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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 17, 2019 2:41am-3:59am PDT

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and gain flings can hiyah karate stink too. gain flings. seriously good scent and if you love gain flings, you gotta try the dish soap. we're back with an explosive scene from dallas. a nine-story building was imploded leaving behind a e cloud of dust and a huge pile of debris. plans call for an office tower, apartment building, and hotel to be constructed there. >> visually pleasing, seeing that building come down. a 10-year-old girl who contracted a rare brain-eating
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amoeba while swimming in texas has died. >> it happened over labor day weekend while swimming in a river near her home. >> reporter: a warning from the family of a 10-year-old girl in texas. >> i love you. >> reporter: lily may avant died after contracting a rare brain-eating amoeba while swimming in a river near her home labor day weekend. >> this is a thing you read about but it doesn't happen to you, until it happens to you. >> reporter: her family says when lily first had a headache and fever doctors thought it was a virus but her condition quickly deteriorated. she spent days in a medically induced coma. her cousin saying, we wanted to bring awareness to amoeba in an effort to prevent any other family from having to go through this. over the last 60 years, 145 people have been infected with this rare amoeba, only four have survived, including sebastian de leon, who contracted it while swimming in a florida lake in 2016. these types of infections typically occur in warm, freshwater lakes and rivers. the best advice, keep your head above water, use those nose
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clips when you swim. if you start to feel sick, let your doctor know. victor oquendo, abc news, miami. there have been more than 100 layoffs at seaworld in orlando, all at a call center. >> the workers say they weren't given any warning. the company says it will pay the former workers for the next two months and offer other severance benefits. a missouri woman's battle to keep her pet monkeys is heading to court. she insists she needs them because they provide emotional support and help her with ptsd. the woman even has a doctor's note. her neighbors in suburban st. louis say they're worried for their safety since the monkeys are wild animals. a hearing is scheduled for november. >> they're cute. >> she says that they are not a danger and they're actually trained. we see a number of times where there are different types of animals that are emotional support animals and people are pushing back against that as well. >> there's a woman that went on the flight with her emotional support peacock. >> right. >> and -- yeah. hey, to each its own.
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go ahead. coming up, the women who are rejecting the mommy cocktail culture. >> why they're taking a now look at just how much drink they're really doing. own. littleng of their ohhh. ahhgh. so imagine how we cheered when we found tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. bye. i love you too! he didn't say that. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide.
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♪ let's turn now to what some are calling a dangerous mommy wine culture. >> it's causing a growing number of moms to rethink their relationship with alcohol.
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here's abc's deborah roberts. >> i would drink a lot at home. wine. just like a glass or two. and i'd feel better. and then i'd get the kids to bed, then i would drink like the rest of the bottle and start on another one. >> so a bottle and maybe a bottle and a half? >> i needed more and more to feel relaxed. >> reporter: a brave and unexpected confession. because from the outside, harmony hobbs was supermom. but the louisiana mother of three was also the ultimate wine mom. >> if there was an event like a play date, or if i had a birthday party to go to, it was okay to drink at that. and it's fun. like all my friends were like, >> reporter: harmony running a successful blog called modern mommy madness that celebrated cool moms who enjoy their cocktails. for harmony those meme-filled moments of motherhood revealing a dark truth that life for her wasn't as happy without alcohol.
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>> people think they know everything about what's going on with me. >> reporter: so she shattered her perfect image, revealing to her thousands of followers live on facebook that she's an alcoholic. >> part of why i'm an alcoholic is because i'm a control freak. and i could not control my life. and so i continued to drink more and more. >> reporter: harmony saying the stresses of mothering leading her to constantly fill her glass. >> i didn't feel like i had the right tools to be a good mother and that really bothered me. i drank because that's the only way i knew to cope with uncomfortable feelings. >> reporter: mommy wine culture, a narrative playing out on screens big and small. from hit movies like "bad moms" to kathie lee and hoda. >> my wine's not tasting so nice. >> mine's great. >> reporter: experts warn the growing popularity of mommy drinking culture can mask alcohol abuse. from 2001 to 2013, alcohol use
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among all women in the u.s. rose nearly 16%. while the percentage of women having four or more drinks on a weekly basis shot up by 58%. the peaking of the alcohol market being sparked by endless products like this mom's wine bottle glass. mantras like mommy fuel. and i wine because my kids whine. commercial websites like etsy marketing toward drinking mommies. the once comical mom transforming her blog about a painful journey on the agonizing road to recovery. over two years sober, harmony is now discovering a shifting culture with some moms choosing to trade in their wine glass for wellness. those joining the so-called sober curious movement started by lifestyle journalist ruby warrington who wrote a book. about her sobriety journey. stigti tof part is to
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soie and makit op and available choic>>r:od ha t'nodrinng s likcoho all. >> about the children? >> imagine that. >> imagine that. >> reporter: playing her part in creating a new kind of mom culture she hopes others will consider joining. for "nightline" i'm deborah roberts in baton rouge, louisiana. >> our thanks to deborah there. i think it's fascinating. it's important conversation as well. and there are observers who point out, you should also not mom shame, or shame anyone who likes to still have a cocktail or whatever. >> i was going to point out, jokes aside, obviously you saw the moms in the youtube video and the movie making fun of all of this, making light of the situation. but by giving a name to it and also being so vulnerable to share her own experience, it's going to resonate with a lot of moms who may be feeling they're the only ones dealing with this and this is something that's
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and get up to 20% better coverage - day or night because better coverage means better protection always. hey, it's time for #goodnewstues. mona, kick us off. >> this is my first #goodnewstues. but this first story is already getting me behind this segment and really loving it. it's a touching photo that was shared by a mother in texas. basically her son is in fourth grade. he has autism. and he wanted no part in being in the cafeteria. he got overwhelmed, he grabbed a blanket and decided to lie down by a nearby stage. that woman you see next to him, that is the custodian who saw him and decided that she was also going to lie down next to him, pat his back, and comfort him through this whole situation. and so this mother shared that. and a lot of words of support
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have been pouring in for that custodian. and honestly my heart is just full right now just watching that and seeing -- >> it's not just the educators, it's the support staff who also play a big role in helping our students in those schools. on this next #goodnewstues sty,us by e my favorite abc stations, abc 15 in phoenix. apparently people send a text message, sometimes it's wrong, you send it to the wrong person, you're later like, wrong number. this one was sent to -- unexpectedly to this man named bill. this sender was trying to help a family whose 4-year-old son, noah, was fighting to stay alive after suffering a seizure. trying to send a meal -- help him out by preparing meals or whatnot. they said, hey, we want to -- they were getting in touch with him, we're bringing you dinner tomorrow, i was wondering what time would be a good time to bring it over. sent it to the wrong person, off by one digit.
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bill responded saying, hey, wrong number, essentially, but how can i help you? so bill has rallied friends on facebook to send gifts and cards to noah, even contacted a local charity who now wants to lend a hand as well. pretty cool. >> wow, look at they did a this nextto is very first game. check it out. you see him there. >> wow. >> with the jersey. basically, yeah, this was his one birthday gift that he wanted. it's his favorite team. he was escorted via limousine. upon his arrival at the venue crawford was greeted with a custom jersey emblazoned with his last name and the number 112. you think you saw it all at 112. >> and he made it to the ballpark. big fan there. we're going to end #goodnewstues with a hedgehog that's real happy. just smiling, happy.
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>> follow him on instagram.
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is this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," president trump clarifying his stance about possible military action against iran. >> he tweeted the u.s. was locked and loaded but now seems to be changing his tune regarding any retaliation for that massive attack on oil facilities in saudi arabia. also this morning the nation's vaping crisis. the government steps up its efforts to help combat vaping illnesses as we learn of a new death related to e-cigarettes. plus the incredible feat playing out overnight. an american woman swimming back and forth across the english channel four times, spending more than 50 hours in the water. where she is right now. new this morning, a fishy find. a man fishing for halibut caught this. i don't even know what it is. we'll tell you what it and is what kind of fish this is and
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what ultimately happened to it. it's tuesday, september 17th. that right there is a new iphone fish lens. right there. they're going to take that fish and use that as product. that is an ugly, ugly -- >> prehistoric fish. >> it sure is. we will get to all of that in just a moment. we begin this half hour with president trump playing down the prospect of taking military action against iran after saying the u.s. was locked and loaded. >> the president referred to the explosive attack on key saudi arabian facilities during a rally in new mexico last night, telling supporters a few years ago the u.s. would have been in a panic, but today we have a lot of oil and gas. earlier he acknowledged that it looks li irawas hind the >> a senior administration ficial tlsbc news one e cruise e goodvie ainst ant has been
3:02 am
reporter: after the a the world's largest oil refinery in saudi arabia, a restrained response from the president. >> i don't want war with anybody. i'm somebody that would like not to have war. >> reporter: the attack produced an inferno so large, the smoke was visible from outer space. a senior administration official tells abc news the attack involved nearly a dozen cruise missiles and at least 20 armed drones launched from iranian soil. within hours, secretary of state mike pompeo pointed the finger directly at iran tweeting, iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply. the president was less definitive. have you seen evidence, proof that iran was behind the attack? >> well, it's looking that way. as soon as we find out definitively, we'll let you know. >> reporter: immediately following the attacks president trump tweeted the united states was quote locked and loaded depending on verification. but he said this. >> that was an attack on saudi
3:03 am
arabia. and that wasn't an attack on us. but we would certainly help them. they've been a great ally. >> do you still think it's responsibility of the saudis to defend themselves? or should the united states -- >> i think it is certainly the responsibility of them to do a big -- a big deal of their defense. the fact is that the saudis are going to have a lot of involvement in this if we decide to do something. they'll be very much involved. and that includes payment. and they understand that fully. >> reporter: the iranian-backed houthi rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility, releasing a propaganda video of drones flying over the saudi refinery. iran for its part insists it had nothing to do with it. >> what's your message to iran right now? >> i think i'll have a stronger message, or maybe no message at all, when we get the final results what was we're looking at. right now it's too soon to say. there's plenty of time.
3:04 am
there's no rush. >> the president spoke quite a bit about the strength of the u.s. military, about the ability of the u.s. military to strike back. but he did not sound like a president eager to get involved in another military conflict in the middle east. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. >> and this attack had a major impact, it knocked out 5% of the world's daily oil supply, making it the worst disruption to global supplies on record. >> oil prices spiked monday by 15% before moderating somewhat on expectations that the release of reserves will make up for any shortfalls. for consumers, analysts say prices at the pump could soar as much as 25 cents a gallon in the coming weeks. new developments in the latest sexual misconduct allegation against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. "the new york times" is under fire for omitting then editing
3:05 am
its original story to add the fact that a second woman kavanaugh allegedly exposed himself to at yale refused to discuss the incident and friends say she doesn't recall it. when asked for the names of others who may be able to corroborate what happened, the woman told abc news quote all i have to say is ask brett. the united auto workers and general motors are in nonstop talks but a source says they are nowhere near reaching a deal for a new contract. nearly 50,000 uaw members were on the picket lines at gm facilities in nine states. a main sticking point seems to be the union's demand that gm bring some jobs that were moved to mexico back to the united states. officials say talks are going nonstop until a deal is reached. we're following several new developments in the vaping crisis. the cdc emergency operations center is coordinating the investigation into hundreds of severe lung illness cases. the agency director says finding the cause of the outbreak is a priority. california's governor is taking action directing the state to spend millions on a public awareness campaign about the dangers of vaping. juul, the biggest maker of e-cigarettes, agrees there's a need to crack down on bogus products.
3:06 am
meanwhile a central california resident died with relationship to vaping. the victim's name has not been released. flags in maine will be flying at half staff after a firefighter was killed in a horrific propane explosion. it happened in the center of the hadll to the building minutes before because of the odor of propane. six other firefighters were injured along with a maintenance worker credited with getting several people to safety. he was airlifted to boston for burn treatment. the building was new. it just opened a few weeks ago. abc's megan tevrizian has more. >> reporter: this debris littering the ground is all that's left of a building in farmington, maine, after a gas explosion. >> it was just total devastation. in law enforcement 35 years, i've never seen anything like this before in my life except overseas. it was horrible. >> reporter: video showing the structure completely destroyed. neighbors comparing the damage to a war zone. >> this looked like a snowstorm.
3:07 am
all this insulation that was coming and up coming in the air. it was crazy. just like a war zone. >> reporter: the fire department responding to reports of a gas smell. first responders arriving moments before the blast. the explosion so powerful, people saying they felt it in neighboring towns. >> well, i was kind of just sitting there then i heard a bang, and my windows were shaking. >> reporter: the explosion killing 68-year-old fire captain michael bell, a 30-year veteran with the department. his colleagues pausing to pay respects as his body was removed from the scene and later lining up outside the medical examiner's office for a procession to the funeral home. >> we all know the fireman that was killed, and it affects us tremendously. >> reporter: six others were injured and taken to area hospitals. most were burn victims. the explosion happening at the central office for leap, inc., a nonprofit which provides support for people with development, cognitive, and intellectual disabilities. >> we'll put the pieces back together that we get from the
3:08 am
puzzle. given the circumstances we have right now, it's just unfathomable. >> reporter: preliminary reports lead to a propane or natural gas leak believed to be an accident. employees smelled propane and evacuated before the explosion. >> all right, megan, thank you so much. just incredible images there. in the weather department we're keep an eye on several severe weather systems including hurricane humberto. >> it is expected to strengthen becoming a major hurricane tonight or early tomorrow. its center will approach bermuda tomorrow night. the u.s. east coast wi rough surf. another system in the open atlantic is likely to develop into a named storm. the third is on the texas coast and is expected to drench the coast with 10 inches of rain. in the west, fire is a concern. residents north of salt lake city have been ordered to evacuate as the francis fire grows rapidly. >> now the forecast in that region is hot and dry. accuweather's adam del rosso has more this morning.
3:09 am
good morning, adam. >> mona and kenneth, good morning. the tropics definitely active. we've got a wave drifting westward. not expected to develop, but still heavy rainfall leading to a flooding threat as we head through today and into tomorrow. along the louisiana and texas coastline we're also watching hurricane humberto make its way closer to bermuda. it's going to pass just to the north late wednesday into early thursday, bringing heavy rainfall as well as hurricane-force wind gusts. another tropical wave in the mid-atlantic making its way westward, high chance for development as we head into this week and closer to home out west. less of a chance for a fire threat but still some breezy winds as we head through the day. kenneth, mona. >> thank you, adam, for that update. the man who led the university of virginia to its first basketball title is sharing the wealth. >> cavaliers head coach tony bennett received a contract extension and a pay raise after winning the championship in april. but he told the school to keep the cash and invest it in his staff, the program, and the
3:10 am
athletics department. he and his wife are also pledging $500,000 toward a career development program for current and former players. he said it was a gracious offer, but i have a really good contract, so keep your cash. >> that's right. >> invest. >> he made about $4.15 million last season. what's interesting about this is it's coming at a time where the ncaa is facing a lot of pressure to pay their student athletes for using their likeness. but here you have this coach what's making this gesture about donating back to the school and to athletes. so this is just adding to that conversation. >> it's an amazing gesture. and that money will go far. and investing in the staff. again, also some good pr there for virginia and the head coach. coming up, could a beer a day be the key to controlling diabetes? first, the american who's swimming her way into the record books. she's been swimming for more than 50 hours straight.
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>> wow. plus the frightening scene that played out 13 stories over the streets of new york city. how did a 3-year-old end up here? ♪ charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin? shhhh. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too. and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long?! only mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with 2 medicines in 1 pill. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent...
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new york city. that's a toddler hanging out of a window in the bronx and clinging to an air conditioning unit. 13 stories in the air. the 3-year-old, who has autism and is visually impaired, was pulled back inside by his 14-year-old sister. police say the boy was able to sneak away from his mother while she was cooking. an investigation is under way. >> oh my god, can you imagine that sight. turning now to the new developments in the civil lawsuit brought against nfl star antonio brown. >> his former trainer who's accusing him of sexual assault sat down with league officials as brown's new head coach refuses to comment. here's abc's kaylee hartung. >> brady from the gun, fires, he's got brown. >> reporter: the woman accusing ndexuaperstar antonio brown of with league officials for several hours.
3:15 am
nfl investigators questioning brown's former fitness trainer, brittany taylor, who filed a civil lawsuit last week. >> antonio brown -- >> reporter: the league allowing the all-pro wide receiver to play on sunday despite the troubling allegations. espn reporting brown wasn't put on the commissioner's exempt list because there's no criminal investigation. >> end zone, caught by brown -- >> reporter: brown celebrating his first touchdown as a new england patriot sunday, then avoiding all questions. patriots head coach bill belichick still saying little. >> i'll talk and i'm not going to say any more. >> reporter: brown denies the allegations, posting this video on social media. >> the devil going to try to bring you down when you get closer to your goals. >> reporter: they've been in settlement discussions for months. just days before that lawsuit was filed a source telling abc news brown refused to pay more than $2 million. the same source telling us taylor initially requested more than $10 million. kaylee hartung, abc news, new york. >> all right, kaylee, thank you. a young boy near pensacola, florida, gave his family the fright of their lives when he disappeared sunday. >> the 3-year-old has autism and doesn'spk ch. his mother says he wandered away from their home into a wooded
3:16 am
area. the dogs quickly located the boy. >> as soon as they hit the ground, 28 minutes later, mom was reunited with her son. so great day. great day. >> they're the best words i've ever heard in my life, "we found the kid." >> fortunate ending to that story. the boy suffered scratches and bug bites during the more than two hours he was missing. police presented him with a big stuffed dog you see there at the news conference yesterday. the dog that located him was also at that press conference. >> just amazing they were able to quickly find him. 2 1/2 hours there. it seems like a long time. i'm sure for a little one out there, that is a long time. they were able to get to him fairly quickly. coming up next half hour, an update on alex trebek's battle with pancreatic cancer. first the american woman who's been spending these overnight hours swimming across the english channel. her incredible story next on
3:17 am
"world news now." now."
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♪ ♪ ♪ could you leave it all behind ♪ it is one very important day in the life of a brave young woman who's about to secure her place in the history books. >> yeah, she's set out to swim across the english channel not just once but four different times. will ganss is here with her incredible story. will, four times. >> four times, yeah. making the rest of us -- i'm like here sweating just thinking about it. but yeah, she's been swimming nonstop since saturday night, and she holds the new world record this morning. but for sarah the journey has been about much more than just these last 84 miles.
3:20 am
sarah thomas is finally on dry land this morning. the open water marathon swimmer has been fighting the churning waters of the english channel until now. but sarah didn't just swim it once or twice or even three times. she's just become the first person ever to swim the channel four times nonstop. the 37-year-old denver native began the swim on saturday night, but the swim has been in the works for far longer than that. sarah was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2017. as she underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, sarah focused on this swim, her goal of being the first person to ever complete the 84-mile swim nonstop was her inspiration that got her through it all. sarah writing on her facebook page, i've been waiting for this swim for over two years now and have fought so hard to get here. am i 100%? no, but i'm the best that i can be right now with what i've been through and with more fire and fight than ever. and she needed it, facing 64-degree water temps, sleep
3:21 am
deprivation, jellyfish, tough currents, and cargo ships. during this record-setting swim. but sarah's been training a long time for this. just a few weeks ago she swam 32 miles across a lake in her native colorado. she brought a bit of it with her on this latest endeavor. sarah swimming with this pebble from a pond back home which she plans on swapping with a pebble from the channel now that she's made history. so a photo was just posted minutes ago showing sarah on dry land after 54:13 in the english channel. sarah says this swim is dedicated to folks who are quote just starting their cancer journey and those of you who are thriving with cancer kicked firmly into the past and for everyone in between. what an inspiration. >> really just breaking news overnight, she finally made it. i don't even call them laps, just four times. >> laps, yeah. >> that's just incredible. >> it also means she said she's not 100% just yet, if that's not 100%, then whoo, child, i'm operating at 2%.
3:22 am
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♪ time for "the mix" on this tuesday morning. we're going to start with a new study about drinking and the effects of it and whether or not it can help your health or hurt it. this one says a beer a day could help keep your diabetes at bay. that's what researchers are saying. it's a new -- yep. >> jack approves. >> jack is trying to make sure he's diabetes free, i guess. >> break this down for us, how? how this is possible? >> jack, how many pints did you put in there? >> not every day, no. >> okay. well, they're saying drink a pint of beer or glass a wine each day could help your type 2
3:26 am
diabetes. by drinking a moderate amount of alcohol, may improve blood glucose metabolism, researchers found. but the experts say -- the experts who are not involved in the study say this should all be treated with caution, drink responsibly, check with your own medical professional, remember that. >> you heard what they said, they and them. >> moderation is the key. >> moderation is always the key, right? >> this next story is hilarious. i'm already laughing at it. an illinois lawmaker was talking -- was at the chicago transit authority, and he said that there's an issue with the pigeons just pooping everywhere. >> the pigeons, they poop on you, it's a mess. >> as he's having a conversation with cbs chicago, guess what happens? he got pooped on. poor man. that bird was like, it would be a shame. >> maybe something will get done now. >> there you go. >> talk about timing. >> he said. >> and they caught it. >> he said, did i -- did i just -- did i just get pooped on? yeah, he did. >> funny story that i'm going to tell here on national television. i was in san antonio on the
3:27 am
river walk area, i was in a boat. taking a little tour. and we went under this like little underpass. you know, overpass thing. and a bird had like diarrhea on me. >> hey, you know they say it's good luck, right? >> i got a lot of good luck that day. so i -- no one saw it on the boat. so i felt i needed to call attention. >> on your shirt or on your head? >> on me and i was like, a bird just pooped on me! everybody turned around. thankfully a mother had a bunch of wet wipes. it's so much i'm still a lucky guy. how about this fisherman who caught a strange rare fish. whoa. >> that's an ugly fish. >> a rat fish apparently. it's an alien-looking creature from the water there. >> so what do you do with it? >> you eat and it that's what that man did. he scooped that big eye out and ate it. it was huge. i don't know what to say about that thing. >> it definitely looks prehistoric.
3:28 am
>> off the coast of norway.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the deadly explosion. people are on edge after a blast left their community looking apocalyptic. the explosion claiming the life of a firefighter. how he's being remembered this morning. also this morning, president trump changing his tune regarding iran. he had tweeted the u.s. was locked and loaded if iran did attack an oil facility. but now he's saying he doesn't want to go to war. what's next in escalating tensions. new this half hour, an abc news exclusive with tv giant alex trebek. >> he's opening up about his battle with cancer and his outlook on life. and the ball room is back in business. season 28 of "dancing with the stars" is under way but already one of the stars has been sidelined.
3:31 am
see who's in the lead later in "the skinny" on this tuesday, september 17th. ♪ she works hard for the money so you better treat her right ♪ a lot of stars are working hard for the money on "dancing with the stars." did you see a little bit of it? >> i did see a little bit of it, i saw sean spicer, i saw -- who else did i see? james vanderbeek? >> vanderbeek, we learned he got a lot of kids. we learned that bruno the judge has some very fancy coats. we didn't think he'd get any brighter but he did. and also sidelined christie brinkley. >> poor thing broke her wrist, her arm, in like multiple places. but it's cool, her daughter's stepping up. >> we will talk about all of that and show you thlights in jt moment. we begin with the explosion in cen firefighters have just arrived. >> the blast was heard and felt as far as 30 miles away.
3:32 am
>> one of the responding firefighters was killed and six others injured along with a maintenance worker who called in the leak. abc's gio benitez is there. >> reporter: the scene is apocalyptic, debris and ash falling from the sky after that devastating building explosion in central maine. the blast completely leveling a special needs center, damaging nearby homes and coating the surrounding area in dust. >> the impact blew our walls off. everything's ruined. it is what it is, just thankful to be alive. >> reporter: a maintenance worker from the building reporting a gas odor just after 8:00 a.m., leading employees to evacuate. the explosion erupting as farmington firefighters were on the scene investigating. the blast injuring six and killing one firefighter. colleagues paid tribute to their fallen comrade as the body was
3:33 am
removed from the site. as authorities sift through the rubble, employees are calling that maintenance worker, who reported the odor, a hero. >> if he hadn't been putting tables away in the basement at that time, we'd all have been in that building when that happened. >> reporter: we're learning more about the firefighter who lost his life. he was a captain, 68 years old, his brother was injured in this blast. four other firefighters were sent to the icu. investigators are here searching for answers, but no doubt about it, this is a community that is in mourning. gio benitez, abc news, farmington, maine. >> just a tragic scene out there. that could have been possibly worse. that's the part that really stood out to me right there. >> thinking about that firefighter and his family this morning and that community. >> definitely. turning the aftermath of that massive attack on the saudi oil industry. >> the president first implied the u.s. was prepared to take military action tweeting that we're locked and loaded but he softened his stance monday telling reporters he doesn't want a war with any country. the president said it looks like iran may be to blame for the strikes but he announced he was sending secretary of state mike
3:34 am
pompeo to saudi arabia for consultations on an appropriate response. now drivers here at home expected to feel the pinch after the attack knocked out about 5% of the world's daily oil supply and triggered the single worst sudden disruption ever in the oil markets. abc's rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: oil prices spiked immediately on the news, up 15% for the day. the biggest one-day surge in more than a decade. and the consumer impact will be felt in the coming weeks and days when prices are expected to jump at the pump anywhere between 10 and 25 cents. in particular california may feel the brunt with a majority of their imports coming from saudi arabia. the big question going forward is how long saudi arabia and these facilities that have been knocked out remain offline, how quickly they can bring production back up and running, and whether this conflict escalates.
3:35 am
even though the united states is the world's largest energy producer, this is a global market and what happens in the middle east has an impact here at home. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> thank you, rebecca. new york city prosecutors have subpoenaed president trump's accounting firm seeking eight years of his personal and business tax returns. >> the district attorney's office had previously subpoenaed the trump organization for records related to hush money payments for porn star stormy daniels, apparently arranged to silence her about an alleged affair with the president. another u.s. service member has died in afghanistan. nato says the american was killed in action but isn't providing any other details. it's the 17th u.s. combat death there this year. there have also been three noncombat deaths. in the nearly 18-year war, 2,400 americans have died in afghanistan. breaking overnight in tuscaloosa, a police officer was shot and killed while serving warrants. he had chased a suspect into a home and the two exchanged gunshots. the suspect was wounded and is in custody. the officer is the fourth in alabama killed in the line of
3:36 am
duty this year. israelis are going to the polls in a do-over election. prime minister benjamin netanyahu wasn't able to form a government after last spring's elections, so he called a new election. the polls again say it's a tight one. in a last-ditch move to appeal to hardliners, netanyahu says he will annex all the settlements in the so-called occupied territories. it's a setback for some of the women who say jeffrey epstein abused them. a federal judge says they can't sue the justice department for the plea from a dozen years ago. even though the same judge earlier this year said the 2007 agreement was too lenient and violated federal law. he ruled epstein's death closes the case. the women may appeal the decision. disturbing results from a new nationwide study revealing that more than 3 million women say their first sexual encounter was rape. that's 1 in 16 women between the ages of 16 and 34 who were either forced or coerced into
3:37 am
having sex for the first time. the average age of the victims was 15 years old, compared to 27 for the assailants. researchers believe the actual figures would be much larger if the study was done after the "me too" movement and if women of all ages were included. federal health officials say the nation's current measles epidemic may be in its final stages. that's because no new cases of measles were confirmed last week. the last time that happened was nearly a year ago. the epidemic has included more than 1,200 confirmed measles cases this year. that's the worst outbreak in 27 years. brad pitt's new space movie "ad astra" opens friday. his performance was the subject of a call with a real astronaut. >> pitt spoke with nick hague, who is on the international space station. the crew previewed the movie a few years ago. pitt asked how the film fared in terms of realism. then came his most important question of the day.
3:38 am
>> station, this is brad, how do you hear me? >> hey, brad, this is nick. i've got you loud and clear. welcome to the international space station. >> i need to call on your expertise. who was more believable? clooney or pitt? >> you were, absolutely. >> ah, that's a good question. clooney starred in the academy award-winning film "gravity" in 2013. there's already been talk of pitt receiving an oscar nod for "ad astra" there. >> i love that they've got that rivalry going on. >> they really do. it's very healthy among the handsome millionaires there. pitt also asked who chooses the music in space. he said, they take turns. >> sounds like any car. >> the hard-hitting questions there. looking forward to that movie as well. coming up, the "snl" cast member who's already been fired before he even started. first former boston red sox slugger david ortiz is speaking out about the shooting that mosi
3:39 am
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chk check out these images of an incredible dirt bike fall. wow. ye the bike and its rider fell from a rocky cliff more than 60 feet into an area of water between two waterfalls called the devil's punch bowl. after thinking he was going to drown, the man managed to get to the edge of the water. friends eventually rescued him. amazingly he was not hurt. "saturday night live" is apologizing for hiring a new cast member who was quickly fired. >> shane gillis was supposed to start on the iconic show this coming season, but a video shows him using a racial slur for chinese people and mocking asians trying to learn english.
3:43 am
"snl" says its vetting process before gillis' hiring was not up to its own standard. gillis said he had hoped to prove himself on the show but he knows his presence would be too much of a distraction. former new york yankees closer and hall of fame pitcher mariano rivera can now add another award to his collection. yesterday president trump gave him the congressional medal of freedom. the president praised the alti savesr for his dominance. rivera runs a foundation that helps provide education for underprivileged children. former boston red sox star david ortiz is opening up about the shooting that nearly killed him. >> big papi met with reporters in boston yesterday. ortiz says when he was shot he thought he was in the middle of a nightmare. as doctors tried to save him, he had one concern on his mind. >> i remember telling the doctor before they put me to sleep, it was, don't let me die, i got kids that i want to be with them, that's all i worry about is my kids.
3:44 am
>> ortiz says he's not afraid to go back to his native dominican republic, however, he plans to be more careful. he also said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. singer rod stewart has been given the all clear after a battle with prostate cancer. stewart says that he was diagnosed two years ago but he's okay now because his cancer was caught early. this is the second time that stewart has been treated for the disease. he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. the 74-year-old music legend is using his case to remind men to have their prostates checked. we're hearing exclusively this morning from alex trebek as he continues his battle with cancer. >> the 79-year-old "jeopardy!" host has spoken candidly with abc's t.j. holmes that he's been fighting pancreatic cancer since announcing his diagnosis in march. t.j. asked him how things are going. >> did anything happen this summer may gave you more optimism or less about you beating this thing?
3:45 am
>> well, the thing i suppose that gives me the most optimism is that, hey, i'm still here. and i don't feel terrible. you can hear much more from alex trebek this morning on "good morning america." when we come back, the highly anticipated season premiere of "dancing with the stars." and beyonce opens up about the gift. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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♪ ♪ ♪ time now for "the skinny" starting with the big night on the dance floor. >> after a one-year hiatus, "dancing with the stars" roared back to life with a two-hour season premiere right here on abc. high scorer of the night, dawson creek. that star, james van der beek and emma slater slaying with
3:48 am
tangos going seven across the board. >> kind of wished she danced to the intro of "dawson's creek." >> former bachelorette hannah brown was the first dance of the night, cha cha'ing into second place scoring a solid 20. that was the performance i saw last night before i had to take a little bit of a nap. then i saw other highlights >> check this one out, lamar odom and peta finished near the bottom scoring 11 for their foxtrot that one judge said lacked finesse. >> look, lamar, he's on that comeback. so he's like -- >> the man went through a lot, and he's also like 7'6", so how much finesse can you have at that height? >> typically it's the football players who do well on "dancing with the stars" so we'll see how he fares. headline of the night, supermodel christie brinkley in the audience, not on the dance floor, after taking a painful spill during practice. ♪ uptown girl >> my arm, my arm, my arm, my
3:49 am
arm. i think i broke my arm. i swear to god. >> no way. >> yeah, she instantly knew that something was not right. so her daughter sailor took her place with only three days of rehearsal, foxtrotting with val to her dad's "uptown girl" and landing a solid 21. >> did her mom proud. and i am not going to blame val, but if you look at the replay of the fall. you actually can kind of see her trip on his foot. val, was your foot overextended? will there be a controversy? okay, watch this, watch this, watch this. as she comes around, watch this. and down she goes. >> oh, yeah. oh, i'm sure he didn't mean it. >> so there you go. hey, winning the award at least for brightest blouse? former white house press secretary sean spicer in lime green ruffles. dancing the salsa to girls hit "spice up your life." the scoring only 4s across the
3:50 am
i'm sure his former boss would not be happy with that very, very low score. >> it's funny, we only see him in navy and black suits. >> he wore it well. >> hey, how about we move on to the big, big, big event that happened last night from the ballroom to the bey-hive. beyonce took over primetime television last night with "making the gift," an inside look at the creative process behind her most recent album. apparently for queen bey it was a family affair. >> it was a big night for abc, the special providing a rare look at beyonce's twins rumi and sir carter. many fans saying the big star, the one that stole the show, was blue ivy carter. beyonce and jay-z's 7-year-old, she is 7 years old, can you believe that? blue dancing, playing the drums, and at one point taking the mic solo. go ahead, girl. ♪ the best thing in the room i'd
3:51 am
never trade you for anybody else ♪ ♪ the brown singing girl it's like pearls ♪ ♪ the best thing in the world i'd never trade you for anybody else ♪ >> love it, love it. beyonce was like, okay. one fan on twitter saying, blue ivy is coming for beyonce, period. i'm sure beyonce is here for her. she's got one of the best teachers in the world. >> she is coming for the crown. >> the special was special. it really was a love letter to africa. and putting together this album. i haven't seen anything like this before. >> i've said and it i'll say it again, her work ethic is unbelievable, to see just how involved she is. inlved, taking over the excitement for the bey-hive. they changed the official twitter handle to, go ahead. >> abeyc. just for last night's beyonce special. the network changed it and i think we should keep it, really.
3:52 am
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and we're back with a and we're back with a "skinny bonus round" starting with a "simpsons" fan tribute video that's worthy of homer simpson himself. >> that's right, two swiss tourists who happen to be professional graphic designers have recreated homer's notorious food tour of new orleans. frame by frame and snark by snark. >> mm, doughnuts. it took the two women an entire week and $500 in food to duplicate the segment, which covers 54 restaurants in 1:27. the side by side video has racked up more than 1 million
3:56 am
views before it was uploaded barely a month ago. >> oh, wow, a lot of work went into that one but they nailed it. >> they sure did. >> next to the headline about another classic tv show. >> yeah, netflix which recently lost the streaming rights to "the office" and "friends" has just landed the worldwide streaming rights to "seinfeld." the streaming giant will now offer all 180 episodes starting in 2021. >> okay, and the terms of the deal were not disclosed but the l.a. times says somebody had told them netflix paid far more than $500 million that nbc paid for "the office." >> get those junior mints ready for the binge watch of a lifetime. i watched the back end of "seinfeld" in the '90s and really enjoyed the show. festivus for the rest of us. >> that's what stands out for me too. cancel plans this weekend and start watching. >> i was in the pool! you'll like that one, you'll like that episode. >> i'll get back to you a week later. next to the mind-blowing bling on the gridiron. >> it's been one week since browns wide receiver odell
3:57 am
beckham jr. set the twitterverse on fire by wearing a $250,000 watch during his season opener. now he's gone and outdone himself. >> he sure did. just before last night's matchup with the jets in which beckham scored an 89-yard touchdown, helping the browns win 23-3, go dog pound, beckham was spotted wearing what appeared to be a $2 million watch. >> so only 10 of those richard mille watches were ever made, which is what raises their value. and this, the case itself, is made from solid pieces of sapphire. >> what time is it? can you tell? >> i have no clue. except it's "i'm broke" time because i can't afford that. and what's turning into a browns tradition, a year after recreating the opening of "the office," players posted a redo of the opening of "friends." >> oh, that's pretty cool. >> go browns.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
have a great day. happening now in america this morning, the evidence found at the scene of that devastating attack on saudi arabia's oil industry. could it prove iran is responsible? what we learned overnight. plus the resulting pain at the pump. how much more you could soon be paying for gas and president trump's eye-opening statement about the u.s. military once reportedly so low on ammunition, he was asked to delay a military operation. the massive explosion that killed a veteran firefighter injuring several others. the scene compared to a war zone. this morning what we're learning about that building. fired from "snl." "saturday night live" fires one of its new cast members before he could even make his debut. did his jokes go too far?


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