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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 14, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. dangerous weather threatens the hurricane-ravaged bahamas. tropical storm humberto developing overnight edging closer to the islands battered by hurricane dorian bringing powerful wind gusts and av rain. warnings in effect right now and how it will affect the u.s. the sentencing for a star. a judge sending the former "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman to prison for her role in the "varsity blues" college admissions scandal. >> is prison the right sentence? >> we'll take you inside the courtroom for her tearful apology. debate fallout. bernie sanders taking aim at joe biden claiming the former vp distorted his health plan as biden responds to questions about his own health. >> what the hell are the concerns? man, you want to wrestle?
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>> plus, did a texas lawmaker threaten beto o'rourke over gun control? big papi's attack. retired red sox star david ortiz breaking his silence speaking out for the first time in an emotional interview about his shooting in the dominican republic. what he was thinking when the bullet hit him. and this morning a "gma" health alert. the fda investigating a popular heartburn drug used by millions. the agency looking at the claims that this drug could contain low levels of a probable carcinogen. what you should do if you take it. and good saturday morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. another big medical headline we're following. a potential breakthrough as far what'snut allergies. we'll have dr. ashton here later on in the show.
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we'll get to that. >> a lot of young people care about that. >> exactly. especially their parents, as well. first though we want to start with the developing story. tropical storm humberto strengthening overnight and nearing the bahamas right now. >> this is the last thing that people there need right now. the island still reeling from hurricane dorian and now bracing for strong wind gusts and heavy rain. >> so let's go right over to rob who is tracking the impact on the bahamas. he's also looking at what the storm could bring to the u.s. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning. you have aid workers and recover efforts and people struggling with shelteret dang nuerine t be humberto with 40-mile-an-hour winds right now centered about 70 miles east of great abaco island. the fact that it's east, though, that is the good news. you can see a lot of the action is on the eastern fringe which means that's where most of the heavy weather will be and these are computer models which have been in disarray in a number of storms before this. fairly good agreement with where it is going, which is not
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towards the u.s. should scoot out to sea as a cold front picks its way up. show you some of the impacts. 30, 40-mile-per-hour winds across the bahamas during the day today and some heavy rain showers as well and some of this will get over towards florida and maybe in the carolinas but generally speaking a low impact, the tropical storm watches have been dropped for florida but could see a couple of inches of rain out of this. eva, over to you. >> all right, thanks, rob. well, now to star felicity huffman looking at prison time after becoming the first parent sentenced in a college admissions scandal apologizing in court for taking part in a scheme to inflate her daughter's s.a.t. score. felicity huffman walking hand in hand with her husband out of a being sentenced to 14 days in prison for her role in the "varsity blues" college admissions scandal. >> is prison the right sentence? >> reporter: the "desperate housewives" star will also serve a year of probation, 250 hours of community service and pay a $30,000 fine. in making her decision, the judge noting the outrage in this case saying huffman took steps to get one more advantage in a
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system already so distorted by money and privilege. >> the judge wanted to send a general deterrent message to the larger community that this type of crime at least she's going to take seriously and wants others to know it shouldn't happen again in the future. >> reporter: huffman admitted to paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct her daughter's s.a.t. answers. >> a generous donation will ensure our kids beat them out. >> how generous? >> 15,000. >> reporter: in court the actress apologizing to the students and the school saying, i take full responsibility for my actions. then tearfully addressing her family, i can only say i am so sorry. i was frightened. i was stupid, and i was so wrong. i have inflicted more damage than i could ever imagine. nearly a dozen other parents now face sentencing after pleading guilty. another 19 are fighting the charges including actress lori loughlin and her husband. >> do you guys have any comment?
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she will likely be serving much >> reporter: the couple accused more time than felicity huffman of paying $500,000 to get their got today. two daughters into usc pleading >> this is t realize, well, jail time is not guilty to conspiracy charges. really on the table, right? for people that have never been to jail before and have never committed a crime before, any amount of time is significant. >> and, eva, so much to talk about here. there has been a ton of outrage over this sentence with the #whiteprivilege trending on social media. >> yeah. some people taking to social media upset about the fact that she got only 14 days as they're saying, and one of the reasons is the prosecutors brought up a case in ohio, that's a case that we're seeing on social media where there was a mother who wrote an address that wasn't her address to get her child into a different school. that mother got ten days. the judge, though, we should note as part of the community service wants her to work directly with families getting her connected with real people. >> when i checked twitter last night, white privilege was the number one trending hashtag. >> yeah. >> yes, it was. >> people have opinions about this. >> yes, they do. eva, thank you very much. we turn to breaking news
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overnight from saudi arabia where there's been a drone attack on two major oil refineries. houthi rebels from neighboring yemen are claiming responsibility for this. as you can see flames engulfed the facilities which are run by the state owned oil giant saudi aramco. the official saudi press agency reporting that their been brought under control. a saudi led coalition has been battling the houthi rebels in yemen since 2015. new allegations against the family that owns purdue pharma, the makers of oxycontin. new york's attorney general says $1 billion in wire transfers has been uncovered between the sackler family and entities they control fueling concerns that the family who was facing thousands of lawsuits has been allegedly hiding their money to protect their wealth. the sacklers and purdue pharma this week tried to reach a multibillion dollar settlement with the states that are suing them. now to the presidential race and the democratic candidates out on the campaign trail in force looking to capitalize on any momentum they may have
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created at the latest debate. abc's kyra phillips is at the white house with that story. kyra, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. well, the latest average of polls still shows joe biden with a considerable lead, but his closest opponents definitely smell blood in the water and continue to strike whenever they can. >> i think any democrat in that stage can beat donald trump. >> reporter: this morning candidates appealing to voters over the number one issue for democrats, health care. >> last night was the closest we came to a debate, okay. we actually had an open debate on health care. >> i was not pleased that vice president biden distorted what medicare for all is. >> reporter: biden, the party's early leader, who stayed in houston also butting heads with another candidate. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago? >> reporter: while greeting students at texas southern biden's campaign calling that moment a low blow by castro.
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>> i don't view it as anything. i think he's got his facts wrong. >> mr. vice president, will you commit to releasing your medical records to address concerns -- >> yes. i don't have -- what the hell concerns? man, you want to wrestle? >> reporter: other candidates like kamala harris who had memorable quips like this -- >> and now, president trump, you can go back to watching fox news. >> reporter: -- are just trying to gain traction like here at this fund-raiser in chicago. >> we need a new commander in chief. >> reporter: and then there's beto o'rourke and this dramatic moment talking about gun control. >> hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. we're not going to allow it to be used against fellow americans anymore. >> reporter: generating new 2020 swag while at the same time prompting texas state lawmaker briscoe cain to tweet this apparent threat, my ar is ready for you, robert francis. that tweet quickly removed by twitter.
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and it's interesting, whit, another move that was made by both the biden and castro campaigns yesterday was their email blast. they actually mentioned that health care exchange where castro challenged biden's memory and then in turn biden's campaign called it a low blow. well, they appeared to capitalize on that by mentioning that standout moment in the emails, and then they added a link to donate to their campaigns. >> all the campaigns spinning and trying to make the most of it, get some momentum out of it. kyra, also wanted to ask you another developing story you're following, as well. congressman adam schiff, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, issuing a subpoena to the acting director of national intelligence. >> reporter: that's right, chairman schiff actually raised concerns about whether the trump administration is trying to prevent a legitimate whistle-blower complaint from reaching congress to cover up serious misconduct. that complaint is said to involve potentially privileged communications by people outside
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the intelligence community and the subpoena required the acting director of national intelligence that you saw there to produce all records concerning the complaint or he could soon face a full committee hearing as early as next week and we will definitely follow that. >> absolutely. kyra phillips at the white house, thanks so much. here in new york city some horrifying moments at the empire state building where a man started swinging what appeared to be a sword at visitors on the observation deck. police say 35-year-old matthew dixon who is from virginia may have concealed that sword inside a cane to gett st wasuien y and brought to a hospital for observation. he is being charged with criminal possession of a weapon. well, a wild crime spree led to a shooting that left one suspect dead, a police officer injured and a priest praying for his life. abc's marci gonzalez is in our los angeles bureau with the manhunt underway for another suspect who is still on the loose. good morning to you, marci. >> reporter: eva, good morning. all of this happening as the democratic debate ended just miles away. police are now releasing new
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details about the two carjackings and that attack on a priest that led to that shootout. >> they have an officer down. there was a gunshot. we need units out here. >> reporter: this morning a houston police officer shot with his own gun is recovering after authorities say a group of men went on a wild crime spree. >> i just started hearing gunshots. >> reporter: police saying it all began when the four suspects picked the wrong vehicle to steal from this gas station. >> they took the truck anyway and very qut was at.e. >> rer poli say meneld u priest the ting gun ohankwere and pulling the trigger. >> i said, don't shoot. >> reporter: the priest on his knees praying for his life when the gun jammed.
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>> so he couldn't fire. he was frustrated, you know. he tried again. >> reporter: police say the suspect stole the priest's cell phone and left him beaten on the ground then carjacked a woman leading officers on a chase and faced off with an officer shooting him below his bulletproof vest and one of the suspects killed. two taken into custody and the fourth getting away. this morning houston police determined to track him down. >> we're going to get you, so you might as well just come out now, turn yourself in. >> reporter: and we're now learning that 29-year-old officer was shot at least three times, but after surgery this morning, he's listed in stable condition. whit. >> all right, marci gonzalez for us in los angeles, thank you. the former high school cheerleader found not guilty of killing her newborn daughter after burying her in her backyard in ohio will go free. a judge sentencing 20-year-old brooke richardson to no additional jail time after she was found guilty of abuse of a corpse. just two days after her senior prom richardson gave birth at
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home alone but claims that baby girl named annabelle was stillborn. the judge accusing her of a grotesque disregard for life. we are going to turn now to some questions swirling around thembal ntwill n england patrio newest player take the field in tomorrow's game while facing sexual assault allegations? abc's kaylee hartung is here with more. kaylee, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. when the new england patriots board a plane this afternoon headed for miami, expect antonio brown to be on it. the nfl is conducting its own investigation but at this point allowing him to play. antonio brown taking the practice field preparing for what could be his first game sunday with the new england patriots. this as the nfl investigates allegations of sexual assault against the wide receiver. he remains eligible to play. sources telling abc news the league has no plans at this time to put him on the commissioner's exempt list. >> it's paid leave. it's been done in the past and it's really interesting that the nfl chose not to do this, that
7:14 am
roger goodell chose not to put him on the commissioner's exempt list. >> reporter: a week of controversy surrounding the pro bowler. his former fitness trainer, britney taylor, filing a civil lawsuit against him accusing him of sexually assaulting her on at least three separate occasions. brown, who denies the allegations, appearing to address the claims and the backlash in this social media post. >> no matter what they say, no matter what they hate, somebody still got to go to work. >> reporter: the video livestreamed from tom brady's renowned training facility. >> it's called tb12. let's get it. >> reporter: brady keeping quiet. >> things that don't involve me don't involve me. >> reporter: and patriots head coach bill belichick refusing to weigh in. >> no, i won't comment on that. >> reporter: the largest rebuke coming from helmet manufacturer zenith saying friday they're dropping their sponsorship of brown. antonio brown isn't facing any criminal charges. his accuser is asking for payment in the civil suit. sources are telling abc news she is scheduled to meet with the nfl next week, guys, and, whit, we were talking about this yesterday.
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how will miami fans treat antonio brown when he walks into the dolphins stadium? >> somehow the patriots are able to work through these controversies in the past, but it really depends. we'll see how long antonio brown is able to keep playing. >> yeah, definitely interesting. all right, thanks, kaylee. >> appreciate it. well, this morning, tributes pouring in for late rock star eddie money. money was a native of brooklyn, new york. his music charted in the 1970s and '80s and among those paying tribute kid rock at a friday night concert in detroit where he covered money's hit song "shakin'" and "king of queens" star kevin james posting on instagram, thank you for your incredible talent and kind heart. eddie money died friday from esophageal cancer. he was 70 years old. little did we know, whit johnson also -- >> hdie money mang >> "walk on water." a lot of memories. >> yes you care to sing a little bit now? >> you don't want to hear me -- >> we all heard -- >> i don't sing on television. ♪ if i could walk on water >> there we go. >> there we go.
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just, that's it. >> behind the scenes this morning. >> save me, rob. >> we had a medley. >> if you want to call it that. good morning, guys. you know, those hits before you were born so good on you for taking us back. >> i'm not that young, rob. >> a little rough weather last night coming through cleveland and detroit had 72-mile-per-hour winds. lightning show there over lake erie. and rock & roll hall of fame getting a little bit lit up. there were about 50,000 people without power so these were pretty good storms that rumbled through and this front that's pushing off toward the east and buffalo this afternoon could spark more in the way of some showers and thunderstorms especially in this warm sector as we build in a little bit of heat and humidity at least for this time of year so approaching i-95 late in the day and to the evening and these will come across the highly populated areas overnighk in the morning tomorrow for chicago and then getting over towards detroit and some of those areas that were hit last night again. heat advisories in effect for parts of southern california.
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the heat will be building across much of the southwest over the next couple of days. temperatures are getting up and over 100 degrees and for this time of year 111 in palm springs is toasty for a saturday afternoon. and we're warming up as well in the midsection of the country. 10 to 15 degrees above average in places like kansas city getting into monday and tuesday good saturday morning i'm frances dinglasan it's cooler for inland areas and cooler for the coast. we have le clouds at the coast. a slight on shore flow. san francisco 72 today, much more comfortable. oakland 79. san jose, 89. and still some upper 90s for inland areas. heerp is the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures really tumble for everyone tomorrow. and then a chance of showers on monday. all right, kids, i will forgo the eddie money tribute. >> yeah. >> i'm not quite the singer you are, but hats off --
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>> i you. >> that's not what i meant. >> we're friends but -- >> not quite like that. >> yeah. >> hi, janai. >> hey, guys. >> moving right along, i'm going to save you here, in south florida google earth helps crack a 22-year-old mystery. a former resident of this palm beach county neighborhood was online and saw this, a submerged car in a pond behind a home. he called the current owner of the house who called police. inside the car they found the remains of a man missing since 1997 when he called his girlfriend to say he'd be home soon. he didn't make it. now 22 years later his mysterious disappearance is a mystery no more. >> wow. really incredible case. on the west coast, meantime, a kayaking salmon fisherman's unexpected catch of the day. listen to this. nhia vang doing some early morning fishing in california's half moon bay. that's where he heard the screams of someone in trouble and spotted a capsized water craft. the man in trouble was staying
7:19 am
afloat thanks to only the foam on the back of his port-o-boat. there you see him. vang made his way over to that person in need and called the coast guard and stayed until help eventually arrived. >> very cool. we have a great story this morning involving high school football players who stepped in to help a freshman who was being bullied and janai norman is on set this morning with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, guys. it's a very sweet story. one of those players even admitted that he laughed at the freshman too but then they realized this was the student who was new to the school actually needed help so that's when they stepped up and took matters into their own hands. >> awesome. the best day of my entire life basically. >> a tennessee high school freshman's life changing in an instant thanks to two football players and an act of kindness. >> i got something for you. >> reporter: michael todd said he had been bullied for three weeks for wearing the same clothes every day. >> my mom can't buy clothes for me because i'm growing too fast. >> reporter: that's when kristopher graham and antwann garrett stepped in. >> when i saw people laugh at
7:20 am
him and bully him, i felt like i needed to do something. >> reporter: the two students giving todd some of their very own short, shirts and a pair of brand-new shoes seen here in this video. >> i brought you some shorts and shoes. here you go. >> reporter: pulling todd out of class this week with a surprise gift leaving him speechless. >> shocked completely. >> then i almostrihe, you two are the only two that actually ever gave >> reporter: graham apologizing for his part in the bullying. >> i told him, i said, we was assigned in third period. i apologize for laughing at you and i want to give something to you to make it up. >> reporter: the heartfelt moment between classmates gaining attention on social media. the school now flooded with hundreds of calls and thousands of emails after the generous act has even set up a special section just for michael on their donations page. >> you guys are the best guys of my entire life. >> the school tells abc news the football players now want to start a campaign to promote kindness. as for michael all of the
7:21 am
support has really made a huge difference for him. we're told at school everyone now talks to him. he doesn't sit alone at lunch anymore. and he says he really feels like himself again. >> it's amazing how a few popular kids can make a huge difference in the overall culture. >> especially in high school. >> and also you don't know what people are going through. >> absolutely. >> that's right. >> thanks, janai. >> appreciate it. still ahead here on "gma," preparing for an invasion near area 51. how a joke is leading to fears that a gathering in the nevada desert could become the next fyre festival. and big papi speaking out. what david ortiz says about the shooting that left him seriously injured in an emotional interview. "good morning america" is sponsored by subaru. love, it's what makes a subaru a subaru. a subaru a subaru. (dad) it's good to be back. (mom) it sure is. (mom vo) over the years, we trusted it to carry and protect the things that were most important to us. we always knew we had a lot of life ahead of us.
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7:28 am
return. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. even half moon bay at 48 because of the clouds and fog. highs though cooler at the beaches. 70 half moon bay. 70. elbowed 79. san jose 89 and still 90s inland. >> thanks for joining us. the news continue right now with good morning america. you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both?
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(smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. when i walked through a snowthat's when i knewtte, i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus intense craving relief. every great why, needs a great how. a close call for a tow truck driver in rochester hills, michigan. take a look.
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he almost gets hit by an suv that crossed that white line. the vehicle then hitting the bed of the tow truck going airborne flying through the air and flipping a few times before coming to a stop. amazingly, the driver walked away unscathed. the sheriff's office saying he told them he was looking down at the radio when his suv veered. >> i'm never going to let my son get his driver's license, never. >> and the shoulders, i'm terrified of the shoulders now. we've seen so many videos like this. really, really dangerous. we do want to transition though to some of our other top headlines we're following. right now we're tracking dangerous weathe tropical storm humberto developing overnight now edging closer to the islands already battered by hurricane dorian. the storm bringing wind gusts and heavy rain. a tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of the bahamas. humberto is forecast to strengthen over the next 48 hours and become a category 1 hurricane by sunday night. another big story this
7:31 am
morning. the show is over for moviepass. the discount ticketing service telling subscribers the service is ending effective today after unsuccessfully trying to raise money. the 2-year-old company had been struggling for more than a year. and talk about a powerful swinging basketball phenom, zion williamson showing off his strength on the golf course taking a swing and snapping off the head of his club in the process. williamson playing during a new orleans pelicans team outing and looked at the broken club and then just went back and grabbed another. i wish i had that ndng>> where ? >> yeah. most important thing. he's a giant man. he just grabs things and they break, you know. just like that. >> that doesn't happen to me. >> no. we start this half hour with david ortiz speaking out about the shooting that nearly cost him his life. abc's stephanie ramos joins us with a preview of what big papi said in an emotional interview with univision airing sunday. good morning to you, stephanie. >> reporter: eva, good morning. david ortiz says in this exclusive interview he doesn't
7:32 am
understand why someone would want to ruin his life after all the sacrifices he's made over the years to achieve success. he says he is now demanding answers. >> won't you please welcome the symbol of resilience, strength, one an only big papi, red sox hall of famer, number 34, david ortiz. >> reporter: after a surprise appearance at fenway park to throw out the ceremonial first pitch this week, david ortiz, the retired red sox hitter, speaking exclusively with univision fought back tears as he opened up for the first time about how he almost lost his life three months ago. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: ortiz says he had never felt this way before in his life feeling the need to survive. the attack captured on this surveillance video, ortiz out at
7:33 am
a local nightclub in santa domingo as a gunman approaches from behind. ortiz seen here slumping over, the bullet exiting his abdomen. his doctor in the dominican republic says the gunshot wound reused damage to his liver, small and lasu in the interview ortiz recounting those moments after being shot calling it a nightmare, how he was fighting to live hoping doctors could save him. prosecutors say nearly a dozen suspects have been arrested and that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. the bullet meant for someone else who was with ortiz at that bar. >> god bless you all. go, sox. >> reporter: ortiz affectionately known as big papi telling univision he doesn't understand why someone would try to hurt him or put him in that type of situation. ortiz says he will not return to the dominican republic until authorities there have more answers about that shooting. now, the full interview airs at 7:00 eastern time on sunday on d,s,t'relynclear if he' er pu
7:34 am
he doesn't understand why someone would be after him or that it would be a case of mistaken identity. >> you can understand his security fears. >> absolutely. >> stephanie, thank you. >> thank you, stephanie. appreciate it. we do want to transition and get a check of the forecast and rob marciano watching a lot of activity near the bahamas right now. >> good morning again, whit. let's update you on humberto which has got 40-mile-an-hour winds expected to strengthen a little bit farther. this guy out here is inhibiting its strength, that's good news, also shearing a lot of action off toward the east, also good news because that will keep most of the heavy weather east of the most damaged areas in the bahamas and you can see our computer models, good agreement of not bringing it to the u.s. and not that close to where they drop the tropical storm watches for florida. might get some winds, some waves, some rip currents and some rain, but other than that, i think bermuda may be in the path of this thing come wednesday and thursday. we have -- a lot of activity. this is the peak of hurricane season this week so we've got humberto. we've got that thing in
7:35 am
the gulf, a couple things out here in the atlantic but the best chance of development is way out here. we got about a 40%, 50% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the next five days so we've got a lot of time to watch this and we'll watch the stuff developing closer to home this time of year. good saturday morning i'm moimgs frances dinglasan it's another spare the air day with high pressure in place. temperatures hitting the upper 90s in the inland. cooler at the contest. >> this weather report is sponsored by walgreens. full moon last night. friday the 13th. >> i know. >> i saw it. >> people were freaking out about that. >> next one is in 30 years, so hope you make note of it. >> next full moon is in 30 years? >> next full moon on friday the 13th. >> okay, that's something to look forward to. >> mark your calendars, folks. yep. >> all right.
7:36 am
coming up on "gma," it started as a joke to storm area 51 and see aliens and now it's led to arrests with fears that a festival near this classified military facility could lead to chaos. and cameron mathison updates his fans after his surgery. that's ahead. janai has it for us in "pop news." it ahead in "pop news." fight for first dances fight for blast offs fight for piggyback rides fight for 7 am makeouts. every year, walgreens helps millions of people fight the flu. fight to protect the ones you love. walgreens. be a flu fighter. get your free flu shot today at your neighborhood walgreens.
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on a saturday morning. two men are facing trespassing charges just ahead of an event called alienstock with fears that the festival, which is supposed to be held in the middle of the desert in nevada, could be a disaster waiting to happen. abc's clayton sandell has the story. ♪ >> reporter: this morning the truth is out there but so are the police busting two dutchmen they say were trying to sneak a peek at area 51, the legendary classified base in nevada supposedly home to little green men in their spaceships. >> no, we did not. we didn't realize this was going to happen. >> reporter: that base getting a galaxy of attention since june when 21-year-old matty roberts started a joke facebook page called storm area 51, they can't 2 million people rsvp'd prompting military and government officials to warn people, don't. government agents -- >> there was no alien. repor they were fbi agents until they esented
7:41 am
>> reporter: so roberts swapped the area raid for rave planning a music festival in the small town of rachel, but this week he pulled out. the logistics almost harder than landing on the moon. >> one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: his ex-partner connie west despite getting a cease and desist letter from roberts says her festival will go on. >> the event is still going to happen, and it's going to be what it is. >> reporter: some die-hards are looking forward to a desert campout with thousands of strangers. >> hopefully nothing bad happens and you're not running out of water or food. >> reporter: it's not clear just how many people might make the n invasion of the human kind. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, las vegas. >> wow, road trip. >> yeah. >> you can road trip. i >> close encounters with the sweaty and weird. >> yes. well, coming up on "good morning america," some concern about low levels of a possible carcinogen the fda says was
7:42 am
found in a popular heartburn drug. that's coming up. but shouldn't somebody this is be listening?pression. so. let's talk. we're built for hearing what's important to you, one to one.
7:43 am
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all working with a new generation of technologies powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. ♪ welcome back to "good morning america." in today's "weekend download," two big health stories we're following. the concerns about low levels of a contaminant found in a popular heartburn drug and the possible new treatment for peanut allergies. joining us now this morning is our chief health correspondent dr. jen ashton. always a pleasure to see you. let's start with this over-the-counter heartburn pill. the fda is investigating. what did they find? >> so this actually originated because a pharmacy in connecticut randomly tested some samples of a very popular heartburn medication and found
7:46 am
low levels of the probable human carcinogen known as ndma. now, when you're talking about this medication, ranitidine, it's an acid blocker. it's found in a lot of over-the-counter and prescription medications largely to treat heartburn. ndma, this contaminant and possible carcinogen is found in a lot of -- it's an industrial by-product in the manufacturing process and found in foods so, again, to be clear there should be no probable human carcinogens in our medication but just how much of a risk this represents is unclear at this time. >> here's something we want to get in there. the company that makes zantac issued a statement here saying that sanofi takes patient safety seriously. we are committed to working with the fda. the zantac over-the-counter medication has been around for over a decade and meets all the specified safety requirements for use in the otc, that's over the counter, market. so what should people do if
7:47 am
they're taking this medication? >> well, first of all, whit, i want to point out that that drug manufacturer is not the only pharmaceutical company that manufactures a drug with ranitidine in it. but as with any medication, talk to your health provider if you're on it. understand there are always risks, benefits, options and alternatives and for treating heartburn there are other options that people can discuss with their doctors. >> important to know. i do want to transition. another big headline we're following. some potential critical news about a new peanut allergy medication. >> yeah, so the drug name is palforzia. this is a type of oral immunotherapy. it's basically pills containing peanut flour. it's the first drug in its class and it is shown to blunt, and i want to emphasize blunt the effect, not cure, not treat life-threatening peanut allergies in children. it allows children to have accidental exposure to an equivalent of two peanuts. the advantages of this for parents, it really dials down the fear and anxiety they have with their kids being accide accidentally exposed. the opponents of this drug say
7:48 am
long-term safety and efficacy not well proven. it does actually have a higher risk of side effects, 14% of severe allergic reactions versus 3% in patients taking placebos and there's a huge price tag, about $4200 a year so we'll be following it. >> you yourself suffer from life-threatening allergies. >> yeah. >> this is really important. >> aely and continue to have that epinephrine auto injector on you and until we know more, we're going to be following it. >> got to have the epipen, dr. jen, always a pleasure. thank you. right back with "pop news" right after this. ank you. right back with "pop news" right after this. this.
7:49 am
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from the makers of babybel cheese. tasty new babybel mini rolls. saved it! "good morning america" is "good morning america" is sponsored by cigna. together, all the way. time for "pop news." whit, can you do an instant replay on the dance you were doing? >> no, absolutely not. >> it was this. >> don't know what you're talking about. >> he might be double jointed in his shoulders. >> we'll see when the coffee
7:53 am
comes. maybe he'll do it again. >> we start with an update on our friend, cameron mathison. the actor, tv host and former "gma" contributor sharing this picture as he recovers from kidney surgery with his kids writing on instagram, feeling loved and supported by the family and friends including each and every one of you. i've been very overwhelmed and so grateful for all of the suortive commentan you may remember cameron sat down with abc's kayna whitworth to talk about after his tumor was discovered. he now shares that that tumor is gone, and he even got to keep 80% of his kidney. cameron said doctors told him the tumor was likely growing for ten years and was discovered after he insisted to doctors that they perform an mri so so great for him that he's doing so well and a reminder to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. >> rob and i have both been in touch with him. he is in great spirits. >> yeah, incredible. nicest guy in the world. we're all rooting for him. >> cam, we're rooting for you. okay, so it looks like "game of thrones" fans have something to rejoice about.
7:54 am
deadline is reporting that a pilot for a prequel is about to get the green light. it supposedly would be set 300 years before the events of "game of thrones" and tracks the beginning of the end of house of targaryen. it would supposedly detail events from "fire & blood," the book that author george r.r. martin published earlier this year, and there's already a different pilot in the works for a prequel taking place thousands of years before "game of thrones" so a whole lot for "game of thrones" fans. >> i just bought that book on amon. >> yitn il >> tell us all about it once you read it. >> yep. okay, so fall only a couple of days away. those summer nights just about over, so isn't it time to eat yl ck. oh, wella, wella, if you have a couple hundred thousand llars lying around, you could be saying, look at me, i'm sandra dee. that's because olivia newton-john's black leather jacket is up for auction. it's part of a collection of more than 200 items belonging to
7:55 am
the grammy award winning pop singer and film star set to be auctioned off in early november as part of julian's auctions idols and -- icons and idols event. the jacket she wore in the movie is estimated at $100,000 to $200,000. and, remember, she had to be sewn into that outfit. yeah, right, so i guess you got to be small. >> quite the tailor. >> yeah. >> it's the morning so let's talk about coffee. what your morning brew may say about you. a study conducted by one poll on behalf of dutch brothers examined the personality traits of people based on how they take their coffee. so, here it is. if you like coffee with milk, you're likely to be an extrovert, deep sleeper. born as an aries. a couple different things. slpeveonim l.hoar >> appreciate it. out of time. >> i like my coffee fresh. >> thank you, see you tomorrow.
7:56 am
>> announcer: abc 7 morning. >> all news all squloorng. >> good morning i'm liz kreutz you're invited to a sneak peek of the new stanford hospital before it opens this faum. tours are free but you must register in advance. abc 7 news took a tour. featuring 28 state of the art operating rooms. they allow rotating teams of doctors to treat a single patient without having to move them. the center is adding more than 350 new beds. it's scheduled to open next month. on the peninsula, a family owned frozen yogurt parceler is closing this weekend. the victim rising costs for small businesses in the bay area. yummy yoke urt in redwood city has been open 35 years but it comes a end tomorrow. the last day in business. the owner says he needs to renovate the ageing shop. he afford it.
7:57 am
yummy yogurt has another location in san mateo that will stay open. in the east bay if you are looking for a pet to add to your home. in weekend is the bay area pet fair. more than 2,000 adoptable animals will be available including dogs, cats, bunnys and other small animals. running from 10:00 until 5:00 at alameda county fair grounds in pleasanton. admission and parking are free. here is frances with a quick look at weather. >> hi, liz. we have another hot day in store. but calk is on the way. heerp is the live doppler 7 and a satellite image. we have coastal clouds moving in. haven't seen in this while, fog at the golden gate bridge. but it's very thin. temperatures right now in the 60s and 50s. san francisco 61, san jose 67. half moon bay has been the cool spot at 54 appear and from mount tam more low clouds and 50s in the north by. but inland temperatures warming
7:58 am
up again. liz. >> thaengs, frances. coming up, an anti-vaccine protesters throws a red liquid at state audrey's on it. eating right? on it! staying active? on it. audrey thinks she's doing all she can to manage her type 2 diabetes and heart disease but is her treatment doing enough to lower her heart risk? [sfx: crash of football players colliding off-camera.] maybe not. jardiance is the number 1 prescribed pill in its class. jaiance can rece sk of cardiovascular death maybe not. ve kwn hrt disease. jardiance is the number 1 prescribed pill in its class. that means jardiance can help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. plus, jardiance lowe a1c
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including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it... with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. the type 2 diabetes pill that's on it. learn more at >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, it's saturday, september 14th. i'm liz kreutz in for commasy aaron. let's look at the weather what we are talk being about this morning. the heat. here is frances dinglasan in for
8:00 am
lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone it's another hot day inland but temperatures come down a few degrees and coming down a lot foor the beaches. here is why. let's look at live doppler 7. and the satellite image, low coastal clouds. the on shore flow coming back bringing cooler temperatures but high pressure in place place for the inland areas and we still expect poor air quality for the inland east bay and santa clara value valley and that's why the spare the air alert today.


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