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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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[triumphant orchestral music] i'm in east oakland where a good samarcon tried to break up a bar fight. a father, a husband and he was shot and killed. we spoke to a group of law makers who were hit by a feminine hygiene product filled with blood. now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. a father and husband shot and killed while helping a friend break up a fight outside an east bay bar. >> in east oakland early this morning. >> they identified the victim to abc 7 news tonight.
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lisa. >> reporter: mario perez lubbed his family. they truly believe their loved one was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> my dad had heard that help is needed outside. and he travelled or he went outside and being the helpful person he was, it just ended up backfiring. >> reporter: he was larger than life a person shot and kill canned around 1:00 a.m. as he tried to help the owner break opfight. perez, his brother and sister were all shot by someone starting a fight with the bar tender. there, wasn't saying anything. she was just laying there and another guy i think he had got shot.
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>> it's heart breaking to know he's not here with us because he was my dear friend. like family to us. >> he was a beautiful person. if you knew the perez's, they were beautiful. >> reporter: sadness washes over the perez family. they gather to remember the man who brought so much to their lives. >> what i miss most about my dad is getting to do simple things with him, getting to talk with him, getting to sit down in that truck and learn stories, talk stories, listen to music with him. >> reporter: and the man who allegedly shot the group was arrested. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. it a tragic story in the north bay tonight. a man has been arrested for murder after a man was found dead inside a santa rosa home. she called officers after
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discover canning a man and baby both unresponsive inside. they say he was lying unconscious next to a 13-month old baby boy. the boy had died. they say there were no signs of physical it abuse but there were signs of drug use. the exact cause of death has not yet been determined. reports of a shooting shut down i 80 in vallejo. in magazine street where traffic is being detoured. shooting was reported just after 8:00 p.m. there is no word when the freeway will reopeb. the closer has jammed up traffic all the way across the bridge. a protester is under arrest after throwing what appear ood be a feminine hygiene product filled with blood.
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>> tonight a local senator is telling us how it all happened. >> reporter: as law makers were finalizing their work in the chamber to adjourn for the year this happened. >> the object came in front and a rain of fluid came down on top of me and my colleagues. >> reporter: according to the senator, it hit at least eight senators. senator kathleen says the protester yelled. >> this is the blood of the dead babies. something like that. >> reporter: they identified the protester as 33-year-old rebecca dalelio. she was arrested on six charges including assault and vandalism. >> i had on my head and clothes and desk. >> reporter: chp evacuated the chamber and tape roped off the crime scene.
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they were asked to undergo medical examinations. >> it's believed the purse whoon engaged in this conduct is part of the antivaxers. >> reporter: governor gavy newsom signed on monday. and one of the groups outside the capitol denounced the act. >> we've never called for that act. we're peaceful mothers and fathers. >> reporter: what is your message? >> simply it achieved nothing. it was morally repugnant, and pragmatically you didn't affect the work of the senate. we got back to business. are right. meteorologist drew tuma. >> we saw a break in the heat, and even tonight we're seeing the numbers much cooler than
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last night. we're 11 degrees cooler in palo alto. 13 degrees cooler in san jose. good sleeping weather is on the way. 50ss and 60s for the most part right now. we're settling before we head to early sunday morning. the fog over san francisco and the cold front that will slow the warming process tomorrow. so oyou can see by 11:00 in the morning we're only in the 50 -- and cold front tries to bring showers on monday. we'll have the details in the full acuwregt with -- in the east bay a fire did significant damage to a home and that smoke was visible from i 880. abc 7 news was in hayward and caught the aftermath near eighth street.
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the fire started at about noon time and you can see the burned out garage and a car that went up in the flames. there's no word whether anyone was hurt or what caused the fire. afrmgts sea lion appears to have beached itself on a san francisco beach. a large crowd gathered to look at it at aquatic park. there's no word on what's wrong with it or how long the sea lion has been there. we've reported several times on sea lions or seals beming ill. and it appears delays and cancellations may be easing as a main runway is under construction. we've been reporting runway 20 allow crews to repair cracks in the pavement. they say the second phase of the project began today. there were eight cancellations, down from 401 delay and 40
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cancellations yesterday. san francisco firefighters put a few vips through their paces. a handful of elected officials gear and were treated like trainees. to work like a firefighter you have to dress like one in the protective outer wear they call turnouts. first the jackets and of course the boots and top it of with a surprisingly heavy helmets after a few adjustments of course and then outsi this is a lot to do this job. this rock pile simulate asuiing possibly collapsed underneath. my job is too send rescue dug find viktsms. it takes less than a minute to locate a firefighter pretending
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to be trapped. it takes me about the same amount of time realize how uncomefortably hot this outfit is. this is put on by the international association of firefighters union. what's fun and games for us is designed to send a message about the equipment firefighters need do their jobs. >> when we ask for certain things that is coming from our experiences that you have no idea about whatsoever. >> reporter: the union is also worried about losing the extensebive training facility on treasure island that allows them to train for extensive fires as well as fires on the bay. supervisorpesken says they will have a top training center, it just may not be here. >> at treasure
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island er, the airport. we have excess land at the san francisco zoo. we'll make sure our firefighterser have a training fusfrilt decades to come. >> so the firefighters say they want to make sure officials know you can't short change them. and $5,000. >> you took home a helmet, didn't you? >> hey, that was our little secret. up ahead on abc 7, took our reporter with them as they performed an emergency response bill. and how stanford is experiencing a decade's old donation.
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in the east bay this weekend dozens of military men and women are preparing for the worst. >> they created a training scenario a training facility where they were triaged. >> abc 7 news reporter as the story. first a quick warning this is only a drill. this looked like the real thing. a combat scenario involving mass casualties. >> we need a gurney. >> got shot, man. >> reporter: medics, doctors and nurses from the u.s. army and navy reserve working together. >> we prefer to train and train to get right and learn and then be ready should we ever get called on o. >> reporter: right now i'm inside the military hospital. this place is huge. again it's not real.
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but it certainly looks like it is. >> reporter: people are useds to working in a trauma bay and you treat casualties differently. you don't a have as much access to supplies. >> reporter: field hospitals like these can be used in times off disasters like hurricanes. most of of these across california will go back to their civilian jobs next week. ready to train and serve if needed. >> vallejo has new police chief tonight who's apparently a deputy chief in jose has been awarded the position. just has to pass a background check. the vallejo police darmts heparu shootingt taco bell drive-thru. and stanford reveal
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received a $50,000 donation from jeffrey epstein's foundation two year businessfore epstein was fist arrested for recruiting minors for prostitution. epstein was arrested for sex trafficking this past july and died by suicide last month while awaiting trial. stanford said the 2004 donation is the only one it received from the donation. and bart crews are performing major upgrades on the track. it has closed two eastbound lanes in lafayette. expe uto 30-minute delays so plan ahead. more delays and possible logeers expected in october. in the east bay families helped form an organization. they were in oakland where they celebrated the annual family day
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at children's fairy land. it's a child hood program under inoakland child hood initiative that gives people $500 for a family savings account they can grow ovtime. it also helps families keep up with school work. >> we want them to have all the resources and support they need grow up and be thriving adults in oakland and be able to live in the community they grew up in wherever they choose to be. >> more than 500 families are part of the billion aren't you glad it wasn't super hot when you put that outfit on? >> put that heat in our rear view window. cooler temperatures not only for the weekend but the next couple of days. live dopplerreping rht
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showgouot only fog along the coastline but gathering along the bay shoreline. that's helping to cut the heat experience and the past couple of days around the entire bay area and that's going to lead to a nice refreshing cool afternoon tomorrow. right now returning to the coast it's spilling in and around the bay shoreline. a cloudy start tomorrow. it will usher in cooler air. a cooler finish to the weekend on the sunday afternoon and the cold front that will move in late tomorrow night and through the day monday. we'll try to touch off a late shower. wet weather could return for come of us early monday morning. numbers throughout right now mainly in the 50ss the 60s. 59 in the city. 53 in san jose and brentwood
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with a current temperature around 34 degrees. you see the numbers drop as the fog continues to fill in and around the shoreline. even in the inland east bay only 59 in concord. live doppler 7 along the satellite. the marine layer is growing as we speak right along the coastline. show you what we're tracking to our north. late tomorrow and early monday morning and try to bring osthreat of a shower. but tomorrow we're completely dry. we'll have the fog first thing in the morning . high clouds moving in from time to time but really it's a cooler day tomorrow afternoon. especially inland 90s and triple digit heat for the past couple of days. tomorrow you're in the 80s. that's going to feel really
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nice. a cool and 72 in oakland. 79 in san jose. 84 in santa rosa and napa a really nice high tomorrow afternoon of 79. let's track that threat of wet weather starting monday morning. future wegt wither as the cold front moves in, we'll start the clock at 4:00 a.m. around the bay and north bay that is where the threat of light showers is likely to pop up, as the front swings through continue to bring a threat off a shower. but as it sinks south, it's really hard to get wet weather in the south and looks like the same story monday afternoon andr skies. could pick up about 1/10 of an inch of a rain. we'll show you cooling continued tomorrow. a chance for shower on monday. a warm up a bit to finish out
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the 70s. but not all that bad with the warming trend. in the 70s. i think if you fast forward 14 days, could see a return by the end of the month. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, san francisco's latest
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great wegter to celebrate different cultures starting with the itenn food festival over three days get to enjoy live music, dancing, arts and authentic home made food. i had a lot of it. it was delicious. don't worry the community party continues tomorrow, noon to 5:00.
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and food is on display at the first ever festival which is one of the most important holidays in korea where they gather together and recognize their ancestry. this was the fist him to kimchi festival came to the united states. they got to learn how to make fermented vegetables and taste their creations as well. a celebration was held in alamo square park this afternoon. the mural is between grove and fullerton. the rich tapestry features way neatau moore. it was designed and created by local artist. it helps support a new home for the lgbtq historical society. taking a look at sports. you've had a very eventful
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evening. >> yeah, atg with larry and now college football saturday. stanford hits the road against ucf.
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-you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. well, nobody ever said stanford's football schedule at home was easy. they host oregon next week. stanford alum, tiger woods at the game with his girlfriend who's a ucf alum. 28 yards to marlen williams. 7-0 golden knights out of the gate. finding tray nixon 38 yards to
11:30 pm
the house. gabriel, a true freshman. and austin jones, this is a great run right here. weaving in and out of of traffic. 35 yards and stanford down 21-7. ucf scored a touchdown their first four touchdowns on the run and ucf wins. eventually getting top 25 talent. cal knocking on the door and they knock it down. christopher brown jr. two-yard score. 13-0, chase, your quarterback, out of the gun up top to his first career score. and 20-0 bears. how about evan weaver, watch out. map madison picked off by trayvon burt. they're a puerfect 3-0 this yea. >> i really like the way the
11:31 pm
guys compete. their effort is really good. now all we got to raise the standard of execution. >> well, we started off really strong, executed really well and we got players and good coaches. we just hit a lull after that but we got to execute more. >> 24th-ranked ufc and byu. ufc goes down. and here come the fans. got to love college football. down go the trojans. arizona state taking on number eight michigan state. s sun devils held without a touchdown until. and the spartans drive down the field. connects from 42 to tie it. but wait, michigan state had 12 guys on the field. and you back it up to 47 yards. those kids can't believe it and you can't believe this.
11:32 pm
10-7, arizona state wins. this sponsored by river rock casino. so the emotions of college football. you're either rushed to the field or caught in agony. >> that wasn't even close. >> was it not. >> 12 men on the field. warrior star, klay thompson vowing to help those effected by hurricane dorian. his personal tie as the country
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abc 7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and a father husband is dead after a shooting in east bay oakland. a man who started a fight at about 1:00 a.m. perez was trying to help the owner of the bar break up the fight. the person has been arrested but not identified. and a child was found dead insad sa inside a santa rosa dead. the baby boy died. there were no signs of physical violence but there were signs of recent drug use. and a protester is under arrest after throwing what appears to be blood at senators in the final session of of the legislature yesterday at the capitol. 43-year-old rebecca was arrested on charges including assault and vandalism.
11:37 pm
and the democratic candidates on the campaign trail in force. >> they're looking to capitalize on the any momentum may have captured at the latest debate. >> reporter: the hopefuls are back on the campaign trail addressing some of the issues in the debates. >> hell yes, we're going to take your ak-47, and your ar-15. >> if we decided we were no longer going to allow the sale of of the weapons of war in our community. >> reporter: senator cory booker hosting a gun reform panel. >> this urgency that we need to waken america to the size and gravity of the problem so we have a commonsense of purpose to do something about it. >> reporter: elizabeth warre ou destroy the affordable care act. >> health care is a basic human right and we fight for basic human rights.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: and biden announcing he will release his medical records before the iowa caucus. >> can we see your medical records? >> yes. what concerns? you want to wrestle? >> but it's not just democrats challenging the president? three republicans are seeking the gop nomination. the gop challengeers criticizing the move in a "washington post" opoed. >> i'm not looking to give them any credibility. >> reporter: tweeting he has a 94% approval rating with republicans but the latest "washington post" poll had that figure at 82%. n abc news, washington. o irein t bay his visit in san francisco in april where they packed the center.
11:39 pm
he plans to meet with inmates as well as take part in a podcast. o'rourke was suppose stood visit california in august but cancelled the plans because of the mass shooting in his home town of el paso. drone strikes ignited massive fires that knocked out about half of saudi arabia's oil capacity. the u.s. has pointed the finger at iran can which supports the rebel group. saudi arabia says this effected 5.7 million barrels. they're the largest oil exporter and this could have a ripple effect around the globe. president trump announced earlier today, that osama bin laden's son, hamza was killed today in the pakistan/afghan region. he was thought to be an emerging
11:40 pm
leader in al qaeda and there was a million dollar reward for information leading to his capture. a roof collapse in new jersey at town in the home of wildwood, best known for the jersey shore. a neighbor said she was on her own deck when she saw the whole thing cave in and saw people running and screaming. at tlooleast three of the peopl were children. officials say it's likely firefighters are among those hurt or trapped. governor gavin newsom says he'ller aim to stop the trumped a ministration from weakening -- and he says he says the bill won't give the state any new authority. senate leader tony atkins, the
11:41 pm
bill's author says she is strongly disappointed by the decision. fema is notifying 2 and a half million people of a potential data breach. anyone who applied for temporary housing assistance between 2019 may have been effected. it reports fema's assistance program, so far there's no indication it was accessed or hacked by an unauthorized party. klay thompson says he'll donate all proceeds from his celebrity basketball tournament to those suffering from hurricane dorian slammed the trump administration for not helping enough. his father was born in the bahamas. 1300 remain missing. vallejo has a new police chief. now earlier we miss identified
11:42 pm
shawnee williams in a video. he's currently a deputy chief in san jose. he just needs pass a background check. the vallejo police department has a rough year with controversy over a deadly shooting at taco bell drive-thru and a violent arrest of a marine veteran caught on video. still ahead caught on camera. a toddler above ground. fog rolling in tonight and
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le let'call >> let's face it we have a trash issue in san francisco. >> and find real solutions.
11:46 pm
let's have hard conversations. >> i feel the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different but we're in this together. and building a better bay area takes all of us. heart pounding moments for a mother whose child is saved from a seventh floor apartment. monica morales's 3-year-old 3-y crawled out of the air conditioning unit and then out of the space on scaffolding outside. terrifying his mother and neighbors. realized what happened, what were you thinking? >> he's dead. >> this is a picture of when she
11:47 pm
finally pulled her son off the ledge and into her arms, she said he had no idea the kind of danger he was in. state law makers friday approved a bill that would prohibit middle schooler from starting before 8:00 and high schools couldn't start before 8:30. this to help deal with the epidemic of child hood sleep deprivation. the new law would go 92 into eft in 2022. prices are going down just in time for national avocado day. the average price was $1.16 friday. that is down from $2.10 an avocado just ao july fifthowg dd a seasoned production fuelled the price hike. now that season is ramping up at
11:48 pm
full production, prices are back at normal levels. >> thank you for not saying holy guacamole. >> oh, you just did. moviepass is shutting down pe permane permanently by midnight. they've formed a community to help preserve sh of of the assets. taking out sizeable loans after seeing membership plummet. holy guacamole. >> i know erica's a fan of this forecast. she likes the cooler weather and that's what year going to find. right now the 50s and the 60s. so it's comfortably cool. the natural air conditioning let your home cool off. 70 in concord, 59 in half moon bay. look at the fog expand in and along the bay shoreline.
11:49 pm
56 in the city. first thing in the morning and the afternoon weal trade fog with the clouds. and 72 in oakland, 75 in fremont, 67 in san francisco. 79 in san jose and 84 the high in antioch. the cooling continues tomorrow. by monday there is a chance off a light shower, the best chance is in the north bay as the north front swings through right here and then we'll warm up friday or saturday but nowhere as hot as we were just were thursday evening. >> rr not over. >> he's got a thing for me tonight. thank you very much. a lot of college football and also beige ball. >> and they're trying to get some wins. giants playing for bruce bochy while the a's are playing for their
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock can casino. >> we were going to leave the a's game discussing the wild card race but mike fires stopped that with his face. he wanted to change his look but it didn't work tonight after a bopped call, they come aught to check on him. he would stay in the game and immediately gives up a two-run shot to adore. 2-0 texas. leaves with irritation in his arm. not a good sign. a's down 3-0. his 33rd of the season, matt chapman. and the other matt,oleson digging that one out, his 34th homer of the season. remember he missed a month 1/2 with a hand
11:54 pm
injury. they stay atop the wild card chase. madison bumgarner on the hill. fifth inning. prado crushes one to center. pular is there and made a great catch at the wall. top seven still scoreless until jorge two-run shot to left center. seven innings, four hits, two earned and a homer allowed for bum. rips one and a triples alley fientsds the gap, two runs scored and we rr tied up at two. deep drive off the wall, just missed a home run and the marlins win 4-2. three wins away from 4,000 in her career. ril it's been the rookie t team h watching caught the eye of a
11:55 pm
missions group and asked to play baseball in sacramento. he basically played high school ball and drafted by boston 2013. recently he was in the brewers'f organization with w he made his giants' debut a moment he tells me he'll never forget. >> if he would have told me when i left honduras that i was going to get my first big league hit in oracle park, i wouldn't believe it. when i took the field i just have memories of me going to the game, sitting on the stands. now, finally getting playing time here, it was it special. >> what a great story. san jose eares taking taking tag 1-0. new york on the attack.
11:56 pm
keaton parkss it home. we're tied at one . new york on the move again, another goal and that's the eventual game winner. moving on too. so the best plays from college football start with harris from antioch. 42-yard touchdown run. a big game of five scores and alabama won 27-23 over south carolina. how about arkansas passing to cheyenne o'grady. avoids several tackles and more ta tackles and 62 yards later. and did you see this? mississippi state quarterback got to have it. and in the air for a little over a second. he was okay just shy of the first down but that is laying it out all on the line. kansas state by seven.
11:57 pm
this abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. >> i did and that hurts. >> that explains so much about you. >> i would have landed on my head though. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. >> abc 7 news continues tomorrow at 5:00. for the entire abc 7 news crew and my head, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later.
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