. admission and parking-free. next on abc 7 mornings, a brazen burglary attempt thwarted ut how the east bay home owner scared off intrude he issers. and the anti-vaccine protester throws a red liquid at state senators what she yelled at the lawmakers. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different. but we're in this together.
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. it's saturday, september 14th. i'm liz kreutz in for kumasi aaron and let's look at the weather and what we're talking about, t heat. here is frances dinglasan. >> morning, everyone. still another hot day but a little bit cooler inland. and then a lot cooler for the coast. live doppler 7 showing clear conditions around the bay area. but there is an on shore flow picking up today. notice half moon bay, current temperatures at 50s degrees. san francisco 52. but still mild temperatures brentwood 76 and clear lake at 70 degrees right now. here is the


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