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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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there's been another big twist in the murder trial of wealthy chinese heiress. >> the father charnled in the at the time of his 11 year-old son is out on bail. details about his arrest. >> people on both sides of the political spectrum are preparing for president trumps bay area visit. tonight we are hours away from a rare presidential visit. president trump will arrive tomorrow for a whirlwind fund raising event. >> we spoke protestors who are pumped. >> con 10:00 a.m. tuesday hundreds are expected to pack a
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park in the south bay. those in charge say they're prepare protest his visit with a visual aid. when air force one tauchs down tuesday, chicken trump and baby trump balloons will be rising to the occasion. the group will start at lincoln park. they'll deploy to the fund raising event where ever it pops up. >> this is the central location. it will be a quick ten minute drive. >> quite a bit of money is being raised on both sides. $2,500 to fund the flight from san francisco. the demonstration will continue despite an faa flying restriction. >> this is his first return since taking office. during his last visit in june 2016. some supporters were taked by demonstrators.
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>> some people on the left have proven they are not willing to let people gather peacefully. and hear the candidate of their choice. >> republican national committee says there is a tremendous amount of bay area support for president trump. >> it will be a ray of sunshine. for us who have been forgotten by the optimism when get fl the rest of the country. this will 100% amazing event. >> the president is expected in the bay area for three hours before heading to southern california. tickets for lunch with the president range from 1,000 to $100,000. a piece. >> major new development in adult in the central valley is the seventh vaping related death in the u.s. >> public health officia perneer respator >>hes on the same day governor newsom issued an executive order to crack down on youth vaping.
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the order includes placing warning signs at retailers and labels on packaging. a $20 million public awareness campaign on the dangers of vaping. >> governor alone is not a afforded the right legally to ban those products. out right. that we would need legislative support. >> governor newsom says he's looking at raising the tax on e cigarettes. >> a civil lawsuit against pg&e set to start in january. to determine whether the utility is responsible for the 2017 tubs fire. a san francisco judge gave 18 plaintiffs priority. under a state rule that allows elderly and ill people to have their cases heard first. attorney so they can have sense of closure. >> the the man charged in death of his 11 year-old son after a boating accident has been released on bail. the boy fell over board last flight.
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the latest on this sad and tragic case. >> good evening. 57 year-old was released from here the county jail this afternoon. here's what we know about him. he is a member of the prominent mexican family. one of the wealthiest in the country. he was arrested if his home. and as we saw a few hours ago police cars are stationed at his house. >> dispatch center received a call from a man. indicating the child had been severely injured. in a boating accident. e c sons pened were in the boat. >> the boat was transiting the strait. and hit a wave or a sudden gust of wind and an 11 year-old and a 27 year-old were thrown from the boat. >> police believe the boat ran over his two sons hitting them
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with a propeller. the eleven year-old died from injuries. the 27 year-old was taken to the hospital. with lacerations. police later searched his multi-million dollar home. in the community. he was arrested sunday evening in faces several charges including vehicular manslaughter. with a vessel. monday afternoon police cars were still parked in his driveway. >> the officers interviewing him determine they had probable cause to make an arrest. for intoxication. >> we have learned he's a well known well liked member of the community. one neighbor called this a tragedy. his bail was set at $1 million. >> thank you. it's summer but it's snowed in this to come. it's been 70 days since they closed. they are predicting a november 15 opening. we saw a dusting near the northern edge of lake tahoe.
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another round is on the way. >> it's september snow. can you believe that. there is a possibility that above 9,000 feet on wednesday there could be another repeat scene. live doppler 7. this afternoon and this evening we saw the snow showers mixing with rain and thunderstorms as well. rainfall here in the bay area. we did get our share as a matter of fact about 7 hunts of an inch na san francisco. concord. 16 hundredths of an inch in oakland. 13 hundredths in san jose and 18 hundredths in livermore. live dpl 7. there another system headed in our direction. when this may bring showers. >> major new developments in the case of the heiress accused of killing the father of her children. live from redwood city at the hall of justice where she spoke to the district attorney.
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>> i did. it a key witness for the prosecution is out and opening statements for the trial were postponed again today. >> it has tax taken twists and turns. and there will be more in this -- >> adding to the courtroom drama. district attorney decision monday not to call key witness to testify in the murder trial. heir of a wealthy chinese family. >> we have lost our trust in the testimony. >> a bomb shell. after he decided to make a motion to are evoke the plea deal. after they say he violated conditions of their agreement which included not using social media or contacting other witnesses. >> accused of murdering keith green. former boyfriend and father of two children. shot in 2016. lees trainer pleaded no contest to accessory to murder for dumping his body. now it's possible the district
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attorney will prosecute him for green's murder. >> in some way, we're celebrating a little. on the other hand this doesn't mean the end of the case. >> lee's lead attorney felt he played a larger role in the murder. without him on the stand his defense strategy has to change. >> the case is an entirely different animal. you work for three years. with a lead witness. and now he's gone. that changes everything. >> so i also spoke to his attorney tonight. who tells me his client didn't violate his plea agreement with the district attorney. now opening statements are set to begin next monday. i'm told even that could change. once the prosecution and events file their motions with the judge this week. of course we'll bring you the latest. > this report contains evidence
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from the cell phones of the stabbing suspect. i'll have the story coming up. >> a cure for the common cold. scientists say we maybe one big step closer. >> a look at what's coming up tonight. on jimmy. beyond the routine checkups.
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a major development in the case of two young men from the bay area. held in the stabbing death of an italian police officer in july. >> leaked photographs and texts and information from the suspects cell phones. >> i team reporter has obtained a police report with those really startling images.
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>> both of the young men suspected in the death of the police officer on july 26 are being held at this prison in rome. 19 year-old from san francisco. admits stabbing the officer. claiming self-defense and he didn't know he was a police. 18 year-old is held as ak resz si. he struggled with the partner and ran off. at a hearing the attorneys plan to ask for his release to home . his grandfaer h a villa an hour from the prison. over the weekend. 75 page report was released with photographs, videos and texts from the suspects phone. the young men with guns. inside and outside. driving in a car with guns. also with knives and drugs. both are pictured with what appears to be marijuana, cocaine and prescription. and may have been selling drugs.
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investigators conclude the evidence supports the indications of guilt that have emerged. they called off the hearing to ask for home detention. >> he told reporters in rome in saw the report with the photographs on friday. was not able to see him in prison until this morning and needs to analyze the documents with his client and experts. investigators have recovered video from the phone that show the young men in rome before the the killing. hitting one popular spot. called the ice bar. according to report a series of what's happen messages describe what led up to the fatal encounter. >> he writes. gabe got robbed. she answers how? we were trying to buy coke. the meeting was captured on surveillance video that night. they wanted gabe alone so i could watch the backpack. he turns the corner like i think i just got robbed.
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so ran back and stole the bag. running with the backpack on surveillance video. gabe is so mad. then the girlfriend doesn't know they go to meet the backpack owner. he's called police. officer and his partner meet the young men on the street corner. stabbing him eleven times in 32 seconds. the teens run back@hotel. the report indicates again messages his girlfriend. no matter what happens, i love you. she answers i love you too. but what? talk more when i'm back. back from where? i don't know. if i'll ever make it back. >> investigators say he had a video call with his girlfriend. his attorney sent a statement.
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saying it's dispinting the focus is not on the relevant events of the night. bay area scientists believe we are on the verge of a cure for the common cold. teams at stanford are announcing major first step. temporarily disabling a single specific protein inside cells. when it's disabled it stops many common cold viruss and other diseases from spreading in the body. >> traditional airnt viral drugs target the virus itself. and parts of the virus. the virus is smart and can ate. >> now the work beginso develop a drug that disables the
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protein. once that happens human trials can begin. if all goes well a cure for the common cold could happen soon. >> can you imagine? >> amazing. >> okay. feeling like cold weather actually. mist and drizzle. >> it is. summer is hanging around. >> summer warmth this weekend. i want to show you exactly when the equinox takes place. september 23. the rays of the sun will be directly over the equators. so yes, we're getting taste of the cool weather. tonight. going into tomorrow morning. and here's a look at what's ahead. it will feel like late fall tuesday wednesday and the 70s. look at this. temperatures come up. average high is 83. it will be warmer than average for the weekend into next week. monday autumn arrives we'll feel the heat. that is september for you here.
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october we get warm as well. a bouncy camera. in the hills it's breezy. not at the lower elevation. winds dialled back. a few passing clouds. temperatures are running lower than where they were yesterday. mostly in the 50s. 60s out the door you want to grab a jacket. a lovely view of the shark tank. cool over night with patchy fog. bright and breezy tomorrow afternoon and chance of showers on wednesday. what is the average rainfall for september? about two tenths to a third of an inch. 35 hundredths of an inch in santa rose. we saw the showers today. possibility again wednesday. it will be cool tomorrow. 40s to the 50s. bundle up out the door. get kids into sweaters. it will be cool. tomorrow afternoon 70 san francisco. 66 half-moon bay.
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getting you into the upper 70s. 82 concord. 78 santa cruz. a mild day tomorrow. fast forward to wednesday. 4:00 a.m. showers around the area. sliding south by 7:00 a.m. it's just a chance right now. 10:00 a.m. possibility of a few spotty showers into noontime. and the system winds down for the afternoon hours. in terms of. this is just estimating spotty returns. at this point. a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch. in oakland. 7-day forecast. sunny and breezy tomorrow. chance of showers wednesday. into the later part of the workweek. warmth returns. for the weekend 70s to 90s. in time for the first day of autumn. monday. >> all right. thank you so much. >> okay tomorrow on good morning america jeopardy host. >> sits down with for an
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fourth grader with autism was having a rough day last week. she laid down on the floor at the cafeteria at her school in texas. one kus her and it's gone viral. >> a kind word can fix what you didn't see. >> the school district posted lt photograph. saying a kind word a hug and a compassion. are ail it takes to make a huge difference in a childs life. >> that is amazing. so sweet. >> all right. we have a lot of sports to deal with tonight. >> chris is here. >> here we go. a's. football season getting started.
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solo shot. and just like that we're tied. at five. next batter. to deep center field. staying in the yard. goes through his glove. he drops it. advances to second that's important. because knocks him in opposite field double. royals win. tough one for the a's. a one game lead over tampa bay for the top wild card spot. 49ers are 2-0 for the first time since 2012. they went to the super bowl that year. two road wins at tampa bay and cincinnati. undefeat undefeated start is nice. >> we expect it to be. but i have been in this league long enough i know no matter what you expect it's hard to win in the league. whoever you play. we have a better team this year. we played like it in two games. no means i feel i never feel great. w'll have a tough team this week. a number of injuries we have to
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deal with and adjust. the season just started. >> raiders jumped out to a lead against kansas city. couldn't contain mahomes. a loss. now the raiders hit the long road ahead. >> we talked about it since the ota. it's going to be a challenge. no doubt. we'll rely on veteran leadership and youngon play. we'll go out and compete. down by down. and i'm not worried about things we can't control. like the schedule and what time the game is played and the time zone. we have to play better than yesterday consistently. for four quarters. >> did you see this? the cubs fan balancing a hat on his forehead. he starts fancy dance moves. that's pretty clever. he got a will the of attention tonight.
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so. impressive. >> that's your home work for the night. >>
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all right. monday is in the books. >> that is our report. we appreciate your >> thanks for being here. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- anthony anderson.
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author malcolm gladwell. and music from melanie martinez. and now, pace yourself, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for joining us on a night that is -- this is a special night. this is always a magic night for our network. this is the night on which the premiere of a new season of "dancing with the stars" has begun. this is a show


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